by Paul G. Jutras


       The sun hung bright in the noon sky as a green van rode along a dirt road. Paul sat behind the wheel in his blue bathing suit and a white top with Amy at his side in a purple bikini. Beside her Lesley in an orange one piece.  Even though it was Halloween, the Florida surf was fantastic.

       Pulling up to the beach parking lot, they got out their surfboards and headed for the sand. The soft white sand near the rocks were very hot on their bare feet and forced them to move quickly to the darker hard sand by the water. Setting up their beach blankets, Amy started to apply some sun tan lotion while Lesley and Paul hit the waves.

      The surf was high that day with monster waves crashing down upon the shore line. Perfect for those who were into surfing, Paul and Lesley were soon hanging ten with a bunch of other teens and adults. As one woman cut Lesley off, she went screaming pass the pier and ripped her bathing suit on a nail sticking out of the rod stretching below the water's surface.

     "Now, now." Josie smiled as she helped  Lesley ashore. "It was just an accident. Please allow me to offer you a free new bathing suit at Sensational Swimwear. I get an employee discount."

     Lesley couldn't help but agree as they headed toward the strip mall that sat in the beach parking lot. Lesley was surprised to see no people shopping inside of the store as she went to a dressing room and removed her ripped suit.

 "Here you go my little dolly." Josie smiled as she approached the stall door in a stiff manner. Having removed her hot pink bikini, it wasn't until she stepped into the light that Lesley notice Josie was staring blankly at her with glass eyes. Her features were all there on her face, but was now surreal plastic with fingers and toes fused together. A moving plastic mannequin.

     "You're making me so hot!" Josie said as she began to buck her hips with electrical shocks of pleasure sailing through her.  When Josie reached over and fingered Lesley's vagina, the both orgasmed almost immediately.  While juices flowed from Lesley's vagina and made her inner thighs sticky, she notice juices also flowed from the support hole where Josie's sex should of been. 

    "This is to help you before you get your new suit on." Josie inserted a dildo inside of  Lesley stepped back to examine her work. Lesley now looked totally sexless and Lesley felt very full between her legs as Josie caressed her breasts and made her nipples hard.

      Lesley moaned in pleasure as Josie stepped away and allowed her new playmate to put on her very last bathing suit herself. She smiled and watched as Josie's skin became human flesh and Lesley's skin became that of hard plastic. As her pussy muscle locked upon the hard shaft inside of her, she wanted to buck her hips and moan in pleasure. All forms of external needs had left her for good. As the wave of pleasure washed over her rigid body, she was rocked with an orgasm like she had never known before.

      Josie just smiled as she put back on her own bikini top and crouched down before Lesley. She ran her hands  back and fourth along the mannequin's new  fabric covered sexless crotch; which seemed to push the dildo even further inside of her. Lesley never knew that feeling so full down there could feel so wonderful or make her so completely happy.

    When Josie picked her up and set her in the front window, she began to pose her. Lesley's legs were moved two feet apart. The palm of one hand was set on her hip while the fingers of the other pointed down to the floor.  "You look lovely my frozen friend. Good thing I checked your driver's licence and did a computer check. No contact with your family and your only friends are at the beach with you."

      "Hiya Ames." Paul said as he ran up the beach with his surfboard. "Have you seen Lesley? I haven't seen her since that wipe out a half hour ago. I saw she made it safely to the beach, but she hasn't been in the water since."

     "I haven't seen her since she went to get a new swimsuit at the mall." Amy replied as she got up and brushed the sand off her. "I was planning on getting some ice cream, so why don't I see if she's still trying on suits."

      Amy bought herself a vanilla ice cream and then went into Sensational Swimwear. There she found Josie sitting behind a cash register. "Hi there." Amy said politely. "I'm looking for a friend who came in here to buy a suit."      

    "I sold her a lovely suit." Josie said with a smile as she gave herself a manicure. "Can I help you into one, my sweetie?"

      "I think I'd better go." Amy said as she backed away. "This place makes me feel uncomfortable."

       "Don't you worry, you'll get use to it in time."  Josie cooed into Amy's ear as she faced her partner and snuggling warmly.  "I always prefered the company of women over men. That's why I got a job in a ladies swimwear store."

     "Look, I'm not that kind of lady." Amy tried to back off when she felt a throbbing between her legs. She notice how wet her bikini bottom was in her own juices. "I..."

     "You'll make a fine lover." Josie said as she took a knife and cut off the bottom of her bikini. She then gracefully undid the top. To Amy's surprise, her breasts didn't budge at all. They weren't only hardening, but they were tightening too. "Of course the women I love are all mannequins like your friend Lesley."

          "Nooooooo!" Amy tried to scream; but no longer had a voice to do so. She watched as her painted cuticles fused together and her crotch become as bald as her own head when her hair fell off and changed into a wig. 

       Picking Amy up, Josie inserted the hole between her legs into a support rod until it clicked into place. She then went about in fixing up her make up and giving her Lesley's old hair so that any of the girls who came shopping from the beach wouldn't think she looked too familiar. "You look lovely in one another's hair." Josie grinned. "We still have your other friend left."

      Paul had waited on the beach for some time and was starting to get worried. Heading into Sensational Swimwear  where Josie had Amy's disconnected limbs on the floor and finished dressing his former friend in a stunning one piece. One that looked more beautiful that the one piece Lesley had come in with before.

      "Excuse me." Paul asked with a smile. "I'm looking for a pair of female friends who came in here. It's getting late and I should see them back home."

    "They're not going anywhere and neither are you my dear." Josie got up as she finished reassembling Amy. "Your friend Amy here has a new job as does young Lesley."

    "This can't be happening." Paul screamed as he swung a punch only to have a mannequin behind him grab his wrist. "You won't get away with this."

     "I always do, dear." Josie smiled wickedly. "Unfortunately I don't like making love to men as much as I do women. So I got something special for you."

     All of a sudden Paul began to feel very light headed. His 3D form started to flatten itself out enough to slip through the mannequin's grip. Unfortunately, his legs were so weak, he couldn't stand, let alone run away for help.

     "What are you doing to..." Paul tried to cry out; but had his voice vanish before he could finish. On his hands and knees his vision blurred and he arms in front of him became semi transparent. His face stretched and softened and he no longer felt himself as human anymore.

      "I don't like having sex with men themselves, but as my nylon pantyhose you'll give me lots of pleasure." Josie smiled as she slipped off he bikini bottom and tried the pantyhose for size. "A perfect it." She said as she took her bikini bottom with her behind the front counter. With her hips hidden by the counter top; she began to play with her pussy through the nylon and soon orgasmed into it.

     "You can see, hear and most of all feel every movement of my body." Josie grinned. "You'll find yourself in lost between Heaven and Hell for now on. I even may make love to your petrified female friends while wearing you sometimes. Just the thought of that makes me hot."

    With that erotic thought she orgasmed once again, knowing soon her new hose will need to be washed and hung up to drip dry.




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