What Went Wong?

by Lane2k

(Artwork created by Ebony-Chocolate at DeviantArt.com)

Disappointing News

For the perfectly normal and healthy adult, the only reason to visit a hospital is to visit someone currently staying there. And the only reason to go to a doctor or specialist is for a normal checkup.

These activities happen every day, visitors patting the hands of recovering friends or family, or taking time to say goodbye. Doctors and nurses bringing new life into the world and giving comfort as others left the world.

Fertility doctors did their best to keep the others stocked with new clients.

"Terry, all the tests reveal Martha is perfectly normal and has no known issues with ovulating and potentially carrying a baby to term. Her periods are very regular, every 27 days for the past 18 months. Your test results are even more conclusive, though not in the way we would like to see. All three of the samples you provided consistently possessed sperm counts of very close to zero.

"We are not able to find any physical reasons for this deficiency. You are a normal healthy male in all other respects. We believe that this can be cured with a surgical procedure commonly practiced today, but I know you have no medical insurance and there is no way you can pay what it costs yourself."

Terry Mathis held his wife, Martha's, hand as Dr. Mathis gave them the difficult news. Doctor Travis Mathis, twin brother of Terry. Identical twin. Nurses new to his office were usually taken aback at first site of the doctor's brother. The resemblance was remarkable. Stunning...uncanny.

"There is always the option of finding a sperm donor, maybe one with the same DNA as you?" Travis Mathis looked leeringly at Martha, who blushed slightly and gripped her husband's hand tighter.

"For the last time, if we have a baby it is going to Martha's and mine. So stop offering to screw my wife. I appreciate that all these tests and such were free, I really do, but we are going to have to find a way to pay for this ourselves."

The couple rose from their seats silently and left quickly. One glance over his shoulder showed Terry his brother was calmly watching them leave. Travis smiled.

Terry stopped for just a moment while Martha went on ahead. "I am sick of you offering to have sex with my wife. You might be a big-shot wealthy doctor, sleeping with anyone you want, but Martha and I are going to have a baby...OUR baby, without your...direct help."

He closed the door.

The nurse at the front desk asked if they needed to schedule another appointment and Terry informed her that they would not be returning.

Martha was somewhat subdued as they rode the subway toward their stop. She spoke softly, "You know, your brother only wants to help."

Terry bristled. "What my brother wants is to get you in bed. He hates that fact that I found a wonderful woman to share my life with and he only has a long list of past bedmates. Our DNA may be identical, but we are VERY much opposites."

Terry grunted, brooding on dark thoughts. He would find another way. He had to.


Martha gets a job

The days passed slowly. The couple kept afloat as best they could, getting work wherever and whenever it became available. Martha was a model and in a city full of aspiring young talent, her options now that she was over 30 were diminishing.

Terry, for his part, was as unskilled as his twin was talented. Terry Mathis was a high-school dropout that never could decide on a career or where his life should lead. The only good thing that had happened to him was his wife. Though he was five years older than she was, the gulf of years was spanned with ease by a love that was untainted.

Terry was a blessed man.

Ten days had passed since their appointment in the clinic, when Martha answered a help-wanted ad for a clothing model.

The position would run weekends, Friday through Sunday, with overnights. All meals and accommodations would be provided.

Thursday morning was scheduled an interview.

Martha returned from her interview overjoyed. The agency had been looking for a woman for this position that was over 30, had almost a plus figure, and did not have the hips resulting from carrying children.

And it paid a $250 dollars per weekend.

Terry sat in stunned silence as his wife gushed about the major clothing stores that this agency contracted with.

"This may be the big chance I have always been wanting," she panted, her eyes alight with a fire he had never seen before.

However, it did not ease the emptiness that already was welling up inside him. His thoughts were focused on days each weekend they would be apart.

"Isn't there a way you could be home each night?"  His voice was almost a whine.

She took his face in her hands, looked deep into his eyes with a love he knew he did not deserve. They both smiled and the tension was broken.

With just that look, Terry and Martha were once again a team. They would take the opportunity given and use it.

Not to mention the pay. With that kind of income each week, they would be able to start a savings fund intended for paying the bills getting pregnant was bound to cause.

Friday morning saw Martha pack a small overnight bag, kiss her husband goodbye and head off to her new possibilities.

At about 11:00 a.m. Terry got a call from a temp agency offering him a weekend job as a night watchman.

He tried a couple times to call the agency that had hired Martha. Each time he was told she was on assignment and could not be reached.

His days crawled slowly past, sleeping or watching television. His nights of work making his rounds at the mall with his flashlight in hand and no one to talk to only accentuated the loneliness he felt.



Sunday late afternoon finally came and he was almost beside himself with worry when he heard the key turn in the lock of their apartment door.

In an instant, he flung the door open and took his woman into his arms.

She looked almost younger than when she had left. Dressed in the same clothes she had put on Friday morning, she looked better than he could remember her looking in years.

She immediately took his hand and led him to the bedroom. There was a burning flame in her eyes that he dared not try to ignore. Her passion that evening took him to heights they had not attained for years.

Two hours later they lay in each other’s arms, quietly talking

"Oh Terry it was the most amazing job I could ever imagine."

More than that she would not tell him. It seemed to him that she carried a secret that she was not yet willing to share with him. She did know something that left him in a fog of dismay.

She asked him how long his security job was going to last.

She had left before he had received the call to work and the subject had not come up since she had gotten home.

"My last night is tonight," he replied slowly. "I am only filling in for a guard that left suddenly because of a family medical emergency."

As Martha smiled at his answer, curiosity got the better of him and he broached the question that gripped his heart.

"How did you know that I had gotten a security temp job?"

Martha got slowly out of bed, stretching her naked form before her husband to gaze upon. She crawled over to where he lay and softly whispered in his ear that she would tell him all about it after he came back from work that night.

But first she had other plans.

Terry's only audible response at that time was a quick intake of breath as the couple began another round of lovemaking.


Night Prowling

Terry walked the empty halls of the mall during the wee hours of the night, his mind working over the mystery of his wife's knowledge of where he was working.

He did not report to work until 9:00 each night. He had not seen anyone that may have known Martha and filled her in on the whereabouts of her spouse. He had been home when she got there. The supplied uniform stayed in the employee's lounge of the mall.

Hour after hour he pondered the dilemma of the insider information Martha had. The route that the mall walkers would be traversing starting at 6:00 took him on a course that walked him past each window of the mall.

Occasionally he would enter one of the stores that keys had been provided for him. Flashlight in hand, he would assure the safety of the items for sale.

As with the previous nights, nothing was out of place and there was no sign of invading thieves or ne'er-do-wells. His shift ended at 6:00, in time to open the doors to the folks escaping the weather to walk the miles of their exercise regimen.

He collapsed once he got home. Martha welcomed him home like the adoring wife she was, got him into bed and told him she would be gone later to look for work.

He was asleep before he could broach the subject that troubled his exhausted mind.

The week went by with Terry trying to pin Martha down on her information source, and Martha avoiding the confrontation. As the days passed, time erased the urgency of "need to know” until Friday.

Martha prepared to leave for her weekend position, with Terry glumly watching. She dressed in normal street clothes and did not pack a bag.

Before she left, she settled her 5 foot 4 inch frame into a chair at their dinner table and motioned for Terry to do the same. 

"I want you to do something for me while I am gone this weekend."

Terry sat up a bit and looked at her with apprehension.

"Promise me that sometime tomorrow you will go back to the mall. Go to "Katherine's Junction", across from the arcade. Stand in front of the display window and hold up some fingers. Don't tell anyone what you are doing and hold your fingers up when no one else can see you. When I get home Sunday, I will tell you what is going on."

Terry was numb with disbelief as she stood, kissed him on the forehead and left.

Too late he cleared his throat to ask her a question. She was gone. He sighed and walked into the living room to see if there were any reality shows on TV.


The Mystery Meeting

Saturday dawned and Terry lay in bed, missing the woman he loved. The phone rang at 7:30. His temp service had four days work taking inventory for a retail chain store.

He gladly accepted and reported for duty promptly at 9:00. The day sped by but he made sure to use his lunch break was spent taking the bus across town to the mall for his promised window visit.

