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by Robotdoll (

“On occasion, students of St. Silkloom’s will be required to serve as study assistants for other classes and individual students. These assignments are made on a random basis, and nothing should be inferred from being assigned or not being assigned to study duty. Students on study duty are excused from classes for the day; lessons will be given during the student’s nightly sleep training period.

Students are reminded that the honor code is in full effect during all study sessions, and failure to follow it may result in administrative action.”

-From the St. Silkloom’s Student Handbook, 20XX edition

Amanda woke to the gentle pinging of the alarm. She sat up quietly, removed the headset and made her way to the shower. Slipping out of her pajama shirt, she gave her body a gentle stroke to wake up her sleepy muscles. As she reached her hips, she was surprised to feel the smoothness of her Hose. She smiled and giggled to herself.

“Been wearing these for a week now, and I still forget I have them on.” She looked in the mirror at herself. From the waist up she was she same girl she’d been for 17 years, but at the waist, the Hose took over. They were smooth as silk, but more clinging than nylon, fitting her skin-tight. They covered her sex and bottom, making smooth as a Barbie doll. Inside, two probes prevented any extracurricular activity, and gave the teachers a direct way to reward good work. They were an amazing invention, and while she was surprised to hear about them when she first arrived, she took to them happily once she was fitted.

She slipped in and out of the shower quickly, and toweled herself off as she grabbed a fresh uniform. The Hose dried on their own, the water trickling down her legs half evaporating, half absorbed. She was reaching down to pull on her socks, when she noticed the blue envelope slide under her door. She rose to pick it up.

“Dear Student,

“You have been selected to serve study duty today. Please report to the administration hall. No books are required, and please do not wear any makeup or personal accessories.

“Failure to report for study duty is punishable at the headmaster’s discretion.

“(signed)Prof. Hayes, student study administrator”

Amanda wasn’t sure how to feel. Her parents had assured her that working study was no reflection on her one way or the other, but it was the one part of the school she couldn’t learn much about.

Well, no way to find out just sitting here. She continued to dress and brushed out her long red hair. No accessories, they said, so she took off her necklace and set it on the crystal tray where her other jewelry say. Taking a deep breath and steeling herself, she stepped outside and made her way to the administration hall.

The dorm hallways were an organized chaos at this hour. Some girls were chatting as they walked; some were still finding their way around, looking at maps and guidebooks. Everyone seemed happy, and ready to face the day.


Amanda turned at the sound of her name. “Hi, Chloe. I told you, I prefer Amanda.”

“Sorry. Hey, did you hear? Rebecca got put on automatic for a week!”

Amanda gasped. “No! I knew she was due for a drubbing after all those missed classes, but I never dreamed!”

“I know! Come on, she’s just about due to come out of her room…” Chloe pulled at Amanda’s hand, leading her down the hall. She followed, feeling guilty, and knowing she had to get to Ad Hall.

Several girls in various states of dress were tittering around one dorm room door. Some had yet to get out of their nightgowns, some were just pulling on their short school blazer, but one thing was the same – they all wore a pair of Hose, albeit in a variety of colors to match their skintone.

“I told her…”

“…not fair she should have gotten a third chance…”

“SHHH!!! Here she comes!”

The door opened, and a student walked out. Her hair was perfectly brushed, a straw sunbonnet parked at a slight angle. The school blazer was perfectly pressed, as was the white shirt and tie underneath. Her skirt fell to just below her panties, exactly as specified in the school handbook. Her white bobby-socks were folded neatly, the fringe perfectly parallel with the floor. Her Hose had just the slightest extra shine to them, indicating they were working actively on the girl.

Everyone started to applaud and cheer at the sight, but when they saw her blank expression, the teasing fell to an uncomfortable silence. Rebecca walked stiffly past them, arms stiffly at her sides, making her way through the crowd as if guided. Which, of course, she was.

“Wow, so that’s what it looks like to be on automatic,” Amanda said quietly.

“Yeah…” Chloe replied equally dully. “Do you think she’ll be okay?”

Of course. “Students placed in a remote-driven curriculum schedule will be monitored by faculty, and will not be allowed to come to harm, either by accidental or purposeful means.” Amanda’s eyes glazed over a bit as she recited the passage from memory.

“You’re right of course. I just hope she learns her lesson”

“Well she doesn’t have a choice now, does she?” They both covered their mouths and laughed discreetly.

“OK, I have to finish getting ready. See you at class?”

“No, um…” Amanda held up her envelope “I have study duty.”

