by Magnus

Preface: I wanted to write a short story about an alternate universe where superheroes we know exist, but not like we commonly know. I wanted to explore the possibilities.  I had always heard that Wonder Woman's costume was cursed and only she could wear it. While I don't know much about this, it got me thinking.


Wonder Woman hid in the shadows of the warehouse down on the water front; it hadbeen a month and a half since she'd been able to catch up to Whizral. While Whizral isn't superpowered, he has the arcane art to change matter into anything except precious metals or gems.

He likes to lure women into modeling jobs and transform them into any number of inanimate objects: Love dolls, Barbies, Mannequins, Statuary, Wind-up dolls and the like.

It's been a month and a half since she's seen Black Canary and the Huntress, they were helping with the case and they disappeared, all that was found was their distinctive costumes, empty, abandoned.

A month and a half since Wonder Woman had been powerless to stop Whizral from turning Black Canary and the Huntress into sex dolls, an encounter she narrowly escaped herself.

If it wasn't for a passing UPS woman who decided to 'lend a hand' she might have ended up in some resale shop somewhere or even worse put on on ebay. Since then, she hadn't been able to do much but watch the papers for adds for photographers seeking models, it was a never ending search it seemed, she went to every one, even had Oracle helping with locations.

She had to be careful, there wasn't much she could do against Whizral. Her best weapon was surprise, since he had no telepathic abilities she needed to blind side him and get it over with.

She was going to take him out, it was the only way.

Whizral was in the process of making Barbies, 12" plastic dolls lil girls love to play with and adults love to collect. He would call in living models and have them pose and then Poof! they would instantly shrunk down doll size, even the clothes they wore shrunk. He was going in groups of six; the current group consisted of 2 Cheerleaders, 2 Dancers and 2 ladies dressed as Aerobics Instructors.

"Ok now ladies, this is a group shot for the brochure, I want ya all to relax and start the posing," he said as he began snapping away.

Wonder Woman was hiding behind some crates with her rifle aimed at his head, not sure weather to squeeze one off or wait till after he transformed the group he was taking photos of now.

A rifle definitely wasn't her style, but running in there and cold cocking him gave no guarantee, she wasn't even sure she could even get near him as his power did not require him to be touching the victim, merely close by. As she watched, the transformations began one by one, each model hit a pose and froze and began to take on shiny luster to their skin and their eyes looked painted on. One by one they shrunk down to doll size.

"Take your shot now!" she thought and squeezed one off.

The bullet ricocheted off near Whizral and he turned, looking her right in the eye.

Instantly a cold chill went down her spine as she felt herself freeze in place.

"Wonder Woman, you are a wonder, aren't you?" said Whizral. "I mean I was quite sure I sold you a month and a half ago with your two friends Black Canary and the Huntress." He walked towards her, casually. Wonder Woman could not move at all. "I was quite sure I turned you into a sex doll... even tested you out myself", he said smirkingly. "You were excellent. Now, how is it that you're here again, in the flesh, and with a gun no less?" he mused. "Did Zatana change you back? . . .
How could she have; I sold you all to a collector in Europe, there's no way she could have found you."

There was nothing Wonder Woman could do as Whizral took her gun and discarded it.. Her skin felt strange as all her body's orifices sealed, the room grew hot and all her senses went blank.

All senses cept feeling, that one became enhanced and she could feel her skin turning to smooth plastic.

She was soon a life-size Doll of herself, grinning, posed with one arm straight and one bent, face painted on.

"O well, no sense in going on about it, I'm sure someone could use a Wonder Woman doll in their collection," he said as he flicked his wrist dismissingly. Instantly Wonder Woman shrank down in size, but oddly her costume did not.

"Strange, never seen clothes unaffected by my magic. Oh well, you won't be needing them anymore," he said reaching into her loose pantyhose to retrieve the 12 inch plastic doll that Wonder Woman had become.

"I'm sure I have something around here for you to wear," he said with a laugh, stroking her pointy breasts and smooth sex with his thumb.

