Tucker’s Wand IX: Maggie and Haley Play

by FreezAntix

The next installment in the tales of hijinks that Tucker has with his magical gizmo, which take place in what will be known from now on as the 'Tuckerverse'. You may want to read Tucker's tales from the beginning, or catch up on the latest chapter before continuing; the lead characters are introduced in the first story. [Ed.]

Note from the Authors: After deliberation we've decided that yes, the Clockwork series and the Tucker stories are set in the same world. This world is currently being dubbed the Tuckerverse by the authors, since Tucker currently has the most stories that revolve around him though the Clockwork stories are quite large by comparison. We hope you've enjoyed the Clockwork and Tucker series' so far and hope you will continue to do so in the Tuckerverse!


            “Rise and shine sleepy head!” Kayla ordered, ripping the blanket off of her best friend who was like a sister to her. Kayla LeFer was originally from Arizona; like many pretty girls she had moved out west with the hopes of becoming an actress. So far the reddish-brown haired girl only had a couple minor commercial parts along with some stage plays. Nothing that really said big shot actress or big shot anything. She was also a bartender at a local nightclub called Sting, which was great; she worked nights, slept some in the day and attended auditions. She attended art school her first year in LA, that’s where she met Haley Leone. The two quickly became friends and then soon best friends as almost all their interests and personalities matched one another’s. They were popular girls around town too as they were both two of the few women in the business that were not enhanced artificially. The natural thing was working for her friend Haley as the Italian blond was a rising model. For Kayla, however, if things were to keep going as they were she would have to switch to the dark side and do something to get things started..

            Aside from her fumbling acting career, Kayla had other things on her mind. Haley was feeling under the weather lately. The blond was always a carefree girl and was positive almost all the time. Kayla noticed that there was something up with Haley when she did not attend their friend Ginger’s birthday bash a month ago. Kayla asked Haley about it but her friend had totally forgotten about it, which was unlike her.

            Haley was going out with an average guy named Tucker; Kayla had her doubts about Tucker. For one thing he was not the type of guy that Haley usually went out with and there was always something weird up with him but she had yet to figure it out. Haley liked him though and Kayla had to admit she was starting to like him too. He was a sweet guy who seemed honest and treated Haley like a princess regardless of how she looked. He looked at her as person, not a blond model, though Kayla was sure the latter also played a part in him liking her sexy friend. They were hot and heavy for a while; Haley had even said that she thought Tucker was the one. All the sudden that changed a week ago, Haley and Tucker were on a temporary break and Haley wasn’t really saying why. She just insisted that she needed time to think.

            Kayla could see that her friend was hurt and there was no way she was going to leave her alone when she was in this vulnerable state. So for the past week now Kayla had taken personal time off from work and hung out with her friend. Haley had been more or less catatonic and Kayla’s stay was mostly boring but she didn’t mind; she looked at Haley, who was a year older than she, like a big sister. Today, though, Kayla had an audition to go to and she was due back at work that night. Her life had been on pause long enough.  Even if her best friend needed it, Kayla still had bills to pay and dreams to fulfill.

Tossing the blanket behind her and putting her hands on her hips, Kayla looked down at her friend who had curled up into a ball whining incoherently. “Haley! Get your ass up girl!” Kayla ordered grabbing Haley’s bare ankles and started to drag her off the bed.

            Haley let out a scream and sat up, “What are you doing? Let go of me.” Haley demanded, sitting up blurry eyed. Her hair was a mess but she still retained her good looks even in this state. It showed why she deserved to be a model. “Don’t you have somewhere to be?” Haley grumbled and dug her head back into her pillow.

            “Yeah… you do too.” Kayla answered grinning slyly. “Tuck’s here, sweetie.” As Kayla predicted with the mention of her boyfriend’s name, Haley shot up on the bed in panic, rocketed over to the mirror and immediately started fixing her hair.

