A Day at the Beach 3

by Paul G. Jutras


    As the engine died down at the beach, Lesley and her friends got out of their dune buggy. Lesley looked pretty in her sleeveless pink dress she wore over her pink bathing suit and nude sandals that showed off her red painted toes. Paul wore a red shirt, white pants and sneakers, Jason dressed in green and Tim in a yellow sweater and brown pants. 

      While Lesley pulled her dress over and hit the beach, the guys went into the bathroom at the edge of the beach to change into their bathing suits. The guys than ran off and jumped the waves while Lesley put on suntan lotion. That was when she notice a rip in the suit.

     "Be back in a minute." Lesley said as she put the dress back on the cover up the holes and headed into the Sensational Swimwear and showed the proprietor Josie what her problem was. Josie just smiled.

      "I'm not surprised you tore it." Josie said as she examined the material the suit was made of. "I have a much better quality of suits here. If you would just come with me..."

      As Lesley followed the store owner toward the back of the store, she kept looking at the look of pleasure on Josie's face.  Josie also notice that seeing they were alone in the store, lowered her skirt and hose to reveal a dildo inside of her. "I have a special one that requires a female partner, if you'd like to try me."

       Lesley was always into a male sex partners, but found herself curious at what Josie had in mind. Following the instructions, she removed her suit and watched as Josie replaced her dildo with a device that was a dildo on one side and a butt plug on the other. Josie sat down on a back window sill with the dildo inside, mooning anyone passing by while positioning Lesley on her lap. She made sure the butt plug was snapped into place when she began rocking her hips. That and the vibrating device soon got the two to orgasm almost at once.

      "Ooooooooooooo!" Lesley screamed as she arched her back and eyes went wide with pleasure that spread across her frozen face. That was when her mistress stopped rocking and lifted Lesley off of her like she weighed nothing. It was also when Lesley found she couldn't move her body in the slightest. She wanted to say "I...don't... know ... what's... happening ... to ... me...but... my .... four ... friends... will... deal...with... you..." but her lips were frozen too.

       "Your body form will sell my wares well." Josie said, wanting to make sure that none of her friends recognize her. Restyling her hair in a pageboy shape, it was soon spray painted pink. Forever a sitting mannequin now, she had a really ugly bikini put on her shapely form. Lesley sure did hope that nobody would recognize her. She'd rather be dead than be seen in it. Then again, she had nothing to say about it.

       Back at the beach, Paul came out of the water and saw that Lesley wasn't at the site. He notice her footprints in the sand leading toward the stores at the pier and followed them inside of store. The air in the store seemed a bit stale and he just walked pass a pink-haired sitting mannequin without a second glance.

       As Paul stood before a full length mirror he saw a female version of himself staring back. He put his hand down to his penis and felt it still there while the image showed only a smooth crotch and a pair of jiggling breasts.

       "Your just the type we were looking for." The woman said as his staring into the funhouse like mirror began to make him feel dizzy. Her glowing eyes seemed to stiffen his joints and make his toes fuse together into a solid foot and his nipples stretched out into the watermelon size tits that Josie's fetish loved.

    "What... have...you... done... to... me?"  Paul spoke slower and slower until the lips closed for the last time. He only stood and watched helpless as Lesley put his new fiberglass wig hair up into a pony tail and dressed him in a purple genie outfit that included Lesley's former sandals.   

          "Looks like our little experiment works," Josie said. "I think you'll do just fine, Paula..." She put Paula on display in the window with a sign that read: COME IN AND SEE THE MAGIC OF SENSATIONAL SWIMWEAR.


       When neither Paul or Lesley returned from the store, Jason and Tim decided  to call the police and then checked the store out themselves. Inside, the place looked like any other swim shop with suits on racks and mannequins.

      "Hello boys, your friends said you'd be coming." Josie cooed seductively as she stretched across her desk clad only in her pantyhose. She bent her back to show off her breasts even more. The sex crazed male teens were soon pumping away both her pussy and ass. As they slowed down, their skin changed to silver and black. Jason watched as his arms vanished into his shoulders, feet into ankles and head into torso. Changed into a female 3/4 torso, Jason was dressed in a bikini.

     Tim got off a little luckier as he remained male and remained a whole mannequin. Whole except for his head, which had its face vanished in a blank construct. Although blinded, he felt the touch of his bathing suit fabric 10 fold.

        When the police showed up, they found nothing but a nicely dressed business woman selling her wares to the beach public. As they left, Tuxedo Mask and the Sailor Scouts wasn't so sure the case was over.         

      Changing back to normal so Josie wouldn't suspect them, they went inside and started checking out the swimming suits. Raye and Lita went in for bikinis of red and green while the other girls went for one pieces. Amy's was blue, Serena was pink and Mina orange.  Darien also picked up a male suit.

      Josie; however, sensed great magic in these kids and knew she could not risk taking them on and turning them into mannequins. She also knew the suit would have its own magic effects on them.

      "Something..." Darien began to say only to have Raye finish the sentence. "Is wrong here."

      "Your telling me!" Serena's voice came out of Amy's body. "My pigtails are gone!"

      "You have some explaining to do." Lita's voice came from Darien's body as both Josie and the store faded away and leaving them in an empty lot. Forever trapped in one another's body. Darien and Serena  spent the night at Ray's temple enjoying how good girl to girl sex can be as they would have to learn to use each others powers to fight the forces of evil any more.

      They'd have to keep an eye out for Sensational Swimwear to return in hopes of getting their own bodies back.



      The store itself appeared in some other beach in some other town. When Troy went into the store with his girl friend to shop, Josie heard his wish to be on a magazine cover. She turned Alex's girlfriend into a mannequin and made Troy into an anime golf player girl character. 

Since toons don't have periods, he doesn't mind his sexy new body all that much.



THE END                        

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