A Dream Come True

by alicia

Molly had always been a sensible woman. Nothing out of the ordinary in her life, a sensible, rewarding job as a teacher, a sensible apartment, sensible clothes, sensible jewelry and now, at last, a sensible man. Her life was very straightforward and she liked it that way. As for her looks, Molly wasn't model quality but she was attractive, tall and reasonably curvy with long straight red hair and big blue eyes. She was able to attract alot of men in her college years. That was fun, but there was nothing very lasting. Now in her late 20s it was time to settle down with the right guy, and that was Jack.

Jack was a pretty straightforward man. They met at a New Years Eve party and had hit it right off. He had a steady job in insurance, was in good shape and had a nice butt. Beyond that he was a great guy, warm and understanding, caring of Molly's every whim and mood change. She knew that this was the one and she felt the same from him.

Sex was great too. Jack knew his way around in bed and was just as interested in Molly's pleasure as in his own. That was so unusual in her experience. And staying power? No "slam, bam, thank you maam" with Jack. Their love making was warm and romantic and lasting, as anyone listening in the next apartment could attest. And Jack had certain tastes that Molly was only too happy to fulfill to enhance their lovemaking. Lingerie was a special favorite of his and Molly had quite a collection, far more than she would ever need on her own. Jack kept her well supplied!

As for Molly's tastes, well she kept those to herself. Subconsciously she believed that women were in bed to please the man, not the other way around. It was probably a cultural thing, but Molly always had that voice in her head telling her that it was his pleasure that was paramount. Have fun if you can, but make sure he remembers to come back. You know, they always say they will call but they never do. Give them a reason to call, was Molly's motto. There was one thing, however, that Molly fantasized about, something very much out of the ordinary, not in keeping with her white bread life.

Once when she was about eleven years old, Molly saw a fashion layout in a women's magazine. It was all about party clothes and the models were all wearing gold and silver dresses which hugged their curves, curves that Molly was only beginning to form at the time. The women looked so elegant and she particularly noticed the stares they were getting from adoring men in tuxedos. Its only natural for an eleven-year-old girl to dream about growing up to be a model, but with Molly, it was a little different. The models in these pictures were all standing rather stiffly, sort of like...well sort of like mannequins.

Mannequins, those silent, perfect beautifully dressed women she passed in store windows. As a girl she would go shopping with her mother and notice other women looking at the mannequins and touching their clothes to feel the fabric. Occasionally there would be men looking at them too, perhaps imagining their wives in those clothes. In high school Molly frequented the mall with her girlfriends. They would eat hamburgers and talk about boys and clothes and friends. All the while she harbored a secret fantasy to somehow be a living mannequin, wearing all the right clothes, with beautiful hair, on display for the men to admire and the women to envy. But that was only a dream, something to think about it quiet spare moments. She shared alot with her friends, but never that. It was just too weird.

Molly never knew there was such a thing as a living mannequin until she was a grown woman. One day she passed a display in a mall near her home. It was a small boutique, one of those specialty stores catering to young, hip women. There were four mannequins in the window, all in different styles of red dresses. Molly didn't even notice them, that store was just too expensive for her taste. She was on her way to the large department store at the end of the hall, but just as she passed, all four mannequins suddenly changed position! It shocked her at first, but then she tried to look nonchalante and kept walking. The more Molly walked, the more she thought about the living mannequins, the more her juices flowed. She made a discreet U-turn and came back to stand across from the display and gazed eye-to-eye at her fantasy in living color

In the window were definitely four women frozen like mannequins. They all wore red, but the styles were very different. There was a halter dress, a tank dress, a floor-length dress and a suit. Each of them had sunglasses so it was not easy to tell that they were live women unless she looked really hard. Molly felt her body start to shake with the excitement and she decided to do something before she made a spectacle of herself. She would go in and pretend to be a shopper.

Inside the boutique were racks of dresses, suits and other articles, all trendy and all overpriced. Molly looked over a few items and then raised her eyes to where the window was. There wasn't any back to the display window! There they were, four motionless women and mall crowds shuffling by outside. Molly's first impulse was to put on a dress and jump into the window. Her mind was racing and she must have been staring for a few minutes when a young woman said, "May I help you."

"Oh, no thanks, just looking," said Molly. It was truer than the young woman could imagine. Molly couldn't take her eyes off the display. But she regained enough composure to take a dress to a changing room and try it on. However, she didn't have enough composure to refrain from buying it. It would be a momento of her experience.

That was as close as she came to a living mannequin. She would savor the experience for a long time. But now that things were going good with Jack, and it looked like he might be the one, and she did do things that he asked for, maybe it was time to spring it on him. Maybe she could be a living mannequin for her man. One thing is for sure, his reaction would tell her just what their relationship was made of.

It was Thanksgiving. Jack had invited Molly to his parents house for the traditional dinner. He was from the area while Molly had moved from far away for the job she held. It would be a pleasant afternoon, and dinner with the family could only bring the two of them closer to the "will you marry me" she was hoping for. She dressed nicely, sweater and skirt, always trying to show Jack's folks what a good, upright person she was, and a great potential daughter-in-law. The day went well, it was a good meal and Molly always got along with Jack's parents. But through the day Molly steeled herself for the question she was going to ask him on the way home.

Driving back to Molly's was fun, the two lovebirds joked and enjoyed each other's company. They were so easy with each other but Molly's laughter was a little nervous. Pulling up to her apartment building, Jack got out of the car to open her door, always the gentleman. As she stepped out of the car she kissed him deeply on the lips and said demurely, "Jack, neither of us have to work tomorrow, and...I don't want to be alone tonight." That was all the invitation he needed, no argument from Jack. Its not that they had never slept together, but he always waited for an invitation, never forcing himself upon her. Molly liked that. Molly liked that very much.

