Wonder Woman and Friends vs. The Artiste

by Northern Chill

Author's note : This multi chapter story is based loosely around an episodeof the 70's TV show Wonder Woman where the heroine encounters a villain who has the ability to seemingly turn people into lifelike statues.  I've updated it a little for the present day and added other elements, characters and plot lines.
     Enjoy !

 Part 1 - A photo session that lasts..and lasts

     Jill Warner flicked her red hair to one side as she waited for the cameraman to show up and start shooting the pics for a new men's magazine, Beach Babes.  She figured that with the exposure her photo spread in this new magazine would bring, she would soon be doing glamour cover shots for international fashion magazines.  For now, she would spend the day in bikinis that barely covered her private areas - like the tiny silver one she was wearing now.

     Bored after almost a half hour of uneventful waiting, Jill wandered over to where the other models were just standing around chit-chatting with each other.  "Do you think this guy is  ever going to show up, or what?  I certainly don't intend to spend all day standing around wearing just this bikini," she said to the two other women.

     The petite brunette shrugged, noting "All I know is I get paid by the hour for this gig and I'm only booked for the next two hours before I'll leave for a vacation to Greece and leave my problems behind," Karla said, adjusting the straps on her jet black bikini.  She turned to the buxom blonde fiddling with her red one piece suit, asking "Aren't you doing the shoot for Sexy Siren's summer spectacular issue next week?"

     Toni nodded.  "Three days of shot after shot by photographers who spend half the time ogling us instead of trying to get the best settings for the magazine.  There was one guy who.." she started to say, before being interrupted by an approaching gentleman with a woman walking just behind him.

     "All right, ladies, sorry I'm late but there was a bad traffic accident and I was held up.  If you'll take your positions by the first setting, we'll start right away now," the man said, moving towards the standing set at the back of the studio. " Paula, hurry up with that equipment!"

     "Sure, Art, I'm right behind you!" the woman said in a cheerful manner even while struggling under the weight of several bags she was carrying.  The two quickly moved to the set where they began to turn on the modeling lights and adjust the various props that were scattered around the faux beach.  A large chest filled with costume jewelry was centered in the middle of a pile of sand with the tip of a boat propped up to the right hand side.  In the backdrop, a large black flag with a skull and crossbones depicted on it hung loosely down from the ceiling.

      "All right, ladies, if you'll step over here, we can start shooting this particular scene now.  Jill, if you and Karla will stand on either side of the chest with your left hands on the edges.  Toni, I want you to stand behind the chest atop the pile of sand that's there,"  the photographer called out to the approaching models as he busied himself adjusting the camera tripod and lights.

      Toni stepped gingerly behind the wooden chest as the other two took up the positions Art asked of them.  Paula stepped up to each of them and sprayed some water lightly over their faces, arms and wherever there was visible skin, which was quite a bit.  "Art wants it to look like you three have just come across the treasure after an invigorating swim in the ocean water.  It'll also keep you cool while under these lights as well," she said to all three once she was done her preparation tasks.

      Art stepped forward and started to snap away on his camera a series of shots for the pirate setting.  After half an hour of different poses and looks and several rolls of film used up, Art paused and called Paula over for a private talk.  After a few seconds, Art's assistant went over and opened up one of the black carrying cases she had lugged in.  She took out two gold bracelets and one golden necklace that sparkled and shone brightly under the glare of the overhead lights.  Toni could tell even from a distance that these pieces of jewelry were not like the junk that adorned them now.

      Paula handed Jill and Karla the bracelets and helped Toni slip the necklace around her lovely neck.  She then sprayed all three again and adjusted the jewelry in the chest before stepping back behind the photographer once again who waited patiently.

     "All right, ladies, for this last shot, all three of you are trying on the jewelry you found in the chest.  You feel sexy and beautiful wearing these magnificent baubles.  Show that to me, now!"  Art called out as he started to click away on his camera as a low pulsing rock theme blared in the background.

     After shooting a few pics, Art stopped for a second and pulled out a remote control.  "Just one second ladies, hold your poses, I want to adjust the lighting a little for these shots," he said while depressing a red button on the remote control. There was an odd electronic whine from the device.

     Almost instantly, the three women found themselves unable to move or talk at all!   They could still hear and see everything but were unable to move a single digit.  Their breathing rapidly slowed to an almost imperceptible level with all three's impressive chests barely moving at all.  Inwardly, all three screamed at the motionless state they found themselves in, yet their outer appearance still was a pose of pleasure and sensuality.

     Nodding to himself, Art put aside his equipment and beckoned forth his assistant. "Ok, Paula, you strip and prepare our newest items for display while I decide what settings I'll put our lovely ladies in," he said to her while rubbing his hand on his chin thoughtfully.

     "Settings?" all three immobilized models mentally shouted as Paula deliberately moved among them, stripping off the swimsuits they wore with a casual speed that suggested she had done this before.  Before they could react mentally to their nudity, they found themselves further stimulated by having their sexes shaved smooth and then Paula deliberately running her hands over their breasts and down their supple thighs.  Although they could not express the waves of pleasure that coursed through their stiff bodies, all three's nipples quickly hardened and a noticeable dampness appeared between their legs.

      Once Paula had finished, she went back to where Art was standing and shaking his head at her antics. "It's hard to put these women on display if you keep trying to turn them on like that," he said with a semi-disapproving tone to his voice. His smile softened the complaint.

      "C'mon, Art. I'm just having fun as always. Besides, when you tested out this device on me, you seemed to enjoy checking out my pose," Paula said  with a wink."I know I sure did!" she thought to herself.

      Art turned slightly red for a second before stepping towards the frozen models. "I'm going to use setting 'one' on Jill and Karla and pose them in our Ancient Greece exhibit.  For Toni, it'll be setting number 'two' for her. I think she'll be very useful in her new role.

     "Setting two... new role... what the hell is he up to?" Toni thought, desperately wanting to be  look around, but her eyes were frozen staring straight ahead.

     Meanwhile, Paula was rummaging through the models' belongings to find their address books and let whoever was expecting each model that they would be canceling all future plans for now.  However, when she paged through Toni's address book, she saw a notation that made her stand up and run over to her villainous employer. "It seems Toni here has a dinner booked with Wonder Woman! Maybe we ought to let her go and just settle for the other two," she said, casting a nervous look at the stiffly posed nude model in question.

     Art shook his head. "Nope.  Things are already set for these three back at my museum.  Besides, I can always start a new display called Heroines..a Different Look," he muttered to himself with a sly grin. "For now, let's get things set for these three while I figure how to handle that amazon heroine..."

     The two moved off to get the rest of the needed materials, leaving the three statue-still women alone with their thoughts that ranged from fear of the unknown to hope that they would be freed...

     And freed soon...

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