He found the arcade and turned, gazing into the store. It had at least a dozen women looking over the dresses, blouses and other apparel the store offered for purchase.

After looking around him to be sure nobody was watching, held up both hands close to his chest with his thumbs and pinky fingers held up. The sign for "hang loose" seemed appropriate for some reason.

A final glance around him verified the only witness to his kept oath was the smiling female mannequin in the window. He stared at the almost gloating expression frozen on its lips and wished more than ever that Martha was with him.

In frustration he suddenly lifted his hand again and expressed himself to the watchful object in the only way he could think of at the time.

He flipped it off.

As soon as he had made the sign, he felt like an idiot. He had to get out of there. He muttered to himself as he walked away shaking his head. "What was going on?" he wondered.



He finished work Sunday as soon as possible and did his best to will the buses on their routes to go faster.

Even as he walked to the door of the apartment, he could see the Martha had gotten home first. She had left the door open a crack and he quickly entered and shut the door.

Martha was waiting for him, dressed in a nightgown that left almost nothing to his imagination. The desire in her eye begged him to use every part of what she was offering him. Her smile was seductive and inviting as she leaned against the kitchen table.

"Welcome home, honey," she panted.

He felt his body react to the her beguiling femininity as he smiled back, relieved that she had once again returned to his arms. He swept her into his arms and carried her to the bedroom.

It would be many hours before Martha's desire for sexual fulfillment was satisfied.


A Startling Explanation

They both woke Monday morning, deeply happy and both needing a shower.

Terry had just gotten the water to the right temperature and begun to clean himself when Martha groggily walked into the bathroom.

"I can understand the "Hang Loose" sign, but why did you flip me the bird?"

Terry stopped. He could not believe what he had heard. He stuttered a little as he asked her to repeat what she had said.

Martha slid the shower door open and joined Terry under the streaming water. There was a twinkle in her eye that brought some relief to his mind.

"First you made the hang loose sign with like a Y with your hands but then you held up your middle finger and walked away. What is up with that?"

There was the sound of merry laughter in her voice as she inquired of him his motives.

He could hardly make his mouth move in response but was able to choke out a reply.

"You? I made sure nobody was watching me. There.... there is no way you could know I did that."

She sensuously soaped herself and looked away as she said, "Of course I saw you. You looked right at me. Didn't you recognize me?"

Terry furrowed his brow and shook his head.

"The store dummy, silly. You looked right at me. I thought at that point you had figured it out. I was even more convinced when you made the second gesture. You had me convinced. I couldn't wait to get home. God, I wanted you so bad when you were standing there."

He still could not get a firm grip on what Martha was saying. His brains spun but it did not seem to be engaging.

"The mannequin in the window? That was you?"

She nodded.

Water dripped off his nose as he stared.

"It couldn't have been you. There is no way. That dummy was just the torso, head and arms. It didn't even have legs. Even the living mannequins we have seen aren't that good."

Martha had her head under the stream of water as she answered.

"That is because I wasn't a living mannequin. I was really a mannequin. They had removed my legs for the window this weekend."

She said it like she was telling him that she had taken off her glasses.

"How could you have been a mannequin? That simply is not possible."

He reached out and grabbed both towels as Martha turned off the water.  She took the offered material and began to dry her hair.

"It is possible. I have done it twice now. Best of all, I can see and feel and hear everything going on. I could only see what was directly in front of me, but I just made sure to ask that I be aimed directly toward the arcade this time. I saw everything."

They walked into the bedroom again and dressed for the day. While they did, Martha filled in the blanks on the adventures she had been enjoying.

An independent store display company had hired her. They hired out to rework displays for smaller stores. They had contracts from three days to a year and they had a flair for innovative displays that had made them busier than ever dreamed.

The secret was the fact that all their mannequins were actually live humans who were "stasis converted" into inert matter. The subject looked far more realistic than standard models and was able to be positioned into various poses unattainable by dolls.

Terry listened in stunned amazement.

She went on to tell him that the stasis was painless. In fact it was quite the opposite. She described it as wildly erotic.

She had heard every word spoken within range and had watched many of the people she knew walk past her window. Some had even looked her up and down as they strolled. She laughed as she remembered their faces as they scanned her body.

She did not know fully how it worked. She stood on a circle in the floor and a computer scanned her body with tiny lines. Then the conversion started.

One at a time, very quickly, the criss-crossed squares on her body changed to hard plastic. The only she had to do was stand still and let the machine run the program.

Once she was in stasis, the computer completed the lines for the joints that allowed for her to be disassembled. As long as her legs were attached, she could feel them.

If they were removed, the sensation of legs being there totally stopped. She had been totally taken apart for transport to the store. Even her head was capable of being removed from the upper torso. Her arms and legs came off and the torso was divided just above the navel.

"You let them take you all apart?" he gasped.

She calmly told him that once she had been converted there was nothing she could do to tell them not to. She was trapped inside the frozen shell the computer had converted her into.

"What if they decided to leave you like that? You could be trapped like that forever. I don't want you to do that ever again."

They walked out of the bedroom and were in the living room of the apartment. They sat on the couch and Martha carefully took his hand into hers. There was a look of adoring and pleasure that emanated like a beacon. He tried to copy it but the reservations he was feeling kept him from that kind openness.

"Honey, you will see there is no danger. I watched one of the other girls go through the same process before I would even let them try it on me. Once I saw it there was no risk, I went along with it. Please come with me Friday. Please promise you will do that. Then the choice will be yours. If at that time you don't want me to work there any longer, I will agree to it. Deal?"

His tightly held jaw relaxed visibly as he considered her offer.

"Deal. I want to see everything. I just do not know what I would do without you."

She clapped her hands like a young girl, then threw her arms around his neck.

He reacted by squeezing her tightly. Even as his hands moved in the embrace, he tested each place on her body in an attempt to locate anywhere that might feel a little like plastic.

To Terry, this was going to be an apprehensive week.


Preparations & Demonstrations

Work was scarce for the under-educated like Terry Mathis. Retirees looking to pad their meager pensions normally filled day jobs for the average service positions. Willing to take minimum wage and only work 4 to 6 hours a day, they made sure businesses had a labor force until school got out and teens took over until closing time.

Friday dawned without any prospects for working that day and the weekend held no better promise.

Martha's had gotten word that she would be spending this weekend in the local store of a national sporting goods chain As she readied herself, she commented on how she hoped she would get to wear running shorts or maybe a tennis outfit.

"Can you make any requests with the employer before you...*gulp*...get converted?" asked Terry.

Martha was brushing out her hair as she laughed.

"No, honey. They could have me wearing Goth one day and leather the next. Remember, until the program ends, I can't talk or move. It is the most amazing experience I have ever been through."

They left the apartment and caught a bus that would bring them downtown. From there they sat as another bus took them into the industrial district, the part of town with large gray warehouses and rows of loading docks with trucks bustling about.

Martha led him past 4 of these monster concrete shells and finally stopped before a small door with no identifying features beyond a small sign that read "Please wipe your feet."

She opened the door and made her way through a small foyer area. It was furnished with one old couch and a telephone on a small table. The place looked drab and rundown except for the ornate ceiling. Intricately carved with what looked like Chinese figures, it held ones attention as they passed.

As she reached for the door located at the far end, Martha jumped slightly as it opened and a small man of Asian descent bustled out. He bowed slightly and spoke to them in perfect English.

"Good morning, Martha. Right on time. Excellent, just excellent."

He looked up at Terry, who stood wringing his hands in dread of what he was about to witness.

"You must be Terry," soothed the smaller man. "I am Mr. Wong."

Mr. Wong held out his hand. Terry shook it tentatively.

"Wong, you said?"

"Wight!" he said with eyes alive with inner secrets. He laughed heartily and Terry chuckled as well.

"Right this way. Right this way. Systems are up and we are ready whenever you are, dear"

The little group stepped into the warehouse facility beyond and Terry was immediately in shock with two things. First was the amount of electronic equipment that was stacked and jumbled into the greater part of the floor space.

Power cables and data connections formed a webwork that any spider would have been proud of.

The second jolting reality was the lineup of mannequins that lined the wall to their left.

