O quam contempta res est homo, nisi supra humana surrexerit! What a despicable thing is man, unless he rises above the human condition! - Lucius Annaeus Seneca c. 4 B.C. - A.D. 65

Galaxy Fashions had closed for the day, and Cathy and Nova were excited about their revelations. As they stood in the adjoining house built into Galaxy Fashions, they admired each other's construction and functionality of form.

"Nova, why don't you stay with me tonight?", Cathy offered, feeling a twinge of excitement at having another woman, especially one so sexy, stay with her. Thoughts of unrequitted sexuality began to form in her mind as she admired Nova's appearance.

Nova stood five feet and nine inches tall. Tall for most women though not amazonian by any means. Her looks could best be described as exotic. She had the body of a porn starlet and the face of an angel. Fiery red-blonde hair running down her back and nearly past her knees, framed Nova's beautiful face, though one small hank of hair constantly obscured her left eye. Softly-lit Sapphire blue eyes with a slight slant to them shone from the delicate features with a small and kissable mouth. Nova's body was muscled, but not heavily. Her form was lean, strong and athletic, but with full, ripe, round breasts.

Nova smiled at Cathy, "Uhm... I don't know. I..." Nova still had problems making her own mind up about things. Though she looked human, she was actually a very sophisticated machine. An android modeled in the likeness of a young woman. She was only a month old or so, but had the memories of her predecessor unit NVA-7. Those memories combined with her still-forming personality often made decisions about things difficult. And this was one of them.

Nova could sense the lust and desire in Cathy. Part of Nova's own programming was sexuality and she was fully capable of performing sexual feats. However, she was still unsure of herself. She'd never been to bed with a man, much less a sultry woman like Cathy.

Cathy was a looker. Her Raven-black hair shone in waves down her back and her body was generously full-figured and curvacious. Her own eyes were an ice-blue and they too had a slight luminescence to them. Small wonder since she too was an android.

Cathy liked being dominant. It was a trait that had helped her in business, back when she'd been human. Now that she was a sexy android, it made her feel even more powerful. She helped answer Nova's question by placing her lips against Nova's and inserting her tongue.

Cathy was surprised to find out that Nova's mouth was sweet and tasted of cherries. A brief thought came to her, I wonder what the rest of her tastes like? Cathy decided to find out as her arms and hands pulled Nova's breasts free from her tight outfit.

Nova felt helpless, as her sexual indexes began loading and making her aroused to this woman's touch. Had she truly been sickened or repulsed she could have overridden the programming, but why? Cathy was the first person to hold her, kiss her, and make her feel like a human since Jason...

Cathy had begun to tease and nibble at Nova's sensitive breasts and the ecstasy felt by her was too much. Indeed, the rest of Nova did taste like cherries. Nova began to reciprocate almost automatically, kissing teasing and fondling the other android with gentle caresses and loving touches. The two machines soon lay on the plush carpet completely nude. Licking, touching and caressing each other.

In a sense, both machines were completely virginal. Neither had been sexually used before this time, and Nova herself had a special seal in her sex that was designed to act like a maidenhead with all the same sensations.

Cathy went wild, reveling in her own mechanical body. Men had often been turned off by her business-like attitude and her sometimes cold demeanor that had earned her the nickname: Ice Queen on the internet. Now she was a beautiful young woman who would never age, or grow ill again. She had forever to rebuild her extensive fortunes and dally with whomever she wanted.

Nova held and loved Cathy, as she had always wanted to be held and loved by Jason. His death had made such a crushing impact on her life. After all, she had been custom designed for him. For his use, and he had rejected her, up until it was too late. What does a machine without purpose do?

The two androids lay in each other's embrace, kissing each other softly and touching each other's spent body. Nova was staring at the ceiling, trying to understand why she had let herself go so freely with Cathy. Had her loneliness driven her to such a state? Or perhaps her guilt over the deaths of Jason and Andromeda.

