Working Late

by Rubberwolf

Story codes:  sbd, f/f, “Rubberdoll”, bd, kidnap, enclosed.


Surprisingly, this has evolved in to a consensual story.  Initially, I had considered the tried and tested, non consensual, automatic packaging theme.  Perhaps I will still write a story along those lines.  Although this is slightly out of character, I think it works well and there is still an element of reluctance.  Anyway, enjoy.



At nineteen, most girls of Nicole’s age would have been horrified by having to work in a rubber doll factory.  Unlike most girls however, Nicole was not bothered at all by the products that her company sold.  It certainly gave her something to talk about at parties.  The looks of shock and disbelief that come over peoples faces.  It is not so much what she does at the factory.  After all, an accounts assistant is hardly scandalous.  But as soon as she mentions that she works for ‘Rubberdoll's’, the look of boredom that typically glazes peoples faces at the mention of accounts, suddenly transforms in to one of astonishment and disbelief.

Apart from the benefit of being able to wind up anally retentive strangers, the job itself was pretty straightforward and due to the size of the company, the accounts team was pretty small.  This meant that Nicole was called upon to do a greater variety of work than somebody in a similar position for a larger company.  Typically, accounts assistants would specialise in a particular area: Purchase ledger, credit control, etc.  But Nicole was receiving a wider education.  The company was even paying for her to attend night classes so that she could gain her accountancy qualifications.  This, combined with a wage packet well above what she could expect with another company, ensured that Nicole was very happy with her choice of employer.

One draw back was that it could interfere with her social life.  Firstly, the reaction that boys displayed when they found out where she worked.  They would assume that she was easy, or some form of hooker, just because of her companies’ reputation.  More than one date had been ruined by this.  Another problem was month end, when all of the books for the month must be totalled up, ensuring that all discrepancies were accounted for, before being entered in to the ledgers.  That was why she was the only person still at work, at six o clock on a Friday evening.

“Rubberdoll's” had not gained its reputation by simply manufacturing sex dolls.  “Rubberdoll” products were of a very high quality.  Rather than the simple inflatable balloons manufactured by other producers, “Rubberdoll's” had attempted to carve out a niche for itself on the higher priced end of the demand curve.   The dolls themselves where therefore constructed of high quality materials.  The skeleton and musculature were lovingly recreated in plastics, silicon and latex.  The eyes were made to the same specifications as those used as cosmetic replacements in hospitals.  Even the teeth were of dental quality.  Over all, “Rubberdoll's” had created fair facsimiles of the women, down to the tiniest detail. 

Where “Rubberdoll's” differed from its competitors in this small but lucrative market was that the dolls could be outfitted and posed in accordance with the tastes of the customer.  Consequently, the clothes that the company ordered the most from their suppliers ranged from the slightly kinky, to the decidedly perverse.  In addition to a choice of clothes, the customer could arrange to have the doll delivered wearing a variety of bondage items, ready posed and bound within the crate.  Nicole was not sure that she approved of the company’s catering to specific fetishes in this manner.  But she had to admit that they had carved a very profitable niche for themselves. 

One of the fringe benefits, when called upon to work late, was that Nicole had access to a variety of exciting clothes that she could try on at her leisure, certain that there would be no one in the factory until the Saturday deliveries needed to be dispatched at seven o’clock.  Nicole had therefore spent several nights working late while kitted out in fetish wear, with a vibrator buzzing away happily as she sat at her desk.  With this in mind, Nicole got herself a coffee from the machine, before heading in to the factory.

Nicole walked alongside the production line as she headed for the warehouse racks that contained the clothes she wanted to look at.  She sipped her coffee as she took in the surreal visions of bound and gagged dolls near packaging.  The dolls wore a variety of outfits, depending upon the customers tastes.  Some of the dolls were unbound, lying stiffly on their pallets.  Naked dolls.  Dolls dressed in skimpy underwear, or a variety of mini skirts and crop tops, seemed to compete for attention beside their more extreme sisters.  Rubber costumes caught her eye as they lay in their high gloss splendour.  Some wore dresses, or cat suits, while others wore manacles, bound in agonizing positions that would have been painfully uncomfortable for a real woman.  She was reminded of images from the silent era, in which the damsel was bound and gagged on a conveyor belt, struggling desperately against her bonds as she inched ever closer to the spinning saw blade which would cut her in to quivering, bloody sushi.