Standing side by side were over a dozen female figures, each standing naturally in poses that would best display clothing items or whatever a retail outlet would want to market.

Mr. Wong bustled about adjusting dials and checking readings on the machinery that overwhelmed the room. With growing apprehension Terry saw that all this preparation was to ready the machines for his wife’s transformation.

He moved closer to Mr. Wong and tapped him on the shoulder. There was a pause, then Mr. Wong slowly turned and fixed his eyes on Terry.

“If you are hoping for a demonstration, even just to prove to yourself that your wife will be safe, please stand inside the circle of light.”

The words bore through him like a knife and he felt himself comply with the commanding tone. He looked at the floor and was instantly aware of the ring of lit material on the floor. Terry moved haltingly to the take his place inside the circle.

His head snapped up again as Mr. Wong asked, “Left arm or right?”

The question stopped Terry cold. He could fathom no reason for it. He stared dumbly at his questioner, unable to formulate a response.

"Quickly Mr. Mathis, the systems are not able to sustain an active conversion for longer than 5 minutes. Left or right?"

The stuttered response finally came forth.

"Uh. W-well... right I suppose."

The response was immediate. One touch of a button on a panel of the machine began all sorts of processes. The light in the ring on the floor flared and he found he was unable to move. Fear and trepidation flowed through him, but he could not act upon them.

A barely visible beam of light appeared and began to bathe his right arm. Terry could not move his head but at the edge of his peripheral vision h could tell that changes were occurring.

He could feel that his arm was still attached, but that it had stiffened even more than the rest of his body. His mind whirled and he strove to unlock the frozen fibers of his body, when suddenly the beam stopped and the lit ring dimmed.

He stood panting from his inner struggles for just a moment,

Then he looked at his arm.

Everything was normal from the shoulder down until you reached halfway down the biceps.

At that point all normality ended abruptly. Hard plastic had replaced skin, bones and blood. He had what amounted to an artificial arm as part of his body.

And it truly was a part of him. Though he could not move it, he was able to feel when he touched any part of it. He marveled at how it could sense slight movements of air around him.

Awe was awash over him as Mr. Wong stepped into the circle with him.

"Do not step outside the ring, or we will be unable to reverse the conversion," he said matter-of-factly.

Terry nodded, then gasped loudly as the other man deftly twisted his hand at the wrist and TOOK IT OFF. A seam had been created during the process, making removal of the hand possible. Another seam could be seen at the elbow.

He felt nothing except that now he could no longer feel his hand. It was as if it had never been there. Mr. Wong looked it over closer and smiled.

"You see? There is no pain and all parts can be disassembled and put back together."

Mr. Wong reached for Terry's plastic arm. Terry flinched and pulled back. The littler man looked quizzically up at him.

"Do you not want to have a right hand? If we do not have it reattached when you are restored, the systems will make the necessary adjustments and leave you with a stump. Is that what you desire?"

Terry felt the color drain from his face. He thrust his handless arm so quickly toward Mr. Wong that he almost struck the older man. In response, Mr. Wong chuckled and reattached the hand.

"I had my beliefs that you would be wanting it back. Now we shall, restore you."

He stepped out of the circle, careful not to step directly on the lit ring, and moved to the control panel again. No sooner had he touched one button than Terry was again unable to move. The beam appeared and this time he was looking directly at the process as it happened.

Slowly a grid grew in the air around the arm. Lines hovered over his appendage that criss-crossed in all directions, creating cubes that sectored his arm into small parts the size of tiny dice. The one at a time they were converted back to skin. He felt nothing except the freeing of he plastic tension. It was evident that he no longer had plastic as a pat of his body.

And then it stopped.

The lighted ring in then floor faded and went out. He stood flexing his hand and moving his wrist in total awe that he was back to normal.

"Isn't that just the coolest thing, honey?"

He whirled around and was face-to-face with Martha. Her eyes were shone brightly as she stood ready to be converted, her grin a mile wide.

She wore nothing, but stood naked. Her young body was exposed for anyone to see.

"What in hell...?" he gasped glancing in the direction of the only other live human in the room.

Martha patted his arm affectionately, trying to calm him as if he were a young child.

"It is alright, honey, really. I can't wear anything during the process because it would be made part of me and stores never want a mannequin that comes wearing clothes they can't change. It takes all the fun out of getting dressed by someone as well." she giggled as he turned a few shades of red.

Mr. Wong bustled up and moved Martha into the circle. Terry saw as he was pushed out of its enclosure that it was recharging, the light again glowed and was getting brighter all the time.

He turned and watched amazed as Martha allowed herself to be moved into a stance similar to that of a tennis player leaning forward to hit the ball.

She winked at him and said, "Big 5 this weekend."

He nodded dumbly as this fact sunk in. The whole thing was overwhelming. His wife, the woman of his dreams and all that he held dear, was about to be turned to stone. No, not stone. Plastic.

The thought worked into a tightness of dread within him. His palms began to sweat and he rubbed them on the front of his pants.

Mr. Wong had her where he wanted her and finished with some small details. As he stepped back a step to critique his work he asked Martha a question that took Terry by surprise.

"Do you wish to be stimulated as you have in the past?"

Martha gave a slightly self-conscious look at her husband. Something gave him the idea she was debating with letting him in on a secret.

"Yes, please," she said just slightly louder than a whisper.

Mr. Wong removed a white device from his pocket and held it out to her. Breaking the stance she had been placed into, Martha kept her eyes glued to Terry's as she twisted it slightly.

A low hum could be heard, even over the machinery whine in the background.

He still did not comprehend what was about to happen. Her hand gripped a slender shaft, rounded at one end. She moved her legs slightly and began to rub the rounded end directly between her legs. With a look of determination, she suddenly slid the entire thing up inside her vagina.

Her directed stare with Terry never wavered but as she moved her body back into the position Mr. Wong wanted she mouthed the words "trust me" to him.

Mr. Wong again positioned her correctly, then pulled on Terry’s arm and motioned for him to follow. Numbly, he obeyed.

Once safely out of range, the process commenced. The grid appeared over the entirety of Martha's still form and she could not have moved if she wanted. Mr. Wong looked at several monitors to verify she had moved from the stance he required and began the final program.

Terry felt a tear roll down his right cheek as his wife was turned into an object. Each part of her changed, one small piece at a time, to hard and unyielding plastic.

It only took four and a half minutes. Inside the now dark circle on the floor a woman's figure leaned forward stiffly, reaching forever to return a volley from some unseen opponent.


Terry felt sick. He walked completely around her, still not believing what he had just seen. He stood in front of her, looking into her unblinking eyes. He looked at her from the side, her form stretched out as glorious as on their wedding night.

And finally he was behind her. The stance made her stand with left leg in front of her, bracing her from falling down and right leg back for balance and ballast.

He had a question in his mind that demanded an answer. Feeling like a pervert, he reached his hands between her legs and felt the slight valley of her frozen labia. Touching her pussy lip, he just barely discerned a slight vibration from inside the rigid form.


Mr. Wong spoke, making Terry jump and pull his hand back guiltily. "The vibrator will run as long as the program. She feels it the whole time. She feels you touch her now too."

They looked at each other for a long moment. Terry broke the gaze and let out a sigh.

"You said you could not keep my arm solid for very long. How can she stay like this for days?"' he inquired.

"With you, I could keep your arm in RAM for a few minutes and not store you in computer. This is stored and timed. Martha’s program ends Sunday at four o'clock. Till then she is hard-coded into the memory banks."

He smiled as if that explained it.

"You mean you can't turn her back before that?"

Mr. Wong shook his head slowly, wary of what response he would get.

Terry felt limp and decided there was nothing else he could do there.

"What time?" he requested.

"Martha wanted me tell you not to come Sunday. She will take the subway home after she is back to normal and has had a chance to recuperate.”

Terry’s felt his face growing hot. He stammered slightly as he retorted, "Fine."

He shot a grim look at the life-sized incarnation of his bride, frozen and unresponsive.

"I guess I am not needed HERE anymore."

Mr. Wong walked him to the door and as Terry moved uncertainly into the morning sunshine, he inhaled the fresh air like a relief and blinked back a tear.

