Companion Androids

by C.G.R..

Gerald was by no means a handsome guy. Just your plain run-of-the-mill computer programming Joe who got by nicely on his own. He lived alone in his small house in a quiet neighborhood. His family lived far away in another state and he didn't make friends very easily so he was mostly on his own. He had just finished working on a major project for his company, and was given a well-deserved vacation and bonus check. It took him 2 days before he realized how bored out of his mind he was. He never really thought about how much work meant to him and to his life in keeping him busy. He spent his days finishing some games he had to put aside due to the project, and surfed around the web to catch up on news. His nights he sat around watching sit-coms and rented movies. But there was something missing from his life. Something he just couldn't place his finger on....

Late one night Gerald was watching a late movie when he saw a commercial for a new robotics company called "ASFRTECH". His eyes lit up when he found out this company was looking for at home testers for their products, which included companion androids. He had to find out more. He saw a web site at the corner of the screen and immediately switched on his computer. He typed the site name in and in a moment was staring at a beautiful woman with a caption saying "Take me home". Gerald couldn't believe his eyes. He read under the picture which said, "ASFRTECH invites all who wish to become beta testers for our new line of companion androids. We have a wide variety of both male and female models from which to choose. Call today for an appointment." Gerald wrote down the phone number and was very pleased to see that the main headquarters for ASFRTECH was right in his area. He barely got any sleep that night, he had to become a tester....

"Brrrrrrriiiiinnnnnggg......... Brrrrrriiiiiiiiinnnnnnngggggg......." The phone must have rung for what felt like forever until someone answered. "Thank-you-for-calling-ASFRTECH. How-may-I-help-you?", the voice said.

"Hello, I would like to find out information on becoming a beta tester for your companion androids..." Gerald said with a touch of both nervousness and impatience.

"Let-me-direct-your-call-to-our-tech-support. Hold-please." the voice on the other end responded.

"Hmmmm", thought Gerald. "That voice didn't sound like it was a regular person. Kinda like a recorded voice but with a response... oh well....".

Eight rings later another voice answer the phone this one sounded all too human. "ASFRTECH technical support, my name is Jon. How can I help you?"

"Hello, I would like to find out information about becoming a beta tester for you line of companion androids...".

"Why yes sir", Jon answered pleasantly, "What is you name and address?" Gerald then proceeded to answer Jon's questions for information. "Well sir, we can schedule you for an appointment later this afternoon to finalize your paperwork and for you to pick your android that you would like to test. Is 4:30 all right?"

"I can't wait!", Gerald said thinking he was letting himself get a bit to excited.

"Then at 4:30 we shall see you Gerald. Do you know how to get here?"

"Yes, I know where you are at.", Gerald replied.

"Then we shall see you at 4:30, thank you and good-bye".

Gerald hung up his phone and shot a glance at his clock.. 11:30am..... What to do until then.....?

He turned on the TV and started changing channels. News, talk, talk, news, kids, talk, movie from the 70's, kids... he was starting to see this way going to be a long wait.

As he pulled into the parking lot behind the building he saw a door saying "ASFRTECH customers enter here". He walking to the door and opened it up. What he saw next surprised him to no end. Sitting behind a obvious receptionist desk was a silver android It was on the phone and Gerald immediately recognized the voice as the one who first answered when he called.

"One-moment-please", the android said, and when back to its phone call.

Gerald stared at the android. It looked like something out of a sci-fi movie. Except for no hair and full facial features it had full humanistic features.

"Can-I-help-you-sir?", the android said.

Embarrassed from his staring, Gerald said, "Ummmm... Yes, I have a 4:30 appointment. My name is Gerald Thomas."

The android then looked into what appeared to be an appointment book. "Yes-Mr.-Thomas,-let-me-get-a-guide-for-you." The android then picked up its phone and press a button. "Mr.-Thomas-is-here-sir............Yes-I-will-tell-him." The android put the phone down and said, "Please-enter-that-door-right-there-and-someone-will-help-you-further." and pointed to a door on the east side of the room.

"Thank you", Gerald said as he proceeded to the door and opened it. Once through, Gerald found himself in a long hallway with many doors on either side. One door about halfway down opened. A man stepped out and said, "Gerald Thomas?".

"That's me.", Gerald said. The man came up to him and shook his hand. "Hello, my name is Jon. I'm the one you talked to on the phone earlier today. I'll be your guide. I guess you'd like to see our children now."