Nicole was not surprised to find that she was getting wet at the thought of the strange costumes and the bondage worn by the dolls.  It always had the same effect when she saw them and for some reason she always chose rubber outfits for her when she found herself alone in the factory. 

By the time she reached the doll moulds, which led to the warehouse section, she was dripping wet from her thoughts.  She imagined herself in the dolls place, wrapped in rubber and bound hand and foot.  She would squirm and writhe, screaming in to her gag, as she lay imprisoned on her pallet awaiting delivery to her new master.

At last, she reached the garments section of the warehouse and began to rummage through hangers and boxes in order to find tonight’s outfit.  After twenty minutes she had finished her coffee and picked out suitable clothing.  The warehouse was a little chilly and so, as per normal, she decided to return to her office and change there, noting the locations of all of the items on a sheet of paper before setting off.

Once back at the office, she placed the clothes on her desk, before standing next to her computer and stripping her normal clothes off.  Once she had hung her work clothes on her chair, she turned hungry eyes on to the more exciting outfits awaiting her.

The first item that she chose from the pile was a pair of bright red rubber knickers.  She stepped in to these and pulled them up her legs.  Stopping short of her crotch, she reached over to the pile of clothes and picked up the large dildo that she had rummaged through three boxes to find.  Opening her legs and bending over slightly, she inserted the huge object in to her waiting pussy.  The knickers also contained a dildo, although this was a little smaller and designed for her other passage.  Taking a tube of KY jelly from her hand bag, she smeared a generous dollop on to the butt plug before inserting it in to her ass and pulling the pants up the rest of the way.  A rubber hose, attached to a bulb protruded from the pants, where the hose joined the butt plug.  Squeezing the bulb she was able to inflate the anal intruder.  After eight pumps she felt wickedly uncomfortable and removed the hose from the end of the pants, leaving only the small stub from the valve visible.

Next on the agenda was a harsh looking red corset, with open bust, which she quickly placed around her middle and doing up the front. Once she was satisfied that the garment was in place, she took hold of the laces at the back and threaded the right hand lace twice under the left, before pulling them tight.  Although she could say that she was now wearing the corset, it was not done up as tightly as she would normally like.  She therefore walked over to the closed door and tied the ends of the laces to the stout door knob.  Once she was satisfied that the laces were secure, she leant forward, putting all of her body weight on to the laces, a technique that she had perfected through trial and error. 

As a testimony to her ingenuity, her waist line began to diminish noticeably with each downward thrust of her body until she had attained, what she considered, her ideal shape, a twenty inch waist.  Once satisfied, she reached behind her back and placed a finger on the knot before reaching with her other hand to undo the laces from the door knob.  She then expertly tied the laces in to a loop with her other hand, so that the garment looked as though it had been fitted professionally.

Nicole admired herself in the small make up mirror from her hand bag before returning her attention to the rest of the pile on her desk.  Next she rolled a pair of red rubber stockings on to her legs, giving them a glossy perfection that no fifteen denier tights could match. 

“I really am in a red mood tonight,” Nicole mused as she selected a pair of red, patent leather court shoes, with impossible six inch, stiletto heals.

After standing up and trying her balance, she strode over to her desk, enjoying the feeling of tightness in her calves as she swayed provocatively across the short space and pulled out a pair of arm length rubber opera gloves,  which she rolled on to her arms with the aid of more talcum powder.

Next Nicole reached for a bright rubber hood.  There was an oval cut out of the front, so that her face was exposed and another hole in the top for her hair.  Once she had pulled this over her head, her long blond hair crested out of the top of the hood in a pony tail.  Nicole thought she looked like she belonged on stage at the Moulin Rouge with her bright head dress.

