A Perfect Hideaway

By Posyomismo
Illustrated by Eltomte

Written in September 2016
Proofreading by Leem, June 2020

“I can’t believe this! It’s real, it’s working! I’m turning into a mannequin!”

“Yeah, I told you. Now, you have to pose as I said, before the transformation ends and you are in the incorrect position.”

“OK, OK... it’s just... I am... impressed... A few seconds ago I saw how my vagina closed and disappeared... and now half of my body is a fiberglass shell! Give me a moment to assimilate this...”

“Come on, Linda, the transformation will finish in a couple of minutes, and you will be rigid and impossible to pose correctly. Remember that I am doing this as a favor to you and the transformation is complicated to do. If I have to undo it for a bad pose, it can take approximately a week to get the ingredients back, and you haven’t that time. It’s you who need to disappear today. Immediately. RIGHT NOW. Capisci?

“Phew... it’s fine... I will model in the correct pose, Miss Artist,” said Linda with irony as she grabbed with both hands the bouquet of plastic flowers in front of her, put it between her breasts, and looked forward, staring into the void and with her mouth half open. Under her feet a diagram with strange arcane symbols in a pentagram shone in a soft white light. The border of the transformation was reaching the breasts, and her friend examined carefully the process of transformation while she held open an old book with the same diagram on the open page. Linda looked to her friend for a moment and said, “You have to see how intense you are when you work...”

“Linda...”, said the friend, sighing.

“OK, I will be quiet and frozen... like a good mannequin...”

Linda was in very serious trouble. She was model, but although she was very pretty, with a wonderful body, she wasn’t a great star in the world of fashion, but she did have very expensive tastes. The girl needed money desperately and, at a party, she met a boy, also a model, that was dealing small amounts of drugs. The world of haute couture is a major consumer of drugs of all kinds, Linda had lost count of the partners who used drugs to lose appetite and control her weight or to keep with the deranged pace of big fashion shows. So, after a night with huge amounts of alcohol and some sex, she convinced the boy (During her years with millionaires fashion designers, and conceited photographers, Linda acquired an excellent ability to make perfect blowjobs to get what she wanted), to introduce her to his supplier. And the female model started to deal drugs.

In a few months, Linda began to have all the money she had always wanted to buy every whim she had ever wanted. All the companions that had despised and mocked her for not being famous, suddenly became her best friends, called her every day by phone, and she was invited to all their parties.

Obviously, that “friendship” depended essentially on Linda always having some of her products in her handbag and being available at any time. Linda knew that very well, but as long as the money, the champagne and the compliments flowed, she was pretty happy...

But everything was too perfect to last, and Linda finally fucked it up badly.

Linda wasn’t foolish, but she had two big problems. First, she believed herself more smart than she actually was; she overestimated her intelligence. And second, she usually considered that others were more stupid than they really were. The girl thought that she could trick her provider to get more profit margin. Maybe her plan would have been workable on another occasion, but her “boss” had problems with his own boss, and was being pressured to improve the profits, so he looked very closely all economic transactions. It wasn’t an outrageous amount of money, and Linda was a good asset and produced enough benefits, but at that time he couldn’t afford to look weak, so he decided to make an example of the young model.

Linda ended up in a trap when she went to his weekly purchase of material. Lucky for her the provider and his thugs underestimated the girl, they thought that Linda was complete knucklehead, but as soon as she began her second job as drug dealer, she had bought a small gun that was always in her handbag along with the products. When the thugs looked away for a moment, the scared girl grabbed the gun, shot one of the men, and fled as fast as her fancy heels would allow her...

Linda knew that now they would seek her at any cost... and they would find her without any doubt. She needed to hide. Her home was discarded, obviously. Her partners and clients too, they didn’t want problems and would betray her at the first opportunity. Her family was on the other side of the country, and she hadn’t a very good relationship with them... It was at that moment she remembered her friend, her only real friend, Tasha. They were together at high school and went together to the big city, Linda to be a model and Tasha to be an artist. Linda blushed, she had to admit that in the last months, during her success streak, she had hardly spoken with Tasha. But she hadn’t another option. Besides, Linda had talked by phone with the guy that got her into the drug market, and discovered that the thug she had shot was dead, so if she was captured, she would certainly end in a coffin. She was desperate. So she went to Tasha’s study.

When Linda told her friend what she has done, Tasha gave her a BIG scold, making the young model feel like a little child. But seeing that her friend was in serious danger, Tasha made a confession to young model. She hadn’t only studied art... she had also studied magic. Tasha was a witch, and she had an idea for hiding Linda for enough time for the mobsters to forget about the troublesome girl.

