by Captain Zammo

{From The Wizard's Lair - reposted with permission}


It was raining outside; a dark cold rain that makes you glad you're not in the weather. Except I was outside. I suppose everyone else was miserable that afternoon but me. You see, after being sent up at 17 as an adult; after ten years incarceration for the sins of my youth, I was a free man.

Except that "free" was a relative term. I was no longer a prisoner in the medium security prison. I wasn't even on parole, I had done all my time. But after the state turned me out, there was precious little left of the world I had left.

My father had died while I was on the inside. Mom had remarried and had spelled out in no uncertain terms she wanted me to leave her alone. My siblings had all married and forgotten me. In fact, the only person on the outside to greet me was a line of hatred, the victims of my constant robberies and burglaries.

My past had been buried in drugs. I was a toking, smokin' choking freak. I stole to support my habit, and occasionally had turned to violence to get my way. But after ten years in prison I felt more alone than ever. I was clean though; I felt no need for drugs.

My growling stomach was the first indicator of how tough things were going to be at first. I really had no friends or family to turn to. I walked down the streets, letting the rain soak my upturned jacket. I passed various storefronts, my eyes falling on flowers, clothes, books, pipes and tobacco and so forth. One shop, however, caught my eye. WONDERLAND TOYS. Even more important was the sign that said, “HELP WANTED, must start immediately.”

I entered the door and met Angus, the storekeeper. After hearing how badly I needed to work, to redeem myself he agreed to gamble on me. For the first six weeks I learned the trade, sweeping, stocking, ordering, and so forth. Angus watched me like a hawk. He allowed me to sleep on a cot in the storeroom, sort of a cheap security alarm. But there was never any money left in the store overnight, except for what Angus paid me.


I quickly developed an eye for the customers, and more importantly, I could spot trends in toys -- ordering accordingly. Sales soared, profits increased and so did my salary. A year passed. Angus even began trusting me with the register. He shocked me the day he left at noon for a three hour lunch.

I've been watching you," he said. "And I think I can trust you with more of my business." He showed me a travel guide for Scotland.

It's been my dream to return home for a visit. And with you here, I can go for a month, maybe two." He rubbed his bony hands together. "I'm so excited. I'm leaving in a week and you'll be managing the store. Think you can handle it?"

I nodded, excitedly. Angus was going on vacation during the time that the newest toys would hit the street, and it would be up to me to order and merchandise accordingly. I hoped I knew what to do. Angus handed me the catalogs and smiled. "You're up!" he said. "I won't be back for two glorious months."

With that, he handed me the key to the door, the register and the passwords to place orders on the computer. I assured him Wonderland Toys would see even better profits by the time he returned.


Angus left, and I pondered my new freedom again. Maybe being a working member of society wasn't so bad. I turned to the catalogues and began spotting marketing trends. Markel Corporation, makers of the famous Brittani doll line were about to introduce the fall collection. Brittani would be shown as "Glinda, the good Witch," "Route 66 Brittani," complete with leather jacket and tight pedal pushers, and a "Wonder Woman" Brittani.

I smiled when I saw this last one. Wonder Woman had always seemed unattainable, a pinup kind of fantasy for me. But in prison, I had met men who had been arrested by her. Doctor Psycho was one such. We had worked together in the library, and his descriptions of her were florid and filled with a romance of hatred. Psycho saw her as both Goddess and Vengeance personified. His grandiose schemes were constantly sidelined by her meddling interference. But his greatest desire was to make her his own, to control her and have her love him.

There were others who had felt the same way. In some ways, I felt cheated, because Wonder Woman never came after common hoods. Burglars and such were not really her thing. Still, I clicked on the mouse and ordered two cases.

The merchandise rolled in two weeks later, since I was situated in Markel's hometown. We actually got it earlier than the release date by a week or so. Markel was planning a big send off for Brittani that fall, and had even gotten Wonder Woman to agree to do promotions and a special visit to launch the sales. I was one of the viewers tuned in for the special promotional broadcast.