A severe, bright red, posture collar was next.  Nicole felt wonderfully constrained as collar enclosed her neck.  Fumbling behind her, she managed to lock the collars small padlock in place.  Escape, if not for the key which she placed on the desk, would now be impossible.

With the outfit complete, she now reached in to her knickers and twisted the knob at the bottom of the dildo, which dutifully vibrated in to life.  Getting up from her desk, she strode over to the door and out in to the warehouse, luxuriating in the feel of tight rubber as she paraded around the warehouse in her high heals.  After about fifteen minutes, she returned to her desk.  With great effort, she pulled the chair back over to her desk and began to fit the accessories.

The first item was a bright red, rubber penis gag, which she swallowed greedily, before attaching the ends of the gag to re-enforced buckles on the rubber hood.  Once she had pulled the straps as tightly as they would go, the lower half of her face was covered in bright rubber, and the rubber penis filled her mouth tightly.

Bending over, she attached a pair of rubber cuffs to her knees, so that they were drawn tightly together.  This was followed by a similar pair of cuffs that she attached to her ankles.  These were locked in place with tiny pad locks and the keys were again placed on her desk.

Finally, she attached a set of rubber cuffs to her wrists, linked by a small chain that ensured she could still operate her key board, which were again locked in place with pad locks.

Almost before she had locked the final cuff, her orgasm nearly overwhelmed her.  Arching her back and closing her eyes, she fumbled to place the last key on to her desk as her body was wracked by an intense orgasm.

As her senses returned to normal, she pulled the chair forward and continued to work on her files.  For the next forty five minutes she continued to alternate between mind blowing orgasms and the drudgery of her day to day work, until she came to a problem.  Perhaps it was the fact that she did not have her mind on the job, but she could not make one account balance.

After fifteen minutes of searching, she still could not find the records that would balance this account.  Perhaps, she mused, the records had not been posted over to her terminal from her employer’s computer.  This was easy enough for the industrious Nicole to solve, since her employer had been a little lax with her machines pass word and so Nicole logged out of her machine and, taking the user name and password from a sheet of paper in her draw, logged on as Ms Granger.

After a little while, she found the file that she was looking for, although this only seemed to make her problems worse.  Large sums of money seemed to be moving through this account, but she still could not reconcile these sums against the companies stock.  Most of the stock attributed to this account made sense.  It was just the sums involved that didn’t.  There had to be other documents to account for this.  But after an hours search, she still could not make sense of the figures.  It began to dawn on Nicole that her employers might be involved in illegal practices.  Perhaps they were laundering money for the mob.  She did not know, but decided to find out and so, after turning off the dildo, returned her attention to the screen.

Lindsey Granger drove around the city centre for the second time in ten minutes, with still no sign of a parking space. She was becoming increasingly frustrated.  The woman who sat behind the wheel of the Jaguar was a completely different persona to the Lindsey Granger who owned and ran “Rubberdoll's”.  Her business suit and sensible shoes were forgotten for another weekend in favour of an outfit that screamed dominatrix, with all of the subtlety of a slap in the face with a wet haddock. 

A shiny black rubber cat suit, complete with six inch, thigh length boots, with harsh, gothic make up and her hair drawn back in to a severe pony tail left little doubt about where Ms Granger stood in the sexual pecking order.  During the week, one could not meet a more conservative woman, but the weekend was a different matter.

Cursing under her breath, she resigned herself to another circuit of the town centre, when her pager bleeped at her from her shiny black, spiky hand bag.  Stopping the car, she reached in to her bag and squinted in to the screen.

“Shit,” she cursed, as she gunned the engine and headed back to work at high speed.

Although Ms Granger had been less than vigilant with her password, she had taken the precaution of connecting a speed text to her computer, so that if certain files were accessed, the machine automatically contacted her pager with details of the files accessed, from which terminal and the time of entry.  Therefore she not only knew that someone had accessed her computer, but had a good idea of who that someone was.  Even so, her mind was still swirling with images of police raids, or of computer hackers breaking in to her system, as she sped in to the company car park.

