Sometimes Things Just Don't Workout
Perils in Pantyhose, Part Four

By Magnus


I arrived at twenty four hour fitness for My 11:30 Aerobics step training class, it was almost eleven I had plenty of time to change and warm-up before the class.

On the way to the locker room I ran into Vicki and Leslie, My friends from work, We work at the Benson Hotel where I'm a receptionist at the front desk and Vicki is a Bartender and Leslie is a Waitress.

"Pam, Hi"! said Vicki," ready to sweat"?

Hi! Vicki, Leslie, sure you know the drill.

"sure", said Leslie," after a few more of these and I'll be able to go out and get me a real man".

Oh come on Les, your a Blonde, you shouldn't have any trouble finding a guy.

Especially with a body like yours.

Leslie was a very beautiful blonde with blue eye's and light skin, and very long legs.

"I know, but it's like all the guy's come up to me are just-----horny, for once I'd like to meet someone who'll take me seriously".

"I take you seriously", say's Vicki

"Oh! Come on, you know what I mean".

Come on girls we better get ready, you know what happened last time we were late?

"Yeah I know", says Vicki, "We got stuck in the back behind that bitch Marla and her friend Liza".

"She kept shaking her ass in front of me, cause she stole Ben from me".

Uh? I don't think that she was shaking her ass in front of you because of that, I said, I think she likes you.

"No-way, the only girl I've ever seen her with is Liza, Well she still stole Ben from me".

"Ben isn't even with her anymore", said Leslie.

"That's because now she has her eye's on Brad"!

"Well she can have him", said Leslie.

We got to our lockers and began to undress when Marla and Liza walked by.

Marla and Liza were two blondes, I always thought were lesbians cause you always saw them together, everywhere.

Marla was dressed in a red thong back leotard with a white belt and shinny suntan pantyhose.

Liza was dressed similarly in a black leotard with shinny black pantyhose.

"You girls are gonna be late", she said laughing and shaking her finger.

"Oh stuff it"!, said Vicki.

"I'd like to", she replied and walked off.

SEE? I said, she wants you.

"Naaa, it's just talk, says Vicki.

"Come on Lets hurry"! said Leslie.

"WOW!, say's Vicki, that's the brightest pink I've ever seen, where did you get it"?

This?, I got it at Baxter's Department store, it was on sale.

"OOOH!", said Leslie," Love that leotard"!

The girls were ogling my new pink metallic leotard, it was a high cut thong back, I love wearing them cause of the way they rub my pantyhosed sex when I workout, plus when in the gym I like to see the guy's jaws drop when they get a look at my tight athletic build and shapely legs wrapped in pantyhose.

"Hey"!, said Leslie, "I thought blondes were supposed to have more fun"?

"Well you know us brunette's, we like adventure", said Vicki.

Besides, who say's you two can't have any fun either?

Here try these on.

"Thanks, Pam", said Vickie, as I handed her a blue metallic version of my leotard.

"What about me"?

Oh I didn't for get you Leslie, I saw Hunter green and thought of you.

"Thanks", she said.

Here, I also got you these, and I handed each of them a new pair of shinny suntan pantyhose.

"Hey, thanks", said Vicki.

"Yeah thanks", said Leslie.

We quickly slipped into our new pantyhose.

What are you doing Leslie!

She was tucking a dildo into her sex.

"Hey a girls gotta have a little excitement in her life now, you oughta try it sometime, I think you might like it".

Maybe Later Les, as I pulled up my leotard and adjusted my cotton panel under the brief so it wouldn't show.

I slipped on some white socks and shoe's and added a white belt.

I'm ready, how about you guy's?


"Let's go".

When we entered the aerobics studio we saw that it was nearly full.

The room was large, But for step aerobics you could have only about twenty people in here.

The room was surrounded with mirrors and had a high ceiling for ventilation.

"Damn! In the back again", said Vicki.

"It's not too bad", said Leslie, "Look were Marla and Liza are".