He dressed her in a Barbie evening dress and some plastic pumps and put her in a box with the others.



* * Days Later * *

Nicole Suthers stepped into the warehouse, following an address she had about a photo shoot. She was a few days late though and nothing was here save for a few crates and a pile of clothes.

Nicole was gorgeous; a long and lean blonde with a good bust and a rounded ass, she was every photographer's dream and she had the portfolio to prove it. An ex NFL cheerleader, she still possessed a hard body and was in high demand.

Her agent sent her the address, saying to be here today, evidently she got the times screwed up.

"Damn," she said aloud as she milled about.

She turned to leave when she saw the pile of clothes.

"O, wow, what's this", she said picking up the empty costume that used to be Wonder Woman's.

"Wonder Woman", she said with a snicker as she recognized the costume, not knowing how it had gotten here. "Little early for Halloween..."

There was an entire Wonder Woman costume here, suit bracelets, tiara, boots, and even a pair of pantyhose. Discarded on the ground in a heap as if they had fallen off someone.

"This would be a great costume," she thought as she put it in her gear bag. Indeed Halloween was only days away and Nicole had yet to decide what she was going to be.

"Will have to find a wig," she thought as she imagined herself in costume attending her agent's annual costume party in Beverly Hills. She thought of all the attention she would get as she left the warehouse and drove back home, eager to try on the costume and see if it needed any alterations.

Last year she was cheerleader. Kkinda funny, cause that what she used to do for a living, but it was short notice and she had just gotten back from Europe and had little time to plan anything other than riffle through her closet. This year was different, strangely, a costume came to her.

She arrived home and went to her room excited, with anticipation, she remembered watching Wonder Woman on TV as a child and dressed up as her on a few halloweens, but never though much about it as an adult, leaving those desires in the past.

Laying the gear bag down on the bed she opened it and discarded the contents onto the bed. Examining the costume more closely she found that it was very well made and had a nice reflective shine to it like satin. The boots were a brushed leather and didn't appear to be well used by the clean soles, they had a 4 inch heel and, amazingly, they were in her size.

The bracelets where made of a chrome-like metal that she hadn't seen before, they were 6 inches in length and were light for their appearance.

The pantyhose were suntan in shade and seemed to be the right size and fairly new it appeared, they had a seam in the middle and the cotton gusset had what appeared to be a trap door or convenience of some sort she couldn't see.

The tiara was golden and had a red star in the center of it, also there were a pair of silver star earrings.

Undressing, she threw her street clothes aside and bunched up the left pantyhose leg as she sat on the bed, slid them on while marveling about the feeling they induced; seeming to be slightly arousing, something that she hadn't felt in pantyhose since she was a cheerleader.

Putting her right leg in and standing, she pulled up the pantyhose over her hips and smoothed them out.

They looked shiny and appeared to be very durable. Picking up the suit, she noticed that there was no zipper, and material seemed to have enough give in it that she could get it on and not need one.

Pulling the suit on was indeed as she had thought and as she pulled the bodice up over her breasts she felt and electrical charge, not a shock, but an excitement.

Nicole put on the tight belt which held the infamous magic lasso and slid on the boots which also had no zipper and stood in front of her closet mirror. Facing her stood a blonde bombshell that looked remarkably sensual in the costume.

The bracelets, the earrings, the tiara, the shine of the hose; she indeed felt wonderful.

Turning and removing one of the bracelets she stumbled into her night stand and scratched her thigh on the corner of it.. Rubbing it she thought "will have to get some new hose", but to her bewilderment, the pantyhose were unscathed. The scratch was painful and she was sure the pantyhose were ruined.

"These hose must be indestructible," she said aloud.

They are.

"Huh", she said looking around, "Who's there", she said as she went to her bedside and grabbed a bat; not sure of where the voice came from.

They are indestructible, as is the rest of the costume. Again the voice startled her, coming from everywhere but nowhere.

"Allright, show yourself! I'm not messing around here, I'll call the cops," Nicole became frightened.

No need to worry, I mean you no harm. Go to the mirror.

