Barbie Doll

by Christina Marie Dyne (Myria)

Warning: This story contains sexual, transgendered themes, and strong language. Persons bothered by such are hereby advised to hit the 'next', 'forward', or 'whatever' key so they won't have to read my crazy and hopefully fun loonieness.

Copyright 1996, Christina Marie Dyne (Myria), all lunacy reserved.

Christa (Christa Dyne)

Trying not to appear uninterested, he glanced down at his PDA. The modified scan function had just finished and the results were coming up on the display. Bingo! She was perfect! a 98% match-up. He'd been looking for two weeks now, and finally, after having wasted god knows how much time in this dive, he'd found her. Now to hook her...

"You're a very pretty girl, Mandy," He smiled as she blushed, "but I can make you prettier."

"Oh?" She asked, her guard obviously up.

"I can make you gorgeous beyond your wildest dreams. And, more importantly, I can make you a real girl."

She laughed. "Honey, no one can make me a real girl, just very, very close. It's called SRS and it's very expensive, why do you think I'm turning tricks in this cheap dump?"

"No one else can, but I can. And the results will be much better than any primitive surgery. When I'm done you'll be a woman in every way. You'll have a vagina, uterus, and ovaries. You could even get pregnant."

She lit a cigarette, watching him. "You're serious?"


"Okay, I'll bite. How, and how much is it going to cost me?"

"The how is simple. An injection that will, over the span of three days, rewrite your entire genetic code and morph your body into that of an eighteen year old girl. The how much is a little more complicated."

"What, like I have to be your love slave or something?"

"Something like that, yes."

"Honey, if you can make me into an eighteen year old girl I'll be any damn thing you want."

"I thought you might say that. So are we agreed?"

"Call me stupid, but lead the way. If this is a come-on I'm going to be so pissed."

"Trust me, it's not a come on."

"Hun," she said as she stood up and grabbed her purse, "if you had any idea how many times I've heard that line you wouldn't use it. You're the first one to offer to really make my dreams come true, though."

He stood and helped her put on her coat. "My dreams too, Mandy, my dreams too."

She really was a very pretty girl.

His house was huge, more like a mansion than a house. When he led her into his basement she was expecting something like a b-movie version of a mad scientist's lair. Instead it looked pretty much like any doctor's office.

"I'll need you to undress so I can do a full examination," he said as he donned a white lab coat. She looked dubious. "I am a doctor, Mandy, and I have to make sure that you're healthy enough to go through the transformation. Besides, you have to be nude for the change anyway."

She turned her back on him and slipped out of her slinky dress and lingerie. Turning back to face him she shyly had one arm covering her breasts and the other hand covering her nether regions.

"Put your hands down, dear, and stand still while I run the scanner over you."

With obvious reluctance she obeyed. Despite himself he stared. From head to toe she looked like a very pretty girl somewhere in her early to mid twenties. If you ignored one particular thing, that is. The dichotomy was fascinating.

Turning red, her arms resumed their previous location.

"Sorry," he said, genuinely, "it's just that I've never seen..."

"You've never seen a transsexual?" She sounded angry. "I take it you're not a chaser?"


"Yeah, a TS chaser. Most of the guys who go to Jackie's like their girls with a little something extra."

He motioned her to move her hands again and then slowly ran the scanner over her. "And how do you feel about that?"

"I hate it, but they pay the bills."

"I gathered." He looked at the display. "You're in very good health, young lady, and apparently you've managed to avoid getting any STDs. Unusual in your line of work."

"I'm a very careful girl."

He smiled. "If you'll come with me we'll get this show on the road."

He led her into the next room. Aside from the sheer number of monitors set up, it looked pretty much as any hospital room would. He motioned for her to lay down on the bed.

"Why the straps?" She asked in a worried tone.

"Huh? Oh, those. I have to restrain you so you don't hurt yourself."

She didn't look like she liked that thought at all, but laid down anyway. He put the restraints around her waist, wrists, and ankles.

"Why me?" She suddenly asked as he preped her arm for an IV.

"I needed someone to test my serum on. Someone like you."

"You mean a transsexual?"

