The Women of Latex Hills

by Leticia Latex

Please send feedback, good or bad to the address in the index, because while writing for myself is what I do first, I always have hope I'm reaching some other people out there. I wrote this story meant as a 5 chapter saga to establish the setting properly and the kind of adventures happening there. It certainly gave me lots of ideas for possible sequels. Hopefully this inspires other people to write as well. I wrote my ass off on this one and I hope it shows.

The door opened, Melody greeted Tanya.

"Come in, almost everyone's here" she gestured her in, helping her out of her coat and taking it to the closet. She pointed at the living room. "Make yourself at home. Take a seat"

Tanya sat down with the others, Olivia and Christina were sitting on each side of her while Vanessa and Penelope shared a couch in front of her. Melody came back into the living room and joined them.

"So how's been your last week, Tanya?" inquired Olivia with a grin, before her mouth returned to it's O shape.

"It's been a learning experience to say the least... things have been happening so fast since my arrival that I've yet to have all my questions answered... I've been mostly with Lawrence inside the house all week, this week was more about rediscovering myself than the town" Tanya admitted.

"I must say a lot of us we're surprised how quick it all happened, so I can see how you'd feel that way" Christina said.

"With the wedding coming up, there was just so many things to wrap my head around" Tanya said. "A little bit over a week ago. I remember..."


We had passed the security gates to the private land where the town is located when we finally came upon the first sign to bear the town's name. Latex Hills.

"Latex Hills? No wonder you didn't tell me the place's name. Who names a town Latex Hills?" I asked, turning to Lawrence who kept his eyes on the twisting road.

"Well... there IS a place called Silicon Valley after all" he looked at me for a quick moment, smirking. He was joking, of course. "I heard it's because of the forest here. They're rubber trees... you knew rubber came from trees, right?"

I just nodded as I had made a research on the subject when he first got me to wear some, before I got to really like it. Lawrence had always had a love for latex and he got me into it because I was willing to try everything he threw my way. But still... Latex Hills? It had an odd sound anyway you looked at it.

I looked around as we arrived in town. It was rather quiet, but we were in a small neighbourhood and it was just Tuesday afternoon. "So this is where we get married and live now?"

"In a few days, yeah. It'll be a life of bliss here, I promise" Lawrence told me as we finally came to a stop in front of a nice 2-story house. He gestured for me to step out of the car as he did so.

"Our house?", I looked at it. Around. Nice neighbourhood. Nice houses, clean streets, trees providing nice cover and a... woman in a rubber summer dress pushing a baby carriage? "Lawrence, look!" I poked my elbow at him.

"Yeah... you like it? Let's step inside" He grabbed my arm gently and guided me inside, barely glancing at the girl. Maybe I hadn't gotten a good look, and the girl was only getting farther but my Lawrence would've looked with more interest if it was really rubber. We stepped into the house.

"A life of bliss, huh? It's a nice house, baby. But can we afford this? I don't even have a job here yet" I inquired since he had been really scarce on the details of us moving here aside from the fact that only people higher up in the company were offered positions here. Due to the nature of the work being done in the city/compound, employees were asked to cut off outside relations for the duration of their stay.

"With what they require of their employees? The house is included with the job and the cost of life is very cheap for women here" he said vaguely as he grabbed my hand and guided me to the living room so we could both sit down on the couch. He grabbed what I guessed was the remote for the TV, the sound system and the DVD player that was setup for us. "I have to tell you more about the city. Half the reason this place exists is because the company has made some research in efficiency and found that couples that are sexually active perform better and lead a less stressful life. The other...half of the reason this place exists is because of the properties of this place and how it facilitates the...huh... active sex life" he explained as he pressed play. A relatively old black and white introduction video started playing.

"Welcome young lovers to your new home in shiny Latex Hills. Ladies, this introduction video is meant for you as your husbands have by now already gone through their 'New Owner's Introduction Video' themselves. The secrecy of this place is something we cherish and as such we make sure proper instructions are given to ensure its security. But secrecy sounds like such a bad word after what we've asked you to do for your husbands. Given the nature of this place, the reason why you've been asked to cut off ties with outside relations isn't so much for secrecy as it is for intimacy..." the narrator explained enthusiasticly (spelling?) the way they used to do in such videos back in the 50s, all the while showing scenes and fly-bys of the city. It then went on to explain how good an active and explorative sexual life is, how they had made researches on the subject and how unfortunate it was that such things were kept taboo and unspoken of.

"...frowned upon. In our day and age, we hear of sex scandals created over petty things that really aren't all that bad, right? But I don't have to convince you, you're here for a reason after all. We, at Xetal Products, trust you and your loved one have an already pretty active sexual life. We offered you this place within our community to help it flourish." The video then started showing a bit more of the town's citizen. Scenes of young couples in 50s fashion going to the movies, others going to the drive-in diner. Common points in these scenes were that a lot of girls seemed to be wearing crude rubber clothing, which seemed a bit off for the era it had been filmed in; the other common point was that there were a lot of couples making out in the middle of the public without any shame. The narrator kept on explaining how the level of intimacy they had managed to keep in the town allowed its citizens such libertine ways. I looked at Lawrence.

"So this is why you kept it all secret?" I asked, glancing back at the TV to see another rubber clad girl kissing her lover. "And the name... Latex Hills..."

"That wasn't a lie, honey. The reason why you see a lot of people wearing some is simply because Xetal Products have been behind all major discoveries done with rubber trees and it's products since at least the 19th century. All made in this very city from the natural resources surrounding it." He went on to explain how the city basically had it's own set of laws so that, as a tame example, public sex wasn't outlawed. Because of the nature of the research done here and the city's odd customs, it made for a perfect test public for all rubber goods being developed here so that's why a lot of it's people had developped a fetish for it. Lawrence pointed at the screen, a scene of a girl already wearing a casual rubber blouse and skirt was shopping for another rubber garment to illustrate his point. I watched the screen, intrigued.

"...and this concludes our tour of the city, ladies. We here at Xetal Products wish you a life of bliss in your new home of shiny Latex Hills." the video finished in a cheerful manner before fading out. Lawrence stopped playback.

I looked at my fiancee, thought about the sacrifices we had both made to get here even though I personally had no idea what I was getting into.

"I'm intrigued, I must say. You're such a sneaky one" I told him as I advanced on him, pushing him back on the couch. We made love and went to bed early, the next day was the big day.

Now, I'd be lying if I said my wedding day was everything I ever dreamed it would be. After all, my family wasn't there, I had been here one day and it seemed like Lawrence had made sure I'd get as comfortable as possible as quickly as I could. As I came into the dressing room, I remember seeing the rubber wedding dress lying on the bed with a note saying "Don't worry, it's customary around here". I put it on and walked out into the backyard as the Nuptial March started playing. All I knew about the place is that it was one of my fiancee's colleague who owned it; it was only later that I learned it was Melody's house.

I stepped out and walked down the aisle under arches made of hundreds of balloons, not cheap ones either. That wasn't nearly the oddest thing at the ceremony though, as our wedding had about the same attendance as if both families had reunited only they were mostly colleagues of my lover and complete strangers to me. The men were smiling at me, congratulating me. But the women, I would never have known if they were smiling, their eyes seemed happy but that's about all I saw. All women were clad in black formal catsuits with a white full faced hood with matching white headdress, the hoods having holes only for the nostrils and eyes. I make it sound creepy but I could still hear the girls congratulating me and generally being celebratory underneath their hoods. The smell and sounds of the place were overwhelming, the scent and squeaks of latex filling the air. Despite how kinky the whole setup was, the event was still so classy that after a few paces down the aisle I felt more relaxed. It was rather liberating to be wearing fetish clothing out in public at such a momentous event and not having it feel out of place. Truthfully, wearing anything else than what I had on at the moment would've been out of place. I finally reached the altar where I joined the man of my dreams. We listened to the priest before saying our vows. It was such a moment, I could feel my whole body tingle as he slid the wedding band on my finger. We were finally husband and wife.

And with that the party began. Everyone was having a good time but we still retired early; all this rubber had put me in one of those moods. We got into the limousine that was waiting for us as people cheered and applauded us as we drove away. Even on our way back home, I couldn't wait to put my hands on my husband. I felt emptier and emptier as time passed, I needed something inside me. There was no way I was going to be in a car this spacious and this intimate in a long while I thought, so I hiked up my dress a bit and went on my knees on the floor of the car in front of Lawrence. I unbuckled his belt fast while looking at him straight in the eyes with a devilish smile. I pulled on his pants but had to force them down a bit as he resisted a bit.

"It's not the right time, you can't be giving me a bloaaaahhh... stop it with your mmmmhhh..." he managed to blurt out as first I licked him up and then took him down in me hungrily. He only seemed strong enough to push me away from his cock when I had to back up to take him back in, at which point he conveniently lost all strength to resist me on my way down. I'm sure if I pieced it together, somewhere in all his moanings he was really telling me something but I was concentrated on my own moans; partly because I was fingering myself and also partly because my fingering timed my moaning which itself timed my rythm on his dick, and I didn't want to miss a beat so to speak. I was about to cum as I started going faster trying to bring myself off, I moaned harder and sucked faster as I finally came and put my tired head on my lover's lap, still slowly bobbing back and forth as the warm liquid exploding into my throat agreed with me. I wiped myself with my hands and licked them clean completely afterwards. Even I somehow thought I was overdoing it a bit, but I soon brushed that thought away. Lawrence went up to the house to unlock as I went up to the driver's window to tip the chauffeur. He slid his window down as I tapped on it, doing a double take as he looked at me, then smiled a bit uncomfortably. I wondered if I had cum running down my chin or something.

"Yes?" he asked.

"Here, thanks for the ride, it was a real pleasure" I said as I handed him a 50$ tip.

"The pleasure is all mine ma'am" he said as he pocketed the tip, "you're such a doll, thanks a lot" he finished with a wink and a grin before driving off. I squeaked up to the house, making sure not to step on my own gown as it was long enough to be able to trip on it if I moved too carelessly. As I came up to my husband, he swept me off my feet and into his arms, kicking the door open and taking me in. He walked up the stairs to the bedroom, still carrying me. I thought I had sucked the life out of him with that blowjob but he seemed to carry me with such ease, finally dropping me on the bed.

I sat up to reach to him but he pushed me softly back on the bed, spread my legs wide, lifted my skirt and went down on me. I moaned so loud I put my hands up to my mouth. My lips felt oddly numb and sensitive at the same time, eliciting a gasp out of me. I drew my hands back in shock and sent them both onto my lover's head, holding him securely in place through my dress as he ate me out. That same feeling of emptiness came over me as he drove me wild with his tongue. I wanted more. I closed my legs slightly, trying to push his head away with my hands. He came up from underneath to see what I wanted.

"Get undressed, I want you in me" I ordered him. With no resistance, he took off his shirt and laid down on the bed, lifting his rear to take off his pants. As soon as he was done I was on him, draping my skirt all over my lower end, covering my legs. All Lawrence could see was my white shiny form humping up and down on him in the darkness as I got him fully inside me and started sliding back and forth on his hardened cock. The feeling of emptiness didn't go away, but the sex was unnaturally good. I rode him fast and looked at myself in the framed mirror hung behind our bed, it felt so good I could literally see myself glow in the light coming from the window. Glow?

"Lawrence, turn the lights on!" I gasped. I recoiled in shock as the lights came on. "MY MOUTH! What's happening to my mouth?" Lawrence just looked at me and saw what I was talking about. He kept making love to me as I looked at myself in the mirror as my shoulders up to my mouth and nose looked shiny in appearance. Having been surrounded by latex all day, the shiny smooth tone my skin was taking shocked me but didn't surprise me as much as my face's most striking feature.

"What's happening to me Lawrence?" I looked in the mirror as I spoke the words, seeing my mouth uncontrollably go back into an O shape after finishing my sentence. I tried sticking my tongue out, but couldn't quite get it done. The insides of my mouth reflected light and shifted a bit, my tongue was gone and I couldn't see my teeth either. All I saw was a tube of rubber going down my throat.

"It's nothing honey, just relax" he said, trying to calm me down while not concerned enough to stop sliding me up and down his shaft. He lifted his hands up to my face, caressing my cheek in a comforting way. His hand stroked the soft skin that was covering more of my face by the second. He slowly made his way to my lips where he traced their surface with his fingers. As confused and distraught as I was, his fingers on my sensitive lips proved to be more than I could deal with as I hungrily took one, then two, followed by a third finger into my yearning mouth. He kept on pumping me while getting his fingers sucked on. I could see him staring me in the eyes, his own eyes sometimes scanning my face as a whole, entranced by the changes I assumed. The sound of my squeaking dress was at certain times mixed with the sound of what seemed like a tight balloon being rubbed back and forth. I made nothing of it as I tried to get my mind off the dick pounding in me and back to the alarming situation at hand. It was then, as he felt the pressure build within him that he pulled up my dress and forced his digits out of my mouth to continue pulling it over my head to throw it on a nearby chair. He put his hands onto my thighs and his fingers cleaved into my skin as he held onto my legs stongly, continuing the same motion he hadn't stopped even once. It felt like a rollercoaster ride, I was scared out my mind but I didn't want it to stop. His hands on my thighs brought my attention to them as I looked down to see my legs. I could see the shine starting to spread slowly down to my chest but looking further down I could see where the sound I had heard was coming from. The sound matched the rythm of his motions as I saw his manhood plunge into what seemed like my vagina, only it looked as shiny as my face had become. Under my waist, my whole legs and feet looked the same. My eyes went wide open when I saw what looked like seams going up the sides of my legs. I looked less and less natural as seconds flew by. I touched and stroked my legs which had been covered by my dress throughout our lovemaking, they felt like I was wearing flesh colored rubber leggings over them but my lover's hands had such a grip on them that his fingers seemed to dig into my skin as if they were filled with nothing but air. I looked back at my face and while unbelievable, the words that came out of my mouth were the only thing that had made sense to me for the past fifteen minutes.

"Larry, I'm... I think I'm turning into a doll! Do something!" I pleaded. The second I uttered the words Lawrence let out a huge groan, his fists clenching on my legs so hard I should've passed out from the pain except it only brought me closer to losing my mind. I collapsed on his chest, resting my head next to his, breathing heavily into his ears as I kept humping his cock. He came so hard I thought I would've flown off him if he hadn't been holding me so firmly. I held him in my arms as I pumped the cum out of him. My own orgasm only heightened as I felt the hot streams flowing deeper into my body. I sat back up on his dick, arching my back and throwing back my hair as I opened my eyes weakly to see my reflection in the mirror. I looked like I had a full faced rubber hood modeled after me on my head. He kept on cumming inside me, yet the feeling of emptiness I had started to feel since we got married had only been getting stronger. "Honey! My face!"

"Everything's alright, calm down" he said, again running a hand on my cheek. Whenever he touched me where my skin had changed I rolled my eyes in delight uncontrollably.

"Alright?" I rolled on to my side on the bed, getting his cock out of me. A few more thick streams of cum erupted from him onto my belly and chest as I pulled off him. "You think this is alright? I think I'm having an allergic reaction or something" I still trembled from my orgasm, but much of it was starting to be the panic that was settling in. " tingles" I complained as my hands, as though they had a life of their own, came up to my belly and my fingers found themselves into a puddle of his cum. I think I remember getting control of my arms back, but despite that continued playing with his seed, making swirls in it with my fingers. The tingling subsided as I handpainted myself with his cum, smearing it all over. It just felt right somehow. My mood and train of thought had strayed away from sex a good while ago, I was shocked and panicked, yet I had and was still having the best and dirtiest sex I had ever had with Lawrence.

He grabbed his manhood, grinned and aimed at me. "Oh, I'd say your having a reaction alright..." he chuckled lightly as he came a few last time on me. "...but it's nothing allergic, actually I don't know. But it's not harmful, I should explain what's happening"

"YOU KNOW?" I growled at him. "Why didn't you say a word?"

"Well... I guess I was enjoying myself too much..." He said, blushing as he laid down on the bed besides me.

"Can't you see I was having trouble. I can't believe you can be so..." I was interrupted by him clearing his throat. "What?"

"You're still touching yourself, Miss I'm-having-the-worst-day-of-my-life" he said matter of factly as I absent-mindedly played with the last few hot streams he had shot on me. I reluctantly stopped, seeing his point. I looked him in the eyes.

"Tell me what's happening to me, honey! What am I becoming? Why does it feel so good?" My mind was filled with so many questions I didn't know which ones really mattered anymore.

"You actually put your finger on it a little earlier... you are becoming a doll. I can't really say how it's made possible, but there's some history behind it. Over the years, the city seems to have an effect on people. Over time, the women who lived here long enough started turning into the same kind of dolls you're becoming right now. The first cases started happening with girls who had lived here around 5 to 10 years. They also discovered that of the kids who were raised here, girls started showing signs of this natural mutation around the age of eighteen. In all cases, sexual relations speeds up the process. Your mouth, for example, has been this way since we got out of the limo, after that blowjob you gave me" he told me.

I looked at my jizz-covered hands, I could see them start to turn shiny like the rest of my body had. When I looked at myself, I could only see my forearms and middle of my torso and back hadn't turned shiny like the rest of me though the area around my chest looked like it had started to change. To the exception of the seams that had formed around them, my breasts still looked normal. "But I've only been here 2 days..."

"That's because they've had to come up with ways to speed the process for newcomers so they fit in more easily. I've heard it usually had to do with the wedding ring. All of this is so you can adapt better to the city" he explained.

"Adap...? You let your company turn me into A DOLL??? What am I now? Is that rubber?" I poked at my legs tracing my fingers on the seams for emphasis.

"Yes, you're turning into a rubber doll. An inflatable doll. That's why I had told you that living here was cheap for women, you're... or you're going to be, only filled with air" he revealed the truth to me and inched closer to me. "It's not a bad thing, you like latex, don't you? You kinda looked like you were enjoying yourself I thought."

"Oooh... don't ask me questions like these, it's not fair. The sex was... indescribable but that's probably because of what I'm becoming, no?" I asked him. I couldn't see any other reason why my skin had felt so sensitive tonight. "I like latex, Lawrence. You know that. But it's quite different now... I AM latex. Maybe this'll drive the point home about why I react this way. Maybe you can understand what I'm trying to wrap my mind around. I'm becoming an inflated latex sex toy... ever thought you'd hear your wife say that?"

"I could only dream of my wife saying that before we moved here..." I wasn't sure what to make of this comment. "Besides... about the sensitivity of your skin. If like you say it's because of those changes that the sex was all great, then that doesn't make much of an argument for you."

"You... like me? like this?" I leisurely cupped my breasts, tracing the seams as they seemed particularly sensitive. They were still skin but it showed that I was empty underneath, my breasts didn't hang anymore; they more or less floated there, just puffed up with air for now. My husband didn't need to answer the questions I was asking him. Each move I made seemed to make his still erect cock twitch. "I look so freakish though... how will I ever go out like this?"

"You forget the one thing that perhaps would make you reason a bit better. Everyone in town is just like you. If you're female, you're a doll, plain and simple. That's another reason why nothing can be said about the town. But I told you it would be a life of bliss here and I swear you'll like it here, I know you" he swore to me.

"So this is what I'll be for the rest of my life? This is what I'll look like?" I asked.

"It isn't so bad, is it? If you stop trying to rationalize what's happening, you've only found enjoyment in your new body, right?" I knew he was right.

"Yeah... I guess... but it's just... my mouth is..." I stammered, raising my hand to my mouth to touch it.

"I like your mouth..." he interrupted me. He put his fingers on my lips " looks kinky". I started sucking on his fingers slowly.

"I..." he paused, "...I know you like to give head, honey. This change was only meant to make it bett..." as he was explaining, I had closed my eyes and moaned a bit. I sucked a bit more than I first thought as his whole hand popped inside my mouth, past my smooth, slippery lips. I emitted a small yelp as my eyes shot wide then my eyelids went heavy with lust again as I closed them to enjoy the moment. Lawrence brought me back to reality, pulling his hand out my mouth with a slight popping sound. "...uh, yeah... I think you get it. You're definately a natural".

"It feels so unreal, I..." I tried to make sense of what I was about to say. "...I think I like it".

"I've rarely heard of anyone complaining about how it feels to be a doll" he told me, wrapping his arm around my body, resting his hand on my fleshy ass cheeks. I looked at my forearms and belly as he said that.

"But I'm not a doll yet..." I replied.

He shifted on the bed, getting closer to me. He then asked with a soft voice "...y'think you're okay now? Do you want to be a doll?" he asked me, his sticky cock touched my belly.