"The mirror?" she said as she stepped closer to the mirror, all she saw was herself, dazzling in the Wonder Woman costume.

"Where are you?" she asked looking about. Right here, on your body. "No way", she thought. Yes way, the voice responded, In her head! "The suit is alive? How can that be?"

Simple -- I am the essence of Wonder Woman, all that she is and has been, I am. I was created created long ago to defend the Amazons, and have had many hosts down through the centuries.

"You've got to be kidding me! Hosts? What is this, some kind of invasion of the body snatchers or candid camera show?" Nicole began looking around for a hidden camera, poking around with her bat.

No, this is real. The minute you put the costume on it enabled me to convert you.

"Convert me? What are you talking about? Did Kurt put you up to this?" Kurt being an old boy friend. Nicole let her guard down a bit more and edged away from the mirror towards the phone. "I'm calling the police", she said.

No; there is no need.

At that moment she felt something stir in the costume, it felt like it was alive and snuggled itself tight against her hard body. She gasped and dropped the bat as she felt something slip into her pussy, it was warm and pulsing. It felt good.

"What's going on?" she gasped as she tried to pry off the gusset of her costume. It wouldn't budge, it was firmly affixed. "Get this thing out of Me!" she cried as she felt a vibration and arousal build within her. "NO!, don't do this to me!" she protested weakly but couldn't help herself as she fell to the bed, stroking her pussy as the magical phallus pushed in and out of her.

I'm sorry, but if I'm going to take control, you must be conditioned. I'm on an important mission, there is a evil man who must be stopped, he has harmed many, and if I don't stop him he will harm many more.

I'm sorry, but I will be taking over your body.

"Noooooooo"! she feebly cooed, rubbing her sex as everything went blank.

Nicole dreamed, dreamed she was an Amazon princess out to save the world from the evils that meant to enslave it. Her arch enemy was Whizral the evil transformer, who had the ability to transmute matter into any inorganic substance.

He was a wicked man who loved to entrap women and transform them into any number of things for his enjoyment and profit.

Memories of past battles came; she could recall being transformed into countless statues, a few sex dolls, a mannequin and a barbie doll. Each time Whizral's magic failed to work on the costume and it was able to find a new host, the previous one being Nancy Davies, a UPS driver.

Memories of her valiant compatriots surfaced. Batgirl, Black Canary, the Huntress, Power Girl. Super Girl and Terra and Starfire and Zatana as well as the members of Femforce: Ms Victory, Synn, She Cat, Night Veil Tara, and Stardust.

Many of whom she has lost contact with and guessed they have probably have been transformed. Her only hope is to recover her fallen friends' costumes and get them onto new hosts. With Nicole's show business connections that wouldn't be a problem as she saw herself in her own dream as the heroine.

Everything became clear to Nicole as her own personality was pushed into the back of her mind and the essence of Wonder Woman took over. Everything that had been hers Wonder Woman now had access to; her friends, her job, her life, everything.

Whizral must be stopped at any cost.

Wonder Woman awoke from her slumber, stood and went to the mirror. Nicole now knew why the pantyhose had a convenience crotch in them as she was now but a passenger in her own body kept under control by the phallus buried in her pussy.

In front of the mirror Wonder Woman looked herself over. During the conversion the suit augmented Nicole's body to suit its needs; her breasts became fuller, her legs a few inches longer. Her hair darkened into deep brown locks, her eyes paled a bit bluer. She still resembled Nicole, but now as Nicole would resemble Wonder Woman. Her arms were more muscular; she felt a catlike agility and balance in her posture.

Wonder Woman smoothed out the costume and adjusted her breasts better, checked out her belt and smoothed out her suit again, patting her pussy that kept Nicole in check.

Feeling the indestructible pantyhose on her legs she inspected the scratch from earlier; the red mark was already gone. She felt strong; invincible.

The pantyhose were made from an inert indestructible fiber similar to the suit. Wonder Woman chose them as did the others cause they protected their legs as well as providing a bit of sensuality.