"Well, yes," he said as he slipped the IV needle into her arm. "But not just any transsexual. Someone who had been on hormones for a while, someone with the right kind of genetic code and mental processes. Basically someone who was somewhere in between the genders, like you. If I gave this to a man or a woman it would kill them, give it to you and it changes your life."

"How do you know it would kill them?"

He said nothing as he injected his serum into the IV line. She didn't notice as she was almost instantly asleep.

He knew because he had tried it. The results hadn't been pretty.

She really was a pretty girl.

In three days she'd either be a lot prettier or she'd be a pile of goop on the bed.

He got almost no sleep for the next three days, her sleep was restless as fever raged through her changing body. For a while he thought it was going to kill her, though in a different fashion from what had happened to his two other experiments, but by the end of the second day it was clear she was going to live.

On the third day she woke up.

"God, I feel like a train ran over me!"

He smiled at her shock as she heard her new high girlish voice.

"My god, did it work?"

He rubbed the sleep from his eyes. "Perfectly. And now you, my dear, are perfect."

"Oh my god! Can I see?"

"No, you're still far too weak to get up. You need at least another good night's sleep."

"Looks like you could use some sleep yourself."

"Most definitely." He got up and went to the door. "I'll be back in the morning, the monitors will alert me if there's any problems."

She'd forgotten to ask him to undo her bonds, but it didn't really matter as she was quickly back to sleep herself.

The next morning he gently woke her up and let her sit up. Taking the IV out, he brought in breakfast and they ate in silence. It was funny to watch her, so entranced with the changes in herself. She stared down at her boobs, now much larger than they had been, at her hands, every part of her body seemed to fascinate her. Obviously wanting to explore the changes, she also obviously felt shy about doing so in front of him.

"I suppose you'd like to see your new self," he asked, smiling.

"Yes!" She practically screamed, and then broke down in giggles.

He took the giggling nude girl's hand and led her upstairs to a bedroom. With a flourish he pulled the sheet off of a full length mirror and smiled at her stunned expression as she saw herself for the first time.

"Oh... My... God..."

Her face was angelic beauty. Long thick golden blonde hair reached almost to her knees, wide blue eyes, high cheekbones, and pouty bee-stung lips. Her body was equally gorgeous. Large high set breasts with large pointy nipples going down to an impossibly small waist and full round hips and butt followed by legs that seemed to go on forever. She was a stunning beauty.

"You are a vision, dear, if I do say so myself."

"Ohmygod, ohmygod, ohmygod!" Her hand slowly reached down to the nude mound between her legs. "I am a woman! Oh god, you did it!"

"Yes I did, and yes you are," He said, smiling almost as broadly as she was.

"Do you have anything nice for me to wear?"

"Not yet, I wasn't sure what your sizes would be."

"God, wait until my friends see me! No one will believe I'm me! This is so fantastic!"

"Well, there is the small matter of payment."


"Yes." He picked up a glass from the nightstand and handed it to her. "I want you to drink this."

"What is it?"

"Nothing that will hurt you, I promise."

She shrugged and drank it. "It's very sweet."

"And very fast acting." He said as he took the glass from her. "It immobilizes your body, but leaves you conscious. That's important."

She tried to move, but couldn't.

"You see, I've got plans for you, Barbie."

Barbie? She thought, my name is Mandy.

He easily picked up the immobilized girl and carried her to what looked like a small ballroom. Setting her down, her frozen eyes could see a stone slab with a pole coming out of the center of it. At the end of the pole was a rather large phallus.

"This is going to be your new home, Barbie. Your display stand, if you will. You see, you're my perfect creation and I couldn't very well have you running around. You might hurt yourself or something. This is much better, here you'll always be perfect. My little doll always on display."

He picked her up and set her on the pole, she could feel the phallus invading her rectum. She wanted to scream, but could do nothing.

"Sorry about the dildo, but I needed something and that seemed appropriate. Inside that thing that's now inside of you are sensors and the stasis device. This is so much better, Barbie, you'll understand. You'll never grow old, you'll never change, you'll always be here on a pedestal on display for me."

He walked into a side room and typed some commands into a computer.

Stasis mode engaged.

He smiled as he walked back to see her now permanently frozen mindless body.

"Yes, this is much better. Now you'll always be my Barbie doll, always on display for me."

She was a very pretty girl. Gorgeous, in fact.