“Oh my God! You got a blue letter already?” Chloe seemed surprised “You lucky little…”

“Lucky? I thought it didn’t mean anything.”

“Don’t you believe it.” The pair continued walking down the hall. ”If they think you’re good enough to study with, they have to think highly of you, right?”

“Hm, I guess you’re right.” Amanda’s face brightened a bit. “Let me go, I’ll tell you all about it.”

“Yeah, like fun you will.” Chloe smiled and waved, and Amanda left for the administration hall.

She found her way there with a minimum of fuss and reported to preparation. Three other students were waiting as well. The one boy and a girl had the blank stares of people on automatic, and the third, an older girl, looked up and smiled at her.

“Hi, I’m Joanie. I don’t know who these two are, they haven’t said much.” She snickered and nudged the boy. He, of course, did not respond.

“Hi, I’m Amanda.” She sat down and looked at the silent pair. “Are they on automatic?”

“Yeah, they’re probably gonna be test dummies like us, I expect they’re here for more deep conditioning.” They sat quietly. “Are you new? Is this your first time?”

Amanda nodded. “Well don’t worry, ducks, it’s the easiest job in the school.”

“Well, how do you know? I mean, I thought you don’t remember…”

“That’s my point. You go in, you go to sleep, you wake up fit and rested, and you didn’t have to go to class. What’s easier then that?” She laughed that little snicker again.

“I suppose you’re right.”

A teacher came out with a clip board. “Ah, I see we’re back again, Miss Coss.”

Joanie beamed. “Yes Ma’am. I guess I’m good at this.”

The teacher raised an eyebrow and looked at the notes. “I dare say. We may have you student teach a class if this keeps up.

Joanie bowed her head and blushed. “Thank you sir.”

“Well, not today. Okay, all four of you, up and in.”

The two at the end rose in unison and walked into the room. Joanie patted Amanda’s knee, cocked her head with a “follow me” expression, and followed them. Amanda trailed behind quietly.

There were several lockers and benches in the next room. Joanie started stripping out of her uniform quickly, as if she knew exactly what to do. As Amanda watched, te other two started undressing each other. She tried to watch as she undressed. In perfect rhythm they stiffly helped each other with their uniforms, folding them and placing them lockers, and then standing waiting in front of their bench.

Amanda had yet to see a male student nude. His Hose looked just like the girl’s model…exactly so. The Hose smoothed the boy down to a blank crotch, like a fashion doll. She couldn’t resist being aroused at the site. She quickly finished undressing, and stood waiting next to Joanie.

The teacher came in again, and seeing that all was well, led the students to the next room. A row of booths lined the wall, and Amanda recognized them from when she first arrived. They all knew what to do, and they entered the booths quietly. The teacher fixed contacts to each youngsters’ temples and scalp, checked the connections, and threw the switch.

The sensation felt like biting tinfoil, Amanda thought… and in a moment, she didn’t know what tinfoil was.

Soon, all four students had blanker expressions than the two that had stood silently all along. The teacher nodded, and threw another switch. Four sets of Hose began to soften and stretch into new shapes. The fine seam at the crotch of the girls’ Hose thickened and sank deeply between their legs. In a moment, they each had a deep furrow between their legs, stretching to the back. The camel-toe look quickly faded into a fully realized pair of lips and defined buttocks. The boy quickly became a boy. Like a shoot sprouting from the ground, his member rose from the smoothness of his pubic area, flowing up and coating with the silky smoothness of the Hose. The scrotum bloomed as well, but remained a simple round lump beneath the stiffening manhood, unsculpted and simple.

Small jets filled the booths with a fine mist. All four subjects rose their arms in unison, allowing the mist to coat their bodies head to toe. As it dried, it left a soft sheen to their skins that both protected them and did a fair job of masking their identities. The blank plastic face was smoothed enough to make them generic, or at least exceedingly indistinguishable.

Making sure that everything was complete, the teacher rang for the porters. With brief instructions and a gesture in different directions, the porters loaded the four mannequin-like students onto padded hand trucks, strapping them down. The silent pair were placed together on a double-wide model. One by one, they were rolled out of the room and to their respective destinations.

Amanda, of course, did not notice.

Amanda was rolled down the halls quickly, passing students left and right. Some students couldn’t help but stare, some minded their business and kept on their way to class, but none made any attempt to do anything to her. They knew as well as they knew their own names that it could be them in the dolly next day, and as it had been drummed into them, they were to treat the study team with the utmost respect.

