Unhappy Hallowe'en

by Paul Jutras


      It all started when Jackie came out of the supermarket and saw a flyer on her windshield about a new costume shop that had just opened in time for Halloween. It had been years since she went out dressed for Halloween. The only time she did get dressed up was when she was making love to her live-in boyfriend, Jack.

     "Why not." She thought, as she got into the car and took note of the address on the flyer.


     When she got to the address of the strip mall, she found the parking lot empty and it being the only store in the entire mall.  She was half surprised to find the door unlocked and the store opened when she stepped up to the place. When she got inside she passed an Alice in Wonderland dress display and went straight for a rack of harem outfits.  She saw a beautiful pink one, but the bra was only a 34B.  She'd need a C up at least if she was going to wear one. She continued her search.

     "May I help you?" Asked a man with a long white beard and wearing a bathrobe. "No, you didn't get me up."

     "How did you know?" Jackie began to say when she was interrupted again.

     "What you were going to say." The storeowner said. "Call it  a gift. Speaking of gifts, I'm sure we can get you hooked up."

     Fingering the rack, he pulled out a purple outfit that went well with the nail polish she was wearing. "I am sure it will make your relationship with your boyfriend different than it had ever been before. You needn't  just change your clothes when you can change yourself as well."

    "How?" Jackie asked.

    "You can latex your own body." The storeowner said. "I'll be a night in bed that you won't forget."

      "The latex does come off, doesn't in?" Jackie asked.

      "Uh, yeah." The owner though fast. "Dissolves itself in a 24 hr period."

      "What do I do first?" Jackie asked.

      "Go into the room and take your clothes off." The man said as he pointed to a curtain covered doorway. "The factory is right back there."

    "My clothes!" Jackie screamed. "You little pervert!"

     "I won't see you until you come out of the dressing room in the end." The store owner assured her. "The Fetish Factory is fully automatic."

     "Oh." Jackie suddenly calm down and went into the back room. The other side of the curtain was a small cubical with a door on the far wall. Seeing a small bench and a hook on the wall, she removed her clothes and stepped through the door. No sooner was she through than a mechanical hand grabbed her by the waist and raised her in the air. "What's going on!"

      "This is weird." Jackie thought as she was dunk into a vat of latex up to her thighs. As was then raised up and set on a platform. The latex was nearly transparent and her fused toes gave the impression of her wearing nylons. She also notice that her legs and feet gave off the type of shine that the plastic skin of a mannequin.

      "Hey, I'm not a plant!" Jackie cried as a hose lowered from the ceiling and sprayed her in the crotch and butt area. When it finished spraying she looked down. Though she appeared sexless, her test with her finger proved that her feminine slit was still in tact. Only instead of flesh, her skin felt like it was made of rubbery latex.

      The mechanical claw then rose her up again and turned her upside down. She was then dipped head first into the vat of latex. She thought she was going to drown when the latex entered her noes and mouth, feeling her insides up.  As she rose out; however, she notice  she was breathing fine. She could see, hear and move fine as well. The latex had flattened her hair against her skull as it too became like that of hard plastic.

     Just as her feet touch the cold metal floor, the mechanical arm released her. She collapsed to the ground immediately. Trying to get up proved quite hard as her latex hands and feet slipped on the floor until she could reach the hand rail on the side. She noticed her purple finger nails had more of a shine from beneath the transparent latex now over her.

     Using the hand rail to stay up, the soles of her feet slipped all the way back to the dressing room. It was there that she found her old clothes were replace with the harem costume she had picked up. "How am I going to get home?" She thought as she slipped into the bra, panties, veil and Turkish trousers. "I should of picked an outfit that didn't allow me to go barefoot."

     "I overheard you in the dressing room." The owner said as she stepped out of the dressing room. Her feet slipped out from under her and she fell flat on her face. "Don't worry, I'll take my lunch break and help you home."

      "Thanks." Janet smiled back.

      When  Jack had gotten home from work, he found the apartment door unlocked and heard moaning from the bed room. As  he walking in, he found Jackie was foundling her own breasts and fingering her sex.   As she bucked on the bed with hips flaring, she moaned and screamed for more. With a thud, her naked latex body slid off the bed to the floor.

      "You okay?" Jack asked as he took her hand and she pulled him down on top of her. She didn't waste time stripping him and aiming his penis into her vagina. It was the best sex either of them had ever felt before.  It lasted for hours longer too.

     When Jackie woke up she felt too stiff to move. With the ringing of the door bell, Jack got up and went to answer it.  "It worked just as you said it would." Jack said as he paid the man who accepted the money and smiled back.

     "That goody, goody brother of mine at Spells R Us doesn't know how to have fun with his power the way I do." The one known simply as The Wrong Wizard smiled wickedly. "Thanks for the money. I'm sure you'll have lots of fun with your new latex love doll."

     "She never suspected it was me who put the flyer on her windshield." Jack said as he watched the wrong wizard vanish into the night and turned around.  He walked into the bedroom and Jackie was laying right where he left her, as expected.  "You were fun, but thought too much of making our relationship serious. I was far from being ready for marriage; this kind of relationship is much better for me, don't you think?"

       Taking his latex doll in his arms, he humped her until she wanted to scream for mercy. But there would never be mercy. Not now. Not ever.



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