I remembered the video. "Yes, lover. I can't stay like this. I want to be your shiny plastic inflatable wife". I never thought I'd say such a thing in my lifetime, but I was starting to think the ring may have had some effects in the way I expressed myself. I meant what I said, but I didn't intend to have it sound like I desperately needed it. Truth be told, I couldn't resist the idea anymore.

"I love you Tanya" he said before kissing me. He closed his lips on mine and ran his tongue inside my mouth. It seemed like anything remotely phallic getting in or near my mouth sent me in an uncontrollable sucking frenzy. He broke the kiss and lifted my weightless body to turn me over on my front. He caressed the real skin on my back softly with his fingers, tickling and sending shivers down where my spine would still be if I had been more than just an elaborate balloon. I arched my back at the sensations, hugging my husband's body as he rubbed the head of his oozing cock against my rear end. His hands wandered to my front, he rested them on the skin of my breasts and played with them a bit. They gave way under his fingers, they felt wonderful. His fingers on my seams, he pushed his palms down on my chest, hugging me closer to him as he pulled me down to take his dick in my bum.

I saw us both in the mirror. I was squirming and moaning, my breast skin getting shinier by the second from the sexual stimulation they were getting. It took only a few thrusts into my backdoor before I started hearing the same rubbery sound my vagina had made when he had been fucking it. He cupped and squeezed my chest with one arm as his free hand went down between my legs where he started fingering my pussy. I was so completely out of my mind with lust that I couldn't think of anything to do with my own arms. The only use I found for them was to hold Lawrence firmly against me so he wouldn't stop fucking me. I barely had any of my skin left, my arms starting to show their seams as my skin got the same rubber look the rest of my body had. For all I could tell, I was now a blow up doll. The idea alone got me so fired up I began pumping my lover's penis faster with my tight rubber ass. On all fours, I squeaked back and forth down his whole length, soliciting groans from him.

"Tanya, you're so beautiful. Touching you feels so good" he said as he ran his hands down my hips to stop at my waist while he slid in and out of me.

" can fee..." I blurted out, not making any sense at all. I stood up on my knees, grabbed his hands and brought them up to my breasts and pressed firmly on them so he'd play with me. "...Tou...touch...tou..ou..ou..ou..ou..ou.ouch mmmeee" I moaned out in rythm as I slammed down on his cock faster than I had ever done before. I could feel him getting tense in me, hissing and panting with every thrust. I kept the pace up until I heard him yelp, his hands quickly and firmly clawed into my inflated breasts as he let his warm liquid fill my ass. I came as he grabbed me and squeezed me hard against him, still fucking my ass.

Our orgasm very slowly subsided as I fell onto my belly, not able to support myself anymore. I wasn't helped by Lawrence who actually also laid himself down...on me. I felt a huge pressure in me as my arms and legs stuck out uncontrollably, still he felt good just lying there, in contact with me. He was still in me, hard but immobile, as we started talking. I could seldomly feel his cock twitch and send other jets of cum down in me.

"So that means you've known about this for a while now, no?" I asked him.

He pulled out, the sensations pulling a few more drops out of him. I felt the few drops land on my back, all converging to the small of my back where it formed a small puddle. I let it stay there, figuring I might as well get used to being covered in jizz. Lawrence laid next to me, spent. I turned my head on it's side looking at him, still laying on my belly.

"I...huh..." he scratched his head, I think he wondered if he should answer the question. "'s..."

"Honey, we're married and I'm a pretty piece of inflated latex. I don't think it really matters now..." I insisted out of curiosity.

"...I knew before I met you" he admitted while getting red in the face.

"What? You kne... what?" I was simply baffled. "You mean to tell me that when you broke the ice with me, you already foresaw me becoming a doll eventually?" as mad as I was at not being told, I realized that it wasn't really his decision to make.

"Well... you make it sound so bad. We wouldn't be married today if you hadn't given me tons of reasons to think you'd make a good lovedoll..." he explained quickly, trying to defuse the situation. I relaxed a bit, this was our wedding night and I was feeling as good as I ever had after all. I arched my back suddenly as I got a small pleasurable jolt and trashed about a bit as I felt the biggest orgasm I had that night. I felt something pop out of me amidst the pool of cum on my back.

"Oh... there it is" he simply said, looking at my back.

"Mmmmh...whu...what?" I mumbled, catching my breath and trying to grasp what had just happened out of nowhere.

"Your inflation valve, love. You're inflatable, remember?" he teased. I tried to reach around and see with my hands.

"Well...I guess. I just didn't think I'd gaaaaawwwwwhhh" I lost it as my hands felt the sticky plug. I let it go as the feelings were stronger than I could deal with that night. I let out another yelp as he pushed the popped but unopened valve back into me. I squeaked as I moved closer to him on the bed, insatiably looking for human contact. I showed him my back and took his hand to put it on my chest as I backed up against his erect penis. He spooned against me, playing with my tits as I drifted to sleep, tired.

The rest of the week was spent unpacking...mostly. Anytime I had to call Lawrence over to help me with something, not being totally used to the changes yet, I had to constantly remind him that I needed help because my arms were full of air and barely had any strength in them. The words alone got him hard and we ended up fucking whenever I had to remind him what I now was.

I had to remind him a lot.


"So you see, I haven't had time to do much this week" Tanya explained.

"I guess our first week looked similar, most of us at least" Olivia agreed. Melody stood up and went to the kitchen telling everyone she'd be right back.

"You probably still have lots of unanswered questions?" inquired Christina, or Tina as most people called her.

"Yeah...I still...have a lot" Tanya replied, her concentration taken away by Melody coming back into the living room with a silver tray. As she lay it down on the table, the usual set of tea was replaced by dildos and vibrators of all colors. Tanya watched as every girl except for her and Tina grabbed one and started casually sucking on it. " one question I...had was..." she looked on as the girls tried to be discreet and classy about it but still moaned enough for it to be highly distracting to anyone not used to what she witnessed. Her curiosity was too strong; There was only one question she could settle her mind on. "What are you girls doing?"

Melody took the dildo out of her mouth to answer Tanya's question. "Well, where should I start? I'm starting to wonder just how much your husband really told you about our condition". She paused and thought of a way to put it. She leisurely lowered the plastic penis to her rubber vagina and got comfortable on it. She continued her explanation, wimpering as she settled down on the dildo. "For lack of a better term, we're...cocksmoking" Melody would've probably blushed if she could've.

"Did you just say 'cocksmoking'?" Tanya tried not to chuckle. "You know the term is derogatory, right?"

"Well yeah, we know but it's really the only thing we could come up with. It's the closest thing a doll can do that replaces smoking. For obvious reasons, dolls and the men of town don't smoke and there's an actual reason for doing what we are doing now" Melody settled into her couch, she helped the dildo in and out of herself with an hand and played with her breasts with the other. "See...mmmh...our condition, some call it mutation, others call it a blessing while's more of a curse... a very sexy curse..." she winked, she was probably grinning too but her shiny mouth stayed wide open, "...but a curse nonetheless".

"What? You mean side effects?" Tanya inquired.

"I take it you've been well fucked this week" Olivia laughed. Vanessa reached over to the table and took two vibrators in her hands and gave one to Penelope. Both girl were quietly listening, their mouths already busy sucking on dildos, they directed their vibrators at their vagina. They moaned slightly louder but tried to keep it down for the sake of discussion.

"Huh? What do you mean?" Tanya looked at Olivia, then turned to Melody.

"That's why we're doing this right now. If we remain without sex for too long something happens to us... we become incapable to move or talk, like fake sexdolls" revealed Melody as she grabbed a second dildo from the coffee table. She sucked on it, taking it out only to talk.

"Fake sexdolls?" Tanya was confused. Tina gestured for Melody to keep sucking, she would answer the question.

"It's a common misconception for newcomers to think they resemble the blow-up dolls sold in stores. In reality, they resemble us. Xetal Products invented inflatable rubber dolls a few years after women started turning into dolls over here. So technically, WE are the real sexdolls" Tina said.

"Oh...that's fun. I feel all special now" Tanya laughed. "So cocksmoking..."

"Cocksmoking does not keep us from turning immobile, but it does slow down the process. Only a man's cum can bring back a doll. Sooo... it's more or less the social thing to do when men are not around if we want to keep having a life between ourselves in the afternoons while they're at work. That's why we called it this way, it doesn't sound as weird to citizens of this town considering the nature of the people here. The necessity of the act makes it socially acceptable, so in a week or so you'll be used to seeing dolls cocksmoking while just walking down the street... and more than likely, you'll be sucking on a dildo yourself at that very moment" she explained.

"Lawrence didn't tell me that" Tanya said.

"He definately knew, that much I can tell you. He probably wanted it to be a surprise for you" Tina offered. Penelope reached for a third pair of dildoes and handed one to her friend. Tanya just nodded, not necessarily disinterested but her attention was on the twins.

As soon as Vanessa got her dildo handed to her, she lovingly caressed Penelope's tummy and helped her turn to bend over on the couch's armrest. Vanessa ran the dildo slowly down Penelope's back, stopping to tickle her plug for a second, making her arch her back. She continued down her backside until the dildo met with her smooth, wide open, round ass hole and plunged it in deep. Melody was sucking and fucking her own dildos with more vigor as she watched on. Penelope, knowing she wouldn't be interupting any discussion as all attention was on them, screamed out in pleasure as her butt was filled with plastic cock. Olivia reached out for her second dildo while Penelope was getting ready to return the favor to her friend. Tanya looked back at Tina.

"They like to give a good show" Tina said, laughing. Tanya looked at the tray, still plenty of toys to go around. She then looked up at Tina.

"So you're gonna take one?" Tanya asked.

"Yuck, no! I don't smo..." Tina stopped mid-sentence. Her arms and legs were very slowly moved back into a more manageable position for male partners. The other dolls were holding their sides in laughter, pointing at Tina, muffled laughter came from behind the toys blocking their mouths.

"Tina?" Tanya waved her hand in front of Tina's eyes, puzzled. Melody removed the dildo from her mouth, opting to put it in her rear hole instead of putting it down on the table.

"Haha, talk about timing. What you've seen here is the effects of being a non-smoker" Melody told Tanya, still laughing at Tina.

"Oh god, there's non smokers too?"

"You bet, and Tina's a pretty bad one. Always telling us how we shouldn't use all the fake stuff" Melody grumbled.

"But can a doll go on for long without a man's attention?" Tanya wondered.

"Most dolls, like you and me for example may last a day or two, and a little more if you smoke. I've seen Tina manage to go without men for a good week once" Melody paused. "But we forgot to mention that Tina was born here, she turned naturally into a doll around eighteen years old, which is why she looks a bit younger than all of us. Girls who turned naturally can stay slightly longer without men than we can but I still have never seen any doll pull a full week except for Tina. She's even done it many times in fact, but every single times I've seen her do it she lost it and fucked the first guy that came near her" Melody stood up and went over to Tina's couch, grabbing her and lifting her up. "Most non-smokers do it in part for this" she said as she pulled Tina's valve open. Tanya's eyes lit up. "Have you been..."

"NO..." blurted out Tanya, interrupting Melody, "...sorry. No". She reached behind her to touch her plug.

"It's very enjoyable, don't worry. She's still conscious by the way" reassured Melody as she pressed the air out of Tina, who became limp and shapeless in Melody's arms. Once finished, Tina really looked like she came out of a factory, the deflated brunette looked no different than the fake dolls that were manufactured here.

"...and how does she manage to go so long without men?" Tanya asked. The twins took the cocks out of their mouths and put them in their sizable cleavage as Melody folded Tina up. The twins set the vibrators to low and a low rumbling sound came from their breasts as they vibrated with the toys.

"Before doing whole weeks, she told us she had sex with lots of men at the same time" Vanessa said, giggling.

"LOTS and LOTS of men" Penelope added, giggling herself. Melody finished folding Tina and opened up her custom made rubber handbag, it was a rather squarish bag with the front made of clear rubber. She put Tina in her own handbag facing outward, her face hugging the transparent latex window, then zipped it up. The bag was rather detailed, it had her name embroidered on the front and actually looked like a replica of box dolls are sold in.

"She had it made just for her, she loves haute-couture. Plus it's very handy for non-smokers" Melody explained, putting Tina's bag on the table in the lobby. Tanya looked at the twins again.

"You girls seem to use a lot of toys..." she said.

"We kinda have to, we weren't born here like Tina and we don't have men as often as the other girls. Me and Vanessa are lovers, neither of us are married" Penelope told Tanya.

"But I thought guys only brought their wives here". The idea of lesbian dolls hadn't brushed Tanya's mind before.

"Well, in reality a guy did bring us here but it wasn't to marry him, we just work for him. Christopher runs the Plastic Fantastic club downtown, where we've sort of become the main attraction." Vanessa continued.

"You guys are strippers?". The twins eyes went wide at the question.

"Isn't it obvious?" they both said in unison, cupping their breasts for emphasis, each the size of a volleyball.

"I didn..." Tanya started. Vanessa looked down at hers and Penelope's chest.

"Well, we ARE small today I must admit..." Vanessa said.

"Yeah, usually we're inflated way bigger" Penelope agreed.

"I...I don't get it, why are you dolls then? Why would two girls do that?" asked Tanya.

"First of all, just like you, we didn't know what we were in for until we arrived here. Secondly, we happen to be lovers but we still like to fuck men. I don't think our job would be as enjoyable if it weren't that way" Vanessa answered.

"We arrived here when we were twenty-two years old, that was three years ago... even though we'll always look twenty-two. I remember the events so clearly..." Penelope started.


This guy had been hanging out at the club we work for at the time, his name was Christopher, he had become a regular. Then one night, after our act, he asked that we sit at his booth and offered us drinks. He was a really nice guy.

"So tell me girls...why do people call you the Plastic Twins?" Christopher asked.

"Isn't it obvious?" we both said in unison, cupping our large silicone-filled breasts. "You don't think we look alike?" I asked. We weren't really twins, but we did look similar in every way, our love for surgery had made sure we had identical breasts too.

"I guess you look kind of similar..." he said. He was still wondering if that alone got them their nickname. He took a sip of his drink and pointed at their breasts. "...but plenty of girls here have silicone in their tits".

"There's more to it than that..." Vanessa said, I put my arm around her waist and cuddle up to her in the booth, putting my other hand on her left thigh. "...we're lovers, for one thing".

"Oh?" Christopher sounded a bit disappointed. Vanessa reached for Christopher's hand.

"But we still like company" she smiled. "Me and Penelope found out we liked the same things when we started working together here. Our double act eventually led to romance outside of work" Vanessa said.

"So they don't just call us the Plastic Twins because we have big boobs. We're pretty much always together, and contrary to all the girls here, we don't work here to pay for our scholarship or some other thing. We just like giving a good show. And we realllly like plastic surgery, so this is definately not the last boobjob we both get. All the dancers and most patrons here know that we spend all the extra money we make with lapdance in getting surgery. We've had our funbags inflated three times in the last four years. Whenever the clients asked where we were gone when we weren't working, they were told we were in surgery. That's why we got named that way" I explained to Christoper. As I finished explaining, under the table I raised my foot up between Christopher's thighs, feeling his manhood with my foot. He must've had the hardest hard-on I had ever touched. "Want to go back to our place, Christopher?" I asked, then I turned over to Vanessa and kissed her deeply. Christopher didn't answer the question, he just got his keys out of his pocket and asked for the tab.

On the ride back home, Christopher wanted to know more about our jobs.

"So you use all your money for surgery? Your boss doesn't cover some of the expenses to help two beautiful ladies like you get bigger?" he asked.

"No, not really... I guess we never thought of asking. Why would he help us?" I asked.

"Lots of strippers do so when they get bigger boobs for work" he explained.

"Oh...but just like we dance because we like it, we didn't get bigger titties for the job. We do it because we like to look that way" I reasoned.

" girls are unbelievable" Christopher complimented, looking at me, then at Vanessa in the rear mirror. "What if..." he paused, "...what if I could offer you both a job where you could get as big as you want for free?" he offered us.

"There's gotta be a catch, right?" said Vanessa, obviously interested in the idea. I wasn't just interested, I actually didn't care if there was a catch.

"Well, since I'll be the one responsible for making it all free, and since you guys love to dance... I was thinking of asking you to dance exclusively at my club for as long as you guys will be stripping" he admitted.

"That's it?" I asked. This wasn't going to be a hard decision to make. Christopher went past the street to our house and kept going, heading for the onramp to the highway.

"We'd be going right there tonight if you guys agree. The only real catch is it's a special community that we try to keep private and hidden mostly. Would you guys agree to put some blindfolds on?" he asked calmly.

"I...huh..." I looked at Vanessa. She just smiled broadly and nodded generously, she held her hands in prayer at me. She didn't make a sound but she was going 'please please please please' with her lips. I looked back at Christopher. "...alright. Blindfolds are in the glove box?"

Christopher just nodded. I took the blindfolds and handed one to my lover. I saw we were getting on the highway as we put it down in front of our eyes. We rolled for a while, it was getting hotter in the car. Vanessa complained, not able to take the heat anymore. I heard Christopher fiddle around with the heat control and air started blasting. The air smelled really sweet but had a strong rubber scent mixed to it. I breathed in heavily.

" car smell?" Christopher offered in response to all my sniffing. I just shrugged. I remember talking a bit after that but with the blindfold on I just closed my eyes and must have dozed off on the way to town.

The door on my side opened.

"We're here" he said, removing the blindfold from my eyes and offering his hand for me to step out of the car. We opened the rear door and woke Vanessa, who had also gone to sleep. I turned to the club as Vanessa got out. I looked up at the neon sign.

"Plastic Fantastic" I whispered to myself, smiling widely. I poked Vanessa with my elbow.

"OW!" she yelled, slapping my arm in return. Her sleepy voice came back. "What was that for?"

"Look..." I said softly to her, wrapping my right arm around her waist, bringing her closer to me. I pointed at the sign with my left hand and she looked. We were standing side by side and I could feel our breasts touching each other, and this club held the promise of making us bigger for free.

"Wow, I already feel like I'm home, we need to get an apartment here" she told me excitedly. She bounced in joy and held me in her arms, hugging me and kissing me, almost thanking me for accepting to come. "Bigger boobies, Penelope, bigger boobies..." she whispered to me with an impish grin, looking me in the eyes. Vanessa loved me, I could never doubt that. We just seemed made to be together. Christopher walked up to us.

"about the apartment..." Christopher started as he pulled a pair of keys from his pockets. Vanessa squealed and jumped on the keyring. "The wants and needs of women are easily met in this town, I'm sure you girls will love it here" he said as he wrapped his arms around our shoulders, guiding us inside. The dressing room looked empty but the noise coming from the stage seemed to indicate a lot of men were waiting for a show.

"Where are all the other dancers?" I asked as we entered the dressing room.

"Whenever we get new dancers, we give them the stage for their whole first night. It always makes for a magic moment for both the girls and the clients." he started explaining. "But I have to tell you something about this town first. I take it from what you girls told me that you're pretty much into looking your best and pleasing other people, no matter what it takes apparently, right?" he said, gesturing at our chests.

"Yeah... more or less" Vanessa answered.

"Ok... so if I told you that in this town things are a bit should I say...ah hell, 'different' is the only word I can think of that encompasses the complexity and wonder that is Latex Hills" he said, getting carried over excitingly as he finished. He almost comically sounded like a circus announcer.

"We now live in a place called Latex Hills?" I asked.

"Believe me, that's the smallest surprise this city has reserved for you" he told me with his eyebrows raised. "Now I'd like you girls to go with the flow, no matter what happens. This could mean sex with the clients if things lead to that, but I'm assuring you girls it's only if you want and it's perfectly and 456% safe and legal in this place"

"But... how?" Vanessa asked with enthusiasm and interest.

"I'm happy your reaction is one of interest and not outrage at what I just said but I really said 'go with the flow' because your first night here will definately raise lots of questions and I wouldn't want it to mar with your performance" he explained. "There will be plenty of time for questions later"

At the start of the new song, we went out to the stage and started our show to the crowd's cheering and clapping. Lots of them pointed at their favorite parts of our heavily modified bodies. We were both gushing with pride with the way we were received. And that was only the slow part of our show. We finished our song, put our tops back on and went back to the dressing room.

"The crowd loves you, girls, keep it up" Christopher encouraged as he shoved dildos and other toys into my arms, which I dropped in my bag. He turned around and turned back to Vanessa with a huge four feet double-ended dildo. "Here, you guys can use all that if you wish".

"I feel lightheaded" I complained.

Vanessa just chuckled, turned over to me and struck a mock combat pose with the double-ended monster. "Oh... you're so going to get it" she said in a low voice, trying to sound macho. I responded by drawing two of the too many dildos I had on hand and flipped them in my hands like they were throwing daggers. I flinged them with no talent at her, one actually landing in her cleavage, I smiled at her.