"You kind of over did it, dontcha think?" The older woman asked him.

"What do you mean?" He replied, annoyed.

"Well, you got the height about right, but those boobs! I think Barbie would probably be like a D-cup if she were human sized. This one, well I don't know what she is but she's a hell of a lot more than a D. And that waist! Small is one thing, but she's tiny. I think her hips are too big too."

"She's perfect to me, Madge, okay? When can you have the dress ready?"


"The party is Monday."

"Okay, okay, I'll work overtime but it'll cost you."

"I don't care how much it costs, just have her ready for the party. You'll take care of the other details?"

"Sure, no problem. I'll have to pierce her ears, though."

"Why?" The thought made him nervous.

"Enchanted Evening Barbie is wearing pearl studs, silly! You asked me to make her an exact replica, didn't you?"

"Oh, yeah. Okay. Send the earrings over as soon as you can and I'll do the piercing."

She looked at him quizzically. "You sure?"

"Yes, Madge, I'm sure!"

"Okay, you're the boss, doc." She started taking the doll's measurements. "God, how did you get her to be so lifelike? If I didn't know better I'd swear this was a real girl up here." She pinched Barbie's left nipple. "But obviously not."

"Trade secrets, Madge. I've got mine, you've got yours. You'll make sure she's ready?"

"Sure, no prob."

"Great party, Doctor Johnson," The annoying young man said. "And this, well she's incredible! She looks so lifelike, so real!"

The doctor smiled. His beauty in the pink satin ballgown was perfect and would soon be the talk of the town.

"May I touch her?"

The doctor nodded.

The annoying young man hesitantly touched Barbie's gloved hand. "God, she even feels real! And warm, like a real human being." The annoying young man quickly reached up and felt up Barbie's boobs. "Very real! God, what a set of tits on her!" The annoying young man smiled evilly at the doctor.

The doctor was not amused, not in the least. The next day the annoying young man found himself unemployed. The doctor had many friends in high places.

Over the years the doctor made himself nine more Barbies, each of them different. Different races, different looks, but each of them similar. There was only one problem. He had figured out how to get them to survive the transformation but the stasis was a problem. Except for his first one, they were all brain dead, if he took them out of stasis they would die immediately. For some reason the first, and in his mind still the best, still remained viable. Her brain, like the rest of her, was in stasis, but it seemed to be undamaged.

He became well known for his parties and for his doll collection. People probably thought him odd, the rich old eccentric with his lifesized doll collection, but they marveled at how beautiful and realistic they were. His parties became events, at each one they were dressed in different outfits with different poses. His unvieling of a new Barbie was always a momentous occasion.

He cared carefully for his collection. He paid for a staff that would pose them, do their hair, and change their makeup on a regular basis. Their clothes were done from the inside out, and though the staff knew that these dolls were anatomically correct in every sense, they kept quiet. He paid them well.

He would often come into the ballroom alone at night and sip a glass of sherry while staring at his girls. They were all so beautiful, so angelic! And they were all his, completely his.

But as the years went by it wasn't enough. It wasn't enough to pose them and put them in beautiful clothes, to have his friends and strangers ogle their beauty. He was getting older and lonelier and he wanted them by his side.

But even if he woke up the only one who could be woken up she wouldn't be his anymore, would she? She wouldn't be Barbie, she'd be Mandy, and probably a pretty pissed Mandy at that. No, that wouldn't do at all.

Wait a second! What if...? One night, in a stroke of genius, he got an idea. Rushing to a computer, he started typing. It took all night to work up a model and he left it running while he went to bed.

The next morning the answer was waiting for him on the screen.

Reprogramming possible. Success: 90%. Time required: Two years.

Two years?!? Still, she'd been in stasis for almost eight now, two years didn't seem like that long to wait. He went to the computer that ran her sensors and stasis mode and entered the proper commands. That computer linked with the network and downloaded his model.

Reprogramming initiated. Time to stasis end: 730 days 0 hours 0 minutes.

So he waited.

At 4 days 3 hours 13 minutes fate intervened. Doctor Mark Johnson was in a fatal car accident. The front scanning radar on his Porche failed, he never even knew what hit him.


"Well, boys, it looks like we've got a lot of work ahead of us."