The broadcast was hosted by Jackie Marks, herself a sexy woman. Her blonde hair and creamy skin was always perfect. Jackie wore tight, prim business suits, yet had a femininity that was unmatched. In prison, I had often dreamed about her, wanting to uncross those tight, firm, stockinged thighs.

Jackie smiled, and said, "Good morning. We're here at Markel Toy company to discuss the launching of Markel's most ambitious Brittani doll yet. With me is Matthew Spenser, the president of Markel, and a most special guest, Wonder Woman. I'm glad you both could take time from your busy schedules to be here with me."

Spenser replied for both of them. I don't remember what he said, because my eyes were fastened on Wonder Woman. She made Jackie Marks look like mud. I felt myself getting aroused, and it was very easy to see what Angle Man and Dr. Psycho had meant when they said they would do anything to possess her. Hell, she was just on the television and I wanted to possess her too.

Though I was lost in my fantasies, I perked up my ears when Spenser said that the prototype Brittani had been shipped to the stores, along with the thousands of others they were sure to sell.

"What's so special about the prototype?" asked Jackie.

Wonder Woman answered that one. "The prototype doll was made with elements from my own costume. The eagle plate is made with gold from my own breastplate, the fabrics in my costume are the same ones on the Brittani doll. Whoever gets this doll will have something truly unique!"

My eyes stole over to the 2 cases of Brittani Wonder Woman dolls in the corner of my "apartment." Curiosity finally capturing the best of me, I strode over and cut into each case with my box knife. The first box had 24 dolls all with the limited collector's information, but nothing special. The second case, however...

“JACKPOT!" I shouted. Inside was the prototype Brittani! I pulled it from the box and noticed immediately that the doll's features were less like Brittani's and more like Princess Diana's. The information regarding the prototype was also very plain to see. I had it. No one could take it from me.

Forgetting the collector's rule for a moment, I tore open the box, fingers caresing the soft nylon hair on top of Brittani's head. I pulled the hard plastic form from the box and lovingly caressed it in my hands. The fabric was soft, and the breastplate FELT like gold. I'd have it assayed soon enough. I returned to the television and watched the flickering shadows of Jackie Marks, Matthew Spenser and Wonder Woman.

As I watched, I held my treasure in my lap. Jackie Marks and Spenser were carrying on a dialogue regarding Brittani and what she had meant to the public for almost fifty years. Wonder Woman added that Brittani espoused the Amazon ideal that women were competent and COULD do or become anything. I laughed hard at that, and squeezed on my doll's head. At the same time, Wonder Woman put her hands to her temples as if she were in pain.

What was this? I had to try one more experiment. Taking the doll's legs, I twisted one outward and pushed the doll down. Imagine my pleasure when the normally graceful amazon stumbled at the same moment. Looking down at my Brittani doll, I said to her, "You're my ticket to Wonder Woman. Not even Psycho or Angleman will be able to top what I'm about to pull off.”

I left Brittani to watch the television while I made preparations. Wonder Woman was scheduled to launch the new line of dolls the following afternoon at a public relations gala. I had to open the store. It was a relatively slow day for Wonderland toys, though I did have three inquiries about the new Wonder Woman doll. I told them all that the doll would be on sale Monday. Since it was Thursday, and slow, I spent a large part of the day in the basement storage, building and preparing for my anticipated guest.


Friday was usually a bit busier, but I closed shop at one and went to Markel's public relations gig, anyway. Angus had been a steady customer for years. Since he was out of town, I had taken the invite. I passed security easily and helped myself to the free buffet while I waited for the main event.

Not that I had long to wait. Wonder Woman entered after about 20 minutes, followed by Matthew Spenser. Spenser spoke first, introducing Wonder Woman. Then she approached the podium.

The minute she started speaking, a hush fell over the room. I sat entranced by her melodic voice, mesmerized by her raven tresses. She seemed young, but very confident. She believed in her message to "man's world," as she called it. My eyes wandered to her breasts, hidden under the familiar red and gold top she customarily wore. What man wouldn't like to delve into the mysteries hinted at by her costume? I could hardly contain myself.

