Tucker’s Wand VI:  Three Days with Maggie

by FreezAntix, with contributions by Zero

The next installment in hijinks that Tucker has with his magical gizmo. You may want to read from the beginning, or catch up on the latest chapter before continuing; the lead characters are introduced in the first story. [Ed.]



            “Where are my swim trunks?” Tucker asked as his roommate rushed around the cluttered apartment tossing loose articles of clothing around. “Why is this place so messy?”

            “Because we’re never home anymore every since you got us that car,” Maggie replied as she threw clothing around and found Tucker’s green and black swim trunks. Maggie had agreed to a deal with Tucker a couple months back that if she started to model he would get them a car. The car was a new Mitsubishi Lancer; Maggie was happy for a car in general but was surprised that Tucker went out and got a new car. So he took pictures of her and included the pictures of her as Lil Chiyo. They made an online portfolio and started to advertise her look. Soon enough she got a call for an audition. “Found them!” she announced happily twirling them around on her finger.

            “Thank you, thank you!” Tucker said excitedly walking over the clothing covered floor. He snatched the trunks and stuffed them into his duffel that was slung around his shoulder. “Well this is it. Haley is waiting for me downstairs,” he said, grinning ear to ear. It was his first time going out to the beach with his extremely hot girlfriend. Even though they were going with some of her friends, Tucker figured the trip would only help out their relationship if anything.

            Maggie smiled at her happy friend, “Have fun Tuck,” she said with a hug.

            “You bet I will. You have fun too. Remember, I’m not going to be away like this too often so I want you to live it up these three days with the wand… I trust you not to do anything insane though,” Tucker warned, with a grin.

            “Yeah, yeah Tuck; you can count on me,” Maggie said smiling and picturing a halo being over her head as she stood there.

            “Remember your audition,” Tucker then reminded her as they began walking to the door.

            “Yeah, yeah, tomorrow at one, I got it; I already got the day off for it too,” Maggie assured as Tucker opened the door.

            “Clean up this place too.” Tucker added as Maggie pushed him out of the door.

            “Hey — go already — you got a hot girl waiting.”

            “Bye…” Tucker managed to say as Maggie shut the door.

            Maggie turned around and smiled. She had been patiently waiting for this moment ever since she had met Tucker nearly ten years ago. She knew he was super nice and deserved good things. He was finally getting everything he wanted; a great girlfriend, money, a good job and he was happy. She took a deep breath. “Way to go Tuck,” she said, looking around the cluttered room. “How did it get like this?” She kicked clothes around as headed back to her room. She had to be at Persephone’s in thirty minutes. While Tucker was gone she was acting assistant manager and it was her turn to open.

            Ever since she was young Maggie never took long to get ready like other girls. Through years of practice she developed an odd technique on how to wash and moisturize her face while brushing her teeth. She either wore her shoulder length hair loose or in a simple ponytail and she just threw on whatever clothes she had laying around, kind of a first thing she saw that’s what she was going to wear style. Pulling on a pair jeans and a Thunder Cats t-shirt, she was good to go. She checked her messenger bag for everything, making sure Tucker’s precious wand was safely secured and that she had her keys. Stepping into her sneakers she was out of the apartment ten minutes after Tucker had left.

            She had plenty of time and the shop was not that far away, so she decided to walk. As she walked it finally dawned on her. She had Tucker’s wand for a whole three days. What was she going to do? Maggie and Tucker thought alike so she had fun whenever he took her along as he stopped time, which was almost every time. So she never really longed to have her own fun with the wand, but now she had it. She could do anything she wanted. Smiling and looking around, she reached into her bag a gripped the wand.

            It was only 9:30 AM so there was barely anyone in the quiet neighborhood. She spotted a few people jogging, an old couple walking their dog, some kids waiting at a nearby bus stop. Maggie stepped behind a tree and tapped the wand five times against it. In an instant everything around her stopped. Birds suspended in mid-flight, the air smelled cleaner less polluted, people were frozen as if part of photograph. Stepping from behind the tre,e Maggie looked around like girl in a candy store. She started to skip down the street around the frozen pedestrians and cars. She took her time; she stopped at some pedestrians, and arranged them in funny poses and even pantsed a jogging couple before continuing her trip.

            By the time she had reached Persephone’s it had been nearly thirty minutes within her time frame, but her watch still read 9:30. She peered into the store, pressing her nose and palms up and against the glass.  She spotted the cleaning crew within the store, and smiled as an idea came to her.  Going around back to the staff entrance, Maggie let herself in. The cleaning crew was made up of three people, all Hispanic; two women and a man all in their mid to late forties. They have been coming in every morning ever since before she even started working there.  She dropped her stuff off in Tucker’s office and went out to the front of the store.

            Jose, the leader of the bunch, was around the cashier’s area; he was a buff bald man dressed in a red polo and jeans. He held a mop in his strong hands with his head looking down at the floor.  There was a yellow wheeled mop bucket nearby. Standing in an aisle was Carla, a chubby woman dressed in jeans that could be a little bit bigger and a white polo. Her dark curly hair pulled back into a ponytail. Carla held a duster to a shelf and was standing on her tippy-toes with one hand on a lower shelf to help balance herself as she dusted the top shelf. Her brown eyes focused on the top shelf while her lips bore a slight grin. Frozen in mid-stride, walking away from the coffee bar, was Rita. Maggie often thought that Rita and Carla were sisters; the two women had an almost identical build, Rita being slightly slimmer and both having dark curly hair tied back into ponytails. However Tucker had explored the matter in one of their little bets and determined that both women were not related. Rita held a neutral — even sleepy — look on her face. One arm was slightly in front her in a normal walking motion while the other held a garbage bag. The cleaning lady was dressed in a t-shirt that looked to be a size too small and a pair of khaki trousers.  Maggie surveyed the scene, grinning evilly, rubbing her palms together.

            Maggie had no idea how Tucker did it when he moved people around. He wasn’t that much bigger than her. She moved frozen people around before but never in a distance longer than a couple of feet. It had taken Maggie nearly an hour of her time moving the three janitors around. She found all three to be quite heavy for someone her small size to move around. It was a comical sight for her to move Jose, she was glad the cameras didn’t work. She was bit worn out now and kind of sweating but she got the pose that she wanted. Jose now stood at the front of the store with his mop head pressed up against the glass of the store front.  He held the mop with both hands over his head. The large man was leaning on one foot as if forcefully pushing mop against the glass. Jose’s face had a shocked expression upon it, which Maggie thought just made the pose look even better. Carla and Rita were posed in the middle of store with Carla being on all fours and Rita riding on her back as if she was a horse. Both women were topless; Maggie had wanted them naked but found it difficult to strip Carla’s jeans from her thighs. So she left both their pants on. Carla had her eyes wide with an unnaturally large smile showing teeth.  Her curly black hair was loose and hung freely.  Rita held her neutral sleepy look as she sat atop Carla’s back cupping her own breasts.  Maggie wished she had a cowboy hat to complete the pose, she thought as she walked around the two women.  She made some adjustments to Rita, balancing her body a bit more and lifting her chin up.  She then snapped some pictures with her cell phone of the three cleaners before heading off to retrieve the wand.

            As Maggie suspected, there were a lot of screams and a lot of Spanish profanity when she restarted time.  She came from the back of the store with a worried look on her face and asked what was going on. Jose was very apologetic while Rita and Carla covered their breasts and spoke rapidly in Spanish. Jose tried to explain everything to Maggie who he knew was acting manager for the day at the same time yelling at the two ladies in Spanish for doing something so foolish. Maggie just smiled and said it was ok and that she’ll forget about it. The janitors went back to work as she went back to Tucker’s office. It was still early; not that much time has passed since she had left home even though she had been moving about for hours.  She let the cleaning people regain themselves and finish up while she got started on the inventory check since she was still early for work.  If she had not stopped time she would have been already two hours into her shift.

* * *

            At 10AM Persephone’s Books opened after the staff for the day had arrived. Friday was usually their slow day, so there was the least amount of help scheduled to work. Maggie was in charge, taking Tucker’s shift.  There was Gloria Wong who was always there and worked the coffee bar of the book store. Working the till for the day was Faith. On the floor were Joy and Calista Suvari, a sultry blond Greek girl.  Calista was Maggie’s age and was hired by Jamie as a supervisor. She had not been happy when Tucker decided to make Maggie his replacement while he was away. Technically it was suppose to be Calista, but Tucker often played favorites with Maggie; Calista was also cold to others, which put her on Tucker’s bad side. He did however enjoy her more, with the help of his wand, which he had done on many occasions.

            There was a supposed to be a morning briefing before the store opened but after playing around for most of the morning Maggie wasn’t having that. Calista instead briefed the staff while Maggie enjoyed some online Sudoku. She mostly worked her butt off when Tucker was around even though she didn’t have to; Tucker would never do anything about it. Today she was acting boss so she was going to enjoy it. Calista could only give her a threatening look, which she did not notice.

            The store had been opened for an hour and Maggie was still in the Manager’s office, chatting online and responding to customer questions about the cosplay calendars.  Maggie was starting to realize that stopping time had an effect on her internal clock; she really wanted to eat lunch but it was only 11AM while her body was telling her it was noon, which it would have been if she had not stopped time. This was probably why Tucker slept all the time and ate at weird hours, she thought. A knock at that door brought her back to reality. She looked away from the computer monitor and smiled at the sight of Gloria Wong standing in the doorway.

            Gloria was the only other Asian person who worked in the store; she didn’t really deal with books though. She had been hired by Jamie’s sister Rebecca who had planned to change the whole direction of the store. When Jamie took over and brought the store back on track it was decided that the coffee bar was a nice touch to the store thus Gloria stayed. She was older than most of the employees, being in her early forties. She was still good looking, though; on top of having a stunning body for her age and a youthful personality she dressed in trendy clothing that kept her up with the times. Gloria was like a bottle of wine, age only made her look better. According to Tucker, who had spent some wand time with her, Gloria was definitely a MILF.

            “What can I do for you, Gloria?” Maggie asked, smiling innocently.  Gloria was dressed in a tight-fitting pair of dark jeans and a pink top that showed off her ample breasts. A crisp white apron covered her youthful outfit. Her black hair was tied back in her usual ponytail with light bangs hanging just above her eyes. Before the day was over, Maggie was going to see with her own eyes if her friend was right.

            Gloria smiled back warmly, “You’re the boss today?”

            Maggie nodded quickly like a child would. “Tucker and Jamie have finally realized my true potential as a member of this team.”

            “I guess that’s why Calista is so upset this morning,” Gloria said, stepping into the office.

            “Isn’t she always like that.”

            Gloria chuckled, “That’s true. Anyways I’m out of Hazel nut creamer. I need to get into storage.”

            “No problem… that’s what bosses like me do. Help you out.” Maggie said, happily springing up from her seat.

            Maggie and Gloria made their way to the other side of store, where the storage room for the coffee bar’s supplies was kept. The sales floor had a handful of regulars browsing about with Calista and Joy organizing a shelf. Joy looked a Maggie as she passed with pleading eyes. Nearby Faith was moving large leather bound books around from one shelf to another. “Looks like there’s another boss out here,” Gloria observed.

            “Yeah…” Maggie agreed, looking at her co-workers who were all doing pointless work. The order of books in the story was all arranged by time era and not alphabetical order. It wasn’t the way a traditional book store was set up but it worked; people just had to know what era the volume of work they wanted and there it was. Calista had been hounding Tucker and Jamie to change to alphabetical order so it would be easier to inventory. Jamie began leaning towards Calista’s view only because she had gotten stuck pulling inventory one night and did not finish until early the next morning. That was one of the reasons why Tucker and Maggie took care of the inventory. Tucker was more old school; so he was really the only reason why Jamie had not changed the order yet. “Here.” Maggie said as she handed the storage room key to Gloria. “Keep it for the day.”

