Bachelorette After-Party

by ObjectifiedBeauty

Aimee’s bachelorette party started off just as many others do - an evening for dinner and drinks with some of her closest friends.  There were some of the usual shenanigans, but nothing out of the ordinary.  The bulk of the festivities were actually wrapped up by nightfall.  As they were settling the bill and bar tab, her best friends Laci and Brandi were ready to surprise her with their adventure for the night - a fun-looking introductory modeling session Laci had found while tasked with planning the night.  Aimee knew no specifics, only that something was planned.  While they no longer lived nearby, they knew Aimee extremely well, having been close friends since elementary school.  They had long known Aimee harbored a desire to model, but she never acted on it.  Her excuses progressed from initially her parents, to school, and now career.  Deep down, they knew the real reason was just simple bashfulness and a fear of failing.  But they also knew Aimee well enough that she wasn’t always averse to taking risks every once in a while, so maybe they could push her into finally giving modeling a shot.

When the three arrived at the appointment and the surprise was revealed, Aimee was as hesitant as expected but didn’t offer more than token resistance to the idea.  Once checked in, the three were given a brief tour of the facility and some of the modeling options available under the booked package.  When Laci had booked the appointment, she chose the single session package with the most options without fully understanding what it offered, only because she didn’t want to limit her friend’s options.  Aimee’s bashfulness returned as she expressed concerns about an option she was curious about,  but ultimately decided to go for it.  Her friends supported her decision and she soon after signed a contract.  The three were then led into a small studio where Aimee would try some trial poses and shoots to ensure she was comfortable with her decision.


Laci and Brandi woke up the following morning, groggy and hung over but with enough presence of mind to notice Aimee’s absence.  After a fair bit of searching the hotel with no success, they retraced their steps from the previous night to figure out where along the way they had lost her.  One phone call later, they found that Aimee had been left behind at the modeling office!  They didn’t understand what the woman on the phone was saying - something about Aimee not being able to leave - so they just decided to go see for themselves what was going on.

The events of the prior night began to return to them after arriving at the office.  They were presented with a mannequin that bore an uncanny resemblance to Aimee; evidently she had chosen to model vicariously through a mannequin made in her likeness.  The weirdest thing was how it was wearing her dress.  They both stared for a moment, in awe at just how much it looked like Aimee, before Laci asked when the session would be over - to which the clerk once again declared that Aimee’s session had been completed the night before - Aimee had chosen to be turned into a mannequin, and that mannequin they were staring at was Aimee.  With Aimee’s predicament finally clear, Laci desperately appealed to have her restored, insisting that they were all tipsy, intrigued for sure, but never would have supported Aimee’s decision if they had fully understood the consequences of it.  She didn’t even fully understand the available options when purchasing the package, assuming it was all just figurative language; after all, since when was it possible to literally turn someone into a mannequin!?  The clerk insisted that Aimee entered into the contract uncoerced and in apparently sound mind.  She distinctly registered insecurity about exposing her body in a modeling situation, and so was genuinely curious about being transformed, as it would nullify her concerns of cold feet and self-sabotage while still leaving her fully conscious and aware.  She was made clearly aware that the only transformation option available to her which could be completed during that session was the most basic - instantaneous and permanent, with no job placement guarantee.  Shorter-term options were available, but she didn’t seem interested since they required additional cost and time commitments.  The clerk did acknowledge the possibility, but thought it unlikely that Aimee expected only a short duration transformation.  However, even if such a misjudgment were suspected, it was company policy not to second-guess a client’s intentions - assuming the transformation was reversible in the first place.  She closed by offering that the mannequin was available for immediate purchase and would likely sell quickly, but unless they desired to either purchase or join their friend, the conversation would need to end.  Her friends only needed to glance at each other in disbelief for a moment to realize that they had no use for their now plastic friend and that it was best to leave her to her fate in the retail world.  Laci felt there was no way she could have wanted this, but perhaps they didn’t quite know her as well as they had thought.  Brandi felt the same, yet somehow couldn’t help but feel slightly turned on each time she thought about what Aimee must be feeling.  Laci was too caught up to even notice Brandi’s awkward silence that whole day.


Aimee was inspected and listed for sale; a buyer was located within a week.  She was then disassembled and packaged for express shipping to her new home at a mid-size independent bridal shop halfway across the country.  Perhaps not entirely a coincidence, she would begin her first modeling assignment displaying a modest wedding dress on what was originally to have been her wedding day.  It quite possibly wasn’t how she had originally envisioned that day would go, but her painted-on face didn’t show the slightest trace of misgiving as other brides-to-be frequently inspected her apparel and every so often, her body.

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The End…?