A Stiff Penalty

By Dmuk

Angela loved to shop for lingerie - it was one of her secret vices. There was something about slipping into one of those intimate garments that always fascinated her. Whether it was a frilly baby-doll nightie, a smooth, silky slip, or a barely-there G-string; anything sheer and form-fitting always turned her on. Of all the stores she had ever visited, she enjoyed the lingerie shops best. There were always concealed rooms where she could try the costumes on (no-one shrugged down to skivvies in the open) and the clerks were usually too few in number or too preoccupied to bother her while she exhaustively narrowed down to one preferred. This usually took a long time - there were so many favorites to choose from.

She always chose carefully; Angela was not what anyone would call an 'impulse buyer.' In fact she was hardly ever any kind of buyer at all - not to put too fine a point on it - Angela was a thief. At first it had been the excitement and fear of being found out that drew her into shoplifting. That and the pressure from her friends who used to hang out at the mall. They were always egging her on to bigger and more obvious thefts, hoping she would get caught. But Angie never did; she was good at it. She knew it too. So she kept on taking things even after those friends had drifted away. Now she had a job, which paid a respectable wage, and her own apartment on the edge of the suburbs. There was no reason for her to steal anything, but Angela still did because she knew she could do it anytime she wanted. What began as fear and an adrenaline rush had become the satisfaction of a task well done. Reflecting on her current ensemble, Angela could not think of anything she was wearing that had not been 'liberated.' From her golden hair clip to her black patent-leather pumps - even her panty hose - everything she wore had been stolen. She began to think that maybe it was time to add to her wardrobe. Today.

Walking along, Angela passed shop after shop, unconsciously sizing them up for a visit. She didn't really need anything but the lingerie store caught her eye; they always did. This one was on the outskirts of the main shopping area as well as at the boundary of the 'respectable' areas of the city. Beyond lay that no-mans-land where crime had become merely another way to get by and nearly anything could be had for some price. Calling it a 'lingerie shop' was a kindness; a more conservative person would have probably called it a 'sex shop' and been pretty much on the money.

The skimpy garments were displayed on racks that left a lot to the imagination and a pair of underdressed mannequins that left nothing to the imagination. The floor of the show window was covered with sexual toys and paraphernalia; dildos, capes, gloves, along with various items crafted in leather including a selection of whips. Unlike a lot of businesses in this part of town, though, this enterprise seemed to be trying to improve. The trim work had been freshly painted and the lighting seemed new. Inside, the sensuous wares were nicely displayed and the place had a very 'upscale' ambiance to it. Brilliant halogen spotlights shone on an entire wall of lingerie, making the satin and silk shine like the lining of a cloud. There was a large selection. Plus, their lingerie looked to be first-rate, from the street. There was only one way to find out for sure, and so Angela strolled into the store.

As she wandered from rack to rack, her practiced eye and avaricious mind began making notes. She saw the security camera that scanned the doorway and an oddly-placed mirror on the back wall that was probably one-way glass. There were only two clerks; a girl and a thiryish man and both were busy with another customer, a rather expensive-looking lady who may have been a high-ticket 'escort.' Angela had lingered in the store long enough that the younger salesperson detached herself from the conversation and approached.

"Can I help you?" She began, "I'm Peggy. Do you have any questions?"

"Yes," Angela quickly looked around as if unsure of what she wanted - this also gave her another chance to check for cameras or theft-prevention devices. Something caught her eye in a wall display that would do as a distraction. "The gold teddie there, does it come in any other colors?"

"We have it in silver and copper and of course black," she responded almost instantly. "They're on this rack. Go ahead and try one on if you like." An open invitation.

"Why, thank you," Angela smiled, "it's sometimes hard to find things that fit me properly…" The last statement was true; her figure was unusually proportioned. Angela had fairly wide hips but a narrow waist and slim legs; almost all her non-stretch trousers had been altered to fit properly. Her upper torso was normal and she possessed average-sized breasts. Several male acquaintances had suggested she get implants and if Angela had been able to figure out how to light-finger a boob job she would have done it. "Sometimes it feels like I have a size four top and a size eight bottom!"

The salesperson nodded. "In that case you might want to consider one of our spandex items?" She indicated another rack toward the rear of the store. "We have an excellent selection of Lycra. Also, if you need to choose different sizes for a two-piece outfit that can be arranged too. At Fantasies we pride ourselves on service!" The salesperson hovered, waiting.

"A first class idea. Let me browse a little just now. I'll ask if I need anything more." Angela wanted to be alone.

"OK, then - don't hesitate," The young clerk seemed at a loss to leave her customer and seemed like she was going to stay, but the male clerk was motioning for her to come back to the counter. With a parting smile, she left Angela to herself.