            “Thanks, Maggie. This would make my job so much easier; I don’t know why you guys never made me a key.”

            “Tucker is too lazy to get another set made,” Maggie simply answered with a smile.

            “Oh, Calista had said only management could have keys.”

            “Ha! Funny girl, I’m going to have a talk with her,” Maggie said, heading towards the two blonds as Gloria continued on. “What are you guys up to?” She asked as she approached the two girls.

            “We’re working, unlike someone,” Calista shot back as she stacked books together.  The Greek was dressed in a form-fitting white long sleeved shirt and a pair of tight fitting blue jeans over black clunky heeled boots. Her wavy blond hair hung naturally a little past her shoulders.

            “I can see that, working hard too, I must say,” Maggie said, “What are you doing though?”

            “We’re organizing the books in alphabetical order,” Joy quickly said as Calista shot her a look and she quickly went back to work.

            Maggie shook her head, “Calista, Tucker doesn’t want that and Jamie never approved it.”

            “Well they’re not here right now,” Calista replied as she continued to work, not looking at Maggie.

            “Calista, I’m here and Tucker told me...” Maggie began

            “No. I’m not going to listen to you. I am higher than you in position here. Tucker can have you play boss while he is gone but you’re not the real boss,” Calista cut, in glaring at Maggie with her hazel eyes and hands on her hips. Maggie glared back but she knew she was not as intimated as the Greek; Tucker had noted on several occasions that Maggie was actually cuter when she was upset.

            Joy looked at both of the feuding women before looking across the room at Faith, “Oh Faith, let me help you with that,” She quickly said as she darted off.

            “If you have a problem with me, talk to me in private about it,” Maggie simply said seriously. “Tucker left me in charge and Jamie honored that decision, so you don’t have a choice but to listen. I’m a pretty easy-going person; the day could be real easy….”

            “Easy? This is work. It’s not supposed to be easy. This store is mess and it’s not going to get better with little Miss Powder Puff girl in charge.”

            “Whoa… Powder Puff girl? Leave them out of this. Cool down and be in Tucker’s office in five minutes. We’ll talk like grown ups, none of this name calling,” Maggie suggested in her best mature voice.

            “Talking won’t fix this,” Calista started to say.

            “Well; Bitching about it out here isn’t good either,” Maggie said, turning and leaving. “Five minutes Calista.”

            Maggie had just sat down in the office chair when Calista stormed in, slamming the door behind her. “Why did Tucker put you in charge? You're not qualified to run a business. What is your experience? You don’t do anything all day but waste time…” Calista blurted out angrily before everything went silent as the Greek abruptly froze in mid-speech. She stood rigid, leaning over the desk with one hand supporting herself and the other pointing at Maggie. Her face held a frown with closed eyes and her mouth was slightly opened, showing teeth. Maggie took a deep breath and got up from the desk, holding the wand.

            “Wow; that was going to get nasty,” she muttered, looking at the stiff blond letting her eyes follow the curve of her backside. “Now how does this work again?” Maggie asked, looking at the wand in thought. “Oh yes,” she replied to herself, remembering and waving the wand twice over Calista’s head.  Maggie then restarted time but Calista remained frozen as she was.  Maggie looked at her watch and smiled at the second hand moving. “Cool; wait right here I’ll be right back,” Maggie said, kissing the motionless Greek on the cheek.

            Going out back on the floor, Maggie saw Joy and Faith looking over at her as they sorted through books. “Hey guys,” Maggie greeted as she got up to them. Faith was dressed in her usual punk rocker style with black trousers over black and white Chucks, a Rock Girl t-shirt over a long sleeved shirt. She had recently cut her once-long brown hair into a shorter spiky look. Joy was the opposite of Faith, wearing a conservative knee length khaki skirt, white sneakers and a white short sleeve buttoned shirt. She wore her blond hair in simple ponytail.

            “Where’s Calista?” Joy asked, looking behind Maggie expecting to see the blond Greek storm out of the back area.

            “Oh… she’s tied up helping me with some paper work. We agreed that she could stay in the back and yell at me all she wants as long as she doesn’t mess around out here,” Maggie answered and smiled.

            Both Joy and Faith let out a breath of relief. “Thanks, Mags, for taking one for the team,” Faith said, relaxing. “I can’t stand that woman; she thinks she's all that just cause she knows about all the books here.”

            “Well she’s Greek, and we sell Greek books, so she actually knows more than us,” Joy pointed out.

            “You know what I mean, Joy,” Faith shot back while crossing her arms, causing Joy and Maggie to smile. One of the reasons why Faith didn’t work the floor was that she didn’t know anything about Greek or Roman literature. She wasn’t the sharpest knife around but she was reliable.

            “Well guys, I am the boss today, regardless of what Calista says,” Maggie stated seriously, getting the two girls' attention. “Faith, go back to the register and just hang out; help Gloria if she needs any help.”

            “No problem.” Faith smiled and marched back to the till happily.

            “Joy, help put these books back as they were and then you could just patrol the floor.”

            “No problem; sounds like a plan,” Joy smiled, “I’ll take you or Tucker as a boss any day over that witch Calista.”

            “Me too,” Maggie agreed as they started putting back the books that Calista had pulled.

            Maggie let out a breath of exhaustion and brushed her palms together as she entered Tucker’s office, closing and locking the door behind her. She was feeling tired and hungry as if technically she had been up and for four hours but in real time it was only a couple of hours. She made a decision as she was hauling the books around; Joy had a customer to help so Maggie ended up doing most of the work herself. She concluded that she was not going to stop time anymore for the day unless she really wanted to. The act was really throwing off her internal clock; she made a note to warn Tucker to not do it too much when he got back. She smiled and perked up upon seeing statue-stiff Calista leaning over the desk pointing at nothing, her face still frowning. “I’ve been waiting for this since that day you yelled at me for spending too much time with the customers.” Maggie said as she wrapped her arms around Calista’s waist. “Tucker said you were built like a Greek Goddess… let’s see about that.”

* * *

            An hour later Calista stood rigid, straight with arms slightly parted at her sides and legs slightly spread. The Greek was stark naked with a neutral look upon her face; eyes staring dully ahead and mouth loosely opened. Her wavy blond hair was tucked behind her ears, giving her exposed bare breasts an even more naked look. Maggie stood up, licking her lips clean, and looked at the adversarial co-worker once more in all of her nakedness. “Tucker was right; you are a Goddess,” she cooed as she looked over Calista’s perky natural breasts, which were a perfect round shape tipped with pink nipples. Her midriff was flat, toned, and looked athletic; her womanhood, which Maggie had spent the most time examining, was shaven clean and even in her frozen state tasted good. “I’m going to look at you in a whole new light after today, sweetie!” Maggie remarked as she grasped the Greek’s breasts and squeezed them. She was moving in for a kiss when a knock at the door made her jump.  The sudden movement suddenly knocked over the naked Calista backward like a board.

            Maggie went into a panic, looking down at the timestopped naked blond on the floor. She shook her hands frantically as she jogged in one place thinking what to do. “Hey Mags, are you alright in there?” A voice from the other side called out, who she recognized as Jamie the boss herself. Maggie continued her little panic dance, then a thought came to her. She had the wand. Quickly moving around the desk, Maggie grabbed hold of the wand, held it in both hands, and looked at it with glee. She kissed it before tapping on the desk five times. Everything went silent around her and the air felt still and stale. She plopped down in her seat and let a sight of relief, then looked at the wand and smiled.

            Opening the door, Maggie giggled at the sight of Jamie standing there with one hand up as she was about to knock again. The redheaded owner of the store was dressed in a yellow polo and a pair of jeans. Her green eyes stared ahead blankly and her lips were parted as if she was saying something. Maggie kissed her suspended boss in the lips before she closed door and looked back down at Calista thinking what to do. “Got it,” she declared and quickly got to work re-dressing her rival. Once the Greek was dressed, she arranged and posed the hot tempered blond behind the desk so she was leaning back in the chair with her hands on her lap and head leaned back with eyes shut and lips naturally parted. She fixed up the woman’s hair before re-starting time with wand. There was another knock at the door as soon as time restarted. Maggie quickly hid the wand as Jamie asked, “Calista, Maggie, are you guys alright?”

            “We’re fine.” Maggie answered as she opened the door quietly and smiled at her green-eyed boss.

            “What’s going on in there? Joy said you guys have been in there for hours.” Jamie asked trying to look around Maggie as she held the door open a crack.

            “We were working in the inventory reports for this month. Calista wasn’t feeling well so she took some pills and she passed out.” Maggie answered, stepping aside and opening the door all the way so Jamie could see. “To be honest, I fell asleep too,” she added with a grin.

            “What did she take? She looks really out of it.” Jamie asked worriedly, looking at the Calista from the doorway.

            “Some pills she bought with her,” Maggie answered quickly. “Let’s talk outside so we don’t wake her,” she then suggested, she didn’t want Jamie looking at the frozen Greek too long and realize the girl wasn’t breathing. Jamie stepped back so Maggie could step out of the office, closing the door behind her.

            “I shouldn’t even let her sleep on the job; if she so sick you should have let her go home,” Jamie said as they walked back out to the front of store. The traffic in the store was nearly non-existent; Maggie could count all the customers just by glancing around the sales floor once. “I thought Calista was better than that; oh well,” Jamie shrugged and looked around the store.

            “You know Calista. She won’t leave work even if she’s sick. Who am I to argue? She said the she would be up in a couple of hours.”

            “Well take it out of her pay check. I’m easy going and all but sleeping at work? I don’t know if I can let that slide.” She turned to Maggie, “Didn’t you say you were sleeping too?”

            “No,” Maggie answered quickly, cursing under her breath shifting her eyes left and right. “What brings you in, it’s your day off?”

            Jamie smiled at Maggie and shook her head. “Don’t sleep on the job, especially when you’re in charge. Tucker likes you more than Calista; he wanted you for her position but I already hired her. But after this little incident I don’t know… maybe I should listen to him and give you that promotion.”

            “Tucker is a funny guy… me in charge.” Maggie laughed. “Temporary is good and all whenever you guys take a day off is fine, but as a permanent position, that’s too much work. Calista is good for that when you know she’s not sleeping.”

            “You should really consider it, Maggie,” Jamie said, seriously looking away and then around the store once more. “I came here to see how you were doing. Aside from your little catnap everything looks good. “Joy, Faith and Gloria praised you, so it looks like you have everything under control.”

            Maggie nodded, “It’s a Friday; business is always slow and everyone knows what they’re doing so the place kind runs by itself.” Maggie said as she watched Faith ringing up a customer, Joy was talking to a couple about a large red book that the woman was holding and Gloria worked behind the coffee bar, busily wiping the counter down and arranging random items while three customers sat nearby reading books enjoying their beverages.

            “Well, Becky is over at my place for the day. They’re renovating her place. I know she’s my twin and I’m supposed to love her and I think I do but she really bugs the hell out of me. I wish she would just move. You have a sister… you probably know the feeling or think I’m a horrible person.”

            “I know the feeling, I don’t have a twin but Madison and I aren’t exactly buddy, buddy.”

            “Well, you know where I’m coming from,” Jamie said, looking around the store once more. “I’m gonna stay and do the inventory… anything is better than going back home right now. You could hang out and watch the floor.”

