Tucker’s Wand VII.5:  Clockwork Wand

by Zero and FreezAntix

The next installment in the tales of hijinks that Tucker has with his magical gizmo, which also marks the first overlap of these stories with those of the Clockwork Thief series; both take place in what will be known from now on as the 'Tuckerverse'. You may want to read Tucker's tales from the beginning, or catch up on the latest chapter before continuing; the lead characters are introduced in the first story. You can recap the Clockwork story arc, starting here.
There will be additional cross-overs. [Ed.]


Act 1: Maggie’s Day

            Tucker had a great night. He had started with dinner with Haley, followed by a movie and then back home for some more fun with some permanent houseguests. Tucker was in his bed with Rebecca Mosley, his former boss, now an apartment decoration/love doll. The redhead had been frozen in time for a modeling gig and never unfrozen. She was intended as a gift for Tucker’s best friend Maggie but the two shared everything they owned, so last night Maggie slept with Tatiana, another one of Tucker’s acquired women. That woman was tall with blond hair and Tucker had gotten her when she treated him like trash at a modeling audition that Haley his girlfriend was attending. The two now served as novelty items, more or less, and were usually hidden from view or displayed around the house as living sculptures.

            Rebecca was laid stiffly on her back with eyes shut and mouth opened. Her red hair was a mess due to the last night’s activity, which lasted into the daylight hours. She was naked with arms slightly spread at her side; her legs were parted in the same fashion. Tucker was naked as well but his lower body was covered by his blanket. “Good morning lovely,” Tucker said, sitting up on his side and clearing strands of red locks from Rebecca’s peaceful frozen face. He then leaned over and kissed her on the forehead. There was a knock at the door, reminding him about his deal with Maggie.

            In order for him to go out with Haley the night before, Maggie had to take his shift to close. At first he didn’t want to do it, with Maggie closing the store always came with a price just because she hated doing it. The price this time was wand use for a day. It only took a few calls from Haley to convince him to give in. The night was worth it to say the least, it was also Calista Suvari’s turn to close too and Tucker hated that woman. She sucked up to him but it was in a bad way. It was too obvious and fake. He knew the blond Greek didn’t think much of him. Not being there was great and it was even better with Haley and Tucker felt his relationship with the hot Italian was getting stronger with every date.

            The door opened and to his surprise Tatiana’s head poked in at an angle. The blond had a wide-eyed and open-mouthed look. Maggie soon followed, dressed in a pink t-shirt and a white frilly skirt with a floppy cap covering her head. Tatiana was naked and stood rigidly at attention. Maggie propped her up like a pole and leaned on her. “Morning Tuck; you remember our deal?”

            “Yeah… I guess that’s why you’re up so early.” Tucker replied, looking for his wand. Maggie carried Tatiana awkwardly to Tucker’s bed and laid the blond on top of Rebecca, making the two living dolls lay face-to-face.

            “It’s not that early Tuck; it’s like noon.” Maggie said, slapping Tatiana on the bare ass and then feeling up Rebecca.

            “Crap I’m late…” Tucker muttered, handing over the wand to Maggie. Tucker had to work to close that day. Since he had gotten the wand and become the assistant manager time was never important to him anymore. He lies back down and looked at the two naked women lying beside him and grinned.

            “You want me to stop time so you could get down there?” Maggie asked.

            “Nah, I’ll just stroll in later, who’s on duty right now?”

            Maggie smiled evilly, “Calista.”

            Tucker looked at her seriously. “She’s off today, isn’t she?”

            “Nope.  She called out yesterday again so Jamie scheduled her for today so she won’t lose any hours. I think it’s becoming an issue; I think maybe you should let her go.” Maggie happily suggested.

            “I wish… but I can’t. She works so much to save money to bring her family to the US and the other half of it goes to care for her ailing mother. I can’t fire her.” Tucker explained, Calista was a bitch in every way but she was like that maybe because of the stresses on her life, she wasn’t a normal twenty-something year-old like Tucker and Maggie.

            “Oh I see. I never knew that.”

            “Yeah, don’t tell her I told you cause Jamie told me and told me not to say and now I told you and, well, you get it.”

            “Yeah, yeah,” Maggie replied, “well I’m off now. I’m taking the Lancer too.”

            “Hey come on; the wand and the Lancer?”

            “Do you need it?”

            “Well I’m going to be like hours late for work now; might as well have something to drive. Plus I may use it after work.”

            “Fine, I see you later then.” Maggie said, leaving the room.

            Tucker settled back down in his bed and looked over at the two naked bodies, rolling Tatiana off of Rebecca, “You know, girls… I’m not feeling too hot now either, a personal day may be in order?” He asked, looking at Tatiana’s blank eyes.

* * *

            It took Maggie three buses to get where she wanted to go but she was finally there. She was in an upscale suburban district just outside of LA. The neighborhood was the home to many stars and the houses were just amazing, something you would see out of a real estate magazine. She casually walked around the palm tree laden neighborhood, curiously looking around at the different houses and even snapping pictures with her trusty cell phone to add to a growing collection she had at home called ‘dream houses’. After about ten minutes of walking she found the location she was looking for. It was a four-story castle spread out across a luscious green lawn that had tropical plants and palms scattered about. A curving tanned bricked driveway led from the front gates to the door of the mansion. The mansion itself was white and tan with a brick-red tiled roof, giving it a villa look. “Kayley Wu’s house,” Maggie whispered in awe. The last time she had met Kayley was a at a hotel party and even though she had to use the wand to have a memory-filled night with the Hawaiian actress, it was still a night that she wouldn’t soon forget. Before Maggie departed that night she had taken a look at Kayley’s ID and found where the starlet lived. She vowed to pay her favorite actress a visit one of these days but knew she needed the wand. Finally after a night of Kayley Wu movies she had to get the wand back from Tucker. A deal was struck and now she was here.

            She tested the steel gate. It was locked. She shook it more violently. It was still locked; there was no use to stopping time. The gates would be still locked and she wouldn’t be able to even get in. Maggie stood in thought, looking through the gate holding on to it with both her hands as if she was in jail. Suddenly the door opened and out stepped Kayley! Maggie quickly ducked away to the side of the gate and peeked around the corner, watching the starlet from afar. Kayley was dressed in pair of tight-fitting designer jeans tucked into a pair of tall Stiletto boots. A white tube top covered her bust. She wore her black with brown streaked hair loose; it hung a little past her shoulder blades. A pair big sunglasses covered her eyes and she carried a shoulder bag across her shoulders. She walked down the steps from her house, not noticing Maggie’s prying eyes, and climbs into a red BMW convertible.

            As the BMW drove towards the gate it opened automatically to let the car pass. The German sports car is only halfway through the gate when everything went silent as time was stilled. A flock of birds remained stuck to the sky as if they were part of painting. The spouting water from a water fountain in front of a house across the street froze as if turned to ice. Kayley sat in her red BMW with one hand on the steering wheel and the other holding a cellphone to her ear. Her mouth was open and her lips were in the shape of a grin. Maggie stepped up to the car twirling the wand between her fingers. “Hello Kayley!” she said cheerfully, jumping into the passenger seat of the frozen car. Leaning over she kissed the Hawaiian on the cheek and asked cutely, “Miss me?”

* * *

            Kayley sat on a comfortable puffy white leather lounger that was located in a room that Maggie determined was a family room. It was in the middle of the house; it was large space and had a high ceiling with a large marble fireplace in the middle of the room. White shag carpet covered the middle of the room while white tiles bordered it. Sitting on the fluffy white carpeting was a glass coffee table with a white marble base surrounded by contemporary shaped white leather couches, while the lounger was placed between. Kayley sat, still posed as if she was were driving, with her right foot sitting on its heel, her left hand out in front of her holding an invisible steering wheel, while her right still held a cell phone to her ear. Her sunglasses still masked her eyes.

            Maggie entered the room skipping happily and taking random pictures with her cell phone. She plopped down next Kayley, making the starlet’s rigid body sway; Maggie steadied her as she wrapped her arms around the Hawaiian’s shoulders. “You have a really lovely house; too bad you couldn’t give me the tour yourself but I understand.” Maggie said with a giggle and kissed Kayley on the cheek. “Now let’s catch up.” She then said as removed Kayley’s cell from her hand and then moved both of the frozen woman’s arms down to her sides, bent forward at the elbows. She then started to unzip the Stilettos with big grin, “This going to be so much fun!” Maggie squealed.

            Soon Kayley’s clothes were nicely piled onto of her coffee table. Kayley was now laying on the couch dressed in nothing but her matching white lace thong and a strapless bra. Her hands were posed behind her head and her legs were straight and together. Her sunglasses had been removed and her dark eyes now stared up at the ceiling vacantly. Her lips were now molded into a closed-lip grin. Maggie stood nearby, now only clad in her sky blue panty bra set. She slowly climbed on Kayley and snuggles with the suspended woman, kissing her on the neck and making out in an intense lip locked smooch. Maggie moved like a storm from Kayley’s head to her feet. As she moved down all the while kissing, licking, and groping the starlet she managed to remove Kayley’s bra and panties as well. Soon rendering the Hawaiian beauty naked, Maggie was naked as well on her second and third go.