I stayed focused on her speech, but leaned forward in my seat. Inside my topcoat's deep pocket, the prototype Brittani remained hidden from view. I found the doll and caressed the soft satiny top. With each soft stroke, Wonder Woman seemed to grow more flustered, turning red. With deliberate malice, I pushed Brittani's top down, past the end of her plastic breasts.

With a gasp, Wonder Woman made a frantic grab at her top. "Excuse me!" she said in a cracking voice, as she ran out the door. In the ensuing chaos, I made my way to the exit as well, with a big grin on my face.

She was in the hallway, with a confused look on her face. Spenser and two security guards were trying to piece together what had happened. I looked at the Amazon, and she caught my eye. The look was accusatory; and I winked. In that moment, I knew I would see her again.


I passed out the door and wandered slowly back toward Wonderland Toys. All I had to do was wait. Hours passed, and I was in my storage room/apartment as darkness fell. Regis Philbin was annoying some contestant when I heard the back door (Which I had "forgotten" to lock) open as quietly as it could. Soft footsteps crossed the carpeted floor of the salesroom and I heard the knob to my store room rattle.

“Come in, we've been expecting you!" I called out in a cheery voice.

Wonder Woman stepped into the room. God, she was even more gorgeous than I had remembered from this afternoon. There was a slight smile on her lips, as she sized me up. Apparently, she thought I would pose no threat. She crossed the room, and I felt myself getting aroused. Every move was so sensual, yet she apparently had no idea what she did to men. She sat down in my only chair, as I had the cot.

“I take it you're responsible for my recent mishaps?" she asked without any preamble.

I smiled, and turned my head, reaching slowly under the pillow. "Oh yes, it was me. And Brittani." I held the doll up for her to see.

She laughed. "That would never stop me," she said, with a twinkle in her eye.

“I think you're wrong," I said. I took the two arms of the Brittani doll and crossed them at the wrists in front. Wonder Woman smiled and nothing happened. Sweating a bit, I took Brittani's "Magic Lasso" and lashed the wrists together, tightly. Wonder Woman rolled her eyes.

“I think I've seen enough. You don't honestly expect... " she began then gasped in horror as her own wrists crossed at the bracelets. She pulled with all her might, but the bracelets refused to come apart. With a horrified fascination, she watched as her own magic lasso followed my previous handiwork and neatly lashed itself around her petite wrists.

“Great Hera!" she exclaimed. She leaped to her feet and tried to run. I grabbed the Brittani doll's legs and held them together tightly. Wonder Woman lost her balance and fell to the floor, right in front of me. Laughing, I took hold of the loose end of her lasso and held it in front of her.

"Looks like you were wrong about me, Wonder Woman," I said. "I am more dangerous than you could imagine. And I know some deadly secrets about you, courtesy of some of your old "friends." For example, I know you're terribly overconfident regarding your abilities. As a result, no one knows where you are. Am I right?"

She struggled against the rope, but had to answer honestly. "Yes, I am alone. No one knew about this visit." A look of contempt crossed her face. "But I warn you, I've suffered reversals before, and I'm still free."

"Were free," I replied curtly. "I have the doll, the rope and the Amazon Princess. From where I'm sitting, I have all the cards." I made her stand up and proceeded to tie her arms to her sides. Satisfied that her lasso held her tightly, I marched her to the basement, where she could see the "preparations" I had made.


"You've been busy," she said, as she glanced nervously around the room. She arched her eyebrows at the large, empty Brittani box in one corner. She saw the bed next and her nostrils flared. "I assume that's for me?" she asked.

"Actually, it's all for you," I replied. I led her to the bed and made her sit down. Unable to resist, she sat, though I could still see the anger in her eyes. Carefully commanding her to sit passively, I removed her boots one at a time. My heart raced as I slid my hand across her perfect, tanned legs. Keeping a careful hand on the lasso, I took her boots and walked to the life sized Brittani box. I picked up a staple gun and stapled her boots into the box. Then I returned to Wonder Woman.