Having finished her inspection, Wonder Woman knew that she had to track down Whizral and deal with him once more. She would need help.

Going to the screen door in the room, she opened it and jumped into the air, flying off to Oracle's secret base to retrieve the costumes of The Huntress and Black Canary as well as a few others.

She was going to need all the help she could get to stop Whizral, and she needed a plan.

His M.O. was always the same, he would set up shop somewhere in the Los Angeles area and begin his transformations.

Once at Oracle's base she was able to learn that it had only been a week since she had lost her last host Nancy Davies. Hidden in the back of a closet was a secret room that held the costumes of her friends Black Canary, The Huntress, Super Girl, Power Girl, and Batgirl. They were all that she had been able to recover. She hoped to find more, but those was all that were available.

Ms Victory and company sure would come in handy, as would Terra and Starfire, but they have been missing for a few years and there were no clues as to where their costumes - or they - had ended up.

It was only because of Nancy Davies that she had been able to recover these costumes, otherwise who knew what would have become of them.

Now all Wonder Woman needed were five of Nicole's female friends; easy enough.

She flew back to Nicole's townhouse and found her cell phone, with a search through her directory she was able to identify the suitable candidates for the costumes she had.

Getting them over to her house was actually easier than she thought.

With the coming costume ball they were eager to join her, as they too would benefit from the attention of the evening.

Patty was a tall blonde and would be perfect as Power Girl; Debbie, a brunette, would become the Huntress. Jaime would be Black Canary and Jenn - a striking redhead - would be the new Batgirl, while Kristin - another blonde bombshell - would be perfect as Super Girl.

Each of the costumes were placed in bags as to not throw suspicion on them.

Patty was the first to arrive.

"Nicole! -- it's good to see you again! Omg! You're Wonder Woman!  Nicole, you look incredible!" Wonder Woman gave Patty a hug and they went inside and sat and got caught up on things. Wonder Woman flawlessly performed as Nicole would as she has each time she had to stand in for one of her hosts talking with people they knew.

"I can't wait for the party. You want me to be Power Girl?" Wonder Woman proceeded to show Patty her costume, when the door bell rang.

Debbie and Jaime arrived and were just as surprised as Patty to see Nicole as Wonder Woman, they were equally pleased with her selection that they would become The Huntress and Black Canary.

It wasn't long before the others arrived.

"I know your all eager to try on these costumes, and I know were going to have a awesome time this Saturday at the party," Nicole said, hatching her plan. "Put them on now and we'll see how you look in a few mins then. If any alterations need to be made, I'll take down the measurements," she continued, confident there would be no changes needed - to the costumes.

Each of the girls went off on their own with a bag and destiny in their hands. Several minutes passed as Wonder Woman waited patiently.

Jenn was the first one down; she looked fantastic as Batgirl, there was very little augmenting needed.

"Nic, what's with the pantyhose? I mean you can't see my legs, not that I'm complaining about how good they feel," she said as she rubbed her thighs. "I was just kinda curious about the flap in the crotch, but then with this costume's fit I can see the need for it."

Jenn's lithe body was encased from neck to toe in a deep charcoal tone, it shimmered nicely from the lighting in the room.

Debbie and Kristin came down next. They both looked hot as The Huntress and Super Girl.

Debbie's costume consisted of a deep purple cape, light purple suit, deep purple thigh high boots, matching indestructible pantyhose and a utility belt full of gadgets.

Kristin's long blonde hair was accentuated by the blue blouse, red hot pants and red boots. Her costume was completed with a flowing red cape and shimmery indestructible pantyhose.

"Are you ready to par-tay?" said Jaime as she came down and showed everyone just how hot Black Canary really is. Her fishnet pantyhose overlaid her shimmery indestructible pantyhose, her French cut bodice and bolero jacket accentuated her look, topped off by high heeled boots turned down at the calf.

"Sexy," Kristin observed.

"Lookie there," Jenn catcalled, while smoothing her own costume.

Patty was the last one down, her form-hugging white leotard shimmering in the light along with her tan pantyhose, blue boots and red cape.