            The one-sided sex lasted for hours in Maggie’s time and she was tired and hungry now. Kayley was now re-dressed and stood next to the lounger barefooted. Her right hand held her cell phone to her ear while her left arm was folded across under her breasts with the left hand supporting her right elbow.  Her hips were shifted to the left and her face bore a smirk with one eye shut as if she were giving someone a wink. Maggie had decided to keep Kayley’s boots, sunglasses and underwear as souvenirs, not knowing when she would see the starlet again.  She stuffed the underwear and sunglasses into her bag and decided to walk out with the boots in hand. Maggie gave her favorite actress a kiss once more, “You’re so hot for a forty-year-old, and we’ll meet again.” She cooed into Kayley’s unhearing ears.

            Outside at the gate she slapped the BMW into park to make sure it wouldn’t go anywhere once she restarted time. She then made her way to the bus stop, which was a few blocks away. She spotted a bus that was close by to the stop and quickly re-started time. No one on the bus seemed to notice the little Asian woman appearing at the bus stop who wasn’t there earlier. The bus driver did however take notice of the pair of expensive boots that Maggie carried. “What a nice pair of boots,” he complimented as Maggie climbed on.

            Maggie smiled as she paid the fare, “Thanks; my friend Kayley gave them to me.”

* * *

            By the time Maggie got home to drop her new stuff off and grab a bite to eat, she found that Tucker was gone while Tatiana and Rebecca were now seated on the sofa naked with over-exaggerated smiles on their faces. Maggie made a sandwich and sat between them, clicking on the TV to look for something to watch as she ate. As she was flipping channels she came across some entertainment news that talked about Erika Stone coming back to town from an overseas business deal that she had just completed. It looked as if Stone Enterprises now owned almost a quarter of the world’s independent shipping firms. They showed images of the blonde billionaire who had been on the news non-stop a few months back. Maggie remembered she was kidnapped and then programmed or something to commit all these fantastic crimes by some company called the Paradise Foundation that has since gone under from its legal troubles. As Maggie watched the charismatic blonde being interviewed on TV an idea came to her head.

* * *

            An hour later, non-time stop, Maggie was in Malibu. She wasn’t a fan of the place since she and Tucker’s school Decker State College was located there. It was summer and the last place she wanted to be was near her school. Tucker and Maggie were both good students, scoring mostly A’s and B’s in their courses. Maggie made the dean’s list every semester, she was smart not ultra smart like her sister who went Harvard Law and graduated with honors a year early, but she could hold her own same with Tucker. However the biggest misconception was that people would think since Tucker and Maggie were good in school it would mean that they liked it, that was exactly the opposite to their true feelings.

            The only reason why Maggie was anywhere near this part of California was for one reason. Erika Stone. Maggie stood as the base of Victoria Towers, which Erika Stone owned and lived in. It was said that she lived on the top floor penthouse. Maggie smiled with glee looking up the tall glass tower that was similar to where her sister Madison lived. She looked around her at the frozen world; she had tapped the wand five times as she walked towards the building. Rubbing her palms together Maggie opened the large glass door and entered the building. Two blue blazered uniformed men worked a silver front desk. Maggie made a quick stop behind the desk and found the master key to the building. She then moved towards the private elevator that would take her to the penthouse. Unfreezing it, she stepped in and began her journey up.

            She arrived in a small hallway that led to a pair of doors. Using the main keys that she got from the front desk, she let herself into the spacious penthouse. It did not take her that long to find someone. Maggie quickly found Erika Stone and three guests all around a massive island in the kitchen. Erika stood out from the other three not just because Maggie knew what the blonde looked like but she was the only blond there; there were two redheads and a brunette that made up the trio of other women in the room. Erika stood near the island with her arm around the shoulder of one of the redheads, who was sitting down. In Erika’s other hand she held a small glass of what looked to be scotch up in the air as if toasting. The blonde billionaire was dressed in a short sleeved blue blouse with a knee-length khaki skirt that was tightly fitted to her lower body. Her legs were bare of any nylons but they were waxed and shined as if they were plastic. A pair of strappy high-heeled sandals finished off the outfit. Erika held a bright happy smile on her face as she looked over at the seated redhead next to her. Her blonde hair was pulled back in a business bun.

            The redhead who sat next to Erika was a bombshell herself and after looking at her for a while, Maggie figured her to be Mary Hamilton, Erika’s rumored girlfriend and chief science officer. Mary sat on a bar stool looking down at a glass similar to the one Erika was holding. Her green eyes blankly stared at the glass, both her hands remained cupped around the glass. Mary’s hair, which Maggie had seen in magazines, was full and luscious but she had it tied back into a simple ponytail. The so-called girlfriend to the richest woman in the world was dressed in a sharp looking pinstriped gray business suit. The suit jacket could barely contain the redhead’s bust as it was nearly popping out.

            The lone brunette stood next to Erika, also holding a glass that looked to be filled with a red liquid and ice. She stood looking at Erika with a smile and her eyes shut. Her dark hair was loose and hung passed her shoulders and tucked behind her ears which sported some pearl earrings. She wore a cream-colored pants suit with a pink dress shirt, a white scarf tied around her neck with an elaborate bow turned to her right. She stood on a pair of white spiked heels that elevated her height. The suit looked like it was tailored to fit to the brunette as it captured every curve on her body nicely.

            The last stiff person in the room was the other redhead who had darker roots, showing that her hair was artificially changed; she was also the most casually dressed as well. She wore a tight fitting violet tube dress that hugged her body like glove and had a hem so high that the dress looked more like a long tube top than a dress. Her sexy long legs were covered in pair of sheer black pantyhose and were crossed at the knees. Her luscious false red hair hung loosely to the small of her back as she sat leaning forward on the counter. The woman’s eyes were closed and she had both hands to her mouth as she was lighting a cigarette when time was stopped.

            Maggie walked around the island slowly, checking out each of the women and concluded that all were hot and that she wanted all of them. Which one was going to first though? She decided Erika was to be last just because she was Erika Stone and have Mary before her, which left her with the unknowns. “I guess you’re first, honey!” Maggie announced, pulling the cigarette from the woman’s hand and tossing it. She grabbed the woman by the waist and pulled her stiff form off of the stool.

* * *

            The violet tube dress-wearing woman was naked as were the two other ladies that flanked her. They all stood in Erika’s living room at attention and bore neutral looks on their faces with lips slightly parted. Their hair hung freely and naturally. All had a certain shine to their body that showed that they had some type of lotions or liquid rubbed on them. They stood with eyes fixed towards double oak doors that led into Erika’s study. The room is silent before the study’s doors burst open and Maggie emerged carrying Erika by the hips. Both women like the others are naked. Erika’s blonde hair was a mess and her blue eyes were wide open along with her mouth. Her body shined like the other three women.

            Maggie had done the women three times each but spend extra time on Erika; she was too hot and Maggie wasn’t even into blondes. Of course she hadn’t been into redheads either until she met a really a nice one and now she was crazy about them. She stood Erika next to Mary and wiped her brow of sweat and breathed, “Whew, that was too fun guys,” she remarked looking down the row of blank staring naked women. She walked over to the false redhead and kissed the women hard on the lips, “I bet you’re the slut of the group… you go commando like my sister and that dress… well let’s not talk about that.” Maggie smiled, moving over to Mary. “You’re gorgeous too and if I didn’t have Jamie I would have so taken you.” She leaned in and whispered into Mary’s ear, “You’re lucky…”

            Walking over to the brunette, Maggie cupped her naked breasts and kissed the woman, “You’re a hottie too; I just wish I knew who you were.” Maggie cooed. Usually she would look for a purse or something but she wanted to keep it mysterious and she wasn’t really here to snoop either, not when there were four gorgeous women in front of her. “If only if Tuck was here, he would have destroyed you two weeks from Sunday.” Maggie said smiling and kissing the blonde over each pink nipple. Stepping back she got her cell from her purse and snapped a picture of the four women standing at attention naked with blank eyes. “New desktop…” Maggie declared looking at the picture.

            After Maggie had redress she decided to pose the four beauties in one more pose before departing. She moved Erika back into the kitchen and laid her over the top of the island. Her body straight with arms and legs slightly spread. Raiding the fridge Maggie then decorated the billionaire’s beautiful body with different types of food until it was covered like a serving dish with even a small cup of dip in the blonde’s open mouth. The other three women were posed sitting around the table as if ready to eat. Just for some controversy, Maggie posed the brunette and Mary sitting together, with Mary on the brunette’s lap and in a lover’s embrace. The violet-dressed women sat with a cigarette back between her lips and fork to Erika’s breast which had some pickles stacked on it. Maggie laughed at the sight and took several pictures before leaving.

            As she heading toward the door she spotted a laptop sitting in room by itself. Feeling curious, she went into the room and unfroze to laptop to see what was on it. With searching around Maggie found that the laptop belonged to Monica Stein, probably one the women out in the kitchen, she thought as she looked on. She then found a guest list to a party set for the next day. Only thinking of another chance to attend another star filled party, Maggie quickly entered her own name and saved the file. A caption at the top read ‘each invitee is allowed one guest’. Maybe Tucker would go with me, she thought, reverting the laptop back to the way she found it. What was she going to wear this time she pondered as she left the penthouse twirling Tucker’s wand.  


Act 2: Stone Celebration

            "You're turning down a party being thrown by Erika Stone, one of the hottest and richest women on the planet, to go to a party next door with your girlfriend?!" exclaimed Maggie, shocked. It was the day of the party and the small Asian woman was standing in her apartment across from her roommate, both of them in their underwear, while Tucker groped a naked Tatiana whose hands were on her hips, her face relaxed with her lips parted as she stared straight ahead at Maggie.

