Acquisition for the Gallery

by Palesoles

This story originally appeared on the 'Studs in Stone' by the same author, but the gender of the victim has been changed in this version.

Our target had just come out of the pool and now entered the locker room.  We watched her strip her wet one piece bathing suit off from one of our hidden cameras and marvelled at the exotic beauty.  She was Hawaiian, with a trace of Hispanic ancestry, and some African as well.  As she moved about the locker room, we could see that her skin was an even dark brown, almost chocolate in colour, unbroken in it's tone except where it reached the palms of her delicate hands and soles of her feet. There it turned a very light creamy pink. Her long straight black hair almost reached down to her teardrop shaped butt.  Dark almond shaped eyes held a serene look to them from the exertion of a long session swimming laps in the pool, a sensation akin to the afterglow of a sexual encounter, a spent but pleasant sensation that left one relaxed.  Her well shaped breasts showed this as well, the dark aereoles contracted, the nipples standing quite erect from them.  Her whole body showed that she kept herself fit with a regimen of exercise, the result was not the ripped look of some female body builders, but of a feline grace that rippled the muscles under the skin as she moved about the locker room.

She put her bathing suit into her locker and removed a bottle of soap and shampoo and made her way to the shower room.  From another camera we observed her turn on one of the showers.  She stood under the warm flow of water as it caressed her lovely form, just enjoying the sensation.

My partner and I worked long and hard to bring her to this point where we could now put our plan of action into play.  We manuevered her schedule as so that she would be the only one in the building tonight.  The outer doors had been locked and the open for business sign turned off so we would not have any interference from any last minute patrons. We had altered the plumbing to suit our needs, and with one push of a button, our island beauty would be ours.  As soon as she had turned on the shower, a drug was released into the waterflow.  A elixir that would protect her lovely body from the sub-zero treatment she would soon receive at our command.  It would be absorbed through her tanned skin and prevent the celluar disruption that would kill her otherwise from the flash freezing.  She would be perfectly preserved in a state of suspended animation, just awaiting to be released by her prospective owner.  Or if the owner wished, she would be kept as a work of art, to be appreciated for her physical beauty for all time.

She began to soap herself up now, the white suds contrasting against her dark skin.  As she drew the wash rag against her body, the streaks of white on dark gave her the apperance of a zebra.  As she soaped up her breasts, they bobbed and squirmed in her hands as though they were alive themselves.  The dark chocolate nipples began to peek out of the suds as though they were trying to see who was fondling them.  The excess suds drifted down to her trimmed pubic hair, gathering there and then trailing down the inside of each thigh, falling to her feet and into the drain.  After she had applied the shampoo and worked into her black hair, she stood with her front toward the stream of warm water, slowly rotating to rinse it and the soap off her body.  After she was thoroughly clean, she stood with her back to the flow of water, letting it caress the back of her head.  She raised herself up on the balls of her feet, legs together, and moved her her arms down and back, as though she was about to do a swan dive.  Arching her back, she enjoyed sensual pleasure of all of her muscles tensing at once.

At this display of erotic power, we activated the flow of liquid nitrogen. It replaced the warm water with its icy touch and streamed onto her body, freezing her instantly.  Our hidden camera became obscured by the billowing clouds of vapor as the sub-zero liquid reverted back to gas.  We let the flow of super cold liquid run for a few more minutes before turning it off.  Switching on the fans to remove the oxygen displacing nitrogen, we exited our control room and walked over to the frigid shower room.

As the last of the vapors were removed, we stood in awe of the sight before us.  There stood our island girl, posed exactly as we had seen her.  She was coated in a inch thick layer of crystal clear ice.  Icicles had formed at the tips of her breasts, trailing a few inches downward.  Icicles had formed on every horizontal surface as well, the arms having the most coverage so that they looked like the wings of a great bird.  The ice had also formed a pedestal from the floor up to her thighs, keeping her anchored to the floor.  Her face still had the sensual look she wore just before her immobilization in ice, completely unaware of what had just happened to her.  Streamers of mist drifted down her icy body and she was starting to frost up.

Quickly, we set to work freeing her from the shower room floor.  Carefully, we chipped away at the ice covering her delicate feet until we could move her onto a handtruck.  We wheeled her frosty body to the rear of the building, where a van stood by ready to take our prize to a processing area as her next step to immortality.  Putting her on a moving blanket cushioned with foam underneath, we closed the door and my partner would stay behind and remove all traces of our island girl ever coming to our establishment. I would drive our prize to the a warehouse that processed exotic flowers during the day where she would be readied for shipment.

Having arrived at the warehouse, I made certain that all of the daytime employees had gone home.  After driving the van into the warehouse, I closed the rollup door and took our island girl out of the van.  Putting her back on the handtruck, I rolled her into the freeze drying chamber.  It was quite spacious so that she could be stood upright. I closed and sealed the chamber door, setting it for 2 hours.  Plenty of time to prepare the finishing room for her final stage of immobility.

When the time had elasped, I opened the chamber and removed our ice free Hawaiian.  She was quite easy to handle now that she was freeze dried. She looked exactly the same as before she was frozen, not a mar to ruin her exotic beauty.  I carried her to the finishing area where she would receive her protective plastic coating.  Donning a respirator and goggles, I switched on the compressor.  I stood her upright, her pose so well balanced that she did not require to be propped up.  After I brushed her hair as so it would cascade down her back, I began spraying her lovely body with a clear plastic sealer.  Working my way from her head down to her ankles, I evenly coated her body in a glossy shell.  When that was done, I let her dry so I could do her feet.

When she was dry to the touch, I lifted her onto a work table and laid her rigid body on her side, the arms and legs pointing horizontally now.  I sprayed her bare feet, making sure that the plastic seeped in between the toes and onto the arches of her soles.  Leaving them to dry, I examined the rest of her body to make sure I hadn't missed a spot.  I touched the sole of her foot to see if it was dry. It felt smooth and hard, the glossy shine enhancing the colour of her skin.  I noticed that the skin tone change at the soles of the feet from brown to a lighter shade was now a snowy white, the only sign of our island girl being subjected to deep freezing.  Standing her back up, I looked and her immobile form.  Her expression remained the same, the sensual look to her eyes, the lips slightly parted, her head turned to the right.  Her long black hair now formed a curtain down to her butt, her back arched, the breasts thrust out and dark chocolate nipples fully erect.  Her legs remained close together in her divers' stance, her pussy just barely showing from under her trimmed bush, forever closed to the world.  Her delicate bare feet balanced on her toes, the white soles almost vertical to the floor.

She would bring in a good price at the auction, that was for certain.  Where the island beauty would wind from there, who knows.

Perhaps in a private museum, forever on display, her physical charms showcased for her owner's eyes only.


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