Artful Crime - What If?

by Magnus

An alternate view (or alternate universe?) where the nefarious sculptor first seen in Wonder Woman chooses some different subjects for his breathtaking form of hyper-realistic art.
You can read the original "Artful Crime" story for comparison.


Part 1: At The Gallery Opening

Judy stepped into the gallery as the doors opened for the latest Henry Roberts' preview. Like others, she was intrigued by the article and photo in the paper and wanted a close-up view of the amazing statues. In the main room, she saw several figures draped with cloth. After a few minutes, Roberts appeared.

"Good afternoon, ladies and gentleman. I do want to thank all of you for attending this preview of my upcoming show. Actually, I do prefer to call it a 'reception,' because, as you can see, there are some people who have just arrived, and I do want you to meet them. Now it is quite possible that you have met some of them before, at one time or another, because they come from all walks of life, all marches of time. They are those members of humanity at perhaps whom you have always wished to stare or examine or scrutinize in an attempt to experience what it's like to live their lives. Ladies and gentlemen, now you have that chance, so may I suggest, 'Here We Stand.'" Roberts motioned to Fulton and Edwards, who then unveiled the statues. The crowd gasped in amazement and moved closer for a better view.

Judy, too, was surprised at how life-like the statues appeared. "Lori should have come," she thought; "This is incredible. He's a genius... the man's a genius." She moved slowly through the hall, examining each statue closely for several minutes before moving onto the next. She had just turned her attention to the statue Spencer had become a few hours before when someone tapped her arm. She turned to find Roberts himself standing beside her.

"Enjoying yourself, Miss...?"

"Walker...Judy Walker, I'm from the Inquisitor, Yes, Mr. Roberts. It's an honor to meet you. Your work is fascinating. This marshal...the details...the hair, the fingernails, the wrinkles.... How do you do it?" she asked.

"I'm afraid I have got to keep that a secret, but I do thank you for coming." Roberts looked closely at the young man for a moment and smiled. "I know I'll see you here again." He shook Judy's hand and made his way to Fulton, who stood near the entrance, watching the crowd.

"It seems everything is going our way," Roberts whispered. "The young woman standing in front of our marshal statue is Judy Walker, of the Inquisitor... the woman we hoped to use to lure Electra Woman and Dyna Girl into our collection. Miss Walker herself, however, will do just as well for the time being. She'll be our next subject; I already have a pose and role selected for her installation. You and Jack know what to do. I'll meet you back at the workshop in an hour." Fulton nodded, and Roberts rejoined his guests. Fulton kept an eye on Drusilla as she wandered from statue to statue. When Judy finally headed from the gallery, Fulton and Edwards followed.

Judy had parked in the garage beneath the Winfrey Foundation Building, whose lower floors housed the Capital City Museum. She thought the bottom levels were deserted as she approached her car, but as she unlocked the door, Edwards quickly grabbed her from behind, gagging her with one hand and holding her fast with his other arm. As Prince struggled, Fulton quickly raised Walker's belt and and grinned and nodded to himself when he saw Judy's choice of underwear. From his pocket he pulled out an NIM unit and a small control box. Fulton reached into Judy's pantyhose and positioned and secured the unit inside the young woman's vagina. Judy's pantyhose held the unit tightly in place, and Fulton pressed a button on the box. Judy felt a tingling from the cold metal.

"It's no use struggling, Miss Walker," Fulton said with a smile. "We'll take good care of you. In fact, we're going to let you experience first-hand how Mr. Roberts makes his statues, and you'll be back here at the museum in just a few days, lovely lady, as part of the exhibit instead of merely studying it."

In seconds Judy's struggling subsided as the computer signals streamed through her shapely body, stiffening her, slowing her bodily functions and suppressing her brain waves, until they effectively turned her 'off' completely, leaving her absolutely motionless. One moment, Roberts' men were struggling with a live, human female of surprising strength; the next they were merely holding up a rigid, inanimate, object shaped exactly like the young woman. Edwards slipped the car keys from Judy's frozen grip and unlocked the trunk of her car. Together, he and Fulton lifted Judy into it and then drove back to Roberts' workshop.

By the time Roberts returned to his workshop, Fulton and Edwards had laid Judy out on the work table on which all of Roberts' many other subjects had lain as each was crafted into a Roberts' statue. Within an hour, she, too, would become a completed, perfect statue; a fine work of art. Judy lay naked and stiff, immobilized by the NIM unit placed inside her crotch. Judy's body was frozen in a position of struggle, an expression of surprise fixed on her face. Her clothes had been thrown onto a chair -- a navy blue dress and suntan pantyhose, strappy heels, smart silk scarf, and a black silk bra. She gazed blankly at the ceiling, unaware of her imminent transformation into an uncanny work of art.

Part 2: Several Days Later

"Okay, what's this all about?" asked Electra Woman levelly as she looked about Roberts' workshop at the statues that had just come to life around her.

Moreau sat in the back room and watched Electra Woman's surprise over the video monitor. "It's about your demise, Electra Woman, your carefully planned, eagerly anticipated demise," replied Moreau coolly, his voice carrying over an intercom.