They were right in front of us just like last time.

"I'm not standing behind her this time", said Vicki.

I'll stand behind her, but we better get some water first.

"Thanks Pam", was Vicki's reply.

We went to the water cooler and filled up our water bottles, it's very important when working out to keep yourself hydrated.

We drank some of our water and went back to our places when Donna our instructor came in to the room.

She was beautiful blonde and had a tight and toned build like mine, aside from teaching aerobics she toured as a fitness competitor.

"Great, it looks like were ready, let's begin"!

She turned on some music and we began a warm up and then a stretching routine, these workouts usually last a half an hour or so, sometimes and hour depending on the class size.

Tonight we had about twenty women in here including Donna.

We didn't have any men in here, most guy's don't care for working out this late, they like to watch, but Donna doesn't let them.

After the stretching routine we began our aerobic phases, each phase lasting fifteen minutes starting light and going up to strenuous and then back down.

The first two phases went by quickly and I was teasing Vickie about Marla most of the time.

About half way though the last phase I noticed the cotton panel come out from under my leotard, it almost always happens unless I wear a pair of pantyhose that doesn't have one.

I looked over at Marla and the girls and noticed that theirs to were peeking too.

I don't know why, but it kinda made me feel aroused watching them move, the shine of their pantyhose reflecting the light, and they would massage your legs as you moved that's always exhilarated me.

Phase three had ended and Donna was now taking us through a cool down and then some stretching.

Everyone in the room was glistening with sweat, but when my arm passed in front of me it didn't look like sweat, it had the appearance of sweat but it was smooth and poreless.

I took closer look and at Vicki and Leslie and they too looked smooth and hairless!

What happening here?, I thought, this is strange!

As the cool down progressed I defiantly began to feel hotter, even colder.

Vicki, do you feel hot?

"Yeah, but it feels great".

What about you Les?

"kind of, you know we've been sweating so much".

What about your skin?

Look how shinny and hairless it is?

"I know, that skin cream I've been using must be working", said Leslie.

Haven't you noticed all the other girls in here have the same skin you do?

"Now that you mention it, Yes", said Leslie.

Something's going on here after the workout I'm gonna find out what it is.

The cool down was over and the final stretching segment began, looking around at the other girls I noticed that the ones up front were moving slower than normal.

There's something really strange going on here.

Just then I felt an orgasm coming, it almost took me to my knees.

Then I heard this sucking sound, it was coming all around me.

"Oh my god"! said Leslie.


"I just had the most incredible orgasm I've ever had".

"Yeah so did I", said Vicki.

That's funny I had one too, I said.

Then I could feel it build again, I was so aroused I couldn't help myself, I reached down with my right hand to rub my sex.


Nothing was there!

My pussy was gone!

All I could feel was smoothness there!

Even my pubic hair was gone!

I started to cry out when I was thrown off by other cries of startled women.


I looked over at Vickie and Leslie, even Marla and Liza, they too were inspecting their crotches only to find nothing there!

"Pam what's happening to us"? said Leslie.

I don't know but look at Donna.

Donna was standing on her step like a statue or mannequin?


OH SHIT!, we're being turned into mannequins!

The expression on Donna face said it all, it was normal looking, she was smiling, she just didn't move, or even blink.

Other women in front looked the same way!

Hey guy's we gotta get out of here, NOW!

Guy's? GUY'S???

I looked over at Vicki and Leslie and they too were frozen, Vicki had a puzzling look while Leslie's was one of intense arousal.


I've got to get out of here I thought and get help.

I turned to leave and couldn't!


My legs were feeling very tingly like when you sleep on your arm too long.

The sensation quickly spread throughout my body, causing another orgasm.



OH my god!

I can't talk!

My voice is gone as well as my mobility.

I could feel my body stop functioning, heartbeat, breathing, everything.

The tingly sensation that caused me to orgasm was still present massaging me.

By all rights I should be dead, I thought, but some how I was preserved, frozen inside my body.