Making sure that she parked out of sight of the security cameras, or the main entrance, she stepped from the car and chose a side door to enter the building.  Once she was inside, she locked the door and carefully eased her way towards the accounts office.  Stealth, she decided, was not easily accomplished, when walking on a hard cement floor wearing six inch heals.  Despite the difficulties, she managed to get to the accounts office door without being detected.

The door had been left open and gingerly she peered around the corner of the door frame.

“You kinky bitch, if I’d have known your preference when you started….”

Getting over her initial shock at the rubber clad girl before her, she took in the surroundings, noting the pile of keys on the desk.  If she could get those keys, then maybe…  Lindsey smiled as a plan began to take shape.  She would need more equipment for her plan to work, but it offered her the chance to avoid prison and have some fun at the same time.

Quietly, Lindsey backed away from the door and headed back in to the factory.

Before going in to the racks, she found a pallet and a pump truck, so that she could move items with ease.  She then started her search in earnest, moving at speed between the racks, rummaging through pallets and boxes, until she had everything that she needed.  Once she was satisfied, she returned to the offices as stealthily as possible, which, she considered was virtually impossible, given her heals and the fact that she was pulling a rumbling pump truck behind her.

Lindsey did her best to control her nerves.  But it was not easy given the combined noise of the pump truck and the staccato click of heals on the cement floor.  However, once she had parked the truck and again peeped through the open door of the accounts office, she noticed that her quarry had not moved.

Having spent the last hour fruitlessly searching through various files in order to make sense of this one annoying account, Nicole felt that she needed a reward.  Despite being spooked by the occasional noise from the warehouse, she had decided that she was still alone in the building.  Besides, anybody coming in at this late hour would have used the main car park, which she could clearly see from her office window.  She was also feeling incredibly horny and she could not wait another second to continue where she had left off earlier and so she reached between her legs and turned the dildo on.

After several minutes, she again heard noises from the factory.  But she didn’t care.  Her orgasm was building nicely and god did she need a release.  Just as she was about to come, a sudden movement caught her eye.  She turned in shock to see a black, rubber clad hand withdrawing from the desk with all of her keys.

Nicole reacted with desperate speed, but was inhibited by her hand cuffs and all of the other restraints.  Turning too quickly, she could not stop herself from falling off of the swivel chair and landing face first, on to the floor, with a loud “Mppph”.  Recovering herself with as much dignity as possible, she eased herself up on to her knees and looked in to the face of the person who had stolen her only hope of release.

If it was not for the gag, Nicole would have gaped openly at the sight before her.  All of the excuses and apologies that filled her head, fled at the vision of dominance and confidence that stood before her, dangling the keys in her raised hand with a look of triumph on her face.  Although she recognised the face of her manager instantly, she had never seen Lindsey wear such clothes, or an expression that promised such wicked retribution.

“My, you are a kinky little bitch aren’t you?”  Ms Granger taunted as she stepped closer to inspect her prize.

Grabbing Nicole by the chin, she raised the girls head so that she could look her in the eyes.  Nicole did her best to return her stare with as much confidence as it was possible for her to muster in her current position.

“You have a strong will as well.  Good, I shall enjoy breaking you.  But we shall address that later.  First, I think we should dress you in something more appropriate for my slave.”

Lindsey’s heart missed a beat and she felt a distinct quiver from her pussy as the implications of what she had just heard sunk in.  She was so wrapped up in her own imagination that she did not notice Ms Granger leave; only returning to the present at the sound of her new mistress dumping a pile of rubber clothes on the floor in front of her.

Ms Granger selected an item from the pile and advanced towards her new slave. 

“Although I approve of your new attire, I feel it needs something more,” Ms Granger purred as she put a rubber something on the desk and then rummaged through her keys.