His attention was drawn to a taxi as it approached. Two more women exited the car and walked through the door he had just been ushered out of.

Under his breath he muttered, "How many mannequins in this city are actually real people?"


A Disturbing Discovery

That thought haunted him the entire weekend. Having no work for the moment, he walked the streets of town just to pass the time. Each storefront or display he encountered that included a store dummy was scrutinized heavily.

Terry stared at each, whether a complete figure or just a torso, looking with critical eye, taking in the evident craftsmanship and detail of the shapely sales tools.

By Sunday afternoon he had begun categorizing each into one of two groups. He had decided that most of the inanimate objects were and had been in fact inanimate forever.

But some were of such fine sculpting they must be actually other living women like Martha, frozen into the form of a doll. Some were a quick decision while others took a long time to choose, but for each he mentally dropped the display figures into the two groups.

One particularly life-like visage, wearing lingerie in a Victoria's Secret, he tagged as a real woman at once. So sure was he that he entered the store and reached to touch its cold still form.

He made sure to approach from the back, where the open but seeing eyes would not know their invaders identity and felt her right buttock to see if she too had chosen to be "entertained" as his wife had.

He could not feel the faint vibration but to make absolutely sure he moved his hand down between her legs and felt the cold plastic crotch. Before he could ascertain if there was a vibrator buried deep inside this replicated female, he was startled into awareness by a voice.

"Hey, you weirdo. No fondling the displays."

He turned to see the stern person that must be the store manager glaring at him, arms crossed.

He gave her a quick apology as he took his leave from the store and headed home.

He shook his head at what all this strangeness was making him do.

The rest of the weekend passed without him feeling up any more mannequins.



It was late Sunday night, after Martha had returned, complete restored and horny as hell, and they lay together in the semi-dark of their apartment bedroom. The couple lay entwined, talking quietly in the afterglow of lovemaking that had lasted for hours. Martha's weekend of stimulation wound her into a tight ball of sexual energy that he could not refuse.

"So, what did you think?" she inquired.

He sighed in a satisfied but tired manner, kissing her forehead.

"I think there are a lot of women like you working in stores and such. I could swear I can pick out which ones are actually plastic and which have been "converted" by Mr. Wong."

"Mmm," she agreed. "I could probably tell you their names, too. I have met most of the other girls."

This brought his head up and he looked into her face.

"What about the men?"

She rolled her eyes at him. "Oh please. Don't get all jealous on me. There are none. I asked Mr. Wong and he said that guys don't like the thought of being frozen like that. He can't get any men to do it."

Terry let out a slow exhalation in relief. The minutes ticked by as they slipped into contented sleep.

He woke with a start. The night was still dark and a glance at the clock told him it was not quite 4 in the morning.

Monday morning.

Something had woken him, something that was important.

The idea sprang back into his mind. It scared him as much as excited him. Rolling over, he brushed a wisp of hair from his woman's face. He marveled that it moved. Just hours ago it had been locked into a rigid, permanent position. Now it was back to normal.

Her hair, her body. Everything.

He closed his eyes and smiled. He would ask her in the morning, he promised himself.

Sleep washed over him again.


Uncharted Ground

They sat in the foyer area of Mr. Wong's warehouse. Terry sat on the old couch while the little man happily sat on a plastic chair he had dragged into the tiny room from elsewhere in the complex.

"You want to do jobs like Martha, she says," Mr. Wong labored slightly over the pronunciation of her name.

They both nodded in response, Terry even leaning forward slightly to give his interest more validity.

"You have only put your arm in stasis before. Sometimes when a man goes through conversion, he gets scared. Not easy find a willing male for these jobs. Girls are better at submitting to it."

Terry had to admit the thought of being unable to move made him shudder. Just the night before he had dreamed he was encased in ice, unable to move or breathe, and was trying to call out for help.

"I know this is true," he began.

"But the first time could we just try for a single day?" Martha finished.

Mr. Wong pondered for a moment, then shook his head.

"I can program to store you for 48 hours. No less. It takes too much power. It is just not worth it for only one day."

Terry gripped Martha's hand and strived to keep his nerves from getting the best of him.

"OK," he said. "When can I try it?"

Mr. Wong sat back against the plastic sweep of the cheap chair and sighed. He glanced toward the door leading to the machinery where the conversions took place.

"You want to get job, together and at the same place? It always make easy to get a job for man if there is a woman doll at the same time."

This brought a scowl across Terry's face while Martha's lit up at the prospect. It was obviously a situation she was ready to be in again.

"Oh that would be just GRAND, Mr. Wong. Then we would not be away from each other."

She turned to glance at her husband.

"Like a husband-wife team, honey."

He groaned. He had hoped this would lead to his being the breadwinner and she would not have to subjected to store displays any longer. That was obviously not what was going to happen.

At this point he was at least resigned to try it, if only just once.

"Let us know when you have a client interested in a "couple" and we will be sure to be here."

The tone of his voice conveyed his reluctance despite his best efforts.

Mr. Wong stood with face almost lit up with happiness.

"I have a store asking for you now. I called them after you said you were coming over. Today is Tuesday. I can transform now and deliver you this afternoon. They pay more than we usually get because the poses they want are not easy to get."

The couple opposite him stood, but Terry sensed something was being said that he needed to get a clarification about.

"Just what kind of poses does this particular store want?" He hesitated then blurted, "What store are we talking about?"

The smile never dimmed for a second on the older man's face.

"The Passion Palace, "he said calmly.

"The...the..." stuttered an overwhelmed Terry.

Mr. Wong tried to clarify somewhat. "On 1st Avenue, right down from the..."

"I know the place," interjected Terry brusquely. He whirled to face Martha, who was looking a little sheepish at her husband's outburst.

"Have you seen that place? Even from the window it looks like the displays there are engaging in all kinds of sex acts. I could never understand how anyone could get those things arranged like... like that..." his voice trailed off as a very small light bulb blazed inside his head.

"Are you telling me the mannequins at the Passion Palace are all actually people that you have converted?" he gaped.

Mr. Wong nodded proudly. Terry glanced over at his bride, herself smiling with a lusty grin. That could not be a good sign.

He swallowed hard, blinking to regain the control of the situation. He felt as though any sense of that control was long gone. Deep rasping breaths entered and exited his chest and his palms were sweaty.

Both the other people in the room were looking at him, waiting for his reaction. Or approval.

What the hell.

"OK. I will try this. Mind you if this gets too weird or I want to stop it, I am going to tell you to forget the whole thing and we go back to normal. Got it?"

Mr. Wong smiled amiably, his small eyes laughing at him for reasons he could not comprehend.

They were taken by the arms by their host and led to the change room where Martha had disappeared the previous visit to this odd place. Martha walked to the row of lockers and began to strip off her clothes.

She told him their things were safe here while they were converted and he just needed to choose one to put all his clothes in. As she removed each piece of clothing, carefully placing the folded garments into her locker, he grew more aroused. He had hardly started unbuttoning his shirt before she was naked and turned to look at him.

"Hurry up silly. We have a job to do."

He turned his gaze away and quietly finished his disrobing. Thus exposed, he was led to the restrooms. His naked wife walked through the door marked "Ladies" and disappeared. He mirrored the action by entering the opposing door and used the facilities.

It was not easy, as his cock had gone a long way toward getting fully erect at the sight of his disrobed wife. But that was not all. There was something oddly arousing about what he was about to subject himself to. He did not understand it and if scared him.

Walking out of the gender specific door he smiled at the woman awaiting his appearance. She took his hand and they walked back into the main room.

Mr. Wong busied himself amidst the machinery and computers that would turn the couple into plastic.

But that was not the sight that gave Terry cause to halt in his tracks.

Now standing naked in the midst of this room, he felt terribly self-conscious about all the other mannequins standing at the edge of the room. All women, all staring Their eyes were frozen in place but he knew from Martha's descriptions that they, if they were in fact converted humans, could see all that went on in the room.

Their gazes held all his attention. He looked at each face in turn. Not a single one of them moved. There was not the hint of a smile that had not been there before and none of them lifted an eyebrow at his naked form.

But in his mind he knew they could see him. One hand slowly dropped to cover his maleness. It already was beginning to announce that he was getting some kind of arousal from the situation.