"I feel so sexy," she said as she did a model's twirl for the others.

"How's the fit?" the host asked as she checked out each of her friends.

One of the walls in the room was mirrored and they each posed and primped, adjusting their boobs and leotards; some showed more than others. Like Jaime who had a thong leotard and showed ample cleavage.

Patty noticed her costume had a nice hole cut out of the front that revealed a good portion of her breasts.

They each posed and flexed, admiring their forms in the mirror.

"These pantyhose are just too much," said Patty. "Where did you get them?"

"What brand are they," asked Kristin smoothing her legs in the mirror.

"They came with the suits," said Nicole.

"What about the trap door," asked Debbie, fondling her crotch. "I usually like hose without cotton panels, they can have a way of showing themselves with outfits like this. Oohh, what was that?" It felt like her crotch was fondling her in return!

"Something feels strange about this costume," said Jenn as her hand too went to her crotch. "It's getting tighter."

"Mine feels tighter too," said Debbie. " I feel so... horny," she said slowly circling her pubic mound with her gloved fingers.

Indeed, Jenns costume looked tighter on her as it began to take on a rubbery sheen. "My pussie's so hot," she said digging into her crotch.

Her eyes went wide as she felt the foreign intruder enter her pussy. "Omfg! Something's in me!" She immediately began trying to remove the suit, but the heat became too much and she fell to the floor in blind passion.

Debbie too was feeling the effects; she went down too and began lapping at Jenn/Batgirl's crotch. "What is that?" said Debbie as her eyes went wide and looked to her own crotch, Kristin also felt it and tried to resist the sensations for a few seconds since SuperGirl was more noble than that, she thought.

"Something is wrong, Nici; what's happening here?" said Patty as she dug incessantly at the crotch of her costume.

"The heat is too much I can't take it!" finally said Kristin who was slumping to the floor, rubbing her wet pussy.

"I can't get this thing out of me, it's, it's driving me mad!" said Debbie, fumbling with the crotch of her suit, desperately trying to remove the intruder.

Each of the girls then focused on themselves as they each became overly aroused by the phalluses inside them. Nothing else seemed to exist.

"I can't move!" said Jenn as Debbie too succumbed to her heat; you could clearly see her crotch throbbing as something was going in and out of it.

"Got to get this off," said Jaime as she inched her way to the door, she stumbled backwards to the floor.

Wonder Woman knelt beside her friend and began fondling her pussy and breasts. "It's OK; just let yourself go and enjoy!"

"What's wrong with these suits, Nic?" asked Jaime, gasping "Something is inside me," she moaned, "I can't... Ahhhhh." Was the last she said as her eyes rolled into the back of her head and she passed out.

"Get this thing out of me!" cried Kristin as she was trying to get back on her feet. "It's fucking me! Make it stop!

"I I I I," gasped Jenn, finally succumbing to the pleasure.

"I can't stop cumming," cried Kristin as she fell on her back; Nic could see that her crotch was very wet with her cum. "Got to rubbb bb," was her last gasp as she too succumbed.

"I-I-I know what the hole is for," gasped Patty breathlessly, "Th the suit, it's alive -- and it's taking me over! It told me so..."

Wonder Woman knelt by Patty and cradled her, fondling her breasts and wet crotch. "I know. Just give in and let the pleasure take you away."

"Yu You tricked us..." were Patty's last words as she finally passed out from the orgasms.

Nicoles five friends quickly succumbed to the conditioning process, with the control phallus installed their individuality each began being pushed back, out of the way by the dominating personalities of the suits. Jenn no longer was an aspiring actress; she became Batgirl, her body already fit, the suit just rounded her ass and firmed her abs. Debbie no longer was a swimsuit model, she became The Huntress, her breasts grew as did her legs lengthen.

Kristin's hair grew longer and blonder and her breasts expanded. Confidence and Virtue overwhelmed the previously introverted artist.

Jaime dreams of being a successful lawyer were pushed aside as the personality of Black Canary took over and displaced her into the back of her mind. Her breasts became fuller as her ass rounded out.