Cathy exulted in her new body's abilities. She had never experienced orgasms quite so wonderful, or as intense. Her body felt like it had just been electrified, and then softly wettened by morning mists. Cathy kept kissing and licking Nova's body, savoring her taste and trying to arouse her thinking companion. She was still hungry for more.


Outside of Galaxy Fashions, a figure moved stealthily along the roof. Quiet movements and cold temperment moved it to the upper floors. A flat-black catsuit blended the figure well into the dark night, as it stepped quietly along the roofing tiles to the upper floors.

Finding a locked window it produced a small cutting laser and silently burned a small hole into the glass. Just enough to fit a hand through and unlatch the lock. It slithered in through the opening and proceeded in a quiet, systematic search of each room, looking for computer terminals or documents.

Spying a hidden wall switch, it activated it and proceeded through a well-lit corridor and into Cathy's automated maintenance and programming area.

Upon noticing the computer here it sat down at the desk and opened the unit's access panel. The intruder unzipped it's tight-fitting flat-black catsuit and pulled up it's shirt to reveal a small and pretty pair of breasts.

The intruder moved a hand around a small rectangular opening that was appearing beneath her ribcage and opened a connection panel that was filled with wiring and circuitry. She unreeled a small wire from her panel and plugged into the terminal. Within seconds, she was manipulating data and searching files for the stolen information.


After another bout of sexual ecstasy, Nova got up and sat in one of the chairs arrayed in Cathy's spacious living room. She sat and thought about what this passion had felt like and what she would do now.

A warning sensor beeped in Cathy's field of vision. It was time for her nightly recharge and repair. Cathy smiled as she stood up, knowing that her mechanism would need to refill her lubrication reservoirs quite extensively.

"Nova? Would you like to accompany me to my maintenance salon?", enquired Cathy in sugary sweet tones, while kissing Nova's cheek.

Nova nodded quietly and followed the other android to the hidden facility. Inside the room, everything seemed quiet and in order. Cathy lay down on the mechanical bed and sighed quietly as the machine began to remove her paneling and checking her equipment.

Nova watched the machines with interest and looked at Cathy's delicate inner structure. Cathy's system architecture was somewhat similar to Nova's, but there were differences in certain components. Nova observed Cathy becoming aroused as the machines began to retune and relube her sex. Then she spotted it.

A figure silently glided out of range from the rear of the room, but Nova's powerful sensors detected the movements. She slid to block the intruder's escape, and was nearly hit by an incoming fist. Cathy lay helpless atop her machine, blissfully unaware of the potential danger now occuring.

The catsuited woman spun a high-kick with lightning speed at Nova's head, but Nova ducked beneath it and slammed her right fist into the woman's midsection sending her flying up and backwards at least 4 feet.

The woman regained her balance, and prepared a defensive stance when her programmed orders flashed through her system, "Do not engage the enemy, escape is more important". She spun and ran back toward the entrance to the salon, but was tackled by a pair of strong, yet lithe arms.

Nova pinned the woman and began pulling her catsuit off of her in such a way as to entangle her in it. The woman fought back fiercely and her strength was considerable, but faced with being pinned beneath Nova and wound up in the tight latex suit she was unable to gain balance or leverage to strike with any force.

Nova pulled the woman's face mask off to reveal short brown hair and a pretty, delicate face. Blue eyes shone fiercely from the cute brunette's head, and her pouty, soft little rosebud mouth was set in a grimace of determination. Her small body was petite and cute, having small breasts and a beautiful, porcelin white complexion. Her body was not built for strength, but for agility and speed.

Nova realized that the girl was an android, and reached over to her stomach area. The girl fought back with all her strength but Nova's superior training and programming allowed her to fight off the blows and press her hidden switch.

The girl's abdomen clicked open revealing her central circuitry and connections. Nova reached inside and her fingers located the switch on the android's fuel cell. She tapped the button, shutting her down and the girl went dead, the light in her blue eyes faded and she stared blankly up at the ceiling.

Nova sighed and got up off of the smaller android, as Cathy walked in after having her systems repaired.

"My, who's this? A friend of yours?", Cathy said with an honest smile as Nova looked at her in exasperation.