Mr. Wong had hurried to them, grabbed Martha and taken her into the lighted ring on the floor. At his direction she had sat in the center, then lay back with her upper body propped on her bent elbows. Her legs were wide apart.

Their host motioned for him to get on the floor between her legs. He must have said something that Terry had missed. Terry's returning stare indicated his resistance to the situation.

Martha finally motioned for him come closer to her and she said, "He wants to freeze us in the act."

Then she giggled like a schoolgirl.

He knew his face was getting red, but events could not be turned back. His glance toward Mr. Wong revealed an ecstatically glowing face.

"How did I get myself into this?" he mumbled.

He was still covering his now rigid member as he called over to the smiling little man.

"How much did you say this paid?"

"$1500.00," came the reply.

Terry looked back at Martha, lying on the floor, waiting to be made love to. He weighed what he was about to do.

He was about to screw his wife in front of some guy he hardly knew and an entire chorus line of watching female eyes.

It took only a moment to decide it just was not worth damaging his pride for this.

As he opened his mouth to speak, he heard Mr. Wong finish.




They sat on their small sofa, she with her "Constant Comment" tea and he with his licorice milk. They said nothing for minutes at a stretch. Every so often they would both laugh a little, one of the other would shake their heads, or one would sigh.

Sunday evening had arrived, they were back home and they had slipped an envelope in the bank's night deposit for the amount of $3,000.

After they had gotten home and spent 2 hours in bed, they both were too wired to actually sleep. They had been resting, so to speak, for the last 5 days.

Martha finally broke the relative silence.

"Did you see anyone you recognized?" she asked quietly, with just a hint of a giggle.

He sighed, running the week back over in his mind. "Not that I can recall. Remember, I could only see about a little ways up the street outside that window."

She nodded quietly, sipping again at the steaming tea.

"You?" he queried in return.

Martha had been in the display on her back, legs wide and basically looking up into Terry's face. However, her peripheral vision had been good enough to have a look up the noses of window gazers if they got close enough.

"Not really. There were a couple of guys that you might have known or that I have met but none that I can recall their names. That street is avoided by most of the people we know. There were a few times that some high school boys would walk over and stare at us, but nobody I can pick out."


She was not about to tell him that she had, in fact, seen at least 8 other girls from Mr. Wong's organization. At different times they had walked by, making sure they were in her line of vision only and winked. It had gotten to be a code they used when shopping and coming across one of their own.

She herself had been able to make contact once or twice since joining. It was great fun to make a gesture to the still form, knowing they could see you but could not return the gesture.

Word of Martha and her husband doing a duet, especially at the Passion Palace while making love, had insured that many of the other girls would come by and see this artistry on display. Some of the thrill had been reduced when a light sheet had been thrown over their joined forms less than an hour after they had gone on display. Oh well, it still left little to the imagination.

"I am just glad Travis didn't see us. You and I both know he loves hanging around that place. He would have recognized us for sure," Terry remarked after another sip from his steaming mug.

"He would have never let us live it down. Probably would have found a way to get the store to "loan" us to him for his apartment."

He paused in his considerations to ask, "Do you think that we could have been taken apart?"

It was a good question. They had been converted while making love and it had felt as though they had been merged into a single object. They would have to ask Mr. Wong the next time one of them was to speak to him.

Terry shuddered at the thought of being unable to move, his brother pulling his rigid form off his motionless wife and doing "God knows what" to her. Even the hot drink could not keep his blood from running a little cold as he pondered it.

"I don't think so," she replied, leaning farther back into the couch and getting more comfortable. "We were not programmed to be given a break line there. The first time I was a solid unit and the next time I had breaks at the legs, arms and head. I have seen some done with break lines all over. Even on their boobs."

"What in the world for?" he gasped. "So you can have a flat-chested mannequin?"

"No, silly. So you can swap."

It took a moment. She smiled an impish grin as the weight of that washed over him.

"No... way."

""Yes way. I know it because I saw them do it once. Two of the other girls, Janice and Amy, swapped tits. Janice had D cups and a bad back. Amy was a small B and can hardly get a date."

She stopped and drank some tea, then continued, "Well, couldn't before anyway."

She laughed as Terry overtly stared at her breasts pushing her nightshirt out.

"Oh, silly. Not me. I am happy as a C. Nothing bigger or smaller appeals."

He shook his head, relieved and still baffled as to how that worked.

“So while we were converted like that, there was no way to get us apart? What happens if the computer breaks? Would we be stuck that way forever?”

She pondered that thought for a moment. With each tick of the clock, his apprehension mounted. He could no believe he had been talked into doing something that crazy. It just did not make sense. He had been turned into an object and put on display… for days at a time… and having sex with his wife to top it all off.

“Yeah, I guess we would have been,” she finally admitted. “The computer stores the data necessary to restore us once the time has expired. I suppose it would store it forever. I would have to ask Mr. Wong about it next time.”

Terry had already decided there was not going to be a next time.

“Time heals all wounds” the old adage proclaims. What it did not go on to say is that it can also wound. With each passing month the possibility of having a child of its own seemed to be getting more remote. Terry had remained rather firm in his assertion that neither he nor his wife were going to offer their services as mannequins again.

The past few weeks had been peppered with calls from Mr. Wong wanting Martha to come back to work. He had at times had jobs for 3 days or a week. Each time, in submission to Terry’s concerns, she had turned him down. Terry was becoming more convinced by the day that ever becoming an inanimate object again was a bad idea.

Martha only saw that their recently inflated bank account was again dwindling and she had to buy groceries. It was a necessity. She needed a few more pads and tampons to get through her current period. After that she had no idea where the next paycheck would come from.

Terry was getting more and more depressed as he saw the inevitable approaching. He did not want to put his life into the control of the computers again. Eventually something would go wrong.

It always did.


A Hard Offer to Refuse

The call came on Monday while both Terry and Martha were out job hunting. Terry came home first and listened to the message. It sounded too good to be true. He actually thought he might accept.

First he had to see what his “better half” thought.

He now watched with apprehension as the message played back again.

"This message is for Martha and Terry. Mr. Wong calling. I have a major department store asking for a special pair of display units. I know you do not like to do weekends and short jobs. This would be whole year. You would be paid $1,500 each per month. Please call Mr. Wong as soon possible. Martha knows my number."

Silence followed and then there was the BEEP that signaled the end of the message. The silence after that did not end for many heartbeats.

Husband looked at wife; wife returned the stare. Each rolled the offer and its ramifications around in their heads. This wasn’t just a casual job anymore, for either of them.

Terry thought about what being gone for that long a span would mean in terms of putting all their belongings into storage and finding another apartment once they were back.

Martha was thinking about holidays missed and friends she would not see for the whole term.

They both thought about the fact that this would give them enough money to pay for the testing and procedures necessary for them to get pregnant and finally have the baby they both ached for.

It took four days to move their belongings out and make arrangements with those they’d told. Not having a cat, dog or any other pet made most of the process rather easy.

Amongst the same feelings of apprehension that Terry had felt the last time he sat in this room, was the building emotional high he could not deny.

This time was going to be the last time. A chance to get on their feet and maybe get their family started.


Transformational Trickery

Mr. Wong had explained that they were going to be assigned to a major chain store, in their New York Jewelry division. As there were many different ways they would want to use their mannequin forms over the course of the display term, there would be more break lines than normally were made.

There had just been major upgrades done to the software and storage of the systems Mr. Wong used and there would be no problems with the conversion, nor with storing the data.

Their wrists, elbows and shoulders would have breaks. Ankles, knees and hips, then above the waist as well as below the ribcage. This would make them 2 units that could be disassembled almost totally to small parts and assembled to the point necessary for each display choice.

"Once we are all in pieces like that, how are you going to what parts belong to Martha and which are me?" inquired the still hesitant Terry.

M r. Wong laughed out loud. "You parts are labeled by machine. Each part can fit, but they have marks to show what is you."

With a glint of mirth he added, "You not want little feet?"

Terry shuddered.

Martha broke through his tension by standing and getting them headed toward the changing room.

Mr. Wong snickered under his breath, shaking his head making his way to the control area.