            She had not seen Tucker in over a week. His secret ability had gotten to her badly.  At first, she didn’t really look at the fact of him stopping time and doing stuff to suspended people as any big deal. However after a night of thinking about it, she suddenly realized how creepy it was. He had done things to her too. Was it considered rape? She concluded no, since she wasn’t traumatized and she never said ‘no’ or even resisted at that. In fact she couldn’t even remember any of what happened. It’s like it only existed in Tucker’s head; she had no memory of it. She was very confused and needed time to figure out her emotions.  Tucker understood and he backed off, not even calling. It’s been a week she thought, thinking about it over and over again, trying to figure out how she truly felt about it. Her best friend Kayla had been an angel and at her side the whole time. Too bad I can’t tell her about it. Kayla would think she was crazy and to blab to someone for sure; Haley figured it would be like betraying Tucker. She came to the realization that she loved Tucker; that was why this whole thing was so hard for her. No matter how hard, when she would try of thinking of something to be mad about him a feeling always came to her. That feeling was a need for Tucker in her life. She missed him so much and it had only been week. Tucker is the one.

            “You skank!” Haley exclaimed, spinning around on her heels with her hands on her hips after seeing her friend’s smiling face in the reflection of the mirror.

            Kayla laughed, “I knew it. You love him, don’t you?”

Haley smiled shyly and blushed and that was all that was needed to answer her question.

“You owe me seven days, Haley Leone. You had me worried sick for a full week all because you couldn’t make up your mind.”

            “Well, no one asked you to worry about me,” Haley defended, turning around and continuing to fix her hair.

            “You know all you had to tell me was: I’m just trying to decide if I love him or not. But no, you had to be all dramatic and depressed about it.”

            I was not depressed!” Haley said, turning around to face her friend. “I was deeply… thinking,” she added, raising her chin and turning back to the face the mirror.

            Kayla walked up and stood next to her friend and stared at the mirror blankly, twisting a lock of her reddish-brown hair around her finger.  She moaned softly and continued to stare at the mirror blankly, letting her eyes mist up and sniffing her nose.

            “What the hell are you doing?” Haley asked, looking at her friend who remained silent and kept her vacant stare. “Stop it! You’re scaring me,” Haley whined.

            Kayla turned and smiled. “See the feeling sucks, doesn’t it. That’s how you were for the whole past week.”

            “Oh – shut up!” Haley laughed and shoved her friend. “Don’t you have an audition to go to now?”

            “Yeah… but it’s no big deal. They’re probably going pass me over again. You wanna go grab a bite or something, instead? Since you’re out of your coma and all,” Kayla suggested.

            “No, you’re going to that audition and win that part and I’ve got the perfect outfit for you to wear.” Haley said, grabbing Kayla hand and pulling her towards the closet. Kayla had to get her break soon; if she could do it surely her friend could too. Tucker had helped her out with the modeling; maybe she could convince him to could help Kayla out too? Having a boyfriend who could control time on a whim had to have some perks, she figured.

* * *

            Haley dressed Kayla up in a stunning sexy outfit that was her favorite and wished the cute redhead luck before sending her best friend on her way. Kayla had a more slender body than Haley; she wasn’t as athletically built as the blond, and she was more elegant. So Haley gave her a nice slim-looking dress to wear to the audition in hopes of catching the casting director’s eyes. She wished that she could come along for moral support but she had to talk to Tucker; the issue of them could not wait. Dressed in a pink t-shirt with pale blue sleeves and a pair tight fitting jeans, Haley stepped off the elevator. Combing her blond hair behind her ears as she walked towards Tucker’s apartment, Haley took a deep breath before knocking.

            Maggie Yen, Tucker’s best friend and roommate, opened the door a small crack and peered out through the crack at Haley. “What do you want?”

            Haley’s bright smile faded, “Is Tucker home?”