            "Hey, its tempting, but Haley and Lisa will both murder me if I don't go," declared Tucker, his thumbs rubbing Tatiana's nipples as he stood behind her, his wand in his waistband.

            "Crap, Jamie's closing tonight too so she can't make it, who am I supposed to take?" moaned Maggie, running her hands through her hair.

            "What about your sister?" suggested Tucker with a shrug.

            "Hilarious Tucker, who's next, Rebecca?" asked Maggie, shaking her head and groaning.

            "I'm serious," insisted Tucker. "Come on, you know her office works for Erika so Maddie could give you an introduction and make sure you don't do a faux pas since I won't be there to stop time if I need to. Besides, you've gotten your sister in some serious trouble lately; why not do her a favor instead of resorting to blackmail like you usually do? I know you two don't always get along but you are sisters..."

            "Tucker-" began Maggie, looking up at the ceiling and waving her hands in front of her face. Unfortunately for the Yen girl, Tucker had reached for his wand while he'd been talking and just then waved it at her, freezing her in place. Smiling, the brunette slid his wand back into his waistband and walked towards the wall-mounted cordless phone, picking it up and dialing a number.

            "Foster and McBride, Madison Yen speaking," answered a sexy voice at the other end a few moments later.

            "Hey Madison, its Tucker," revealed Holmes from his end of the line. "Sorry to call you at work but it couldn't wait until later. Maggie wanted to invite you to a party tonight as her guest; she’s busy getting ready otherwise she'd do this herself."

            "Invite me, really?" asked Madison, a bit surprised. "Wait; who's throwing this party?"

            "One of your clients, hence one of the reasons why she thought of you," revealed Tucker, smiling at his frozen roommate while he talked. "Erika Stone, as it happens."

            "How did my kid sister get on the list?!" exclaimed Madison, shocked. "I'm one of Stone’s lawyers and I didn't get an invite!"

            "Maggie's friends with one of Erika's friends or something, I'm not sure on the details," shrugged Tucker, pretending to be ignorant. "In any case, she got her confirmation invite in her mail this morning and since I can't go she's rather adamant about having you go."

            "Well... I guess it would be good for both of us," confessed Madison. "Did Maggie, uh, tell you much about what we've been up to lately?"

            "Relax Maddie, I won't tell a soul," Tucker assured his friend's sister. "Just pick her up at six since the party starts at seven. I'd say wear something nice, but when do you not?"

            "Aren't you sweet," muttered Madison, clearly a forced attempt to play nice. "I'll be there; thanks for calling, Tucker." After Madison hung up Tucker smiled and shook his head. He'd rarely spoken to Madison before he'd gotten the wand but since then Maggie had blackmailed her into doing them countless favors. Tucker still thought Madison was a bitch, but she did have a bit of a warm heart underneath it all. In his mind Tucker saw it as aggression developed from an uncertain sexual identity and envy at how open her sister was.

            "You're welcome," chuckled Tucker, kissing Maggie on the cheek before producing his wand to unfreeze her.

* * *

            Erika Stone was all smiles as her guests for the evening arrived. The blonde billionaire was dressed to kill in a strapless purple dress with a black liner, her heels matching her dress. Erika's hair had been done up with the middle pinned back and the sides hanging free, her lips extra pink and her eyes shadowed with white. Platinum crescent moon bracelets were worn on both her wrists. Around Erika's arm initially was Mary Hamilton, her open girlfriend whose hair was in a curled ponytail while she wore a green dress, which was more conservative, showing less cleavage and having straps. The pair had been involved for a long time but only recently come out, having waited until public pressure would prevent the Stone Enterprises board of directors from voting to lock Erika out over her sexuality. Also present were her two live-in friends, Monica and Caitlin Stein, the pair having married a couple of months back. Monica, Erika's personal assistant and travel agent, was a dark brunette who was wearing a black strapless dress with an extra-long skirt and a pair of triangles that climbed her breasts slightly. Monica and Caitlin both wore their hair straight and were wearing their golden wedding rings. Caitlin's dress of choice was blue with spaghetti straps, the skirt portion being feather-like. All four women looked incredible.

            "It's so nice being out in the open," sighed Mary affectionately, squeezing her lover's hand.

            "Yes, it’s nice to be with the people I love to celebrate my father's birthday," agreed Erika, seemingly a little sad. "I do miss him though."

            "Don't worry, in spite of what happened a while back I'm sure he's proud of you, showing the board who's boss," giggled Mary, nuzzling her head against Erika's shoulder. The blonde smiled and gave her lover a peck on the cheek before she began to greet the dozens upon dozens of guests that cramped into her penthouse.

            "Name...?" Monica asked from the door, finding herself faced with a pair of cute Asian women who were clearly sisters though one was taller than the other and the shorter one was wearing glasses. The tall one wore a white dress with a wide black belt and spaghetti straps, a black circular pattern that looked vaguely like a clock without hands dotting it, her hair done in a Japanese elevated ponytail. The shorter woman wore a faded red dress whose skirt stopped three inches above the knee minimum but also had large straps thicker than lasagna though a circle was cut around the top of the breasts to show cleavage. The woman's hair was combed back behind her ears giving a slightly wavy appearance, plus the rectangular glasses she wore actually helped her sex appeal rather than kill it.

            "Yen, and she's my guest," explained the shorter woman. Monica looked down the list and saw a Margaret Yen on the list.

            "Say, you work for Foster & McBride don't you?" said Caitlin, walking over to stand beside her wife.

            "Yes, I'm Madison Yen," confirmed the older Asian woman, but Caitlin was eying the other one.

            "Welcome; I hope you enjoy yourselves..." offered Caitlin, smiling to herself as the two women went in to join the party. Champagne, wine, cocktails and the like were being served and Erika was chatting with everyone.

            "Erika!" exclaimed one guest a short time later, approaching the hostess. The woman was a fiery redhead dressed in a relaxed yellow business skirt suit with a white blouse underneath and legs that seemed to gleam as she approached the billionaire.

            "Tasia, you made it!" exclaimed Erika, giving her friend a hug and a pair of air kisses. The duo had a sordid past, Erika at one point kidnapping the woman and using her as a sex slave, but fortunately they'd gotten past that and were friends, Tasia was in charge of an Interpol team now. A moment later a gorgeous reddish-brunette in her early thirties walked over, dressed in a business skirt suit as well that was gray with a navy blouse underneath. Like Tasia, her hair was simply combed straight around her face but was as soft as silk. "Oh my God, Lucienne, you came too!" the blonde almost screamed, rushing to hug her old friend. Lucienne had been the leader of the Interpol team mobilized to stop Erika's international crime spree once upon a time, but times had changed.

            "We both had some vacation time saved up so we thought we'd come see you," explained Lucienne, taking a drink from a waitress as Tasia stood next to her.

            "Thank you so much, I can't tell you how much this means to me..." moaned Erika, a heartfelt smile on his face. “Tonight I need to mingle, but why don't you both come by tomorrow? Caitlin's a great cook, we can have lunch together!"

            "Sounds like a date to me," grinned Tasia.

            "Alright, do your mingling, but tomorrow we catch up," insisted Lucienne, shooing the hostess away.

            "Is anyone else around?" asked Erika before leaving.

            "Colette's in town investigating a possible connection on a drug case that involves Colombians, but that's it," offered Tasia, then following Lucienne's gesture in shooing the blonde away. Erika blew them both a kiss using only her lips before moving away.

            Eventually the party was in full swing and Erika decided to go find Monica and Caitlin. The married couple was located in the study, talking with a young blond from their past. The girl was barely legal drinking age but a sexy blond wearing a white strapless dress with nothing covering her cleavage, her hair in a tight double-stacked bun and a massive smile on her light pink lips. "Hello Sandy..." greeted Erika, walking over and hugging yet another old friend. Unlike most of her friends, however, Erika kissed Sandy on the lips though it was only a quick peck.

            "I couldn't believe it when you guys called me..." started Sandy, but Erika held up her hand, taking a swig of her wine and cutting off the University girl.

            "Hang on, lets get the stage set before we talk like that," insisted Erika, motioning the three to step in together. Sandy, Monica, Caitlin and Erika joined hands, alone in the room, and Erika closed her eyes. Some time ago Erika had discovered that she had a unique gift: with enough concentration she could slip into a state of nirvana, which in turn made time seem to stop around her and anyone that was in a position to feel her nerve impulses. This generally required physical contact or a special cord tying her intended helpers together. As Erika entered her familiar state the casual evening music, which had been a mix of violins and other classical music, abruptly ceased as did the countless conversations and pouring of drinks, leaving the four women alone in a silent world. With a smile Erika led the way, opening the door of the study to show them the penthouse.

            Erika's guests were all captured in the moment, living statues in a moment of time that had been captured by Erika's power of thought. The Mayor of Beverly Hills was toasting with the Mayor of Malibu, super-models were examining one another to spot any imperfections and the hired waitresses (Erika didn't like hiring men to serve drinks) were caught pouring alcohol which now looked like ice sculptures rather than liquids. Mary stood near the study, her hands on her hips with her left eyebrow rose as she stared at the door to the study.

            "I thought you were going to get her in on this," Caitlin asked Erika as they walked up to the still redhead who was a scientific genius, namely an expert in biology.

            "She's in, but she just wants to go in a threesome with whomever I pick," explained Erika, walking up to her stiff lover and rubbing her cheek affectionately. "She hasn't been bitten by the excitement bug I guess. Still, she's alright with it, and I love her even more for that." Erika leaned in and kissed Mary on the lips while the others looked around.