She burst out laughing and grabbed my hand as she rushed us to the stage for our next song. We came up on the stage and a white blanket had been laid out for us. We got installed and started fondling each other softly in front of everyone. Slowly we took the top off each other and Vanessa started playing with my tits. We were both kneeling in front of each other, touching each other amorously. After a while we were gazing at each other with so much lust that I lost all restraint and took her into an embrace, first kissing her, then laying on my back taking on top of me. She got on all four and walked up to my waiting face, presenting her glistening pussy to my mouth. I lunged forward and licked her, the touch of my tongue sending jolts through her. She gasped and lost controls of her legs for a second, they slipped and her pelvis fell on to my face quickly. I could swear I felt my head squash up a bit between her legs and the floor before returning to a more comfortable position, but I couldn't feel any pain. As I kept licking and sucking on her clit, I put a finger, then another into her. She screamed out in joy, playing in my hair with her hands. I played with her until she came on my hands, all the while I felt her vagina getting tighter around my fingers, she also started to taste different. She got off me, her pussy was definately different but I couldn't place it. The crowd had been screaming and cheering for the past few minutes but all I could really focus on were Vanessa's moans and grunts. Vanessa reached for the toys, more precisely the four feet long plastic...


Penelope froze in the middle of her story. Vanessa took the dildo out of her mouth.

"Awww... not now. Now I have to continue" Vanessa said, nestling the toy in her cleavage.


I took the long and fat toy in my hands, I pushed Penelope on her back, opening her legs with my hands afterwards. I played with her labia with the head of the dildo for a moment. As the head became more and more slippery, I pushed it in. At first I went slow, Penelope just gasped and put her hands to her mound, feeling it go deeper in her as time went by. I had nine inches of the plastic cock inside my lover in no time, she just moaned and grinded on it. I wanted her to take more but we had toys at home and I knew we had never been able to play with anything longer than twelve inches. I just slowly pushed it in until it was around what I thought was twelve inches, then I started pumping in and out of Penelope, always minding not to go in deeper.

"Oh... god...this feels so awesome...I can.... ah... I can take...mmmh..." Penelope moaned as she got on her heels and elbows and pushed herself deeper on the dildo, inching more and more of it inside her. "Deeper Vanessa..." she breathed in my ears, "...put it all in me, I want to feel it deeper in me"

"That's....Penelope, don't be foolish" I whispered back to her.

"Don't think Vanessa, it's not the time. Just fuck me, I know you're holding back...don't" she pleaded me. She didn't give me a chance though as she grabbed me by the wrists and pulled my hands closer to her, plunging the cock a good foot deeper into her. She sat right up in shock, bending the dildo in the middle. Her hands shot to her belly, it almost seemed like she was caressing the dildo through herself, feeling it go so far in her. "Oh.... ah.... Vaness... Vanessa this..." she gasped for air, "...MORE" she lay down on her back, touching herself.

I was given the order of impaling my lover on more than 2 full feet of plastic dick. I caressed her belly and waist as I prepared to push it deeper in her. I couldn't feel her ribcage anymore, neither had I felt her spine when I embraced her earlier. Of course the idea seemed ridiculous so I hadn't made much more of it but now I was seeing my girl go past the very limits we had tested plenty of times before. The crowd was going wild as I looked into her eyes and pushed it in with each motion. As the dildo went farther into her, Penelope followed it's path with her hands following it on her tummy then cupped her breasts and squeezed them together as she felt it go back and forth behind her chest. I saw her playing with her breasts constantly, but over time they started riding a bit higher on her chest and the little sag she had accumulated from the weight of her breasts disappeared as her breasts looked the fakest they had ever been. My girl's boobs were getting so round as I pumped into her that they almost looked like balloons had been inflated under her skin while they remained the same size. She had her eyes closed but I'm sure she would've loved the way she looked like I did since it's the shape we had always wanted our breasts to have. She seemed to be having so much pleasure that I totally forgot about the length of the toy and just kept pushing farther inside. She was getting shiny with sweat, squirming on the blanket. she rolled around to wipe the sweat off her but she still looked wet.

She pressed her breasts together, played with them. She cleaved her fingers into her breasts and they seemed to give way easily, yet when she stopped the pressure on them, they went back to perfect spheres. The weight of Penelope's implants had apparently disappeared. A guy from the attendance reached on the stage, grabbed a dildo and threw it closer to us. Penelope grabbed the dildo swiftly and just as quickly sent it down between her legs, sliding it into her unlubricated ass. She still took it in faster than I had ever seen and only moaned in response. I was baffled, I couldn't explain how she got so horny so fast. The sight of her just twisting on herself in ecstacy was getting me just as horny. I pushed the dildo further, Penelope followed with her hands. I should have stopped when she was caressing her neck but I just couldn't believe she really felt it there. I pushed a bit more, her moans and gasps were getting muffled a bit. She arched her back and yelled one last time before her yell became muffled by the head of the dildo that came out of her mouth. I pushed back and forth to verify what I still couldn't believe. The dildo popped in and out of my lover's mouth as I did so. She rolled her eyes and just trashed on the stage, cumming. I stepped back away, releasing the dildo in shock.

Penelope looked at me with mad 'why did you stop?' eyes, the dildo coming out of her gaping mouth. She grabbed the dildo with both hands and started masturbating herself with it, at the same time fucking her mouth. She pushed it in and out furiously while she rolled and jerked around on the stage. She had been cumming ever since the cock had first passed her lips, which had become ruby red and shiny. As she came and rolled around moaning on the blanket, I saw her tan become uniform, becoming lighter and rosier. The wet shine she had before was becoming more pronounced. I just grabbed a toy of my own and started playing with myself, soon having one lodged in my ass and playing with another in my pussy. I was starting to see how Penelope might have lost control. The crowd was louder than ever, yet still seemed distant when I looked at my transforming lover. Nothing of what was happening seemed alien to them. I couldn't quite put my finger on what her skin was doing, but I thought she looked really sexy and as I touched her, I noticed she had a smooth, immaculate feel to her, she just moaned more at my touch.

She kept madly pleasuring herself with the toy, oblivious to the seams that started growing out of her skin. As part of our show, I just touched her and felt her skin, kissing her. I was really just trying to get a closer look. I kissed up to her breasts where I could definately see seams circling her spherical chest balloons. She slowly relaxed, coming down from the highs of her orgasm as the seams seemed to have covered her body where needed. She looked like a plastic suit had just formed over her.

"Baby, are you alright? This is so... you're crazy. What did you do to yourself?" I asked her, looking at her up and down. I rubbed my eyes with my hands, Penelope opened her eyes and looked at me doing so. She saw my hands started to look shiny like hers but aside the dildo impaling her, she hadn't noticed how the rest of her body looked. In panic for me, Penelope pulled the dildo out her vagina a bit, making it retract into her throat so she could speak again.

"Oh my god! Vanessa, your hands!" she spoke and I searched for her tongue, I could only see folds of pink rubbery looking material shifting in her mouth as she formed the words. That was too much, I fell onto my back lightheaded. The room spinned as the crowd cheered on as if the scene we were making was part of the show, as if they were used to seeing that kind of thing happening. I saw Penelope crawl over me, rubbing her smooth body against mine, she felt so nice to the touch and seemed so responsive, moaning at any sorts of contact. She was standing over me, retracted the dildo she had thrust back through her mouth again. "Your hands are all weird, Vanesss..." she looked me in the eyes as she said that but finally took in the appearance of her arms which she had both planted on either side of my head.

" look like a doll, Penelope. A...a...a blow up doll, kinda..." I looked at my hands, they definately looked like Penelope's skin. Penelope tried to back up in surprise at me telling her what she looked like. She just managed to sit up on me and I restrained her from getting farther away. As my hands caught her back, she arched in pleasure, gasping for air and moaning at my touch. I heard squeaking sounds and looked up at Penelope frantically rubbing and squeezing her round squeaking latex tits. There's no way she could have pushed her hands so deep into her implants before. It just looked like her tits were filled with air. Then she fell on me and hugged me, almost humping me with her body, she groaned and backed up on my knee, pushing the dildo back through her mouth. She just jerked a bit and fell down on me, spent, trying to recover from an orgasm she was still having. As I held her in my arms I looked at the dildo then my hands and finally Penelope. "Penelope, the toy!" I grabbed the end coming out of her mouth. She backed up a bit, a lazy, muffled 'what?' came from behind the dildo. While she backed up though, I held the dildo and it then disappeared into her pussy. She shook and screamed like she got struck by a lightning bolt. "Oops, I'm so sorry" I pushed it back in nervously. She screamed another time as the dildo popped back out between her legs. "Oh geez, what am I doing..." I complained to myself, trying to give reassuring looks at Penelope. She rolled her eyes so far back I doubt she could see me. I tried to repair my mistake and finally took the bottom end of the dildo and pulled a bit on it, sending it back in her throat. As her throat cleared she had her loudest orgasm yet as she collapsed on me. I thought I had killed her or something. She was laying there on me, I couldn't feel her weight at all. I couldn't feel her breathing.

"Penelope, it's the dildo I used on you...I think it made you that way. I'm so sorry I did this to you. Please baby, say something... I'm so sorry" I shook her a bit, she was literally lightweight. "Say something Penelope" I pleaded her lifeless form. She moaned and yawned a bit, looking at me with sleepy eyes.

"Thank you..." she said to me.

"What?" that couldn't be right.

"This felt so good..." she started panting even though I still couldn't feel her breath. "...couldn't...can't stop cumming. You did nothing...ahh...bad to me" she tried to reassure me.

"But you look like a fake plastic toy..." I insisted. She put her finger on my lips before I could continue.

"...More importantly, you don't" she finished for me, her mouth returning to a wide open 'O' shape.

"Huh?" I couldn't see where she was going with this.

"Don't you want to be my plastic twin anymore?" she asked me.

"You... you like that?" I asked, still caressing her, making her twist in my arms.

"I've never felt better, plus the crowd seems to like it. Just look at me" she sat up on me again, displaying the shiny, spherical orbs on her chest to me. She reached down with her hands, pushing the toys I had in me farther in. I gasped. She leaned back down on me.

"Your mouth..." again I tried to make her aware of just what she had become.

"...can still do all it's meant to do" she winked at me and leaned in for a kiss. I kissed her neck first, then her cheek. I looked her in the eyes and bit her lower lip softly, licking her insides with my tongue. She did taste like rubber. I darted my tongue in her mouth, held softly by the tight folds of her mouth, I could feel her sucking on my tongue. She looked like she was taking immense pleasure in it. I grabbed her head with both hands, amorously french kissing her. Unknown to me, Penelope had her hand on the dildo between her leg and pushed it a long way in. The plastic toy pushed past our lips and down into my throat with ease, I thought I would gag but didn't. In protest I tried pushing Penelope a bit off me but she wrapped her arms around me and held us both in an embrace, she just moaned as she played with the dildo, making it come back into my mouth and then down my throat. I couldn't help myself from moaning at that point, finally understanding what Penelope had been feeling. The simple back and forth the toy was making into my face sent me into an orgasm. I felt my tongue melt away into the rubber tunnel my mouth was becoming, the skin of my face felt a little tighter. I felt as lightheaded as ever too, but not in a bad way. I started sucking on my own, pulling the dildo down in me. It went past Penelope's plastic labia with an orgasm from her. I looked even-colored all over now as, like Penelope before me, I felt the cock go behind my chest, making my boobs stand at attention, completely spherical as if inflated with air. While she came, Penelope played with enthusiasm with my ballooned chest as it turned to rubber like everything above my shoulders had.

I sucked slowly, getting more in me and less in her. But Penelope wanted a better view and thought I wasn't going quite as fast as I should. She backed up from the toy as I kept sucking, making the remaining two feet flop down between my tits. I grabbed it with both hands and fucked my mouth with it.

"See how great it feels, Vanessa?" she asked me.

In response, I just grabbed her hands and directed them to the playthings I had between the legs. She grabbed both of them and pleasured me, my pelvis got shinier as she played with me. The shine went slowly down my legs as my moans kept getting louder. I couldn't recall clearly but was pretty sure I was still in the throes of the orgasm I got from my mouth being penetrated. Penelope straddled me, put her gaping mouth on my plastic nipples and started sucking. I held her head against the unnatural rubber balloons projecting from my chest. I lazily opened my eyes and saw Penelope's hand holding the toy over my mouth like a sword and plunged the remaining two feet into my throat. The dildo in my pussy popped out to make way for the double ended monster to come out with my own thundering orgasm. I jerked around, feeling what seemed like many orgasms hitting me simultaneously. I trashed around, Penelope's lightweight body riding me like a rodeo bull. I managed to get her off me and get on all fours. She just placed herself behind me and pulled on the gigantic cock traversing me. I looked down in front of my mouth as the dildo disappeared from my view and into my mouth. The audience applauded at the first non muffled cry of joy coming from my rubberized mouth. My lover just played with the dildo, slowly pulling it out from between my thighs. As I stood on my hands and knees, I looked at my arms and saw the same seams Penelope had all over her start to appear on me. She got the dildo out of me as the last of the seams made its appearance. I was now a rubber doll just like my lover. She jumped at me and we rolled on the blanket, squeaking and moaning in pleasure as we made contact.

"We're really plastic twins now, baby" I told her, holding her in my arms, caressing her back. She gasped as my hands grazed a nub in her back. I turned her over and looked at it. "Oh my god, Penelope... we're inflatable for real" I turned over to show her what I must've had in the back too.

"Vanessa, do you know what this means?" she asked me. I knew all too well what she was thinking. I raised my hands and cupped her breasts.

"I'm going to inflate you until you're soooo big..." I teased her. I pulled open her inflation plug and put my mouth to her valve but I could only hear air hissing out of her.

"Huh... Vanessa, baby? ...What...aahhh... are you ....mmmh.. waiting for?" while a bit panicked she seemed to be enjoying the feelings as I helplessly looked at her deflate and lose shape in front of me.

"Penelope, I'm so sorry, I can't breathe... I can't inflate you" I apologized to her, holding her limpening form in my hands. No need to mention how crazy the crowd was going, we were swimming in a sea of dollar bills.

"Do sommmmmhhhh... just plug mmmmhhh..." she managed to say before falling silent and completely flat in my hands. I looked around distressed, seeing plenty of customers pointing to themselves, offering to reinflate Penelope. I just held her close to me and stormed off the stage.

"Ladies and gentlemen, a great round of applause for Plastic Fantastic's newest girls, Penelope and Vanessa, the newly inflatable Plastic Twins" the DJ announced to the applause of the crowd. I looked at a few gentlemen as I made my way to the dressing room, lots of them had familiar faces.

As I went past the curtains to the backrooms, my plug must have caught on to something as I felt a tug and started hearing the familiar hissing sound.

"Not me too.... aaaahhhh....I....aaahhh can't" I fell down to my knees, and slowly lost shape on the floor. My vision got slightly blurry as I saw someone's feet standing over our deflated selves.

Christopher inflated us back to life. Stopping once we were full instead of continuing like I insisted while orgasming as the air rushed into my inflating body.

"You girls like to give a good show, you said. I wouldn't want me to be the only one having the fun back here in the dressing room. Plenty of guys are waiting for the twins to come out. Though, if you plan on playing your inflation game again, look at the extremities of the stage, you've got nozzles you can pull out of the floor if you need. You girls aren't going to be blowing air anytime soon... except for that valve of course" he motioned to the stage, drawing the curtains as he finished.

The image of me bent over Penelope with a hose plugged into her back, inflating her tits to an immense size was too strong for me to even bother with all the questions I wanted to ask Christopher. They all seemed pretty trivial compared to the promise the stage held for me and my lover's breasts. Penelope took my hand and led me to the stage where we started our dance number, much more comfortable with our new bodies than we should've been. We rubbed against each other, kissing at the same time. I grabbed at her breasts and she did the same to mine as we fell to our knees then onto our butt. Without breaking eye contact we just backed up each on our side and felt around for the nozzles. I found mine and pulled on it, it extended out from the floor as I approached Penelope like I was stalking prey. Someone from the crowd grabbed the nozzle and put it in Penelope's open hand, she reached around me and popped me open, pushing the nozzle onto my valve. I came on the spot and became rigid and taut all over. Still tight, I regained movement after a few seconds, still cumming from the air rushing into me, my breasts inflating in front of my eyes.

They became the size of volleyballs and kept hissing away. My weak fist released the hose I held, snapping it back into the floor. I turned to go get it back, making my way to Penelope slowly. She wasn't on the defensive this time, she was just entranced as my ballooning breasts got to the size of basketballs.

She looked at me coming at her with the hose, breasts inflating underneath me, nearly touching the floor.

"You're so beautiful Vanessa" she said tenderly, I could see she was looking mostly at my inflating chest.

"And you're not big enough" I returned, popping her open and fitting the nozzle on her opening. She went taut like I did for a few seconds. As soon as she regained control of her movements, she came back to me and held me closely as her own chest inflated past the size of volleyballs.

"Feels...incredible, bigger... inflate mor..." she tried to describe to me. I just nodded in agreement as she had her hands on my inflating latex funbags. As each of my shiny breasts got the size of overinflated beachballs, the nozzle popped out of me from the pressure since no one was holding it. Penelope jumped on my valve and closed it. I had only eyes for my breasts and so did Penelope, not noticing her own had reached the same size. She came forward and the nozzle popped out of her too. I wanted to plug her but our breasts colliding made her back too far to reach. I pushed her back to the side of the stage where a guy could grab her valve and plug her.

A familiar face got up and grabbed her plug, put it into his mouth and started blowing into my girl. She came loudly, both hands in her plastic crotch. I watched as she got inflated to match my enormous size before being plugged. She joined me back center stage

We both looked at our huge boobs, flesh colored overinflated beachballs projecting from our shiny chests.

"This is so....right" I said to Penelope. She looked ashamed of something, she layed onto her immense boobs with weak knees and massaged her plug, wet from the man's saliva. "What's wrong?" I asked.

She looked up at me, still caressing her plug and her pussy with the other hand. Tried to get the guilty look off her face but looked serious nonetheless. "I think..." she paused, looking at all the men, "...I think I need cock" she brushed against me, our balloons squeaking against each other.

"Thank god..." I said relieved, "...I thought you'd never say that. I need it badly too". Since our arms were really only long enough to reach around our enormous breasts to caress ourselves, we motioned for some of the guys to come on stage. The guys happily came over, to the cheers of everyone. I layed on my breasts as I was getting fucked from behind by a guy, it was then he got close to my ears and whispered to me.

"We all knew how much you girls liked to give a good show. In this town, you'll be able to give the best shows you ever dreamed of giving with the bodies you girls have always dreamed of" he told me. I swayed back and forth on his dick and looked at the two guys I was jerking off, then at the guys fucking Penelope. I saw two or three others before my view was obstructed by another man joining the group. As he pushed his penis past my soft rubbery lips I realized.

They were all regulars from the old club we used to work at.


Vanessa looked at Tanya. "After that night, me and Penelope didn't care for explanations. So that's how we became lovedolls" she told Tanya. A knock came at the door, Melody stood up to answer. Vanessa played with her immobile lover's toys to please her a bit.

"Tanya, this is Jeremy, Tina's husband" Melody presented him. He looked into the living room.

"Is Tina..." he kept scanning the room, his eyes finally setting on the table in the lobby. He saw Tina's face in her bag lying on the table. "...Oh. Yeah, I haven't been around a lot this week. I'll have to fix that later tonight" he said as he grabbed her bag.

"But if Tina was born here, Jeremy isn't the guy that brought her into town" Tanya wondered aloud.

"No... I was actually born here too. Me and Tina we're high school sweethearts" he stepped into the living room and sat down on what was Tina's chair. "It was just a few years ago, before I graduated and got a job at Xetal. I remember..."


School was really getting interesting at this age. Graduation year, almost everyone had turned eighteen. The girls, particularly, were a sight to behold. The way girls turned to latex where they had sexual contact made it easy to know which girls had been having sex for a while. Christina was really eager to become a doll, but she wanted the moment to be right so we never really went too far. I had loved Christina ever since we were young. I had only told her last year and we had started going out then. I just knew she'd make a good doll once she turned to rubber and air, but seeing all the other girls my age changing was starting to make me uneasy. My friends had been playing with a few girls lately and they kept telling me everything about it. I don't think jealousy even started to describe the feelings I had.

Near the end of the year, me and Tina were shopping for her prom dress.

"How about this one?" Tina asked, pointing at the pink latex gown.