The technician found the room he was told, opened the door and backed the handtruck in. “…is the topic we will be discussing today. Ah, I see our assistant has arrived.” The teacher turned to the door and watched Amanda being rolled in. As the was turned to face the students, two boys in the back began to whistle and clap. The teacher’s head snapped around. He pulled out a small device from his robe and pressed several buttons. The clapping stopped, and the two boys’ faces fell blank, their hands dropping to the sides of their desks.

“Misters Boyd and Johnson receive a zero for today’s class for their rudeness,” the teacher snapped. “I trust we will not see any other such behavior. Please greet and thank our assistant.

“Good day miss, thank you miss.” The boys all spoke in unison, quietly and respectfully.

The teacher nodded quietly. Now, this girl will serve as your mistress for today’s exercise. She will not take an active role, but you will treat her with the respect of a Primary.” A few presses of the remote, and Amanda blinked. She took a deep breath and looked around the room.

Amanda was in a boy’s classroom, and she was nude. For some reason she did not seem worried about this. She turned to the teacher and said, “good day sir.”

He greeted her and turned back to the class. “Now, is anyone already aroused?” One boy sheepishly rose his hand. Several other boys smiled and looked down, but made no sound. “Good lad, please rise and disrobe.”

“Yes sir,” mumbled the boy. He rose and slowly removed his uniform. He wore Hose like the rest, and his member was already thick and erect. Amanda looked at the smooth member, recognizing it for what it was, but with no reaction to the sight of it.

“Now, Mr. Timms, please approach and present yourself to the lady,” The teacher instructed. Timms walked forward and stood in front of Amanda, head bowed, legs spread slightly, hands behind his back. “Good form Timms. What next?”

“Um…kiss her, Sir?”

“Well, that would be a good start…” the boy leaned in to do so, but the teacher stopped with his pointer. “But I think it would be polite to address the lady.”

The class giggled gently, and Timms blushed. The teacher tapped the podium, and the giggling subsided. “Not your fault Timms, this is a new class for you. We shall assume you know who the lady is, perhaps a simple compliment.”

“Yes sir. Um…you look lovely today, ma’am…” he looked from the corner of his eye at the teacher, who bore an underwhelmed expression.

“Good enough for a first try.” Several hands rose in the room. ”Mr. Stein, would you care to offer a suggestion?”

“Yes sir.” An older boy rose and walked up to Amanda. He dropped to his knees, took her hand in his, and placed it to his cheek. “Thank you sweet lady, for the gift of showing me your feminine perfection, and the honor of serving you this day.”

“EX-cellent, Stein!” Several boys tapped their pencils at their desks, while others used them to take notes. “Did you write that?”

“Yes sir,” The boy rose and stood before the teacher. “Based on Timberlake’s Epistles of 1882.”

“Point of honor, Stein. Please submit that greeting to the school journal with my recommendation.”

“THANK you sir.” Stein bowed low and returned to his seat.

Timms looked embarrassed. “None of that, Timms. You’ll be up to speed soon. I seem to recall in his first year, Stein actually used the word ‘boobies’ in a greeting to a Primary.” Stein buried his head in his hands at the reminder, and the class broke into guffaws. Timms smiled and relaxed.

Tapping the podium, he continued. “All right, gentlemen, back to work… Now, Timms, we shall assume the greeting has been given. You wished to begin with a kiss. Where shall you kiss the lady?”

Timms thought a moment. “Not on the lips sir, that would be rude and presumptuous. Perhaps the cheek?”

“Nicely said, Timms. Go ahead.”

“Thank you, sir.” He leaned forward and kissed Amanda on the cheek gently. Amanda felt her arms rise and slip between the boy’s arms. He hugged her gently, kissing down her neck and sholder. Sliding into a kneeling position, he faced her round full breasts. Taking one in his soft hands, he placed the nipple in his mouth and began to suckle gently.

Amanda’s breast gave up a jet of milk, the tingling tickle sending a thrill of pleasure to the stoic girl, and she gasped gently. Timms’ reaction was more emphatic. He moaned in surprise and unexpected ecstasy… His hips began to pump forward, and he pulled away, panting and dribbling milk.

“Ah, I see she’s a milker” said the teacher. “Sorry Timms, I didn’t warn you, but one must be able to compensate for unexpected reactions. Do you require control?”

“No sir…” Timms was panting fitfully at the rush of pleasure, but struggling to maintain control. “I can do it…”

“Good man. Gentlemen, why must Timms maintain composure?”