Taking her time, Angela scanned all the racks of lingerie. Occasionally taking out a garment and holding it up to her body, she collected several items to try on. Only she knew that one of them was not going back on the rack. With both clerks still tied up with the lady at the counter, Angel found the changing room and slipped inside. She was sure neither of them had seen which or how many hangers she carried. Inside, she closed the door and checked for cameras; there were none to be seen. Just to be sure she hung one of her choices, a robe, up on the mirror that effectively blocked off any view from the other side.

Slipping out of her outer attire and then her undergarments, Angela soon was completely unclothed. For a moment, she gazed at her reflection in the mirror and decided she liked what she saw but resolved to put in a few more hours in the sun before venturing out onto any public beach. Angela loved to try on lingerie, and so she lingered on each piece. Every one had a slightly different feel to it; from the cool whisper of the spandex teddy (she had chosen the copper one) that warmed up the instant it touched her skin to the starched curves of a lacy push-up bra and panty set. She took a minute or two in each one, stretching, turning, savoring the way the garments made her body feel. Occasionally she would touch herself, imagining it was Keith or Jay or someone she had not yet met who was caressing her so intimately. Angie resolved that her next boyfriend would be as turned on by fine lingerie as she was. He would touch her here and there and especially down there! She realized she was getting aroused enough that a moment more and she would have to put the panties back on the rack damp. Her fanciful appraisal was starting to take a long time, but the clerks left her alone and so she had plenty of opportunity to make her choice. It was difficult to pick just one outfit - but she had to.

The final decision was mostly made for practical reasons; whatever she wore would have to be fully hidden by her own clothes. So the teddy was impossible (for now) and so was the enhancer bra because she didn't want to emerge looking like Dolly Parton. Her choice was a simple Lycra support bra and bikini-panty combination that fit incredibly well, almost like a second skin. Plus the light silvery color was almost the same shade as her pale skin. Angela looked over the lingerie carefully, checking for hidden tags that might trigger a detector. Sure enough, each item had a tiny white capsule attached to the back of the price tag. With a shrug, she tore the tags away and hid them under the cushion of the seat. Pulling the tight fabric up over her hips again, she resisted the temptation to touch herself again - the salespeople might think she had died in her as it was. With the bra in place, she put on her original undergarments and was pleased to see they covered her new acquisitions perfectly. On went the blouse and pantyhose, then the leather mini-skirt and cinch belt. Slipping into her shoes, Angela looked around to see if there was any sign of the purloined garment; there was nothing. Smiling only to herself, she thought (Damn, I'm good!) Checking her appearance in the mirror, she could see no sign that she was wearing another layer of clothing. After composing her thoughts, primping her hairdo, and choosing a suitably convincing reason for not purchasing anything, she unlatched the door and returned to the main store.

Her effort now was to remain nonchalant (there is nothing wrong, nothing unusual here) as she returned the garments to the racks from which they had come. The older salesperson was not around, but the younger one saw what Angela was doing and came over to her. Had she suspected anything?

"Hey, you don't have to re-rack stuff; I'll do it for you." She seemed very upbeat, perky. "Did you find something you liked?"

"No, sorry" she said. (You'll never know the truth) she thought.

The girl looked sad. "Too bad - well, we get new shipments in all the time. Try back next week, won't you? Or if you have a particular item or style you want, leave your number and we'll give you a call when something like it comes in."

"That's all right," Angela was moving towards the door, nonchalantly, "I work around here so it's no trouble to stop in."

"OK, then. See you around." The salesperson gave her a perky smile.

"Bye!" Angela had reached the door. She was almost clear. She stepped over the threshold…


A metallic chime sounded, followed by an equally synthetic if slightly nasal voice: "Stop! You have activated our inventory control system. Please wait for a representative to assist you."

Angela stood frozen in place, her foot just touching the sidewalk outside. Not from fear, though the loud alarm was enough to make her jump out of her skin, but because she could not do anything else. She remained totally motionless, rooted to the spot.

Her mind raced. (Oh, shit, what am I going to do!? - I never saw any detector - I can tell them this is some kind of mistake) She turned to respond and only then realized that wasn't able to turn, or speak. It was as if her body had become disconnected from her brain. She could still feel her weight on the tip of one shoe and the slight breeze from the air-conditioned interior which ruffled her hair. She could see her upraised arm, stopped in the middle of a wave. She knew there was the beginning of a smile of victory fixed on her face. Angela was completely aware but paralyzed, unable to DO anything but stand in place like a dummy.

"Please wait; a representative will assist you." The nasal voice came from a box on the wall.

(I am waiting you mechanical dolt!) She thought, wondering how long she would be stuck there. The announcement repeated.