"I like, you should try it" I said. She picked it up and went for the dressing rooms. I wandered around in the boutique. I spotted Tiffany and Valerie doing some shopping. They were considered by some to be the prettiest girls in school. Mainly because their bodies were a bit more sensitive to sexual contacts and despite having possibly similar amounts of sex as their schoolmates, their bodies had shown a faster reaction to it, turning them into dolls completely or in part. I stared at Tiffany as she ran her hands in the shiny, smooth yellow rubber strands her hair had become. Tiffany was the same age as Tina, but she had started changing at the age of sixteen, completely turning by seventeen. She was really something to see, but then again so was Valerie. Valerie was stepping out of her own dressing room, the rubber dress she was wearing showed lots of cleavage. A year ago, she wasn't so proud about her cleavage, she was rather ashamed of it. She thought people would think wrong of her if she had shown off back then. A year before today, Valerie had started wearing more and more turtlenecks and she used to wear tank tops usually. It was only a few months later, when half her face and her mouth inevitably turned to rubber, that we realised she had been sucking guys and they just kept cumming on her face and chest. Nowadays, since her breasts had taken a size increase, she displayed them in all their shiny glory. Since she began dressing that way, the speed at which the rest of her body was turning to rubber increased as it only made her more male friends. I was still staring at Valerie when Christina came out of her dressing room.

"What are you doing?" she asked, a bit jealously. I jumped and turned around in surprise. She stood there in front of me, her arms crossed.

No matter what she had just said, the first words out of my mouth needed to be "Holy shit, you look stunning". And she was. She uncrossed her arms and smiled back at me at the compliment. I held her close to me and looked at her seriously.

"I don't mean to be a jerk, honey, but you and I both know most people will be screwing after prom. And if you dress that way, sex or no sex, I can assure you I will be bugging you all night to let me do all sorts of crazy things to you" I warned her.

"Fair enough, I like this dress too much not to buy it" she responded, her mind was already made up. I looked back at Tiffany and she was already looking at me, her eyes smiled at me while her mouth stayed wide open. Tina tugged on my arms, not looking at Tiffany herself. I just followed her, keeping my eye on shiny Tiffany a few more seconds. We paid for the dress and left.

Two months passed and it was finally prom day. It had been a pretty uneventful lapse of time, aside from three more girls becoming dolls. I had to pick up my suit so I went back to the mall, I crossed Tiffany on the way in. She was by herself, I assumed she was here to get her dress too. She didn't really acknowledge my presence but I was pretty sure she had seen me.

We both went our own way. I went to get my hair cut and then to the store to get my suit. I tried it on to make sure it fit. I asked if it had been cleaned as I planned to keep it on to save me time. The salesman told me I could keep it on and made me pay for it. He gave me a bag to put my clothes in and I got out of the store. As I got out, I bumped into Tiffany.

She dropped her bags and fell to the floor. I picked her up and put her back on her feet. "So sorry, Tiffany, I didn't mean to" I apologized. Again, I think she smiled back.

"That's ok... happens a lot. People bump into me, then pick me up. It's an icebreaker of sorts, their 'pick up' line" she chuckled.

"I didn't mean it like that...I mean... I didn't mean it at all. I mean I couldn't because I'm with..." I stammered.

"...with Christina. I know, silly. I'm going to the prom with Adam anyways. But you guys are weird, you and Tina. Me and the girls were watching you... both of you I mean... and it just seems weird that she's still, you know, still a girl and all. Don't you guys ever have sex?" she asked bluntly.

"Well, you know, we...huh...we" I admitted, almost as if I was ashamed of ourselves. "Tina wants to wait until the time is right, I guess it's ok. She'll be a great doll..." I defended her.

"You think so?" she stopped me. "She'll be a pretty doll, but a good doll, I don't know"

"What? Do you even know her all that much?". It was the first time I really talked with Tiffany outside of class related stuff at or around school. I was getting less nervous and she was easy to talk with, but as comfortable as I was with Tiffany, I felt weird that she questionned how me and Tina lived our sex life. "She's always been telling me about how eager she is to become a doll. I know it contradicts the idea of waiting for any physical contact but I guess it's part of the excitement" I tried to explain. In reality, I was truly trying to understand Tina myself.

"What you just told me is enough... look Jeremy" she put her hands on my shoulders and looked at me in the eyes. I looked back at her, I wanted to be inside her mouth so bad. "You're a man, she's a doll. She might not be yet but she will be. You can date, that's fine, but don't expect to be 'faithful' to each other. One day or another she's going to need to be used and you won't be around. I go out with Adam now but I know he's had to help a few dolls since we've been dating" she revealed.

"So what am I supposed to make of all this?" I asked, scratching my head. Tiffany just chuckled in response.

"You're cute..." she winked. Looking me up in my suit.

"What the hell is that supposed to mean?" it just sounded like she was coming on to me, I was so confused. She just giggled at me. "Listen, I've got to go to the washroom for a second, just wait for me here if you want"

"Alright..." she agreed. We turned around the corner and she dropped her bags as I got into the washroom. Once inside, I realized it must've been nervous because I had no need for the washrooms. I just washed my hands and splashed some water in my face. I looked at myself in the mirror.

"You're dressed this good right now because tonight, you're going to the prom. You're going to the prom with Tina, remember?" I reminded myself. I straightened my vest and got out the door with confidence. Right there, next to her bags, was Tiffany. Her red rubber tank top was stretched tighter than usual as she had inflated herself noticeably bigger than usual for prom night. She stood there, waiting for me...immobile. Her legs were spread slightly apart and her arms had bent at the elbow. "Tiffany?" I waved my hands in front of her eyes and got no response. "Why must you test me so..." I muttered to myself. I looked around and paced back and forth in the corridor, then I grabbed Tiffany and her bag and went back into the washroom. I put Tiffany up against the sinks and looked at her. She needed me now and what she had said went through my head again. I knew dolls were still conscious when in this state, and I knew she thought I was cute. I touched her body, turned her around and kept touching her, exploring a doll's curves and skin for the first time.

"I can't do this..." I stopped for a second, "...I can't do this here" I turned Tiffany around and popped open the valve sticking out of her back. I pushed the air out of her with my arms and as Tiffany lost shape in my arms, a man wandered into the washroom. "Aahh...women..." I sighed at him nonchalantly. He just nodded in agreement, chuckling at my deflating presumed girlfriend.

As soon as I got her completely flat, I folded her up and placed her at the bottom of her bag, placing her prom dress over her to hide her deflated self. I went out of the washrooms and went for the parking garage. As I walked back to my car, Tiffany's best friend Valerie got out of her car and spotted me. Valerie was one of the three girls who had completely transformed over the last two months.

"Hey handsome, nice suit" she called out, coming over to me. Why did I have to draw attention to me. "What have you got there?" she looked at the bags, particularly at the pink one. "What did you get at Pretty and Shiny? It's a doll's clothing store" Valerie asked. "Can I check?" and without permission she reached out for the dress and pulled it out. She shook the dress to straighten it out for a full view and to my horror, Tiffany's folded form, which had stuck to the rubber dress, peeled off and fell. I catched Tiffany by the tip of the head and pulled her away from the ground. As I pulled, Tiffany unfolded in front of Valerie who was folding the dress back into shape. Her eyes went wide.

"I swear it's not what it looks like..." I quickly blurted out, holding Tiffany up. I folded her again, putting her back in the bag. Valerie put Tiffany's dress back over her and smiled at me.

"I'm pretty sure it's exactly what it looks like" she chuckled. As she finished her sentence, she froze and fell in my arms, her arms bent and her legs spread. I grabbed her and held her away from me in shock.

"Not again... this is so embarassing" I complained. Valerie came to life in my hands and started laughing at me. I put her down on the ground and released her.

"Calm down, I was just joking. I wasn't really frozen." she giggled, looking at the pink bag again.

"Why would you do such a thing?" I asked her, all puzzled.

"She's right, you're cute..." she just winked at me and kissed me on the cheek. "Take good care of her" and she went on her way into the mall. I looked down at the bag, then I spotted my car and went to it.

I drove back home and went in with the bags. I went up to my room and locked the door behind me. I turned Tiffany's bag upside down. Her dress fell from it and stuck to it was Tiffany again. I peeled her off from her dress and laid her out on my bed. I didn't stare at her too much because I didn't want to look creepy, I knew she was looking back at me. I wanted it to look like I was just trying to help her out with her predicament. I went out to my parents bedroom to get my mother's home compressor and came back into my room.

I plugged the compressor and hooked Tiffany up to it, then looked at her lying there and paused. Against my better judgement, I pulled the hose out of her and brought her up to my mouth. I closed my lips on her valve and blew into her. I clenched my fists on her plastic skin, taking another full breath and blowing into her. I closed my eyes and kept blowing, the hissing sounds entrancing me. I ran my hands over her as she took shape in my arms. I kept breathing into her until she was full, then tried to approximate the size she had overinflated herself earlier. I might have made her a bit bigger. I closed her valve shut and turned her over, laying her down on the bed. I looked at her up and down, ran my hands from her tummy up to her breasts. As I caressed her chest, I could swear she jerked before me. I drew my hand back and looked at her. She didn't budge.

I kept an eye on her and undid my belt. I then unzipped and took my member out, letting my pants slide down to my ankles. I grabbed Tiffany and held her in front of me, I lowered her down on me and entered her pussy. Not only did she definately moan, she wrapped her arms and legs around me and started grinding her hips on my dick. I tried taking her off me, shocked.

"You're not frozen... you're not..." I blurted out, puzzled.

"I'm so sorry... no... I was...I need you, Jeremy. Just fuck me, please!" she begged me. I managed to get her off me.

"No... I... this is wrong. You don't need me, you haven't even lost mobility. I thought I was helping you, why did you do this?" I asked her as I started pulling my pants up.

"Please... don't!" she pleaded as she stopped me from completely pulling my pants up, getting on her knees. "I did this to prove a point, Jeremy. Situations like these will happen to you, more importantly, they'll happen to her. If she really says she's eager to be a good doll, you guys better start having fun together soon because otherwise she'll become a doll sometime when you're not there and she might turn immobile before she gets to see you. What if the wonderful moment she wanted it to be turns out to be with another guy who just happened by and wanted to help her. Would he deflate her or fuck her right there? That would mess up her fantasy if she really wants to be your doll for her first time..." she told me, almost in a reprimanding tone.

"I guess you have a point there... that would be bad" I realized, trying to pull on my pants a bit. She resisted again.

"Let me... please?" she came up close, took my penis in her mouth. She started sucking me. I just moaned and grabbed her head, playing in her hair. On the tip of my fingers I could feel my cock hitting the back of her empty head.

" don't need me Tiffany, you just.... just use a dildo or something. You have...ooohh gaaww...have one in your purse, no?" I reluctantly asked her. She took me out of her.

"I don't have one, I don't smoke. If I don't get cum, I might not make it till prom. You could just jerk off on me, but I'm trying to make it fun for you too" she smiled, tilting her head a bit. Then she went down on me again.

"You...won..." I just sat down on the edge of the bed, my pants fell back down to my ankles. She kept going at it marvelously until I came close to cumming, then I heard a door slamming outside. I got up and went to the window, Tiffany's weightless form glued to my cock all the way across the room. I looked outside and saw Tina getting out of her car and she was headed for the house. "Holy sh...." I pulled on Tiffany a bit.

"Mmmmnnnoooooooooo!" she held on to me fiercely. She knew she just about had me and wouldn't let go. Seeing no other choice, I reached for the plug in her back and popped it open. She just used all her strength to go faster on me, hoping to make me cum. "...Meremmmy... mmmnnnooooo".

"Jeremy, are you there?" Tina called out as she came up the stairs. I really had to get dressed, I couldn't lose time fighting Tiffany, I just let her suck me as I bent down and brought my pants up. Tiffany was half deflated, her lower half laying limp below her waist, yet she wouldn't stop sucking.

"Yeah... I'm in my room, just about ready" I replied back, looking around for a place to hide Tiffany. I became increasingly distressed as I found no suitable place. Seeing no option, I grabbed most of Tiffany and pushed the remaining air out of her, stuffing her into my pants. I finally felt Tiffany stop sucking me as I zipped up my pants and tightened my belt back on, my cock still deep into her deflated head. The hissing of her deflating finally stopped as Tina stepped in my room. I turned around, twitched in Tiffany's mouth at the sight of my girlfriend in her pink rubber gown.

"Boy... you look happy to see me" she looked at the exagerated bump in my crotch. I just blushed, probably more than I would if that was the only reason for the bulge. "And you look good too..."

"Thanks" I smiled back at her. "You're here early"

"No, silly, we had talked about going over to my parents house and taken some pictures before going to the prom" she reminded me. She was right, I had forgotten about that. She then spotted the Pretty and Shiny store bag. "Did you buy me anything?" she smiled as she picked up the bag.

"Well..." I started.

"It's so pretty, your so sweet!" she cried out in joy as she laid the dress on the bed. She came over to me slowly and gave me a kiss on the cheek, turning her lips to my ears, she whispered. "...I got on the scale this morning..." she paused. "...I weighed in at a pound and a half" my cock jerked at the mention of her weight, then she looked me in the eyes. "This could very well be the last time you feel my tongue" she leaned in for a kiss.

We kissed for a minute, eventually pushing her back on the bed, I climbed up on her and kept kissing her. As some of our make out sessions lately, we started dry humping each other. The insane sensations reminded me that I was humping in and out of Tiffany's face at the moment. "Not now..." Tina pushed me back "...we have pictures to take". I knew even though Tiffany was crumpled up in my boxer shorts, she was still conscious and probably very sour at me having been so close to orgasm and being denied my cum again.

Tina grabbed her new dress and put it in the bag before taking it with her. She took my hand and we went down to her car. She threw me the keys and I sat in the driver's side. We made our way to Tina's parents house, but we were slowed down by bumper to bumper traffic for around ten minutes. It just seemed I wouldn't be able to forget Tiffany that easily. Tina's car was a manual transmission which meant those ten minutes were spent moving my left and right feet back and forth between all three pedals. I would usually have called this short traffic, but I could feel Tiffany's mouth shift on my hardened penis as well as if she had been inflated. The motions were spaced enough so that I didn't climax but I just wanted to take her out of my pants somewhere and Tina hadn't given me a second out of her sight. She was acting way more sensual than usual so that sure didn't help my precarious situation.

We finally arrived at her parents place. Tina's mom opened the door, she looked only slightly older than Tina, having turned at 20. Her maternal behavior betrayed her as she acted way older than she looked. "Hi kids, come in!" definately illustrated my point as the 20 year old looking doll waved us in.

We took the pictures we needed and had a little chat in the living room with the parents, going over just how proud they were of us graduating. Time flew by, and sitting in that couch made me completely forget about Tiffany. When time came, the limo me and some friends had rented arrived and we went to the prom. After the prom, we were supposed to head to a campground where everyone would reunite for the after-prom bash.

The limo dropped us off at the prom and we headed inside the ballroom, taking the obligatory couple's picture. We sat down at our table and chatted a bit. Some of the girls went to dance while we guys kept talking. Having completely forgotten about Tiffany, I lost that chance I had away from Tina to remove Tiffany from my pants. The girls finally came back as the music calmed down to make place for the meal. During the meal, teachers made speeches about the future, their past with us, and then proceeded to name the customary king and queen of the prom. The announcement came as a slap in the face, bringing me back to reality.

"...and the king of prom '96 is... Adam Scott" the spotlights lit up Adam, out in the crowd, following him up to the mike.

"Uh-oh..." I thought to myself.

"And the queen of prom '96 is..." they announced.

"UH-OH..." I panicked.

"...Tiffany Pinkerton, come up here Tiffany!" the principal cheered with enthusiasm. My eyes shot to the spotlight, illuminating an empty spot at Tiffany's table. Right behind the spotlight was the next chair at that table, Valerie's. She sat there, staring at me. When I saw she was looking at me, I broke eye contact, ashamed. Valerie last saw Tiffany with me so she was giving me an evil stare, she looked amused at the same time as she must've known first hand the sorts of adventures dolls can get themselves into sometimes. Adam, embarassed, started explaining on the mike.

"We haven't broke up or anything..." he chuckled, "...she must just be late, I'm sure you guys will see her at the after-prom" he took the crown for Tiffany in case she showed up and headed back to his table. As he made his way, I looked back at Valerie. On her lips I could read "Where is she?" before they went back to their O shape. I pointed and looked downwards, opening my legs a bit so she could see the bulge in my pants. Her eyes went wide. She looked at me and nodded no with her head, she couldn't believe it. I just nodded yes to her, then hung my head in shame a bit, her eyes went wider. Then Adam arrived at their table and Valerie looked at him like nothing happened.

She kept silent about it throughout the meal but when people started to dance after, she waited for Tina to go dance and came up to me with her date and Adam. "Where is she?" Valerie asked me again in presence of the other guys. Again I looked down.

"I had to deflate her and couldn't find anywhere to hide her. I swear she was glued to me, I couldn't get her off my... she's in my pants" I finished.

"Dude!" Adam said, a bit surprised.

"I'm sorry, she's the one who insisted, she wanted to prove a point to me and then she said she needed me or wouldn't make it to prom, then Tina almost burst in on us. That was the safest place I could hide her at the time and I haven't been able to get away from Tina" I explained.

"Just do something though, it's my night with her and I want her back..." Adam told me, before being interupted by Tina.

"Hi, what are you guys talking about?" she asked

"Hey... Christina! Have you seen Tiffany?" as soon as he finished his question, he turned his stare to me, still waiting for an answer from her.

"No sorry, I haven't" she said apologetically, oblivious to the whole masquerade. Adam looked back at her and smiled.

"Alright, sorry to bother, have a good evening. See you guys later" he said before going back to his table.

After the prom was over, buses were waiting for us outside as everyone had punch for drinks and they were all headed to the same place. We arrived at the campground and all the tents were arranged in a circle around the campfire for a source of light. Everyone went in the their tents to unpack the stuff they had brought for the party, some people planned to change clothes, others had brought music, alcohol and the likes. As I entered the tent and dropped our things at the far end of our tent, I heard the zipper closing. I turned in time to see Tina align the two door zippers and put a small padlock on them. Holding the key in her hands, she dangled it over her mouth and she swallowed it.

"What the heck are you doing?" I asked her, puzzled. She didn't usually act this way.

"It should fall out of me soon enough anyways, I don't want to leave this tent until I'm a sexy..." I started getting hard "...shiny, inflatable..." she continued, driving me crazy as I filled Tiffany's mouth completely with my hardened member. "...fuckable, smooth latex lovedoll" she finished with a naughty grin, advancing on me.

I backed away, this couldn't be happening. I couldn't let her catch me like that. The back of my feet hit our bags and I stopped. She grabbed my belt and undid it. She unzipped my pants and looked at me. "what's wrong?"

"I can explain...SHE can explain" I stammered in defense as Tiffany unfolded out in plain sight as my pants fell down, her head still on my hardon. Tina looked down and gasped in shock.

"What the hell is Tiffany doing on your... Jeremy, answer me!" she fumed at me.

"I... I can... she can explain. Just let me reinflate her... or you do" I couldn't just blow this when she was in this mood, she had just locked us in the tent and there's no way we were getting that key out unless she became a doll.

"No... no no, you go ahead and inflate her, you guys seem close now" she said mockingly, still obviously mad but waiting for whatever explanation I could provide. She didn't want to stay in that mood either. Still nervous, I took Tiffany off of me and brought her to my mouth and started inflating her. As she took shape, I just knew she wouldn't move. Finally inflated, she just stood there, immobile.

"Huh... she needs me to... you know". This was just getting better and better. Asking my girlfriend permission to finish what I had started.

"She just needs your cum, nothing more" she replied knowingly. She stared at me and pulled the straps of her dress away to the sides, letting the top half fall down, revealing her breasts. Tina's areolas and nipples were pink and shiny, the second sign of her turning into a doll after the weight loss that morning. She took Tiffany out of my hand and laid her on the floor. "I think I know what point Tiffany was trying to make..."

Tina got on her knees and took my cock in her hand. As she rubbed it on her lips, I saw them turn ruby red and shiny at the mere contact of my member with her mouth. She opened her mouth wide and I thought she'd be swallowing me but she paused and then got back up on her feet. "You like my lips?" she winked, licking and pursing her plastic lips at me. As we kissed, I could feel her tonsils turn to slippery rubber as our tongues made contact. I could feel her plastic nipples caress mine, my hard-on rubbing against her latex gown in our embrace. After a few minutes of playing with her breasts and making out, she broke the kiss. "Sorry if we kissed so long..." she said sheepishly, gently stroking my manhood while she looked me in the eyes. "...I wanted us to take advantage of the last time I used my tongue" she grinned and stuck her shiny tongue out.