Once she had found the right key, she bent over the kneeling girl and unlocked the posture collar.  Placing this on the desk, she then picked up the rubber something that she had placed there earlier.  Nicole discovered, as Ms Granger sprinkled it with Nicole’s’ talcum powder and pulled over her head, that it was another hood.  Her mistress stepped behind her in order to pull the gloss red prison over her face.  Once she had worked out all of the creases and pulled Nicole’s hair through a convenient hole, she then pulled the straps tight so that Nicole’s feeling of tight enclosure was magnified a thousand times.  To add to her disorientation, the hood had neither eye, nor mouth holes.  Two small holes allowed her to breath through her nose.  But all of Nicole’s senses were either closed off completely, or muffled.

“There.  That’s more comfortable for you isn’t it dear.  But oh, did you put this corset on yourself.  Tsk, Tsk.” Ms Granger scolded as she pushed the girl face first on to the floor, to land with a distinct Mpph for the second time that evening and set about undoing the laces.

After inserting a knee in to the girls back and pulling with all of her might, Ms Granger found herself out of breath, but quite contented as she surveyed Nicole’s new, eighteen inch waist line.  Returning to the pile, she selected a rubber mini-dress that zipped up at the front.  Before Ms Granger took advantage of her prisoners’ disorientation as she lifted the prone girl’s ankles and slipped over her legs, pulling the garment until the shoulders were level with Nicole’s pussy.  Bending over, Nicole’s new mistress grabbed the wrist chains and pulled the girl upright.  She then pulled the dress up a little further before undoing one cuff and quickly attaching it to the desk leg, forcing her slave to bend over slightly.  Taking the free hand, she then guided it in to the long sleeve of the dress.  She then undid the cuff from the leg of the desk and re-attached it to Nicole’s wrist, before repeating the process with the other arm.

Once Nicole was securely in the dress, she quickly pulled up the zipper, compressing the girl’s breasts, finally securing the zip with a buckle that pulled tightly across the girl’s throat. 

“There, that looks much better.  But oh, I have made a mistake.  This is a dress with nipple holes,” Mistress Granger explained as she cruelly pinched the prominent nipple that poked through the garment.  “We shall have to cover it with something.  We can not have you flaunting yourself in such an undignified manner,” she continued with a distinct smirk as she bent down and retrieved the nipple clamps that she had selected earlier and painfully applied first one, and then the other to Nicole’s prominent nipples.

Nicole was lost in a world of submissive bliss as she was manhandled by her new mistress.  She had dreamed of being held captive and abused for so long that the reality was proving too much for her.  The vibrator was still on inside of her.  But the nipple clamps proved one stimulation too many for her and her orgasm swept over her as her new mistress applied the second clamp and twisted it painfully causing her to buck and writhe in her bonds as she was overcome by beautifully enclosed, painful, bliss.

The girls’ orgasm did not go unnoticed by her new mistress.  Once she had finished writhing, she was brought back to reality by a painful slap across the face.

“Did I tell you that you could have an orgasm?” Ms Granger angrily demanded as she slapped the stunned girl again.  “Well, did I?” she screamed as she slapped the girl again.  “I will not have you getting yourself off just when you feel like it my girl.”

Unlocking the girls’ wrists, she roughly bent her over the desk as she grabbed an arm binder from her pile of toys and roughly forced Nicole’s arms in to the single rubber sheath.  Once she had pulled the laces as tightly as she could, Nicole’s elbows touched.  The sheath had an integral collar, which was attached to the arm binder by thick leather straps.  She fitted this roughly to the girls’ neck, ensuring that the sheath would not work its way down Nicole’s arms.

Leaving the girl bent over the desk, she returned to the warehouse, returning a few minutes later brandishing a riding crop.  The first that Nicole knew of this was when she heard a distinct “Whooshing” sound, followed by a painful slap across both of her buttocks. 

“Arnghh,” Nicole screamed in to the gag.

This first assault was followed by a torrent of blows that left Nicole crying uncontrollably in to her gag and Lindsey with a saw arm.

“Think about that the next time you cum without permission,” her new mistress scolded her.

Ms Granger disdainfully discarded the riding crop with a sweep of her arm, sending it with expert precision to lie at the sobbing girls’ feet.  Although tired from her exertions, she still had work to do and so she strode over to the desk and shoved her new slave on to the floor.