Suddenly the young salesperson was in front of her, looking at Angela's blank stare. "Oh, WOW!" was all she said. After walking around the motionless figure and waving her hand in front of Angela's face, she finally came to her senses and called back into the store, "Hey, Tommy, come here quick! Uncle Emmett's gadget caught someone. Oh, and bring the control!"

A short time later the man appeared, holding what looked like a video recorder remote. "So this is our shoplifter?" he said to the girl. "She was in the changing room a long time…"

(I am cooked now) Angela thought, (how can I ever talk my way out of this?)

"You don't know that. I helped her out and she was really nice. The detector may have, like, goofed up or something…"

"I don't think so, Peg,," the man replied, "it was really easy to set up. Just two loops of cable around the door frame, both attached to the control widget up there." He pointed to the book-sized gray box, where a green LED glowed. "It passed the self-test but it hasn't activated until now. Why now?" While he spoke he was patting her down. "She doesn't seem to have anything stuffed in her pockets. Or her handbag."

"Well, let her loose and we can ask her. Maybe there's a simple explanation for all this?"

(Yes, let me go!) Angela thought, (nothing up my sleeves -- but don't look under my skirt) as she stared blankly ahead.

"You be ready to grab her if she makes a run for it - here goes." The man pressed one of the buttons and there was a terse 'peep' from the box on the wall. Angela remained motionless, unblinking. He pressed it again and was rewarded with another 'peep'. "Rats! There's a little number that popped up when I did that. Sixty-one. You know what that means, Peg?" A succession of peeps followed as he tried some of the other buttons. "I don't."

"Remember, he's your uncle, the gadget fiend!" the younger girl teased. "I'll go get the instruction book from in back."

"No, wait! We can't just leave this lady here. Someone might come in." He moved in front of Angela. "Let's take her back there first. There's another loop set up in the storeroom too. Ready to hold up your end?" He called to the girl.

(NO! I don't like this) Angela pleaded, silently.

"Why do I get the… Ooof!" Peggy exclaimed just as the man tipped Angela's rigid body backward. She did not seem to bend much at all but stayed in position. While the girl held Angela's shoulders he picked up her ankles and together they carried the paralyzed woman into the storeroom. Even when horizontal she stayed stiff and inflexible, arms and legs held exactly as before.

(I've got a really bad feeling about this) she thought as she watched the ceiling lights pass in front of her eyes. (Don't drop me!)

They set Angela back upright between what looked like a door frame standing in the middle of the open area. There was another box attached to the top of the portal.

"Let's see how this works now," the man said as he pressed the button. Instead of the 'peep' there was a happier 'blip' sound.

Angela blinked and realized she could move again. By now, fear had given way to anger. "WHA…." She began to say.

POIING!! "Stop! You have activated our inventory control system. Please wait for a representative to assist you."

(What? Again!) she thought, having turned stiff as a board once more. In the second or so she was mobile her arm lowered a few inches but now her mouth was stuck open in mid-phrase.

"Humm, that's strange," the man said. That was supposed to be a manual release. "But it activated again?"

"Trust Uncle Emmett to give us something that is, like, totally flaky. Bummer."

(Bummer? I'm stuck here like a cigar-store dummy and all you can say is 'bummer'! Airhead…)

"There must be some reason… Of course!" He smiled. "If the trigger went off out there, and here too, she must still be carrying something that sets the detector off. How do we find out what, though? Strip her?"

"That's one way, cousin. For sure she isn't going anywhere until we find out." The girl began to unbutton Angela's blouse.

(Hey, wait a minute, kid) Angela felt the girl's hands moving across her body; pulling a sleeve here, undoing a zipper there while all the while she was unable to lift a finger to resist - or lift a finger to do anything else.

The man was paging through a tiny book, reading, not seeing what Peggy was up to. He muttered, "Wait a minute, Peg, there's an override mode, and a partial mode and…" he looked up. "I said wait!"

(Yes, listen to him)

The girl had just finished removing Angela's plain bra, exposing the silvery spandex underneath. "Well, look at this." She pointed out the lingerie. "One of our VS overstocks. We got those in just last week."

"Now I remember!" The man said, slapping his forehead. "Emmett told me the detector picks up what he called a micro-thread tag that gets put into a garment when it is sewn. They dissolve the first time you wash it. This batch of lingerie must have been activated before we got them and of course we never ran it across the magnetic plate. She must have taken these, for sure."

"I guess I can't tell a thief by the way she acts!" She poked a finger at the immobilized Angela before pulling down her hose and outer panty layer. The paralyzed shoplifter was now almost completely undressed and stood amidst a pile of clothes. "She stole the matching panties too - how cheeky!"