She then went back down on her knees and stuck her tongue out to lick my shaft, but what happened instead I can still play in slow-motion in my head to this day. As she got near my cock and motioned forward, her tongue melted away like a popsicle in front of an open flame before even touching it. As my dick came to her lips, her tongue had melted away inside her mouth. She kissed the tip of my cock and looked up at me, smiling. As soon as her mouth went back to it's O shape, I could see the insides of her mouth had been transformed into soft, inflated cushiony latex, her teeth and tongue completely gone. She kept on jerking me off as she looked at me; I could feel her hands becoming soft on my cock as she did so. I looked at her normal face, completely flesh except for a round plastic hole in the middle of her face. She had lust for me in her eyes as she craned her neck down, engulfing my member completely in one fell swoop. Never mind the fact it was the first cock she'd ever put in her mouth. She moaned as she started picking up pace on my shaft. Seeing my long time girlfriend suddenly act so debauched drove me mad. Enough so that it didn't take me much to get near climax. I held Tina's head on my cock and felt her empty head give way under my fingers, I could feel my cock banging against the back of her head through her hollow skull.

"Tina...unnngh... pass Tiffany over here, you're going to make me cummm..." I asked her. She just grabbed my ass even harder and didn't let go, she pulled me in farther down her throat and just kept on sucking me as I gave up, not able to resist anymore. I arched my back and came down her throat, slowly coming back to me I looked at Tina, her face was becoming lighter, softer and shinier as my cum filled her. She finally let go of me and let me come out of her. She looked at me with her shiny face, grabbing Tiffany with one arm. "So what was her point? She told you she was worried we didn't fuck?" Tina guessed.

"Basically, yeah... she just said not to wait for the special moment or we might've missed it and not be together for it..." I detailed, my head still turning from my first orgasm after having had Tiffany on my dick all day.

"I still can't figure where you fucking her fits in the story though" she said.

"She needed it before prom because of what you see now" I explained, pointing to the frozen Tiffany.

"Wasn't she supposed to go with Adam?" and as she asked me, Adam came up to the tent door.

"Campbell, I know you're in there, everyone told me this was your tent" Adam tried to whisper in a commanding tone. "Where's my girl?"

Tina popped Tiffany's valve and let her deflate again, looking up at the tent's ceiling vent. "We can always slip her through there, Adam'll take care of her and I'll talk to her some other time..."

As she slipped the deflated girl through the vent, letting her slide down the tent's outside walls into Adam's hands, she turned back to me. "This IS the special night, and I don't want her or any other doll to have a single drop of your cum but me tonight" she ordered, jumping back on me.

At last she was letting me do the things I longed to do. Licking her soft skin, I painted it shiny as everywhere my tongue went turned to wet looking rubber at my merest touch. She squirmed and twisted on the air mattress, then pushed me away and sat back up. She had random shiny stripes on her belly from my kissing and licking. She grabbed my cock with her hand and stroked it a little. "I want more of this" she tugged on it slightly, drawing me closer. She placed the tip of my cock against her vagina and rubbed my oozing shaft on it. Her vagina shifted upwards from between her legs a little as it still kissed my penis. Then, after its transformation, she impaled herself on me. "Oohhhh god, this is unreal" she moaned out. Her ass turned soft under my hands as I helped her up and back down on me.

"This whole day has been unreal..." I said, panting. She looked less and less natural , seams slowly starting to appear. Even parts of her flesh that hadn't turned yet had seams showing up on them. She presented her tight, round breasts to me. They were surrounded by seams and capped by plastic nipples, but were otherwise still made of air filled flesh.

"Play with my tits, Jeremy. Play with me" she begged me, still humping me. I was too happy to comply, feeling them turn soft and shiny while I licked and sucked on them. I played with her new ballooned chest, pressing my fingers deep into her. "Oh god... I'mmm cumming" she cried out, twisting on my cock as I held both her breasts in my hands. I came in her at the same moment, sending stream after stream of cum into her. Each spasm I made sent more into her, turning what remained of her flesh completely to rubber. I hugged her tight and then lowered my left hand down to her ass and inserted three fingers into the cushioned insides of her rear hole.

She arched her back as if she had received a jolt of electricity. She squirmed and thrashed about as she felt my fingers slide with ease into the soft plastic hole that used to be her ass.

Feverishly cumming into her, with the fingers I had plugged her butt with, I pulled and pushed her weightless form on my erupting manhood with ease. The way I handled her body was so different then what I was used to, and she seemed to be loving every second of it. I caressed her sensitive back with my other hand and rested it there as she fell on me, recovering from the shattering orgasm she had just gone through. Under my hand, I felt her valve come out of her back. With my hand covering and slightly brushing her air valve, she came again as if I was touching her g-spot.

"Jaaaahhh...Jeremy, I love you so much. Forever..." she paused, moaning "... I want to be your doll forever". I sighed and panted heavily, exhausted from the workout. Tina didn't breath heavily like I did, she was mentally exhausted from the orgasms themselves, instead she just moaned in the same rythm she'd be doing if she breathed. We both finally calmed down. She tossed her hair in front of her and looked at the shiny, smooth strands of rubber they had become. She turned to me and smiled, her mouth then returning to it's natural O shape, the insides of her mouth glistening with my cum. I smiled back at her and removed my fingers from her ass, making her squirm and wrapped my arms around her. We both soon fell asleep in each others arms.

The next morning, I woke up with a hard-on, still inside Tina. I tried removing her from me to let her sleep and she woke up at the smallest of movements. She was way too sensitive to not wake up. She opened up her eyes and looked at me sleepily. Amazingly enough, her mouth opened even wider as she yawned and then smiled at me, feeling my hardened cock inside her. Tina started moving up and down on me slowly, moaning softly.

"Tina, you should stop for a second. Do you mind if we unlock the door first?" I asked her.

"Why? What is it?" she stopped. I took her in my arms and pulled her off me. I shook her gently. Not a sound came from here.

"Where's the key?" I asked worryingly, setting her down on the mattress.

"I don't know, Jeremy, I thought it'd fall out of me. You didn't feel it fall on you or something?" she said as she got on her knees like me and looked on her side of the tent while I did mine.

"I can't find it" I told her. Looking at her, she was searching on her side, her naked back to me. I extended my hand to caress her back and her soft butt, she just leaned on my hand, moaning gently. I retracted my hand and we both stood up in the tent.

"I can't find it either..." she said as she shook her body a bit and threw her arms and legs about, "... and I don't feel it inside me, I think we'd hear it. Maybe it got dissolved inside me when I turned" she concluded.

"So now what?" I sighed, looking up in desperation while Tina tried to force the locks with her weak arms.

"I got a double in the glove box in the car, but I don't see what good that's going to do us in here" she said, giving up and laying down on the mattress. I joined her and laid down on the bed too. We both looked up at the ceiling, wondering what to do. Then she broke the silence. "Jeremy..." she looked for my attention with an 'I found it' sounding tone. I looked back at her and she was still staring up.

"I wonder why we didn't think of this sooner" I continued, almost sure I knew what she thought. She came up on me, straddling me and looked at me in the eyes.

"Are you thinking what I'm thinking?" she asked with a smile. I just caressed her back and stopped my hand on her valve, looking over her shoulder at the vent in the ceiling, than back at her. She just nodded, craned her neck and brought her lips to my ears.

"Deflate me" she simply whispered. Then she came back into view and winked at me teasingly. I popped her valve outwards and played with it with my fingers. She started moaning loudly before I yanked the valve open and she came in my arms, slowly becoming limp in my embrace.

Her loud moaning faded out at a certain point, when she lost all shape. I stood up, fully erect from her whole act. I brought her up to the vent and slid her outside, letting her slip down the tent's side where the car had been parked. I heard Tina fall to the ground.

"Great plan, honey. Now grab the keys and lets get back home" I said joyfully. I got no answer from the other side of the tent. "Tina?" then after a small pause I slapped myself on the forehead. "Well, THAT was well thought out" I said to myself, thinking of Tina's helpless deflated form outside the tent. Then I heard Tiffany's voice.

"Hey, there's Tina..." then I couldn't make out what she was saying to whoever was walking with her. Then I heard Adam's laughter. "Great" I thought.

"Hey Jeremy, you in there?" Adam asked me rhetorically, he knew I was in there. Tiffany had surely told him about the lock. "...Tiffany tells me you guys were fighting ... or was it fucking, when you gave her back to me. She's not so sure anymore" he continued as I saw his silouhette pick up my limp lover in his hands. "I mean, here she is, deflated outside the tent. I'd think you guys fought alright... but then she IS a doll afterall, so you guys did fuck, right?" he paused, waiting for an answer, but I thought he'd go on. The guy liked to listen to himself when he had the upper hand. "Jeremy?"

"What? You done now?" I replied, a bit annoyed.

"I asked you a question, have you guys had your 'special' moment?" he asked again.

"Yes Adam..." I gave a dry response, " guys don't need to worry about our sexual lives anymore"

"That so?" he stopped for a second. "What part of your story explains you still talking to me from inside the tent and her lying here shapeless in my hands?" he asked in a mocking tone.

"...she tell you about the lock?" I asked him, trying not to sound too ashamed of my situation.

I could see Adam's shadow look at Tiffany then back at Tina. "Lock? Was she looking for a key?"

"You already know the answer..." I gave up, this was going nowhere.

"Got that right. Wanna get out?" he asked, almost sounding serious.

"Right... after what happened yesterday? I don't think you'd let me"

"Damn, you're on a roll, buddy!" he told me as he threw Tina over his shoulder like a sack. "I'm not all bad though..." he said as I saw him get closer to the tent and threw something into the vent at the top of my tent. I grabbed and pulled until it was in the tent. I unfolded it until I saw what, or rather WHO it was.

"Valerie?!?" I was puzzled.

"Well, she did say you were cute plenty of times before and she and her date DID have a fight as opposed to you guys. Last time we've seen her inflated, she was horny as hell" Tiffany explained to me. "You just treat my friend well, Tina's in good hands I can assure you" she said as she looked up to her lover Adam. "We'll be riiiight back. Soon. Promise" she giggled with Adam before I saw their shadows go away in the distance.

"Guys?" I asked around. Then I looked down at Valerie. "How did I end up fucking the three most beautiful dolls in school in one day?" I thought to myself as I happily popped Valerie open and brought her to my lips.


"I learned later that Tiffany told Tina that she was a non-smoker that morning, and that it was why she needed me so bad since she couldn't see any other guy before the prom. Tina liked the idea and became a non-smoker herself. That morning, she came back to the tent, unlocked it and let me out. She hadn't even washed yet, she was drenched in cum" Jeremy concluded his story.

"Wow, that's quite a story" Tanya said, amazed. "Didn't it bother you that she had sex with other people before coming back to you?"

"Well, to be fair..." he paused, "...Tiffany hadn't been washed either, and I did wear her all day. You sound like me back in those days" Jeremy looked at Tanya. "She's a doll, like Tiffany was... like you are"

"Right... I know it's true but Lawrence..." Tanya started.

"Lawrence brought you here, Lawrence knows. You'll never have to feel bad or hide anything you do with other men from him" Jeremy explained.

"Oh..." she simply said, relieved. Tanya smiled, she seemed to be looking at Jeremy in a new light. He was cute after all. Her reverie was cut short as she got hit by a dildo bouncing off her face and onto her lap. She looked up at Vanessa, who laughed at her reaction. Vanessa then turned to Jeremy.

"Jeremy. Me and Penelope have a show tonight and she's in no working condition, think you could help both, before you head out?" she asked him, turning to Tanya who understood why she had been thrown the dildo.

"Sure thing, girls" he said as he stood up and went over to the long sofa the twins were sitting on. Tanya just slumped back in her chair and pouted, then brought the dildo to her lips and gave it a suckle, like she was sucking on a consolation lollypop.

"Don't you worry about that" Olivia got Tanya's attention. "There's plenty of men to go around" she smiled. Tanya just looked at her and sat back straight.

"So what's your story?" Tanya asked bluntly, finally inserting the dildo completely down her throat, moaning. Olivia took hers out of her mouth again.

"In short, this place is literally heaven on earth for me" she told Tanya with a smile. Tanya was about to ask a question but Olivia stopped her. "Of course, there's a longer story behind all that, let me tell you..."


"Why don't you go talk to him? Ask him out or something" my friend Monica teased me. She knew I had a crush on Andrew, the new guy who had been transfered from the main office. Me and Monica worked for Xetal, back in Chicago.

"I can't just go up to him and... no, I'm way too shy" I said.

"Too shy? You never made up stories or never shied away from telling people you worked in a sex toy factory before. And you usually DO tell people because you know it lightens up the mood. People get curious and the whole discussion veers towards sex. No, I don't think 'shy' is the word or the reason why you won't ask him out" she insisted.


She casually took a stack of doll boxes and put them down into a larger shipping crate headed for the west coast. We usually always worked together, we had a large range of different tasks at the factory. Today we were doing shipping work.

"Ok, so I like to talk about sex. I'm still a terribly shy girl, and I can't break the ice with the sex toy factory story, he works in a sex toy factory" I said, matter of factly.

"Touche" she said. I just smiled. It was the truth afterall, I was shy.

We closed the crate we were working on, taped it and set it on it's way on a conveyor belt. The lunch bell then rang in the warehouse and we went outside for lunch. As soon as we had found a table, Monica didn't wait a second to start asking me questions again.

"Olivia, here's what I don't get. You don't have a boyfriend, you're 'supposedly' shy, yet whenever we talk about sex you always keep going on about this or that one time with this or that guy. What am I missing here?" Monica laid out the facts. I owed her this much, I decided to finally come clean with her.

"I'm...I'm somewhat of a nymphomaniac...I think" I blurted out.

"Wha...what?" she coughed out a bit of water. "You're joking, right?"

"I didn't consult or anything, but I've had problems with relationships because of this. That's also why I don't date at the moment. But all the stories I told are real" I continued.

"But how? Why? I don't get it. It's not you... I don't know you like that" she tried to rationalize.

"Why?!? You're asking me?" I paused. "The only reason I can come up with is 'I like sex', which explains me thinking I'm a nympho... but then, being a nympho would imply I like sex. I don't think it can be explained"

"So you're a shy nympho?" she asked with a grin, then looked left and right, lowered her head and whispered. "I gotta let you in on my secret too. I'm a pacifist murderer, I hug my victims to death". My eyes widened.

"You don't believe me!" I couldn't believe she was making fun of me when I was being serious but then again, it's not like I gave out a nympho vibe. More details might convince her.

"I want to believe you, it makes for such an interesting story, but how does a shy girl fu...sleep with so many guys" she asked me.

"It's a long story..." I said.

"We haven't even ordered yet. I'm all ears" she sat back in her seat, waiting for me to spill it.

" I have this suit. When I put it on, I feel invincible. My shyness completely dissipates" I started to explain.

"A suit? That's it?" she interrupted me.

"I'm a fetishist, Monica. It's a latex suit, it covers my whole body. Nobody ever saw the real me. I'm too shy to let them see me" I continued.

"But... why hide your body? You look good" Monica complimented me.

"It's not because of how I look... it's because of what I am. I can't just have guys knowing I'm a... thinking I'm a slut!" I said, blushing.

"Can I take your order?" said the waitress next to us, I couldn't say just how long she had been there. I was definately red in the face now. At least she didn't say anything about it, so we ordered and she went on her way.

"You're just full of surprises, aren't you? So you always left out the part about the suit and your rubber fetish in your stories" she teased me.

"That... plus the fact that I'm a... you know" I sheepishly said to my best friend.

"And you've completely stopped dating, because you don't want to hurt guys?" Monica guessed.

"Or myself, for that matter" I added.

"Phew... that's a lot to take in" she sighed. Over the rest of dinner, I gave her more details on how I did what I did, where I hung out, that sort of thing. We eventually went back to work.

Once back at work, we got another shipping crate ready. As we did so, Andrew passed by and went about his task out of earshot. Monica pushed a dildo aside and grabbed a box with a doll in it and presented it, window first, to me.

"OOoooh, Andy baby, let me be your rubber doll. Put your cock in my shiny, plastic pussy!" she mockingly said in a high pitched horny voice. I slapped the box out of her hands.

"That's so cheesy. You're gonna make fun of the new stuff you know about me now?" I asked her, wondering if I had done the right thing in telling her.

"You never know, maybe he's into all that" she suggested.

"He doesn't look like the type" I said, looking at him. Monica just gave me a nudge of the elbow, I looked back at her.

"YOU don't look the type, and I've known you forever" I guess I couldn't argue with that.

"Maybe I could talk to him sometime" I conceded.

"Finally!" she said, feeling like she'd won the battle. I was happy the argument was over, plus she had kind of convinced me. We filled crate after crate until it was time to go home. As we got out she asked me if I had plans for the night.

"I'm going... out" I said sheepishly, getting red in the face.

"Really? Because we had a group going out tonight..."

"I...I need to" I interrupted her.

"You can't put it off?" she asked me. I just shook my head no.

"I've been putting it off for..." I paused to think, "...four days"

"That's it?"

"Four days is long for me, Monica" I felt a bit ashamed when telling her that.

"It boggles my mind how you've managed to hide this for so long" she wondered. I told her we'd talk more about it the next day and went on my way home.

I didn't waste time once I arrived home. I got my outfit layed out on the bed and went for a shower. When I got out I dried myself and came back to my room. I applied a little powder to myself and into the suit. The suit was a flesh colored catsuit, it covered my whole body except for the head. After getting into the legs, I fitted the hands of the suit over mine and finally zipped myself up in the back. I had the catsuit and the hood made so that I could cover my whole body in flesh colored latex, this way I'd always be covered and I could still wear other latex outfits over it if I wanted to pull different looks. Over my legs, I put a blue rubber cheerleader skirt. I completed the outfit by putting on a matching transparent blue buttoned up shirt, through which you could see the pink nipples glued on my suit. I laced up a pair of two inch platform boots with heels double that height over my feet.

After dressing up, I went back into the bathroom and stepped into the shower. I flipped a switch near the water faucet and triggered another one of the custom-made gadgets that had been made to fit my uncontrollable lifestyle. I covered my head with my hood. The hood had been made to fit my head snuggly so I would really look like myself, only in rubber and in a uniform color, with only the red lips standing out from the otherwise perfect, shiny version of myself the mask seemed to give me. I figured no one would know the hood was of me, they'd just think it was just another rubber hood, albeit one who looked way less anonymous than the usual ones. These guys were all one night stands and none of them had ever seen my face so I would never admit to being me even if someone recognized me through the mask. My speech also had a sultry, horny quality to it when I went out on those nights so people couldn't recognize me by the way I talked either. I zipped up the hood and threw the fine rubber strands of hair coming out of its scalp over my shoulders. I then turned the faucet and instead of water, a fine mist of lube covered the air around me as I held my breath and turned around with my arms spread out, getting it all over me. As it kept on showering me, I started caressing myself, spreading the lube evenly all over my body, making sure no areas remained unshined. My slippery fingers running across my glistening body sent shivers down my spine, making my knees weak. I grabbed one of the bars lining the sides of my shower and lowered myself to the floor of the shower, saving me from inevitably slipping as I knew there was no way I was getting to the club without a little relief first. The lube mist fell over me as I kept spreading it over my body as I twisted on the floor. I came back to my senses five minutes later and got up on my feet, my crotch area having a distinctively more polished look than the rest of my suit. Alone, I still smile and blush at the thought of how naughty I was. After all I never felt ashamed when I was dressed up in my suit. After getting a good shine, I shut the mist off and flipped the switch back to water before stepping out of the bathroom to head to the garage. I got into the car, tinted windows protecting me from neighbour's sight. Ready at last, I drove off to the club.

I got into the underground garage and parked my car near the ornate elevator. I got out of my vehicle in the safety of the private garage. The doorman called the elevator for me and engaged in the usual bit of chit-chat we had whenever I came. Once the elevator arrived, I made my way up to the club.

I barely had time to scan the place with my eyes that a guy was making his way over to me. A guy I had never seen and would definately have sat next to if he had given me time. I was drawn to him as he, just like me, had his whiole body covered in latex, only black in color. And what a body it was, it could only be a new guy as I was sure I would've remembered a guy like that.

"Hi... I..." he started, "can't come up with anything to say that's not going to make me look like an idiot". I just laughed, he seemed relieved.

"That'll do" I said, still laughing.

"Can I offer you a drink then?" he asked me.

I touched his left side and felt his toned body through the rubber, turning him softly towards the bar. "Please do" I smiled at him.

I forgot for a moment how striking I must've been to a first timer to this club, even if this guy had been a long time fetishist. I reminded myself that I had chosen a semi-transparent outfit and blushed, thinking of my naked second skin showing. My shiny face would never have let him known I was blushing though.