The workshop door slid open, and Henry Roberts stepped into the room. "Welcome to my museum," he greeted with a smile. "So, you lured me here purposely. It was all a plan...the thefts, the riddles...," Electra Woman said as the men circled her.

"All were part of an intricate choreography. You see, we knew that if we involved the Inquisitor, you would ultimately be involved," Moreau answered.

"Lori Grainger warned me that there was more to this than met the eye."

"Which is why, upon her inability to solve our riddles and crimes, she sent for you. How boringly predictable," Moreau said haughtily.

"Speaking of boring, why am I here?" demanded the daring diva.

Roberts stepped forward and smiled. "You are about to become my latest work of art."

"Several people know that my friend here plans to open his Capital City exhibit tonight by unveiling statues of Electra Woman and Dyna Girl," Moreau explained. "I shall be there for the unveiling, as will you, Electra Woman, delicately and permanently frozen by a minute stream of electrons controlled by a neural impulse modulator, developed by that brilliant neurophysiologist, Robert Henderson."

"Presently known to the world as Henry Roberts," said the sculptor as he slipped a new NIM unit for Electra Woman from his pocket. "This, once inserted into your vagina and held in place by your tights and costume, will produce an electrical signal which will place you in a state of suspended animation and transform you into a perfect statue... forever."

Electra Woman winced as she saw the device Robert's had in his hands. It was four inches in length and cylindrical. It had the smooth glint of chrome and had flat smooth surface on the end of it.

The three men who had been reanimated swiftly took hold of Electra Woman. Roberts smiled as he approached the Amazon with the NIM unit in his hand. Suddenly, Electra Woman whirled about, knocking the men off balance, and quickly grabbed the unit from Roberts' hand. "After I neutralize this," Electra Woman said to the voice over the speaker, "you're going to tell me who you are and where you are."

Moreau could simply have turned the dial to 'zero-anima' and added Electra Woman to their collection of human statues at that moment. But he was patient. A few moments more and they would have her, in a more appropriate pose. In his mind, timing was everything; with an ironic sense of humor, he sprang his trap.

"Wait, Electra Woman. Perhaps you'd like to see our most recent acquisition first. Henry...." Roberts smiled and gestured toward a draped object in the corner. Two of the men carried the figure to the center of the room. With one motion, Roberts lifted the cloth. Judy Walker stood motionless, dressed in a form-fitting Dyna Girl costume.

"Dyna Girl?"

"No, Electra Woman, just an amazing simulation," said Moreau. "You see, here we have Judy Walker, the young protégé of Lori Grainger. She attended last week's preview of Henry's exhibition and graciously consented to fill in for Dyna Girl until we're able to secure and transform Dyna Girl herself into a Roberts statue. Had Dyna Girl accompanied you here this evening, you and Dyna Girl could have undergone the statue-ization process together, and we could have restored young Miss Walker back to her living, breathing, functioning, mobile self. As you can see, however, Miss Walker is doing a rather fine job standing in for Dyna Girl; she makes an excellent statue of her, don't you think? But she's unable to answer you at the moment. In fact, Miss Walker is unable to do much of anything at all."

Electra Woman looked incredulously at her stiffened, waxwork-like friend. Now she understood what had happened and why Dyna Girl had been missing for the last several days. These fiends had no idea who their captive really was. "Let her go," ordered Electra Woman, showing her irritation for the first time.

"Only after the NIM unit has been secured in your vagina."

"Right now," Electra Woman demanded.

"Right now, I can push a button that will make Miss Walker's statue-ization permanent. She then might as well spend the rest of eternity as a mannequin, standing in a Lingerie shop window modeling teddies and stockings. Would you like that, Electra Woman?"

Thousands of thoughts and the image of Electra Girl posed stiffly in a store display window whirled through her brain as she stared at Dyna Girl, but she couldn't think logically. Finally, Electra Woman offered the NIM unit back to Roberts. "You win."

"I won the day I planned this," gloated Moreau. "The rest was simply a matter of time." Roberts grinned as he took the NIM unit back from Electra Woman's hand.

Electra Woman unfastened and loosened her cape and set it aside. Then, with both hands, she slowly pulled down her stretchy orange and yellow costume and tights then waited. Roberts gently positioned the NIM unit inside the diva's pussy. Inserting the unit up to its base; Roberts had made a fine estimate. A shiver ran through Electra Woman's body as the cold metal was pressed inside her. The NIM unit in place, Roberts nodded, and she pulled up her tights, costume and re-fastened her cape. The unit was held snugly and securely in place. Electra Woman looked down. She was used to seeing the distinct indentation of the leotard on her pubic mound, but now the bulging impression of her crotch was quite opposite. Already she felt artificial.

The moment the NIM unit came into contact with Electra Woman's pussy, a three-dimensional image of her appeared on the computer monitor, and computer sparked into action, calculating the electrical signals that would turn her off, transforming her into a Henry Roberts statue. As with all the other women, it took the computer mere seconds to record all of Electra Woman's physical data and to devise the precise statue-ization frequencies. Almost immediately, the green light blinked on the computer console. Moreau was just about to press the "0-Anima" setting when the defeated Electra Woman spoke.