"Yes, I can see." He seemed to be taking more than a casual interest in Angela's curvaceous figure; the support bra had done a marvelous job of creating a pleasing contour out of her modest breasts. In a way, he thought, it was too bad she was going to jail. "I found a partial release setting here. Stand back, I want to try it." He pressed another button and there was another 'blip' sound, but no other effect. He pressed it again and Angela blinked, but remained voiceless. Again; and she was now able to close her mouth. Once more should do it.

"Wha-t…did…you…do…?" Angela's words came out slowly, almost mechanically.

"I'll ask the questions, if you please, young lady. What is your name?"


"Why did you take those undergarments? If you had asked before, we might have let you keep them as a sample."

"Bee…caus…wan…ted…to…….First…time… cau…ght…..me"

"Yes we did, and now you'll be arrested. It doesn't make any sense to me." The man walked around the spot where she stood, looking at her oddly, trying to grasp her motives. "You are a very pretty woman - why throw that all away?"


"Such a foolish thing to do…" He pressed the other button to strengthen the field and Angela became mute and still once more.

"You know, Tom, I was sitting back and thinking." Peggy offered, "Maybe there is another way for Angel here to pay us back for what she stole…" She walked slowly over to a shelf and picked out a leather cat-O-nine-tails and length of thick nylon rope. Returning to stand in front of Angela, she slapped the whip idly against her leg.

(Huh? I don't like the looks of this. Shit) Angela thought

"What do you mean, Peg?"

"Well, you just said you thought she was pretty; I agree. And you're holding a gadget that can make her stay immobile for a long time."

"Right, twice." He glanced at his cousin, then at Angela. "So? I still don't follow you."

"Remember back at Halloween we went to a party where they were doing that mime thing? Like statues?"

"Vogueing, it's called. I didn't know you noticed."

"I was kind of embarrassed, at the time, to say anything. That was kind of our first time out together. But I liked it, a lot."


"Uh-huh. Almost as much as the fun we had in the dungeon that night. Now your crazy uncle has given us a gadget that lets us turn anyone into a vogued model. Like her…" Peggy walked up to the motionless Angela and started to caress one breast lightly. "I think Angie here is going to be our new display mannequin!"

(Nooo! Not frozen like this…)

"Who's the mad scientist in the family now? Emmett's invention apprehends shoplifters. Period. He never meant it to be used like that, running for a long time."

"Maybe he did too - you know how he over-engineers stuff. Besides, it's better than… the Alternative" As she said the last words she turned so Angela could not see and gave him a broad wink which was their signal for 'Play along with me.'

"Alternative? Not that!" He looked at her as if she had confessed to being an axe-murderer.

"Yeah. You know how long it's been since we had a really good scene?" She was pacing in front of Angela, swinging the whip. "Three months at least. Remember that co-ed student? Too bad we had to get rid of her body afterward."

"A pity, true." He turned to hide a smirk; there had been no co-ed student in reality.

"Look, she's almost helpless now anyway. Relax the field a little bit and I can tie her hands up easily. Then we can carry her downstairs (the shop had no basement.) It's getting on closing time anyway."

(This is even worse - oh please, no - not into some dungeon)

"All right, let's do it!" This time it was he that winked back. He stepped out of Angela's vision.

"On the other had, we really DO need another display figure. She's so pretty - it would be a shame to waste such beauty." The girl was standing only about a foot from Angela's rigid face, slapping the whip into her hand. "What's it going to be, doll face? Are you going to exhibit this lash for us, or would you rather feel its bite instead?" She punctuated the question with a final, sharp blow with the whip in her palm.

"I think you're crazy, Peg, but I'm willing to give her a choice." He 'blip'ed the control down until she could speak again. "Angela, I know you've heard what everything we have been talking about. Here's the deal: Three weeks working for us, gratis, and we'll forget that unfortunate incident of a few minutes ago ever happened. Otherwise, I call the police right now. Understand?"

Angela was dumbstruck. All this time she had feared the worst, going to jail and getting a criminal record. Now there was a way out! It was a really strange way, but it was a way. Her decision was a foregone conclusion. "O…K………I….do….it." She was already thinking what she would tell her boss - a death in the family perhaps.

"You heard the lady, Peg, you've got a model. Now you have to decide how to dress and pose her!" He liked the idea as well.

"Hand me the control and which way is down and which up?" She said. He pointed out the buttons. A few blips later Angela was flexible enough that she could be moved but not enough she could move on her own. This level allowed her to be posed, and gave her enough freedom to speak almost normally.

"Er, what kind of lingerie do you want me to display for you?" Angela was hoping she could talk Peggy into having her wear the lace bustier and garters that had been her second choice.

"That's for me to decide, Angela. Your job for the next few weeks is to be quiet and very, very still. Hands out at your sides!"

Angela was startled by the sudden domineering change in Peggy's demeanor, but before she could say anything more there was a quick 'blip-blip-blip-blip' which silenced any response. She stared out into space, looking as if she were at attention.