We both took our drinks and made our way to a booth. Once there, we spent the next two hours chatting and getting to know each other. I managed to hold a conversation this whole time even though my mind was really on a single thing. My situation wasn't helped by the continuous stream of people going back and forth to the private play rooms. He told me how he was relatively new to the city. How he had actually left his small town to find a girlfriend because, apparently, it's hard to tell which girls are single in his town and he couldn't date back there.

"I have to tell you I really like your outfit" he complimented me.

"Thanks! I must say I'm kinda surprised you came up to me so fast when I came in considering what I was wearing" I admitted.

"No really, it's lovely. Also, to be honest with you... I came up so fast because from far away you looked like someone I like from work. But then I saw your face was just plastic..." he said.

"Believe it or not, I get that a lot" I laughed.

"Do you?" he sounded surprised. I just nodded, looking at yet another couple headed for the private rooms. He caught me looking and looked me in the eyes. "Wanna go play?"

I would've agreed anyways, but it wasn't really me making the choice. It was a shame this guy would turn out to be a one night stand like all the others, he was a really nice guy. I followed him into the private area as we looked for an unoccupied room. We finally found one and shut the curtains behind us. The rooms didn't have any doors as they were simply meant for playing and not for sex. Some rooms had themes and some were 'bring your own toys' type of rooms. We had found one of the simple rooms and we didn't have any special accessories. I couldn't have cared less as I just wanted to get some action going.

As soon as the curtains were shut, I pushed him against the wall and started running my fingers all over him. My hands soon found the zipper to the crotch in his suit. He felt me tugging on it and pushed me back softly for a second.

"What are you doing? We can't do this here" he protested.

"No one ever looks in those rooms, believe me" I spoke from experience.

"But they're for playing...aren't there rules against sex here?"

"Rules shmules..." I said. I took his hands and slowly brought them to my breasts, mashing his fingers in me and continued, "You know...I've been told a lot of times in the past that I look like a doll in this outfit"

"It's true, you do" he said, obviously enjoying my breasts in his hands.

"Then play with me..." I said, getting down to my knees in front of him. I closed my eyes and tilted my head up, my wide open mouth waiting for him. He mumbled slightly in protest. I couldn't quite make out what he mumbled as the sound of his catsuit zipper opening drowned out his protests. His cock soon landed square on my tongue, slowly inching inside my mouth. He went back and forth slowly a few times before putting his hands on my head and forcing his whole length down my throat. I looked up at him, he had a surprised look on his face. This is usually the point where most guys think I should be gagging, and always stay surprised when I don't. I really wished I could've sucked him more but I really needed him somewhere else. I stood up and held his penis in front of my pussy.

"I need you to put your cock in my shiny, plast..." I started before being cut off mid-sentence. Hot from the action, my partner decided to remove his dark mask. I couldn't finish my sentence as Andrew revealed himself as the man behind the mask and the revelation was too much to take in so quickly. Confusion clouded my mind yet my next move seemed obvious at the moment. "I gotta go..." I said, storming out of the room. Leaving Andrew with his cock out gave me time to close the doors of the elevator and head down to my car.

As I drove back to my house, I kept asking myself tons of questions. What this all meant for any plans I had with Andrew? What if he recognized me? Why did I even leave?

When I finally got back home, I quickly undressed and went for a shower. Afterwards in bed, frustrated and unsatisfied, I fingered myself to sleep.

The next day at work, I was all thumbs. I was shaking a little and didn't have my mind on work at all. To make things worst, whenever I glanced up at Andrew, he seemed to be observing me. I dropped a stack of cardboard boxes on the floor and Monica dropped to her knees with me to help me pick them up.

"What's wrong with you? You look like a crack addict who hasn't had his fix" she told me.

"I am" I said bluntly.

"Oh that too?" she said incredulously, refering to yesterday's revelation.

"Sex!" I said a little too loud, surprising even myself.


"I haven't had sex" I whispered.

"That's it??" she asked. I just glared at her. "Sorry."

"It's worst than that..."

"What is it?" she inquired.

"I did go out last night. Met a nice guy, did my thing... then a little bit later..." I stopped, too shy to look Monica in the eyes. "...a little later, I was... blowing him and then we were just about to f... do it, and he removed his hood. It was Andrew" I finished my story.

"So you didn't have sex, then it gets worst you say. It gets worst by you meeting a nice guy, then you blow him, then it's Andrew, then your story is over. Where does it get worst? Isn't that supposed to be great?" she asked me, then started mumbling to herself. "You didn't have sex..." she mumbled, then realised. "You left!" she accused me, "You didn't just leave him , did you?"

I just nodded. "Did he recognize you?" she asked me.

"No, I had a mask myself" I told her.

"So why not have sex with him?"

"I can't let him be one of my one night stands" I explained.

"Then you could've had sex then, and again, and again. It could have just been a first time" she suggested.

"Then he would know I'm a nympho..." I countered.

"Oh my gawd! SO?" Monica seemed exasperated.

"It's just a fancier word for slut, you know? Isn't that bad?" I asked.

"I don't know, you tell me. You did meet him in a fetish joint where you go to find people to sleep with" she reasoned.

"I know... I just..." I said before knocking my head on a forklift in a moment of inattention. Before I could react, the wobbling forklift dropped it's payload on me, crushing my legs and the bottom of my spine. Trapped beneath the heavy crate, I screamed in pain for a few seconds and fainted.

I'm guessing only a few minutes went by when I gained consciousness as Monica was frantically yelling for someone who could operate the forklift. Andrew was there, he was putting away an empty syringe into a silver briefcase. Then I spotted the crate still on my legs. Remembering the accident, I quickly sat up, holding myself up on my hands as my waist itself was still under the crate. Something wasn't right though. The crate was level with the ground, which would mean my legs were either in the ground, in the crate... or flat. I couldn't feel the pain anymore either.

"I... I think I'm paralyzed... I can't feel my legs anymore" I cried, looking at Andrew. He came over to me and supported my weight so I could rest my arms.

"You should be fine, I gave you some strong painkillers"

"Oh?" I said, reassured. The forklift eventually removed the crate from my legs, revealing them strangely intact. "Does it cause hallucinations?"

"Huh... I dunno, I'll have to get back to you on that" Andrew replied.

He and Monica helped me up on my feet and carried me over to the infirmary. Ours was a pretty elaborate one, a full on clinic. After submitting myself to two hours of tests and various other things with the suffix 'graphy' in them, a diagnosis was pronounced. I was apparently going to be fine, though they did give me two months of convalescence.

Andrew drove me home, explaining on the way what the painkiller he had administered did. It was supposed to modify my bone structure, essentially making them disappear into thin air, he said, was the most accurate way he could describe the process. The bones not being 'there', the pain disappeared also. He also explained how a fringe benefit of this drug was that the bone gradually healed when it was gone, wherever that was. The effects lasted around twenty-four hours after which the bones restructured, along with the pain. When we arrived home, he helped me walk up to the house. He told me I should be able to walk on my legs fine, just not to expect running or anything much more than that as they'd still be extremely weak. With those words he wished me well and went back to his truck, driving away from me. It felt good to be near him again, and I could only imagine now how bad he must've felt the night before when I left him hanging.

The next day, Andrew was back to visit me. He carried with him the same silver briefcase I had seen him put the syringe in. I let him in and had him sit in the living room with me.

"The company sent me to be in charge of your daily injections" he said, showing me the case. "So how have you been?"

"Good, it's hard to tell I've had an accident" I told him.

"Nice to hear I'm back before the pain set in" he said, opening the case and preparing a syringe. I pulled the sheets I had set on my legs, presenting them to him. He injected me and put the syringe away again. "There, all set"

"Thanks, you're nice Andrew" I smiled at him, resting my legs back on the couch.

"Oh, it's nothing..." he blushed. "You know... I went out the other night and met a girl, I thought it was you..." he started, then stopped to think if he should continue on. I was worried he knew it was me and at the same time I was morbidly curious.

"Oh yeah? What club did you go to?" I asked him.

"Oh you know, one of those clubs on that street where all the clubs are. Honestly I forget which one" he lied to me, scratching his head.

Sure...the club where people dress in latex and go dance, have a drink and fuck, I thought to myself, a club so easily forgotten amidst all the other similar ones.

"Yeah, I know, it's a lame story. Sorry I brought it up, I was just making conversation. I get shy sometimes and say whatever's going through my head to break the silence" he told me, blushing again. "So listen, I should be coming back every day for your injections. They have to be carefully dosed so that's why the company put me in charge. How does 5-6 PM sound to you?" he asked me. He looked up behind me for a few seconds while I thought about the time he had given me. "But you know...I'm pretty sure you can handle it. How about I leave the briefcase here and you call me if there's any trouble. It's 20cc per day when you start to feel the pain come back. Alright? I gotta go" he said, writing his phone number on a piece of paper he handed me before storming off. I just looked at the silver case, baffled.

"What the hell was that all about?" I wondered. A creaking sound behind me got my attention, I turned to see my cat pushing the wardrobe door open to get out of it. I hadn't shut that door firmly and right there in plain view were my suit and hood. I looked back at the front door and thought of Andrew. Was the door open when he was here?

Seeing Andrew and my outfit brought my mind back on sex, which I had managed to forget with the events that had come to pass. For a full week, I injected myself with the drug. Strangely, when looking at the syringe, 20cc seemed more than I had seen the syringe contain when Andrew used to do it, but I clearly remembered him saying 20cc so I kept at it. Since I could not see any man, I had to satisfy myself with the toys I owned. Even as Monica came to visit me, I had a butt plug and a dildo in me under my covers. I was a wreck. One day, exhausted, I fell asleep in front of the TV.

I woke up in searing pain, with the medication all the way across the room. I crawled, my legs hurting just from dragging on the floor. I finally injected myself, but couldn't bear how long it took for it to take effect. Crying, I gave myself another shot. At last, the pain went away. I got back on my feet slowly and made my way to bed instead of risking falling asleep on the couch again.

The next day I called Andrew at noon for him to come see me as soon as possible. When he arrived and knocked at the door I yelled for him to help himself in. I was sitting in my couch, my legs resting under my blanket as always. I turned off the TV as he sat before me.

"Sorry I couldn't let you in myself..." I told him.

"Were you having any trouble, Olivia? Why the call?" Andrew asked me.

"You knew it was me the other night, right?" I asked him quite directly.

"I'm sorry, what?"

"The suit! You saw my suit and that's why you left the briefcase to me. You hoped I'd screw up and overdose on the stuff. When you said the injections needed to be carefully measured, you never mentionned side effects. I would think you'd mention those unless you didn't know about them or maybe you knew and that's exactly what you wanted" I accused him.

"Side effects?" he tried.

"Oh please, like you didn't know" I said as I took the pile of book that sat on the coffee table and dropped the heavy load on my knees. The bottom half of my legs bent forward from the pressure, pointing up. The blanket shot off my legs, exposing my shiny latex skin. "They're hollow, Andrew! What was in those painkillers?" I asked him frantically.

"I'm...I'm so sorry Olivia. I never should have left the case here" Andrew apologized.

"So it IS the painkillers?" I said, amazed.

"Well, I did tell you how they worked with your bones... so probably taking too much could cause this" he explained.

"Could cause the lower half of my body to turn into a blow up doll? I had to crawl to the couch this morning because my legs aren't strong enough to support the rest of my body" I complained.

"I'm sorry to hear that, I..." he told me, his body told me otherwise.

"Is that a hard-on?" I interrupted him. The simple thought of it drove me nuts.

"Well... huh..." he stammered, shying away from eye contact. My eyes were in contact with something else anyways.

"Sorry I left you at the club the other night..." I said, still entranced by his erection. "You said back then that I looked like someone you liked from work..."

"Huh... yeah... I've always kind of fancied you. But like I told you, I'm not too good at figuring out when someone is single" he told me, still too shy to look at me.

"Why is that?" I asked him curiously. I couldn't believe we'd both been having desire for each other.

"Women from my town are... mmmh... promiscuous. So I'm still not used to normal girls"

"Normal girls?" I cocked my head to the side.

"It's a long story..." he sighed.

"Well, I'll have a long story of my own, why don't you sit at my feet" I tapped on the couch where my legs had lifted up. Andrew came over from his seat to my couch. After he sat down, I removed the books from my legs, sending the air back into my knees and my feet flying back down on his lap. My right foot landed softly on his crotch, sending waves of pleasure up my spine as I brushed the denim of his jeans with my plastic skin. I closed my eyes and rubbed my foot on his erection, moaning. I heard him clear his throat, I opened my eyes and gasped as I came back to reality. "Tell me I didn't just do what I just did"

"You're... heh... still doing it" he said as a matter of fact. Before I could stop rubbing him by myself, I lost control of my legs. Unable to move them on my own, I saw my knees start to rise up under my blanket.

"Andrew, I'm not doing this... what's happening to me, I can't control my legs" I panicked as I saw my knees continually rising until my legs were at 45 degrees from my waist. After my knees seemed to reach their desired position, my thighs started spreading open by themselves, pulling on the blanket. Before I could hold it over what it still covered of my body, it fell to the ground revealing my complete lower half. I lay there semi-nude, still wearing my pyjama top. Seams covered my legs up to the pink rubber folds of my pussy and anus who had shifted a little higher on my body for better access. An inch of what one could easily make out to be a pink jelly dildo was coming out of both my openings. "I... I can explain the... the toys, but... I need you to tell me what's happening to me" I swore to him, almost crying from the pleasure and the panic combined.

"I might be able to answer a few questions, I guess" Andrew told me. I just wanted to put my mind at ease.

"Is... is it harmful?" I asked him.

"Depends what you mean by that. You're not hurt are you?" he replied.

"Well, I mean... is my health at risk or something?"

"No, you're perfectly safe" he revealed to my relief. "But..."

"But what?"

"Your legs... they're gone..."

"Yeah, you already explained that part" I replied.

"No... this time I..." he paused, seemingly feeling guilty about the whole thing. "... I fear your legs are gone for good, the temporary effect could have turned permanent. So your legs and everything below the waist might be stuck like this forever" he finished.

"How is this even possible to begin with? What kind of people or better yet, what kind of chemical reaction turns a person's legs into inflatable plastic ones" and I thought these last two weeks had been weird.

"If you don't mind, I might need some help with this" he said as he reached for a parcel he had brought with him. He opened it up and took what looked like one of Xetal's cardboard boxes for our dolls, except it was made of rubber. Tina, it said on the rubber box, was not a doll I was familiar with. Andrew took it out and unfolded it in front of me. "I know this looks weird, but please just give me a minute. We should be able to answer your questions in a moment" he said as he blushed and took the inflation valve up to his mouth, blowing into the doll as it started taking shape.

"We?" I raised an eyebrow. Andrew just gave me the 'give me a minute' sign with his finger as a reply. He kept blowing into the doll until it was completely inflated and he plugged its valve shut. He finally set it on the coffee table and turned back to me.

"I asked my friend Jeremy from my hometown to ship his wife to me in case this happened and you needed some things explained. I felt having her around would make sure you'd get all the answers you'd need" he told me.

"His wife?" I looked at the doll, then at my legs. "Shipped?"

"Hi I'm Tina, Jeremy's wife" she said, reaching her hand out to me. Tina, who you now know for how long she can go without men, came alive in front of us, fresh as a rose. I just screamed sharply in surprise, nearly fainting. "Sorry, I didn't mean to scare you" the doll told me, her mouth returning to a wide open O shape after her apology.

"Wha... how?" I just mumbled.

"Mmmmhh... where should I start? You still want to ask me questions instead?" she asked me.

"What are you?" I started, myself not sure where exactly I should begin.

"I'm a lovedoll, Jeremy shipped me from home in..." she said before looking at Andrew who just nodded at her, "...Latex Hills, home of Xetal Products HQ".

"Latex Hills? Is that a city or something?" I had never heard the name before.

"It is, though you would never see a 'Welcome to Latex Hills' sign on the road. In fact, most road sign for our city read 'Private Land - Use of lethal force authorized'...which isn't true but it's an effective deterent . But there also is a 'Welcome to Latex Hills' sign past the security gates" she finished in a chipper tone.

"What kind of place is that?" I thought aloud.

"It's a private city owned by Xetal. We need all the security to keep it private... in part because every adult women look like I do, and because of what daily life in our city looks like" she revealed. I sat there, silent, just taking all that information in. Tina looked at the position my legs were in, the toys, then back at me. "You need a man..." she said bluntly.

"I...huh...what? How would you know?" I asked her, confused though not denying.

Tina then explained to me what the transformation does to their bodies, and how they turn immobile after a while if men don't use them. A lot of what she told me explained a lot of what Andrew had let on about his hometown when we spoke back at the club the other night. A lot of it explained how single women would indeed be hard to spot. I looked at my legs and thought about how the situation had changed since I met Andrew in that club. I apologized to Andrew about leaving him the other night and considering the whole story they had told me, I decided I'd tell them about my condition. I didn't know what to make of their reaction, or lack thereof. It just didn't seem to faze them at all. Somehow I didn't feel like I was anything special anymore, I just sighed. "Immobile or not, I've been in need of a guy for the past 2 weeks or something. I have trouble keeping time since I've been locked in here"

"Nothing to be ashamed of... not with us at least" she said, Andrew just nodded in agreement. I looked back at Tina.

"Can I speak to Andrew alone for a second? You could get us some drinks maybe? Are...are dolls arms strong enough?" I asked her, knowing my own legs weren't all that strong.

"Actually we're pretty weak, I'm sure you knew that... but we're still strong enough for anything you might consider everyday household items, anything that you wouldn't consider a heavy load. So what will you be having?" she asked, standing up.

"Sodas?" I looked at Andrew for approval. I told Tina where to find everything and she left us. "You know I left that night because I was confused. I needed a man that night, and I didn't mean it to be you... I mean, I didn't want you to recognize me. I didn't want you to know I wasn't normal... but I need you to know I really like you too" I quickly defended myself.

"It's alright, I can understand your reasons... but you kind of fell on the right person" he smiled. "I mean, I'm happily surprised too. I had a crush on you at work and I could never have guessed you were a rubber fetishist"

"Yeah... I could never have have guessed you came from a town called Latex Hills and whose name is the least shocking thing about it" I chuckled before getting a more serious look, sighing.

"What's wrong?" he asked me with a concerned tone.

"I'm not going back to work, am I?" I questioned him, staring at my legs, still trying to wrap my head around what was happening to me.

"I'm sorry it turned out this way" he said sincerely. "No, you can't go back to work..."

"So, what's going to happen with me?" I asked back.

Before Andrew could reply, Tina came back into the living room with our glasses. He just looked at me, raising an eyebrow. I quickly took my drink from Tina's hands and started sipping from it. I stared at Tina for a moment.

"Can I...can I touch your head...for just a second" I asked her shyly. She kneeled in front of me so I wouldn't have to reach for it. Entranced, I ran my hands through the shiny, smooth rubber strands of her hair. "This is so unreal..." I said right before I squeezed her skull lightly with my hands. She gasped in response as her skull squished between my fingers slightly, rolling her eyes uncontrollably.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to hurt you, I was just curious" I told her, suddenly drawing my hands away from her.

"Hurt me?" she chuckled. "You could bend me backwards and I'd still ask for more" she continued, reaching for my left leg and bending it back on itself, then she stroked them a few times. I arched my back and punched on the cushions repeatedly in pleasure. I thrashed about on the couch violently, yet my legs remained spread wide open. She released my leg after proving her point, sending it flapping back into position. I gasped and moaned on the couch as I catched my breath. I grabbed my drink and took a sip.

"She's beautiful, Andrew, I like how she looks" I told him, still looking her in the eyes. She looked like such a happy person.

"You like how she looks? It doesn't freak you out?" he asked me.

"You remember how I looked the other night? I looked a bit like that, except it's her skin and not a suit... I want to look like that too. That's what a girl like me deserves to look like" I pleaded to him as small tears came to my eyes.

"Don't be so hard on yourself, you make it sound like you need to be punished for what you are. You didn't choose to be nymphomaniac, it's ok. You want to look like her, but do you really want to be like her? She doesn't just LOOK like a doll, Olivia, she IS one. Have you thought about being deflated? Look at her mouth, is that what you really want?" he insisted. I couldn't believe my ears, is he teasing me? I lunged forward at him, my legs flapping to the side, still spread and filled with plastic cocks. I grabbed him by the collar and told him amidst tears, pouring my soul out.

