Why you should not give into Temptation

by Commodore

            It all started out just like any other day for Amy Jo Hudson with her hanging around at the local clothing store; that is until she saw a maroon floral swimsuit. Now Amy has always had things her way and when she saw something she had to have, she would go to her daddy and plead to have him go and get it for her. Starting six months ago, though, her dad had told Amy that he was not going and getting her things any more and even went as far as telling her she had only 120 dollars a week to spend and no more.

But being like any other rich girl, she would go through that allowance in about six hours, but over 4 weeks it stretched to 3 days; what her daddy did not know was she had been going to a new clothing store that was owned by a young lady who only said that she was from the old country and then leaving the store with clothes without paying for them.

So one day the young lady who owned the shop had gotten in a new shipment of swimwear and over a period of time she had figured out just who the thief was and just what kinds of clothes she had been taking off with as well as what sizes they were, and knew that she would want to have the maroon floral swimsuit. So she had placed a spell on the swimsuit so that when she would say “Amy Jo Hudson” the spell would be activated.

And true to her history, Amy Jo showed up a few days later, eyeing the that very suit and when she picked it up and headed to the dressing room towards the back of the store, the young lady waited until Amy was inside the dressing room to head over there and waited on her to come out wearing the suit hidden under her clothes.  When she did, the store owner confronted her and informed Amy that she knew that it was her whom had been shoplifting over a period of time; the young lady realized that Amy was not going to come clean even with the evidence against her, so she used the spell she had prepared even though she had hoped that it would not come to that.

The last thing that the young woman told Amy Jo Hudson was “Well, Miss Hudson you leave me no choice but to say:
“Amy Jo Hudson

Now Amy did not know what was happening until it was too late, for Amy was leaning against the dressing room window when she realized that she could not move, and then she realized that she wanted to scream but she could not do that either.  

Her thoughts were quickly fading into nothingness as her body transformed.

And just before everything went blank, the young lady who was the owner of the store told her what was happening and what she was going to become after that. 

Amy gazed at the owner vacantly through eyes that had turned to glass.

Amy’s transformation had been completed; the person who had walked in as a nicely built 21-year-old young woman now was nothing more than a lifeless fiberglass Mannequin for the store owner to use and disassemble and display as she saw fit.





       Amy Jo Hudson had been shoplifting from a clothing store for months; now the store owner, A Young Woman from the old country, is using her as a Mannequin to display the clothes in her store.

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