Peggy then removed what remained of Angela's undergarments and returned in a few minutes with a black leather bra with chrome studs and a similarly constructed G-string. Both of these were smaller than Angela's normal sizes and fit extremely tightly, especially the bra; which created an impressive cleavage. The G-string had some studs on the inside, too, that pressed against her vagina in a very stimulating way. Of course the amount of stroking that Peggy did while making sure it was correctly fitted pushed her even closer to a impromptu orgasm. Next came long silky black opera gloves that covered Angela's arms past her elbows. Instead of pantyhose, Peggy substituted elastic-topped fishnet stockings that clung to Angela's slim legs without garters.

All through the dressing Angela had remained stiff and rigid, almost a living Barbie Doll to be costumed. Now for the final posing Peggy relaxed the field and allowed her 'model' to move enough to exchange her street pumps for new ones with 5" heels. She was guiding her subject into the pose she had chosen when Tom returned, carrying a few accessories. Clearly his intentions for her pose were different than what Angela had originally imagined.

"I don't think…" Angela began. 'blip-blip-blip' …she never finished.

"Perhaps Peg did not tell you, but your role is not a speaking part. Please remain quiet while we finish the preparation, otherwise the police will find you delivered on their doorstep wrapped up like a Christmas present…

Angela stayed silent after that even as she was guided into the chosen display pose; taking a step, turned slightly to one side, grasping the whip with one hand, arm raised as if to strike. Her other hand was angled out to her side, fingers open, giving a graceful balanced sweep to her stance. A rhinestone choker necklace had been added to her costume, alone with chain bracelets and hoop earrings.

During this time, the detention field was at a setting that allowed external movement only and Peggy was supplying that; holding Angela's free hand with hers and stroking Angela's studded G-string lightly with it. For some reason the sensation was exceptionally erotic, Once more Angie was at the brink of ecstasy when Peggy interrupted the stimulation to whisper into her ear. "Think how close your own hand is to your clit now, how simple it would normally be to touch yourself just once more and achieve climax. But that's as close as you will get for the next few weeks. So very close but never able to finish that last caress. Sweet Dreams!"

Peggy pushed the button over and over again. There were more 'blip's than Angela could count; with each one her body became stiffer and stiffer. Past the original detention strength of the field, now she could barely breathe and felt almost brittle. It even seemed like her vision and hearing were affected; the outside world was hazy as if viewed through layers of plastic.

(Hmm. This isn't so bad… just not a whole lot to do…) Angela thought. Thinking appeared to take an effort too.

"You're maxed out, Peg!" The man cautioned her, "Emmett never said if there were any side effects…"

"Relax, cousin. I only want to make sure she does not get mistaken for a live person when we put her into our window with the other mannequins..."


"I don't think you have to worry about that!" He walked up to the frozen model and tapped her on the cheek. Even her skin was hard as plastic. She was solid. "I wonder if she's OK?" There was no outward sign that Angela was anything other than an artfully crafted, extremely realistic, sculpture.

"There are only a couple of makeup items to do and then she will be ready. Help me carry her again, please, Tommy?"

"OK, but I think she would look better on the display floor, perhaps over by the counter?"

"Right. You're right; let's do that first."

(Whew - I'm not sure I would have wanted to be in the open so much)

Peggy applied heavy eyeliner and blusher to Angela's face and affixed long false eyelashes. Her lips were coated with a glossy shade that looked moist even when it was dry. Her hairdo was lacquered into place with styling spray. At last, Angela was ready.

Together they moved her into position and shifted the display items around so she looked natural as a mannequin. There were even price tags attached to each of the articles she modeled. For the next few weeks Angela was only another display figure. Neither Peggy nor Tom ever spoke to her or made eye contact, at least during the workday.

After the first hours, Angela became resigned to being merely a statue and fell into a sort of daydream, losing track of time and awareness unless something changed; a movement in front of her eyes or a different sound. She started to think back, trying to recall what she had done wrong to wind up in this predicament, but never got very far before drifting off again. Concentrating on something like the position of a shadow or a parked car did not help either. In what seemed like a blink (though of course her glassy eyes never actually wavered) the shadow had moved or the car had disappeared. Though she had difficulty recalling previous times, it seemed that her mind was turning passive. She was becoming a mannequin in more than simply appearance.

Some time later, Angela noticed Peggy standing in front of her and had no idea how long she had been there. It was dark outside; the shop was probably closed for the night. The salesgirl was talking to her rather than simply ignoring her as she had earlier.