            “Are you sure?” Maggie asked, knowing that Tucker and she usually did the inventory. Jamie had not really mastered how everything was organized yet and every time she did inventory it would take her hours longer.

            “Have you ever lived with Becky?”

            Maggie smiled, “You’re the boss, but let me warn you, Calista and I didn’t get much done. With her bickering at me and then when she went to sleep… stuff didn’t get done.”

            “I have the time,” Jamie smiled and looked around once more. “It looks like it’ll be an easy day. Have fun, Maggie.” She said before heading to her office.

* * *

            Later at Lunch Jamie stepped out and offered to buy everyone lunch since she was the odd person out so no one really had to clock out and leave for lunch. Everyone accepted, with the exception of Calista, who to Jamie’s dismay was still ‘asleep’. Jamie was going to head to down to the nearest Chinese place, which was just down the block so she wouldn’t have to walk along with everyone’s order. Maggie had an idea after Jamie had left, seeing that Jamie was really getting annoyed of Calista 'sleeping' while everyone else worked. The store was practically empty when Maggie came back out from Tucker’s office with the wand securely in her back pocket. Faith and Joy hung out at the register. Joy was keeping an eye on the pair of old men who walked around the store while at the same time listening to Faith’s exploits with her latest date; the punk rocker had many dates a week from what Maggie knew. Tucker had told her that the girl was loose even frozen. Gloria was leaned over the counter talking to an old man; she looked as if she was helping him decide what to order. Maggie looked at her watch and then looked back towards the front door, trying to time how long it was going to take Jamie to come back. Making sure no one noticed her, she went back to Tucker’s office and tapped the wand five times. Moving over to the stuck Calista, Maggie smiled, “Let’s get you into Jamie’s office so you can finish your conversation.”

            Maggie posed Calista standing behind Jamie’s desk the way that she had been standing in front of Tucker’s desk, leaning forward with one hand resting on the desk and the other pointing ahead. She left the Greek’s face neutral, not really wanting to spend the time molding it, Tucker was better at molding complex expressions while Maggie stuck to the simple ones. Once that was done she re-started time and headed back out to sales floor to wait for Jamie. She hung out with Gloria, listening to the older woman proudly brag about her son and daughter who — according to the barista — were geniuses. Jamie came back almost a full hour later, Maggie’s time. The redhead carried the two packages of food to the employee lounge. Maggie excused herself from Gloria, who was starting to get annoying, she was an old woman at heart. Gloria went back to work, not noticing Maggie’s eagerness to leave. Maggie reached the back of store in time just to see Jamie leaving the employee lounge with her own food in hand. Maggie tapped the wand quickly five times and then rushed passed the locked in mid-stride redhead. Entering the office, Maggie looked at the wand and Calista, wondering how she was going to do this and hoping that she was going to be fast enough. She sort of wished Tucker was with her. He had become good at doing stuff like this.

            Taking a deep breath she re-started time and then quickly tapped the wand twice over Calista head unfreezing her but then quickly tapped the wand five times on the desk before the Greek could realize what was going on. “Mission accomplished,” Maggie breathed, tucking the wand away and kissing Calista on the cheek, “Next time baby, we’ll have more fun.”

            Outside Jamie had neared her office by a few more steps, almost in sight of the door. Maggie quickly rushed by and moved over to the wall where she had stopped time. She then restarted time and continued her trip to the lounge as if getting her food. Maggie smiled as she heard Calista open up on Jamie just as she entered her office.

            “… all you do is sleep and play on your computer you never…” Calista abruptly stopped seeing that she was in Jamie’s office and behind the owner’s desk. “What the…”

            “Calista!” Jamie exclaimed. Just as Maggie rushed up to the doorway with a look of concern and puzzlement, Calista looked shocked and confused; Jamie was turning bright red. The redhead looked behind her at Maggie. “You and the girls can take turns eating; make sure the floor is covered. Me and Ms. Suvari will be in a meeting,” Jamie ordered seriously as Calista looked at her with a look of embarrassment and shock. 

            Maggie made a face that said ‘you’re in trouble now’ at Calista before replying “You got it, boss.”

* * *

            The rest of day was uneventful and Maggie didn’t stop time anymore, feeling really tired from her earlier adventures. She defiantly needed more practice with the wand in order to really enjoy it she thought. She had two more days with it so she hoped maybe her body would get used to it as Tucker’s had by now. To her surprise, Calista didn’t get fired. She did however got sent home by Jamie, who told her that she needed time away from the store to cool off and get her head together. That was about as nice as Jamie was going to be; she also demoted Calista until further notice when Tucker got back. They’ll then decide her fate. Jamie warned Maggie that as much as she didn’t like it, the supervisor job would probably go to her. Maggie didn’t mind too much after getting encouragements from Joy, Faith and Gloria. Jamie wasn’t in the mood to be sitting cooped up in her office after her ordeal with Calista, so she made Maggie finish the inventory while she ran the floor. She would be on the clock now with Calista at home fuming and confused.

            At about eight — an hour before normal closing — Jamie decided to close down early, being that business had died down for the day. A majority of Persephone’s regular customers were the elderly and by eight those people were in bed so it was safe to close early from time to time. Maggie waited to finish up the inventory before she would stop time one last time for the day. Once she double checked the last of figures on the computer and saved her data, she tapped the wand five times before the computer could even shut down.

            Outside on the floor, Maggie’s four co-workers were frozen like waxworks displayed through out the store. Faith stood behind the cash register with money divided in front of her. She held some cash in her hands and her eyes looked down the money, locked in concentration. Joy was in mid-stride between two shelves. The blond held two heavy books in front of her with both hands and she had slight grin on her lips. Jamie, the boss was at front doors, both hands holding the two handles of the doors. Finally Gloria stood behind her coffee bar with both hands inside of a wash bucket and eyes looking down at the counter. Maggie smiled at the older Asian as she made a bee-line towards the coffee bar.

            Maggie was feeling hot all over and she could feel her cheeks had reddened up. The floor behind the coffee bar was littered in Gloria’s clothing. The barista was now naked, standing straight with hands behind her back and a submissive smile upon her face. Maggie didn’t really like messing with complex expressions but felt that look was good for Gloria. The older woman had round breasts that were covered by her pale blue bra. Gloria had a bit of tummy and now that she was naked her age really showed; and she needed a trim down south. Maggie figured Gloria had been married for nearly twenty years so she probably figured her husband wasn’t into the desert look anymore. Tucker was however right, Gloria was a MILF.

            Faith was the next stiffened employee to be stripped down, though this time Maggie didn't go for fully nude and instead enjoyed the sight of the brunette's somewhat oversized soft white underwear. Having done a photoshoot with Faith before in the past, Maggie knew what she looked like naked and decided to have a different kind of fun with her and the others, a sort of prank that she doubted Tucker, were he around, would ever let her do. Fortunately, without Tucker's stricter sense of morals to guide her, Maggie was free to goof around. Leaving all the cash behind where it belonged, Maggie removed Faith's shoes and slid her sock-wearing feet along the wooden floors of the bookstore into the employee lounge. Maggie worked carefully, sitting Faith down on one of the couches surrounding the glass coffee table and producing a deck of cards from one of the cabinets. Moments later Faith sat with her eyes fixed on a five-card hand she held with both of her paws. Naturally one girl wasn't enough for a good poker game; Maggie needed the others.

            Having gotten her fill of Gloria in the buff, Maggie slid the older barista's underwear back on and dragged her to where she could be seated across from Faith, another four cards in her own grip while her right hand touched the deck on the table, seemingly drawing a card with a discard pile next to where her finger was. Joy was next, the heavy books removed from her hands and put where they belonged, the blond then stripped down to her silky pink undergarments and seated in the desk chair in between the two couches at the short end of the glass coffee table. Like the others, Joy held a poker hand; hers the best of the bunch with three aces and two queens. Maggie had justified the hands with the expressions the women currently had on their faces and figured Joy was the kind with a lousy poker face.

            The underwear poker game was complete, but Maggie needed to do a bit more before she could see the results of her experiment. First up she made sure to finish the jobs Gloria and Faith had been doing, cleaning the counter and finishing the daily cash count. The store thus organized, Maggie turned out a few lights and went over to Jamie, ensuring the front doors were locked thus the only way out was the employee exit, which was out back and could only be entered from the outside with a key. After the tasks were complete, Maggie gathered up everyone's clothing and left it in a pile under the coffee table, figuring it would be a good way to work what was apparently strip poker. At last free to do what she really wanted, Maggie returned to Jamie and dragged her on her heels into her office, groping the woman's breasts the entire way. Once she'd arrived, Maggie, with honed skill, stripped Jamie down to her black lacy bra and thong, Maggie's favorite, and sat her on her desk with a glass of water in her hand. To ensure no underlying subtext was created, Maggie left Jamie's clothing with the others and then stripped down to her own pink number, doing the same with her own. Finally Maggie found a spot in Jamie's office where she could hide the wand from view, namely the bookshelf, and stood directly in front of it with her hands inside a shelf, wand in hand. Giving Jamie one last glance, Maggie smiled and tapped the wand.

            "What the?!"

            "Holy sh-!"

            "Oh my God!"

            The three cries came simultaneously from the employee lounge while Maggie staggered back from the shelf in false alarm. Jamie immediately dropped her glass which fortunately didn't shatter on the ground though it did spill water everywhere and quickly raced towards the direction of the cries after glancing around briefly and spotting Maggie. Hiding her amusement, Maggie followed her boss.

            Gloria, Faith and Joy were all hiding behind the couches, Joy having gone over to where Faith was probably because the swivel chair made a lousy cover. Maggie was mildly amused that the women would try to cover up so much in spite of the fact that they were no worse exposed than if they'd of been at the beach. Jamie looked around with raised eyebrows, having made no attempt to cover herself up. Deciding to play the modesty card, Maggie only peeked in from the doorway, keeping most of her body hidden outside of view. "What the hell is going on?!" demanded Jamie, standing with one hand on her hip, the other running through her hair. Maggie suddenly wished she could stop time again just to get a picture of Jamie in that perfect pose but she'd left the wand in the office.

            "I don't know; the last thing I remember is washing the counter!" exclaimed Gloria.

            "That's right, I was just locking up..." realized Jamie."No one knows how this happened?"

            "No," piped up Joy.

            "Never!" exclaimed Faith.

            "N-n-no..." stuttered Maggie, trying to look extra nervous but sounding contrived.

            "Okay; lets just get dressed, go home, and never speak of this again, agreed?" suggested Jamie, sighing heavily and seeming completely relaxed.

            "Agreed!" exclaimed the four other store employees; the group quickly rushed off to gather up their clothing. Jamie moved away from the door to allow everyone to leave and Maggie room to sneak in. Maggie wasn't entirely sure, as she didn't want to linger too long and get found out, but she was almost certain Jamie was checking them out as they picked up their clothes and scurried for the employee exit. Maggie was second out of the room, her clothes being near the top, but still managed to sneak into Jamie's office and grab the wand before leaving. It had been a good Friday, but there were still a couple of days to go...



            Maggie was late. She'd slept in, having the day off, but her audition was at one in the afternoon and it was just past twelve o'clock. Fortunately, having Tucker's wand, Maggie still had plenty of time to get ready for her big audition. Immediately after seeing the time, Maggie had grabbed the wand and stopped time, promptly sitting for ten minutes to adjust to being awake. Following the short period, Maggie got up and unfroze the shower, getting cleaned up and afterwards spending a long period grooming herself, making sure her hair was perfectly straight but still silky smooth, putting in her contacts, giving her lips the perfect shade of pink and her eyes the right amount of shadow. After make-up and hair Maggie ate a quick breakfast, her lipstick not the kind that would ruin her food, and dressed in a green Catholic schoolgirl skirt with a black tank top and white blouse as well as pantyhose and heels. Fully prepared, Maggie went down to the garage, unfroze the Lancer, and headed to the coffee shop where she was supposed to meet the photographer.