Doctor Sheila Nash was the late Doctor Johnson's niece. Her and her brother and cousin, John and Rick, were his only surviving relatives. She was executrix of his will, and they had to catalog his belongings for the court.

"Do we have to go over everything the old geezer had?"

"Yes, John, everything." She hated the way her brother whined.

"What about those famous dolls?" Rick asked.

Sheila had been wondering about that herself. How do you place a value on something that unique?

"Let's check them out."

Sheila nodded and they went to the ballroom.

"God," Rick said, "I think I'm in heaven!"

"They're dolls, Rick, silly male fantasies."

"Didn't you ever play with dolls when you were a kid?" Rick asked her with a sly grin on his face.

"No, I did not!"

"Bullshit, Sis," Her brother chimed in, "you had a Barbie collection just like this."

"I doubt anyone ever had a Barbie collection like this, Johnny," Rick said. "I wonder if Uncle played with his dolls?" Rick went up to the blonde Barbie and pulled up her dress. "Geeze, she's wearing panties." He pulled them down. "Jesus!"

"What?" Brother and sister asked simultaneously.

"She's... She's got a... You know! She looks perfectly normal, except there's no hair. And there's something going into her bum."

"Probably the stand that holds her up," Sheila opined.

"Kind of an odd place to put a stand, wouldn't you say?" Her brother asked as he walked around the beautiful Barbie.

"What can I say, Uncle was an odd bird."

"Hey! There's wires coming out of here!"

"Where?" Rick asked, dropping the Barbie's skirt and joining his cousin.

"Right here," John said, pointing. "They go into the floor here."

Sheila joined them. "Odd, why would you need a bunch of wires for a doll?"

"Maybe that's what keeps her warm?" John offered.

"Maybe," Sheila agreed. "Uncle must have had a control room somewhere.

It didn't take them long to find it, though they had to break the door to open it up because none of the keys fit. John logged into the computer and choose 'status' as the most logical option. A host of graphs sprung up on the display.

"Oh my god," Sheila said, after studying the displays for a while.

"What?" John asked, turning to his sister.

Sheila took a step back, bumping into the wall of the small room. "Those aren't dolls, they're people."

"Of course they're dolls, Sheila. You saw them. What, do you think some girl is going to stand up there like that while I inspect her vagina?" Rick asked.

"No, look at those displays! Look at the last entry for each 'doll'."

John and Rick studied the display, trying to see what Sheila had.

"Time in stasis?" Rick asked.

"Exactly. They're in stasis. Why would you have life function displays for a bunch of dolls?"

Rick stared at his cousin, trying to figure out if she was serious. "You mean those are real women out there? They're just frozen somehow?"

Sheila nodded.

"He wouldn't..."

"He couldn't..."

"He did. The sick bastard did." Sheila said.

"How do we wake them up?" John asked.

"I have no idea, nothing like this has ever been done!"

"He really was a genius, wasn't he?" Rick asked.

"A sick genius." Sheila agreed. "This is state of the art, way beyond anything anyone else can do. Look at that first one, she's been here almost ten years!"

"Good lord," Rick said, "we have to wake them up!"

"How?!?" Sheila was feeling hysterical, the thought of some poor woman being frozen as a doll for ten years made her sick. "John, you're the big computer expert. Go over everything in Uncle's system, there has to be a way to wake them up without killing them."

John nodded and started typing.

Four hours later he joined his cousin and sister in the dining room.

"That was one hell of a system to crack, I'll tell you." He said as he sat down. "I've got good news and bad news." They stared at him. "The good news is that we don't have to do anything. In three days one of them will be waking up all by herself. I wouldn't advise trying to hurry things."

"One of them?" Rick asked.

"What about the others?" Sheila wanted to know.

"That's the bad news," John said with a sigh. "They're dead already."


"The blonde? The one whose dress you were lifting, Rick? She's alive and is set to come out of stasis in three days. The other ones are basically dead. Their bodies are fine, but their brains are scrambled by whatever Uncle did to them. Turn the machine off and pop," John snapped his fingers, "they die."

"Oh shit," Sheila said, burying her head in her hands.

"So the sick fucker killed nine people for his little collection?"