As they undressed and placed their clothes into the same locker, Martha talked about how brave he was being, She removed her top and bra while thanking him for being strong. Her jeans and panties followed as she again reminded him this would be likely pay for his treatment.

The last of his clothes went into the locker and he slammed the door. She was right. She always was. More parts of him were looking forward to doing this thing and getting it over with than were apprehensive and worried.

Terry Mathis wanted a child. He was willing to do whatever it took to insure he and Martha had a baby.

Then his mind wandered to his virile twin brother. Well, almost anything.

They walked hand in hand like Adam and Eve into Eden, naked and expectant. Mr. Wong met them at the glowing ring on the floor, a small item in each hand.

He handed one to each of them. Martha was given the vibrator that Terry had seen her use the first time he had watched her transformation. Compared to the red flush that washed across his face like a tide, her pink blushing was hardly noticeable.

“Do you use that thing every time you are converted?” he stammered, still not daring to look down at whatever it was Mr. Wong had handed him.

Her giggle in response was more than enough to break the awkwardness of the moment.

“No silly. One time I had you inside me the whole time, remember?”

Terry’s eyes moved quickly to Mr. Wong’s face then back just as quickly. Mr. Wong had turned and was making his way back to the control center.

As he turned his head to look back at his naked wife, he saw she was adjusting the vibrator to a low rumble. She arched one eyebrow and offered it to him, as if to say he could slide the sex toy into her if he wanted. He shook his head slightly but did not turn his head.

He watched with growing arousal as she moved her legs apart and rubbed the trembling tip of the device against her clit. A wash of pleasure moved over her face as she closed her eyes and let the cylinder move deeper into her labia. With a final inhalation, she slid the phallic shaft into her vagina.

Her eyes opened and, as she shuddered slightly, she winked at him, smiling. Next she stepped closer to inspect the item he had been presented with.

For the first time he looked closely at what had been handed to him.

And almost dropped it.

He had what appeared to be a beige, light weight jockstrap, but this one was outfitted with its own pouch for a vibrator of its own. Included.

“There is no way I am having some little device vibrating on my cock the entire time I am unable to move”, he stated. He tossed it on the floor and skidded over against the wall.

Martha watched but only said,” Are you ready?”

He nodded stiffly and walked toward the glowing circle.

“Do you want me to go first?” she asked. Her hands were behind her back, causing her breasts to thrust forward slightly. To his chagrin, he was beginning to react. The allure of her as she stood naked before him made parts he did not want to draw attention to begin to twitch. That in addition to the fact that she was slowly rotating her hips, moving the vibrator around inside her vagina.

He shook his head as he stepped forward, entering the circle before he lost his nerve. He could feel a tingle of power that washed over him as he was surrounded by the glow of the converter.

Mr. Wong took that as his signal, hurrying over to put him into the pose he wanted. He stood Terry with legs slightly apart and arms at his sides. Once he was in place Martha was asked to adjust his hairstyle somewhat, getting his part a little straighter down one side of his head.

She smiled and winked at him as he did his best to stand still in the position he had been set.

Once all the fussing was over, his heart rate began to increase as he knew he was at the point of no return.

Mr. Wong was doing one final walk around too make sure everything was ready, when he suddenly looked around for the skin colored jockstrap.

"Where you put gaff?" he questioned, searching the floor. He saw it almost at once and went to pick it up. Martha smirked knowingly.

"You must wear or look too big", fussed the old man. "Mannequin with big cock get no work. Must look smooth."

Terry was still trying to stay in position.

"Fine", he countered, "just take the vibey thing out and I will put it on."

Martha slipped the cup shaped device out and Terry donned his "size control". He really did not mind being told he was too big and he soon found that he would hardly have anything showing at all. The beige fabric pulled his cock down and back between his legs, creating a softer mounded look. His balls were held tightly in check as well.

With a little assistance from an overly helpful Martha he was again ready. He stood ready for conversion as Martha walked with the shorter man back to the controls.

He stood alone in the middle of the circle with the eyes of the mannequins already lined against the wall again watching glassily.

The light around him became intense and he was suddenly unable to move. Having been through the event once before he was ready for it. He could feel, more than see, the grid begin to appear around him.

He was being changed from living flesh to plastic one section at a time, from the feet up. The conversion went up as far as mid-thigh when the machine changed tact and began converting his head and upper body.

He could only stare ahead as all that was Terry was stored and an inanimate object replaced him. He saw Martha walking toward him as his chest turned to "stone".

In his mind, he thought, Almost there, almost done.

Then it stopped. He could tell the process was not finished. From his navel to just below his hips was still flesh. Terry wondered if something had gone wrong when Martha entered his field of vision fully.

She held the vibrator she had removed from his gaff. She was smiling alluringly.

"You might hate me for doing this, honey, but I truly think you will thank me later."

She leaned forward and gave him a kiss on his frozen cold lips. As she did she slipped the object into the pocket designed for it.

Terry tried to yell, to move away, to do anything he could to be released from his bonds.  With most of his body plastic, he couldn’t budge.

He could feel the vibrator. It sent soft sensations of pleasure through him that he sensed but could not react to. It was maddening and yet persistently erotic. The gaff held his maleness in check as his erection attempting find escape.

Martha stepped back out of the circle and within 5 seconds the living Terry Mathis was no more. Martha Mathis stood, naked, in front of a mannequin that looked very much like him.

She waited for the circle to fade to a low glow and helped Mr. Wong dismantle her husband. They removed the hands, lower and upper arms. Next they laid him back on the floor and disconnected the feet and leg parts.

He was aware of every move, but there was no way to stop them. This would be his world for the next year. As each part left the direct contact with his main trunk, he found he could no longer feel them.

There was no pain while each was taken. One moment he had a leg, the next he did not.

Terry felt the vibrator against the top of his cock until his head was removed from the trunk of his plastic body and placed into the transport trunk. He felt a wave of relief as the vibrations causing arousal were stopped.

They propped his head up to watch as Martha went through her conversion into a plastic statue. Once that was finished, he was finally closed into the foamed interior of the packing crate.

Darkness encased him and he knew the next person to handle him would have no clue there was a real man inside the human-looking parts they were about to reassemble.


Still On The Job

There was no possible way to gauge the passing of time while in transit, nor between times when he was being displayed. Some of the time he knew his body was used because he heard store workers as they would unpack part or all of him to use in whatever manner they pleased.

Sometimes he would be in an area of the store that provided a good view of the show area. At those times he did his best to look for Martha in case her figure was in use as well. Once for over a week he was able to see her from only 10 feet away.

Her head was facing out a window and he knew she could not see him, no matter how good her peripheral vision. During that time his form was complete except for his arms and hands.

Maddeningly he stood in his frozen state, staring at his wife while the vibrator she had installed on him kept his sexual tension heightened. Outside the window, the leaves were turning to their fall colors.

During the holidays, the store employees arranged the couple together, with Terry sitting in a big chair and Martha resting on his lap. They were posed looking toward each other and Terry was fitted with an obviously fake beard. He knew that she would have thought this amazingly hilarious.

For his part, Terry could feel not only his vibrator but its stimulation was multiplied by the additional vibrations emanating from her hidden device. They held each other’s gaze for over three weeks, just far enough apart for him to be able to see the snow falling and shoppers walking by.


Going on Vacation

Another long gap occurred and when he was again returned to use for display purposes he could tell it was almost spring. He could also determine that he was in an entirely different store. The previous months looking out over the sidewalk scene of downtown New York City was replaced with the sites of a much smaller city.

Terry had no idea where he was. Where in the country or even which country. All his will was aimed at moving, at being released from his frozen form. That effort gained him nothing. He could not have moved even with all the willpower in the universe.

Gone from the ground was the snow that had been piled on the sides of the street. The sun shown more brightly in the sky and people walking by wore lighter clothes. It was still winter, but the climate here was starkly different.

Terry was assembled in the primary display area and the workers put a light spring outfit on him. As his lower torso was again attached, he felt the now familiar agitation of the vibrator relentlessly causing him pleasure. As each part was again put together he could feel once again his arms, hands, legs and feet. He was then adorned with a modest amount of men’s jewelry and the employees left him there to go about their daily duties.