            The time being past noon, Maggie had a hard time navigating the streets, even with the clock stopped, thus she'd been forced to pull into the opposing lanes many times. While time was frozen thus the opposing cars wouldn't hit her Maggie was still worried about developing a bad habit that could potentially get her killed in real time. Soon enough Maggie arrived at the coffee shop, parked and got out, almost half an hour early. Producing the wand from her black purse, Maggie tapped it five times and time resumed, the small Asian girl then stepping out and surveying the building.

            The coffee shop Bean There, pun aside, was highly prestigious. Movie superstar Jessica Alfa had been discovered there back at the beginning of the new millennium which had made it one of the few businesses in the area to last more than five years. The shop had originally been a fashion boutique over twenty years ago, thus there were large windows where mannequins would traditionally be on display but now instead were wax statues of the Mexican-American Jessica Alfa dressed in various outfits she'd made famous over the years while holding a cup belonging to the shop. Rumor had it the shop was owned by Alfa's publicist and figured the promotional statues would be good for the actress's image. Inside the shop was a bit more humble, with circular tables and metal padded chairs as well as full loungers and low-level coffee tables with a massive counter where people could supposedly order any kind of South American coffee that was legally allowed for exportation from its country of origin. The coffee was sold at reasonable prices compared to some other shops as well, some medium-sized cups going for as low as a dollar.

            The person auditioning Maggie was Charlene Masters, a photographer known for doing magazine ads for business accessories like handbags, cell phones and the like. The photographer was already there; a dark brunette with highlights, her hair tied in raised ponytail that reminded Maggie of a waitress. On that particular day she was wearing an olive shirt that stopped several inches from her wrists and had straps instead of full shoulders as well as a red skirt, clear pantyhose and extra-high black heels. Standing on the far side of the shop with Charlene was an Asian woman whom Maggie figured was the other model that had been mentioned, since Charlene was known for using Asian women in her shoots. The second model looked very similar to Maggie, sharing the same hair and frame, but her eyes were nearly gray with only a hint of brown; she was wearing a dark green business skirt suit with a white blouse and matching heels, a golden yellow handbag around her right shoulder.  She looked to be Vietnamese, Maggie had a sixth sense in picking out Asian people, an acquired skill she had picked up due to people always asking if she was knew a person just because they ‘looked’ Chinese.

            "Ah, Maggie Yen; you're early!" noted Charlene, looking over and seeing Maggie approaching. "This is good, since I have some wonderful news which I wish I could of told you before you'd left, but your phone did not answer." Charlene had an unusual way of speaking, Maggie noted, and figured that the woman, like many others in the fashion industry, was not originally from the United States but most likely European.

            "I had some errands to run before I got here," lied Maggie, as she'd in fact turned off the ringer at home so she could get some sleep.

            "Well, I happened to get a request today from Medallion to do an ad for their new handbags to appeal to ah, uh, more oriental consumer group," explained Charlene, nodding over at the Vietnamese girl who smiled warmly at Maggie. "Since I've enjoyed your previous work, and the man that I get my copies from showed me a few pictures of you that aren't on your website, I think I would skip the audition and use you in my latest ad!" Upon hearing the words, Maggie's head raced. First of all she realized Charlene was talking about her friend Blake Lancer, better known as Lance to Maggie and Tucker. Lance had made the calendars they'd sold at the anime convention back when Tucker had been in financial trouble and later on printed other calendars and posters that Tucker and Maggie had produced under their T & M Productions alias. Apparently Mr. Lancer also did work for Charlene and had showed her some pictures of Maggie that weren't advertised on the site without purchase. Maggie was a bit mad at her friend, but considering he'd manage to land her a modeling job without the need for an audition, she couldn't complain.

            "That's wonderful!" exclaimed Maggie, practically hugging Charlene as she shook her hand.

            "I've brought you a suit to wear, since they want a cute Asian businesswoman theme," explained Charlene, indicating the blue dry-cleaning protector and hangar on the ground next to the green screen Charlene had set up. "You and Cindy here will be photographed in one pose, but we'll make several smaller versions of the photo and insert several backdrops indicating that one can take the handbag to any location and look respectable."

            "Certainly sounds like a better premise than most other ads I've seen," shrugged Maggie, shaking Cindy's hand. "Nice to meet you."

            "The pleasure is all mine, Chiyo," giggled Cindy, apparently having seen Tucker's work. “I’m a huge fan of T&M Productions; I have their very first calendar. The models were done up great and very accurate.”

            “Oh thanks; we had a lot of fun doing it,” Maggie replied, wishing Tucker was with her to enjoy some of this spotlight.

            “Is there going to be another calendar? Cindy then asked eagerly.

            Maggie unzipped the dry-clean protection bag, checking out her suit; it was navy suit with dark hosiery. “We’re busy at the moment, but it is possible.” Maggie replied, examining the suit.

            “Oh; is there a chance that I could audition?”

            Maggie looked at Cindy and smiled, Tucker would like her; she thought. “I think something could be arranged.”

            “Oh; thanks so much.”

            “Maggie Yen, you must hurry dear; we only have spot for two hours.” Charlene called over as she readied her camera.

            “I’ll show you to the dressing room,” Cindy said happily, leading Maggie to the back of the store.

            Maggie tried her best to hide her resentment. It had started off as a fun day and quickly turned into a not-so-fun one. Charlene was so vague in what she wanted for poses, she used analogies to describe poses and feelings. She was being overly artistic. Cindy, who was an amateur model like Maggie but had three shoots under her belt, already had trouble following Charlene’s “Bend like a rose in the frigid cold wind” directions. The woman would take hundreds of shots in seconds and then ask for different poses and took hundreds of more shots even if Maggie and Cindy were not sure what she wanted. At one point Maggie and Cindy both looked dumbfounded after one of Charlene’s odd analogies; she took their pictures anyways, saying they were fabulous. When she ran out of film, Maggie was relieved and thought they could rest for a while. The woman loaded her camera expertly like a solider and the shoot resumed in seconds. Maggie was dizzy, she had a headache and her feet hurt from standing in heels for such a long time. They had gone non-stop for almost an hour before Charlene let them take a break as she recharged her flash units and made light adjustments.

            “Damn that Tucker…” Maggie muttered, sitting down slipping her heels off to rub her feet.

            “Who’s that?” Cindy asked, still cheery, she didn’t seem the least fatigued. She sat down next to Maggie at a nearby empty table.

            “He’s my knuckle-headed friend that got me into this.” Maggie replied with a weak smile. “Not so fun as I thought.”

            “Isn’t this like your Chiyo shoots?” Cindy asked, confused; she had thought Maggie would be a little more experienced having a professional portfolio and working for a rising imaging firm.

            Maggie smiled and nodded quickly, Tucker had frozen her for the shoots, it was like blink of an eye for her. “Oh right yeah… the thing is during those shoots the photographer gives this green tea and when you drink it gives so much energy and you feel like you were really never there.” The answer sounded like bull crap and made it sound like the photographer drugged his models or something, Maggie thought after she explained.

            “Oh wow, you should have bought some with you. I wanna try it and you look like you really need it now,” Cindy replied wide eyed.

            “Tucker will really like you,” Maggie said quietly, smiling and looking at Cindy.

            “Huh? What was that?” Cindy asked, leaning closer.

            “Oh nothing; we should exchange numbers afterwards,” Maggie said, louder so Cindy could hear her. The Vietnamese girl nodded happily.

            “Ok, girls, let us finish this up.” Charlene announced.

            The first half of the shoot was bad the second half was hell. Charlene’s instructions remained vague and frustrating to attempt to decipher. She was now also touching Cindy and Maggie, posing them; the woman’s hands were strong as she easily man-handled the two smaller women. Maggie felt she and Cindy were doing everything wrong, but Charlene remained positive and continued to snap away with her camera, not looking through the lens some of the times. Aside from super-artistic Charlene Maggie had a nasty surprise that made the shoot turn to hell. Madison Yen, Maggie’s successful older sister, arrived with two of her law firm friends, Connie Soyer and Belinda Frazier. Maggie had met both ladies at a charity function hosted by Madison’s firm a year ago back. Connie was a rising star in the firm; she was junior to Madison but from what Maggie heard the dark-haired green-eyed beauty had the potential to make senior partner in a couple of more years. She was perhaps Madison’s biggest rival, but the two were good friends. Belinda was older than both Madison and Connie, having been an established senior partner who was close to becoming a full fledged partner within the year. The blond thirty-five year old was also sort of mentor to Madison, having taken Madison under her wing when she first joined the firm. At first the three women didn’t notice Maggie and the photoshoot but after they sat for a while at a spacious corner table Madison looked her way.

            At first Madison looked shocked, seeing her lesbian sister out in public and at such a high profile place too. Then she began talking to her friends, pointing at Maggie and the three huddled together giggling and laughing. Maggie was glad she couldn’t hear what they were saying but she still saw them. The whole thing bought back memories of her childhood on how Madison always treated her. Maggie had looked up to Madison and in return her sister treated her as an outsider and had picked on her throughout her younger years. Now they were both adults and little had changed.

            Maggie tried her best to ignore her sister, but the three lawyers remained focused on her and continued to point and laugh. Cindy saw that Maggie was bothered by the people watching and offered to change spots with her; the change helped, putting Maggie more or less facing the opposite side of the coffee shop and she could easily block out Madison. “Thanks,” Maggie said through a fake smile.

            “No problem,” Cindy replied with her teeth together locked in a smile. The shoot went on and with the feeling of her sister nearby talking bad about her, no less, Maggie felt better about Charlene’s unique way of taking pictures. At last the shoot came to an end.

            “Thank you so much, ladies. I’ll mail out your checks next week and email me if you want copies for your book; I’ll be happy to share them with you.” Charlene said, putting her camera away and shaking Maggie and Cindy’s hands. “Hope we get to the pleasure of working together again.” Maggie and Cindy both smiled and thanked her. “You may change and leave now if you don’t have any more questions.

            Madison called, “Oh Maggie, dear!” As Maggie and Cindy turned to leave, Maggie turned and saw her sister beckoning to her.

            “Who is that? She’s pretty?” Cindy asked looking over at Madison with the same eager look that the girl had in her eyes since the beginning of the shoot.

            “It’s my sister…” Maggie muttered.

            “Oh; she’s really pretty, you come from a good looking family. She looks like a model for the calendar too.” Cindy complimented.

            “Yeah… I guess but you know how we all look alike,” Maggie replied and switched the subject, “hey I’ll meet you back there.”

            “No problem,” Cindy said as she went ahead.

            Maggie walked towards her sister’s table.  She then realized that she dressed like them. Connie was clothed in a black pin-striped pants suit with a white blouse underneath; Belinda wore cream colored one with a light blue blouse that went well with her blue eyes. Madison was dressed in a tight-fitting black knee length skirt and a pink dress shirt with white collars and cuffs. Her legs were masked in dark fishnet hosiery and the black spiked heels only added to Madison’s sexy assemble. What a slutty looking lawyer… Maggie thought as she neared.

            “What in God’s name are you doing here, baby sister?” Madison asked, taking a sip of her coffee just as Maggie got up to the table.

            “A modeling thing…” Maggie said quietly, looking down at her own shiny heels.