"Yes, very much.", replied Gerald again reminding himself to calm down.

Jon laughed, "It's OK, Gerald. Most of the people I've talked with have the same eager response. What we have done here is very exciting." They walked down the hall to a door that was marked "Warehouse". "In we go.", said Jon. They stepped through the door and what came next floored Gerald much more then seeing the silver receptionist......

The inside of the warehouse was incredible! Posed in many different scenes of everyday life were the androids. They were like mannequins in a display but it looked like they were living mannequins due the total realism in them. One display was an office setting with a male bosslike figure sitting at his desk looking at a piece of paper and a female secretary leaning over while pointing to something on the paper.

"Go ahead and look at them if you like."

Gerald walked over to them and looked very carefully at the female. She was wearing what would be considered normal office clothing. A white blouse with a jacket , a skirt that when down to just above her knees, black nylons and office heels. She was brunette, shoulder length, with brown eyes and she was relatively attractive.

"Would you like me to activate either of them for you?"

"Sure, could you do her?"

"No problem.", Jon replied as he reached into his pocket and pulled out what looked like a television remote. He then pointed it at the female android and press a button. From out of the end of the remote came a beam of red light and Jon then focused the beam on her forehead. He then pressed another button.

She moved.

The female android then stood up straight and looked at Gerald and said, "Hello,-my-name-is-Helen23 What-can-I-do-for-you?"

Gerald stood there dumbfounded. "What do I do now?, he asked Jon.

"Tell her to do something, anything.", Fred said.

"Hello Helen, what can you do?"

"Whatever-you-command-me-to-do-within-my-limits", Helen said.

"Can you give me a hug?"

"Of-course-I-can.", and Helen then embraced him. She then walked over to him and open her arms out and gave him a very nice hug.

"There-you-go.", she said.

"Kiss me.", Gerald surprised himself by saying.


"Then tell me about yourself.", Gerald asked her.


"What did she mean by the series 300 stuff?", Gerald asked Jon.

"Our androids are of different series for different tasks. There are 5 different series. Actually we group them mainly as robots but only four out of five of them are androids. The 100 models are nothing but your basic robots. The type you would see on TV serving food in hospitals."

"Oh... you mean the boxy ones that would follow the line on the floor.", Gerald said.

"Precisely. Now a series 200 is the type you saw at the desk when you came in. Basically, it takes human form and does many labor tasks but doesn't have all the realism. A 300 series, which Helen23 here is, is a modified 200 series. Just now you have the realism and it's programmed to take care of itself . It can comb its hair, change its clothes, and other things just to keep up appearance, but the basic 200 program is still there. We feel this model will sell more then the 200 because of it's totally realistic features. Now a 400 series has the realism but now you get into modules. Modules are different programs that give the android a new ability. It still has much of the 200 programming in it but now it can do more then just labor tasks. Now a 500 series is our crowning jewel. This type has a new AI and totally new programming and also accepts modules. This is the type we want beta testers for. This android will be able to problem solve and react on its own. It also responds better to stimuli then the others. We believe that mostly corporations will buy our 1, 2 and 300 series and home users the 4 and 500 series. All the androids see with infrared, sonar and some video. They are programmed that they will not harm humans in any way, shape or form. They are powered by solar cells in their skulls and have a backup battery that lasts up to 12 hours. Also there are wires that run through their bodies. These wires carry a minute current of power. If the android is damaged in any way that the wires are cut, a small switch in the chest area that regulates the flow of the current will detect that no energy is coming back to it and will shut the android automatically. The only way to fix it is to bring the android back here. This way we can prevent a damaged android from going renegade."

"Is there any way to turn them off without the remote?", Gerald asked.

"I was just getting to that, Helen would you move your hair off your left ear?"

"Of-course.", Helen said and pulled her hair away from the ear.

"Look behind the ear. You should see a tiny switch.", Jon said.

Gerald looked behind her ear and saw a very tiny switch."Switch it", Jon told him and he did it. Suddenly Helen23 looked blank.

"Helen?.... Helen?", Gerald asked.

Helen didn't respond.

"WOW", thought Gerald. "This is simply incredible."

"The only problem with this design is that she is now in what we call 'double off'. She can't be reactivated until the switch is set back. You must set the switch back then use the remote to turn her back on."

Gerald did the switch again and Fred used his remote. Helen came to life again.