"Eleven, actually. He mentions two 'experiments' that didn't work. I gather the results weren't pretty. He didn't just put these girls into stasis, he was doing something else to them too."


"I don't know, I can't get into the protected archives yet. Something about making them perfect. Evidently they didn't start out looking the way they do now."

"What about this girl that's supposed to come out of stasis? Why is she coming out of stasis?" Sheila asked her brother.

"I'm not entirely sure. He was doing something to her, something he called 'reprogramming'. It was supposed to take two years, uncle didn't quite last long enough to see it through. In three days the computer will wake her up automatically. Until then I'm afraid to do anything more, I don't want to kill her too."

"Great," Rick shook his head, "just great. What about the others?"

"I don't know, I guess we let them die peacefully. I can't think of anything else to do."


"Take them off of those poles. That'll bring them out of stasis and then..."

"Oh great. What a fucking mess. Just what we need, a room full of dead Barbie dolls. We can't take them off of those poles, Johnny, how in the world would we explain nine dead bodies? What, are you going to do, call up a mortician and say 'Excuse me, but I've got nine dead beautiful girls here, could you take care of them for me?'."

"Fine, then what are we supposed to do?"

"Leave them there," Sheila replied, "maybe we can think of something later. But after the other one is back in the land of the living."

Three days later Rick and Sheila stood next to the remaining Barbie. In a job that had been embarrassing for all of them, they'd undressed her, she now stood nude and proud with the probe still inside her.

"One minute!" John called from the control room.

"What do we do when she comes to?" Rick called back.

"I don't know! Play it by ear. Thirty seconds!" John watched the display, his heart pounding. "All functions appear to be returning to normal. Ten seconds!"

Suddenly her eyes changed, become alive and mobile. She looked around for a second as a smile crept across her pouty lips. "Master?" She asked in a high girlish voice.

"Get her off the pole!" John cried from the control room. "Get her off the pole now!"

Rick grabbed her around the waist and lifted her straight up, then picked her up in his arms and carried her to a bedroom with Sheila close behind. He laid her carefully on the bed and Sheila pulled the sheet over her nude body.

"Have either of you seen my Master?" She asked, smiling up at them angelically. "He was going to be here when I woke up." She glanced absently around the unfamiliar room.

Rick glanced at his cousin quizzically, who shrugged. "Your Master?" He asked.

"Yes," the young girl on the bed responded, "Doctor Johnson, my owner."

Sheila rolled her eyes and went to retrieve her medical bag from the closet.

"He's dead, he died before you awoke."

The girl stared up at him uncomprehendingly. "Dead...?!?"

"You don't understand?"

She shook her head.

"What is your name?" Sheila asked the girl, pointing a sensor at her.

"Barbie. Barbie Millicent Roberts. But Master usually just calls me Barbie or Barbie doll."

"That figures," Sheila said, running the sensor over her cover clad body.

"Do you know what year it is?" Rick asked.

The girl shook her head.

"What year do you think it is, Barbie?" Sheila asked glancing down at her PDA's display.

Barbie thought about it for a moment. "2001?"

"It's 2011, you've been in stasis for almost ten years."


"Yes," Rick attempted to explain, "that's where your body is kind of frozen. Do you remember being on display? All of the parties and all?"

The girl shook her head, obviously having no idea what Rick was talking about.

"Let me finish my exam, Rick. Go see what Johnny is doing, 'kay?"

Rick looked hurt, but obediently left.

"Can you stand up for me, Barbie? I need to run a couple of tests..."

Rick found John still in the control room, hacking away at the computer, and convinced him to come sit down with him and sample some of their uncle's expensive wine. Twenty minutes later Sheila joined them and Rick wordlessly poured a glass for his cousin and handed it to her.

"Where is she?" John asked.

"She's in her room getting dressed," Sheila said. "Uncle set up a bedroom for her and she knew about it, led me straight to it. You should see it, a little girl's paradise."

The two men looked at each other, unsure of what Sheila meant.

"Oh, it's beautiful all right, all pink satin and lace. More clothes, shoes, make-up, and jewelry than you can shake a stick at, too. Barbie wanted to show it all to me, but I had to get out of there. I felt like I'd been trapped in a Victoria's Secret nightmare scene. Uncle must have spent a fortune on all of that stuff."