            “Are you modeling these bags?” Connie asked, taking the bag off of Maggie’s shoulder.

            “Yeah; I need that back, it’s not mine…” Maggie said, reaching out for the bag.

            “Of course not dear, from what Maddy said you can’t afford a Medallion bag,” Connie snickered, handing the bag over to Belinda who went through the bag like a cop looking for drugs.

            “It’s not even real… they gave you a fake bag to model?” Belinda chuckled, tossing the bag back to Maggie who almost dropped it.

            Maggie looked at the bag, fixing it up a bit before slinging it over her shoulder, “It’s just a photoshoot, so I don’t think…”

            “Hey Maggie, was that other girl your girlfriend?” Madison interrupted.

            “You guys make a cute couple,” Belinda added, laughing.

            “So, how does that work, the love life and stuff… you guys play with dildos a lot?” Connie asked.

            “She’s not my girlfriend; we just met…” Maggie started to say.

            “Of course not; she’s too good for you, baby sister, you’re not even good enough to model a real purse,” Madison declared with her friends laughing in agreement.

            Maggie frowned and was about to say something but all three lawyers looked at her like sharks waiting for a meal and she decided to back off, “I have to go,” she then said, turning and leaving as she heard Belinda comment.

            “She’s your sister? She’s cute.”

            Maggie entered the back dressing room, which had three dressing stalls and was mainly used for in house bands or special performance guests to the shop. Two stalls were empty, the middle was occupied by Cindy, Maggie noted the bare pair of feet with purple nail polish under the stall door. “Is that you, Maggie?” Cindy asked from behind the stall door.

            “Yeah,” Maggie replied as she gathered her clothes and took the next stall over and started to strip the business suit off.

            “How’d it go with your sister?” Cindy asked from the other side.

            “It was fine.” Maggie answered flatly, but then smiled seeing the wand in her purse. She quickly pulled her clothes back on while holding on to the wand in her mouth. Once her blouse was on she tapped the wand five times against the stall wall and stepped out into the silent non-moving world. She looked over at Cindy’s stall and saw only one of Cindy’s feet and a hanging jean leg. “I’ll be back,” she said to the bare feet supporting Cindy who Maggie guessed was pulling on her pants.

            Maggie stormed back into the front of the shop and powered towards the corner where Madison and her friends sat. Connie sat back in her chair with her head thrown back, with eyes shut and mouth wide open, obviously frozen during something funny. Madison had her elbows on the table and was leaning with her hands under her chin, her face contorted in laughter as well. Belinda sat off to the side of her chair with her cross and her hands suspended in a wild gesture, her blue eyes were wide and her pink lips were parted as she looked towards her two friends. “I wonder what’s so funny?” Maggie asked with a hint of anger in her voice as she eyed the three women vengefully.

            She looked around the coffee shop, everyone was frozen as expected. There weren’t too many people in the shop. They were dotted throughout the shop, captured in the moment of their last action. She then spotted the three Jessica Alfa wax figures displayed in the front window. In front of the window a small crowd of tourist had gathered taking pictures of the wax figures “I want one,.” she declared, pulling Madison’s hair out of the business bun. Looking at the three suspended lawyers, she smiled as in idea appeared in her head.

            Being mad certainly helped her energy as she worked. She first knocked all three women to the ground, Madison and Connie fell awkwardly on their sides, holding their poses while Belinda laid her back with her legs still crossed as if she was still sitting in the chair. Maggie started first with Connie, nearly ripping her clothes off like a mad woman, Madison and Belinda followed and within minutes all three lawyers were laid out straight and naked among the shambles of their clothes. Connie wore a silk white thong that was stuffed into her open mouth. To Maggie's surprise, Madison had no underwear on, thus Maggie settled for her fishnet pantyhose to be stuffed into her mouth. Belinda had her white French cut panties stuffed into her mouth as all three ladies were moved up to the front window. The fake Jessica Alfa figures leaned against the wall, with the exception of one which was laying in the Lancer’s backseat, covered up by a blanket.

            Maggie had to admit that all three lawyers were pretty hot; she had no comment for Madison though, and she didn’t know what was so special… people always described Maggie as being average compared to her sister, but seeing Maddy naked Maggie thought so what. She and Maddy shared the same breast size and their curvy figures were more a less identical, Maggie was more of a fan of eating so she was somewhat rounder, but other than that they looked the same. She had to admit to herself though that Madison had a prettier face. Connie was a curvy woman herself, now that she was naked; she had nice round breasts, sexy athletic legs and a landing strip shaven mound. Aside from having fake round breasts Belinda was more of a work of art than her two companions. Maggie figured she had the most work done to her cosmetically. There was just something plasticy about the blond and that was more evident now that she was frozen.

            Having an artificial look compared to Connie and Madison earned Belinda the center spot. Maggie posed the blond lawyer standing with both hands running through her blond hair with her back arched backwards and her legs spread and naked hips shifted to the right. Connie flanked Belinda on her right; the dark haired woman was squatting wide legged standing on the balls of her bare feet. Both her hands cupped her breasts from underneath, making the melons appear bigger and erect. Madison was on the left of Belinda, the senior Yen had her body pressed against the glass, her breasts, womanhood and palms were pressed up hard to the glass. Her naked legs were pulled back to show the pushing motion with her face turned to the side and right cheek up to the glass. All three women had their mouths stuffed and eyes closed so when time restarted they would open them to get their surprise. Maggie looked over her work, smiled, and hopped off the small platform that led to the display window.

            Not only had Maggie stripped the three lawyers of their clothing, she took off their jewelry as well. Picking up a pair of pantyhose that she guessed belonged to Connie or Belinda, both women had nude pantyhose, Maggie stuff all the jewelry into it and then wrapped it up with the other pair, creating a nylon jewelry ball. She then took their clothes and leftover underwear and scattered them throughout the store, leaving an item of clothing at each table and tossing their heels and the jewelry ball into a toilet in the women’s room. Once all of that was done, she headed back out and to gather their purses. Recognizing Madison’s purse, she dug through it and to her surprise found a ticket to a Hollywood party for the next day. She had planned on taking money from the three women, but Maggie never been to a Hollywood party so she settled for that. She took the purses out to the back of the shop and wiped them down of her prints before tossing them into the dumpster.

            With her newly gained ticket tucked away in her own purse, Maggie returned the shop to make sure she didn’t forget anything. She spotted Charlene holding a tripod with both hands as she was suspended in mid-stride, moving towards the pile of the rest of her equipment. Maggie walked around the brunette, eying her up and down and smiled as she pulled the tripod from the photographer’s hands. Soon Charlene stood in front of her green screen, completely naked, and Maggie walked circles around her snapping pictures with Charlene’s camera, which she had unfrozen. The photographer was a slender woman with small breasts but still attractive none the less. Charlene was posed with her hips shifted to one side and her hands on them. Her head leaning on one shoulder and her eyes were wide matching her wide smile showing teeth. “Yes. Show me that nakedness, be naked like a Frenchwoman at the beach… yes, yes, yes that’s it you’re doing it now!” Maggie dictated as she snapped the pictures. She snapped some pictures on her phone as well before redressing the brunette, sans her tiger print underwear, which Maggie thought was sleazy; she added them to clothing spread about the room.

            Charlene was posed sitting in front of her green screen with her legs straight out in front of her, crossed at the ankles. Her body was leaned back with her hands behind her, supporting her weight. She still bore the same wide-eyed smiling expression. Maggie snapped one more picture of the Charlene with her own camera before kissing the woman and returning the camera with some newly added photos.

            Time had been stopped for almost three hours and Maggie was beginning to feel tired and hungry as her anger along with her energy died down. She walked back into the dressing room and opened Cindy’s stall. The Vietnamese girl stood as before, balanced on one leg; she held a pair of jeans was and bent over as one leg was going into a pant leg. Her head was looking down at the pants. She was clad in a pair of red silk panties and a dark colored lacy bra. The green suit that she was wearing was hanging off one side of the stall while a cute t-shirt with pink sleeves hung off the other side. A pair of high-heeled suede black boots stood on the floor. Maggie snatched the pair of jeans from Cindy, causing her to fall down on to her side with her body nearly bent in half and one leg bent at the knee while the other was straight. Maggie laughed at the sight as she tossed the jeans aside and stood Cindy back up posed her to stand upright with both legs straight. Cindy bore a slight grin on her lips and her grayish eyes were glazed over. Maggie walked around her co-model and noted a beautifully tattooed dragon over the back of Cindy’s left shoulder. Taking off Cindy’s underwear, Maggie made another discovery: both of Cindy’s nipples were pierced. She played with the silver nipple studs with her tongue a little before moving south to Cindy’s trimmed womanhood. Once she was done she made out with Cindy, the girl was attractive and she knew Tucker would like her and that he could find something for her to be in.

            Once she was satisfied, she left Cindy sitting on the floor of her stall dressed only in her boots. Her legs were wide with one hand inside her womanhood and the other pinching a nipple. Her head was thrown back with her lower lip being tucked under the top row of her teeth. Her eyes held a sleepy look. Maggie kissed Cindy once more before stepping out of the stall. She then wrote her phone number on a piece of paper with a note:


            It was nice to meet you today. I had a lot of fun. Here is my phone number call me anytime you already to audition or if you just want to hang out. I was going to wait for you but it sounded like you were having too much fun doing whatever you were doing back there so I didn’t want to bother you.

See you later,


            Maggie unfroze her Lancer and navigated to an empty lot that was out of sight of the public and a good two miles away from Bean There and then restarted time. She sat in her car laughing to herself thinking of the craziness that was going on back at the shop. Feeling tired and hungry she headed home.

            After her photoshoot fun, Maggie stopped by a sandwich shop, where she stopped time once again and got herself a free sandwich and had some fun with random customers by posing them in awkward poses; she had a married couple posed as if they were engaged in a fight to the death in the middle of the store. Once she had her fill of fun, she returned home with the Jessica Alfa wax figure which she stripped naked accordingly and stashed it in the corner of her room. Maggie then fell asleep for a couple hours watching TV and was woken by a phone call a couple of hours later. It was Madison.

* * *

            Madison had been locked up for indecent exposure along with Connie and Belinda. The three had made bail but wanted the whole thing to be kept under wraps. The three ladies were lucky Foster & McBride handled Bean There’s legal issues, so the shop was not going to press charges. The law firm basically cleared the three lawyers of their charges by stating they did what they did under stress and the court accepted that. The firm, however, was not happy though. Connie and Belinda were been both suspended with no pay for a week, which both of them took; it was better than losing their jobs and spending more time in jail. Both however suffered greatly in the company’s rankings and were not going to be promoted for a long while. Unknown to her colleagues, Madison was not punished.

            Maggie met the three lawyers for the second time that day in the back of the courthouse as directed by Madison. As much as Maggie hated Madison, they still depended on each other. Whenever one was in trouble, they would always call the other one and they would come. No matter what; it was odd, Maggie and Tucker often thought about it. Tucker had included you’re sisters, that was really the only explanation. Maggie had gotten into an accident one time and it was her fault; she called Madison, it was late in the night but Madison was there soon threatening to sue the other party for something that was not even their fault. The other side ended up dropping the charges and that was that. Maggie never thanked her and Madison never talked about it.

            All three women now wore orange LA county corrections jump suits and quickly hopped into the Lancer as soon as it came to a stop like escaped convicts. Maggie was directed to take everyone home. The car was silent, and no one apologized for making fun of her earlier. Maggie didn’t mind; they had a lot on their minds. Eventually she stopped in front of Madison’s place after the hour long or so of silence.