"Return Helen", Jon told her.

"Yes-master", she said and went back to her pose in the display. Jon used his remote and she deactivated.

"Would you like to see others?", Jon asked.

"Oh hell yeah.", Gerald responded.

They went through many more displays. One was of a family at home, complete with husband, wife and kids.

"That's one of the only ones where you would have to get the whole set. There are also optional grandparents if you wish to buy them at a later date. They are all programmed to know each other. Even though you still could do whatever you want with them individually. Actually they husband and wife were used as our first real world tests. We gave them a shopping list of various things that people around here needed to get went they went home. We then drove them out in a mini-van with some listening devices. We had them wired for sound. We then sent them in to see how they would interact with other shoppers. They went through the store picking out the items on the list. They talked to each other, they even asked some clerks where certain items were. In line they continued to talk and act like real people. The husband also picked up a tabloid and flipped through the pages and made some jokes about some of the articles. After they checked out the went over their list and found out they were over charged and went to the customer service counter to complain." Jon chuckled, " Now only did they get their money back but they also signed up for a check cashing card! We were in the van laughing our heads off, cause we couldn't believe how well they did. When they returned we got the groceries and took off."

"That's impressive! A 500 model's AI is that good huh?"

"Better then we ever hoped. We wanted to get them to do allot of thinking and reacting on their own while still taking orders. We got it in spades."

As they proceed on they passed another display which was a shopping mall showing women androids shopping around, looking at clothes, and chatting with one another. There were even males sitting on benches with all the bags trying to keep the kids out of trouble. What was funny about that one was there were real mannequins displayed.

"Kind of a humorous touch I thought.", chuckled Jon.

Gerald saw a scene at a poolside. There were many different androids lying on the benches looking like they were getting tan. There were males showing off muscles and drinking beers. Many of the females wore bikinis that were pretty reveling. He saw one that was slightly larger then the others. He walked up to her for a closer look. She was blonde, green eyes, large breasts, and was very sexy. She was sitting on a chair, at one of the umbrella tables, chatting away with her friends with a tonic water drink in her hand.

"That's one of our plus size females. I believe her name is Terri. In order to give guys what they wanted we did surveys on what they wanted in a women. Guess lots of guys like a little meat on their women."

"I like her.... she's pretty.", Gerald said.

"Would you like me to activate her?"

"Maybe later yeah. I'll keep her in mind."

After a few more minutes and saw a few more displays, they got to end of the room. There was a door marked 'PRIVATE'. "Well, that's the end of the normal tour. Now let me ask you if you would you like to see our Adult section. Keep in mind we have nude androids in there in some rather graphic scenes. They are all anatomically correct. So if you're on the sensitive side and don't want to go in then that fine with me. I understand. Most of the androids in there are 500 series, whereas out here you have a mix of both 3, 4 and 500s."

"Well I think I can handle a little nudity. Let's go in.", Gerald said.

"OK, here we go.", Jon said while opening the door....

"OH MY GOD", thought Gerald. It was like stepping from Donna Reed to a brothel. Inside were displayed many scenes of graphic sex. Right away there was a scene that had 2 couples going at it. One female was taking in a male's cock in her vagina and giving the other male a blowjob, while the other female was getting fingered by one of the males. Another had a scene of domination. A male in only bikini leather underwear was in a cage looking rather pathetic and a rather busty female in a leather hood and corset was holding a pretty wicked looked whip ready to give punishment to her 'slave'. There were other scenes with couples engaged in regular intercourse, oral, and anal sex. In a far corner 2 females were lying on a mattress engaged in lesbian sex. He took a closer at one of the females. It looked like Terri from pool display.

"Is that Terri?"

"Yup, that's her", Jon said. "We programmed her different for this scene. Many of the androids from the other room are in here as well. They just have different programming for in here. I'm currently testing the dominatrix back there and let me tell you brother..... whoa boy.", he smiled weirdly and shook his head. He then straightened himself out, took out his remote and switched both Terri and the other girl on. They both stood up and announced their names. The other girl was named Renee. "Girls, this is Gerald.", Jon said.

"Hiiiiiii-Gerald." they said unison, winking and blowing him kisses.