Initially, Linda thought her friend was crazy or drugged... or both. But then Tasha took one of her cats, whispered something that sounded like an incomprehensible poem to Linda, and transformed the animal into a porcelain figurine in only a few seconds. If Linda hadn’t seen it with her own eyes, she wouldn’t believed it. The girl touched the figure, amazed and shocked. The cat was cold and completely rigid. With another poem, and ignoring the gasp of surprise from the model, Tasha returned the cat to normality and explained her plan to Linda. She needed a mannequin for a piece about which she had been thinking for a while, named “Artificial Beauty”, to exhibit in an art gallery, and... what better model than Linda? Transforming a human in a reversible way was more dificult than with other less complex animals, but not impossible. No one would think that the mannequin was Linda, and after a few months, maybe one year, Tasha would undo the transformation and, without the thugs following her tail, Linda could leave the country and start a new life.

Inevitably, Linda had many doubts and concerns with the plan... but it wasn’t like she had a better one, so she accepted the witch’s idea.

So, after a few preparations from Tasha, the undressing of Linda, a new and more complicated spell, and five minutes of transformation, Linda arrived at her current situation. Half body of flesh, half body of fiberglass, and full body model. Soon her body would be an artificial figure for display, a perfect mannequin, the most extreme job in her career.

As Linda remembered the events that lead her to this situation, the transformation arrived at her neck. Her arms were almost fully transformed, she only could move the fingers a bit, but that didn’t last long and they soon completely solidified. Linda wanted moan, but she realized that she couldn’t because she wasn’t breathing. When her half open mouth was merged and locked, frozen her expression in a sculpted slight smile, her lips and teeth turned into the same synthetic material as the rest of her flesh, the former painted in a exquisite red cherry, and the latter in a perfect smooth white.

“Easy, Linda... it’s almost done,” said Tasha to her friend. “Now don’t blink and you will be perfect.”

Linda wanted to tell the witch artist that she knew very well how to do her work, but now it was impossible, and she didn’t want to throw a reproachful look to Tasha, and risk getting her eyes frozen with that unpleasant look.

Tasha thinks that I am conceited, she thought, but when she is working, she is impossible. I’ll have to tell her something when I return to normality... she clearly needs a fuck to release stress! Maybe I can present her to that guy in the gym, he was hot, and he had a really big di...

The model’s thoughts were frozen when the transformation gave her eyes simple painted features, and she was only a mannequin, a thing, and things can’t think. Tasha hadn’t said anything of this to her friend, because she knew that Linda would have backed out if she’d known that her mind would be... off while she was a figure for display.

Tasha approached the newly created mannequin and hit the skin of Linda’s forehead softly with her knuckles. A sonorous “Knock!” answered the little strike. The hit made the static figure of the drug dealer model sway a bit.

“Well... see you in a few months, Linda,” said Tasha.


In the next few days, Tasha finished her work of art, placing Linda in the centre, and adding more beautiful things made of plastic or fiberglass or another artificial materials to illustrate her idea. Two weeks later, her work was exhibited in a art gallery, along with other pieces by other artists of similar themes, but unlike them, Tasha had ordered her annoyed agent to not sell her piece.

To avoid problems, she had changed Linda’s hairstyle, now only a wig, for a red-painted helmet that mimicked sculpted hair. She also had painted her frozen girl in a body-painting style. This way, it was less likely that someone would recognize the model before she reversed the transformation, and when Tasha returned her friend to normal she would restore hair and skin to the way they were before.

And this would have happened, but sometimes fate makes the guilty pay for their sins.

Six months after the transformation, Tasha suffered a car accident caused by a drunk driver. She didn’t die, but fell into a coma, and for almost three years, she was bedridden. When finally she awakened, and after months of rehabilitation with her friends and family, she remembered Linda. In theory, she would have been OK, but when she talked to her family, she was horrified to find that they had sold almost all her artworks to pay their bills, including “Artificial Beauty”, the piece of which Linda was the heart. Tasha sought desperately a way to recover her friend, but her family didn’t take any registration of sales. Linda could be anywhere, without anyone ever knowing that there was a human soul frozen and locked inside the mannequin that she was now.

In this way, Linda got her perfect hideaway. The drug mobsters never found her, since no one knew where she was. Not even herself. Sadly, Linda would never be conscious of being safe ... or of anything else, for that matter. Linda was now just a nice inanimate mannequin.

At least, she was still working, even if in a somewhat literal and twisted manner, in her modeling career.

Now... and forever...

A Perfect Hideaway