The Watchmaker Series, By M.P.

Chapter 9: Appleby and the Aliens

>From the Diary of Martin Appleby December 21,2007

Dear Diary, April, Quester and I are just about finished with the christmas decorations, and plan something really big for the event this year. I released nine of the girls last week to make room for some new arrivals, I sincerely hope the nine girls will be happy on the island. The new shipment I figure will be sometime after new years. As I look around the hall, I can't help but miss the beauties that I sent off to Altos. That is the little island I bought in the Bahamas as a sancuary for the escapees. Three of the girls had been in the thirties diarama that held Lana, a girl I had added to the collection last christmas. It was hard to believe that it had been almost a year since the bonde haired beauty with green eyes had entered my little waxworks. She now stood alone wearing the silver lame' gown I had dressed her in that last time. Nothing had changed on her and she had not aged at all. I stepped closer and looked into her lifeless eyes. The large green pupils had glazed over and gave them the appearance of being made of glass. I touched her smooth body and reveled in its cold stiffness. I ran a hand down her long graceful arms and then across to her breasts. I heard a small snort from behind me and turned to see April. She had her arms crossed in front of her and a look of jealousy on her face. I gave a puppy-dog look and explained I was only checking her gown for tears. She walked up to me and punched me lightly in the stomach and said to check with my eyes next time instead of feeling up the girls. We both laughed, and then I took April in my arms and gave her a long passionate kiss. I told her from now on I would concentrate in only feeling her up. She stood back and with a wanton look on her face, said I was on. She then started to remove her dress. It was a tight fitting cotton dress of red plaid she had chosen for the holidays. She had a little trouble with the zipper so I walked behind her and undid the little clasp at the collar. Then I slowly pulled it down and as her back unfolded before me I started to gently nibble and lick at her smooth flesh. I looked across at the mirror that was in the background of the diarama and saw our reflection making love. I mentally said Alright guy go for it, but knew that the lucky guy was a reflection of me. I pulled the dress down to her waist, and found she wore no bra. As I did this Aprils breasts tumbled out and quivered in the cool air of the museum. I reached around and placing one hand on each breast I sqoze them and the little tips of her nipples till they increased in size even more. April now turned to face me and pulled her dress completely off. When the soft red cloth hit the floor April merely stepped out of the little pile and continued to carress me. I looked down the lengh of her sexy body and started to remove her underwear. Under the red dress she had chosen a sexy pair of pink silk panties that were very thin. With these she had worn white silk stockings and lace garters, with white leather shoes. After she kicked off the shoes and removed her stockings, She made a little gesture with her finger and pointed at her panties. I knew that she meant for me to remove them. I knelt before her and as I came closer I could feel the heat of her sex and breathed in the aroma of her pussy. It was a nice mixture of sweet perfume and her natural juice, that scent, and after another quick inhale I tore the delicate bit of fabric away from her crotch. Now completely nude I laid April down on the soft plush carpet. I started to remove my trousers and underwear, and as I did this April was fondling her little clit. I stopped for a few seconds to watch her masturbate for me. When I was ready I laid on top of her and inserted my member into her hot wet sex. I started slowly and then gained momentum. April was like a wild animal now, she started to buck her hips and moved with me, up and down with each even stroke. We kept up this tempo for what seemed like hours and then with a rush I pulled out of her steaming hot pussy and bathed her breasts with my hot white semen. I took her in my arms and held her very tightly for awhile. We then kissed again a long and lingering kiss, and then April got up and went to the main house to wash up. She stepped out the door and suddenly I heard her scream. I quickly grabbed my clothes and rushed into the next room. The sight I beheld, filled me with both terror and unbelievably enough, made me even more horny than I had been with April earlier. In the main room a hole had been cut in the center section of the roof and a huge saucer-like craft was hovering over the opening. Beneath the giant craft stood six silver women. They were dressed in what appeared to be skintight bodysuits of an unknown metal. They were all extremely beautiful and tall, I figured that they each stood at least 7 feet tall. They wore helmets of a clear plastic like material, and beneath the helmets they had pure platinum white hair. Aprils appearence had obviously interuppted them, and as I entered I found my dear companion frozen into a scupture of shiny chrome. I liked the look of her in chrome I said to myself, and could still see the droplets of my cum still clinging to her body under the layer of shiny metal. That was when the alien women started to attack me. They drew out small laser pistols and opened fire at me. One blast hit a short brunette that was in a swimwear scene I had copied from Baywatch. Instantly the girl was transformed from a wax scupture to a life size trophy of chrome. Even her hair had turned into a solid mass of shimmery metal. I yelled over to the silver women to hold thier fire. They stopped then and looked at each other curiously. Then the saucer opened and a beam of light projected itself onto the ground in front of the silver women. A figure materialized in the light and I found myself before an even more beautiful alien woman than the others. She was dressed in a body suit like the other women but hers was made of shimmering gold. Also at 7 feet she wore the same style of helmet as her sisters but her hair was a startling mass of pure gold waves. When the transformer beam was finished the gold woman looked around her and was amazed at seeing all the figures in the room. And wondered why they did not move, except for these two. The crew had taken care of the earth female but the male presented a problem. The gold woman touched