The Club

by Lisa Madison


It had been a terrible couple of months for Ally. In that period of time, she had moved all the way across the country to New York, and quickly lost her job after signing a one year lease on an expensive studio apartment in Manhattan (as if "cheap apartment" in New York wasn't an oxymoron). Facing eviction and 2 months of back rent, Ally snuck out of her apartment one night, ready to start a new life, underground. Not literally of course, but her slashed credit rating and need to hide from institutions like the IRS meant that she'd have to find a job that paid under the table. And she hoped that her friend June, who agreed to let her crash in her one-bedroom for a while, would help her find something.

Ally accepted June's offer without hesitation, but not without trepidation. Ally was quite a bit more conservative, at least in dress if nothing else, than her friend, who was a professional photographer/artist. June had an impressive collection of piercings on her body, while Ally had just her ears pierced. Hanging out with June made her rethink the social rules that said ear piercing was okay while nose and lip piercing was not, but she thought that was as far as her influence would go...

June was on the sofa smoking one of her usual Virginia Slims 120's, managing to hold it gracefully in her right hand with her latest Anne Rice novel in her left hand. She was open about her lesbianism, frequently dressing provocatively around the house to tease Ally. Today, however, she was relatively conservative, sporting a black wonderbra, fishnet top, and second-skin pvc pants, and typically Goth black makeup working well with her black pageboy haircut. Ally was actually surprised to see her without a wig on. Ally held up two fingers as she approached, and June knew to hand over a cigarette to her friend (well, Ally hadn't avoided ALL of June's bad habits). June's supermodel-like schedule of waking up late and coffee and cigarettes for breakfast had helped Ally lose quite a bit of weight. At 5'8", she was never fat and four inches taller than her friend, but now was a slim 128 with a generous C cup. Stress helped a bit too.

"Morning, roomie. How's the job search going?"

"Not good..." June could see the obvious depression in her friend's face. She sympathized, but also knew that the cupboard was getting bare, and could use a little help with the rent. It was time for a change. Ally had helped by modeling a little for June, but the pictures weren't selling that well. June could see in her eyes that she wasn't into what she was doing. She knew she'd have to help her out with that, since she didn't exactly have any connections in the corporate world.

"You know, a client of mine is looking for some help at her club in the meat packing district. I could arrange an interview."

"What kind of help?", Ally asked, having an idea that she wouldn't approve.

"Something like a hostess job. They're always having parties, and she needs someone intelligent and responsible to help out. You'd have an advantage right off the bat, since you're drug-free. I'll take you over there tonight. We'll have some fun."

Ally frowned, but gave her consent. When the time came to go, Ally slipped on an outfit she thought appropriate for an interview at a club--the sexiest thing she had. Actually, it made her look more like a Chanel saleslady ready for a night at a country club--a lime green suit that was more "elegant" than "outrageous". When she walked out, she saw that June, who hadn't changed much, was politely nodding her approval. Secretly, she knew she'd have to take her friend shopping. No time for that now.

They caught a cab for the short ride up, since June would have had trouble walking the route in 6" platform heels. They both lit up cigarettes when they got into the club, June for the nicotine, Ally because she was so nervous. June introduced her to Ellen, the owner of the club. As Ally looked around the club, she noticed that everyone was in fetish gear, and Ellen was no exception, though no less noticeable. Her aging body was transformed by a red latex catsuit, from neck to the tips of her stiletto heels. She smiled politely, hiding her amusement at Ally's choice of attire. Everyone in the club seemed to stop what they were doing, some in the middle of a whip stroke, to gaze at Ally's outfit.

"I'm sorry, Ellen. I made a mistake. I don't feel right here." Truth be known, she was turned on by the sexy people in the club, but her mortal embarrassment at her poor choice of clothing made her turn immediately for the door. What she saw made her freeze like the proverbial deer-in-the-headlights.

Quickly hiding behind her friend, Ally whispered, "June, that's the guy that the credit bureau sent out to find me! If he catches me, I'm dead!"

June and Ellen shared a brief, knowing look, and nodded. "Will you come work for me?", asked Ellen. "Yes, just get me out of here!" "We can't get you out of here without him seeing you, but we will take care of you. Ladies, come with me."