Genshin Takuma was at daily practice. His practice consisted of deep martial arts movements and kata, then afterwards a routine of striking a steel block set into the wall of his workout area, with over three-hundred repetitions. He was on his 235th repetition when one of his lieutenants arrived and broke him from his pace.

"Takuma-San! We have trouble!", the junior officer yelled.

Takuma looked irritated as he replied, "What is it?" He had now lost count and would have to start over again.

"We have lost contact with the android we sent to gather information on our missing data!", the junior officer cowered slightly, as Takuma turned slowly to him.

Takuma's irritation was noticable and a blood vessel on the side of his head began to pulsate and stand out from the stress, "Send a retreival team to the unit's last known location. There orders are, that if they cannot retrieve the unit, then have them destroy it".

"Hai Takuma-san!", bowed the junior man and he quickly left, fearing that Takuma might use him for his daily exercises.

Takuma glowered as he spat, "Damn machines. They're no god for this kind of work." He looked over at the female android who held his towels for him and massaged him after his work-out. He stalked over to her and struck her full-force in the chest, crushing her chassis, destroying her circuit boards, synthesizer and splintering metal.

The android sank to the ground with a rush of lubricant fluids running from it's mouth and the hole in her chest. She wore a shocked look on her pretty Asian face, as Takuma withdrew his fist. "No damn good for anything", he muttered as he grabbed a towel from the dead android and proceeded to the executive shower facility.


The dark-haired man pulled into Los Angeles. He could feel the prescence of the one he wanted here. Somewhere in this city. It was only a matter of time before he found her.

He felt a pang of hunger as he drove down the prostitue laden Pico Rivera Boulevard. He had not consumed for a day now, and was hungry again.

Driving up to an attractive blonde woman wearing a leather mini-skirt and mesh halter-top, he flashed an impeccable smile at her.

"May I see what you offer?", he spoke in a rich and melodic basso. The words flowed like honey on a hot summer's afternoon from his lips.

The prostitute smiled and obligingly lifted her skirt, revealing the soft mound of her sex and an inverted-triangular cut, patch of fur directly above it that seemed to point to her folds and say, "this is where it is" .

The dark-haired man flashed his vampiric smile and motioned for her to get in. The young woman slid onto the leather of the Jaguar's interior and the two drove off to sate their hungers.


Nova had placed the android girl on the operating table with her abdominal panel removed and the small panel above her sex where her manual controls and access point was located. The girl's power had been activated, and lights blinked in her open cavities, but her expression remained blank and staring vacantly.

Nova opened her own manual access panel and ran an optical cable from herself to the droid and interfaced with her. Nova closed her eyes as she sorted through NVX-3R's programming codes and system architecture. She began to reprogram unit 3R.

Cathy watched the two androids at communion and felt a sensation of arousal overcome her own mechanical systems. She reached into her panties and began to gently stroke and tease her artificial clitoris as she imagined the two machines together licking and caressing each other, with their panels opened and circuitry flashing. By the time Nova had finished reprogramming unit 3R, Cathy had reached her peak several times and her fingers were drenched with her own lubricant fluids.

Nova opened her thigh panel and removed a gleaming metal tool kit contained within it. removing a special welding tool she carefully examined 3R's processor. Upon locating a small circuit junction, she fused the circuits, thereby creating a special bridge within 3R's mind. The bridge that led to sentience.

Nova removed the cables and gently tapped 3R's reset switch, hidden behind a concealed panel at the back of her neck. She stood back as 3R's boot up sequence began and she emitted a stream of gibberish and start-up information. Cathy had wiped herself clean and came and stood next to Nova.

"So what did you do to her?", asked Cathy as she stood closely to the reprogrammed android.

"I gave her the gift of choice", said Nova quietly as she waited for 3R to finish her sequence.

3R blinked as her systems finished uploading and then turned and looked at Nova and Cathy, " name is Robin".

Bono vinci satius est quam malo iniuiam vincere. A good man would rather suffer defeat than defeat injustice by foul means. - C. Sallustius Crispus 86-35 B.C.