Patty's body became even more toned and muscular in a feminine way. Her blonde hair grew out several inches and her breasts strained against the spandex fabric of her costume.

While the conditioning went on, Wonder Woman did some investigating using Oracle's data and discovered where Whizral had set up shop. She learned that he was in the LA area, in Anaheim. There was an ad for models needed to do some catalog work and it met the criteria Whizral had used in the past.

Since he had very little opposition, there was no need for him to change the formula.

She needed to get out there while it was still night to make sure, then she could form a plan to take Whizral down. Leaving her friends alone so the costumes could complete the alterations, she flew off into the cloudy sky, heading southward.

It didn't take Wonder Woman long to find the warehouse that Whizral was using as his new front. Wonder Woman landed behind the warehouse unseen and was able to get a look inside through a window.

"Mannequins!" she said with a hiss, her eyes widening.

Whizral was making Mannequins, inside the warehouse she could see several dozen of them standing on stands, naked and stiff. So lifelike that Wonder Woman for a moment thought they were alive. The give away was that they were sexless, with joints in the arms, wrists and right thigh.

There was nothing she could do for them now; maybe Zatana could restore them, but that would have to wait till after they stopped Whizral.

Wonder Woman arrived back at Nicole's house at sunrise. She came in just as Batgirl was coming awake.

"Ooh, my head," she said as she rose, "I swear every time I do this it gets more difficult. Were you able to get in touch with Oracle?"

"The computer here is patched in to her hard drive and I'm loading the info I gathered overnight."

"You've used the time very wisely..." Batgirl agreed, supporting her crime-fighting compatriot.

"I've also located Whizral, and where he set up shop. Once Oracle gets a chance to go over things, we'll get a floorplan of the warehouse."

"Someone tell me we found that bastard," said The Huntress as she rose. "Not sure how much more of this I can take." The Huntress stretched and began looking over herself in the mirror, along with Batgirl.

"Your not gonna like what he's doing this time, girls," Wonder Woman commented wryly.

"What's he up to now?" asked Super Girl, awakening.

"He's making mannequins."

Black Canary gasped. "You can't be serious", said Black Canary arising, "We have got to stop him this time, have you got a plan?"

"Yes I do" said Wonder Woman, "You and The Huntress will disguise yourselves as aspiring models and gain entry while we wait outside. I think the best way is to come at him from all sides all at once, something we've never tried."

"Kara and I will come in from the ceiling," interjected Power Girl, "He won't even know what hit him."

"When Canary or Huntress come in for their shoot that will be to 'go' signal, Babs and I will get past the security system and deactivate it."

Wonder Woman put a page down on the table, it was still warm from the printer. "Here is the layout of the warehouse."

The gathered around the dinette and studied the floor plan of the warehouse; it was pretty cut and dry, the security system was minimal. In the past Whizral had used his magic to alert him. He would have to here as well, and that meant they had to be especially careful. There was really no other way to go about this.

They went over the plans and their assignments, Huntress and Black Canary altered their costumes slightly to make them look less recognizable and more like something the models that they would pose as would wear. They were set up with some impromptu portfolios and off they went.

Supergirl and Power Girl would hang out on the roof and wait for a sign, monitoring the main room with their super hearing.

Babs would go to the opposite side of the warehouse, gain entry and remain hidden, waiting for either Black Canary or the Huntress to be called in for her shoot, a signal would then be given and the charge would go, Supergirl and Powergirl would come crashing through the ceiling, while the rest would come in from the sides.

Black Canary and the Huntress arrived at the warehouse where Whizral had his studio. In the waiting room they presented their credentials to the receptionist and sat down to wait.

There were a lot of other beautiful girls in the room, all tall and slim. Perfect for making into Mannequins, or so it seemed.

The receptionist was very nice, but there was something strange about her, beyond her spaced-out expression. Black Canary then noticed a line on her right wrist, a separation line like that of a mannequin.

Black Canary nudged Huntress and smiled pleasantly to the receptionist. They were given numbers and told to sit.

