by Eric Thonius

Warning: The following story contains mature content (kinda.) Anyone who is not of legal age or is easily offended is advised not to read it. (Sorry kids, just covering my ass!) On a minor note, it also contains spoilers to events that take place in Final Fantasy VII.

Intro: For those of you who’ve never played FFVII, I’ll try to help explain it as best as I can in the following but for those of you who have, you should be able to keep up with the story. This is a fan-fic so no matter how you play the game these events won’t take place.

Cloud Strife is the hero in the game that this is based on and he teams up with a mixed group of unlikely heroes. Among this group is Yuffie, a materia hunter and ninja who is a secret character. She is the focus of this story.

Disclaimer: Final Fantasy VII is property of Squaresoft and I claim no ownership of it or it’s characters or contents. This is an unofficial story and I have no plans of gaining any financial profit from it.


Previously: Cloud and the gang flew away from Rocket Town on Tiny Bronco (Cid’s small plain) The plain was shot down by a Shinra (Shinra Inc., an evil corporation) troop and landed in the ocean. Tiny Bronco was reduced to a pathetic boat. Cloud had been searching for Sephiroth (the main villain) and he mentioned this to Cid. Cid said that President Rufus (President of Shinra Inc.) was talking about heading south to the Temple Of The Ancients to find Sephiroth. That’s when Yuffie blurted out to head west, she said there was no reason but she wanted them to head there anyway. So against Cloud’s better judgment, they did. Once there, Yuffie stopped them in there tracks and that’s when more Shinra Troops attacked. While preparing for battle, Yuffie stole Cloud and the gang’s materia (special jewels with power) and ran north.

Now: Yuffie sat at the top of a nearby cliff as she watched Cloud and the gang take out Shinra troops. When the battle ended, Yuffie had to giggle as Cloud and friends looked obliviously around. They had just discovered what she had done and she was nowhere to be found.  One of them pointed north so Cloud and company headed north.


Yuffie thought to herself. “That spiky headed punk (Cloud) and his dumb friends will NEVER find me.” Yuffie ventured back to Little Bronco keeping a mile or 2 between her and her former friends. She jumped in the driver’s seat and chuckled. “Nyuk nyuk! They’ll be stranded here while I get away with their precious materia!”  With that thought in mind she started the engine and headed south.

Yuffie arrived at Gongaga Forest within a few days. She decided to continue robbing those who were foolish enough to enter the forests. A few days had passed and then Yuffie noticed someone strange enter the forest, someone in a black cape with long flowing snow-white hair. At first glance, she thought it was Sephiroth but it wasn’t. It was a woman carrying a bag. There had to be something valuable in that bag from the way she carried it. Yuffie picked up a stone and stuck it in her bag. She jumped from the tree and landed in front of the traveler with amazing precision.

Yuffie grinned and spoke. “Hey, wa’cha got in there?!” The traveler looked at her for a second, she was a beautiful woman. “Nothing, just some useless materia!” “Useless huh? Mind if I have it than?” Yuffie grinned widely. “No! I mean yes, I would mind. You see this materia is VERY special to me!” “Can I at least look at it?” The woman paused a moment and then shrugged. “Okay, I don’t see why I shouldn’t.” She pulled the materia from her bag and it shined bright green. Yuffie muttered. “Coool…” She placed the jewel back into the bag and spoke to Yuffie. “I’m Nadia Blake, who are you?” “I’m Yuffie Kisaragi and I-” Yuffie paused a minute and thought to herself. “Oh man, I shouldn’t ’ve just told her my name but what are the odds she’ll ever find me again?!” She continued to speak. “I…uh, am a ninja of sorts.” She smiled. “A NINJA?!” “Don’t worry! I’m not here to hurt you. I’m a fellow traveler! I was just resting when I heard your foot steps!” Nadia spoke with an uncertain look on her face. “Oh, I see. Well I better go now.” “Wait…uh, just watch this trick!” Yuffie pulled out a black smoke pellet and smiled. She threw it to the ground and it exploded on contact sending out a near blinding flash and spreading smoke everywhere. “Now what?” Nadia asked. The smoke cleared and Yuffie was out of sight. “Cool, huh?!” “It’s okay but I could do better. What else can you do Yuffie?” She asked. The only answer she received was the chirping of tree frogs and crickets. “Yuffie?” While Nadia was blinded, Yuffie had stolen her strange materia and swapped it for the stone she picked up.