            “I’m not getting in trouble for any of this,” Madison said flatly, looking ahead. “You could also show those pictures you have of me… it doesn’t matter. I’ve done things in the office that everyone knows about. I’m a good lawyer so they won’t fire me. Things like this… they expect me to do because this is the way they think that I am.” She turned to Maggie, looking at her emotionlessly. “I’m a slut just like you.” She added and stepped out of the car, closing the door behind her.

            Maggie didn’t know what to feel, sorry for her sister or just mad. She shrugged and drove off, feeling no regrets for what she did earlier. “We’re even…” she muttered. Passing her favorite restaurant, her stomach growled; she checked if she had the wand and smiled. Saturday wasn’t over yet…



            It was nearly three in the afternoon when Maggie stirred herself awake. She was naked in her bed and turned to face a smiling face of Chef Brooke. The redheaded chef was frozen and stiff as a board. Her shoulder-length red hair was a mess and she was turned stiffly on her side and, like Maggie, she was naked as well. Maggie pushed Brooke onto her back and straddled her stiff form and then leaned over and began kissing the chef and playing with her breasts. The young Chef had been a target of opportunity as Maggie was leaving from her dinner, a dinner in which waitresses became naked around her, she saw Brooke leaving as well. She overheard one of the cooks saying that he would see her next week, meaning Maggie could get away of borrowing the chef for a night and a day. Even dressed in her baggy black cook’s uniform, Maggie recognized the flame-haired Asian right away as she was used as Lina for Tucker and Maggie’s calendar. An hour later Brooke was naked and in bed with Maggie.

            Propping Brooke up in a sitting position at the edge of the bed with hands cupping her breasts, Maggie kicked a mix of clothing around the room as she made her way to her bathroom to shower. She returned moments later and picked up Brooke, “Might as well do you too, you smell funny.” Maggie commented, wrinkling her nose as she dragged Brooke who was still in a seated position towards the shower.

            As Brooke stood by idly naked in the middle of the living room, drying from the shower Maggie enjoyed a bowl of Coco Puffs and watched some Sponge Bob Square Pants laughing at all the corny jokes as milk dribbled from her lips into the bowl. Brooke kept her smiling face as if enjoying the moment but her brown eyes remained blank. As she rested her lungs during the commercial breaks, Maggie checked her cell phone to see that she had three missed calls from Jamie. She decided not to call back; it was her day off and she figured Calista called out making Jamie call her in. It was the perfect revenge plot; Maggie hated to work on her off days. She deleted the calls and realized it was nearly 5PM. The Hollywood party!

            Running past a naked Brooke, Maggie went into her room and grabbed the wand under her pillow and stopped time so no more of it would be wasted. She smacked herself on the forehead and cursed as she dug through her closet for something to wear. There was nothing. She never went to anything like this, so why would she have anything wear for it. She looked around at the litter of clothes around her, and spotted Brooke’s uniform as the only ‘new’ item. Quickly thinking, she speedily dressed and gathered Brooke’s clothes.

            Thirty minutes later Maggie found herself navigating between frozen cars in the Lancer. She was becoming scaringly good at driving between traffic. She had to make note to not drive for a while in normal time. Brooke was now dressed back in her cook’s uniform and sat in the passenger seat, wearing a pair sun glasses. Maggie wasn’t going to buy any new clothes that was for sure, not with time stopped anyways. She wasn’t going to freely shop either even if she could since time was still; the thought of it was just tiring to think about. Even with time frozen she was still going to tire herself out by walking around and trying clothes on. Plus she wasn’t the shopping type. She did know where three very fashionable women lived, Madison and company. Her sister wore the same size.

* * *

            She was soon parked in front of Connie’s house, a luxurious townhouse just outside of LA. Maggie left Brooke sitting in the car, and told the non-moving cook to watch the car as she looked for a way into the townhouse. The front door was locked but one of the windows was open, so Maggie managed to wiggle her small frame inside. The place was sparse, there was barely any furniture, a large screen TV and sofa occupied the first floor as really the only big pieces of furniture there. A single marble table was in the dining room surrounded by eight black cushioned chairs. The walls were empty of any pictures. Maggie was wondering if anyone really lived here. She had seen Connie go in though. Moving upstairs, Maggie found most of the rooms matching downstairs… they were empty and bare of any creature comforts. Finally in a corner room she found signs of life.

            It was the master bedroom; it was full of life, compared to the rest of the place. The walls were decorated with various family pictures and awards. There was a king-sized bed covered with a comfortable blue and red comforter and matching puffy pillows. The bed was made up nicely. A large flat screen TV hung on wall facing the bed. Under it rested a Bose sound system. At an oak desk on the opposite side of the room was Connie Soyer. The dark haired lawyer was dressed in pair of baby blue pajama bottoms, a white tank top and bunny slippers. She sat with one leg bent at the knee, and her chin rested on it. There was plate of Mac and Cheese in front of her. She held a plastic fork with her left hand that was dipped into the noodles. Her right hand held an iPhone up to her right ear. Her dark hair was pulled back into a simple ponytail, and even though her face was free of make up she was still very attractive. Connie’s green eyes looked at her food intently and mindlessly. Her lips was opened a crack at the side as she was talking with her mouth full when Maggie had worked the wand.

            Maggie looked at her briefly before snatching the expensive cell phone from her hand and looked at it. The display screen read ‘Madison Yen’; Maggie smiled and chucked the cell across the room. She then unfroze and picked up the plate of cheesy noodles and planted it onto the lawyer’s face. The plate and its cheese contents stuck. Maggie laughed, clutching her stomach and pointed at the spectacle before her. Snapping a picture with her phone, she then raided the closet.

            Connie had gorgeous and expensive clothes and tons of shoes. It was like a little designer clothes store in her closet. However after trying on two outfits, Maggie realized something, Connie was bigger than Maggie in every way and the specially tailored outfits were not a good fit; Maggie looked ridiculous. She did find some nice jewelry though and took a pair of diamond ear rings and necklace. She thought about her plan once again, she wasn’t even going to try Belinda; the blond was even taller than bustier than Connie, there was no way her clothes would fit Maggie. It was only Madison, she sighed while leaving the room, wishing she had more options. She then thought of something and returned to the room, “Let’s make your conversation with my sister live.” Maggie announced to the plate covered face Connie.

* * *

            Even though time was frozen, it still took Maggie some time to get to Maggie’s place. This was because in some streets it was just too crowed and she had to be careful as she threaded the Lancer through. Most roads were wide enough for her to shoot through quickly, driving in the middle of the road. Connie was now secured in the back seat, her face now uncovered but still masked by cheese and noodles. Once she got to Madison's building, she parked her Lancer directly in front the complex’s main doors. She left Brooke to ‘watch’ the car once more and dragged the cheesy-faced Connie towards the elevator and unfroze it.

            Madison sat at her mini-bar. Like everyone else, she was paused in life. Her hair was wrapped up in towel and she was only dressed in a red silk robe. She sat with her sexy bare legs crossed, with one elbow resting on the bar top, her hand holding a glass filled with vodka. Her other hand held up her cell phone to her ear. Her eyes were in mid-blink and her mouth was opened. Maggie took the cell from her sister’s hand after she had sat Connie down the sofa, by this time the cheese was starting to come off her face and dripping down on to her bottoms and tank top. Looking at the display that read to no surprise ‘Connie Soyer’, putting the phone aside, Maggie said, “I’m not done with you guys yet, but I really need to get ready for this party.”

            After perusing through Madison’s extensive collection of clothes, Maggie noted that her sister didn’t have anything extravagant, nothing Hollywood party worthy. She then saw on Madison’s day planner which read ‘pick up dress for party after brunch’ it was listed for yesterday. Maggie had no doubt that Madison would have done that too, only problem was she was in jail at that time for exposure. Maggie slapped herself in the forehead. “The karma…” she muttered. The trip wasn’t a complete loss though. Shifting through Madison’s lingerie collection, which quite large for a person who didn’t wear underwear to a brunch, Maggie picked out a lacy bikini cut panty and a black strapless silk bra; a nice pair of red spiked heels finished the raid.

            Gathering her ‘new’ lingerie and heels, Maggie thought about what she was going to do about the rest of her outfit. She was going to have to shop… suddenly she remembered the she had Brooke’s ID along with her keys. Brooke was about her size too. She decided that was her next stop, she could return Brooke too and take nap. She was feeling sleepy. She usually slept Sundays.

            She had two more items of business to do before she left. Madison made it clear the previous night that she couldn’t be controlled anymore by the photos that Tucker and Maggie had taken of her. So Maggie figured she would just have to get new pictures. She had to come up with something more shocking though. Walking over to her sister, Maggie removed the towel, letting Madison’s moist hair freely fall. She then stood her up and removed the robe from her shoulders, rendering the older Yen completely nude. “I have something planned for you sis,” Maggie cooed into Madison’s unhearing ear as she dragged her sibling away.

            An hour later, Maggie left Madison’s apartment with a smile, the sexy lingerie and a hot pair of heels tucked away in her purse. Madison was strapped to her bed naked with her hands bound to her bedpost. Her legs were spread wide with Connie sitting between them. The green-eyed lawyer was naked save for bunny slippers which Maggie thought were cute. Maggie had wiped Connie’s face all over Madison’s breasts and stomach, smearing orange cheese all over. Connie’s face was pressed into Madison’s snatch. Maggie wished she could be around to see the reawakening but she had some pictures of the scene on her cell to enjoy later.

* * *

            Maggie yawned as she pulled into the parking lot of Brooke’s apartment. It was a modest looking place. A simple brick building with double glass doors flanked by large rectangular windows going up five stories with tall square windows running straight up from the double doors. The complex was set up in a large square where identical buildings surrounded the lot. A pool and playground was set up in the middle of the lot. Maggie parked the Lancer in front of the building numbered 700. “Building 700 apartment 1C,” Maggie read off of Brooke’s ID and looking over at the stiff cook. “Let’s hope you have something nice,” she added, opening the door to the Lancer.

            Apartment 1C was spacious and lively and had a surprise. Brooke roomed with three other girls thus the apartment was decorated in a very lively style with numerous posters covering all the walls; three different colors of carpets masked the floor. The furniture was all mismatched and there were two TV sets in the living room. The place had a zany feel to it. Maggie had left Brooke standing at the door as she explored; all the roommates were home. The surprise wasn’t the other women but one particular roommate. She was seated on a leather sofa, with one leg propped up on the small glass coffee table. One hand rested behind her head while the other held a remote that rested on her lap. Her eyes stared blankly at the one of the TV sets; both were on with different images frozen on them. Her dirty blond hair hung loosely over her shoulders with heavy bangs falling over her brow.

            At first Maggie didn’t know who she was but looking at the blue booty-shorts and the blue LAPD t-shirt and then she put it all together after taking a closer look. It was patrol officer Regina. Tucker’s favorite neighborhood cop. “What a small world…” Maggie said, lifting up Regina’s bangs to have closer look at her face. “Wait till Tucker finds out about this, two of our models are living in the same place.”

            The next girl, after some digging through purses, Maggie found out was named Patricia. She was standing in the kitchen, dressed in pair of black hot pants and a tank top. She was Hispanic descent with a voluptuous body with large breasts and a nice round backside. Her shoulder length hair had been tied into a ponytail. Patricia stood at the counter, looking down at an orange that she was peeling. Feeling tempted, Maggie pantsed the woman, rendering her naked from the waist down before she left the kitchen. The last girl was named Alyson, she was a tall blond with perky breasts with pink nipples and long sexy legs. Maggie found her in her room, posing naked in front of body length mirror. Her hands were tucked under her breasts and she stood to the side, sticking her round butt further back as if making it larger. Her head was turned towards the mirror with her lips pouting, and one eye shut. Maggie did a walk-around of the tall blond before heading toward Brooke’s room since the other three women were not her size, they’re weren’t an option for 'borrowing' a dress.

