By Rotwang

Joshua watched how Amy carefully sculpted the clay into a graceful feminine form.

Amy designed mannequins and she was pretty good at it. Unlike some others, she didn't do casts of existing people, but sculpted them herself, sometimes from imagination, sometimes from photos.

This one was going to be a diving mannequin. It would be ready by the time people were looking for swimsuits next year. He watched her run her fingers over the soft clay and smooth out all the little imperfections left from the rough work she'd started with. She was busy fashioning a tensed leg muscle on the crouched figure with such care Joshua thought she might jump into the water at any moment. Hitting her head on the floor was more likely he thought and chuckled.

"You're home ?" Amy looked up from her work and a smile formed on her lips. "I didn't hear you."

She got up and rubbed her forehead with the back of her wrist which was only partially covered in clay.

Walking up to him, Joshua could see her lithe frame emphasized by her tight jeans and sporty halter top.

They hadn't seen each other in a while and he couldn't resist reaching for her, but she recoiled, holding up her clay-covered hands and smiled apologizingly at him.

Joshua returned her a warm smile and grabbed her, lifting her off her feet and held her chest to his ear and listened to her racing heartbeat. He loved her smell and the way she felt to his touch. His shirt and suit were already covered in clay, but he didn't care. He was back and he wanted her.

They quickly took off their clothes and passionately began kissing on the spot. He picked her up and she locked her legs behind his back and brushed some more clay into his hair. For a moment their lips seemed locked into a perpetual kiss. He put her down on her stool which was just about the right height and held onto her sides while she tossed her head back and enjoyed the feeling.

But while he slowly began pumping, he felt the stool didn't feel right and he closed in on her and lifted her off the stool and onto the ground.

Amy just felt ecstasy well up and kicked with her leg, knocking the bucket with the water she used to clean her hands in.

As they rolled into the pool of cool water refreshing them on a warm summer's day, Joshua noticed their skins gained the reddish tone of clay when they rolled into it. Amy also saw Joshua's face and reached out with her hands to gather the liquid and rubbed it over her body.

Intending on lengthening the pleasure, he withdrew and watched how Amy slowly acquired not only the color of clay, but the texture as well. She even soaked her hair, transforming her long auburn locks into a beige mass that she could shape.

As she got to a sitting pose, Joshua recognized half a dozen mannequins in her and just couldn't resist the urge to reach for the waiting lump of clay and tear off a fist-sized ball, which he began to squeeze and press. He took out a piece and pressed it against her skin and Amy, knowing what he was about to do, shifted her pose and froze, eyes locked with his.

At first it was just a bit of playful sculpting, just covering her breasts and belly, but quickly Joshua began to mold and shape, flattening the clay until it formed the thinnest of layers over her skin. Amy relished the feel of the warm clay against her body mixed with his constant touching, create a rush between her legs.

Time passed and it seemed that there was no area on her body Joshua had rubbed at least once. Still in the grip of her long drawn out orgasm, she reveled in the feeling.

He had by now covered her legs and chest just above her breasts, slowly building up the thin layer of clay.

Once in a while he would hear Amy squeal gently as he touched a particular spot and lingered on it for a while.

While the sun was setting, Joshua had covered her entire body, except for her face. Finishing sculpting the short haircut he had fashioned for her, he began to rub her face with water and began to apply some clay to her cheek. Slowly, he took away her flesh and replaced it with clay. Amy just felt happy sitting there, in her slightly reclined pose and content to stare at the man she loved so much.

By now, he gently eased her eyes to close and began to sculpt new eyes over them. He had been very careful in sculpting the clay over her face, and avoided changing their shape.

Amy felt the weight of the clay clinging to her skin like a soft and warm embrace.

Using the tip of an old brush, Joshua finished her eyes. For a moment he watched her and felt something inside himself.

Like Eve born from clay, he suddenly knew she was untouchable now. He waited for the skin to dry and while rubbing his hands under the running tap, watched her sit there, immobile and beautiful.

Amy regretted no longer feeling Joshua's touch but heard the distant buzzing of a camera. By now her body was glowing under the warm clay and she felt guilty about eventually having to tear herself out of her new form to move and reach for Joshua.

And then slowly, she began to move. The clay flexed with her skin and she got up.

Amazed, Joshua just continued shooting pictures as the statue came to life. He felt anxious the layer might crack and break off but it didn't, as if it had bonded with her.

Her blank face with her gentle smile beckoned him. He put the camera down and reached for her. She felt warm and soft as his wet body touched hers. With care, he forced his erect penis against the carefully sculpted sex, smooth and unbroken like a virgin's. As he entered her, the face of the statue shifted and lips burst open in a silent scream of ecstasy, unable to resist the full lips, he pressed them against his and felt their grainy consistency.

The moved in harmony with each other until both climaxed. Holding onto his statue, he felt something being released and the clay skin crumbled all of a sudden, revealing his beloved Amy who just stared him in the eyes and both understood that something special had occurred here, something that would perhaps never happen again...