"He should have, he owed her something after everything he put her

through." John commented.

"Trust me, Bro, the girl was in heaven."

"So how is she?" Rick asked. "I mean, physically?"

Sheila took a long sip of her wine. "Physically she seems to be a perfectly healthy woman. About eighteen, a little on the tall side, a little underweight, her metabolism seems to have stabilized almost immediately and despite what she's been through she seems to have suffered no harm. She'll probably be hungry when she comes down, and I wouldn't advise giving her any of this." Sheila raised her glass and took another slip. "Frankly most people would kill to have a body in that good a shape, most women would kill to have a body with that shape. The only anomaly I could find, and anyone not looking for it would never spot it, is that she doesn't have a single scar or mark on her. No one makes it to eighteen without a scar on their knee or something. She's a little dim, but very willing to please. Nothing unusual about that, she's hardly the first blonde bimbo I've ever treated."

"Dim?" John asked.

"She's not going to be winning any Nobel prizes, if you know what I mean." Sheila handed her glass to Rick for a refill.

Barbie walked in, stopping the conversation dead in its tracks. A vision in a red satin minidress that showed acres of cleavage and miles of leg, back seamed stockings, impossibly high spiked pumps, perfect make-up, and expensive jewelry. The two men openly drooled, Rick almost dropped his glass. Sheila rolled her eyes and briefly considered slapping her cousin and brother. Barbie curtseyed, the covered belt around her tiny waist and the short flared skirt accentuating her abundant curves. "Masters," she said in a sweet voice to the two men, "and ma'am," she said to Sheila.

"I could really grow to hate this girl," Sheila said in a quiet voice that probably wasn't heard by the two entranced men. "Aren't you a little overdressed girl?" She asked Barbie.

Barbie smiled at her uncomprehendingly, and Rick motioned for her to take a seat at the table with them.

"So now what do we do?" Rick asked, having almost physically torn his eyes away from the beauty sitting opposite him at the table.

"I don't know about you two," Sheila said, "but I'm going to get good and stinking drunk. In the morning I suggest we take her to a hospital where I can run some more comprehensive tests on her."

"No way!" Rick said. "We can't be taking her to any hospital. We have to keep her here."

"Why?" Sheila asked in a puzzled tone.

"We don't even know who she is! We don't know where she came from, what's been done to her, or anything."

"We know who she is, she told me her name. All we've got to do is look it up and we can trace things back."

John shook his head. "I did a net search on the name she gave Rick. Do you know who Barbie Millicent Roberts is?"

Sheila shook her head.

"That's the full name of the Barbie dolls, as in the ones you find in a toy store."

"She's a person, not a doll, Johnny, and we can't coop her up here."

"I'm not a person, Ma'am," Barbie chimed in.

"You're not?" Rick asked in shock.

"No, Master, I'm a doll."

Sheila buried her head in her hands. "Great, just great."

"That's what I'm trying to tell you, Sis. Whatever Uncle did to her, it was some serious stuff. You get her around other people and she's going to be dumped into a loony bin so fast it'll make your head spin. We owe it to her to try and find out what he did to her and see if there's anything we can do to undo it. I need time to get into the protected archives, I think everything we need to know will be there."

"Besides, I don't think it would be wise to announce to the world that Uncle was creating his own living Barbie dolls just yet." Rick said.

"How long?" Sheila asked.

"I'm not sure," John replied. "The main system was tough enough, but the archives are double encoded and I don't know how many bits the key is.

Uncle was a bit paranoid about security, you can imagine why. It'll take a

couple of days, maybe, I can't be sure until I work on it some more."

"There's medical equipment in the basement," Rick chimed in, "you can run some tests on her down there."

Sheila shook her head. "Is there any more of that wine?"

"Yes, ma'am," Barbie said, "I'll get some for you." A minute later she returned and curtseyed as she filled Sheila's glass and set the open bottle down in front of her. "Anything else, ma'am?"

"Could you make us some dinner, Barbie?" Rick asked.

"Certainly, Master," the girl responded, curtseying as she left.

"Do you think that's wise?" John asked, his eyes on the departing woman.

"Why not?" Sheila asked. "I'm hungry and you're a lousy cook."

