The Babysitter

by Paul G Jutras

The alarm went off and Samantha's pink manicured hands reached out from the covers to shut it off. With a yawn, a pair of slim legs made smooth from last night's shaving slipped out from the covers and set on the floor. There she flexed her matching polished toes and headed for her vanity to get dressed.

In a black and white knit top, black mini skirt, nude hose and black shoes with enough of a heel that forced her to almost walk like a ballet dancer on her toes, she headed for school.

"The year is almost over and one of you here will graduate this school at the head of your class," Sam's home room teacher said as he could not help but glance down at her shapely legs as she crossed them. "As of right now it looks like Sam Moons will be the one giving a speech at this year's graduation."

In the back room, a young man named Warren squeezed his pencil so hard that it snapped in two. The bell rang and he made a bee line for one of the hall's pay phones. "Mother, I think we need to have a talk."

Sam always walked home from school. Stepping into the supermarket to buy a new pair of pantyhose, some eyeliner, lipstick and nail polish remover, she stepped up to a dark-haired female cashier. "I love your nails," The cashier with the name tag of Amy said.

"Thanks, but my toes are what's cute on me." Sam said as she got her money out of her purse.

"Did you register your purse?" Amy asked.

"Register it?" Sam replied, looking confused.

"A card that comes inside the purse allows you to register it so it can be replaced if damage or stolen," Amy said. "It's such a cute one."

"You mean register it on-line, don't you?" Sam asked.

"Did you do that?" Amy asked.

"No," I didn't," Sam said as she moved, not wanting to hold up the long line any more than she had been doing. As the light at Main St. turned green, she sprinted across in her heels like a pro track star.

"Glad you're home, Sam." Her mother said with a smile as she set her favorite backpack before her child. "I got a call this afternoon. Mrs. Smith would like you to baby sit her son."

"Mom, I'm too old to baby sit," Sam complained.

"Graduation is almost here, dear," Her mother reminded her. "This will be the last time unless you have kids who give you grand kids to baby sit."

"Oh, all right." Sam sighed.

Sam got her school books and headed over to the Smith's house after dinner. Outside of her classmate, Warren, she didn't know the Smiths had any other kids. Not knowing what age they might be, she choose to hold off removing her nail polish until she got back home.

As she knocked on the door, Mrs. Smith gave a quick hello and fast goodbye as she grabbed her coat and rushed out to the car. Before Sam could say a word, Mrs. Smith was gone.

"Warren, you're here?" Sam asked confused. "I thought you would be gone while I babysat your little brother or sister."

"I don't have any brothers or sisters." Warren said. "It's embarrassing, but mom just refuses to believe I've grown up."

"Guess this will be easier than I thought." Sam said with some relief. "We can do our homework together."

"How about something to drink first," Warren asked, offering her a glass.

"Thanks." Sam said as she took a sip. She had just finished putting the glass down when she started to feel dizzy. Feeling unsteady in her heels, she took them off, only to have her feet slide out from under her. "I don't remember my stockings being so frictionless."

She also noticed she was feeling something else. She felt horny. "What's going on?" Sam started to panic as she got out of her skirt as quickly as she could and noticed the waist of her hose seemed to melt into her slip and form a seam. Seams also seem to run up along her body as her skin took on a shiny latex like look to it. The mesh in the nylon crotch changed to latex and her pussy blossomed out for anyone to enter her as did her other openings.

As Warren took off the rest of Sam's clothes and put them into a pile, they dissolved into thin air. "My mother is a witch and she wanted me to graduate head of the class with top marks. You're the only one standing in my way. Now you won't have to worry about grades or anything."

"What do you mean?" Sam thought as she found herself unable to speak. "What are you going to do to me?"

"The magic that altered reality and change you has made everyone forget that you ever existed as a living woman. That is why your clothes vanished. All you have to do is lay back, feel horny, and enjoy me fucking you." Warren said as he started what would be many years of pleasurable hell for the young woman.


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