"…e…doing today, my lovely mannequin? How did you like your first few days here at Fantasies? We certainly like having you around to brighten up the place…"

(What? Few days? Days - what's going on? Why did…)

"…gratitude, I wanted to bring you a little joy in return. Just a little, you understand. Tommy doesn't know about this, so don't say a word! Hee hee; as if you could!" Peggy began caressing Angela's stiff body again. Strangely her sense of touch had not been numbed - if anything it was heightened by her motionlessness. Soon she was at the brink of orgasm again when the girl suddenly stopped. "Enough for now; I hear him returning. Later, Angie." Then, surprisingly, she kissed Angela on the lips.

(Don't….don't stop….come back…..come…)

Now it was the man who was there; the girl had seemed to just vanish. It was night again -- or still the same night -- and his hands were already on her hardened breasts, fondling their firm roundness. Angela remained aroused from the stroking by Peg before; it had seemed only seconds ago. It did not take her long to reach the climax of ecstasy.

(Ah-AH-aHHHeeee--!!!!-ummmmmmmmm…) Angela felt like she had touched heaven but did not move a millimeter.

"…are you thinking about right now, Angela? It's been almost a week and I couldn't ignore you all that…."

(OHHhhhhhhhh……….. ) The fireworks in her mind and body had calmed for now. Angela felt so relaxed…

"….s feel sorry for you, standing there. You are gorgeous, Angie, and it turns me on to see you immobilized like this." He was talking to her in a whisper; he glanced around before continuing. "Peg knows a little bit about me already. But not this part. Going to that vogue party was my idea, and so was planting the idea in my crazy uncle's mind to build this detention field gizmo." He looked around once more before confiding a secret to the mannequin. "You know, I would give almost anything to see Peg frozen like you are now. She almost did it, back at that party, and I was so turned on by her. But I don't know how to suggest it."

(Try……asking….her) Angela basked in a bath of pleasure. It all seemed like a dream to her, even this conversation

"...soon. Until then, lovely lady, I'll be back again to see you." He embraced the frozen girl, drawing her so close to him that she thought she might fall over. He kissed her solid lips fervently, running his hand along the smooth curve of her back. Releasing her so she wobbled back into place, Tommy was gone before Angela had even noticed. The next 'moment' to her it was daytime and there was a customer looking intently at the whip she held upraised in her motionless hand. Then she disappeared too. Time passed.

When Angela next became aware of something happening, both the girl and the man were changing her costume. It seemed like they had been working for a while because she felt naked and realized she was. Her leather bra was draped on the counter, along with the whip. From the way her view jiggled and the feel of hands on her legs she guessed (correctly) that they were swapping her stockings and panties. She felt a tickling sensation as something soft and stretchy was pulled up over her hips; a garter belt perhaps. Every time she was touched now it aroused her, and whoever was attaching the garters rested their hand on her crotch.

Peggy, the salesgirl, straightened up in front of Angela, a sly smile on her face. "How are you enjoying your confinement, Angie? It's been almost two weeks and we thought you might like to model something different for a while." She held up the lacy white bra so the mannequin's fixed eyes could see it. "These were in the lingerie you had picked out before we - ah - detained you. I thought you might want to show them off for our paying customers."


"Talking to the mannequin again, Peg?" Tommy's voice sounded from behind her. The girl jumped slightly.

"You know she can hear us. I was just passing the time. Help me clip this bra strap?" She fitted the cups of the push-up bra over Angela's rigid breasts, giving her another dose of erotic stimulation. This garment seemed to rub up against her nipples more than the smooth leather had. Angela felt the fabric stretch across her back and the warm sure hands of he man as he fastened the snap.

"Wow, that really fills out her figure!" He said as he moved to face her. "Almost too much, in a way; she looks top-heavy now."

"Just the way you like 'em, I know." Peggy was fitting lace wristlets to Angela's arms as she spoke. It seemed like this time she would not be holding anything.

"Hey, I never said that." He was making sure the garter belt and satin panties were placed naturally at her waist, a task he performed very diligently as he avoided eye contact with his cousin.

"But I saw you leering at her. Or is it because she's a statue, maybe?"

"Let's talk about this later. We have to open soon, so let's finish up with this display figure now." He avoided saying her name.

Angela felt herself being lifted up and moved into a slightly different location in the store, so her view gazed farther towards the window. Looking past the mannequins there, she could see more of the street and the passersby. It was something different and for a few minutes Angela watched the people strolling by and occasionally stopping to glance into the window. Eventually, she became used to it; while trying to remember the conversation she had just heard her consciousness blurred again.

"…lly far out! This mannequin looks just like Angel - come and see!"

Angela recognized one of her chums from the mall days. She had different-colored hair and wore a tailored pantsuit instead of the jeans from back then, but it was her. (Suzanne - so nice… to see you….. Unfortunately…. cannot greet…. you properly…) Another woman edged into Angela's vision; it was another of her old friends, Mary Walkup, who gazed critically at her stiff figure.