a small dot on her neck and I could hear her talk to me in english but strangely her mouth did not move at all. She told me her name was Aulena and she and her comrads were from the planet Dolmania in another galaxy. I told them not to shoot because I was unarmed. I then stepped out and prepared to be blasted into nothingness. Instead of shooting me the Siver women just stood, thier mouthes agape and I wondered why. Then I realized that I was still naked and had a very obvious hard on. Aulena once again spoke to my mind. You are the first male we have seen in this galaxy that can adapt to our needs. She said. And with that I suddenly felt myself being drawn up into the ship. Inside the hugmonus craft was a large open chamber, with seven cubicals designed to hold Aulena and the crew. As my eyes adjusted to the off lighting I could tell that everything on the craft was made of the same strange chrome like metal that the aliens had turned April and the unsuspecting brunette into. I touched one of the tubes and the metal shifted slightly in my grip. At first it had the consistency of mercury then when I went to touch it again it appeared hard as steel. Apparently the Dolmanians had discovered how to manipulate matter. Suddenly I heard a sound behind me and turned to find three of the dolmainian silver women looking at me. They spoke to one another in a strange language I assumed was Dolmanian. Then they made what sounded like soft purring noises and began to remove thier body suits. I could feel my penis growing erect now as I saw the Silver women undress. Thier bodies were bright silver and were perfectly porportioned. With large round breasts that ended with small solid silver nipples, their breasts looked more like large bullets than female breasts. The three Dolmainains stepped out of thier constricting suits and I was amazed to see that the platinum locks of thier hair was also at thier sex. I knelt down in front of the Dolmanian women and looked at one of thier pussies. It too was shiny chrome but when I touched it I could tell that the Dolmanians were living beings. I started to lick at the one pussy and soon found that the other two had placed thier bodies above and below thier sister. When I looked again I now saw three shiny pussies where once there was only one. I could hear the Dolmainian women whimpering now, and thier whimpers were replaced by a steady purring sound, apparently they had not had any sex in a while and were obviously enjoying my ministrations. I stood now and started to massage my penis and brought it to its full lengh. I even thought it was bigger than it had ever been. I inserted my member into each of the silver women, and taking turns I brought them all to orgasm. After allowing me an hours rest the remaining three Dolmainian women came in and I had to admit that they were some of the best sex I had ever had. When I was finished the six crew members lay on the floor of the ship completely exausted. Thier shiny bodies completely identical. I felt as if I had just made love to sextuplets. I lit up a smoke and then came upon a brilliant idea. I took out the controller watch pins that I always carry in case I needed to get a girl out quickly, and attached one to each dolmanian female. I was just finishing when Aulena entered the room. She was now dressed in an almost transparent gown of gold mesh. Under the delicate cloth I could see the soft curls of her golden pussy hair. The delicate strands stood out from the perfect curves of her shiny golden skin. She touched the small dot once more and in my mind I could hear her lilting voice. Now earth man you will satisfy me. She told my mind, and with that she removed the wisp of cloth and I whistled softly as her lushous golden body was exposed before me. I looked into her pure gold eyes and could see my reflection in them. I immediately started to make love to her using my now fully erect penis. I pumped and pumped into her and soon I could feel her heat as she was enjoying my service. I grabbed her breasts and sqeezed tightly and then started to lick and bite them. At first they tasted like cold metal but as they grew more aroused they became soft and hotter and soon felt and tasted like human breasts. I pumped harder now and soon her whimpering changed into the soft purring sound I now came to know as the dolmanians sound of being in heat. I grabbed her hips and pumped into her golden pussy very fast and after ten minutes of heated sex Aulena screamed with extasy. While she was still off guard from our hot sex I grabbed her wrist and slapped on a control watch. She immediately tried to react but I had pulled out my remote from my pants pocket and hit the freeze button. Instantly Aulena froze before me. A living statue of gold. The crew of silver girls suddenly awakened and before they could react I froze them as well. I looked at the sexy tableax before me, six silver girls in various poses and a golden girl with arms raised in rage. It was quite a scene. I knew that Aulena understood me so I walked up to her frozen form and said that if she would release the girls that had been turned to metal, I would let them go. Also I happened to mention that I would arrange certain stud services for them as well. Then taking my chances and hoping she would not kill me I raised the remote and hit the play button. Aulena lowered her arms and then touched her transmitter. Once again I could hear her talk to my mind. She agreed to make a deal and then I found myself transported back to the main floor. Aulena passed a hand over April and the Brunette in the display and soon both girls returned to thier human state. April started screaming again so I had to freeze her with the remote. I explained everything to her and told her not to panic Aulena was a friend now. I once again hit the remote and April shivered slightly but soon gained her composure and shook hands with Aulena. Then as the sun began to rise over the museum Aulena and her crew took off for the island. I had told her about the safty of it and in return of the favor they repaired the roof to the museum and carried my cargo with them to the island. Well diary I don't know what else I can add that is more exciting than what happened this week. I now have a new friend and ally and I even proved that life exists in outer space. The only problem no one will believe it. Oh well back to our packages, and the hopes that christmas will be good for us and the coming of the new year.

To be continued.....

M.P. 10/4/98