"Since you decided Brittani should portray you, I've decided to make you over into Brittani," I explained. Wonder Woman's eyes grew wide. "Wha..what do you mean?" she asked.

"You'll see..."

I couldn't help myself. I hade made one of the world's most perfect, most powerful women perfectly helpless. Moreover, my fantasy was now attainable. Making sure the doll was still tied, I set it on the shelf and slid over to Wonder Woman. Cautiously, I untied Wonder Woman's arms from her side, leaving her wrists tightly bound. I pulled her arms over her head, then tied her wrists to the wall, into two eyebolts I had set the night before. She tugged tentatively at the restraints, and hung her head in defeat.

"Now the fun begins," I said. I picked up my Brittani and unzipped the back of her bustier. Then I wiggled the tight costume from the doll's plastic body. Across the room, Wonder Woman's costume began to slither down her voluptuous form, a crimson and azure snake. Clad only in her tiara and bracelets, I looked at my fabulous guest. She blushed a deep crimson and began to struggle.

"Stop that," I ordered. "Lie down and be still!"

Just like that, the Amazon stopped. She tried to cover herself, but the ropes kept her hands from moving very far. She turned her head to watch what I was doing. I took her costume and placed it in a large plastic bag. I heat sealed it, then stapled it into the box as well.

Returning, I said, "The Woman bit is evident. Let's explore the Wonder part of it, shall we?" Stripping off my clothes, I lay down next to her. Carefully, I used one hand to trace her perfect form. She shivered in response and softly whispered, "No, please don't do this."

"What? And give up bragging rights in stir?" I asked in mock astonishment. I leaned over and kissed her cheek. She tried to move, but the restraints were doing an excellent job of keeping her in place.

"I checked you out before coming. You're no rapist. You are a thief and reformed drug addict. Please don't make a big mistake... mmmmppppphhhh!!"

My lips covered hers and stopped her pleading. Her anxious pleas were a big turn on for me. Imagine a little guy like me getting and nailing superheroine number one! That shit never EVER happens.

Her lips were soft and warm, and I found my tongue exploring her mouth. One hand continued to caress her firm, round breasts. My other hand slowly slipped towards her soft velvety thighs, briefly stopping at her shaved pussy. My mind was going haywire with the excitement. I broke off the kiss and moved to her breast. It was firm, round and salty wet from sweat. Wonder Woman resumed her pleading with me to stop, but her body shook and arched beneath my hands.

"I don't think you want me to stop," I said smugly. My tongue slid across her breasts, licking them like a large cone from DQ. The tips were red and swelling. I cast a glance toward the soft fleshy mound between her legs. I moved my hand toward the "V" of her legs and listened to the rapid intake of breath from Wonder Woman.

"In fact, I think you're wanting more," I said, as I slipped between her opening thighs. I looked deeply into her blue eyes, seeing the fear there. "Please, no! Don't do this," she begged once more, as the tip of my cock pressed against her front door.

Wonder Woman was a screamer. She proved it as soon as I entered her. But her body instinctively grabbed at my cock and held it tight. I was in ecstasy. Ten years is a long time to go without a woman, and when your first one after a dry spell is Wonder Woman, well, lets just say that it was worth the wait. I pumped her hard, listening to the alternating shrieks of pain and whimpers of fear coming from my helpless guest.

It was over too quickly. Heaven on earth was reached and passed for me. Wonder Woman lay crying softly beneath me and I rolled off. She looked at me with tear stained eyes. "Are you satisfied?" she asked. "You captured me, you raped me. What's next? Are you going to kill me?"

"Oh no -- nothing so mundane. You're my weekend guest. I told you, I'm going to make you into Brittani." I went across the room and returned with several bags; the result of my trip to the mall the night before. "Brittani has a fabulous wardrobe, I figured you needed one too." I opened the first bag and held up a dark green strapless brassiere and matching silk panties, straight from Victoria's Secret.

I slipped the bra and panties onto Wonder Woman, covering her nudity. She looked a bit out of place with the tiara, so I removed it. Kissing Wonder Woman, I tacked her tiara into the Brittani box.