"You're not getting me right, Andrew. It's not a punishment, it's a reward! Because of where you come from, you have no idea of how bad it is to be a slut in the 'real' world!" I accused him. "All the wives I've hurt, all the lovers I've hurt..." I continued. I cried too much to be able to continue, I released him and cried on his chest. "You can't leave me like this, right?" I said looking at him in the eyes but pointing at my legs. "I mean... you have to turn me into a doll, right? You have to take me there or something? Keep all this a secret, right?" I begged him. He sighed and looked at my legs.

"After what's happened, I'd have to turn you into a doll, that I like it or not. Fortunately, I do like it. I" he smiled at me, looking downwards at the toys coming out of my front and rear end.

"Why didn't you say so? Why let me go on like this?" I said a bit angrily.

"I had to make sure..." he paused. "I didn't want to feel guilty about it if you didn't like the end result. Some guys have been known to choose the wrong girl for this... some who had no interest in becoming dolls" he explained. I just wiped the tears from my eyes.

"Oh..." I said, suddenly docile. " you WILL make me a doll?"

He just smiled silently and pointed at my drink. I flipped back to my spot on the couch, to where the small table with my drink on it was sitting. As I quickly turned over to my side, my spread legs went flapping in Andrew's face. I took my glass with both hands, holding it as safely as I would a newborn baby. I brought the glass up to my lips and started chugging down on my very own holy grail.

"Careful with tha..." Andrew tried to say before I had completely finished my glass.

"Mmmmmhhh!" I moaned, as I followed the last traces of liquid flowing down my throat and into my belly running my hands over my shirt as I went down. The carbonated drink that I chugged too fast made me burp, quickly followed by a hiccup. I felt my legs tighten up and some pressure built up in the normal part of me too. I hiccuped another time and definately felt the pressure as I took in air with the uncontrollable hiccup.

"Andrew, what's...hic!... happening to me, I feel tight all over. Like I'm inf..." I paused and moaned as I poked my tummy and breasts, the latter rode higher on my chest than they ever had before. My chest hadn't grown but they looked so much rounder than before that it looked like I just had a boob job. And that's only from the shape my shirt had started to take, I hadn't even seen them in the flesh. " I'm overinfl...hic!" I hiccuped again and heard a faint hissing sound as I saw my chest noticeably grow this time around.

"Oh... I knew you swallowed it too fast..." he said nervously.

"What's that supposed to...hic!...mmmmhh!" I moaned, feeling the inflated breasts on my chest grow even tighter in my shirt.

"You're inflating... you took the whole thing so the transformation will be complete but you did it so fast that the reaction started in your stomach first. You're probably just filled with air right now but you still look normal from the waist up. The reaction will take a bit more time to get to the exterior of your body. Your little hiccuping there probably isn't helping with the air intake..." Andrew told me.

"What does that mean? Hic! Ungh..." I winced as the shirt got too tight over my breasts, smashing them impossibly. I hiccuped another time, and decided to take my shirt off without asking my guests, my fleshy breasts suddenly released from their cage exploded to the size of twin cantaloups. We were, after all, way past the point of formalities such as that.

"You..." he made real efforts to pull his eyes away from my chest to recollect his thoughts and finally went on. "When girls like you transform like this, they have to be careful with their breathing, otherwise the skin may get stretched permanently before turning to latex. This is all happening because you are still breathing. How can I put this..." he wondered for a second. "While you may feel overinflated right now... once you turn to a doll, it'll be your simply inflated shape. By that I mean that your breasts will never be smaller... you'll always have to be inflated this much at least or your breasts won't look completely inflated. I should've stopped you, sorry" he revealed, ashamed of himself.

"Oh my...hic!... god!" I cried out loud as my breasts kept inflating. I watched Andrew as he paid no attention to me, his stare affixed to the ever growing balloon-like breasts I was sporting. "...Is that it?"

"Huh... what?" he said, slowly giving me his attention again.

"Is that it? Breathing stretches my tits to an irreparably huge size?" I inquired.

"Well yeah... but girls are self-conscious about having breasts that are too large, no?" he asked in return.

"That's SOME girls... and mainly it's because of the weight they'd have. Soooo... I'm not one of those girls and I'd bet you'd like these weightless beauties way bigger" I winked as I took a deep breath. We were both looking at my chest, hearing it hiss with air as my breasts inflated to the size and shape of a volleyball each, suddenly stopping short of the breath I had taken in. Or so I thought. I tried breathing in again but couldn't. Realizing I couldn't breath, I started to panic and tried to scream but found out I had also lost control of my mouth. I couldn't breath and inflate any more, it suddenly dawned on me that the rest of my body would immobilize like my legs and mouth had if I gave it too much time. I needed cum, badly.

I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror, I looked like a stripper with plastic legs. My breasts were so large, it felt right to look that way, something I could never have done to myself in my former life considered how I didn't want anyone to know about my condition and judge me. I cupped and squeezed my hollow, tightly inflated tits together. I moaned hard though couldn't hear myself make any sound. I finally focused on my face, seeing the smooth, shiny pink rubber tunnel my mouth had become stick out of my otherwise normal looking face. I couldn't decide if it was the fact that I would get immobile soon enough or my nymphomaniac nature, but I wanted to fill my face with cock at that moment. I started fondling his manhood through his pants and he moved away from me a bit. "What gives?" I thought, feeling rejected by Andrew.

"What are you doing? You don't want to miss the transformation, do you?" he teased me. I saw my nose and cheeks start to turn shiny as the rubber spread down my neck at the same time. My skin slowly turned light and uniform in color, seams slowly appearing around my huge breasts.

"I want cock, Andrew, please!" I pleaded silently as I massaged his member with one hand, pointing at my mouth with the other.

"Oh, I'm afraid we can't do that. There's no time" he said, lifting me from over him and getting up from the couch. He put me back on the couch where I continued my transformation. My seamed breasts finally turned to rubber, topped with pink rubber nipples. My hands went to my chest, sending me over the edge as I came. The expression of lust in my eyes froze as the top part of my face turned to rubber. As I catched my almost completely dollified reflection in the mirror, I realized there wasn't much time for me and made a last desperate move for my goal. With both arms, the only limbs I could still control, I took the dildos out of my front and rear holes, each two feet in length, making my arms go limp for a few seconds from the crippling orgasm it caused. I then pointed at my newly freed holes frantically. Seeing no reaction from Andrew, staring in disbelief at the length of my twin toys, I tried to latch onto his belt buckle and pulled my lightweight form up to him. I fiddled around with his belt, determined to get rid of it. Part of me was insulted by the rock hard erection I was obviously giving him, yet he refused to let me have it.

"I never thought you could be like this Olivia... believe me, resisting you is the hardest thing right now but it's best that we leave this place as soon as possible" he said, smiling, almost humbled by how much I wanted him right now. My flailing at his belt soon subsided as I slowly lost control of my weak inflated arms as the rubber crept down from my shoulders. I finally lost grip on Andrew and fell back to the couch as my hands finally completed my whole body's transformation into a seamed latex version of myself. Another orgasm came over me, seemingly coming from the middle of my back. Andrew, still oblivious to all the pleasure hazing my vision, grabbed me up by the tits while I was still cumming, prolonging and increasing the orgasm unwillingly. He turned me over and still held me by the chest, sitting me on the erect cock making a tent in his pants. With my back to him, he came up to my ear and whispered, "Don't worry, we can inflate you much bigger if you want. Let's go home now..."

Completely forgotten amidst all the orgasms I had been through, Andrew popped the inflation valve in the middle of my back. The long, loud hiss coming from my back as he pressed the air out of me by squeezing my breasts sang the strength of my last orgasm, as strong the wind that rushed, whistling on it's way out of my deflating body. "Thank you, Andrew!" I said in my head, tired.

My attention was drawn to the door as it opened and someone knocked at the same time. "Olivia, are you there?" I heard Monica ask out loud as she let herself in. I could only hear as I was looking behind me, bent over from the waist up. "Oh, hi Andrew! You came to visit Olivia?" was the last thing I heard her say before I fainted from all the emotions I had gone through.


"So that's what I remember of my transformation..." Olivia finished.

"And what about Monica?" Tanya asked curiously.

"Well, her place wasn't in Latex Hills so I never saw her again, of course" she responded, sighing slightly.

"Oh, that's sad" Tanya frowned. Before she could say more her cell phone rang. She answered it, Olivia took advantage of the moment to put the dildo back in her mouth.

"Yes, honey... hu-huh!... yes I'm still at Melody's, it's just Vanessa you're hearing..." she continued, "...yeah, your friend Jeremy is fucking her and Penelope because she can't go to work like this...okay, see you soon" Tanya hung up her phone and stood up, putting her dildo back on the silver tray.

"Leaving us?" Melody asked her, standing up to walk her to the door.

"Yes, that was Lawrence, I have to go" she answered, waving to everyone. Olivia and Melody waved back, then she looked over to the twins and Jeremy. Jeremy moaned and came inside Penelope's ass, making her come alive in front of everyone.

"Bye Tanya!" Penelope said groggily from the orgasm she was having and waved at Tanya, making both Jeremy and Vanessa respond with the same.

Tanya then walked to her car and sat behind the wheels. On her way back home, she saw lots of cars on the side of the road getting towed. She didn't make anything of it and kept driving until a police car came up behind her and turned its sirens on. She pulled over and brought her windows down. Agents came up on both sides of the car.

"Hi, mister offic..." she started.

"License and registration please!" the agent on her side commanded her.

"Huh... okay" she complied, a bit grumpily at the tone in which she was greeted. She handed her papers over to the officer. "May I know what I'm being pulled over for?"

"Tanya Page... Las Vegas, Nevada? 'That you?" he said, holding my picture ID next to my face. she nodded. "The picture..."

"Oh! Sorry, I wasn't made out of rubber back then..." she chuckled.

"New doll, huh?" the officer in her right window asked her, being a bit more friendly than his colleague. She turned to that officer and answered him. He looked everything like a rookie

"Yeah, I'm new here... can you tell me why I was pulled over?" Tanya asked him, hoping to get an answer out of this one.

"Miss Page, have you and your husband made love in the last 24 hours?" the stern policeman on her left interupted.

"Sir, I don't see what this has to do with..." she protested.

"Have you been in contact with semen in the last day?" he continued without flinching.

"This is outrageou..." Tanya said before being cut off. Her hands released the wheel slowly and her legs spread out of their own as much as they could in the confines of the driver's position. Tanya sat there, immobile and powerless for the first time. "Just great!" she thought.

"Ma'am. I'ma have to cite you with DUI..." he started writing in his ticket book.

"What the hell is this all about, I didn't have anything to drink at all!" the silent doll yelled, looking straight in front of her.

"That's Driving while Unsatisfied Intimately" the cadet explained to the new doll. "It's a simple fine the first time, but you may want to look into that..." he continued, opening the glove box and taking a look inside. "You don't smoke?"

He obviously knew she wasn't going to answer him, but he knew she could hear him. Her attention was drifting towards the other agent who finished a radio call before she heard him open the door of her car. He reached over to her seat belt and freed her from her seat, pulling the doll out of the car. She saw the traffic roll by as he held her over his shoulder, reaching for her handbag in the car.

"Close the windows and lock the doors, then come back in the car" he said, addressing the cadet. As he walked back to the car, the doll bouncing to each of his confident steps, he reached under her latex top and pulled it up a bit. He pinched her valve out and popped it open unceremoniously.

Tanya came hard as she cursed the officer for being such a rude bastard. The last she saw of the highway was her own tow truck arriving for her car before she slumped over the agent's shoulder. He dropped her on the back seat of the car where the air kept hissing out of her. The car shook a bit as the older officer and then the cadet took his place in his seat. Tanya, tired of moaning and screaming in pleasure, just lay there panting uselessly but by reflex as she tried to block out part of the constant orgasm she was going through.

"With all due respect Officer Smith, are you always this... cold?" the young recruit asked.

"You mean with her?" he chuckled. "I'm just being formal... doing my job you know? You'll get to know women in this city well enough pretty soon. If I wasn't that way with them? Hell, I'd go home every night with a sore dick and nothing left for my own little doll waiting for me" Smith told his partner, who by the sound of it was also new to this town. "Besides... hear that, Miller?" he said, both men pausing.

"The hissing, you mean?" Miller guessed.

"Yeah, my wife says the feeling is crazy, that being deflated and inflated are short moments but stronger than any other orgasms they get... so she's probably cumming on our back seat right now. You think I was rude?" he asked sincerely, then giggled a bit after thinking about it. "I've never had any complaints"

Tanya finished deflating as the car started moving. She layed, crumpled up on the back seat, catching her breath after the incredible adventure of having been deflated for the first time. "That's a man speaking from experience..." she thought, smiling to herself, satisfied and not a bit mad at Officer Smith. After a little while, Smith broke the silence.

"So Miller, what's your story? I know new guys always have a fascinating story" he asked, a lot friendlier than he had been with Tanya.

"I discovered about this place back when I used to be a park ranger..." he started


I had been sent out to the forest surrounding Latex Hills that night. Of course, I knew nothing of it at that time so I just went about my usual duties. I had set up camp for the night and had started a small campfire so I could have dinner. I was supposed to check up on some tagged animals we had in this zone, a three day workload in this line of work. I didn't know this was my last night on the job.

I was heating a can of beans when one of my alarms startled me, a simple wire with metal cans attached to it. I took my flashlight and went towards the sound. I could already tell I hadn't found an animal. Unless I had just found a species that could swear.

"Dammit! Come oooon!" I could hear a girl complaining to herself as the cans kept ringing, I figured her leg was stuck in the wire. I ran a bit faster, lighting the way before me. I flashed the light in the trees a few times so she could see me. She started crying and seemed panicked, the cans rang furiously.

"What the hell's going on?" I thought as I picked up the pace to finally come up to the girl, I flashed my light at her and froze in my track. A girl was laying there naked, on all fours. Her leg was tied in the wire and something was laying on the ground below her face. I turned my light to it. A dildo?

Well, she was naked after all. No, not naked. She was wearing a suit, like a latex suit, though I had never seen anything like it. I moved my spot over her, she shined alright. I was relatively new on the job and had heard of rangers spotting some naughty campers and all, but this was hot.

Except the girl was going crazy. She grabbed the dildo and swung it at me in warning.

"Get away from me... I can't go back. People have to know!" she barked at me, all the while swinging the dildo more comically than she obviously intended to.

"Whoa! Settle down there, I ain't going to hurt you... what the heck happened here?" I asked her, only now I finally started looking at her in more detail. The toy she had in her hands wasn't the only one she had with her is one of the first details I could notice. In fact I could see similar dildos poking out of her ass and pussy.

"You're... you're not one of them?" she asked me, slowly calming down. She crossed her legs in front of her filled hole, with one arm she covered her seemingly perfect breasts and with the other hand, she covered her eyes from my light... or possibly her mouth.

"One of who? Calm down, I'm a park ranger, I'm the one who set this trap up... let me help you" I tried to reassure her. Her foot seemed to be stuck in the wire, but her ankle was twisted in an impossible way, she must've been going through the most horrible of pains. I tried to delicately undo the knot around her ankle and it suddenly snapped open, sending her foot twisting a full turn back into place, I stepped back in surprise. "Oh my god, what have I done?!?" I shouted internally. She jumped out of her bonds and collapsed on the floor, moaning and writhing for a few seconds. It seemed like an odd time to be faking an orgasm. I looked at her, perplex. "I'm... huh... sorry?" I tried.

"OH! It's nothing!" she glared and frowned at me. "Just another... frickin' orgasm" she fumed, shaking her fists. I could finally see her breasts better as she gave up covering herself. Perfect breasts just like I thought, as if the girl had an helium boobjob. But considered the suit she was wearing, I figured the bright pink capped breasts that jutted out so round from her chest must've been inflated balloons. She must've seen me staring as she crossed both arms over her buoyant busom. Caught red-handed, I looked up in her eyes, seeing her mouth for the first time. She frowned and looked a bit incommoded. Her mouth made me stare again. A shiny pink, gaping hole stood motionless when she wasn't speaking. She quickly brought one of her hands back in front of her mouth. "Stop looking at me... turn off your flashlight, please!" she begged me. I turned it off.

"I'm real sorry, it's just... your mask is very striking" I apologized. I took off my ranger coat and approached her without looking. "Here... cover yourself"

"It's not...a mask" she said, still sobbing as she covered her upper half with my coat. The girl could now cover the toys protruding out of her, an odd behavior considered how her appearance didn't suggest modesty. She dropped her hand from in front of her mouth. "Can you help me up?" she asked me.

I extended a hand, grabbing her soft, smooth hands. She gripped my hand and I strengthened mine on hers to pull her up, then pulled her strongly putting my weight back to counter hers. Not only did my slight handgrip crush her hand, but she got up with no effort as I launched backwards, not prepared by the lack of weight on her end. In surprise I released my grip on her and hit a rock behind my foot, sending me on my ass, my back against a tree. The girl was also flying towards me, falling forward herself, I braced myself. She hit me with her full body, and it took me a full five seconds to realize it hadn't hurt and that she didn't seem to weight all. She moaned plaintively, almost as if she was tired of cumming. I looked down and saw she had fallen on my knee, pushing the dildo that stuck out her front into her. She hung on to my shirt like she would've on the sheets of a bed while she came. I looked at her face in the moonlight, it reflected light like the rest of her body. While she kept on moaning, her mouth got my attention again. She didn't seem to have any teeth left, but she was just a young adult like me. I couldn't quite place it at that moment but it wasn't just the teeth.

"Are you... okay?" I asked, not knowing what the hell to do with this hysterical, horny nudist.

"I'm fine! Stop asking..." she replied sharply, sounding insulted. "...It's just another...mmmhhh..." she moaned, desperately trying to control herself. She got up on her knees then stood up before me. I did the same.

"I'm sorry to ask but... what... I mean, who are you? Why are you dressed up like this?" I tried to find out.

"Oh... you know what I am... you just can't believe it yet" she whined.

"What? No!" I assured her, thanking the darkness for hiding my erection. "You wouldn't want to know what I'm thinking right now anyways..."

"You think I'm a doll... like a sex toy. That's it, right? Because that's what I am now. Touch me, you'll see!" she dared me though she didn't give me any choice. She raised her arms, sending my coat off her shoulders. She grabbed my hands and pressed them on her breasts, making sure she guided my fingers into her flesh. I squeezed her perfect tits of my own will then, marveling at their how soft and bouncy they felt. I pressed firmly into her skin and her boobs just gave way to my fingers, forcing back with a slight pressure. The girl's knees went weak and she collapsed in my arms, cumming again.

"I... this isn't right... I must've knocked my head in the woods while I went to see my alarm... I'm probably just knocked out on the ground, dreaming all this" I rationalized. The doll went over to the wire I had untangled her from, jerked on it a few times. The cans banged together a few more times.

"THIS is your alarm! I'm the one who was caught in it, remember!" she yelled at me, a bit peeved by my sudden dismissal of her concerns.

"Okay... Yeah, I got that! But you're still just a dream so whatever" I snapped back.

"HEY! Aren't you supposed to protect and serve and all that cra...whoooa!" she made her way back to me and tripped on a rock. She flipped on her back as she flew, landing her ass on a rock near me, sending the dildo in her back entrance farther into her. She arched her back over a tree log, screaming out in pleasure.

"See... I...I can't believe this is happening, you falling left and right, cumming all the time, almost as if you do it on purpose. I got a very fertile mind you know" I explained my thoughts to the orgasming doll.

"Okay, so I'm a creation of your imagination? A living sextoy that came out of the woods to make your boring night more exciting... now why would you be a jerk to your dream creature then?"

"Right... well, I don't know... maybe I can change the dream since I'm kinda conscious, I'll try to make it better" I closed my eyes and tried to make her forget the bad stuff and make her want me so this dream could have a happy ending before I woke up.

"So... are we supposed to stay here until you wake up? Don't you have a camp we can go back to?" she asked me mockingly.

"Well, that's getting better..." I thought. I motioned for her to follow me.

"Can't you carry me? Please?" she begged me. "I'm weightless, come on! Please?"

I complied and grabbed her after she put my coat back on, still amazed at how real she felt, no matter how fake she was. I quickly made my way back to camp with her piggybacking me. As we arrived, a real mess covered my truck and my stuff.

"My dinner! Damn!" I yelled as I saw the can I had left in the fire, it's contents spread across the camp. The doll came off my back and witnessed the scene for herself.

"Geez... I'd hate to see your nightmares if we're living one of your fantasies..." she paused, then looked at me a bit more seriously, "...can't we just say I'm real already? I'm not a dream. We need to get in your car, you need to drive me to town in Chicago" she continued. This was getting weird.

"Whoa, whoa... Chicago? Chicago isn't 'going to town'... it's halfway across the country. There's no way I can take you there" I tried to reason with her.