Huntress would be the first of them to go in.

Wonder Woman was easily able to gain entry to the side of the building, as was Babs, the security system was not on and that made her feel uneasy. She was able to take up position behind some crates near some finished mannequins.

Power Girl and Supergirl landed lightly on the roof and tuned into what was going on in the building. They we're able to hear Wonder Woman and Babs enter and take up position, they even keyed in on some details.

Whizral had made thirty-seven mannequins so far and that he needed over twenty more to fill an order. He knew he had more than enough prospects outside, some of whom he might have to turn away. Unless he wanted to 'stock pile' a few extras...

With everyone in position all they needed to do was wait for either Black Canary or the Huntress to enter the studio. Wonder Woman felt uneasy as this seemed eerily familiar from the last time they tried to take him out.

It was then that she felt a cold hand on her arm. She turned to see a naked mannequin had a hold on her. Her reflexes were quick, but not fast enough; the mannequin's grip was powerful as she was hoisted into the air.

"Stay in position," she said loudly in hope that Power Girl and Supergirl would pick up on it as she was hauled into the studio where Whizral was working. Another animated mannequin was working on undressing a freshly transformed model as she came in.

Whizral, with a light sensor in his hand, was shocked as he saw yet again his arch foe.

"Wonder Woman, you've got to be kidding me," he blurted, then he smiled. " I knew you'd be back, just had a feeling, you're like a bad penny, as impossible as it may seem."

"You'll never get away with this, Whizral, this is your last day," said Wonder Woman, scowling.

"You think?" said Whizral with a smirk. "Well, Wonder Woman, this is the 4th time you've come at me. I've already made you into a statue, a sex doll, a barbie doll, and now this time you will become a perfect mannequin."

Wonder Woman felt the mannequin release her grip; she tried to move and found she couldn't. She remained standing in place.

"You are now under my spell, once more," Whizral said with a laugh. "You're not a mannequin yet; I want you to witness the others' transformations."

Wonder Woman wanted to tell him his plan was foiled, but she wasn't able to move a muscle.

"Don't think I didn't know you had friends did you?" Whizral boasted. "It wasn't until the third time you came at me I began to think there were a lot of Wonder Women, but the last time we met I planted a small microscopic camera on you and I can tell you that I was given quite a show. I never would have thought that it was the suit and not the woman in it who was the heroine." He waved his hands and a bank of TV screens appeared. "Now, for some fun."

The screens flashed on, showing each of the heroines in position.

"They gotta be sweating, wondering, 'Who will be first?' I think the lovely Huntress is due to come in." He waved his hands and Wonder Woman became invisible. He clicked on the intercom. "Send in number 39 plz."

On the screen you could see The Huntress get up and straighten herself up, give an uneasy look to Black Canary and go out of view.

"I'm sure your friends up on the roof heard our lil conversation, but no matter as you can see," he flicked his wrist and instantly Power Girl and Supergirl froze. With all their strength they couldn't budge.

"Now for the fun stuff," he said just as Huntress entered the studio. "You just stay there and watch," he said to the invisible Wonder Woman.

"Hi, miss?" he greeted her innocently.

"Debbie, Debbie Sisco," she said taking his hand.

"Nice portfolio here," he commented. "Now, take your coat off and step on to the mat plz." She hung her coat on a rung and went onto the mat.

"This is just a test shoot, nothing special. Just relax and take a few poses for me."

Huntress, not wanting to give herself away, obliged, posing seductively. Her costume was her own, with the addition of a lavender skirt wrap, the gadgets were removed from her belt and her mask was tucked away in the coat.

"Ok now I want you to look at this," Whiz said, holding a glistening pen above his head. As soon as Huntress focused on it, she felt her body become solid and everything went black. Moments later, her whole body seemed to take on a glossy appearance.

Wonder Woman was powerless to even raise a finger as the Huntress became a mannequin before her eyes, joints appearing on her wrists and upper right thigh. With her pussy sealing up, the link with the suit was broken and her senses were gone.