The class answered in unison, their eyes glazing over slightly as the rote lesson was called up from memory. “To achieve pleasure before your master or mistress is the ultimate failure as a servant. Your Primary is your only desire, and the only true pleasure is in pleasing them.”

The moment of recitation gave Timms the time he needed. He returned to his position, and continued to suckle at Amanda’s breast. He fed quietly, looking up at her adoringly.

“Well done Timms. Remember gentlemen, feeding from a mistress is an act of supplication and reverence, not of pleasure.” Timms switched to the other breast and continued. “ Like fellatio to a master, you are a conduit of pleasure. Your Primary may find greater satisfaction in the act of your ministrations than in the sensations it provides.”

Amanda looked down at the boy feeding from her, and couldn’t help but to stroke his hair. He looked up at her, happy that he had been able to elicit a reaction from the mistress.

“You may advance to intercourse, Timms.”

Timms rose and took Amanda’s hand, guiding her to a bed at the side of the room. He was about to enter the bed, but hesitated. He guided Amanda’s hand to the bed, and let her enter first. The teacher nodded silently, the boys all watched carefully.

Amanda entered the bed quietly, and opened her legs to the boy. Timms slipped between her open legs and waited for commands. Amanda’s hand rose to stroke the member. It was smooth as silk, and the sensation of it in her hand excited her. She pulled him down and guided him into her wet sex. She gasped as his large member pressed its way into her. Timms looked straight ahead, his lips mouthing something indecipherable.

“Very good, Timms,” the teacher said. “Smoothly and evenly, unless told otherwise.”

Amanda wanted to tell him otherwise. She wanted to tell him to do her faster and harder and make her scream, but she couldn’t, she could only lay there and do the few actions she had been trained to do. She rode him evenly, meeting his advances and pumping in kind. Her pussy, smooth and sensitive thanks to the Hose, was ablaze with sensation.

Timms still whispered his silent whispers as he pumped faster and faster. He pushed Amanda on to climax. Amanda reached up and grabbed his head, pulling it down into her breasts. Timms started to pump harder and faster at the action, moaning silently and humming contentedly.

Amanda felt ready to burst, and in reaction, her mouth opened and she spoke in a monotone voice. “Make me come, slave.”

The boy’s head shot up, looking straight ahead, lips twitching madly. He pumped the lovely plastic mistress below him, and in a moment she moaned and screamed in an explosion of her climax.

“Well, done, Timms. That’s a new best for you.” The boys all tapped their desks in appreciation, and he looked up flushed and beaming. “I see the mantra helped.”

“Yes sir, by constantly reminding myself of my desire to serve my mistress, I was able to control my own desires.” He sat back, his member still rock hard.

“Nicely done. You may climax if you wish.”

“Thank you sir.” He stroked himself a moment or two, staring at Amanda’s breasts. In a moment his hips bucked forward and a wet stain spread across the tip of his Hose-sheathed member. He breathed softly, and the stain faded magically.

All right, gentlemen, for next class, review DeSade’s letters, chapter 3. Please help Boyd and Johnson to their next class, the next teacher will awaken them.

The boys all rose and collected their books. Two of them helped the no-longer rowdy pair from their seats and guided them out the door. As they passed the bed, they each said “Thank you miss” to Amanda, who lay on the bed, still and staring at the ceiling.

Timms finished dressing, and as he passed the bed, looked around. The teacher had already left. He rushed to Amanda’s side and kissed her full on the lips. “Thank you for the honor of pleasing you, sweet lady.” He rushed out of the door and to his next class.

Chloe looked at Amanda, holding a blue envelope in her hand. “You SWEAR you don’t remember anything?”

“Nothing.” Amanda shook her head. “Well, I aced the quiz in Horton’s poetry class the next day, so I guess I remembered whatever he told the class.”

Chloe slipped the envelope into her pocket and kept walking. “Okay, be that way. Oof, hey, watch it!”

The young boy that had barreled into Chloe collected his books, apologizing madly. “I’m sorry, ma’am, please forgive me…” He looked up at Amanda and froze. He turned pale, grabbed his books and took off.

“What was that about?” Chloe asked. “You give him the evil eye or something?”

“No, never met him before.” Timms ran off down the hall. “He’s cute tho.”

“Bet he’s hung like a horse.”

“He is.”

Chloe looked at Amanda. “You said you didn’t know him.”

“I haven’t.” Amanda furrowed her brow… “I mean, all the shy ones around here have big ones.”

“You’re right I guess.” Chloe saw another girl holding a blue letter down the hall. ”Hey, Joanie, wait up!”


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