            "I know who I want already," declared Caitlin, disappearing into the crowd.

            "So do I," confirmed Monica, leading Erika and Sandy over to a dark-haired woman in a dress whose skirt was long on one side and short on the other, the dress itself green with only one strap on the short side, the woman's hair in a braided ponytail.

            "Isn't this Charlene Masters, the magazine photographer?" asked Sandy, her eyes lightning up as she circled the woman. She was currently alone, her left arm under right has she held a glass of red wine to her lips.

            "Yes, she's quite yummy isn't she?" confirmed Erika's assistant, touching the stiff woman's rear end. "She may be a few years older than me, but she's in better shape."

            "I like her," agreed Erika, nodding in approval.

            "So wait, what's the plan?" asked Sandy, having not been fully briefed on what was going on.

            "You'll see, first go find yours," insisted Erika, ignoring the question.

            "She's right over here," indicated Sandy, leading the blonde billionaire and her aide to a blond woman chatting with a few thin models. The older woman had to be on the latter side of forty but looked stunning, a perfect tan hiding whatever wrinkles she hadn't had removed. Short bleached hair was perfectly formed using spray with the sharp tips hovering around between the base of her chin and the base of her neck. She was wearing a black dress with silver lines meeting around her belly for what looked like a spider web, the skirt stopping an inch above her knees. Fishnet stockings covered her legs.

            "Dear God, I've never been into the MILF women, but she might just turn me," muttered Erika, checking out the woman.

            "She was a model in the early 80's I think, but she's known as Miss Zoe now," explained Sandy, squeezing the woman's beasts as she stood by, her hands gesturing to her left with a somewhat sarcastic-looking smile on her face as she looked at a Philippina model.

            "Definitely an ass worth tapping before it sags," agreed Monica.

            "Hey girls, I found her!" called Caitlin from the other side of the room. The trio around Miss Zoe moved to find the red-haired Brit, ignoring the stationary Tasia and Lucienne as they did. The Interpol women were standing in front of one another, Tasia touching her chest while holding a martini and frozen mid-laugh while Lucienne rubbed her chin with her left hand, her mouth open and forming a smile while she held red wine.

            "Look hard, Erika, she's one of the lawyers you have on retainer," declared Caitlin, indicating two Asian women who stood by, mingling with a few Hollywood types. The redhead had her arms around the shorter woman wearing glasses holding champagne from underneath like a movie villain, her left hand on her hip as she smiled. Next to her was a taller woman without a glass doing two-fingered gestures towards a bored-looking man with a monocle and a mustache.

            "They are good small but perfectly formed like this," offered Erika, liking Caitlin's choice before glancing at the second one.

            "Hang on, the taller one's the lawyer, but the short one... Yen I think her name was, she was on the list," pointed out Monica, snatching away the petite Asian woman's champagne and licking the top of the solidified liquid.

            "Weird, I don't know her," commented Erika. "Whatever, she's a good choice. In fact, I like her so much that I'm going to take the other one." Erika indicated the gesturing Asian woman, stroking her chin and smiling.

            "So now what, do we hide them in the study and give them a dose?" asked Sandy eagerly.

            "You saw the Interpol agents, and that's still way too open to do," snapped Monica.

            "Yes, we're going to do something a little more cunning..." agreed Erika.

* * *

            The party had ended and the guests had begun to leave, but Maggie was in a daze. During the evening one of the redheads she'd seen the day before had approached her and told her that Erika was hoping to speak with her before she left. Madison revealed to her sister that she'd been told the same thing by the brunette that had managed the guest list, thus the sisters were practically shaking with apprehension as they watched everyone leave including the staff. Maggie passed the time chatting with Charlene Masters, the woman who'd photographed her for a magazine advertisement. Maggie had messed with her after the shoot since the woman's directions were impossible but none-the-less the pair was friendly, especially since Charlene didn't know what Maggie had done. Madison meanwhile talked up Miss Zoe, who just happened to be the manager and owner of the modeling agency that Tucker's girlfriend Haley worked for. Madison was spinning tales about being like a beautiful beast in the courtroom in spite of her lack of actual in-court experience.

            Eventually Erika said goodbye two a pair of beautiful women in business attire and that left a total of nine women in the penthouse: Erika and her three live-ins as well as Madison, Maggie, Charlene, Zoe and a blond who revealed her name to be Sandy. The chosen guests were gathered near the door while the brunette, Monica, poured nine glasses full of champagne on a tray with help from the British redhead, Caitlin. The other redhead, Mary, hovered near Erika.

            "I'm sorry to keep you all, but I just wanted to personally thank you all for coming," declared Erika as Monica circulated the champagne. "Madison, the support of you and your firm has been truly wonderful. Miss Zoe, Charlene, your help with getting me on the cover of fashion magazines again was truly superb. And Sandy, helping me get that scholarship set up for UC Fullerton was truly a dream come true. Thank you all." Erika raised her glass after getting one from Monica. "Here's one last toast before I must say goodnight... A toast to all of you!"

            Maggie was a bit curious as to why she'd been asked to stay behind but assumed because Madison was her guest that had to do with it. Shrugging, Maggie took her glass and drank deeply, downing nearly all of it in a few quick gulps. As the Yen girl lowered her glass she suddenly felt funny, but before she could comment on it her senses all faded away and her mind went blank.

* * *

            "Oh, this is giving me chills!" squealed Sandy, stepping away from the other four guests to join with Erika and the others. Margaret Yen, who had liked to go by Maggie, stood with her right eyebrow slightly raised as she looked at the floor in spite of standing up straight, her glass in front of her in her right hand. Her sister Madison still held the glass to her lips, her eyes closed and her right hand touching her hip. Miss Zoe had only managed to lower the glass halfway but had been holding it with both hands. Charlene had lowered her glass and raised her left hand, index finger extended as if to make a point, her lips even parted.

            "Alright girls, it's party time," announced Erika, walking forward while holding Mary's hand. “This time will be better than yesterday.” Erika added as took the glass from Madison’s hand.

            Mary frowned and looked at her partner, “I didn’t do anything, Erika I swear.”

            “No need hiding it dear we all know you did something.” Caitlin added in as she smiled, hugging Maggie and prying the glass free from the girl’s grip.

            “You had all the Type-7 and you served us the drinks.” Monica said, she had taken the glass and from Charlene and was now squeezing the photographer’s breasts through her dress.

            “What happened yesterday?” Sandy asked curiously but she was more or less focused on Ms. Zoe who had been her idol since childhood. The co-ed ran her hands around the older woman’s bust tracing their shape.

            “We were here having a drink just chatting when all the sudden we’re all naked and I’m lying on the island naked with food all over my body and a cup of cocktail sauce in my mouth.” Erika explained as she undid Madison’s exotic ponytail letting silk black hair fall past her shoulders.

            “She was kissing my Monica too.” Caitlin added. The Brit had found the zipper in the back of Maggie’s dress and had zipped open the dress revealing the lacy red bra and panties that suspended girl had on. “All you needed to do was just ask… I’m sure Monica wouldn’t mind either.” Caitlin said stepping around Maggie and pulled the dress off the girl’s shoulder.

            “Yeah you could have just asked; you didn’t need to drug us Mary,” Monica said as she walked around Charlene looking for the zipper of the dress.

            Mary let go of Erika’s hand and crossed her arms, “I can’t believe you guys don’t believe me. I didn’t do anything.” She whined, stomping her feet.

            “Just like how you didn’t chip us either?” Erika said looking at Mary seriously, crossing he arms. The others stopped what they were doing to and looked at the redhead with the same look.

            “Guys… I’m sorry.” Mary said quietly defeated. It was less than a year ago that Mary was mixed up with bad people and she had to do things that she was now regretting.

            Erika laughed and the other girls followed. “I don’t care about that anymore,” she said, hugging her lover. “You’ve done worse… Mary and we don’t mind that you drugged us, just give us some warning next time. Monica and Caitlin nodded in agreement while Sandy was busy taking off Ms. Zoe’s dress.

            “But…” Mary began to say but was stopped by Erika putting her fingers up to her lips.

            “Don’t worry about it… let’s have some fun.” Erika cooed and smiled. Mary smiled back shyly and nodded.


Act 3: The Rescue

            Erika woke up and as she stretched she smiled contentedly, looking over at Mary who was as naked as she was and snuggled against Madison, who was still very stiff. The Asian lawyer’s hair was a mess and her eyes were closed with her mouth opened for better access. Erika made a note; the woman was going to get a raise whenever Erika decided to let her go. Mary and she had found out the Asian was very ‘loose’ and determined that she must have gotten around a lot.

            Silently stepping out of her bed, careful not to wake Mary who liked to sleep till normal hours of the morning, Erika pulled her blonde hair back and tied it in a loose ponytail and silently left her room. The penthouse was dim and silent. The sun would be coming up in couple of hours. This was Erika’s favorite time of day and ever since her kidnapping a few months back where she almost died at the hands of an evil corporation she had learned to savor every minute of life. Still naked, she walked through the quiet penthouse and walked out to the balcony. The cool Malibu breeze hit her body causing her to slightly shiver but it felt good none-the-less. She leaned against the railing and closed her eyes letting the breeze engulf her and grinned at the feeling.