"May I take a closer look at Judy Walker? I'd like to see what I'll be like... what I'm going to become forever."

Moreau grinned and seemed pleased. "Of course, Electra Woman, I don't see why not."

Electra Woman stepped up to Dyna Girl and examined the statue closely. She looked at Dyna Girl's young, womanly face and saw the glassy eyes staring off at nothing. She gently ran her hand over Dyna Girl's arm; it was locked into position. Then she gently touched the face; it felt cold and firm, as if he were touching a plastic mannequin.

Gently she pressed her lips to those of Dyna Girl, giving her one last kiss, remembering all the times they shared.

"Does she have one of those things inside her"? she asked as she looked down at Dyna Girls briefs and saw the smooth mound which her own crotch now resembled. She reached down and placed her palm over her sister's pussy.

"Yes, we control her, just as we now control you Electra Woman," said Moreau coldly.

Through the cloth of Wonder Girl's briefs, Electra Woman could feel the cold hard metal of the NIM unit that had transformed Dyna Girl into a mere statue. Then she placed her hand over her own crotch and realized that in just a few minutes she would be like Dyna Girl, no longer a living woman, but a motionless sculpture. As she stood there for a moment, she felt a mix of emotions: helplessness, sadness, anxiety, fear, and oddly, fascination and exhilaration. At last, Electra Woman turned to Roberts.

"I'm ready. How would you like me to stand?"

Although they had already pre-programmed the coordinates for their Electra Woman pose into the computer, Moreau relished the control that he and Roberts now had over the Amazon. "Let's see, now, hands on your hips, I think." Electra Woman did as she was told reluctantly and raised her hands to her hips. "Yes, that's it. Well, now, smile. Smile the smile you would like to wear through eternity, because wear it through eternity you shall." There was something sinister in Moreau's voice, but Electra Woman was strangely comforted, too. Already she perceived Roberts and Moreau as her masters and owners. Slowly, Electra Woman's lips spread into a smile. "In a moment, your own conversion will be complete. You may even enjoy it. You will become a perfect and magnificent statue, Electra Woman, preserved forever as a splendid work of art, a masterpiece. Then you won't have to worry anymore about fighting crime and dastardly villains," Roberts said in a coaxing and soothing voice as Moreau activated the computer. There was a warbling sound from the controls as the NIM unit responded.

From within her pussy, Electra Woman felt a warm tingling gently grow and quickly spread outward to the rest of her body. "They don't know Judy is really Dyna Girl," thought Wonder Woman. "Once I've been turned off, once I'm one of their statues, they'll reanimate her, and she'll... wait... no... what a fool!" Electra Woman suddenly realized her mistake. "Once I'm a statue, they'll have no reason to return Judy to normal." The sight of her sister statue-ized had caught her off-guard and had kept her from thinking logically and rationally, just as Roberts and Moreau had hoped.

Electra Woman immediately tried to fight the electrical impulses of the NIM unit, struggling to reach her electra comm that she thought might be able to neutralize its signals. But it was too late. Roberts and Moreau saw Electra Woman's brief struggle, but they were unconcerned. After only a few seconds, the computer was already well into finishing its task. Within her body, several of Electra Woman's physiological functions and systems were already shutting down and going into stasis as the computer continued to transform the amazon into a statue. Electra Woman could just barely touch the screen of the electra comm before she felt her entire body lock into position. As hard as she tried, she could no longer move, her finger just touching the screen. She tried desperately to concentrate, but the computer began to transmit its usual message into her brain, effectively scrambling her own thoughts -- "a Henry Roberts statue... I am a Henry Roberts statue... I am a Henry Roberts statue ."

Once the message flowed freely through her brain, Electra Woman began to relax, quite willingly and eagerly abandoning her struggle, and in the few seconds before the conclusion of stasis, she did find her transformation pleasurable and felt as if she were about to orgasm. Suddenly, she felt her body shift more precisely into its programmed position: her right hand was returned to her hip, her legs spread apart slightly, and the false smile she wore shaped itself into a more confident and convincing grin. Once the computer had properly posed her, it fed the final signals through her body, stiffening and statue-izing her, and the blue light burned on the console. The computer had added another perfect display figure to Roberts' amazing collection. Electra Woman ceased to exist except in the form of this likeness.

"Henry," said Moreau triumphantly, "say 'good-bye' to one of the few people who could have stood between us and everything in the world worth stealing." Roberts paused for a moment, staring proudly at his latest creation. The immobilization process had gone perfectly, as it always had, and now Electra Woman, too, was a stiffened, perfectly preserved, Henry Roberts 'statue'. Nearby, Dyna Girl stood posed, equally unmoving; all the more distinct when both had become as still as mannequins.

As he did with every woman he chose to undergo this special transformation, Roberts pressed his hand upon Electra Woman's large breast. Nothing; no reaction whatsoever. It was like he was feeling up a piece of plastic. Then he ran his hand over Electra Woman's pussy and smiled as he felt the NIM unit cupping it tightly and holding Electra Woman forever captive in its statuary grip.

The End ?

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