"At least I don't burn everything, Sis." John retorted.

"She's handy to have around," Rick mused, "maybe we should just hire her as a maid."

Sheila groaned and shot him an ugly look.

The dinner was wonderful, though Barbie herself only had a salad. Sheila got so drunk that she passed out and Rick had to carry her to her bed. Returning, he told Barbie to go to her room, and he and John stayed up for an hour or two talking.

Rick was laying in bed, reading a book off of his PDA, when there was a soft knock on his door. Thinking Sheila had woken up and wanted to talk, or that John couldn't sleep, he called "Come in."

It wasn't John or Sheila, Rick put his PDA on the nightstand, his book forgotten.

If she'd looked beautiful before, she was incredible now. Her dress and manner screamed 'sex kitten' and it wouldn't take a genius to figure out what she was interested in. Her white lace teddy hid nothing, her ample bosom seeming to spill out of its too small cups. White thigh high stockings going into another pair of impossibly high spiked heels, her hair piled behind her in a bun. She stood by the door for a second, smiling at him. He sat there and stared at her, too stunned to say anything.

"I was lonely," she said in a kittenish voice, reaching behind her, pulling out the hair sticks, and shaking her head causing her hair to fall in a cloud like cascade behind her, "and I thought maybe you would keep me company."

She wasn't exactly his type, he tended to prefer older athletic looking women, but few men would be able to resist her charms and he had no particular desire to do so.

They didn't so much make love as have hours of raw sex. She seemed to know how to push every button he had and delighted in pleasing him. Their mutual screams of pleasure and passion filled the room for most of the night. When she'd totally exhausted him she quietly returned to her room and went to sleep with a satisfied smile on her face.


The next morning Barbie had breakfast ready before any of the others were up. John was the first one up, smiling as he watched the girl prepare a plate for him. After eating he left to work on the computer. Rick and Sheila got up at almost the same time. Sheila, feeling hung over, was in a bad mood. Rick was in a good mood.

A very good mood.

"Do you always overdress?" Sheila asked Barbie, "And don't you ever sleep?"

"Yes," Barbie said simply as she brought Sheila and Rick plates and glasses of orange juice.

Sheila wasn't sure which question the 'yes' was for, and at the moment didn't really care.

After breakfast Sheila led the girl down to the basement over protests that Barbie thought she should clean up the kitchen first. Sheila told her

that could wait and Barbie obediently submitted to Sheila's examination. The equipment in the basement was state of the art, the tests lasted most of the morning. Rick, having nothing to do while his cousins worked, went to the TV room and watched vids.

Around noon they all returned to the dining room and Barbie offered to make lunch.

"So, sis," John asked, "what's the verdict?"

"I've checked her right down to the cellular and DNA level, aside from being perfect she seems to be fine. Amazing, considering uncle kept her in la-la land for ten years. There are some mental abnormalities, but I don't know if that has anything to do with what was done to her or not."

"Mental abnormalities?" Rick asked.

"Yeah. She seems to have the intelligence of about a fifth or sixth grader. She doesn't know how to read or write and she doesn't know basic facts like who the first president was. I wouldn't call her retarded, she does seem to learn quickly and retain facts, just uneducated and totally disinterested in mental pursuits. Basically she's the stereotypical ditz, apparently interested only in pleasing whoever she's with. Like everything else about her, her personality seems to be designed to fulfill a particular role, I don't think I have to tell either of you what that role is. In fact one of you knows better than any of us. She had sex with someone last night, I've given her a contraceptive."

"What?!?" John yelled, looking at Rick. "You had sex with her?"

Rick shrugged. "She came to my room. What was I supposed to do, throw her out?"

"That's exactly what you should have done, Rick!" Sheila said. "Your taking advantage of her was just as bad as whatever uncle did to her."

"Oh bullshit, Sheila, give it a rest. She came to me, I didn't take advantage of her. She's an adult woman, she can make her own decisions."

Their conversation was interrupted by Barbie returning with sandwiches and drinks on a tray.

"So," Rick said while Barbie handed out plates, "how are you doing on the computer, Johnny?"

"I'm through the first level," John replied around mouthfuls, "but the second level is a real bitch. I don't know, could be a couple of more hours, could be a couple of days."

