Your Drink Is Ready

by Northern Chill

Crossposted with permission from the Yahoo group . Image by M_B_CZ

             The house was alive with the pulsating sounds of dance music and numerous people moving around in concert with the beat.  Bright lights lit up the interior as the revelers moved freely about the three floors of the huge mansion.  However, this party was a bit different than ones normally held at homes judging by the attire of the guests.
              Most of the participants were dressed in tight fitting latex or leather outfits of various colors with chrome chains and collars adding to the looks.  More than a few outfits revealed parts of their body that would have gotten them arrested in public.  A few men women were being led around by leashes that were attached to neck collars with some walking and others on their hands and knees.

              The party's host, Jocelyn, looked around at the revelry and nodded in satisfaction.  She had her servants going around serving drinks with a tray attached to a neck collar so that it rested just below their exposed breasts.  Jocelyn had bound her servants' hands tightly behind their backs so her guests could pluck the drink off the tray while feeling free to admire in intimate detail the physique of her servants.

              Jocelyn's enjoyment of the sights and sounds of her gala were interrupted by a loud CRASHH!!!.  She turned to see several broken glasses lying on the floor in front of Darlene, a servant who had only recently started her employment here in the house.  Standing in front of her and looking very unhappy was a man who Jocelyn recognized as the one in charge of property rezoning and such and who was looking over her application to add a wing onto her home for 'entertainment purposes.  He stormed past the stunned host stopping only to look her in the face and mutter " I wouldn't be counting on that rezoning if I was you.." before departing in a huff.

               Furious that her party had been ruined by a klutzy servant,  the brunette stormed over to the blonde haired servant, who was trying to move out of the room while other hired help cleaned up the mess.  Jocelyn grabbed Darlene by her upper left arm and tugged her into a nearby room that was empty of people.

                "I want you to wait here, Darlene, while I try and put my party back together.  Once it's over, we'll discuss the incident that just happened and the punishment that you may have coming to you,"  the dominatrix hissed in anger at her blonde servant, who cringed in fear as she heard the malice in her employer's voice.  She stood still as the dominatrix attached a padlock and chain to her shoes and then got her to move about a foot backwards which Darlene figured was her employer's way of testing her limited mobility more than anything.

                Once her servant was set, Jocelyn closed the door to the room and headed back out to hopefully get her party back in full swing.  While she mingled with her guests and made sure they were happy, she tried calling the zoning manager on her cell phone several times but got only his answering service.

                Frustrated, the dominatrix spent the rest of the night trying to decide how best to punish Darlene.  If she let her go, it would be a sign of weakness in her eyes and she hated that.  However, she couldn't let such a incident go unpunished so she mulled over what to do the rest of the night.

                After the party was over and her guests had gone home for the night, Jocelyn returned to the room where she had left Darlene stopping only to get out a crystal credenza filled with a red colored liquid.  After her entrance, she poured a large goblet of the liquid and placed it on the tray that still hung from Darlene's neck.

               "All right, now, tell me the whole story and I'll determine what kind of punishment you deserve.  Be honest, though, as I have even less tolerance of liars than insolent servants," the dominatrix hissed at her servant, whose upper lip quivered in fear.

               "We..Well, you see, I was serving drinks and keeping your guests happy when that..that man approached me and just stood there silently looking at me.  I asked him if he'd like a drink and he didn't let on he heard me at all.  I stood waiting patiently until all of a sudden he leaned over, cupped me by the bosom and muttered something about wanting a drink from my tits!  I tried to edge away from him but he started to get really rough with his pawing and..and that's when I guess my self-defense courses kicked in.  Before I knew it,  I had kneed him right in the crotch and well.. you know the rest.."  Darlene said hoping she could avoid any severe punishment.

               Jocelyn sighed as she picked up the goblet off the tray and swirled it around.  "You stupid woman, at these type of parties, that kind of behavior is considered normal for both men and women.  Nevertheless, I've thought this over and decided your punishment won't be anything too permanent.  For now, I want you to drink every bit of this wine," she said holding the glass up to her servant's lips.

               Darlene hesitated ever so briefly before drinking down the entire glass in just a few seconds.  She felt an odd tingling sensation surge through her body which she associated with the delicious tasting wine.  As she enjoyed the sensations that were going through her body, she felt her employer shove a black prod under her chin and she looked into the eyes of a still angry dominatrix.

               "You see, my pretty, you have such a luscious body that I couldn't fire you or put you out of sight of my many visitors.  In fact, I think you'll be serving drinks for my parties for the foreseeable future... in your new form,"  Jocelyn said with a sneer.

 "New form..what is she talking about ?..."  Darlene thought and tried to ask her employer what she meant.  To her horror, she found that she could no longer talk or even move in the slightest!  The tingling sensation she was feeling was becoming stronger by the second accompanied by waves of erotic pleasure that would have caused her to moan out loud in pleasure.  She saw her reflection in a nearby mirror and saw that her skin was changing rapidly from flesh and blood to hard plastic devoid of freckles or anything resembling human form.  She felt her breathing slow to nothing as her chest solidified into mounds of molded plastic that pushed against her black latex bra.  Lines were appearing on her shoulders, wrists, waist and left leg.  She realized to her horror the nature of what was happening to her and what Jocelyn had meant earlier.


 Darlene screamed to herself as she found herself nothing more than an inanimate piece of plastic.  Worse still, her mind was still intact and she could still feel and hear everything.

 "Yes, a very nice mannequin to serve drinks at my next party.  After a year, I'll restore you to normal and maybe by then you'll have learned your lesson..."  Jocelyn said lifting up the apron on the figure and noticing the pussy had smoothed over and become smooth plastic like the rest of it.

  "NOOO!!!... PLEASE NO!!!..."  Darlene pleaded mentally as the thought of strangers fondling her inert body for the next twelve months was horrifying to say the least.

  "For now, time to go call that manager again...and then plan for my next party... don't go anywhere, my dear! Ha! Ha!"  Jocelyn said with an evil laugh before leaving the room.

  The figure that used to be a woman named Darlene stood silently.. waiting to serve drinks like before...

        Though a lot quieter... and less mobile......


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