A New Form of Slavery - Part 2: On Display

by cmq

Prologue by Steve (from A New Form of Slavery)

During the last month during her free hour each day, Cacey had searched for the exit to the estate and had found it a week earlier and noticed that it was never locked. She had debated for the last few days as to whether or not she should try to escape. She remembered what Mr. Brown had said about attempting to escape, but had decided she was going to go ahead an attempted it today. She was tired of being turned to stone and other things at the wish of Mr. Brown. Finally she was released for her hour of freedom for the day. She proceeded to the room that was the location of the exit. She looked around and saw that no one was around. "I guess it is now or never." Cacey then began to run for the door that lead to her freedom. When she was about three feet from the door she saw the bright light hit her. "No, I was so close!" From her waist down, her body began the same white marble that she had been transformed into the first time.

"I told you to never attempt to escape. Now I am going to have to punish you. Bill and Ken, please take her to the helicopter in the back of the estate. After you have loaded her into the helicopter take her to location A and do as I have instructed you to do in a situation like this."

Cacey was taken to the helicopter even thought she struggled with all her strength. The helicopter then lifted of the ground. "Where are you taking me?" "You will find our when we get there." Ken answered.

"What are you going to do with me when we get there?"

"Again you will find out when we get there."

The flight seemed to take forever to Cacey. The helicopter finally touched down in a clearing in the middle of a forest. Cacey was taken off the helicopter and then carried a few hundred yards into the woods. Bill and Ken then started to walk away. "Where are you going? You can not leave me here like this."

"I am sorry, but we have our orders and they are to leave you here as your punishment."

"No, don't leave me, Please don't" Cacey continue to plead. But it did not matter. Bill and Ken returned to the helicopter and took off. Cacey was now in the woods all by herself unable to move because her lower body was stone. "What am I going to do now?"



Cacey stood in the forest, her marble feet on the brown soil beneath a tall oak. Her view consisted of only other trees and assorted foliage. There was no sign of the Brown estate from her isolated location. It's getting dark, Cacey thought as she tried to move her uselessly frozen legs. This can't be happening to me, she kept repeating over and over to herself, struggling to make her lovely marbleized gams budge. She tried to wiggle her hips, but they too were solid stone and only succeeded in twisting only slightly at her waist. Cacey stared down to gaze upon her stomach. How her lightly tanned abdomen began to fade to pure white around her navel, how her brown pubic hairs stiff and brittle in their petrified state, how her tight ass was now as smooth and perfect in its cold stony glory, how her long legs were now unblemished and pristine in color. No...no...she cried to herself...I can't move my legs...they're completely unmovable. She wavered slightly each time she attempted to move her lower body. Her legs, fortunately, in their inert state, more or less rooted her to the spot. She was stuck here, a living statue from the waist down and a living girl from the waist up. She wondered if anyone would be able to see her from here, but there was no sign of a highway or human habitation anywhere. Cacey was alone and afraid. Her escape attempt had backfired on her brutally. Now she would have to pay the punishment. It was beginning to get dark now. She could see the sky turning amber as the sun slowly set, but much faster than she hoped it would. Now she stood in utter darkness, glimpses of moonlight shining through the openings in her leafy canopy. She shivered, wrapping her arms around her breasts and shoulders. Her legs offered no hint of movement as she stood there in the chilly night.

Sally and Melinda hopes of escape were utterly crushed when they heard about Cacey's disappearance. The first night Cacey was gone Sally had pleaded with Mr. Brown for leniency. Her reward was to be transformed by his device to solid rock. Or rather, every part of her body from her flushed cheeks to her toes. Mr. Brown even turned her wavy brown locks to rocky granite. Her lips froze open, in protest, but no sounds emerged. Mr. Brown threatened to send her out into the forest if she continued with her insolence as he rubbed his hands across her stone bosom. Unable to respond, Sally blinked rapidly, her eyes welling up with tears from her emotional distress. Melinda bowed completely to Mr. Brown's power now, her resistance and hopes of escape dashed forever. She was at his mercy now, a slave in mind and body. Mr. Brown took her shaking hand and led her to his bedroom, leaving the petrified Sally standing in the study as nothing more than a pretty decoration.