I don't know why, but being immobile severely aroused me.

With my gaze locked straight ahead I saw two women and six men enter the room and pass by me.

The women were dressed in business attire, one of them was wringing her hands like she had just pulled something off.

In fact she did and we were proof!

The other woman had a clip board and looked bookish.

Then I heard the first woman speak.

"Alright people"! "let's get busy, I need these Mannequins posed and in shoes and fitted before they become too stiff"!


"Yes Mrs. Johnson"?

"Take a head count, I need to know, hair color, body type, you know the drill".

"Sure thing Mrs. Johnson".

The woman named Becky started to take inventory.

"Ladies, allow me to introduce myself".

"My name is Valerie Johnson, Head visual merchandiser for Baxter's Department stores".

"What you have just experienced is our Mannequinizing process".

"A process I'm afraid is irreversible".

"You will be stripped and posed and fitted with shoes and a plug hole, then you will be taken to our world headquarters and where you'll have pegs and sockets installed and then shipped to our stores where you'll be put on display as Mannequins".

"All traces of you and us being here won't exist, you are now property of Baxter's Department stores Inc".

I was just there earlier today, when I bought the leotard's and pantyhose, their widely known for their incredible window displays.

The Mannequins at the local store, I always thought they looked so life like, but never knew they had been actual living people.

"we spiked your drinking water with a Mannequinizing formula, it's body heat activated".

"While you were working out it was changing your flesh into plastic, I imagine some of you even noticed your skin plastifying, but by the time you did the orgasms started and it was too late".

"Actually when you drank the water it was too late".

So it was the water that did this to us!

The music continued to play as the work men began stripping the women down, posing and fitting heels and plugs into us.

They started up front with Donna, they stripped her down to her pantyhose and fitted her into a pair of black five inch heels, they then gave her a pose and moved on.

Later other men came up and drilled a hole underneath her and screwed a plug into it.

One by one each of us was stripped fitted and posed, Mary, Lisa, Betty, Jean, Kristen, women I've known for years transformed into lifeless plastic Mannequins.

The men worked their way to us and stripped Marla and Liza, when they turned her I saw her face, she looked intensely aroused and had her hand on her crotch.

As they removed her leotard I saw her body was smooth and hairless, she only had slight nipples and no areolas, her belly button was now only an indentation.

Stripped fitted and posed, stripped fitted and posed, the men were very efficient.

Then I felt hands groping me!

My body felt light, the tingly sensation spread like wild fire and soon I was having orgasm after orgasm!

My belt was removed and I was tilted back and my leotard was removed.

I could see myself in the mirror all shinny and plastic looking, with a far away look with my lips parted as if to say something.

One of the workmen was fondling me while the other was fitting my feet into heels.

The touch of his hands on my breasts exploded to my head leaving me awash in orgasms.

Soon they stood me up and posed me with my legs apart and one hand on my hip and the other out always at my side.

They left me and so did the orgasms, I felt empty.

Soon I thought others would touch me and I would orgasm again.

I didn't wait long till I felt a drill up my ass, it didn't hurt, it only intensified the orgasms I felt.

The plug was screwed into me and I was left alone for now.

They had moved onto Vicki and Leslie.

I heard one of them say.

"Hey Boss"?

"I found another with a vibrator buzzing inside her".

"Which one"? she asked.

"This blonde right here".

"Leave it", she said, "the batteries won't last forever, we don't have time to deal with it".

It wasn't long before Vicki and Leslie were stripped fitted and posed and plugged.

Next the workmen brought in some racks, there were four of them, each rack had five support rods sticking up from the bottom of them.

With the stripping and posing process completed the workmen were now impaling the naked forms on the racks.

I could hear the two women near the door talking, it sounded like Becky was giving inventory to Valerie.

"We have twenty all together, eight blondes, seven brunettes and five redheads".

"four of the blondes and five of the brunettes and two of the red heads have looks of arousal on them, the rest are pretty typical, all usable".