            Digging through Brooke's closet, all she found were cook uniforms in a variety of colors. The search was turning hopeless but then she spotted a yellow frilly strapless sun dress. It was cute so it was the winner and it looked like Brooke wouldn’t miss it since it was tucked away in the back of her closet. With her mission done, Maggie turned her attention to something else. A nap; it would be nearly nine if time wasn’t stopped. She decided to take a power nap and then get up, re-start time, and go somewhere closer to the party to get ready. Before she napped, she would need some bedmates first.

            She decided to use Patricia’s room since the Latina had a king-size bed while the others had queens. The busty Latina with stripped down naked completely and sat on her bed with legs wide and hands behind her head. Next was Alyson; she was posed sitting on her side seductively to the right of Patricia with one arm behind her roommate and the other holding Patricia’s right nipple to her lips. Brooke was naked once again and sat in the same pose on the left. Maggie stripped down Regina and herself and cradled the dirty blond as they lay face to face between’s Patricia’s thighs. Maggie fell fast to sleep while kissing the police woman passionately.

* * *

            Maggie guessed hours had gone by in her time when she had woken up; not a moment had passed for the frozen world around her. She felt too refreshed; there was a chance she might have slept a full eight hours, but she didn’t care. She wide awake now and ready for whatever awaited her at the party. She was getting better with the wand; before she left she had to unfreeze Brooke and re-start time quickly and then stop it again. The girls had only moved slightly but she figured they wouldn’t notice. She had to clean the place of her prints just in case Regina got suspicious, she being a cop and all. Maggie left the roommates in amusing poses with Regina eating out of Patricia’s snatch. Out in the parking with her dress, thanks to Brooke, Maggie re-started time and left the complex like any normal guest and headed back to her place to get ready.

* * *

            Maggie had arrived at the party fashionably late. She had not expected the unnatural Sunday LA traffic heading out towards Santa Monica. It was so thick and she was in the middle lane it would have been worse for her to stop time. So she just settled with coming late; she had been geeky and early to everything in her life, she guessed she could be one of the cool kids tonight. The party was at an oceanfront hotel called The Soft Blu Inn; it was a new five star hotel supposedly owned Tim Crews, star of all the Spy Mission movies. Maggie was hoping to see him there, but then she was hoping to see a lot of people. Everyone had pulled up in limos, Maggie felt special pulling up in the Lancer as she did draw some attention her way. As the valet took the Lancer, she headed up the red carpet that was lined with red velvet ropes suspended from gold stands; star struck fans like herself stood behind them snapping pictures. Maggie adjusted her sun dress as she walked up the carpet with her chin held high, stumbling a bit because of her heels but luckily no one noticed. There were stars all around her and she found herself stopping and taking pictures with her cell phone. She continued to take pictures of incoming stars and starlets until security came and asked her to get back behind the velvet lines.

            “Oh no; I was invited,” Maggie said cheerfully digging into her purse and showing Madison’s ticket.

            The guard looked at before handing it back to her, “Please step inside ma’am then; there’s more to the party,” he said seriously, motioning her to the main doors. “You can take your pictures inside — just don’t bother any one,” he warned.

            “Will do,” Maggie replied with a bright smile as she marched on up the rest of the carpet.

            After stepping through the main door, where she gave up her ticket in exchange for red rose bracelet around her wrist (the guys wore red roses clipped to their shirts or jackets for the same purpose) to show they were invited. The party was being held in the back ballroom of the hotel, looking out on to the beach. There were many people, media, celebrities and other big names all around and they were everywhere. Some were in the ballroom, others dotted the lobby, and most hung outside just outside of the ballroom on a deck that led to the beach. Everyone had a drink in hand and mingled casually. It was a bustle of energy as hundreds of conversations went on all the same time. Maggie was in awe and couldn’t keep still as she moved through the crowd, snapping random shots of various celebrities or people she thought looked like someone she had seen on TV.

            After what seemed like an eternity in a magical world, Maggie recomposed herself and decided to mingle with three specific actresses she'd seen around: Katherine Beckinstaff, Megan Wolff and Kayley Wu. Beckinstaff was an English actress in her thirties who'd done a variety of roles in movies, including some action-adventures and some Academy-award nominated films but had never been recognized by anyone other than MTV and the People's Choice Awards. Kathy, as she was known to the public, had long and full-bodied brown hair that was tied in a luxurious bun while she wore a white strapless silk dress with a dark blue carnation on her left side. Kayley Wu was an American model, pushing forty, of Chinese and Hawaiian descent who'd been Miss USA almost twenty years ago. Since then Wu had mostly done voice acting and modeling work but had appeared in several movies in minor roles; most of those films were duds. The gorgeous Asian woman's hair was straight and combed to the left side behind her ear, thus showing off a pearl-speckled golden earring. The woman's dress was a simple red V design at both the front and back and did have straps, a bit surprising with the conservative style as she was openly looking for a husband. Megan Wolff, who was about Maggie's age, had gotten her start as a teen model and appearances on several sitcoms but had recently gained international attention in several summer films. Wolff had chosen something far more revealing for that evening, wearing a bamboo-colored skirt dress which only had two massive black straps covering her breasts, showing all of her cleavage. Wolff, like Wu, was dark-haired though it was clearly not natural. All three women were all on Maggie's list of celebrities she would gladly sleep with if all they did would ask.

            Going in the order that she'd spotted them, Maggie first sneaked over to where Kathy was speaking with an older man in his fifties wearing glasses and possessing curly gray hair, possibly a director or producer. "Oh my God, I can't believe its you!" exclaimed Maggie, interrupting the conversation and snapping quick pictures of the starlet.

            "I'm sorry Sid, really," offered Kathy to the man before turning to glare at Maggie. "Do you mind?! I'm busy, and this is a private function! How did you even get in?!" Kathy's words bit into Maggie like the vampire the actress had once played and she quickly found herself scurrying away like a frightened puppy.

            Kayley Wu was, like Beckinstaff had been, chatting with an older actor, this one possessing a goatee and Maggie could have sworn he'd played a Soviet officer in a film she'd watched from 1990. "Miss Wu, can I get a picture?" called out Maggie as she closed in. Wu merely smiled politely and shook her head, indicating the man she was with. "Oh come on, you look gorgeous! And you're really an inspiration for women like—"

            "I'm sorry, but now really isn't a good time," interrupted Kayley, still smiling but gesturing with one hand for Maggie to go away. Disheartened, Maggie did as she was asked.

            Deciding to go with a different tactic for Megan Wolff, Maggie wandered over while she was posing for photos with her thirty-something but incredibly handsome fiancée. As Megan hung under the much taller man's left arm Maggie came in for a few quick snapshots, mingling with several of the other photographers. Things seemed to go well but then Wolff singled her out. "If you're not with a magazine, no photos!" snapped the actress, burning daggers into Maggie's face. Her face red, Maggie once again had to walk away.

            The party continued but Maggie was extremely disappointed as her attempts to approach her favorite starlets who were present had all failed. The actresses themselves had rebuffed her, not just their people. Soon Maggie was sitting alone on a two-seater couch with a glass of real champagne and a sad look on her face. The Hollywood experience, like her modeling experience the previous day, had been nothing like what she'd hoped for.

            "Excuse me, miss?" asked a blond woman in a gray suit with two men in tuxedos flanking her. "I've received some complaints and I'm going to have to ask you to leave with us through the back."

            "But I'm a guest!" insisted Maggie, unable to see the woman's eyes through her sunglasses.

            "Your car has already been brought around for you," revealed the blond, seeming to ignore Maggie's protest. The two men moved to flank Maggie but she was faster, quickly digging her hand into her purse and tapping Tucker's wand five times. Immediately the music, the hundreds of conversations and the energy seemed to fade away as time stopped. The two men hovered over Maggie like gargoyles, poised to grab her and take her away while their blond leader stood by with a smug smile on her face, her arms behind her back.

            "Okay, I'm literally going to wipe that grin off your face," laughed Maggie, using her thumbs to reshape the woman's face into a neutral expression. Following the manipulation Maggie felt up the woman and found a master key for the hotel doors, a mechanical one unlike the regular electronic room keys. "And now I just have to thank you for giving me this," cooed Maggie, licking her lips before kissing the blond and moving down her body, opening her jacket, blouse and bra, exposing her to the room. "Enjoy the breeze," called Maggie before walking away.

* * *

            "Now this is more like it," giggled Maggie, sipping her margarita as she sat in the bubbling hot tub. After robbing the blond that had tried to kick her out, Maggie had unfrozen the elevator and taken it to the top floor where she found the bridal suite empty. With some creative wand use, Maggie had been able to make herself some alcoholic drinks, namely margaritas, using the mini-bar, as well as heat up the room's hot tub which was out on the deck. Not one to be alone, Maggie had grabbed some company for her soak. Kathy Beckinstaff sat naked on Maggie's left, her face staring blankly ahead with her hands raised near her face in an unknown gesture as her mouth was closed. Megan Wolff occupied Maggie's right, a margarita held to her lips with her left hand while her right was raised like both of Kathy's hands were; her eyes stayed open and gazing straight ahead. Kayley Wu had been posed a bit differently, leaning back across from Maggie with a seductive smile on her face, her arms on the rim of the tub with her head tilted forward slightly. Like the other two, Kayley was totally naked.

            Maggie downed her glass and puts it aside, then rolls over to her right, sitting on Kathy’s lap. She pulls down the Brit actress' hands and begins kissing her aggressively and licking her face. Tucker always made it a point to keep his friend away from liquor; Maggie wasn’t very big so even smallest amount of alcohol — even girly drinks — brought out the sexual animal in her. Soon both Maggie and Kathy had vanished under water, leaving Megan and Kayley as the only visible occupants. It was nearly a minute before Maggie popped up, hair sleeked back smoothly, pulling up Kathy with her. The Brit's makeup had washed away and her hair was completely flat now but she was still stunning none the less. “Really do you mind?” Maggie asked smiling poking Kathy’s nose with her index finger. The brunette only stared at Maggie vacantly. “Of course not Maggie… I simply adore you!” Maggie remarked in her best British accent and then kissed the brunette once more. “I think you need to dry…” Maggie declared as she stood up and lifted Kathy up. The starlet’s body was straight due to the underwater play so she now stood face-to-face with Maggie holding her around the waist, their breasts mashing together. Maggie lifted Kathy out of the tub and stood her at the edge. She posed Kathy’s hands on her hips and slightly parted her naked legs giving her a super heroine stance. Slicking back Kathy's long wet locks, Maggie molded her face, giving her a frowning expression with tongue protruding. Maggie laughed at the pose and turned Kathy’s head abruptly to the right wobbling the Brit starlet’s naked body. “Hot!” She exclaims, flicking Kathy’s nipples before stepping back into the warm tub.