            Maggie opened the door the rest of the way. The attractive petite Chinese girl was dressed in a white short sleeved dress shirt with a thin red necktie loosely fixed around her neck, a short black miniskirt with a pair of knee-length expensive looking high heeled boots finishing off the outfit. Maggie’s black hair was tied back into a loose bun and a pair of stylish thick framed glasses covered her eyes. “He’s not home. He took a friend up to school so they could get registered for classes.”

            “Oh…” Haley replied, disappointed. I should have called first, she thought. “Do you know when he will be back?”

            Maggie shook her head, “He and Lance usually always end up doing something when they hang out, so it’s hard to say,” Maggie answered.

            “Oh…” Haley replied in thought, looking past Maggie and seeing that there were several women who also stood inside the apartment. “What the…”

            Maggie quickly pulled Haley into the apartment closing the door behind them.

            “I’m working on something,” she explained, walking over to Rebecca and Tatiana who were posed in front of a green screen. A high-end digital camera stood on a tripod facing them. Both women stood at attention with blank looks on their faces. Rebecca’s red hair flowed naturally down her back and she was dressed in a red and gold leotard. Her legs were covered by sparkly nude pantyhose. She stood in pair knee high shiny red heeled boots; a short matching cape and black mask around her eyes completed the outfit. Tatiana had a sparkly silver leotard on with matching boots. Her long legs were covered in tan pantyhose and a silver mask wrapped around her eyes. Her blond hair was slicked back, showing off European facial features.

            “Oh… these are Rebecca and Tatiana right?” Haley asked, looking over the two living statues as Maggie pulled a pair of silver elbow high gloves on Tatiana’s rigid arms and snapped red plastic bracelets onto Rebecca.

            “Yup, but for today, its Flame Girl and Silver Fox,” Maggie explained as she began posing Rebecca.

            “They’re better this way…” Haley observed, remembering it was merely a couple of weeks ago when the two had gotten free and caused havoc. Tucker had good reason to keep them frozen the way they were now. They both were evil girls. “Oh my God… did Tuck let you use the wand again?”

            “Well he can’t take it with him all the time, can he? Lance doesn’t know about the wand and don’t worry, it’s safe this time.” Maggie explained, looking over Rebecca. Flame Girl was now posed with her hands on her hips with legs wide set and a bright heroic smile on her face.

            “Are you sure? The last time you had the wand…”

            “Hey it was one time.” Maggie shot back, turning to face Haley. “I’ve used the wand on my own several times before by myself and nothing bad happened then. I’m more careful now since the last time.”

            “Well… just checking; it was kinda disastrous the last time,” Haley said as Maggie turned her attention back to Tatiana, aka the Silver Fox. Looking around the room, Haley saw there were three other motionless women there too. Closest to her, standing in front of the one of the room’s two sofas, was an Asian girl. The girl’s black hair was tied back into a loose bun with two silver chopsticks holding it together. She had a cute grin on her face with empty brown eyes looking forward. The girl was dressed in shortened sleeveless white kimono with a red a silk belt holding the get up closed. She had red strips of cloth wrapped around her hands up to her elbows. A pair of black split-toe boots concluded the outfit. The girl stood with her knees bent and clutching a sheathed katana blade in one hand while the other grabbed at the handle as if the girl was getting ready to pull out the katana. Another blond girl stood stiffly next to the Asian; Haley recognized the girl as a Greek co-worker of Tucker’s, recalling her name was Calista. That girl was stark naked and stood by, smiling blankly. Calista has gorgeous breasts, Haley thought, touching her own in comparison. She looked at the naked Greek up and down; that was a great looking girl. She was going to have to talk to Tucker about this one. Finally, standing in front of the second sofa was a dark-haired girl who had bright blue eyes. The girl was dressed in a green tank top and brown khaki booty shorts. She stood in pair of knee-high hiking boots with thigh holsters caring air soft guns on both of her exposed thighs. The girl’s black hair was tied into long dual pigtails. She was posed while standing with both hands resting on the holsters on her outer thighs.  A pair of silver-framed sunglasses perched on her cute nose.