Taking up Wonder Woman's lasso once more, I ordered her to fall into a deep sleep, only to awaken when I ordered her. She tried to resist, but it was futile. Soon her breathing became regular and her body relaxed. I untied her from the eyebolts, and removed the lasso from her wrists. Then I lifted her body and gently carried her to the box. I leaned her slumbering form against the backer board and began the job of insuring that she wouldn't break free. After posing her body, I began the job of keeping her inside. Heavy restraints were placed around her waist, wrists, arms, thighs, calves and neck. Wonder Woman continued sleeping.

Satisfied with my handiwork, I stepped out and closed the box. Behind the plexiglas I watched as my living doll breathed softly. Friday night had been the beginning. Saturday would be the telling point.

I was too excited to sleep in my room, and I wanted to be certain that Wonder Woman wasn't going to suddenly wake up and escape. So I sat on the couch for a bit and watched her. But the excitement of the day finally told on me, and I fell asleep.

Saturday morning broke with a thunderstorm. The rain pelted the basement windows and the lightning flashes woke me. After getting over my disorientation, I sat bolt upright. The box was still sealed, and Wonder Woman was still securely fastened and sound asleep. I quickly checked the clock. The store would normally open in an hour and a half. But I had put a sign on the door indicating we'd be closed all day Saturday for inventory. Hopefully that and the message I left on the telephone's machine would allow me the 48 hours of uninterrupted pleasure I was to experience with my life-sized, breathing Brittani.

I made the preparations for my Saturday with Wonder Woman. I took my small Brittani and made certain that her wrists were tightly bound behind her back. It wouldn't do for Wonder Woman to get free at an inopportune time. Satisfied with the job I had done, I went to the plexiglas and wooden box I had made and said, "Wonder Woman, I command you to wake up."

Her eyes fluttered and she drew a deep breath. For a brief moment she was unaware of her surroundings, but recognition and remembrance soon set in and she pressed herself hard against the restraints. "Now now," I said. "None of that. Especially not before breakfast."

She glared at me. "Are you going to feed me? What about the "other" necessities of life a woman needs? Are you prepared for all the contingencies?" she asked.

I pointed to a small door with a heavy deadbolt. "In here, doll. You'll find the facilities and your clothes for the day. The wall is eight inches of steel reinforced concrete, and there is no other exit. I'll be waiting right here with Brittani. Four minutes though, or I come in after you."

She nodded agreement and entered the bathroom. Three minutes later she emerged, wearing a satin ball gown. "I feel ridiculous," she said.

"You were the one who bought the philosophy that Brittani could be any woman and that any woman could be an Amazon. I just wanted to see if an Amazon could be any woman." I had her sit at the small table and looped her lasso around her sexy waist three or four times. Holding the end tightly, I walked to where the Brittani doll lay, picked it up and returned to the table.

The table was set with bagels, cream cheese, tea and coffee packets and juice. "Help yourself," I said to the beautiful princess sitting across from me.

"Why are you doing this?" Wonder Woman asked. "What do you get out of it?"

"Don't you get it? For years, I was nobody; a punk. Today, I'm an employed punk. Big career move."

"But why this?"

"Because now, for once in my life, I've taken a big gamble and it paid off. You came to me and I caught you. Breaks like this don't happen to just anyone. I've proved myself to me and soon to the whole world."

"What do you plan to do with me?" she asked. "You've called me a weekend guest."

"Well, after today's little diversions, I plan on making a fortune on you. I have a special auction planned tomorrow. Word went out to Dr Psycho, Angle Man and several crime bosses. They'll pay for the privilege of owning a one of a kind Wonder Woman doll. I can leave town, the country and you'll never see me again."

She grimaced slightly, but nodded. "I see." Then she changed the subject. "What did you do to the Brittani doll to make it sympathetic to my body?"

"Huh?" I asked.

""Why do I respond to the Brittani Doll?" she asked again.

"I don't know. It's the prototype doll, you know. Pieces of your costume sewn in and everything."