Debbie's skin became shiny and her eyes glass. As if on cue, one of the assistants brought in a stand. Huntress was carefully lifted and impaled on the stand and rolled away.

Whizral snapped his fingers and Batgirl appeared out of nowhere on the mat. "Wha, how? NO!" was all she could get out before he snapped again and her body froze solid and her face turned shiny. She too was placed on a stand and rolled off to the side.

"How about your friends on the roof?" he asked her as snapped his fingers and Supergirl and Power Girl appeared, holding the poses they were frozen into.

"No need for you to be invisible I assume," Whizral said as he snapped again and Wonder Woman became visible.

Whizral bent down to the com on the desk, asking the receptionist to send everyone home but numbers 40 41 and 42 plz.

On the monitor camera you could see girls getting up to leave while Black Canary became uneasy, recrossing her legs and pulling her short hem down.

"We'll just let her stew a bit," he said to the motionless group of super heroines. "Let's see. How about having some fun with these two, shall we?" They're both muscular, but not quite right for a window yet. Ah"! he snapped his fingers and they both changed their poses into a more mannequin like stance. Their eyes froze in place as the changes overtook them, their skin had a shine to it and their eyes took on a glassy look. "Much better..." he laughed.

Super Girl's right hand rested on her pubic bone and her left hand on her ass. Power Girl had a similar type pose with her left hand on her pubic bone and her right hand pinching her right nipple. Seconds later joints appeared on their bodies as Whizral's magic transformed them. They, too, were impaled on stands and rolled aside.

"Now how about our friend Black Canary? I have something special planned for her; watch." He snapped his fingers and you could see no change. "I just sealed up her sex."

Canary looked about nervously at the other two; suddenly cut off from the suit she felt like she was losing control, eventually Jaime's personality would resurface.

"How about this?" Whizral snapped again and in the monitor Wonder Woman could see Jaime's boobs flatten.

This made Canary stand up; her beautiful breasts had vanished. She was making her way to the door when Whizral snapped again.

Canary had gone to grab the door handle and recoiled in shock to see her fingers were now stubs! She turned toward the camera, a worried look on her face. In a matter of seconds her arms retreated up into her shoulders. He snapped again and her mouth sealed up and her nose smoothed over.

Canary lost her balance fell into a nearby chair, her face becoming a smooth oval. At this point her right leg flexed and her feet pointed as best they could in heels. Like the others, she solidified in position. She had become a pantyhose form.

'Nice, now for the fun part," he snapped again and one of the models got up, went over to Canary, and began undressing the pantyhose form she had become, while this was going on another girl in the room was also undressing herself. Once undressed, she donned the Black Canary costume minus the skirt.

An attendant came in with two stands and a cart and placed the stand behind the two ladies and picked up the pantyhose form and placed it on the cart. Jamie's legs glinted nicely off the lights, her legs were perfect, sexless, beautiful.

The girl who had undressed Canary lifted her skirt and inserted the nearby stand into her own ass. She adopted a pose and instantly became shiny plastic.

The new 'Canary' followed suit, placing the rod in the hole in the crotch of her pantyhose and placing her hands on her hips, then smiled. In a second she too was a shiny plastic mannequin.

The receptionist and the attendant wheeled the cart that held Black Canary and the Mannequin that wore her costume into the studio alongside the other girls.

"You see Wonder Woman, this time you won't be coming back, because I won't be tossing your costumes away again," he chuckled. "In fact, I'm starting my own superheroine collection. You're going to be my centerpiece, Wonder Woman. Or should I say, Wonder Mannequin?"

"Noo!" Nicole thought within her Wonder Woman persona. "It wasn't supposed to end like this..."

"There won't be another time, Wonder Woman, or whoever you once were. Enjoy your final existence." Whizral snapped his fingers one last time and Wonder Woman felt her body shift into position with her hands on her hips as an overwhelming stiffness came over her; she had been defeated once again, and she was uncertain if she would ever get another chance.

A smile crossed her face, then froze, as everything went black.


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