Yuffie was long gone. A couple of days had passed and Yuffie found herself near Junon Harbor trying to figure out how to use her new materia but was having no luck. “Man, I got gypped! This materia really IS useless!”

Yuffie voyaged toward the forests of Junon. Maybe she would have better luck there. She journeyed through the planes, the whole time she felt as if she was being watched. She sat down to take a rest. A calm cool breeze drifted over and around her and then a familiar voice. “Ahem!” Yuffie looked up behind her and there Nadia stood with a staff in hand.

Yuffie leaped forward and turned around quickly. “Yipe! How’d you do that? I left you in the dust lady!” “Never mind that! You stole something that belongs to me and I want it back, NOW!” Yuffie looked angered. “I don’t know what you’re talkin’ about!” “When you vanished you stole something very valuable from me!” Yuffie puts her hands on her hips. “If you were dumb enough to fall for that trick than you don’t deserve this worthless materia ‘cuase you’re a moron!” Yuffie’s anger turned to shock. “I mean if I had it and it didn’t work!” Nadia became even more angered. “Yuffie, I don’t have time for your lies, give me the materia or else I make you pay!” “That sounds like a threat! You want to fight me? C’mon I think I can take ya!” “No, I don’t want to fight but if I have to take my materia back from you, I’ll make sure you never steal from me or anyone else again! Just give it up. That materia won’t work without its sister materia in my staff.” “You think you can take the materia back from me? Ha! I’ll take the other one too right after I’m done beating your teeth in!” Yuffie threw her shuriken (A big Chinese star) at Nadia who teleported away to the side. It flew back to Yuffie and before she could fling it out again, Nadia cast an unusual spell, “Puppet Strings!”

Immediately Yuffie began to hover 1½ foot off the ground. Her arms and legs stretched out to form an “X”. “What the hell are you doing!?” Her clothes and her weapon disintegrated. “Oh my Gawd!” Yuffie began to blush. Her light sandy skin was now fully exposed. Her small perfectly shaped beautiful ass was bare to the world. Her vagina that only had a small patch of hair on it could be seen along with her small but perfectly rounded breasts and the little brown nipples that poked out from them. Then four glowing strings appeared from nowhere and began to attach themselves to Yuffie's hands and feet. They began to send surges of energy through Yuffie’s nude body. “OH-OH-OH MY GAWD!” The energy flowing through her body was sexually stimulating every part of her lovely body. Her skin began to smooth out as the energy began to control Yuffie’s thinking. She kept repeating the same thing over and over again “OH-OH-OH!”

The hairs around Yuffie’s helpless pussy began to dissipate and it began to seal up and smooth out. “OH-MY-GAWD! MY CUNT! YOU-OOHH!!!” It began to spread to Yuffie’s ass, which also sealed itself shut but still maintained a little bit of a crack. “NO-NOT MY ASS! AH-AH-OH!” it spread up and down. Seems around her thighs began to appear. It made its way down her legs giving her new plastic body a shine and the tint of her skin charged to match the new dolly look. It spread up to her breast. They became stiff and the rings of her nipples began to disappear and her erect nipples faded to the color of her new skin. “OH—GAWD! MY NIPPLES TOO!! OH!” Downward her toes had already sealed together like two doll feet. Her hands became plastic and jointed.

As her face began to freeze in plastic she tried to talk. “YOU—CAN’t-DO THIS TO-mE! I’m YUfFIe KiSAra-!” Yuffie’s face turned expressionless as the plastic sealed it forever. Yuffie had her first and last orgasm. She was now only a mannequin, a plastic shell of her former self. The strings disappeared and so did any trace that Yuffie was ever human. Nadia sold Yuffie to a store on Junon harbor. They liked her and how life-like she seemed. She was changed into different clothes each month to match the current trends.

Cloud was walking down the street one day and saw her. “That dummy reminds me of someone I once thought I knew but she’s probably out there hiding in the forests with my materia.” If there were any humanity left in Yuffie, she’d be screaming but only on the inside!



I would like to state that this is the first story I’ve ever written and released on the web and I hope you’ve enjoyed it. E-Mail me with any thoughts or suggestions good or bad at eric_thonius@yahoo.com

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