Gerald just found himself staring at them. They were flawless. Not a fatty part or blemish anywhere on them. He was kind of surprised to see the hair around their sexes. Renee was a brunette, cut short, thinner, and smaller then Terri but still had large breasts and gorgeous blue eyes. He guessed she was about 5 feet 6 inches. Terri was just as hot nude as she was with the bikini. Her long blonde hair partially cover her breasts in a teasing manner. She was definitely taller then both Renee and himself at a height of maybe 6 feet, or so. They were still moving seductively, touching each other to tease him to come to them.

"Gerald is a bit on the shy side girls." said Jon "Why don't you see if you could get him to open up a little."

Renee and Terri looked at each other, giggled and started to walk over to Gerald. They then stood on either side of him and started to rub his hair and kiss his face and neck.. Terri then took Gerald's hand and put it on one of her breasts and motioned him to squeeze it. Renee then grabbed his face, turned it and kissed him passionately. Her tongue teasing his. He was pleasantly surprised to find out Renee's mouth was wet. Terri then began to nibble on his ear.

Gerald was going bonkers. "I can't believe this is happening to me. They act and feel soooo real..."

He was getting woozy. Renee then started to rub him.

"Oh, what the hell", he thought, and reached down to finger her. Her sex was wet and warm too. Now that was a surprise!

"I-want-him-in-me.", he heard Terri say.

"He's-all-yours-honey.", Renee said.

Terri got down on her knees and unzip his pants. She then reached in and pull out his already hard cock.

"OOOOOooooooo-someones-a-big-boy", Terri whispered.Gerald looked around and noticed that Jon had left to room. "Probably letting me get a test drive", he thought. Suddenly he felt his cock get warm. He looked down and saw Terri taking it into her mouth.

"MMMMMmmmmmm.....----you-taste-good-Master.", Terri moaned.

"Lick it Terri", he said. Lick it like it was an ice cream cone."

"Yes-Gerald.", Terri said. She slowly licked his shaft and kissed the head. Renee meanwhile was busy taking of his shirt.

"Let me eat you Renee.", he said.

"Yes-Master-Gerald.", she responded.

"God I love hearing that", he thought. They all laid back down on the mattress that Renee and Terri were originally posed on. Gerald laid on his side. Terri continued going at his cock. Renee laid down, split her legs and he then looked at her sex. He saw the wetness and realism of it. He put his head between her legs and proceeded to eat her out. Her sex smelled like strawberries. "They probably have the real smell if one requests it."

Renee moaned softly, "Oh-yes....--more-Master-Gerald."

"May-I-ride-your-cock Master Gerald?", Terri looked up at him.

"Go for it babe." Gerald moaned back. Terri got up and sat on his cock.

"Oh-my-god.", she moaned. She started to thrust up and down. "Yes.....-Yes....-Yes....", she cried.

Gerald just couldn't believe this was happening to him. "Deeper,-deeper-Master-Gerald.", moaned Renee who was rubbing her hands through his hair. He looked up at Terri and watched her breasts bounce as she continued to move up and down. He felt Renee's legs quiver more. Her sex got very wet suddenly, and she let out a loud moan.

"Did you just cum Renee?"

"Yes-Master-Gerald, but-please, don't-stop", she cried.

When finally he felt he had to cum he told them and Terri jumped off his cock and laid down again putting it in her mouth. He came. MMMMMMMmmmmmm", she said. "Renee, come-here, you-should try-this." Renee sat up and moved over to Terri and kissed her fully. They played with his cum in their mouths.

"OK, that's enough girls.", Gerald heard Jon's voice over a loudspeaker.

Awe man not now...." he said to himself. "Have you been watching all this Jon?"

"Nope, I just had you timed for about a 1/2 hour to let you see how real they were. Terri, Renee report to Room 4 now." Terri and Renee suddenly had blank looks on their faces. They stood up and walked into a door Gerald hadn't noticed before. A moment later Jon walked in.

"So what do you think?"

"Absolutely INCREDIBLE!!!", Gerald said. "I still can't get over how real they were. I mean, their mouths and sex were wet. They smelled real. How did you do it?"

"Welp I'd tell you, but then I'd have to kill you.", joked Jon.

"OK, OK I get it, Can't divulge trade secrets."

"Well most of them anyways. To get their mouth and sex wet, we have evaporators in their arms that take moisture out of the air and then they have tubing that goes to those parts of their bodies and lubes them when needed. To get the strawberry smell in Renee's vagina we installed a small air freshening device that needs to have its cartridge replaced one every 3 to 5 months. Also they have real human hair. It's fed by another line of tubing that is full of nutrients that needs to be refilled once a year. Their hair can be cut to any style or shaped to the way you would like and within a few months the hair is grown back and can be restyled."