            Looking out at the vast Pacific Ocean in front of her she smiled brightly as a child when she saw dolphins jumping in and out of the waves looking for breakfast. Erika made it point to wake up this early everyday when she was home just seeing that and feeling the breeze against her naked skin. It brought a sense of innocence back to her. She stood naked watching the dolphins for a few more minutes before going inside. Erika only needed just that moment and that feeling at that moment to feel great for the day.

            Once back inside the coziness of her home Erika stopped by her study, where she took a stick of pink gum from her desk drawer. Sticking the gum in her mouth she smiled and stopped time. Immediately she suddenly got warmer in the sun as the feeling of any kind breeze died around her. The sound of the morning gulls just outside was replaced by a dead cottony silence that Erika was far too used to and had grown to love.

            Her first stop was in one the guest bedrooms. She opened the door and smiled at the sight of Sandy embracing her idol Ms. Zoe. Both blonds were covered by a silk blanket. The lines of their naked bodies were clearly visible. Erika casually walked up to the bed and jerked off the blanket, tossing it aside where it hung in the air like a still picture of a flag in the wind. Erika pulled Sandy apart from her love partner. She laid the co-ed out straight and opened her eyes and molded smile on the stiff blond’s face. “Good morning beautiful,” she greeted, still chewing her gum. Leaning forward she kissed the co-ed and then climbed on top of her. Feeling Sandy’s breasts she smiled and looked down at them and then back at Sandy’s smiling face. “Are these new?” She giggled and kissed the younger blond once more before moving south to finish up.

            Once Sandy was done Erika took her off the bed and stood her up in the corner. She posed the co-ed with one arm covering her new breasts and her other hand covering her shaven womanhood. Spreading out the older but still hot looking Ms. Zoe, Erika mounted the retired model and began kissing her. She was kissing the woman’s breasts, which were clearly fakes but still very nice and kissable when she looked back up at Ms. Zoe’s face. It was then at that angle that the woman reminded Erika of her late mother. She quickly jumped off, wiping her mouth vigorously while chewing her gum quickly she then left the room gagging a little.

            Regaining her composure, she opened the door to Caitlin and Monica’s room. She saw Charlene sitting naked on a chair with her sexy bare legs crossed and hands behind her head. Her eyes were closed and her mouth was opened wide. Her dark hair hung freely at her shoulders. Her assistant and her close friend were both in bed flanking the younger Asian girl Maggie, their naked bodies covered by a blanket. Pulling off blanket Erika revealed their three-way naked embrace. Monica and Caitlin both lay on their sides with a leg wrapped around the younger Asian woman’s naked legs. They both had an arm across the younger woman’s stomach and held each other hands. They rested their chins on her shoulders. Maggie had her eyes opened along with her lips slightly parted. Her hair was a mess and a dildo stuck out between her legs. “Cute.” Erika whispered, climbing on the bed.

            She first separated Monica first. Business had been busy and hectic and she had not had a chance to spend any quality time with her assistant as of late. After she had her fill with Monica, she moved the assistant off the bed and stood her body at attention in the corner. She then moved over to Caitlin and gave her the Erika Stone touch as well. Caitlin was then added to the tableaux, standing next to her wife. Both women stood at attention with neutral looks on their faces. Erika then moved Charlene to the bed and spread her out and set out to taste the older woman. The photographer was much better than Ms. Zoe; she didn’t remind Erika of anyone in her family. The woman was sexy and she should have been model, Erika thought as she licked the photographer.  She was all woman, nice round breasts, clean-shaven womanhood and sexy smooth legs. Once Erika was done she first moved Maggie off the bed and stood her to the side. She then put Charlene in Maggie’s spot and then put the wife and wife back into the embrace. Hoisting petite Maggie at the waist, she left the room.

* * *

            Mary jumped in shock as if she was in nightmare and stumbled backwards, almost falling down, before someone steadied her pulled her close. She heard a loud crash from down the hall and opened her eyes to see that she was standing in Erika’s arms. Both were naked. “What was that?” She asked sleepily, hugging her lover.

            “Probably Sandy falling over,” Erika answered simply.

            “Sandy falling down?” Mary asked then stepping away from Erika realizing that she was standing up. “Erika…” She said rubbing the bridge of her nose. “I told you to not do that anymore.”

            “Do what?” Erika asked smiling and hugging Mary once more, smiling like a little kid.

            “Stop time and stand sleeping people up. They always hurt themselves when you re-start time. You didn’t learn anything from when you did it to Caitlin?”

            “I did; Caitlin gets hurt too easily. That’s why I don’t do it to her anymore.” Erika plainly said.

            “Erika…” Mary sighed pulling away from her. “I’m going to check on Sandy.”

            Erika stopped her by holding her arm. “Sandy is fine. She’s in college she’s tough as nails.” The blonde billionaire said, motioning Mary to look at the bed. Mary followed Erika’s gaze and looked on their bed. There she saw Maggie and Madison Yen, laying shoulder to naked shoulder. Both sisters showing all to the lovers, their bodies straight and rigid with arms to the sides and legs together with toes pointed straight down like a diver’s. Their eyes were both opened and stared up at the ceiling vacantly. Mary moved over to Maggie’s side. She had not had a good look at the girl the night before. This Yen was shorter than her sister but her features were fuller as her sister Madison was thinner. Maggie had rounder breasts and sexy hips with cute love handles. Both sisters kept their mounds shaven clean. Maggie was cuter and in Mary’s opinion had a better body than her sister.

            “She’s quite pretty too, isn’t she? Erika asked noticing Mary eying Maggie seductively. “I liked her too I would have picked her but Caitlin beat me to it.”

            “She’s adorably hot Erika. So cute,” Mary cooed as she groped Maggie’s breasts and then ran her down to the girl’s naked body. She hooked her fingers inside Maggie’s womanhood and proceeded to move it in and out. She moaned at the movement. “She’s great Erika. I like her more than her sister.”

            “Speaking of sisters,” Erika said smiling moving up to the other side of the bed next Madison. “What’s number fifteen on your list of things to do before you die?” Erika asked smiling.

            Mary thought for a second and then smiled brightly at Erika. “Have an orgy with sisters!” She squealed.

            Erika smiled, “These two sisters are perfect. You’ve got your sophisticatedly hot older sister that’s a slut and then your cute innocent one.” Erika pointed out gesturing down at the two stiff and silent Asians.

            “Oh Erika, I love you!"

            “I love you too Mary, now let’s have some real fun!”

* * *

            Tucker snuggled comfortably, leaning on something soft and fleshy. He let out a sigh in luxury as he opened his eyes and looked at nicely rounded breast capped with a rosy nipple. He kissed the breast and squeezed the other and looked up at the face of the owner. Lisa, his neighbor, had a bored look on her face with eyes staring up at the ceiling emptily; her mouth hung open slightly. Tucker looked down at the rest of the photographer’s body; it was bare naked save for the girl’s green panties hanging off one of her bare ankles. He cleared some blond hair from her face and kissed the girl on the cheek. “Good morning,” he said, rolling on top of the stiff woman once more to relieve his morning ‘tension’.

            The party the night before had been dull to say the least. Lisa, for such a stunning looking girl, was not a party animal. If anything she partied like a forty-year-old. Her little get together consisted of a bunch of people listening to Nora Jones and standing around chatting and drinking cheap wine. The guests were nothing special either; some were his age while others were old enough to be his parents. It was an odd party.  What made it worse was Tucker and Haley got into their first fight; even though they apologized to each other by the end of party, Tucker was still upset. So once everyone had left and he had walked Haley back to her place, Tucker returned and caught Lisa cleaning up. He made some small talk as he helped her clean and found out the only thing she was planning to do for the next day was work on her portfolio. So that gave Tucker a perfect opportunity, and with the help of his trusty wand he and Lisa were knocking boots moments later with Tucker really the only one participating. He was still mad at Haley for the argument and annoyed at Lisa for hosting such a lame party so he thought the act fulfilled his emotions just right.

            Haley had really ticked him off and for the first time Tucker was mad at her; he never thought that could happen. The funny thing is that even though he was mad at her he still would do anything for her. Maybe it was love? he thought or maybe he just really liked her. They were both not enjoying the party when Tucker brought up the fact that Maggie was probably enjoying herself much more at Erika Stone’s party. Haley was shocked that Maggie had been invited to such a plush Hollywood party; she was even more shocked when Tucker was invited and he turned it down to attend Lisa’s get-together. Tucker then told her that he did it for her since he wouldn’t be able to bring her. He thought he had earned points with that one but then Haley told him Maggie should have just given them the invites and she could have gone to Lisa’s party, which Haley stated suited Maggie better. At that point Tucker got mad; not many people knew that he looked upon Maggie like a sister and when someone - anyone - said anything bad about her he would start to boil up. Haley clearly had a disadvantage against Maggie being that he knew Maggie for years and Haley for a couple. Tucker didn’t remember what he had said to Haley, but it was something along the lines of Haley not having the right to say anything about Maggie like that and that Maggie ‘worked’ for those invites and she should enjoy them. Haley had shot back that she was a better choice for those parties and at that point Tucker didn’t want to speak to her and left. He was contemplating stopping time and embarrassing his girlfriend. Haley, however, found him first and apologized saying she was out of line and the two made up. Tucker was feeling better and knew he and Haley something special at the point. They were really a couple, with all the good and bad parts. Thinking back on what was said Tucker still felt a little peeved at Haley but knew he’d get over as the day wore on.