            “I picked them up this morning. They’re all done.” Maggie said, looking over her shoulder, seeing Haley looking at the group of statues. Tatiana was now posed with one hand on her hip, her weight shifted to one side and the other hand cupping her chin. Her face still bore a blank expression.

            “Busy morning… what are you doing, anyways?” Haley asked, examining each girl again more closely. “Where did you get them and who are they?”

            Maggie sighed in annoyance as she was in the process of molding Tatiana’s face. “I’m taking test shots for new photo ideas. Tucker and me only can do cosplay for so long so we need fresh ideas, so these’re my pitch. The Asian one is Cindy; she’s actually a model and she’s suppose to portray a girl ninja named Riki that I made up. The dark haired one over there is Adventure girl; her real name is Kelly and she works down at nearby cell phone store,” Maggie explained as she molded Tatiana’s face into curious grin.

            “How about this one? Isn’t her name like Calista or something and you and Tuck work with her?” Haley then asked, looking over the very naked Calista once more.

            “Yeah, that’s right. I had her as a Gladiatrix earlier but she looks better naked, don’t you think?” Maggie asked, looking over her two made-up heroines and nodded in satisfaction at her newly created heroic duo.

            “I guess if you’re into that sort of thing,” Haley replied poking at Calista’s soft skin. “Does Tuck hang out with her at work a lot?”

            Maggie turned and smiled, “Is this a hint of jealousy I’m sensing?”

            “It’s an honest question…” Haley replied, turning to look at Maggie’s smiling face.

            Maggie shook her head, “Tucker can’t stand her. So don’t worry.”

            “Oh okay.” Haley replied as Maggie turned back to the camera. She then noticed some loose clothing on the sofa; it mostly looked like normal clothing. Picking through the pile, she found a cheerleader’s outfit top. “Who was going to wear this?” She asked, picking up the red and white top with Canada printed on the front of it.

            Looking over her shoulder, Maggie replied, “No one; that’s an extra.” An idea came to her head and she grinned. “You know… could you be a doll and dress Calista in that outfit. Blonds make great cheerleaders,” she concluded.

            “Why ‘Canada’?” Haley asked.

            “Tucker went up to Vancouver a couple of summers ago. He fell in love with the place. Had a little fling with some girl too,” Maggie answered. “Don’t ask me about the fling; he doesn’t talk about it too much,” she quickly added. “The girl broke his heart is all that I know and you didn’t hear it from me.”

            “Oh, I see,” Haley replied, curious to find out more. She made mental note to bring it up with Tucker later.

            “Could you dress the Greek… since you’re here and all.” Maggie asked again.

            “Uh okay…” Haley said, puzzled, but she had nothing better to do. She shifted through the pile looking for the matching skirt. Her back was turned to Maggie who silently moved over to the nearby coffee table and quietly snatched up the wand.

* * *

            Rebecca and Tatiana were done for the day and stood next to Kelly idly; all three shared glossy eyes with molded blank expressions. Calista remained naked and smiling, oblivious to her predicament, her arms were bent at the elbows in front of her, draped on her left arm was a pair jeans and a pink and blue t-shirt. Dangling from her right arm was a pink bra and a red thong. Cindy was now seated on the sofa, her ninja outfit stripped from her toned body and she matched the blond Greek in nudity. The naked Vietnamese girl was seated wide-legged, showing her full womanhood to all with her arms spread atop the backing of the sofa. The amateur model sported a flirty expression on her face.

            Haley stood in front of the green screen now, barefoot and dressed in the Canadian cheerleader outfit. She was posed standing with one leg raised and bent at the knee while the other supported her weight. Her right arm was in a fist and on her right hip while her left was also in a fist and held in the air. Her blond hair was tied into a high ponytail and held together by a red and white band. An overly excited smile was plastered onto her face and her blue eyes were open wide. Maggie smiled and snapped a few more pictures of the frozen blond model. Tucker will surely love this, she thought, looking Haley up and down. She didn’t expect to be modeling today, I’ll bet!  Looking at the Green Lantern wall clock, she jumped in surprise at seeing how much time had passed. Tucker had called and was due home soon. She pulled the wand from the waistband of her skirt and walked over to Haley.