"What was that Room 4 you send them to?"

"That's the repair and cleaning room. Would you like to see it?"

"Sure why not?"

They walked into the door Terri and Renee stepped into moments before, walked down a hallway, passed some technicians and came to a door labeled "Room 4: Cleaning and Repair". Once inside Gerald saw what looked like a giant operating room. There were many tables with technicians working on androids in various states of repair. One table had a male that was cut in half at the waist. It was hooked up to many different machines giving different readings. One of the techs was giving it instructions and it complied, giving the tech new readings. Another table had a female who was just being finished and was asked to stand. When she did she stood for about 5 seconds then fell to the floor.

"Damn, thought we had it that time.", said one of techs working on her.

"The Jo-Ann model.", Jon sighed while shaking his head. "We've been having some minor problems with her, so she's not going to be made available until they've been taken care of."

Jon led Gerald to the other side of the room where he saw Terri and Renee lying on tables with hoses inserted into their mouths and vaginas and were also hooked up to the usual machines. There were techs standing around taking readings and making certain adjustments.

"What happened to them?", asked Gerald.

"Nothing. Just that they have to be cleaned thoroughly after what they went through with you."

Gerald watched the hoses pump soapy green water into them and then another hose flushed the soapy water out. "Would I have to bring my unit in for this every time....?".

"Nah, but it is recommended to bring them in at least one a year for a proper cleaning. Think of it as robotic douching."

He watched them lay there and get cleaned for a minute. He then walked up to Renee and looked at her. She was starting upward, totally blank. He ran his fingers through her hair and kissed her forehead. He then walked up to Terri. But she didn't have the same blank look on her face. Her head turned and she looked at him. Her arm lifted up and she rubbed his arm. Her face gave away a look that said, "Take me home with you and I'll be everything you want."

"Whoops, forgot to turn this one off.", said one of the techs. He then reached behind Terri's ear. Her face then went blank, and her arm went limp.

"Sorry sir but I had to do that. Don't want you to accidentally get shocked.", the tech said as he closed her eyes and put her arm back on the table.

"Com'on Gerald. Let's let them get finished.", Jon said as he pulled Gerald away from the table.

Gerald then looked at Jon and said, "Well I think I'm ready to take a unit or 2 home with me."

"Great, have you decided which one or..... ones you'd like to take home?", Jon said slyly.

"Yuppers, I want both Terri and Renee. If possible, can I take home those very 2 units?"

"Of course you can. They'll be done here in a few minutes then I'll have them taken to get their programming finalized, then get them dressed and sent them to the front door. In the meantime why don't you can goto the module area and pick which different ones you'd like. Here's a note to give to the people in there that you can take as many as you want. Just head out that door right there and walk down the hall to the shop."

"OK, thanks Jon."

"Hey no problem Gerald. You picked 2 great units to test for us. Good luck and have fun." They then shook hands and Jon walked to the table with the Jo-Ann model and started to help them out. Gerald proceeded to the door Jon directed him to.

He found the module shop and was noticed that they were CD-ROMS. He shows the note Jon gave him to the tech at the door.

"OK sir, pick out however many you like."

He looked at the shelf . There weren't more then 15 or 20 of them. He picked out, Advanced Sexual Activities, Basic Home Care, Advanced Cooking, and Miscellaneous Recreational Activities.

"Are there any more then this?, he asked.

"No, sorry sir. That's all we have at this time but there are more in development and should be out in the next few weeks or so."

"How do you program the modules into the androids?"

"You just need a standard PC Computer with a double speed CD-ROM, and 25 pin serial port and a special cable. First you install the module from the CD-ROM into your computer and sit your android next to your computer. Then plug the serial end of the cable into your computers serial port and the other end into either ear of your android. Then just follow the download instructions in the program. It's actually pretty simple."

"OK, thanks alot."

Gerald left the shop and went down the hall and open the door and found himself at the front desk again. This time instead of the silver android, a realistic female one was behind the desk.

"Hello-Mr.-Thomas. How-was-the-tour?", she asked.

"Oh, it went quite well. I'm taking home 2 units to test."

"Splendid,- now-if-you-take-a-seat-over-there-they-will-be-out-shortly."

"What happened to the other android that was here?"

