The Anniversary Gift

By Posyomismo
Illustrated by Eltomte

Written in July 2016
Proofreading by Leem, June 2020

Amy stroked her ass, feeling the soft yet hard plastic touch that now formed it. The knowledge that at least half of her being (and soon the whole it) was only an artificial figure, excited and pleased her extremely.Only a few seconds ago, she had experienced her vagina being sealed, with only a smooth surface, like a mannequin’s, in her crotch, and also as her anal opening disappeared, leaving behind the plastic perfection of a figure for exhibition.

Today was the first anniversary since she started living with her partner, and mistress, Rebecca, and she had decided to take things a little beyond their games of domination and submission and be herself the gift for her mistress. Besides, thus she would stimulate the relationship, which lately had cooled a bit by the work of her lover.

Rebecca had a very successful sex shop in the city, and was now expanding, so she needed three mannequins to display in the new section of erotic lingerie. And what better than, until Rebecca could buy new mannequins, Amy would be the replacement? Besides, the sense of impotence and being a mere property of Rebecca’s made her horny.

So, she bought from an online store a platform that could transform her into a simple plastic figure, through a technique based on nanotechnology. She had programmed the plataform to transform herself immediately into a beautiful hyper-realistic mannequin, and to reverse the process in about 12 hours, long after Rebecca returned home. Amy would be a complete mannequin when Rebecca got home, so she left a note explaining everything. She wouldn’t see the reaction of her mistress, because once the transformation was complete, the mind of the subject was frozen, but as she had read in the platform’s instructions, when the process was reversed, she would remember everything that had happened around her. And she hoped that Rebecca would play with her new toy all night, or at least, that’s was what she requested in her note.

Now, the transformation was near the end, only her head was still human, but a few seconds later, a huge groan of pleasure came from Amy’s mouth when it became only rigid plastic, and before her eyes became a coat of paint drawn over a shell of a polymer, her last thoughts were imagining being placed by her mistress in the showcase of her sex shop, perfect, beautiful, helpless and... inanimate.

At that time there was only a mannequin in the kitchen of her home. Almost as soon as Rebecca entered through the door, she would see the mannequin, with the note she had left on the countertop in the kitchen.

What Amy didn’t know is that on that same day, Rebecca had planned to break up with her. The relationship hadn’t lost passion because of the stress of reforms in her mistress’s business, but because she had started another relationship with a new employee in her store. So when she came home and saw Amy, and the love note that she had left, Rebecca smiled. She took the remote control for the platform, and she reprogrammed it to eliminate the frozen consciousness of Amy, and change the timer of the transformation from 12 hours to permanent status.

Rebecca knew that Amy was deeply in love with her, and the break up of the relationship would cause many problems for both. So... what better to allow Amy to remain with her, but instead of being her lover and partner (and slave), she would be only her property? In addition, thus she avoid having to buy one of the mannequins that she needed for her shop. Or maybe she could seduce to a couple of girls throughout the following week, and using the platformm she could get the other two mannequins needed. Two more mannequins, much more realistic and better than anyone could afford to pay for.

Slowly, Rebecca unhooked the rod on the platform of Amy’s heels, pulling her out of the hole that had formed during the mannequization, and gently kissed, for the last time, her lips, now stiff.

“I love your gift, baby,” Rebecca said, “but I fear that it didn’t work as you thought. But I assure you’ll be great on the showcase, with some latex lingerie.”

Amy obviously didn’t respond. She couldn’t. Although, if she knew that her mistress had liked “the gift”, perhaps she would be happy. But now she was only her property. A thing. Forever.