            He shot his load inside of Lisa once and then once again in her open mouth before feeling satisfied.  Climbing off the timestopped blond photographer, he tossed his blanket over her naked body, leaving a single bare foot with the panties hanging from the ankle is the only part of her body visible under the blanket.  Tucker yawned and threw on his robe; Maggie could walk around the house naked all she wanted, she had a nice body but Tucker didn’t want to punish her so the robe was a must. Walking out into the living room, he stretched and glanced at the clock: it showed noon. “Right on time,” he said, smiling as he started up the coffee maker. He had the late shift today with Calista again while Jamie had the day. Maggie would be home later and he would ask her about the party; he was eager to hear how Erika Stone treated her. Once the coffee maker was working he went to his bathroom and did his thing. When he was done he got dressed in pair of worn jeans and a PS3 t-shirt.  He then tried to find Lisa’s clothes to redress her but found that he couldn’t find them he shrugged and just dressed the pretty blond in her panties. He figured to return her to her place after his brunch as he propped the girl into a sitting position in the living room. She sat smiling vacantly with hands on her lap and naked breasts hanging freely.

            The phone started ringing right as Tucker sat down with his bowl of Coco Puffs and was going for the remote. Annoyed, he got back up and answered it. “What do you want?” He barked bluntly thinking it was another telemarketer. It was Jamie.

            “Oh, Tucker, sorry to be bothering you but the store is really busy right now and I really need Maggie to be here,” Jamie said with a hint of wariness in voice. Maggie had never been late and also always called if she was to be delayed or sick.

            “Maggie’s not there?” Tucker asked quickly, feeling an odd feeling washing over him. “She probably overslept; she was at a fancy party last nice. I’ll wake her up and send her down,” he then said calmly so not to worry Jamie more. The girl had special spot for Maggie. Who didn’t? Maggie was just that type of person.

            “Okay Tucker, let me know if there is anything wrong,” Jamie said, still sounding a bit worried.

            “Everything is fine; just get back to work she’ll be down in there soon,” Tucker assured. They said their good byes; Jamie made Tucker promise to call back once he saw that Maggie was alright and he agreed before they hung up.

            Tucker still had a weird feeling hanging over him after he hung up the phone and he quickly went to Maggie’s room. As he knocked on her door and got no reply, the feeling turned into panic and he could feel his heart rate increase. “Mags get up! I’m coming in!” He yelled, pushing the door open. His heart started beating faster and the panic turned into fear as he saw only Tatiana and Rebecca flanking Maggie’s bed with stupid smiles on their faces and bows in their hair. Both frozen women were, as usual, naked. He had arranged them that way as a surprise for Maggie when she got back; since he had Lisa for the night he didn’t need one of their live-in dolls. It was also award for dealing with Madison for the night. Tucker knew she hated hanging out with her sister. The bed was empty and had not been slept in.

            He rushed back out, leaving the door open, and grabbed the phone. He called Maggie’s cell nearly twenty times before he gave and tried to call Madison first at home and then in the office. They said she had not come in yet. He then tried Maggie once more and got her answering machine. Maggie always answered his calls even if she was in movie or busy with a customer at work or in any important event. It was just how she was. He noticed that he was pacing the length of their apartment in power walk fashion as he made the calls and sat down to calm his nerves. But his heart was still pumping hundreds of miles an hour. He was clutching the phone in a death grip thinking what do next. An image of Maggie lying in ditch prompted him to start calling hospitals. Madison maybe had too much to drink and the two crashed going home, he imagined as he made his calls. He would never forgive himself if that happened. The major hospitals in the area reported they did not pick up anyone with Maggie’s or Madison’s description. He was relieved, but not by much. Thinking quickly of the next place to try, he logged on the Internet and got the phone number for Stone Enterprises. Surely Erika Stone or someone in her staff would know. He was wrong, as he did not even get to speak to a live person; automated messages kept passing him around. Frustrated he hung up and decided he was going to have to head out to Malibu himself. He called Jamie, hiding the panic in voice as best as he could as he gathered his keys, wand, and wallet to leave. He told her a story that Maggie was sick and not able to come in and that she’d call her back later. Tucker hoped the last part of his little lie would be true.

            As Tucker closed and locked his door in a rush, a voice surprised him and he jumped. It was Haley, who looked stunning as usual; the Italian blond was dressed in a pink top and a denim skirt showing off her sexy legs. She stood in pair of white flip-flops and a matching white bag hung from the hook of her arm. “Haley?” Tucker asked, shocked.

            Not noticing that her boyfriend was surprised to see her - too surprised - and that he was also sweating, Haley smiled and said, “Hey Tuck, glad to see you ready on time; now we can go to Ginger’s birthday party. We may have to stop by and get her gift but that shouldn’t be a problem; I know what she wants.” She looked down at his pants, “Please tell me you have better looking pair of pants?”

            “What?” Tucker asked, looking at Haley as she was crazy.

            “Tuck! It’s Ginger’s birthday!” Haley exclaimed, catching the confused look on her boyfriend’s face. “You said you were going to go with me.”

            Tucker’s mind was drawing a blank but as of now only Maggie occupied his mind. The image of his friend lying in a ditch popped into his head again. He had no time for this and he did not remember saying anything about going to this Ginger girl’s birthday. Tucker quickly stopped time as Haley was about to say something more. His girlfriend froze before his eyes with her blue eyes wide, mouth opened, and arms spread in a ‘what the hell’ fashion with palms up. He looked over his paused girlfriend thinking what to do. Freezing her won’t help this time; she already saw him and was about to get angry. He couldn’t get away with saying ‘we went and it was fun’ this time.

            Getting an idea, he let himself back into his apartment and went into Maggie’s bathroom and opened her medicine cabinet. Maggie sometimes had trouble sleeping especially after nights were she would stay up late to study or watch Anime, so her doctor prescribed her some heavy-duty sleeping pills that she only used occasionally. In one of their many experiments with the wand, Tucker had frozen Maggie and dropped a pill down her throat. When he had unfrozen her, she had dropped like a sack of rice seconds later and was out until the next morning. After she woke up, she didn’t remember what happened the day before and she felt great and well rested. This should work; Haley would just sleep for the day and wake up fresh and happy. He was still kind of mad with her from the party so he no problems doing this.

            Back in the hall he grabbed Haley’s stiffened figure by the waist and took her back down to her apartment. He then sat her down on her sofa, leaned her head back and dropped a pill down her throat. “Sorry but you need to sleep and I need to go,” he said as he tilted her head back down and kissed her once before he restarted time. As expected Haley had a moment of disorientation before she let out a sensuous moan and fell back heavily and limp as a wet noodle, a smile appeared on her lips with eyes relaxed. Tucker stripped off her flip-flops and propped her bare feet on the coffee table, placing the remote in her hand after turning on the TV. He hung her purse back on the hanger by door just before he left. He had no time in his mind to put the pills back so he just stuffed the whole jar into his pocket.

            Once in the Lancer Tucker, stopped time once more and took the shoulder all the way out to Malibu, doing well over 100 miles an hour. Maggie’s smiling face stuck in his head and only willed him to push the car faster. “You’re not going anywhere after this Mags… I’m going to freeze you and lock you up safe in my closet.” He muttered. “Never again…”

* * *

            Tucker had reached Malibu in record time, of course; time was stopped but he still made a forty-minute drive in less than fifteen minutes. His first stop was Stone Enterprises; the building was too advanced and everything was electronically locked so he had to re-start time just to get in. After talking to some guards and few receptionists Tucker found that Erika Stone usually worked out of her penthouse most of time and only came in for meetings. He had to stop time again to see where Erika lived by looking through a receptionist’s files. The mannequin-still receptionist was a cute Latina in a sharp looking business skirt suit with nude pantyhose and black heels. Tucker cursed at Maggie for putting him through this state of panic and fear as if he wasn’t desperately trying to find her he would have ‘learned’ more about the Latina. He found the address and with time still stopped, hopped in his Lancer and unfroze it and drove like a bat out of hell towards his next location.

            Time was still stopped when he reached Victoria Towers, the luxury apartment building owned and operated by the tycoon queen herself. Looking at the address that he had gotten from the Latina’s file, it said that Erika lived in the penthouse. He huffed and marched through the glass front doors and entered the building. Walking past the timestopped front desk guards he unfroze time after finding the elevator marked ‘penthouse’, punched the single button and impatiently rode it up.

* * *

            Erika sat on a padded beach chair and sipped her ice tea, laughing at Tasia’s story about the time she had stopped time at her high school reunion. The two were sharing stories about stopping time. The blonde was dressed in a pair of white shorts and a multi-colored spaghetti strapped top while the Greek wore a white sun dress that contrasted with her tanned skin perfectly. Lucienne sat nearby talking with Caitlin; the two were debating about vacation spots. Caitlin was dressed in a black stringy bikini and a wide brimmed straw beach hat. The Frenchwoman was dressed in a white short skirt, showing lots of leg, and a red tube top. The French agent considered herself an expert in romantic vacation spots but the Brit begged to differ, being married to a travel agent and being an aristocrat she felt that she held the upper hand. However, Lucienne had proven to be very knowledgeable about pretty much every spot that Caitlin had mentioned. She was going to need Monica to back her up as this French woman seemed to have been around just about everywhere. Mary, dressed in a tiny white bikini, lay at the edge of pool sun bathing and reading a book. Sandy was dressed in a red and white bikini and was swimming laps in the pool, her blond hair sleeked back like a Baywatch girl.