            After tapping the wand twice over the blond’s head, Maggie stepped back and realized her error of not lowering Haley’s leg before unfreezing her. The blond model blinked and yelped in surprise before falling down hard, nearly knocking over the green screen set up behind her. “What the hell!” She screamed from the ground, looking up at Maggie who was laughing at her. “You froze me?!” Haley exclaimed and then looked over at the stuck figure of Calista who was holding her clothing. She gasped, looking down at herself, “You changed my outfit?!”

            “Sorry…” Maggie managed to say between laughs. People falling down had always been a weakness for her. “You looked great though…” Maggie said, laughing. “Let me help you up,” she said, reaching down to lend a hand.

            Haley only glared up at her and eyed the wand that Maggie held in her other hand. Moving quickly, she grabbed the wand out of Maggie’s loose grip. “Give me that!”

            “Hey, give that back!” Maggie whined as Haley stood back up and held the wand high over her head. “You don’t know what you are doing!” Maggie yelled and tried take the wand back. Haley was slightly taller, a lot faster and stronger; she easily evaded her.

            “Oh, I don’t know how to use it, you think?” Haley snickered. “I’ll show you!” Right as Maggie positioned herself under the wand in Haley’s raised hand, the blond waved it twice over the shorter woman. In a blink of an eye, Maggie Yen was stiff at a board. The shorter girl was reaching up with both hands and had her head tilted back with her eyes shut and mouth opened. “It worked…” Haley breathed, backing away from Maggie’s frozen form and looking at the wand. She had watched Tucker when he had used the wand before and basically copied him. Anyone could use this.

            Haley smiled and walked around Maggie’s suspended form, twirling the wand between her fingers. “I do like you like this.” Haley said to the unhearing mannequin-still girl. A warm image of her childhood came to her suddenly. When she was younger she use to have a doll collection and would spend hours playing with them, dressing them up and having mock tea parties. Those were the days, she thought back, and smiled at Maggie awkward facial expression. “I always wanted a pretty Asian doll,” she smiled, tucking the wand in the waistband of her cheerleading skirt. A chance breeze then passed between her legs, causing her eyes to open wide in shock. “No panties!” Haley exclaimed, lifting up the bottom of the skirt to confirm her suspicion. “I’m not a slut!” She remarked, jabbing Maggie hard in the chest. Haley gasped out in surprised as Maggie tipped over backwards; she reached for the falling girl but it was too late. Maggie landed stiffly on the ground, holding her pose. Haley looked down with her index finger hooked to her lower lip. “Oops…” She giggled.

            Kneeling down Haley ran her hands down Maggie’s expensive boots. “Wow, these are really nice; I wonder…” She said as she zipped the boots opened and stripped them off Maggie’s tip-toed bare feet. “Real Stiletto boots? Where did you get these?” Haley asked, examining the pricy boots. Tossing them aside, she began to unbutton Maggie’s dress shirt. “Let’s even up the odds, there.” She found undressing and redressing Maggie’s frozen figure extremely easy and somewhat fun at the same time. The Asian girl was like a large doll. Kayla had once been too drunk to change herself one night after clubbing and Haley had to undress her; the process was not fun, her friend was limp as a wet rag and was hard to move about. Maggie, however, was stiff but posable and her clothes quickly came off and on. Haley was also surprised that Maggie had a pretty hot little body too.