“The shoes are nice.  But I think we can do a little better,” Ms Granger informed Nicole as she removed the red court shoes and undid her ankles.

Reaching over to the diminished pile, she picked up a pair of bright red, lace up, patent leather, ballet boots, which looked exquisitely painful with their ten inch stiletto, heals.  She placed them on to the un-protesting Nicole’s feet and tied the laces up tightly, finishing the binding by pulling a pair of straps over the laces and padlocking in place.  She then re-buckled the rubber strap around the girls’ ankles.

Next she took a short chain from her pile and ran it through the steel loop that was attached to the bottom of the arm binder.  The other end was fed through the rubber strap that secured Nicole’s ankles.  Once she had drawn them together tightly, so that Nicole had to arch her back, Lindsey fixed the chain in place with a stout pad lock. 

The last item on the pile was another padlock and chain.  This was fed through the rubber strap that secured the ankles.  The other end of the chain was fed through a steel loop on the top of the rubber hood.  This was again pulled tightly and secured with a pad lock, forcing a distinct bow in Nicole’s back and eliciting a grunt from the trussed slave, as her head was forced painfully back to look, if her eyes were not covered, at the office ceiling. 

Stepping back, sweating from her exertions, Lindsey admired her work.

“Oh well, no rest for the wicked,” Lindsey chimed as she set about clearing up Nicole’s belongings and stuffing them in to a poly sack. 

Returning to the computer, she amended the company file that had Nicole so engrossed.  Pulling up the main order menu, she processed an order for one rubber doll, including accessories, to her own account.  She then brought up the girls bank account details and transferred thirty thousand from the company account and in to Nicole’s.

“That should explain your sudden disappearance,” Ms Granger beamed as she logged off.

She then picked up her prize by the ankle/head chain and carried her over to the waiting pump truck and dumping her on to its pallet.  She then returned to the office and picked up the bag containing Nicole’s belongings and making sure to turn off all of the lights.  She then dumped the sack next to the neatly hog tied form of her new slave and wheeled the pump truck towards the packaging section of the warehouse.

Before being placed in to their packing crates, the dolls are usually vacuum ceiled in plastic.  They are then shrink wrapped to the palled before being placed in to their crates and packed with Styrofoam chips.  Nicole was to be no exception.  This did however; present certain problems, as usually the dolls were not likely to breathe.  Lindsey felt that she had a solution to this problem and so set off in to the warehouse to procure more equipment.

She returned a short while later with some duct tape, two vinyl tubes, a tube of clear rubber cement and a plastic lunch box.  Taking the vinyl tubes, Lindsey inserted first one and then the other in to her slaves’ nose.  Once they were firmly in place, she fixed them to Nicole’s face with a generous strip of tape.  Satisfied, she moved the pallet over to the vacuum machine and pulled down a long strip of plastic from the dispenser. 

Ms Granger spent several moments fiddling with the end of the sheet until she was able to open the plastic in to a tube.  Bunching the plastic at one end, she pulled the plastic over Nicole’s head and down her body.  Having judged that she had enough plastic to cover the girl’s body, she poked two small holes in to the plastic at the head end and inserted the two breathing tubes in to the holes, ceiling the tubes in place with clear rubber cement.

Once the cement had dried, she then rocked Nicole backwards on her pallet and pulled the bunched up sheeting forward.  Rocking the girl the other way enabled Lindsey to pull the plastic covering past the girl’s feet, leaving a foot of plastic clear of the body. 

The pallet had been positioned in to the bay of the vacuum machine and it was therefore relatively easy to feed the end of the plastic sheeting in to its appropriate slot.  Once she was satisfied, she started the ceiling process.

Firstly, all of the air was pumped out of the plastic tube, via hoses mounted in the dispenser and the end slot.  The heavy gauge plastic soon clung tightly around the already immobile dolly.  Nicole was not sure what was happening; only that her enclosure had somehow grown stricter and that it was now impossible to move.  Once the air had been pumped out of the sheet, both ends were heated

The end of the plastic, which had been placed on to a metal bar, was sandwiched between a similar bar clamped down on top of the first, with the plastic lain flat, pressed between the two.  The two bars were now heated and, once the appropriate temperature was reached, a blade travelled down the other side of the bars, cutting off the surplus plastic.  The bars then separated automatically, leaving the end of the plastic sheeting perfectly ceiled, like the bottom of a carrier bag.  This happened simultaneously at both ends, releasing the now encased dolly ready for further packaging.