"No way, Suzanne. You're dreaming."

"But it looks just like her! It is her…"

"She was never this pretty. Remember, her ankles were always so thick? Her tush is bigger too."

(Gee, thanks, Mary….do you still…. pick your nose?…. Meow…)

"Maybe. You have to admit it looks a lot like her." Suzanne came up very close to the frozen girl, close enough to gaze deep into her blank eyes. The detail in the pupils was incredible; the face too. She waved her hand in front of that empty stare but got no reaction.

(Boo!) Angela thought. Suzanne would have jumped out of her shoes if a mannequin had spoken to her.

"It's been quite a few years. Possibly she modeled for a figure sometime ago. You know she liked that artist…"

(No…. modeled this…. Last week….)

"Ken Graves. Yeah. There was a cute guy. Wonder what ever happened to him?"

"I heard he was gay." Mary was looking through the racks and picked out a flaming red corset to hold up for her girlfriend to see. "He could be bi - why don't you wear this for him and see?" Suzanne had always been the whimsical one.

She took it and smoothed it over her figure; the satin looked strange in contrast with the beige fabric. "You think so?"

"Naw. But you'll have better luck with your husband…"

"Hmm. What do you think, Angel?"

(Looks good… on you….)

"Suzanne, that's a mannequin. See?" Mary tapped her nail against Angela's hardened breast, producing a hard 'click-tick-tick'. She rapped her knuckles on the frozen cheek. "She's only plastic, nothing more."

(Fooled … you)

"I can make believe, can't I? I liked Angela back then. It's too bad we lost touch."

"Forget her. Buy that bustier if your going to; I've got to pick up some patterned hose before we waste our entire lunch hour window shopping." Mary walked off , and Suzanne followed her. She put the red lingerie back on the rack.

(Too bad…. Would…have……looked…perfect….for...you) Angela caught a glimpse of them walking away, still arguing, before her concentration slipped back into nothingness.

Night time. Quiet and dark. Angela saw Tommy facing her, drawing back as if he had just kissed her. His hands were still on her waist and shoulder. His very touch was exciting to her and she awaited the more intense caresses which she hoped would follow.

"Hello, there, lovely lady." He smiled and looked deep into her glassy eyes. "It's time…"

(Time….for…what) Angela replied, though her lips remained unmoving.

It was as if he read her mind. "Time to release you, Angie. It's been a little over three weeks. I spoke to uncle Emmett yesterday and he said anything longer might be dangerous. Besides, I think you've served out your penalty. Even if I do like you this way." He kissed her again, then placed both hands around her waist and lifted Angela up. Heading towards the back storeroom, one of her hands caught on a garment and had to be carefully untangled. He stood her up between the loops of the detention field and, after one last look at her frozen as a mannequin, pressed the button. 'Blip'

Angela felt as if a weight had been lifted from her chest as the detention field disappeared and she found she could move again. Taking a few deep breaths to calm herself, she stepped out from between the frame, a bit unsteady on her feet.

"Thanks, Tommy." She walked in a circle, feeling her muscles stretch. It felt odd to be moving once more. "I kind of lost track of time for a while. It's strange being held stock-still - seems like only a few hours, really." Angela bent over to flex her body, only then realizing she still wore the garter belt and hose. Her shoes were off-white high heels; a good choice for this style outfit. She wondered when she would stop thinking about how things looked when she modeled them. She was no longer a mannequin.

The man held out some silvery lingerie to her. "You can keep these, now. Figure you kind of earned them."

"Where can I change?"

"Here. It's not like I haven't seen you naked or anything. Or, there's always the fitting rooms out front."

"I think that would be better, somehow. Are those the rest of my clothes on the shelf?" He nodded and she picked them up on the way out. Something was different though; something missing. Or someone. "Where's Peggy?" Angela asked.

"Oh, around."

On her way up to the changing room, she was glad the lights were off since she hadn't thought to cover herself with a robe or anything. There was someone standing in shadow outside in front of the display window, looking in. Had he seen her? No; he seemed to be paying attention to the mannequins. Suddenly there was a bright flash; Angela realized he was taking pictures of them. Quickly, she slipped into the changing room and latched the door. By chance it was the same stall where she had put these same garments on, weeks ago. For a second she wondered if Tommy had remembered to run them over the canceling plate. If not, her freedom was going to be cut short. Angela dressed quickly, placing the lacy ensemble on the seat. She had put in her time here; someone else could re-rack these goods. (Still, they felt so sexy on me. Well, maybe next time)

The prowling photographer was no longer out there when she emerged to say good-bye to Tommy. It was strange, she reflected, she didn't really know these people at all, yet they had confided things to her when she was immobilized and mute. Private things.