            Moving over to Megan’s right, Maggie puts her arms around the stiff girl’s shoulder. She grabs the glass from Megan’s hand and tosses it back. It breaks on the deck but Maggie continues as if nothing happened. “So Megan,” she starts to say as she pulls the Starlet’s hands down from her face, “you think Ms. Beckinstaff there is good for a magazine cover in that pose?” She asks, turning Megan's head at her chin to look over at Kathy standing naked at the side of the hot tub. Turning Megan back to face her, Maggie molds the starlet’s face into a grin and moves her head up and down on her stiff neck. “I thought so too,” Maggie cooed, kissing Megan on the lips and taking her underwater. A minute passed before the top of Megan’s head emerged out of the water the rest of her stuck body followed. Like Kathy, Megan’s face was now clean of any make up and her brown hair was now soaked and flat. The young starlet’s body was straight as a board with arms close to her sides and bent forward from at the elbows. The fingers on each hand were arched inward as if she had held a ball. Megan’s stiff and unmoving form continued to rise out of the water like a submarine. Her legs, like her body, were straight and together. Maggie came out of the warm water as Megan rose against the edge of the tub at a 45 degree angle before dropping down hard at next Kathy. The impact was enough to shake the ground and topple over the Brit, whose bare feet had kept her in balance. Megan was now shoulder to shoulder with the older actress. Maggie giggled, looking at both fallen women as she sucked on Megan’s toes. If the women were not frozen in time the fall would have hurt them, possibly even rendering them unconscious, but they remain staring emptily like wax figures, their glistening wet bodies making them seem even more as if they were made of wax.

            “I’ve saved the best for last…” Maggie cooed as she moved towards the remained starlet in the tub. Sitting on Kayley’s lap, Maggie rested her head on the Hawaii native’s bare breasts and wrapped her arms around the stiff woman’s waist under the warm water. “Why are you so hot?” Maggie asked, tracing Kayley’s lips then leaning her head back so that she could kiss and lick the former Miss USA’s neck. Tilting the Hawaiian’s head back down to face her, Maggie smiled. “Time to get you wet,” she said as she pulled Kayley’s arms from the edge of tub. Soon Kayley also vanished from view as Maggie stepped out, shaking her wet hair like a dog. Turing around she then reached back into the tub and hoisted the former beauty queen back up. Kayley bobbed back up like buoy, her face covered by her now drenched hair. Maggie laughed and patted the starlet over the head, “I’ll be back sweetie. I want our night to be special.”

* * *

            Not long afterward, Kayley sat at a small dinner table set for two. The table was covered with a white cloth and had two plate settings across from one another and a candle in the middle. The whole arrangement was set on the balcony overlooking the night ocean below. Kayley was dressed like man; she wore a black tux that looked a size or two bigger than her, giving her a cute feminine look. Her silky black hair remained moist and slicked back tucked behind her ears. Her face bore no make up but she was still gorgeous, having her Hawaiian natural good looks. Her dark eyes stared vacantly ahead and her lips were still smiling seductively. She sat with her back straight and hands clasped together on the table.

            Standing next to the table was the blond security boss who had tried to kick Maggie out. Maggie had found out her name was Whitney Boyler. The blond was now dressed in a maid’s outfit and held an empty tray in front of her, leaning slightly into the table. She also had a friendlier smile as well. Whitney made the transition from security to the maid easily Maggie thought as the blond looked shapely and perfect in the maid’s outfit. The original maid was a Hispanic woman with a decent face and an okay body; she was now naked and in the hot tub with one of the big security goons who was also naked. Maggie found she could get a lot done when she was drunk.

            Maggie gulped down and another margarita and tossed the glass carelessly behind her as she stepped out onto the balcony. She was barefoot and dressed again in Brooke’s sun dress, her damp hair hanging freely behind her. Maggie stumbled over to the table and plopped down heavily. Leaning forward, she smiled drunkenly at Kayley. “See… I told you. Tonight is special. Just for you an' me, it’s the beginning of Kaylaggie…” Maggie said, laughing and looking over at Whitney who stared at the table with an empty frozen gaze. Looking back at Kayley’s seductive smile, Maggie burst out, “Okay you got me… we’re going to go for it. That means I don’t need you anymore,” she added shoving Whitney hard; the blond fell onto her back with one dark stocking-covered leg slightly elevated. Maggie got up and stripped off one of Whitney’s heels and tossed it over the side of the balcony. “Don’t worry about it; you’ll be naked again soon enough,” she said with a giggle as she pulled Kayley’s chair from under the table and lifted the Hawaiian up into a standing position. She then dragged Kayley back into the bridal suite. As she moved the tux bottoms that Kayley wore, they fell from her waist, being nearly four times her size, and wrapped around her naked ankles at they entered the suite.

            In the bedroom Megan and Kathy each stood flanking the king size bed. Both starlets were clad in thin bed sheets that hid little. The sheets were wrapped around them in a way such that they looked like togas from Ancient Greece. Both women stood facing the bed with blank expressions and each held a candle that illuminated the room. Kayley’s half naked body landed on the bed, followed by Maggie, ripping her sun dress off as she catapulted and nearly bounced off the bed, she landed and rolled on top of Kayley and began stripping the Hawaiian for the second time that night. The two other starlets only looked on blankly as Kayley’s clothing was removed.

* * *

            Maggie checked if she had everything as she rode the elevator back towards the lobby. It was still around nine in the evening Sunday but in Maggie time she knew it would late into Sunday already. She had drunk too much the night before and she knew it too; she wasn’t one of those drunks that forgot everything the next day. So when she woke up without a hangover she knew she had slept it off. To her surprise when she woke up she was in bed with Kayley Wu, Katherine Beckinstaff and Megan Wolff. She felt as if she was in heaven. She had a little bit more fun before cleaning everything so that there was not sign that Maggie Yen was ever in the suite. She then took loads and load of pictures of the three starlets in bed and posing questionably together. Once she had her fill of photos and posing, she went back out to the balcony and stripped down Whitney once again, tossing the maid’s outfit off the balcony. Maggie then dragged the naked blond security woman back into the suite and toward the hot tub in the other side. With more effort then she would have liked Maggie posed the three occupants: Whitney, one of he goons, and the maid. She had the maid sitting on the goon’s lap and leaning back and kissing him while Whitney sat on the maid’s lap with her lips around one of the woman’s nipples.

            Kayley and the others stayed naked and completely uncovered on the bed. Kayley sat with her back leaning on the head board, her face smiling brightly. Kathy sat to her left with her head resting on Kayley’s shoulder and her face shaped as if she were sleeping. Megan was lying down with her head resting on Kayley’s naked right thigh. The young starlet had her lips puckered as if she were about to kiss someone. Her eyes remained opened relaxed and empty. Maggie kissed all three before leaving and took one more picture.

            As Whitney had informed, the Lancer was waiting for Maggie at the front of the hotel. She smiled and turned around toward the hotel, “So long, stink town!” She said randomly and looked up to where she thought the bridal suite was. “I wonder how you guys will play this one off,” she grinned and stepped behind a large fern plant to start up time. Once temporal energy had filled up the air once more, she stepped out unnoticed and climbed into her Lancer with an ear-to-ear smile.

* * *

            Tucker had called as Maggie made her trip home. He couldn’t talk long as the place they were staying at was going to be hit by a tropical storm. He told Maggie that he won’t be back until Monday and for her tell Jamie he'd be delayed and to have fun with the wand for a couple of extra hours. Maggie had wanted to tell him what she had done so far but he had to hang up. Other than that call, the rest of the trip home was lonely and quiet. Maggie was finding out that the wand was fun but for her that same drive that Tucker had with it was absent. She would rather do that kind of stuff with other people; if Tucker had been with her everything would be so much more fun. It had only been three days, but she felt she had enough with wand for now.

* * *

            It was midnight by the time Maggie had gotten home. She knew her sleep cycle was all messed up now because of the wand. She was not even sleepy and on top of that she had gotten hungry on the way back and, even though it was night, craved breakfast so she stopped by an all-night diner and got some breakfast. Once she was filled up on eggs and pancakes she was feeling like sleeping again and thought it was a perfect time to get her sleep and so rushed home. To her surprise she saw Jamie sitting in the hallway in front of her and Tucker’s apartment. The redhead quickly stood up as Maggie got closer.


            “Oh… hey Maggie!” Jamie greeted her, happily waving. “Wow, oh wow, you really look great…” she then complimented, looking her short employee up and down. Her gaze locking on to Maggie’s fair skinned legs that looked great standing atop a pair of heels.

            “Are you okay, boss?” Maggie asked, walking past Jamie to unlock her door. Jamie moved closer to Maggie, making Maggie stop and turn to face her boss who quickly backed off. “What’s wrong?”

            “I just wanted to see you that’s all.”

            “It’s like two ay em… I’m feeling kind of tired, so you can see tomorrow.” Maggie replied with a smile and unlocked her door.


            “What’s up, Jamie; out with it?” Maggie then asked, seeing that her boss clearly had something on her mind.

            “Maggie…I…” Jamie stammered. Maggie was looking too cute. She couldn’t do this. This was a bad idea. The image of Maggie in her underwear flashed back in her head, giving her encouragement to go on. “I think I like you. I mean I know I like you. Ever since yesterday when that weird thing happened to us where we all ended up in our underwear… I can’t get you out of mind. I had naughty dreams… about you and me.”

            Maggie looked at her boss, wide-eyed. “What?”

            “Oh my God… Maggie… I’m so sorry,” Jamie quickly said; she was getting ready to run away when Maggie stopped her. “Maggie?”

            Maggie smiled and held Jamie’s hand, “Let’s go in and talk.”

            Jamie pulled her hand back, “You’re not going to tell me something bad are you? Like I’m cool with you but don’t act like that around me?”

            Maggie smiled and leaned up and kissed Jamie on the lips, “No way.”

           Jamie smiled back and took hold of Maggie's hand as she led the way inside.



            Tucker opened the door to the apartment, dropped his bag at the door, and yawned. It had been a fun and occasionally terrifying weekend but it was worth it. Haley and he were closer than ever and she had confided in him as a sort of protector during the storm. In fact all of the girls did, Tucker wished he had the wand with him; oh what fun he could have had. It was the most fun he had ever with Haley without stopping time and nailing her. They were progressing as a couple, life was good and he was glad to be home. He shut the door behind him and looked around. The apartment was spotless. “She cleaned…” Tucker whispered, amazed. Cleaning was a first for Maggie; she was a slob.

            He walked around the apartment looking surprised. He could see floor. It was nice to come home to a clean place. As he walked into the office, he stopped dead in his tracks seeing, a naked figure standing the colorful workspace that had anime posters masking the walls. The figure was a Jessica Alfa wax figure that stood in the corner of the room with loose clothes and other costumes hanging off of her limbs. There was a stack of baseball caps piled atop her head. Tucker only to take one look at the naked wax figure once to know where it had come from, “Bean There?”

            “Yup,” Maggie called from behind as she entered the office and they hugged. Maggie kissed her friend on the cheek. “How was it?”

            “It was good. Why do we have a high quality waxwork in our house?” Tucker then asked, exploring the figure; it looked almost real.

            Maggie picked up a heavy looking folder from the desk and opened a pulled out a stack of photos that she had taken over the weekend. “I’ll tell you about it later but you could look at these photos for now.” Maggie flipped through them quickly and handed a select few over to her friend.

            “Oh my God… is that Madison?”

            Maggie smiled, “New blackmail pictures.”

            “It’s your sister and a dog!”

            “They’re not doing anything nasty.” Maggie replied leaving the room. “I have to go meet up with Jamie; your wand is in your room. Go have fun with your girl.”

            “Maggie… she’s naked…. you know what people would think; heck do you know what your parents will think?” Tucker asked, following her.

            Maggie only smiled evilly, “Tuck, there are better pictures in that stack. Movie stars a cute model and even a hot looking photographer. I gotta go but we’ll talk when I get back.”

            “Yeah… we will, you crazy girl.” Tucker said flipping through the pictures as Maggie left.


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