She chewed on her bagel and nodded again. I could see the wheels in her head turning rapidly as she tried to develop an escape plan. Still she ate peacefully, as though an inner harmony was driving her. That alone was driving me crazy. How could she be so peaceful, knowing a grisly end awaited her?

She finished her breakfast and looked at me in all sincerity. "So what's on the agenda for today? More of last night's rapine behavior? Something different?" She looked at her clothes. "Surely, you don't expect to show me off in public like this."

My mouth dropped open. "N-no, I don't," I stammered. Honestly, I had never expected her to take charge of the questioning. But she refused to act like a scared hostage, trying to reassert control. I began to doubt myself.

"Let's take this lasso off," she suggested. "After all, your Brittani doll seems to work very well at controlling me don't you think?"

She was already trying to undo the lasso. I helped untie her and then hung the lasso in the box, gripping Brittani tightly. "No funny stuff, Wonder Woman. You will obey me."

"I can hardly refuse, since you have the poppet."

I looked at her. "What?"

"A poppet. A doll designed to look like me and on which you can perform your acts and my sympathetically attuned body will respond. In this case, you have a Brittani doll that forces me to act against my will."

I shrugged at her explanation. If that's what it was, then I would accept her explanation. She stood there, with her hands on her hips waiting for my next move.


I didn't know what to do. When I thought of Wonder Woman as a helpless captive, or as a defeated heroine my mind had all sorts of thoughts for dealing with her. But now, she was cooperative, friendly, confident and seemed to be taking control.

"This Ballgown seems a little overdressed for a Saturday morning don't you think?" she asked politely. "I prefer jeans or pajamas this early normally."

I had never thought of Wonder Woman in jeans or having a life outside of being a heroine.

"I only dressed you like that because you are a princess. I thought princesses dressed in that way," I stammered. She smiled graciously.

"At home, I'm a princess. In man's world, I am a heroine and a woman who likes comfort. Besides, you have a long way to go in developing a style for princesses to wear."

We both laughed at that.

Still smiling, she looked again at the changing and bathroom I had prepared for her and I nodded. I handed her a bag with some jeans and a sweater and she quickly disposed of the ballgown.

When she emerged, she looked lovely and comfortable. I remarked on this and she smiled.

"What do we do now? After all, we've had breakfast and I'm comfortable."

I considered this. I hadn't even thought this far. Damn! Angleman would have had several deathtraps planned and executed by now. Doctor Psycho would have extracted some sort of scheme from almost nowhere. Me? What did I consider? I'd had Wonder Woman, she was still under my control, but who would believe it?

Frustrated, I began rubbing Brittani, between the thighs while I contemplated my next move.

Wonder Woman gasped. She squirmed uncomfortably and a slight moan escaped from her mouth. Surprised, I continued to rub Brittani, massaging her breasts. Wonder Woman's hands moved to her breasts as well. A look of fear crossed her eyes as she realized her predicament.

The more I continued to rub Brittani, the hotter Wonder Woman became. I was getting firm as well, watching the large lithe woman squirm and moan. Wonder Woman unbuttoned her jeans and stuck her hand into her pants. She gasped and rolled her head back. Her other hand pushed the sweater up over her breasts, which were red and firm. Her mouth opened in a kissing look.

I leaned over and took her in my arms, kissing her. I stroked her smooth flesh, and began stroking her pussy for her. She continued to whimper and I felt her nails digging into my back. Her knees and legs locked around me and she pulled me close to her.

"Now you bastard," she hissed in my ear," you're going to jail, again."

What? I looked behind me as best I could with her Amazon arms holding me tightly. There in her left hand was Brittani. Without the doll, I had no control over Wonder Woman. She dragged me to her changing room and locked me in. Five minutes later, dressed in her star spangled attire, Wonder Woman dragged me out to the police station.

"You know, they'll never believe this," I said. "That a Brittani doll kept you helpless."

She said, "I'm not worried. After all, who's going to believe you?"

She was right. Psycho and Angleman would have nothing to do with me. They laughed when I told them what had happened. But I knew. And so did she.

I guess that's enough for me.


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The end.