"It-started-to-develop-a-stutter-and-they-took-it-back-for-repair. But-I-believe-I-will-be-the-new-full-time receptionist. Just-to-make-our-customers-feel-more-comfortable-when-they-enter."

As he went over to the waiting area there was a women already sitting there. She wasn't attractive but she seemed nice but lonely due her physical shortcomings.

"Hello, are you waiting for a android too?", she said.

"Actually I'm waiting for two of them."

"Well, I'm just waiting for one. His name is Antonio. He is everything I've ever wanted in a man."

"Mine are named Renee and Terri, and yeah, they're perfect to me too."

"They let me have a little while with Antonio before I made my final decision.", she let out a pleased sigh. "It's been such a long time....", she looked at Gerald with a sly look and small smile.

"They let me have a time with Renee and Terri also...."

"I just can't believe how real he looked and felt. I'm very happy with this company."

"Me too, I...."

"Miss Bernice Alberton?", a voice said suddenly.

They both looked up and saw a technician.

"Yes, that's me.", Bernice said while standing up.

The tech opened the door to the backroom and in walked a tall muscular man, dressed in very nice evening clothing and was carrying a suitcase. He reminded Gerald of those Italian models only huskier. "This is Antonio. Antonio, this is Bernice your new mistress."

Antonio walked up to Bernice, took her hand and kissed it. "We've-already-met.", he said.

Bernice looked like a giddy schoolgirl all of a sudden. "Yes, I remember.....", her voiced trailed off. She looked totally fixated at her new toy.

"If you would just sign right here ma'am... you can be on your way.", the tech interrupted.

"Sign-the-form-and-let's-go-Bernice.", Antonio said. "We-have-some-unfinished.....-business."

Bernice grabbed the form and scribbled a signature on it. "Here." She never took her eyes off Antonio. Nor did Antonio take his off her.

"The suitcase has more clothes for him to wear Miss Alberton.", the tech said. "It also has his remote unit and other instructions for you to read."

"Yes, of course it does.", Bernice said impatiently as she started for the door.

"Where-are-we-going-to-first-Bernice?", Antonio asked.

"To do some shopping at Lover's Lane and get some....", Bernice's voice was cut off by the door closing.

Gerald had to laugh. Oh well. "Your girls will be out in a few minutes Mr. Thomas." the tech said as he walked back to the back door.

"Thank you."

Gerald looked at the clock on the wall. 7:45pm. "GEEZ, I've been here over 3 1/2 hours?", he said to himself. "How time does fly.... ", he chuckled.

About 15 minutes later, the technician open the door and behind him were both Renee and Terri with suitcases in hand. They were both the same style leather outfits. Leather tops with short sleeves with a jacket, mini skirts and white heels. Renee's outfit was sky-blue, Terri's was hot red. Renee's hair was put into a high ponytail, while Terri's hair was left long but styled.

"Terri, Renee, this is Gerald. I believe you three have meet already."

"Yes-we-have.", Terri said, winking at Gerald and putting her finger in her mouth and licking it.

Gerald walked up to them and gave Renee a hug and kiss, then Terri.

"Awe....-Gerald,-you-weren't-that-shy-about-an-hour-ago.", Renee said coyly.

Gerald blushed.

"Yeah-honey-you-were-a-tiger-then.", Terri giggled.

"Yeah.... well... ummmm.... <ahem>, don't I have some papers to sign or something?", Gerald said at the tech.

The tech let out a snicker. "Yes sir.", and handed the papers to him.

Gerald took them and while he was signing them he heard Renee whisper to Terri, "He-has-a-cute-butt-don't-you-think? But-next time-I get-him-to-myself."

Terri looked at Renee and sneered, "Ha! Dream-on-girlfriend."

Gerald smiled to himself.... "Hmmmm... I think this vacation won't be as boring as I thought....."

He handed the tech the papers and got back his copy.

"Enjoy sir!"

"Trust me, I will...", he said as he took Terri and Renee in each arm and walked out the door.

He open the car door and Renee yelled, "Shotgun!"

"You-can-be-such-bitch-sometimes-Renee.", Terri said as she climbed in the back seat.

Renee just laughed.

"They even argue with each other?! COOL!!!", Gerald thought as he started the car and drove off.

About half way home Renee said, "Gerald, what-are-we-going-to-do-when-we-get-home?"

Gerald put his hand on her knee and said, "Oh... I'm sure we'll think of something......"