Pulling the pump truck clear, Lindsey placed the lidless plastic lunch box, base side up, on to the pallet and used a screw driver to punch two holes in its base.  The two breathing tubes were then fed in to the holes and secured with glue.  Ensuring that the box was positioned over a generous gap in the wooden boards, she then taped it in place.

She now moved her prize over to the shrink wrap bay and, pulling off about three feet of wrap, secured one end to the pallet.  Starting the machine, the turn table that the pallet was wresting on began to rotate as the plastic was wrapped in an X formation over the prone girl.  Once this sequence had finished, starting at the bottom and working up and down, shrink wrap was applied vertically as the turntable spun, leaving the dolly firmly secured on the pallet. 

Having completed the wrapping process, Ms Granger pulled off the wrap that was connected to the machine and affixed it to the pallet.  She then wheeled pump truck over to the crating bay.  Once in place, she activated the machine which ejected a crate from the top of the device and lowered it gently on to the crate.  Four metal bars now rose up around the sides of the pallet and clamped themselves firmly to the lower section of the crate.  A Loud bang indicated that the compressed air nails, which were stationed in rows along the bars, had been fired in to the crate, fixing it firmly to the pallet.  A chute, positioned above the lidless crate, then emptied a measured amount of Styrofoam in to the crate and over the bound Nicole.  Once the crate was full to the brim with Styrofoam, a lid was lowered, on runners, on to the top of the crate, before a square mechanism clamped itself on to the top of the crate and emptied its load of nails, ceiling the crate.  Although this complex piece of machinery had set Ms Granger back a cool one and a half million, she now considered that it was worth every penny.

Once this stage was completed, she pulled the now considerable weight over to the loading bays.  Having dropped the load in the appropriate bay, she walked in to the dispatch office, booted up the computer and processed the shipping order that would see her new slave arrive at her house with the eight am Saturday delivery.  Printing off the appropriate labels, she then walked back over to her crate and placed the shipping label on to the side.

Ms Granger had a distinct spring in her step as she walked across the car park to her Nicole’s car.  Fumbling in the sack, she soon found the girls hand bag and car keys.  She was in for a busy night; Lindsey contemplated as she drove to the address listed on the personnel files for Nicole Baker.  She would have to empty the flat of clothes and other personal belongings, before dumping them at the tip.  But first she must go home and change.  There is, she considered, little point in drawing attention to herself and she would have to take the bus back to ““Rubberdoll”s” in order to retrieve her car.  All in all though, she considered the nights activities well worth the effort and could not help but chuckle at the prospect of unwrapping her post tomorrow.

The Rubber doll, formerly known as Nicole Baker, contemplated her new position from the perspective of someone who now knew that one should be careful what one wishes for, or at least fantasizes about.  When she had admired the dolls on the production line earlier, they had seemed exciting and sexy.  The reality was all too uncomfortable.  Her back ached, as did her neck, from the tight bondage that had placed her in this merciless hog tie.  Her arms had gone numb, although the muscles across her chest ached from the prolonged unnatural position and her shoulders were agony.  Her jaw hurt from being prized open for so long and she cursed the fact that she had chosen such a large cock to swallow.  The butt plug was uncomfortable, as was the large dildo that still buzzed merrily in her pussy.  Why had she chosen a twelve inch dildo, with a four inch girth?  But the most worrying thing was the fact that she could no longer feel her nipples.  She worried about the lack of circulation.  Would they be blackened and dried when the clamps were eventually removed?  Would her new mistress even care?  Ms Grangers new “Rubberdoll” sobbed in to gag, shedding tears that were easily soaked up by the blindfold, as the dolly cried for the life that she had lost and for the life that she had gained.


End, or is it?

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