His frustration level mounted and his inability to move was about to drive him mad. The shadows had moved quite a ways across the floor when he saw the store workers bringing Martha into the window display as well. She was arranged next to him, in similar apparel, and once again the mannequin couple stood side by side.

They stood as complete as when Mr. Wong had done their conversion. Terry wondered how much long it would be until their tenure as display forms would be completed. It being almost Spring he knew they were within a few months. He longed to take his wife in his arms again. So many times she was so close he could have touched her, like she was right now. Each time he was unable to move, locked into his inanimate form.

Outside the window they could see a busy intersection. The storefront faced a sloping hill down which thousands of cars drove as they passed Terry and Martha. No driver looked at them. No passersby paid them any attention at all. They gazed unnoticed upon a bustling area of an unknown city.

Days passed as the sun rose before their blank faces. It moved out of sight to their right and the shadows made their daily trek across the carpet at their feet. Night would overtake the day and traffic would ease. They stared at motorists waiting for lights to turn green. They watched them drive away, oblivious to the watchful eyes from inside the storefront.  Their existence became an endless cycle.

The disaster occurred on a night like every other.

Trees had just begun to bud. During the day birds were seen on the pavement outside as well as the branches. They stood where they had been placed weeks previously, looking at the traffic as it stopped and went according to the cadence of the traffic lights.

Until one truck lost its brakes coming down the hill.

The driver did his best to turn in time to miss the curb but his inertia was far too much. The front end jumped the low concrete buffer and slammed into the plate glass window.

The last thing Terry saw before he crashed to the floor was part of the display framework crashing down on Martha’s inert body. Helplessly he saw her head and upper body crack and fall apart. The remainder was hidden as fabric sheets covered the wreckage of her form along with his.

Sometime after the crash he found he could no longer feel the vibrator. One arm was still attached, but that was all. He lay amidst the chaos.

Voices called to each other. Sirens sounded and cars screeched and idled. A person he recognized as a manager finally picked up his head and he was once again enclosed in the crate he had been shipped in.

Inside that box, Terry Mathis prayed.


Humpty Dumpty’s Dilemma

He had no idea how long he had been inside his crate. There was nothing to show the passage of time, but he knew he was back inside the warehouse with the equipment that could make him human again.

He could discern many different conversations over the course of many days. Some were quiet, almost to hushed to be heard. Others raged as voices fought back and forth.

They were talking about him, always him. 

The foam packing around him made it difficult to fully comprehend what was being said.

Terry could not speak or answer. He lay in foam packing like a thing without life. One thing he did know. Something was wrong, very wrong. He wanted this ordeal to be over. To be back in his old life, loving living wife at his side, and maybe now with a child. He was so close.

A few days later his crate was opened. He stared at the ceiling, unable to do anything else as he listened to the familiar sounds of parts being removed and assembled. A few times they passed his field of vision. Once he saw his left hand, another his left thigh.

Not until his head was removed did he see who it was that was putting him back together.

Mr. Wong held him up, looking straight into his blank eyes. He was not the bright-eyed little man Terry remembered. He looked tired and thin. His cheeks were hollow and the lack of sleep drained his face of color.

The small man sighed as he looked the head all over. This made Terry's field of vision sweep over most of the room. He saw his body flash by then a wall and finally the floor. When he was again looking into the face of the one that held him, Mr. Wong began to speak in a voice that sounded ancient.

"Terry, I am so sorry about the accident. You are not ready to be restored. We have to wait two more weeks and then the computer timer will be completed. We will put you back to flesh then."

As Mr. Wong walked toward the body that the final part, Terry's inert form tried to beg questions. What had gone wrong? Where had he been? And most of all, where was Martha?

As his head was set atop his body, he could once again feel himself. From his toes, up his legs and down both arms. Once again completeness washed over him.

He could again feel the vibrator, active inside him. But that was wrong. Standing frozen, he let his senses explore what was different about the ministrations of the sex toy.

Then the realization hit him like a tidal wave. The vibration no longer emanated from outside. The device had somehow moved to a place up and deep within his crotch. Sexual pleasures flowed from that place and he fought the ecstasy it gave.

His mind raced and scrambled for answers. How could the vibrator that had been placed on his cock and frozen there... have moved? From what he could discern, it was now in the same place as Martha's.

She of course had a snug place deep in her body to put an item like that. The only way he could be feeling the specific sensations he did coming from where they did was if he now had a place like that.

Only if he now was assembled with the hips and pelvic segment that had once been Martha's.

Inside the still form, the form of a man with an obviously mismatched set of hips, standing next to all the other mannequins along the wall, Terry Mathis screamed and wailed.


Nobody could hear him. Nobody could help him.

He had to wait three weeks before he could be converted back. He had to wait three weeks to learn what his fate would be.

He had to wait three weeks to remove the maddening vibrator from the depths of his newly acquired parts.



Change of Seasons

Autumn worked its magic across the countryside again as brothers faced each other.

The months following Terry's return from "objectivity" had been busy, stressful, and a difficult learning experience.

The moment he had been returned to living flesh, he had dropped to his knees and struggled to remove the offending vibrator from his vagina. His questions were answered as best possible.

His wife was laid to rest a week later. The casket was closed. No one but Terry knew what that box held.

Martha, crushed and irretrievably broken from the waist up, was interred with a severely damaged pelvic section. She was buried with Terry's ruined cock and balls as well.

He had dealt with the loss, as well as new discoveries, in a way best described as stoic. He dealt with each new challenge of his new life in the only way he knew how.

One day at a time.

The insurance payoff for the accidental death of his wife was substantial. He would never have to work again. That in itself was slight consolation. He missed his wife terribly and was sure no one would ever take her place in his heart.

He had learned what he needed to live his new life. The adjustments necessary to walk normally had taken a few weeks. The wider hips but smaller waist had been adjusted by the computer while returning him to human form. The primary difference was in the way he had to swivel his hips with each step. After the first couple months, he was using this style of motion without thinking.

Travis was leaned forward to emphasize his question. “You mean to tell me that while you were gone for that whole year, you were a mannequin?”

Terry nodded, head up and a look of determination engraved in his face.

“And Martha was, as you say it, destroyed?” The doctor grasped to understand the meaning of this revelation.

“Most of her. I told you that my hips got crushed and we had to use Martha’s to be able to even bring me back.”

Travis shook his head and sat back in his leather chair.

Terry pressed the point. “You don’t believe me?” Travis halted for just a moment, the shook his head.

“No,” he replied, “I honestly have to say that your story is too fantastic. Sorry.”

Terry only hesitated for a moment, and then he stood up and pushed the chair back behind him. His gaze was fixed on his brother's face.

It could have been the reflection in a mirror, as similar as they were to each other. The only difference was the uncertainty that washed across the face of the seated brother.

"What are you going to do?" asked the doctor, looking slightly alarmed.

As he released the button fly on his jeans, he said quietly, "Prove to you I am telling the truth."

The jeans slid down and, though they did not get all the way to the floor at his first push, he lifted each leg in turn as they were discarded.

Travis' eyes widened as they beheld the white panties his brother wore.

Nothing sexy. Not a thong or anything skimpy, but basic white hip huggers. Made for comfort, not to attract attention.

Terry's face reddened as his brother stared at the place where his legs came together. At a point where things were altered and forever changed.

But he did not stop. Terry Mathis had come to this appointment for specific reasons and he was not about to turn aside now.

With skill he recently learned, he hooked his thumbs inside the waistband of his panties and slid them over his obviously female butt. They slid down his legs with no additional help and Terry kicked them aside as well.

"Does that prove what I told you?" he mocked.

He walked to the corner of the desk, came around next to his ashen-faced twin and waited for a reply.

Travis's lower jaw moved in a slow rhythm up and down but very little sound came out. Terry was beginning to enjoy seeing his brother at a loss for words. He decided to press the issue.

"You see? For almost 6 months I have had Martha's hips, waist and cunt."

He moved to within reach of the staring doctor.

"You have done more pelvic exams than I want to think about to Martha. Look at it. It is Martha's pussy. Admit it."

Travis glanced up at his brother. His mouth still was in neutral but he was able to nod.