            “Hey who the hell are you; you can’t go over there!” Monica yelled, seeing a young man dressed in worn jeans and a black t-shirt who seemed to walk with a purpose from the elevator landing. Monica’s outburst ended all conversations as all eyes turned his directions. Lucienne and Tasia being cops quickly stood and reached for the hips, but remembered they were off duty. They remained standing ready for whatever was going to happen next. Erika simply turned around, put her tea down, and looked at the young man in curiosity.

            “I told you the security you had here sucks…” Tasia muttered so that only Erika could hear her.

            The intruder approached the group of stylish, lovely women. “Where is Maggie!? Margret Anna Yen. She came here last night for a party. I know you know her. Where is she!?” The man demanded, pointing at Erika as he neared.

            “What’s going on, Erika?” Lucienne asked her voice switching from her cute French tone to the tone that Erika knew too well.

            Erika smiled at her guests, “Sit down girls, I’m sure this is nothing. I’ll take care of it.” Erika assured, standing up. “Its business… that party last night got kinda of out of hand… in any case don’t stress over it; I can take care of this in no time at all.” Tasia and Lucienne looked at each other with worried looks before sitting back down reluctantly. “Mary, can you?” Erika then gestured towards her spot so Mary could entertain the guest while she defused this situation.  With so many witnesses, stopping time was out of the question, so Erika tried diplomacy.

            Monica had stopped the man by holding his arm. She had held him with all her might but the man threatened to drag her with every pull. She was relieved to see her boss walk up to her and the man relax. “I’m sorry… I didn’t mean to be rude like that. But my friend… she’s like a sister to me, went to your party last night and she never came home. Her name is Margret Yen but everyone calls her Maggie. She’s short, wears glasses, and she has a very nice smile.” The man explained; he was calmer now.

            “How did you get in here?” Erika asked, suspiciously looking over at Monica who shook her head saying she had no idea.

            “Don’t worry about that… can you tell me anything about my friend?” He asked, his eyes pleading as his face remained serious.

            Erika looked over her shoulder at her guests, who were looking over at her. Mary was trying her best to entertain them but several were cops and they got suspicious really fast. “Let’s go inside first,” Erika suggested calmly, grabbing the man lightly by the elbow and leading him inside with Monica following. As soon as they were in the shade of the penthouse Erika halted and made the man face her. Looking over her shoulder she saw that she was out of sight of her Interpol guests. She looked over at Monica, “Call security and the police,” she ordered.

            “Hey! I all I want to know is: where is my friend? I didn’t do anything. She was here last… please, tell me something?” The young man demanded again; his voice was slightly raised but still in control. “Anything.”

            He looked desperate and worried. This Maggie meant something to him. Erika suddenly felt bad. She was going to let Maggie go eventually so this guy really didn’t have anything to worry about as long as he didn’t cause any more trouble. “I’m sure she’s safe, now leave; I don’t want this to get out of hand,” Erika warned, crossing her arms.  She knew what to do next.

* * *

            Something was up; Erika Stone was hiding something and Tucker knew. The tone in her voice, the way she looked at him said it all. As she spoke to him, he pulled out his wand and stopped time right as the billionaire warned him to leave for the last time, the word “hand” still on her lips. The great and beautiful Erika Stone stood before him like her namesake… she was stiff as a stone. She remained in place, staring at him waxwork-like with clear crystal blue eyes very similar to his neighbor Lisa. She was dressed in short shorts that showed off her well tanned legs and a nice top that left little to the imagination. Her blonde hair was tied into a ponytail. Tucker didn’t feel anything looking at the gorgeous blonde, the worry for Maggie was eating him up inside. He realized how much his cute spunky friend meant him in just a short period of time. Losing her this way was not an option.

            He turned away from Erika and faced the brunette he knew now as Monica. The woman was older than Erika or he but was still hot nonetheless. She was dressed in a white short sleeve blouse and a blue skirt over tanned pantyhose. She stood by the wall-mounted phone with the receiver to her ear and her left hand up by the keypad.  He went over to her removed the phone from her frozen grip, hung it back up, and grabbed hold of her by the waist to drag her a few feet away. “I can’t have you calling anybody; not now,” Tucker said, moving Monica to stand right in front of Erika. He then tilted Monica’s head back and dropped one of Maggie’s pills down her throat. He was hoping once he restarted time Monica would cause enough of a distraction for him to make his escape. Tucker knew Maggie was near.

            It didn’t take much of an extensive search before Tucker found Maggie; he also found Madison, Ms. Zoe and a woman Tucker knew as Charlene. All four women stood at attention with glazed-over looks on their faces with lips slightly parted. They were all dressed in schoolgirl uniforms and looked odd that way, except for Maggie and Madison who were just cute. Tucker hugged his friend for what felt like hours as soon as he found her. A huge weight was lifted off of him and he felt like his own self again, not some crazy lunatic running around. He first dragged Maggie into the hallway and debated on just leaving with her and calling the cops on the others. Then he thought if something happened to Ms. Zoe, Haley would be out of job and even though Maggie didn’t like her sister Tucker knew if something terrible were to happen to Madison his friend would be changed forever. As for Charlene, Tucker had no idea who she was beside a photographer but he figured if something bad happened to her it would spark a chain of sad events too. So in the end all four women now stood in the hall with Tucker. He thought about what he was going to say to the women. Getting an idea, he dropped some of Maggie’s pills into Madison, Charlene and Ms. Zoe’s throats. He was going to need Maggie to help him. She would shut up and listen him and he’d be able to explain everything to her on the way back. With that done he tapped his five times to start up time.

            He heard a surprised scream from the penthouse and knew Monica had collapsed and was in her deep slumber till tomorrow morning. He could hear the other women yelling and running into the penthouse. His plan was working; the only problem was that Maggie and the others still remained frozen! He had expected Madison and the others to drop like flies and Maggie to be smiling at him but they were all stiff like mannequins. “What did they do to you guys…?” Tucker muttered worriedly, running his hands through his hair, looking at the four women before him. He was lost; what was he going to do now?   


Act 4: Plans Change

            Tucker, realizing he was in a serious predicament, did what he usually did when that happened: he tapped his wand five times. Without the worry of Erika Stone or any of her guests finding him, Tucker was free to figure out what to do about the four deeply immobilized women. A lump formed in Tucker's throat as he looked at Maggie. Walking around her in circles, Tucker eventually decided there was a couple of ways he could play it but figured out which way to go.

            Wandering back into the main area of the penthouse Tucker saw Erika’s rigid figure leaning over the collapsed Monica with concern on her face, her knees and waist bent with her right arm extended down towards the fallen brunette's sleep-filled face. Monica lay on her back with her legs twisted and her arms away from her body, but her face was perfectly relaxed. Outside the three redheads and brunette who'd been chatting were all looking over in alarm; the brunette and the redhead in the white sun dress both standing. The blond Tucker had noticed in the pool was still there, frozen in mid-sidestroke, submerged in sculpted acrylic-hard water.

            Wasting no time, Tucker circled the entire penthouse and permanently froze all the women, except the sleeping Monica. The blond in the pool proved to be the most troublesome as Tucker was forced to pull her out and lay her on the ground to avoid having her sink to the bottom once he restarted time. Tucker also took the opportunity to flip through their purses and wallets that dotted the residence and, using IDs, came up with names for everyone including their last names. With everyone identified, Tucker would be able to inform the police specifically who was involved in Maggie’s kidnapping.

            "Time to face the music, you blonde bitch," hissed Tucker as he walked by the still form of Erika Stone and tapped his wand five times against the wall. Time resumed but she remained a statue; only real sound that could be heard was the fairly quiet sleeping noises produced by the fallen Monica Stein. Ignoring the brunette, Tucker picked up the receiver of the phone she'd been attempting to use earlier and dialed the local emergency number.

            "Yes, I'd like to report a possible drug situation," Tucker told the operator once he was connected. "I'm with a group of eleven women in Erika Stone's apartment and there's something seriously wrong.  My friend and some others are frozen. I think they're on something but..."

            "Hold please," the operator suddenly said, as Tucker did so. A few moments later he heard the receiver click as someone else picked up the phone.

            "This is Colette Landry of Interpol," declared a sexy female voice that Tucker pegged as carrying a French accent. "You said something about Erika Stone and a drug situation?"

            "Yes," confirmed Tucker, then holding up the collection of IDs he had. "Also involved are a Monica Stein, Mary Hamilton, Tasia Spiro-"

            "Tasia?!" exclaimed Colette in surprise. "Wait, tell me now, are the victims... moving?"

            "No," Tucker said flatly, surprised that Colette knew what was going on.

            "It's okay, we've seen this before and have a detox kit handy," revealed Colette. "I'll be over right away. You said eleven victims in all, right?"

            "Well, ten are on whatever it is, one just appears to have taken a sleeping pill," admitted Tucker. He was still lying but he figured why deny what was wrong with Monica?

            "Okay then, I'll be right over, it should be twenty minutes," declared the Interpol woman. "Don't worry, the drug they’ve taken isn't seriously dangerous. They're paralyzed and helpless but have no chance of serious injury even if they overdosed."

            "Thank you; all the same I'd prefer if you got here as quickly as you can," Tucker told the agent and heard the click indicating that the woman had hung up. Tucker promptly did so himself and looked around the silent room and rigidly posed occupants with a sigh.