Melinda posed however Mr. Brown asked her too. No talking back or reluctance was to be permitted now. Mr. Brown took pleasure at seeing Melinda holding her hands behind her head, legs spread wide apart, and froze the front half of her body into silver, leaving her rearend and back unchanged. Mr. Brown ran his hand through Melinda's short hairdo, admiring where her black strands became silvery. He stroked her half silver-half flesh arm, delighting in the contrast between her body warmth and her cold silvery state. He pinched her tight ass, still as soft as a pillow, and rubbed his fingers against her solid, cufflink-like nipples. "You'd make a lovely hood ornament," he said to her chrome, mask-like face. It did not register any emotion or response at all. Mr. Brown wondered if she could hear him or if she was even aware anymore. He reached inbetween the half and half girl's legs. Her pussy was halfway silvered, too. Mr. Brown caressed the fleshy lips of Melinda's cunt and remarked at how well the silver-statue part of her vagina was preserved now. He ejaculated upon her chrome front, letting his cum run down her shiny surface and went to bed happy.

A couple of days later Mr. Brown had breakfast on the outdoor veranda. A pretty girl with olive skin dressed in a skimpy maid's uniform served him his food. Mr. Brown ogled the maid's fishnet-hosed legs and pinched her on the bottom as she turned away. The maid said nothing at all. She knew what fate could await her if she spoke out against Mr. Brown. Mr. Brown had hired her to take the place of his now motionless slaves.

Maria had dusted the petrified body of Sally earlier, taking pity on the stone girl's imprisonment, but unwilling to risk her own mobility. Later on, she would get to work polishing the dried cum off of Melinda's body. Mr. Brown ate his toast and fruit while perusing the morning paper. He knew good help was hard to find, but wondered what Maria would look like as a golden trophy for his library. Perhaps one day, he thought as he read a story in the paper about the mysterious disappearance of three unrelated women. Mr. Brown's thoughts stopped as he considered what had happened to Cacey. I think I'll leave her out there a few more days, perhaps a week. She won't have to eat, what with a stone stomach and all, he reasoned. Mr. Brown got up from the table and walked to his study.

Poor stony Sally stood there, still as a statue. He admired her now truly sculpted form and whispered to her still fleshy ear. "Aren't you sorry you spoke up now?" he whispered. Sally only blinked in agreement. "Wouldn't you like to move? To stretch your arms and legs? Would you be able to stand it if I left you like this for another day?" Tears began to appear in Sally's eyes again. "Very well," Mr. Brown used his device to restore Sally's entire head, but not her fabulous body, to life.

"Oh, please...I-I didn't mean to," Sally began blubbering.

"Are you my total and willing slave now, Sally?" he asked.

"Y-Yes!" she answered, afraid of what terrible things he would do to her.

"I want you to pose for me Sally," Mr. Brown ordered as he raised his device at her. "Remember what happened to Cacey..."

Sally felt the ray envelop her body, restoring her statuelike figure to normal. She touched herself, caressing her soft flesh and waited for Mr. Brown to speak.

"Bend over," he said. "Stick your ass out at me!"

Sally complied, bending over as far as she could, clutching her ankles with her hands. Her pretty ass was high in the air now, facing her captor.

Mr. Brown walked right up next to her and undid his pants. "Don't move, or I'll turn you into a statue again!" he said as he rubbed his stiff penis against Sally's upturned sex-lips.

Sally remained as motionless as when she was stone. She felt Mr. Brown's member enter her body, pushing in and out. She tried not to utter a sound, trying to ignore the pleasure and disgust she felt from within...

After Mr. Brown had finished pleasuring himself upon Sally's willingly immobile body, he called James on the telephone. I think it is time for another ad in the paper, Mr. Brown told his supplier, who agreed that he would try and find some suitable slaves for his client.

Mr. Brown hung up the phone and watched Maria walk by in her short maid outfit. He turned his device on her and froze her into a solid gold statue, bending over slightly to dust the tabletop. Even her feather duster turned to gold. She makes a pretty trophy, just as I thought she would, Mr. Brown admired. Maria's golden outfit was exposing part of her rump as she was bending over. Mr. Brown loved that type of pose. He had forced his slaves to do variations on that position numerous times over the past month. Now that Sally and Melinda are totally willing to do anything for me, they can cook and clean in place of her. He called in Bill and Ken to retrieve Cacey from her forest location. They got into the helicopter and found Cacey in the same location they had left her at.