Inside her apartment, Molly began preparing him for what was to come, to feel him out on trying something new. She enfolded him in her arms and renewed the kiss from outside. "Jack," she murmured. "You know how I wear lingerie for you?"

"Of course Molly, do you want to do that now?"

"No, I want to try something else. Something I've always wanted to do. Would that be all right with you?" she pleaded.

"Well of course," answered Jack, sensing something interesting coming. "We can try anything you want." Molly had been revealing her personality slowly to Jack, to appear slightly mysterious and to keep him interested. Now he was interested. She only hoped he wouldn't be disappointed.

"OK, you wait here," said Molly, her heart pounding. "I'll tell you when to come in." She disappeared into her bedroom, closed the door and began stripping. The apartment was small but her bedroom was big enough to do what she had in mind. Quickly Molly snatched her lavender Victoria's Secret bra and panties and put them on along with a pair of white thigh-high stockings and blue pumps. She figured she would start with something Jack was sure to like. Then, finding a note she had prepared earlier, she paper clipped it to her bra strap. It read:

Hello. I am Molly your living mannequin.

I can not move or talk unless you tell me to.

Please dress me and pose me according to your taste.

Then going to her closet, Molly pulled out a few outfits that would be easy to slip on to her and laid them on the bed so Jack would see them. Finally, she positioned herself in the middle of the room, back to the door, and standing stiffly at attention, with her legs slightly parted, Molly took a deep breath, tried to quiet her pounding heart, and called for her lover.

Jack gently opened the door and walked across the room to stand in front of Molly. He was about to say something when he saw the note. He pulled it off her bra and disappeared behind her. Molly's heart began to sink. He thinks I'm weird! Oh this was a terrible idea. But her heart began to race once again when she felt his left hand reaching around her from behind to fondle her breast. I think he likes it! He spent a long time rubbing his hands all over her frozen form, kissing her neck, her waist, her legs, her breasts. Molly fell into ecstasy on the inside while remaining completely motionless on the outside.

Jack walked over to the bed and chose one of Molly's outfits. It was one of her favorite dresses, navy blue with long sleeves and a bodice that hugged her curves until it flared out past her hips and fell to about mid-thigh. She heard Jack slowly pull down the zipper and walking behind her and quietly he lowered it over her head. The touch of the material made her shiver but she struggled to regain her herself. Jack took each arm in turn and placed them inside the sleeves. Molly made sure to leave her arm wherever Jack left it, to heighten the doll effect. He then stood behind her and she heard his low, soothing voice.

"I'm going to close this zipper now, my pretty mannequin. And when I finish, you will be completely under my power. I will pose you to be a beautiful display." Blast off!! Molly was in orbit. Her mouth was the Sahara and her crotch was a rain forest. The tingling went up her spine following the zipper on its agonizingly slow course to the neckline. How could she ever hold whatever pose he had in mind? "Spread your legs, Molly," her lover gently commanded. She dutifully complied. Jack then took her left arm and raised it away from her body, palm out, shoulder-high, almost like a wave. Moving behind her he extended her right hand to a point even with her body, waist-high, as if she were holding something. Molly then felt his strong, gentle hands on both sides of her head as Jack adjusted it to look a little toward the left. "There, perfect," he said, satisfied. "Let me show you."

Jack went to the closet and pulled Molly's full-length mirror off the door. Then setting it where she could see herself. As he picked little pieces of lint off her dress he said, "Look, my Molly mannequin, how beautiful and perfect you are." She did look, and what she saw was magnificent. Molly had worn that dress a dozen times before and she even struck a pose every once in awhile in the mirror, but now, with her lover admiring her so deeply, she was in the highest level of arousal. This is it, she said to herself. This is my fantasy! And this is my man forever!

While she was looking at her perfect image, Jack removed all his clothes except for his briefs. She started to feel his probing hands once again all over her body, touching and kissing, stroking and arranging her long hair. He next took the thumb and index finger of her right hand and curved them into an "O" shape. That was a little confusing, especially since her head was turned the other way and she couldn't see what he was doing. But all was revealed when she felt Jack's engorged member sliding up and down through the "O". He certainly was getting into this!

Jack went back to touching her and his fingers were starting to move up her legs under her dress. Normally she would flinch away from that, but she was under his power and he had given her no permission to move. The probing digits reached her crotch and began stroking her already overlubricated sex. Molly's body began quivering and she had all she could do to hold her pose. Then she felt one of Jack's hands on her stomach and the other on the back of her neck and his quiet command "Bend over, Molly."

She bent to a 45° angle and he took her arms and placed them by her side to make it easier to hold herself still. Jack lifted her head to be parallel with the floor. Then those powerful hands rubbed up her thighs lifting the hem of her dress over her hips. After a few seconds, which seemed like eternity, Molly felt Jack's hands take hold of her hips and his ample cock slowly pushing into her. She could never come in that position, but it got as close as it possibly could. As he pumped slowly in and out Molly realized that Jack was enjoying this as much as she was. And that was the biggest turn-on of all!

There would be other outfits and other poses that night. And yes, they both finally had orgasms. Molly, in fact, had several! She had taken a chance and trusted her man, and he had not disappointed her. What else could she ask? He had fulfilled her dearest fantasy, and would for years to come.

They slept late the next morning and awoke to gaze longlingly into each other's eyes. All they could do was smile. They had crossed one more bridge together. One thing was for certain for Molly and Jack. Shopping trips would never be the same again!