            Maggie was soon standing upright again, sans her fancy heeled and boots and her matching white cotton panty/bra set. Haley thought it was neat being able to mold Maggie’s facial expression to something of a bewildered shock. Maggie stood with her panties in one hand and her bra in the other. “Let’s see, how did he do this?” Haley thought, looking at the wand and remembering how he had free Maggie from the wand’s magic after their little ordeal the last time. She tapped the wand twice more over the shorter woman’s head.

            “Give it back!” Maggie demanded right away, took a step, and then realized what had happened. She had been frozen enough by Tucker to know the disoriented feeling. “What did you…?” Maggie began to ask before seeing what she was holding.

            Haley smiled, twirling the wand, “Now we’re even.”

            Without warning, Maggie lunged forward and grabbed the wand from Haley. “Got it!” Maggie declared, smiling victoriously. Haley only looked on in shock surprised at the reaction that she had gotten from Maggie. 

            “Wait! No!” Haley pleaded just as Maggie waved the wand twice over her. Haley instantly froze with hands raised up in front of her in terror. Her eyes were tightly shut and her face showed an expression as if she was wincing.   The tables had turned again.

            “Tucker freezes me enough to the point where I’m not easily surprised. Newb…” Maggie laughed, putting the wand on the coffee table. She then quickly rearranged Haley’s pose and began stripping off the cheerleader outfit. “If you wanna play, let’s play,” Maggie giggled while looking at Haley’s revealed naked body. “Tucker’s a lucky guy,” she said, eyeing the athletic naked blond up and down. Looking around the room, she then leaned close to the blond and planted and nice passionate kiss on Haley’s soft pink lips. “Tasty.” Maggie cooed, squeezing the blond Italian’s breasts. She felt up the stiff blond some more before remembering her pledge to Tucker. Looking over at Cindy’s posed naked body on the sofa, Maggie smiled.

*  *  *

            Haley blinked in shock staring at Cindy’s vacant brown’s eyes. She quickly sat up, realizing that she was naked and laying on top of the frozen girl. “You little…” she cursed, looking around the room seeing Maggie standing nearby – but not too close – holding the wand lightly with a grin on her lips.

            “You ever thought about playing on our side?” Maggie asked. Haley only looked at her angrily and then back down at Cindy. “Relax you were both stiff as window dummies so nothing really happened. You were more like a work of hot art than anything else. I took some pictures; you wanna see?” Maggie asked gesturing at the camera.

            Haley looked down at her naked body and covered herself up. She felt her face get hot and knew she was blushing. “Where are my clothes? I need to get out of here.”

            “What, you don’t want to play anymore?” Maggie asked child-like.

            “Play? No; I don’t want to play.” Haley said sternly. “I’m not like you; I’m not comfortable with all this.” Haley said seriously, covering herself up as best as she could while trying not to look at the frozen women scattered around the room.

            “Fine; I know when to quit,” Maggie said, walking over to the pile of clothing on the floor. As she got closer, Haley launched herself at the Asian girl and grabbed for the wand once more. Maggie saw the attack coming and pulled the wand away. Haley was quicker and with longer arms and managed to grab hold of one end of the wand. “Hey, what the hell!?” Maggie cried out as she struggled to free the wand from her end. She and Haley rolled about on the floor with the naked blond on top who all of a sudden was quite comfortable with her nudity.

            “Give me the wand!” Haley yelled. “It’s my turn!”

            “No! You said you didn’t want to play anymore!” Maggie shot back, pulling the wand back over to her side.

            “I lied!” Haley chuckled while pulling the wand towards her side. “Now give it here. Someone needs to get naked!”

            “Oh, Haley; I didn’t know you were like that!” Maggie replied through clenched teeth, pulling the wand back over to her side.

            “I always wanted…” Haley began to say just as she pulled the wand back to her end – then she was sitting upright on the sofa. “What the hell?” Haley whispered to herself and looked down to see that she was dressed in the cheerleader outfit once again, this time with panties.