"Great so we have eleven that we can display in our lingerie department"?, excellent, the others can be general purpose then", Valerie responded.

I again felt hands on me, I was being picked up and impaled on a rod stand on the last rack.

The same rack with Vicki and Leslie, Marla and Liza were also on the same rack and I was facing Marla.

She looked very stunning as a Mannequin, the look suited her.

Her lips Parted as if she were about to exhale.

Then I heard screams behind me!


It was Karen and Julie, the instructors for the next class.

They were quickly subdued and injected with something, the formula no doubt.

"Ah an added bonus Becky".

"Add two more blondes to the inventory".

"Alright people, let's move, I don't want any more people showing up here"!

I felt the cart move and we were rolled out of the studio and up the ramp of the back of a truck.

On the way I saw that all our cars were gone.

With the back of the truck filled with Mannequins the door was closed, everything went black, and after a minute or so the truck began to move.

It was hard to believe that only an hour ago I was a real woman, now I was only lifeless plastic.

Then the reality of the situation hit me, I tried not to think about it, but in truth the reality was that me and my friends where now Mannequins and there was nothing I could do about it.

My mind began to wander and soon I fell asleep.

I awoke to find bright light flooding into the back of the truck, apparently we had reached our destination.

The workmen began removing the racks we were on.

I saw Marla shift as we were jostled around on the cart, her right hand came to rest touching my newly smoothed sex.

The only thing I liked about this was the fact that I could still orgasm, and as the workmen wheeled us out I could defiantly feel one as Marla's hand vibrated against my pantyhosed sex.

I saw Val and her assistant Becky, they were guiding the workmen to the work room where we would next set up.

She looked like she was gonna orgasm herself.

"Twenty-two new Mannequins"!, I heard her say.

"That's the most we ever acquired at one time, can you believe it"?

The workmen were done and Val's visual merchandising staff took over, they started by removing us from the racks and placing us on individual stands.

I was placed on a stand next to Leslie and Marla, I didn't see where Vicki was.

Val had decided to leave some of the girls with their pantyhose on and I was one of them.

I saw one of the staff wheel in a cart with hardware on it, one by one we were disassembled and fitted with pegs and sockets.

I was facing Leslie when they disassembled her, wondering how it felt, I imagined she couldn't feel a thing, she probably wasn't even conscious with that vibrator humming inside her.

Kinda made me wish I tried it.

They were soon done with her and started on me, I wasn't looking forward to this part when a woman came up with what looked like a huge fork with a wire crossing it's ends.

I found that It was hot, but I felt no pain as they disassembled me, removing my hands and arms.

One of the workers stripped down my pantyhose so my right leg and mid section could be removed.

While they were doing this another woman was installing the hardware.

It wasn't long before I was reassembled and my pantyhose were pulled back up.

While I was being disassembled I saw that many of the girls were being dressed and wheeled out to be on display.

I began to wonder where I would end up.

Leslie in front of me had been dressed in a black two piece lace bra and panty set, complete with a black silk robe.

They had removed her pantyhose and replaced them with black fishnet stockings.

Then a women came over and took my arms off and placed them on a cart, she then began putting a aquamarine teddy on me, finished she dusted me off removed any lint she could find.

Soon I was on my way to the lingerie department.

I was wheeled from the workroom and taken to lingerie, I saw many of the girls from class already out on display along with some male Mannequins, I wondered which health club they came from?

I was placed on a platform next to Leslie and Marla, who was wearing a burgundy version of the outfit I was wearing.

The outfit I was wearing made me feel very sexy, which made the orgasms even more intense when I felt them.

I spotted Vicki, she was in swim wear, she was wearing a chrome one piece and she looked fantastic.

Over by the door I could see a banner that read "WELCOME TO THE ATLANTA GRAND OPENING".

Seeing I was far from home, I settled in, cause I knew I was going to be here for a long time.

The End

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