Wishing Nude

by Julian Tu

            This story takes place on Monday, August 19 where there was a boy named Jeff is sitting at home watching TV. He was waiting to waste the last week of summer away. If you would of asked him what he had done this summer he would have said, “I was sitting at home watching TV every single day of this summer.” He hasn’t been out with his friends because there all out of town in till next week. His parents were always working every day. Not even once when they are off did they take him out on a trip to for him to have fun. He was at  least hoping to get back to school as a Sophomore next school year and start seeing his friends again.

            “God dam it I haven’t done a single thing this summer,” Jeff yelled. Even his dog that he got last Christmas had a better summer than him.  As he was watching “Jerry Springer” on TV the power went out. “Oh hell no.” For the first time during summer he had to think of something to do. The phone rang. “What now,” he mumbled as he picked up the phone. He looked at the clock its almost 11:45 pm. “Who would call this late?”

            “Hay, Jeff can you do me a favor”. It was Jeff’s ex-girlfriend Linda. She was talking in a sad but a softly spoken voice.

            “Well, yea, what is it,” Jeff had replied in a curious manner. Jeff hadn’t really dumped her because he didn’t like her. It’s just that she was too damn annoying. Jeff still had a small crush on her - enough to do one favor for her.

            “Well you see my cat died just this morning, and I’m at my aunt’s. I didn’t really have time cause I was in a rush to get here. All I’m saying is that could you burry my cat?”

            “Sure, but why don’t you burry it yourself when you come back?” As she explained to him how she cried when she sees the cat, and her parents are at New York visiting friends leaving her at home. His instructions was to burry the cat at the park.

            When she hung up he quickly picked the dead cat up in a old shoe box. The cat was starting to smell. While he was walking to the close park, he noticed that he’d forgotten the shovel. He started to dig with his bare hands because he was too lazy to go back home to get it. He looked around to make sure that no one was watching.

            When he got about 3ft. into the dirt he found a leather pouch with ancient markings on it. “Shit, What the fuck is this?” Jeff thought, opening the pouch by slitting it from the top. A piece of glowing sea shell fell out. Sigh. He quickly dug the rest of the dirt up high enough to place the shoe box in.

            Jeff pulled the shell out from his pocket. His thought it wais some kind of old luck charm. What he didn’t know is that this very shell is a wishing shell. It gives any one who has it 1 wish.

            As he got back home the black out was gone and the power came back on. He started to watch his TV again.

            The next day he saw the for cast on the channel 2 news that its going to be102 degrees today. Before he got up he said, “Aw, you have got to be kidding me.” Then when he was watching Baywatch, he said casually “Woo, I wish no girls would wear cloths.” The wish that he had made came true when he flipped the channels. “What the hell is going on here?” Then as he walked to get a soda from the fridge he looked through the window and there were three nude girls.

            As he walked outside one of the girls bent down to pick up the keys that she dropped. Jeff’s eyes opened wide and he started to walk down the block. When he got to Jack-in-the-Box it was crowded with people. He had ordered some food as he watched every nude girl walking and sitting around. Then as he was waiting for his order a girl’s chest firmly pressed right on his cheek. She was leaning toward the counter cause everybody in line was shoving and getting squished. Jeff asked the girl if she wants to stand in front of him. She then slowly slide in front him. Now that girls ass is all around Jeff’s hand and dick.

            When he got back home from that happy meal he found his dog had chewed and shattered the shell. When this happened all the wishes that where made were now gone or reversed. Jeff had his the rest of the summer full of thoughts and with a mystery in his mind.


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