Looking around the room she saw that Rebecca and Tatiana were now dressed in their maid outfits and stood at attention with neutral stares at the other end of room. It was also dark outside as well. Looking on the other sofa she saw Kelly, who was now naked as well, sitting along side an unclothed Calista. Both women were in a lover’s embrace. Maggie was now naked too and stood in front of the green screen. Cindy stood rigidly beside her. Both nude women had their hair hanging down their backs naturally, standing at attention with their eyes shut and lips posed in the shape of an ‘o’.

            “Had fun today?” Tucker asked from behind.

            Haley spun around, smiled at her boyfriend and leaped up in his arms. “I’m so sorry I blew up at you,” she said, kissing him passionately. “I love you and I miss you so much,” she declared after pulling back.

            “I miss you too and I love you,” Tucker replied, kissing his dream girl once more.

            Haley pulled back and smiled and then looked around the room once more. “So, what happened?” she asked, puzzled.

            “I really don’t have a clue. I came home like an hour ago and found you and Maggie frozen like a pair of waxworks while wrestling on the floor. Both of you were holding an end of the wand so I guess you some how managed to freeze each other.”

            “How could that happen?” Haley asked as Tucker walked around the sofa to sit next to his girlfriend.

            “Like I said I don’t know, maybe it’s another trick. I’m still learning about this wand,” he replied, looking at the wand as Haley held his free hand and nestled up at his side.

            She looked down at the cheerleader outfit she was wearing and then back at Tucker. “What happened in Vancouver?”

            Tucker maintained his soft grip on his girlfriend’s hand and sighed. I guess I should tell you, since Maggie probably already said something,” he said, looking over at his naked friend. “Plus, I don’t want to lie to you anymore.  About anything.”

            “Go on,” Haley replied caringly, leaning closer to Tucker.

            “Well… I was there for an anime convention. Maggie couldn’t go because she didn’t have the money. This was before the wand when times were really rough for us. The city is gorgeous up there, by the way. We should go sometime; me and you. Anyways, I met this girl named Hitomi. She seemed great and seemed that she was really into me and all… well a long story short, she wasn’t; she just used me for my money. Came home flat broke… that was the start of my finical troubles. Maggie really helped me through it, even though I never told her the whole story.”

            “I’m sorry, Tuck,” Haley said, kissing Tucker on the cheek. “As long as I’m around, that won’t happen. You’re my man now.” She cooed and hugged him.

            He hugged her back. “So, we’re good now?”

            “Yeah; we’re good.” Haley replied with a smile. “I love everything about you.”

            Tucker only smiled and hugged his girlfriend tightly. He was finally there. He had his dream girl and she knew everything. He had thought life was great with the wand but the feeling Haley was giving him now overmatched anything he felt with the wand.

            Pulling away, Haley looked up at Tucker and smiled. “Let’s go to Vancouver one of these days; I want to look up this Hitomi girl and maybe introduce her to Rebecca and Tatiana,” Haley suggested, smiling evilly.

            “Let’s do that.” Tucker smiled back. “I like the way you think, Ms. Leone.”

            “Well, I’ve been with you long enough for some Tucker to rub off on to me,” she laughed. “Plus I’ve always wanted an Asian doll.”

            “Speaking of Asian dolls,” Tucker remembered, standing up. “When I got home and saw you naked and wrestling with Maggie, I guessed Maggie was up to no good. So I kept her frozen as you can see,” Tucker explained, walking over to the two suspended naked women and standing between them. “I’d like you to be part of T&M Productions. Nothing too serious, of course, but you get a share of what me and Maggie make, which has been a goodly amount. What do you say?”

            Haley stood and smiled brightly, “I’m in.”

            “Good, your first assignment is to make a calendar series using Cindy and Maggie here. You could do anything you want.”

            “Anything?” Haley smiled.

            “Anything. These two lovely ladies are at your disposal.” Tucker replied, raising Maggie and Cindy’s arms up in the air.

            “Cool… but let’s celebrate this new business venture of mine first.”


The End… until the Fashion Faux Pas

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