Ellen led the two to a back room, surprisingly large for the city, that looked like a cross between a laboratory and a dressing room. "If you're going to work here, we can't have you worrying about people recognizing you. Wardrobe will go a long way, but we'll need to do more. Do we have your permission to make some...other changes?" Ally paused, looked at her friend, who smiled and nodded. Ally knew that she could trust her, so she nodded as well.

June, on the other hand, knew what Ellen would do, and wasn't going on blind faith that her friend would be happy. She saw the way Ally's eyes would gleam when appraising some of her outfits, even had a little exhibitionistic streak hidden within her. There was just too much sexual repression within her, that was evident in her modeling. That was because Ally had too much control; the little bird needed a little push before she could fly.

After an hour in the makeup chair, Ally found her long, straight blond hair was now fire-engine red. Her face seemed artificial, with the dramatic eye makeup of a showgirl. Her hands had one inch talons done to match her hair. Ally felt she looked even more ridiculous in her current outfit now, which was fine as Ellen told her to strip. June then came over with a garment bag full of latex clothing. Ellen left June to help Ally get ready, as she could never manage the rubber with those nails. June took her time with the totally naked Ally, taking more time than necessary dusting baby powder over her body. Ally was having trouble stifling a moan as June rubbed near her private parts as suddenly she felt June shove a latex, penis-shaped plug inside her. Startled, June explained that it was mostly for her protection from unwanted gropes. The plug made her look sexless, with a small electronic jack at the end that Ally could not see. As if you could plug headphones into it, June thought with a smile.

The two struggled to get her into a black catsuit, smoothing out all imperfections along the way. Silver latex boots with 5" heels were next. They had a slight platform, so Ally didn't think they were that uncomfortable. She marveled at how June took both laces in one hand and laced the speed laces in a matter of seconds. She'd have to learn how to do that. June took quite a bit more time with the silver pvc corset, however. June thought she could have taken more than 4 inches off her waist, but cut the beginner a break. Finishing with a lace up silver neck corset, the two were both amazed by the transformation. They lit up congratulatory cigarettes, as Ally feeling bold and naturally high, began to tease June by tweaking her nipples with her ultra-long nails. Ellen walked in on the two, and said, "Ready to go to work?"

"Work? I have to go out there?" She suddenly went pale, and remembered that she was scared. "June, help me!" June went over to the counter and brought back a glass of red wine. She told her to trust her, and that the wine would help out. Ally mumbled something about needed something more like valium, and drank the wine. The shiny sex doll took Ellen's proffered hand and walked out the door to the balcony over the dance floor.

The clicking of her heels against the steel steps was hardly audible over the driving bass of the electronica, and Ally could swear that the suit was getting tighter. Of course, it was latex, but the difficulty she was having flexing her joints seemed more than you would expect from the natural pull of latex. When they reached the bottom of the steps, Ally asked to take a break from her laborious task of walking, and asked Ellen to get her a cigarette from the bar. When Ellen left, Ally took time to contemplate the razors on her right hand, with her hand poised on her hip. A smallish man came up to her, tapped her on the shoulder and asked if he could buy her a drink. She attempted to turn and decline, but found she was frozen in place! Ellen, meanwhile, was returning with June, and dismissed the potential suitor by clicking her nails against Ally's breast. The sound was an audible "click" as there was a plastic cup in the suit, and the illusion that Ally was a plastic mannequin made the man walk away, embarrassed. The truth that the drug in the wine simply made movement impossible was irrelevant. Ally was now a very sexy statue in the club. As if reading her thoughts, June caressed Ally's face and tilted her head up slightly so she could see the entire dance floor. "You look so sexy, and have never fit in so well anywhere! After a few days of this, you'll become so well known here, you'll have no problem running the place!" she whispered in her ear. "Now, to help pass the time..."

June knelt down in front of her frozen friend and attached a small wire to the front of her crotch piece. Ally then felt a slight buzzing in her crotch. The vibrator, combined with the sexy stares she felt from both women and men, combined to bring on a mind-shattering orgasm, which caused the vibrator to shut off. It resumed in a few minutes, and kept her busy the whole night.

After the last patron had left, June walked up to the still frozen form of her friend. Opening her mouth, June proceeded her to give her a long french kiss, to which Ally was able to snake her tongue into her partner's mouth as well. "There now, how to you feel? The drug should be wearing off."


"Still bound. What a pity.", she whined theatrically. "Mind moonlighting as a sex doll?"

Ally just curved her mouth slowly into an "O" to give her consent, as June began to strap on a dildo...

The End?