            Needing a way to pass the time and certain Maggie was no longer in danger; Tucker was free to enjoy Erika Stone's appearance for the first time since he'd arrived. "Man, worrying about Maggie really messed me up to not notice how hot you are," breathed Tucker, walking over to the stiffened blond billionaire. Smiling, he couldn't help but carry her over to the closest couch, stand her up straight in front of him and strip her down, removing everything. The fact that Colette would soon arrive was fresh in Tucker's mind, but he had a plan for that too, which would fix everything.

            After spending fifteen minutes with Erika and, only having undone his fly, Tucker quickly carried the beautiful blonde into her bedroom and placed her clothing over her naked form. Next Tucker, with a bit of effort, picked up Monica and sat her on the couch. Tucker then darted around and placed Miss Zoe, Madison and Charlene on the couch as well; cramming them in since it was meant for three, not four. Finally after adjusting the five womens’ poses so they were sitting normally, Tucker returned and dragged Maggie to the front door just as there was a knock. "Interpol, may we enter; we’re here to help!" came the voice from the other side. Taking a moment to catch his breath, Tucker opened the door.

            "Thank you for coming so punctually," breathed Tucker in the relief. Colette was a beautiful young woman, perhaps five years older than Tucker at the most, with curly blond hair and a decent tan. The woman was wearing a white blazer with matching pants and a black collarless blouse underneath. In her left hand was a large medical cooler, which Colette quickly set down on the floor after walking in and seeing Maggie standing there motionless.

            "Schoolgirls, Erika hasn't changed," muttered Colette, opening the cooler and producing a hypodermic needle. "You're...?"

            "Tucker Holmes, this is my friend Maggie," explained Tucker, indicating the petite Asian girl. "I came to pick her up after she didn't come home from the party, I found the door unlocked and this is pretty much how everything looked. What a strange scene! I did move her over here though, she was originally in of the bedrooms and the brunette, Monica, was originally on the floor near the phone."

            "I have to say I'm shocked at the sleeping pills," muttered Colette, shaking her head. "Damn, Lucienne too? Erika's going to have a hell of a lot to explain when I'm done with her..." The blond nodded at the brunette outside as she felt Maggie's arm and found a vein. "Okay, here we go..." The needle was plunged into Maggie's arm and Tucker winced, never having liked needles. A moment later Colette removed the hypodermic and after waiting less than three seconds Maggie's arm twitched and she blinked.

            "What-?" began the petite Asian woman, but Tucker acted fast, tapping his wand and instantly stopping time. Colette stood in front of Maggie with a relieved smile on her face, the needle in her right hand. Maggie's lips were parted as her left arm reached towards her right elbow to seemingly feel where the needle had gone in, her eyes fixed on Colette.

            "Okay, party time..." grinned Tucker. First things first; the male reached into Colette's cooler and produced three more needles, promptly using them on Miss Zoe, Charlene and Madison. When that task was done Tucker returned the used needles, including the one in Colette's hand, to the cooler and left it near the door, in between kisses promptly frisking Colette for her wallet. With a full set of identification for every woman in the penthouse, Tucker raided the kitchen for a piece of paper and wrote down all the information. After making the list Tucker returned all the IDs to their rightful owners, pocketed the list and was free to have some fun.

            Maggie looked around in confusion when Tucker unfroze her and was surprised when he hugged her tightly. "Thank God you're okay," gasped Tucker, and Maggie ended up hugging him back.

            "Okay… What the hell just happened?" asked Maggie, looking around in confusion.

            "As near as I can tell, Erika Stone drugged you and your sister with something that freezes people into poseable statues, not entirely unlike my wand," explained Tucker, taking a moment to appreciate his friend in her cute outfit. "I called in an Interpol woman to detox you and the others. Now we just need to fix everything, but I figure, why not have some fun first?"

            "I swear this has to be karma," smiled Maggie, shaking her head, keeping her earlier frozen encounter with Erika Stone to herself. "Thanks for the rescue I guess. I take it I owe you?"

            "Big time, but we'll get to that later," Tucker told his friend. "I know you were here yesterday so you have dibs on this one, her name's Colette, or the brunette and redhead out there who are Lucienne and Tasia, plus you can have a go at Miss Zoe and the blond in the bikini that looks like a cast member for a Baywatch remake; she’s named Sandy. I've got Erika in one of the bedrooms already so I'll use it."

            Maggie couldn't help but squeal as she began gathering her stiffened ‘lady friends’ and dragged them into the bedroom that Monica and Caitlin had used. The Asian girl soon had arranged Colette, Lucienne, Tasia, Miss Zoe, and Sandy on the bed in a nice row from left to right, having stripped the first four down to their underwear. Maggie decided to go in order but had a hard time choosing between Sandy, who was a young blond that looked like she loved to have fun, and Colette who looked more serious but had a very radiant form. Maggie ultimately went with Colette, using her tongue to explore Colette's mouth, breasts and womanhood before moving on to Lucienne and so on down the line. Surprised bounded as Maggie found Colette, Lucienne and Tasia to be much better frozen lovers than Sandy or Miss Zoe. After a passionate session with each woman, Maggie lay on top of all five, stretched to her limit, and couldn't help but fall asleep.

            Tucker, having stripped Erika but not fully gone at her, attended to the blonde alone before bringing in anyone else. Tucker posed Erika so she was on all fours at the edge of the bed and ended up doing her from behind while he held a naked Caitlin in one arm and an equally nude Mary in the other. Soon afterwards Monica, Charlene and Madison were brought in on the fun, the six women all placed on their backs, fully naked of course, with their mouths open and their heads just over the edge of the bed. Tucker literally hopped from woman to woman, getting a full round of oral sex from each one. By the end of it all Tucker was worried if he tried to have sex again all that would happen was a little flag would pop out of his manhood with the word 'bang!' written on it. Just as tired as Maggie, Tucker also fell asleep on top of a row of women.

            A few hours later - from his perspective - Tucker awoke and went to get Maggie, rousing her. The pair traded boasts and groups after getting some energy back by raiding Erika's fridge but essentially repeated their routines, though Tucker chose traditional sex rather than oral for the second group. Once again when the pair was done they met up, at least another two hours having passed. "So what the hell are we going to do to get out of this mess?" asked Maggie as she sat with Tucker in Erika's kitchen, enjoying a pizza Tucker had defrosted from Erika's freezer that had several unusual toppings like shrimp, steak bits and shiitake mushrooms.

            "I gave Monica, Maddy, Zoe and Charlene your pills," explained Tucker, producing them from his underwear's waistband. "We can give them to everyone, put them back where they live and when they wake up, they’ll all think it was a dream."

            "Kind of lame, but I guess it might work," shrugged Maggie. "I guess that means I'll need to pick up more pills later, though."

            "Hey Mags?" said Tucker after taking a sip of wine that was going with the meal. "Look, uh, I don't think I've said this because I've been afraid you'll take this the wrong way but I figure you know me well enough by now to understand what I mean... Maggie, I love you. You're the sister I never had."

            "Thanks Tuck, I love you’re like the brother I never had," smiled Maggie, taking another massive bite of pizza that made Tucker giggle.

            "Now next time you want to go to a Hollywood party I'm definitely going too or at least loaning you the wand," decided Tucker. "Oh shit, I forgot! I left Lisa at home and Haley sleeping on her couch!"

            "Don't worry, time's frozen," Maggie assured Tucker. "Still, I guess we should wrap up..."

* * *

            Just as they'd planned, Tucker and Maggie had restored status quo with the help of her powerful sleeping pills. Erika and Mary were left in one bed and Monica and Caitlin occupied the other. Sandy was tricky, as her campus would be a pain to navigate, so Tucker decided to leave her in Erika's guest bedroom. Tasia and Lucienne, whom Tucker and Maggie discovered were Interpol agents, were left at their hotel while Colette was dropped off at her house with the cooler containing the used detox needles. Charlene and Miss Zoe were returned to their homes while Madison was dropped off at her friend Connie's house, Maggie deciding to prank her sister by drugging Connie as well and leaving the pair in bed together but still wearing underwear. The deliveries done, Tucker and Maggie finally returned home but Tucker didn't unfreeze time until he'd been able to return Lisa to her apartment next door.

            "So what do I owe you?" asked Maggie after Tucker started time back up and the pair were finally alone in their apartment again, save of course for Rebecca and Tatiana.

            "Well Haley and I had a fight yesterday and to take the edge off I'm looking for a little girl on girl tableau that I can enjoy for a couple of hours..." revealed Tucker, waggling his eyebrows.

            "I guess there are worse punishments," shrugged Maggie, sighing as she casually stripped out of her schoolgirl costume, having never found the dress she'd worn to Erika's party. "You’re going to have to freeze her though, I don’t like them limp. At least Haley is cute, after all."

            "Will do and thanks, I guess I'll take that as a compliment," Tucker chuckled with a half-grin. "Oh hey, next weekend, want to go pay a visit to Sandy's sorority house...?"


The End (I guess we didn't mean it!) — Tucker's Wand continues with Rebecca's Revenge

Note from the Authors:

After deliberation we've decided that yes, the Clockwork series and the Tucker stories are set in the same world. This world is currently being dubbed the Tuckerverse by the authors, since Tucker currently has the most stories that revolve around him though the Clockwork stories are quite large by comparison.

For story purposes Clockwork Wand takes place a few months AFTER Clockwork World but IN BETWEEN Tucker VII and Tucker VIII, putting the date somewhere around late July/early August.

We hope you've enjoyed the Clockwork and Tucker series' so far and hope you will continue to do so in the Tuckerverse!

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