"But... how is this even possible? They shipped me that far away?" she wondered aloud.

"How is THAT possible?" I chuckled. "Before we go into how mysteriously far away from Chicago I'm doing my rounds, can you please tell me what the heck is goi... did you say 'shipped'?"

"Yeah..." she looked away, as if ashamed. She sat down on a clean log on the other side of the campfire. "...they deflated me, and then they shipped me... but I didn't know it was this far" she continued. I sat down next to her.

"Okay...deflated... we're going way too fast here" I shook my head, trying to make sense of every weird answer I got. "Alright, let's get back to the beginning. I'm Benjamin Miller, I'm a park ranger"

"I'm Monica"

"Who's 'they', Monica?" I looked at her neck and then past the coat and down at her legs. Seams were running around her neck and down her thighs.

"That's Andrew and his friend Tina, she's another... doll, like me. They made me into this... into what I am" she said, breaking eye contact again.

"When I met you, you said I wasn't one of them. There are more people involved in this?" I felt like I was just scratching the surface. She opened up the coat and looked at herself, I couldn't help but look at the same time. She had this look of amazement as she stared at her shiny body, apparently still trying to understand the situation herself.

"There's a whole city of people like me, Benjamin..." she turned over to me, removed the jacket completely and displayed herself to me for emphasis. "... when I escaped the house tonight, it was the first time I saw what that place looked like... Latex Hills. As I made my escape, I was able to spy on a few people... everything looked like a normal place, except all the girls I've seen were dolls like me. They looked like they were hypnotized or something because they didn't even seem to mind the way they looked" she told me.

"The way they looked?"

"Well, you know? Every girl looked freakish like me and they all dressed super sexy. Like there was this guy who was coming back from the dairy bar with a milkshake in one hand, and in the other hand... I dunno... I guess it was his 'girlfriend' or something. Well she had super big tits, and she wore this tight latex dress, and the other people they crossed in the streets didn't even give them looks. Some even looked sluttier than that. No one seemed to mind. I didn't see much more, I left real quick" I had to make a constant effort to keep my hard-on out of sight. Everything she had done or said so far had kept me in constant erection, yet she was highly traumatized by everything she was telling me.

"Latex Hills? That's part of... like a big conspiracy or something? That's why you wanted to head back home? To warn people?" I asked her.

"That's it! The police needs to see what happened to me. They have to arrest these people that turn girls into inflatable plastic toys!" My cock twitched as she said that.

"Do they know you're gone? Because if they aren't looking for you, I could grab the GPS in my truck and you could show me where the city is so we can denounce it to the right people" I proposed a plan to get what she wanted, then I smiled to her. "I could carry you if you want to guide me."

"I don't think they are looking for me but this is very risky..." she started protesting, obviously nervous.

"We're already real deep in the forest right now, there's no way we'll be able to find our way back here to show everyone if we don't get coordinates, just guide me to the city limits so I can record them" I tried to convince her, already pulling the GPS system out of the truck. I clipped it to my belt and locked the doors.

She protested but slowly came over to me. She climbed on my back, slipping her soft legs into my arms. Over my shoulder, she pointed the way. I could feel her bouncy breasts pressing into my back.

I broke the silence as we went towards our destination. "So, I'm afraid to ask but...those people..." I paused, not slowing my pace. " do they... I mean, how did you turn out... I mean, you know?" I stuttered.

"How did I become an inflatable doll?" she proposed.

"Yeah... how does something like that happen?" I asked.

"It was so sudden, I was just visiting my friend. She had hurt her leg and hadn't come to work for week, so when I went to see her..."


"Olivia, are you there?" I announced myself but instead of seeing Olivia, Andrew was standing right there in her living room, with what looked like dolls like we made at work. I worked in a sex toy factory with my friend Olivia, we made love dolls among other things. "Oh, hi Andrew! You came to visit Olivia?" I asked since it was a bit weird seeing him here, I knew my friend had feelings for him, but I don't think he knew yet.

"Yeah, I came over to see how the legs were doing" he said, pressing the air out of the doll he squeezed, bent over in his hands. I looked at the one on the table.

"Don't think I've seen those before. Are those new dolls?" I pointed at them.

"Oh, right... well, this one isn't new" he told me, pointing at the one on the table. "But this one..." he unfolded the doll he held and displayed her in front of me, holding her by the head. The lovedoll was half deflated by now and you could still tell it had huge breasts. "...this one is a really... really new doll. It's kind of a prototype. It was made earlier... hum... today" he continued, then I looked at the doll's face.

"Hey!" I laughed, "this thing almost looks like Olivia..."

"Haha, a bit...huh... that's why I brought it over. I wanted to show it to her" he chuckled a bit embarassingly.

"Soooo... where is she?" I wondered.

"Who?" he asked me, his thoughts obviously on something else.

"Well duh... Olivia! Except the not huge breasted, non plastic one" I laughed.

"Oh, she's huh... upstairs! She wasn't feeling well and went to bed, asked me to lock the door on my way out, which I was preparing to do" he explained, his grip and squeeze renewed on the ever deflating sex toy in his hands.

"Alright then... I guess I could talk to her after her nap. I'll watch TV in the living room while I wait for her. Don't worry she won't mind me being here" I told him as I sat on the couch and turned the TV on. Andrew finished deflating the doll and put her down on a nearby recliner.

"We never talk, mind if I join you? Want something to drink?" he offered me. I just nodded, my attention on the screen. Andrew went to the kitchen and came back with two sodas. "She told me to make myself at home..." he chuckled "... I didn't think I'd be getting 'guests'"

I laughed with him and started sipping on my drink. "Just look at this girl! Unbelievable!" I said, pointing at the TV. I often caught my friend Olivia watching her porn channel. She's a nymphomaniac, she told me. So seeing the TV on at that channel didn't surprise me much. "Her tits are so huge... how can she do that to herself?" I asked rhetorically.

"I hear a lot of girls actually do want breasts that large, not just to please men but for themselves" Andrew told me.

"But I still don't get it. It's not good for the back, breasts that large must be so heavy. I could never lug those around" I answered, sipping up a bit more of my beverage.

"What if they didn't weight a thing?" he retorted. "If they were weightless, wouldn't you want big breasts?"

"I guess I'd... I don't know, to be honest. Sorry I brought it up" I took a bit more of my soda. I realised I wouldn't be having this discussion if Olivia had a regular variety of TV channels. "It's just... I shouldn't bring it up..." I hesitated, but then I kind of wanted to help my friend a bit by making them finally face each other. "... Olivia is, how should I put it... a bit promiscuous. I didn't mean to tell you that way, but I still think she'd like you to know that, if only because she doesn't want to hurt you. Olivia really likes you and thinks she might end up uncontrollably cheating on you. Maybe you could talk to her..." nervous from talking about things I shouldn't have been talking about without Olivia's consent, I started to feel lightheaded.

"Me and Olivia talked, she told me of her... condition. In case you were wondering" he told me.

"Sorry, I should just mind my own business" I just blushed, breaking eye contact.

"It's ok..." he paused to reason a bit, "you probably want what's best for her. I know she likes you very much" I wasn't paying much attention

"She probably would've agreed to what you said earlier..." I stared blankly ahead at the girl on TV, then turned to him. "...about the boobs. If she could get weightless breasts and have them as big as she wanted, I think Olivia would be huge" I said, grabbing the folded doll from the other couch. I unfolded it in front of me and looked at it for a moment. After spacing out for a moment, I gave my attention back to Andrew. "I'm sorry, do you mind?" I asked as I held the limp doll by her open air valve. He just shrugged.

I threw the TV remote on his end of the couch and put the valve up to my mouth and starting blowing into the doll, it's shiny wrinkled skin started to smooth up as air filled it's body. I kept at it for a moment until she was half full, putting my thumb on her valve to take a breather. Andrew still hadn't changed channels and didn't seem to plan to. I soothed my dry throat with the last drops of soda I had left and set the can on the table next to the couch. I brought the doll up to my mouth and started inflating her again. Each breath I took felt more and more laborious as the lightheadedness got stronger. The doll was almost full, her head still limp, draped over the large balloony breasts that jutted out from her. I breathed as hard as I could into the doll, yet I couldn't make her inflate anymore, as if I was literally out of breath. I just gave up and gave the doll to Andrew who had been watching TV, I think I surprised him with the doll because he jumped a bit when he looked at me and the doll, then took it and finished inflating the doll. He gave it back to me so I could look at it. She felt good to the touch, very smooth I thought. Her resemblance with Olivia was uncanny. Aside from the huge breasts and the gaping holes in her face and genital areas, I was holding a plastic Olivia in my hands.

"I'm sure Olivia liked this doll. I think she wouldn't mind breasts like these, maybe bigger even" I said, playing with the breasts as I inspected them.

"Indeed, I'm pretty sure she wanted them bigger" his confirmation had me puzzled.

"Huh? Did she have a hand in the design of this doll?" I asked him.

"Not as much as she wanted to... I guess I should say something, Monica. I'm so sorry..." he said to me, genuinely concerned.

"What's wrong? Why are you saying that?" I was really confused now, this feeling of lightness was nagging at me too.

"Well, Olivia... she... she kind of got into this in an odd way, but it turned out well, she really liked it I think. You know... because of what she is" he paused, seemingly bothered by something. "But you... you didn't deserve this. I mean... I do hope you like it, but you didn't deserve to have it like this. Sorry I had to do this..." he finished, breaking eye contact in shame.

"What does this all mean? You're scaring me Andrew!" I scratched my head trying to understand what he was talking about. As I massaged my neck, I found little resistance as I drove my fingers into my neck. I heard a rubbery squeaking sound coming from my tightening blouse. I looked down at my chest and saw my blouse barely holding my breasts. I undid a button and looked down my cleavage. What looked like seams ran down the sizable cleavage created by my slightly inflated breasts. The skin that peeked out of my bra, if I could call it that, had gone all shiny.

"What the hell is going on, Andrew!" I panicked, looking at myself in the mirror that layed in one corner of the living room, near the closet. Clothes seemed to be covering most of the affected places since most of my visible skin seemed normal, except for the gaping hole in my plastic looking face. "What's happening to me? Why is there a... where are my teeth?" I started to cry but only two or three tears fell down my cheeks as the rest of my face turned to rubber in front of my own eyes. I turned to Andrew, sobbing. "Answer me!" I cried out.

"I'm so sorry Monica, you shouldn't have been here. I couldn't let you go after seeing Olivia like this" he explained, still genuinely sorry.

"You did this? How? I mean... this is an hallucination, right?" I looked at the doll next to me and finally realized what I'd had in front of me the whole time. "Oh my god! This IS Olivia, you... you killed her!" I accused him, disgusted. I backed away on the couch, getting off over the armrest and trying to head for the door. The nameless doll that was on all fours on the coffee table sprung to life and pounced on me with cat-like agility. The doll landed on me, sending me falling to the floor with her. As she lay on top of me, straddling me, I wrestled underneath her but couldn't overcome her weight.

But if she was weightless and I couldn't get her off me, that could only mean one thing. "Oh no!" I yelped.

"Listen for a second... she's not dead, and you won't die either... but there's no changing you now though" she poked me. "You're filled with air already, and your skin's almost completely turned. You're just like me and Olivia now, it's not all bad, you'll see..."

The sight of the talking doll freaked me out, I kept wrestling against her, trying to get her off me but only hollow rubbery squeaking sounds came from our struggle.

"Let me go!" I cried out, finally managing to push her off me as she coiled back from my sudden outburst. I crawled away from them on the floor and then stood up. I saw myself in the mirror as I walked towards the door. A blow up doll was wearing my clothes, I thought. Andrew got my attention as he shuffled stuff around on the coffee table to pick up a huge two feet long dildo. I didn't even want to know what he planned to do with that so I decided to hurry towards the door but I was suddenly paralyzed by a powerful orgasm. My limbs went limp as I crumpled to the floor in ecstacy, trying to reach with my hands the spot in my back where the orgasm came. Giving up on that I kneeled and held myself on my hands, looking at myself in the mirror. I could see down the neck of my blouse into my shiny cleavage. My top was pulled so tightly that I could easily see my new inflation valve poking from underneath the thin fabric. "Oh my god, NO!"

I got on my feet, reluctantly, almost resigned to the situation. If only I could get to the door. I didn't look back, got to the door and fumbled with the knob for a few seconds. I unfortunately didn't have a single second to spare, that's if I had a chance to begin with. Andrew wrapped his hand around my waist and turned me towards him, away from the door. I screamed for no more than a second as the huge pink jelly monster plunged down my throat. I rolled my eyes back and came one more time, going limp in my captor's hands. Finally getting a little control over myself and my vision slowly came back. What I saw then was that I still had another foot to swallow down, and it felt as good as the first one when he pushed it down in me. I twisted energetically in his hands, grabbing at my chest as I felt the plastic toy push down past my breasts inside me. My screams turned to honest moans as I fell in his arms again, panting yet not breathing any air. Like a pacifier to a baby, I suckled on the dildo.

The dildo sticking out of my mouth, I frowned at him and cocked my head to the side, mute but visibly asking 'Why?'.

Why me?

Why do this to me?

Why turn me into a doll?

Why haven't I woken up in cold sweat yet?

Why does it feel so damn good?

Andrew just felt under my top and found my valve. "I won't say 'I know how you feel right now' but I can only imagine that look means a ton of things. Your questions will be answered in time but the reason you're a blow up latex toy right now is because I wasn't quick enough with Olivia" he pointed behind him at the nameless doll and I saw her pop open Olivia, deflating her in front of me for the second time. I didn't have time to wonder how that felt as Andrew jerked my valve open too. He held my head up to his eyes and stared me in the eyes. "I'm not a bad guy I swear, Monica" I heard him say last, before being drowned out by the hissing of the air that rushed out of me, eventually leaving me flat in a pile of my clothes.

"Tina, I'll ship Monica with you so you can explain this to Jeremy, alright?" I heard him name the doll finally. "Just squeeze the poor girl down at the bottom of your bag, so we can put you in the clear window on the front. This way no one will know there's two dolls in the bag."

Andrew picked up my flat body from the floor and gently threw me in Tina's arm. When Tina got me, she started folding my whole body up on itself, blocked only by the dildo still deep in my deflated self. Tina didn't bother taking it off, finally putting me up in a corner of her bag, all wrapped tightly around the dildo. Somehow I'm sure Tina wanted me to experience this and did that on purpose.

I heard Andrew and Tina pick up a few things before I heard her moan and hiss out the air filling her. I came one final time before passing out as Andrew shuffled around in the bag, positioning Tina's face properly in her window, his hand constantly brushing on me, shifting me up and down on the toy that still impaled my face.


"Those were my first moments as a blown up girl... then I was shipped with Tina like I told you" she concluded.

"Wow... that's quite a story. So... you escaped from Tina's house?" I asked her.

"Yeah... I mean, most of the time I was just stored in the closet but I could hear them talk, Tina and Jeremy... and sometimes I could hear them fuck" she paused, her breasts bouncing in my back as we made our way. "I could hear them fuck and sometimes they'd take me out and inflate me, then Jeremy would fuck me until he came in me and I came alive... that's another thing I found out. I forgot to mention that if dolls like myself don't get sex...cum I mean, we can go immobile... like frozen" she continued, waiting to see if I was still following her. I motionned for her to keep going.

"So he came in me... and that made me alive. And because I was still freaked out, I would usually just fight to get away. That invariably ended with them deflating me seconds after he came in me. Do you understand just how panicked I was... having just been turned into a doll and seeing my existence reduced to inflate, fuck, deflate?" she asked rhetorically. "Every single one of those things causes me to cum like crazy!"

"I guess that makes sense, the way this night's been going so far..." I mockingly said. "So how'd you manage to escape then?"

"Earlier tonight, Jeremy was drunk when he came back in and he inflated me, then he plunged his cock inside my mouth and fell asleep like that. He must've had a wet dream a few hours later because he bit of cum dropped in my mouth. After becoming mobile again, I started slowly bobbing up and down his cock, trying to keep him awake but wanting a full payload... I'm sorry I shouldn't tell you all this. I just... ahem... got his cum and took a few dildoes to escape" she finished abruptly, realizing she might've gone on a bit more than needed. I wasn't complaining, as long as she didn't notice.

She thought of herself as a freak, and normally I used to think lovedolls looked cheap and freaky too. The more I spoke with her, felt her against me, the more I bonded with her. The humanity of her soul made her hot, real hot. I didn't feel right, but as I walked with her on my back and thought back about her face, I could picture myself fucking her face, which everyone but her had figured out she was meant to do.

"By the way, if I go immobile and stop talking, you know what to do, right? You don't hesitate to do it because I need it. I don't want to be stuck helplessly for long" she authorized me to use her. Man, if you knew how much I wanted her to stop talking and moving right then. "What date is this, by the way?"

"Today's June 16th 2007" I told her.

"OH MY GO..." she said but couldn't finish.

"What date was it when you became a doll?" I asked her but didn't get any response. "Monica?"

Realizing the doll wasn't answering me, I took her off my back and put her down on the ground to examine her with my lamp. "Is this it? Is that what you meant? I think you said you can hear me and all, right?" I told her, unsure I was heard.

I kept gazing at her gleaming body, observing the seams running along her body.

"You know... you keep saying you're a freak. I don't think you are. I mean... I don't think you could really live in a normal place like this... but I personally really like how you look. I want to assure you that's a compliment, Monica. I don't usually find dolls like yourself really pretty but I really like you" I kept on going.

"Have you thought of what came next? Do you think you'll be turned back into flesh? If not, wouldn't you want to be in a city that accepts people like you?" I laid down next to the doll who was next to me on all four, I looked at her face. "I think you're really a victim of bizarre circumstances, but the way you told me the story... I don't think your 'captors' really had bad intentions. I think maybe the reason you still feel this way about being an inflatable girl is you didn't get to know any better. No?"

I watched the stars above, then back at Monica's shiny visage. A look at her mouth and I decided I wanted to finally act. I moved out of my shorts and boxers, displaying an already oozing cock, teased as I had been for the last hour. I positioned myself behind her, took the dildo out of her pussy and thrust it into her open mouth, and then entered her soft plastic pussy. I felt her insides massage my cock so smoothly. I had barely started to fuck my travelmate and finally saw my destination in the distance. From the heigth at which we were, we could see the lights of Latex Hills in the distance. As I kept pumping into the doll, I looked in the distance and wondered if I could do what I had to.

Earlier than I thought, Monica came alive. Most likely from the cum that was already dripping off the tip of my manhood. She started jerking and moaning as she came alive. She startled me and I popped her valve open, doing as a bad reflex what I couldn't have done willingly.

"What are you dooiiii..." she fell silent again as the doll deflated on my erect dick. As soon as she was flat, I looked at her on the ground and apologized, and promised her a better future. Then I folded her up and put her into my backpack.

I had a great smile on my face as I walked towards Latex Hills to take residence in what sounded like heaven on Earth.



"They just let you move in?" Officer Smith asked.

"Well, I was lucky with that one. I just walked up to the front gate of Latex Hills. They must've had an APB come out just a minute before because a series of Hummers were at the gate, ready to go out for a search. I took Monica out of my bag before walking into sight" Officer Miller retold. Then he paused, thinking. "You know how much Monica meant?"

"What do you mean?" the older partner asked.

"I mean... knowing the city as I do now, it being our whole universe as far as we're concerned. Knowing what's at stake" Miller explained. Smith just thought silently for a while. Then he burst out.

"HA! Buddy, you saved the world! The whole city owes you one" he laughed out in response. Slapping him on the shoulder in a friendly manner.

"When I was debriefed, I was given more details into Latex Hills and I was offered a house and a job as a way to thank me for my deeds" the young one said.

"They gave you a job? As a thank you gesture? They should've treated you like a king" Smith said.

"Yeah, well... I was just happy being here to begin with, and being a cop here has only been good to me so far. I did make one demand after all"

"Oh? What is that?"

"I asked to keep Monica, and explained I would take care of her since the last people she lived with didn't have time for her at all. I promised I'd get her to understand Latex Hills and what she was risking by going out" he smiled.

"Sneaky devil! Hahaha!" he chuckled as the car came to a stop. Officer Smith took me out of the back seat while Officer Miller walked up to the door to see if anyone answered.

"I don't think anyone's home" Miller said.

"Not a problem. See? They have a mail slot" is the last comment Tanya heard as Smith forced her through the mail slot, falling to the floor inside her house.

Tanya laid there, silent on the floor.

"I've got so much to tell Olivia. Monica is alive! I must remember to tell her. I absolutely must... must have cock right now. I need air...cock...I need to remember... remember cum" Tanya thought as her mindset became gradually more one-sided.


THE END... or the beginning?

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