A new addition caught her eye, another mannequin standing in 'her' spot by the counter. The figure was dressed in a tight leather jumpsuit which fit her like a coat of paint A large silver zipper in front was pulled partially down, forming a provocative 'V' that displayed her small breasts nicely. Spike-heeled go-go boots reached to mid-calf, blending almost perfectly with subtle sheen of the garment. Angela approached quite closely before she discovered the new mannequin was Peggy!

She looked quite happy standing there. Her posed arms and stance reflected careful attention to detail and she held a slight smile frozen on her face. Her full display makeup was much more elaborate than Angela's. This had been no accident; Tommy must have finally got the nerve up to tell her his deepest desire and she must have been brave enough to take him up on his proposal. Angela wondered who had picked out the slinky costume; the black leather complemented her alabaster skin and chestnut hair nicely. It was very attractive on her lithe, slim-waisted physique and looked like something she might have chosen herself.

Angela knew Peggy could see her too; there was something she had to do. Payback.

"Peggy, dear. My, you look so beautiful -- and so permanent -- standing there." Angela said, placing the palms her hands flat on the firm mounds of her breasts, then cupping them. The hard buttons of Peggy's nipples pressed against the tight material; it was clear she was aroused before she had been mannequinized. Slowly running her fingertips over each breast, Angela traced out a light circle around each raised bump.

There was no reaction whatsoever, but Angela knew the petting was sending waves of sensual energy coursing through the motionless girl's body, as it had through hers.

"Hmm, let's give the customers a better look at you." She grasped the silver loop of the zipper and pulled it slowly downward, exposing more of Peggy's torso and cleavage, until her navel could easily be seen. Half of each breast was visible and the aureoles peeked out at the edges of the tight leather. "That's much better!" Then Angela slid one hand downward, stroking Peggy from her throat all the way to the smooth cool calfskin covering the figure's crotch. Her totally immobilized body felt solid, rigid (God, was I this stiff too?) but Angela could feel the slight springiness of Peg's pubic mound inside the supple leather covering and the hint of a warm dampness deeper within.

She purred at the frozen girl as she continued to caress, whispering "Does this feel goood? Yes, I know it does." She stopped, abruptly. "That's all for now, love; maybe Tommy will come by later to finish the job!" Angela turned and walked away, knowing that Peg was probably poised on the brink of her own motionless climax. Now she could wait.

In the storeroom, Tommy looked up to see Angela return from out front, a sly smile on her face. He held out a cup of liquid to her. "Want something to drink? My uncle says you get dried out standing still."

"Thanks." She sipped quietly. "I see you had a chance to talk to Peggy..."

He glanced at her; surprised at first, then relieved. "Yes -- doesn't she look stunning!"

"Uh huh. She looks like a natural, uh, mannequin." Now it was Angela's turn to feel uncomfortable.

"I couldn't believe it. I knew she liked being tied up, and leather and stuff, but never knew she'd try this."

He refilled her water cup, brought it back. "During the day, she couldn't keep her eyes off your figure as it stood there. A couple of times I even saw her touch your face."

"Oh. My memory is kind of, er, hazy." Angela looked at him and smiled "I remember you, though."

The blush traded places again. "Yes, well..."

"I didn't mind. You were very sweet."

"Ah. Well, anyway, when I told Peg my crazy idea she jumped at it. Then she couldn't think about anything else. She must have spent three hours getting herself ready, then fiddled with her pose for another fifteen minutes. I finally 'blip'ed her down just to keep her quiet. I think maybe she was waiting for that..." He looked over toward the front room, recalling some unfinished business. Angela understood.

"I've got to get going; it's probably late. Hadn't planned on staying here this long..." she said.

"Yeah. Next time, don't forget to pay for your purchase. Now you know we have a really stiff penalty for shoplifting."

Angela made a wry grin. "You can say that again!"

"But come back, anytime. I'll be happy to see you and I'm sure Peggy will have something to share."

"OK, good night."


She stepped towards the door, pulled it open. Once again she stood at the threshold, stepped over...
...and into the street. The bell on the door 'tinked' as Tommy shut and locked it. Looking into the window, she could see his shadow as he moved towards the mannequin figure that was his frozen cousin. Angela recalled the touch of his hands on her own recently stiff body and knew Peggy was one fortunate statue.

Walking along the quiet, deserted, street she thought about what it would take to put her life back together. The rent was probably OK, but she had no idea if she had a job anymore and where she would look for work if she had been fired. Her parents would believe whatever story she came up with, but all of her plants had probably died. And her refrigerator? Angela didn't even want to imagine that now.

All in all, she reflected, it was certainly a lot easier to be posed as a mannequin and not have to lift a finger.

She stopped for a moment. Took a deep breath. Then Angela started to think about what she was going to steal from Fantasies tomorrow, and the next day, and the next, until she could be caught again. . .