Voodoo Spell

by Northern Chill

      The candles burned brightly, casting a pale light in the otherwise dark room as a figure moved around in the background opening and closing cupboard doors.  After thirty seconds or so, the woman moved over to the large wooden table that stood in the center of the room . She sat down on an ornate chair that was next to the table and lit three candles on the table to provide more light for her to see with.  Dressed in a brightly colored dress with numerous beads and a long flowing necklace, she resembled a carnival fortune teller that would spin wild imaginary tales for people willing to fork over a couple of dollars.

      In fact, the truth about the woman sitting at the table was even wilder than the first impression her outfit would give.  Jasmine was a voodoo priestess descended from a long list of practitioners in the black magic.  When she had immigrated from the island of Trinidad to the United States, she had fallen quickly in love with a local businessman named Gerald Matheson, a man of great wealth and importance.  When he learned of her voodoo past, he made her promise to give up all of the rights and practices associated with it.  Jasmine agreed to the request reluctantly though she felt with Gerald's love and devotion, she would have let her voodoo past fade away into the background anyway.

      However, six months after a beautiful marriage ceremony, Jasmine sensed a change in her husband's attitude and mood.  He spent longer periods of time at the office and often seemed disinterested in what she had to say to him.  She began to suspect that he was having an affair with another woman when she tried to call him one night at his office where he was supposed to be, but was told no one had seen him the entire night.

      She decided to see if she could get proof of Gerald's infidelities, so she arranged surreptitiously to have a hidden video camera installed in the master bedroom of their home before going to visit some friends in the Hamptons for the weekend.  When she returned from her trip and examined the film while Gerald was at work yet again, she was despondent upon seeing her husband take a blonde woman she had never seen before into the same bed that Jasmine had made passionate love in many times before.

      However, when she confronted her husband with the accusation, he reacted in a angry manner.  Gerald told her that he didn't answer to her and if she tried to divorce him, he would have his many lawyers bring up her past dealings in voodoo as proof of her mental instability.  He even insinuated that he might have her committed to a mental asylum on that basis if she went public with her accusations.


      Distraught, Jasmine fled from her home and rented a home in the suburbs where she tried to figure out her next step.  She could go home to her native Trinidad but feared the fact that she had renounced her voodoo heritage would cause her great difficulties.  It was when she put in the video tape that showed her husband with the blonde haired woman that he had the affair with that an idea formed for a unique type of revenge.

      When Jasmine had calmed down, she hired a private investigator to find out the details about Gerald's lover and a description of where she lived, when she wasn't with her former husband.  She learned through the P.I.'s sleuthing that the woman's name was Holly MacDonald, owner of several fast food restaurants in the area.  Holly lived in a modest bungalow outside the city and rarely had friends or family visit her.  The detective, pretending to be a city worker checking electrical wiring leading into the house, memorized as much of layout of the house as he could, which he relayed to Jasmine.

      From the information she had learned, Jasmine constructed a cardboard replica of the interior of Holly's home in preparation for her revenge.  She then paid the PI from before a fairly large amount of money to break into Holly's and install several hidden cameras in the bedroom and living room from which Jasmine could observe the owner's movements.

      Once everything was set, Jasmine placed a blonde haired doll on the table and attached to it a piece of a handkerchief that the PI had obtained from Holly's home.  She then dressed the doll in a bedtime outfit and waited for Holly to wake up that morning,


      Holly stretched her arms as she rose from her bed from a wonderful night's sleep.  Everything was going super in her life as she had fallen in love with the man of her dreams and managed to get him to leave that Caribbean bitch for a life with her.  Her eyes sparkled as she thought of moving out of this dreary bungalow into an upscale home with servants to wait on her every need.

      She took off her nightie and went into the bathroom where she shaved as usual before a hot shower.  She even shaved around her sex, leaving it as smooth as a baby's bottom.  Gerald seemed to prefer her bare of hair in that area and she knew keeping him happy was important.

      After a luxurious hot shower, Holly went out into the living room without putting on a bath robe or any type of clothing at all.  It wasn't a normal thing she did but it seemed to her a natural thing like she wanted to do... HAD to do.


      Jasmine stood the nude doll in the middle of the cardboard fixture and, while chanting an incomprehensible rhythm of words, maneuvered the doll's hands up so they cupped its tiny breasts.  She then took a black marker and traced lines over the doll's arms, torso and left leg.  Once this was done, she gripped the doll firmly with her right hand and began to chant even louder than before.  This time, the phrase 'TURN TO MANNEQUIN ' could be heard clearly, mixed in with her other words as the priestess swayed back and forth waving her left hand over the doll.



      Holly found her hands moving of their own volition upwards till they cupped her breasts in a fetching style.  She tried to get them or her legs to move but they wouldn't respond at all to her thoughts.  She tried to scream for help but her ability to talk had vanished as well.

      Just when she thought things couldn't get any worse, she felt her skin tingling with energy as if something was massaging it vigorously.  The feeling was spreading from her lower torso throughout her entire body and it was accompanied by a feeling of intense pleasure.  It was when she saw her reflection in a mirror across from her that the feelings of pleasure became mixed with
ones of horror.

      Holly saw her skin was changing into a tan colored plastic with no signs of blemishes or freckles visible anywhere.  The tattoo of a rose she had next to her pussy vanished as her torso became plastic like the rest of her.  Her pussy seemed to vanish as well, it sealed up and became smooth plastic like the rest of her body.  Lines appeared around her shoulders, waist and left leg like those you would see on a store display figure.

      "A MANNEQUIN... I'VE BECOME A MANNEQUIN!!!!" Holly screamed mentally as the transformation swiftly moved through her body, changing flesh and bone to hollow plastic. 

      She felt her eyes fix straight ahead as they turned to shiny glass, tinted green.  The strangest thing of all was that her feelings of horror were being swiftly replaced by thoughts of anticipation at being displayed in a window...

      "Will I be displayed on a stand... by myself... look pretty.. must display.. display...." Holly thought at the end before her ability to think winked out as the last of her humanity was converted to inanimate plastic.




      Jasmine sagged to the table in a heap spent from the exhausting ritual she had just gone through.  A quick glance at the video monitor near the table confirmed that her hated rival was now a soulless piece of plastic.  She smiled smugly at the thought of Gerald's next visit to Holly's and his reaction to her present condition.

      The priestess put in the video tape she still had of Gerald's infidelity and fast forwarded through in grim satisfaction.  However, one scene made her stop and rewind the tape back a few seconds.  She froze the tape where the camera showed Gerald's address book.  Another click brought the open book into focus showing several names in his book with Holly's at the top. Little hearts were drawn next to Holly's and three other women's names and addresses.

      "The bastard! He was fooling around with multiple women!" Jasmine screamed out loud in anger.

      Her revenge was going to take a little longer after all, it seemed...


To be continued....?

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