Actual Demonstration Model (The Catch)

Story by BigBird
Illustrations by MadBird

The porn industry is a cutthroat business. The porn starlet, Felicity Fingers (not the name her parents gave her), had learned this early on. By this point in her career she had a wide variety of experience under her garter belt. She'd been quite successful across many genres including lesbian and girl on girl on guy movies.

When the adult toy company PlayThings contacted her about signing on for a one-year contract to market and test their newest product, Felicity was intrigued. It was good pay, and the "catch" was that she'd be filmed testing their product, and that she'd be involved in having various dildo's plugging her holes while testing the new product. Given her prior experiences and current career, this wasn't a problem for Felicity. With dollar signs in her eyes, she happily signed the lucrative contract.

On the first day of the new job, Felicity was led into a studio set up with a bedroom on one side, and all the camera and other equipment filling the other. Upon her entry she was surprised to hear a director call out "Begin filming in 3....2...1". They hadn't given her a script or anything yet! She had only just walked into the room.

An aide fumbled his way towards Felicity. He handed her a bottle of lotion. "Felicity, we would like you to apply this to your, ahem, vaginal area and, uh, bosom. It's our newest product, one I invented myself and it's called..... well, uh, it doesn't have an official name yet, it uh, well, I call it compound D-3940-01, but that sounds nerdy, so, um, I'll shut up now. Oh wait, you should know that it will cause a mild tingling sensation at first and then..... well... er... I guess you've already read all this part in your contract. Just remember, if you feel uncomfortable and want to stop, let us know ASAP. Otherwise the lotion's effect spreads very rapidly. Do you understand the importance of what I've just told you?"

"Yeah, yeah. I understand everything. It's crystal clear," Felicity said as she squeezed some lotion out of the bottle. She began to rub it on herself. The aide shuffled away, but Felicity paid him no heed. The tingling sensation had begun. She could feel it everywhere her hands touched her skin. Her midsection and her breasts where consumed by the tingling feeling.

"Alright Felicity," boomed the director over the megaphone. "Lie back on the bed"

Felicity collapsed onto the bed. The strange sensation was spreading. It felt odd. It felt like she was losing control of her body wherever the tingling feeling spread to. Her legs spread into a "V" shape and her back arched, neither of her own volition. She felt the wave spread to her face. She began to have second thoughts about the contract.

"She's passing the point of no return now," she heard someone shout.

Should she ask to stop? Things just don't feel right. Then she should ask to stop. But nothing has really happened! It'd be silly to stop when nothing's wrong. Perhaps she should wait and see. Maybe the feeling will pass.

So Felicity said nothing as the feeling spread through her face, from her chin to her scalp. Her lips and cheeks felt odd. It was as if they were being pulled into an expression she wasn't intentionally making. She still couldn't pull her legs out of their "V" shape.

This was too weird. Felicity had done strange porn before, but this was downright unsettling. She turned her head to look for the aide. She tried to call out "Stop!" but no words came. Her eyes widened in panic. "Her head's moving! I think she's trying to say something" she heard someone yell.

She quickly realized that she had no voice. So she tried to mouth the word "STOP!". But her lips and cheeks wouldn't respond. They pulled themselves into a different expression.

"She's smiling! She likes it!" she heard someone yell. Cheers came up from the crew.

Wide-eyed but smiling, Felicity lay prone as the crew watched her change further and further into a doll. Realizing no one was going to help her, she tried to get off the bed. Her legs were stuck in their "V" pose, but she managed to prop herself up with her arms before the changes reached her elbows.

As the last inch of her skin converted to latex she felt her forced smile pull itself into a waiting O shape. Although she didn't believe it, Felicity was now a love doll!

The crowd was still cheering as the loudspeaker boomed again. "That's what I call a job well done everyone! Duration of change from start to finish took 60 seconds. Subject appeared to enjoy the change, and the change appears to be stable. We should be able to keep her like this for a year," the director proclaim over his speaker.

Felicity didn't like the sound of what she was hearing. A whole year? Her painted-on eyes were wide with fright.

The director continued, "Now to begin phase 2 - Stress Testing the Subject. We need to make sure that girls transformed like this can't be popped or torn. And if they can be, then we'll need to test our new patch kits. Hanna and Janine will be using some of our patented dildo's to test the dolls openings. Once Phase 2 is completed we will begin Phase 3 - Deflation and Inflation Test. This will involve manual inflation, foot pumps, hand pumps, electronic pressurized air-pumps."

Hanna and Janine each pulled out a lubricated dildo and advanced on Felicity. Lesbian orgies and dildo's were nothing new to the doll. But inflation and deflation? Is that even possible? That would mean.....Felicity really IS a doll!


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