"I want you to do another one. I need you to do another one. You are the only one I can trust for this. Will you help me?"

This time he waited for an answer. He stood next to his brother, naked below the belt, and let the moments tick by.

Travis’ eyes moved up until they locked onto Terry’s. His eyes showed a strange mix of disbelief and desire.

“Yeah, sure,” he stammered.

Terry stood back and Travis slowly stood. Tearing his eyes from the female parts on his own brother he walked to the door that led to an exam room. Terry followed close behind, wanting to keep his resolve intact.

The room had all the normal amenities of a doctor’s office. There was a sink, numerous instruments, and the exam table. It had one end raised slightly and was covered with a sheet of paper. 

Just the sight of it halted the changed man for a moment, but he forged ahead anyway.

“I am not… this is my first time, Trav. You are going to have to tell me what I need to do here.”

This was the truth. He had never gone to an exam with and he had no idea what was all involved. He only knew that to get his brother where he wanted him, he was going to have to play his part.

Travis roused himself from his stupor and began to act more like the doctor that he was. He pointed a slightly shaky finger toward the table and told his brother to sit on it. Terry sat and watched earnestly as Travis set about readying the instruments necessary for the examination.

He turned back to Terry as he pulled a pair of exam gloves on. It was obvious he was working to keep his emotions in check as he readied his patient.

“OK, I suppose we should go through the standard set of questions.”

He pulled a wheeled stool over next to the table and sat on it. This brought him eye level to the naked labia evident between Terry’s legs. He tried in vain not to stare at the body parts that were obviously misplaced.

“Are you… um… taking any medications?” he began from memory.

Terry was beginning to like having his brother at a disadvantage and kept his answers short in order to prolong this part of the experience.

“No,” he replied curtly as he adjusted how he was sitting on the edge of the table, his legs moving slightly farther apart.

Travis paled slightly but forged on through his routine.

“How much do you smoke or drink? Any drug addictions?” he continued the standard line of questions.

“None of the above,” came the terse reply.

Travis had hoped that some of this chatter would help him get more comfortable with what was being presented. He was quickly running out of pertinent questions.

“Damn it Terry. None of the other questions could possibly relate to this situation.”

Pressing his advantage, Terry leaned forward slightly. “What questions would those be?” he crooned asked mockingly.

Travis jumped up from the chair, face red, and adjusted his slacks under his white coat. “God Terry. You act like you are enjoying this. The whole thing makes me uncomfortable.”

His brother eyed the doctor, a smile washing over his features.

“I have to live with this, Trav. This is what I am now. I have accepted it. Ask the questions, doctor.” He added emphasis on the last word, pressing home the relationship they were currently working under.

The physician crossed his arms and sighed. “Fine. Have you been doing your breast exams?”

“No need. I do not have breasts. Only a vagina.”

Travis kept his composure, though a hint of pink flushed his cheeks. Clearing his throat, he continued, “When…” he faltered a moment.

“Yes?” queried the seated man.

“When was your last period?” Getting past this question out was more a relief than anything else.

“My last period started 13 days ago,” Terry recited the answer he had been waiting to give all morning.

The pink that had been evident on his brother’s face paled to an ashen color.

“Really? You get a period? How many?”

“Four, so far. Like clockwork. They start every 27 days.” Terry had reached the zenith and would not let go of the moment. “I told you after being converted back that I had Martha’s pussy. I got her cycle and everything that goes with it. I was really bitchy last week.”

“What did you do for pads and stuff? Did you ask a woman for advice?”

Terry smiled, just a little. “Martha had a few boxes of Maxi pads. I did have to go to the store once last month. I have not tried tampons.”

Travis shook his head and whistled. “A vagina, a working vagina.”

“Now I know you have always wanted THAT part of Martha. Let’s have you take a look.”

In one smooth motion, Terry swung his legs over to the end of the table and lay back. His legs were on the table and bent at the knees.

Travis, still in a daze and no longer able to hide the bulge in his slacks, moved to pull out the stirrups and get them into position. His continued stare made Terry shake his head as he lifted each leg placed them in the fleece-covered devices.

“You need to scoot way down till your ass is right at the edge of the table,” spoke his doctor huskily as he went to retrieve the rolling stool.

Terry conceded and moved down the table.

“I feel like I am about to fall off here like this,” he said as his knees were moved closer to his head and his pubic area became more exposed.

Travis chuckled just a little. “You know, almost every woman thinks the same thing.”

“Dandy. I am even sounding like a “normal” female.” He flinched slightly as his brother’s gloved fingers massaged his labia as the examination began.

While he did that, Travis looked up Terry’s body and into his face. “The only thing female is down here, bro. I think it would feel like you were in a precarious position if you were still male as well.”

His gaze dropped back to the place where his brother’s legs joined.

“This is truly miraculous.”


Bond of Brothers

Terry looked down to where his brother sat eye level with his crotch. “This is the last I have of Martha, Travis. I came here for a favor. Something only you can do.”

Travis looked up.

“You have hinted for years that you wanted to fuck my wife and the entire time I hated you for it.”

Travis pursed his lips, getting a grip on his emotions by reaching over the counter to retrieve a speculum, unable to answer.

Terry continued as the doctor expertly gripped the device and prepared to proceed with the exam. “I said this was all of Martha I have left. The rest is buried and gone. But I can still have the one thing we both wanted most in the entire world.”

Travis froze, unable keep his eyes from being locked on the open vagina.

“Travis, we are twins. Identical twins. You and I have the same DNA. That is why you getting Martha pregnant would have been that same as if I had done it.

“This is her pussy, Trav. We can still have the child we dreamed of.”

He paused, then proceeded, “If you will fuck her pussy…right now.”

The weight of the words made breathing difficult for both the people in the room. Travis was breathing more raggedly than his reposed brother was, but both were nervous.

Travis broke the silence with a whisper. “You want me to have sex with a… patient?”

Terry chuckled. “Yeah. Mr. Ethical. I want you to not only have sex with one but get your patient pregnant. I want the baby I was never able to have with Martha.”

His eyes moistened as Dr. Travis Mathis set aside his medical instruments. He stood, still uncertain.

“Pull out your cock, Trav. I can see it is hard as a rock. If you want to continue this exam, do it with a real tool.”

As if in a hypnosis state, he fumbled with his belt. As the buckle released, he pulled the zipper down smoothly and let his aching prick jump out.

Terry forced himself to remain calm as he watched his brother grip the shaft and carefully caress it. He knew what that felt like and why it was done.

All his planning had led to this. He had decided what to do about his new body many agonized weeks previous and it was about to come to fruition. He was going to have a baby.

He looked into Travis' eyes as the doctor stood, still unsure about proceeding.

"Do it, Travis. You wanted a chance to make love to my wife for the past eight years and now is your chance. I ovulate today, understand? This is the best chance I have for a month to get pregnant. If it bothers you, close your eyes but please hurry up and fuck me."

Terry watched as his brother closed the gap between them, then gasped slightly as he felt his rigid member slide inside what had been his wife's cunt. Nothing could have prepared him for the feeling of fullness, the expansion he felt inside him. Each inch moved the arousing ridges of that magnificent flesh deeper toward his core. Each push brought him closer to the goal.

When finally he felt pressure against what he knew instinctively, more than knowledgeably, was his cervix he lay his head back on the pillow and closed his eyes.

Between his legs, his own brother was beginning to pump in and out of him as he worked toward climax. Terry's legs were held up and wide apart. They trembled slightly as pleasures undreamed of washed over him.

But he hardly felt or noticed any of it.


Living Legacy

Terry thought of Martha and his love for her. A love he would share with their child. No one would be able to note any difference between the child he was trying to create here and one that would have been born to a union between he and Martha.

He heard his brother grunt, stiffen, and press deeply into him. Quivers he had previously only felt from the other end sent tingles through body. He felt the hot rush of semen enter his pussy, spewed by the cock of the brother who no longer looked "exactly" like him.

It felt good.

It was perfect.

His plan to get Travis' help, this time, had worked.

If all went according to plan, he would be back.

Many times. Many, many times.

"I love you, Martha. Thank you," he whispered.


The End

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