Wrong Part of Town

by Paul G. Jutras

Robin’s husband was sick of her complaining about his lack of direction and always getting them lost with her short cuts. He became so sick of it that he figured it was time to teach her a lesson the hard way.

“Where are we now?” Robin asked as she didn’t recognize the area at all.

“Stopping by a old friend of mine,” Roger said with a smile as he began to chant a few words to himself. Janet thought it was strange that the words he was mumbling was different than the music being sung on the radio. Yawning, she felt sleepy all of a sudden and passed out.

“Where am I?” Robin thought later as she found herself laying in the back alley of a department store. “What’s going on? Why can’t I move or speak?”

“Come on, Joe.” A man whose jacket name tag read Larry said as he carried a mannequin past Robin and onto a rack on wheels. “The boss wants these mannequins inside A.S.A.P.”

“Why aren’t they helping me?” Robin thought as Joe walked over to Robin and picked her up. She was surprise to find that she felt as light as a feather when picked up.

“Amazing how life like and real looking they're making these mannequins these day.” Joe said to his partner.

“Mannequin?” thought Robin. Thoughts that were harder to form as his mere touch sent surges of pleasure through her frozen body. “What is this jerk talking about. Can’t he see I’m a real woman?”

“I know what you mean.” Larry said as he knocked on Robin’s flawless breasts and a hollow echo was heard. “If she wasn’t a shapely piece of plastic out of some mold I’d swear she was the real deal. “

“Too bad she isn’t real,” Joe chuckled. “I could use a date this Friday. My oldest kid is playing in a recital and my ex-wife isn’t speaking to me at this time.”

“That’s a good one,” Larry giggled. “We’re delivering silent mannequins and you’re talking about women not speaking to you.”

Joe laughed as well. He hadn’t thought of that till his partner brought it up. “Let’s just hurry up. This isn’t the best part of town and I hate being here at night.”

“Too right.” Larry agreed. He wheeled Robin and the others into the store. She soon had her naked form dressed by another worker, then found herself in a pair of nude panty hose with no underwear beneath. The lingerie was joined by a blue sweater, black skirt, black ankle socks and white sneakers. The pole she was placed on pushed a bit of the hose up into what used to be her ass and the feeling turned her on even more.


Robin didn’t know where he husband was, but if she every got back to normal she knew he’d get it for what he had done to her.


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