Bill and Ken brought Cacey into the patio doors. Cacey's long dishevelled blonde hair was dirty with leaves and other blown debris. Her pale skin was dirty and she shivered as she was stood up in the center of the room. Her legs were still marble, fantastically preserved throughout her ordeal. She flinched at Mr. Brown's touch. Her eyes tearing up from the burden of being left almost immobile out in the wilderness all alone for over a week. Mr. Brown restored Cacey's long legs back to flesh. Cacey collapsed to the floor, exhausted from her isolation. Mr. Brown saw Sally walking by, drawn by the commotion of Cacey's return. She gasped at the sight of her fellow captive but said nothing in Cacey's defense as Bill and Ken carried the weary girl past her. They left her in one of the upstairs bedrooms.

Later on, after she had cooked dinner for Mr. Brown, Sally was cleaning the dishes when the nude Cacey walked into the kitchen. Cacey looked a lot better than before, now that she had been cleaned up. Sally brought her the leftovers and Cacey devoured them as if she hadn't eaten in a week, which she hadn't. "Oh, Sally it was so horrible being out there all by myself! I couldn't move from the spot where they left me! It got so dark and chilly at night! I was afraid I was going to be left there forever! We've got to get away from here!"

"N-no!" Sally pulled away from her fellow captive. She shook her head, her eyes wide and fearful. "No!" she blurted again as she looked around, afraid that Mr. Brown might be eavesdropping on them.

"We can't survive here like this!" Cacey tried to speak forcefully but quietly. "Where's Melinda? Did he turn her into that gold maid statue I saw?"

"Melinda is upstairs in his bedroom," Sally whispered. "He turned her body to silver, but only part of it is silver. It is terrible. She's been like that for as long as I can remember. He-he has sex with her every night like that. I have to clean off her rigid body every morning..."

"He can't get away with this!" Cacey stood up from the table and turned to leave the kitchen. As she opened the sliding door to the dining room she came face to face with Mr. Brown!

"I can't have you putting thoughts into the minds of my slaves, Cacey," Mr. Brown said coolly as he used his device to turn the astonished Cacey into a solid gold statue.

Every inch of Cacey was now preserved in precious gold. Her expression was one of shock and fear at being discovered by her would-be-master.

She and Maria would make a nice pair of bookends for my library, Mr. Brown considered. He admired how Cacey's blonde hair was now more golden than ever. Her soft lines and curves now solid and unmoving. Perfectly preserved forever. The next day, Mr. Brown enlisted the help of James, Bill and Ken in moving his two golden statues into the library. The two gold girls were mounted onto two pedestals on either side of the room, looking at each others' golden forms with their gilded eyes. Mr. Brown considered turning Maria back to normal just to undress her, but thought her maid outfit made a better contrast to Cacey's total nude form. He made sure Maria's pretty backside could still be seen from the chair he placed next to her pedestal.

Mr. Brown then went upstairs to see his delicious silver-flesh statue of Melinda. He aimed his device at her and restored her to complete normality. Melinda took a deep breath and, unaware of how long had really passed, was brought downstairs to look at Mr. Brown's new trophies. "This could be your fate if you displease me, Melinda," Mr. Brown laughed as he ordered Melinda to run through some erotic poses for him again.

To be continued?

author's notes: this was kind of a first for me...continuing someone else's story. Rather than go into more details (like specifics about Mr. Brown, or his still mysterious device-which was never really described in the original story) or even trying to give any more depth to the characters or situation than I usually do, I chose to try and emulate the original author's clipped, brief writing style and leave it off with the characters more or less where they started. This story has a much darker tone than what I usually write, as I was following the lead of the previous author (Hi Steve!) and is heavy on the bondage/control/domination aspects which are sometimes touched upon in transforming-into-statues type of fantasies. Does it work? Let me know...and feel free to continue Steve's story!

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