"May I be excused?" Barbie asked.

"Sure," Rick said, "what's the matter?"

"Nothing," the girl replied, "I just wanted to change."

"What's wrong with what you're wearing?" Sheila wanted to know, wondering what elaborate outfit the girl was going to do herself up in now.

Barbie glanced down at the black cocktail dress she was wearing. "Nothing, I just wanted to put on something prettier."

Sheila rolled her eyes, a habit that was increasingly starting to get on the two men's nerves. "Fine, whatever. Meet me downstairs when you're done."

"Thank you, ma'am," the girl said, curtseying as she left.

"I could really grow to hate that girl," Sheila said.

The two men looked at her, surprised.

That night it was John who heard a soft knock on his door. He was unsurprised when it opened and Barbie walked in. Stunning in her red satin negligee that hugged every one of her luscious curves. Open toed mules displaying painted toe nails on her petite feet, her hair back in a French braid. Intoxicating perfume mixed with her perfectly done-up features. The soft sound of her gold bangles as she closed the door. A heart pendant resting just above the start of her ample cleavage.

Barbie was definitely John's type.

"I was lonely," she purred, "and thought maybe you'd like to keep me company."

John briefly debated with himself whether it would be worth it to bury his face in those huge tits and risk his sister's wrath. He quickly decided that it would be worth it no matter how pissed his sister was in the morning.

More than worth it, he thought, as Barbie slowly walked to his bed.

He was right.


The next morning breakfast was again ready when John, Rick, and Sheila made their way to the dining room.

"Good morning Masters, Ma'am," Barbie said as she curtseyed and then brought them their meal.

Sheila was watching her brother. "Et tu, Johnny?"

John looked sheepish. "What?"

"Listen, brother, I know you more than well enough to know what that smile on your face means. Apparently our little Barbie is quite the slut."

"Shut up, Sheila," Rick growled at her.

Breakfast was eaten in silence.

While John continued to work at the control computer, Rick and Sheila started inventorying items in the house for the court. None of them had forgotten that there was still the little matter of taxes to be paid. Barbie cleaned, cleaned, and cleaned some more, managing to change outfits three times during the day.

Around four in the afternoon there were shouts from the computer room that brought Rick and Sheila running.

"I did it!" John told them. "I'm in. Jesus, what a set-up, the CIA doesn't use security like this."

"So what can you tell us?" Sheila asked.

"Nothing yet. There's a ton of records here, stuff on all of those girls. Lab notes, medical records, everything."

"Well concentrate on finding out about Barbie, okay? We'll go over the other stuff later."

"Sure thing."

John worked through the afternoon and into the evening, decoding and reading files. Late in the evening he finally, print outs in hand, joined the others. Barbie brought him a late dinner.

"So?" Sheila asked as her brother wolfed down his food.

"There's a lot more there," he responded, "but I've learned a lot. Our little Barbie doll," he said, nodding in her direction, "was a hooker named Mandy."

"Figures," Sheila said.

"That's not the half of it," John said. "She was a transsexual hooker Uncle met in a bar. She willingly came here because he promised to make her fully female. He didn't, however, tell her what he planned on doing to her afterwards."

"She was a he?" Rick asked, incredulous.

"Not exactly," John replied. "Uncle discovered something about girls like Mandy that allowed his serum to work. I don't really understand it all, it involves a bunch of medical junk that Sheila will have to look at. You remember I told you that there had been two other experiments before he did her?"

They both nodded, Barbie seemed not to be paying attention.

"He'd tried his serum on two other people, a man and a woman. In both cases it failed, their bodies literally dissolved. That's when he figured out that he needed someone who was a little of both. Someone who was genetically male but physically at least most of the way female. Mandy was the perfect choice."

"So what about this reprogramming?" Rick asked. "How come she's not Mandy now?"

"Uncle decided he wanted his Barbies to come to life. But there was only one that was viable, the others were all brain dead, and if he brought her out of stasis she wouldn't be his Barbie. In fact she'd be a very pissed Mandy and he'd be in a world of trouble. Somewhere along the line uncle figured out how to use his stasis field in a new way. He brought part of her mind out of stasis, but kept her body frozen. She was fed constant suggestions, her brainwaves controlled by the machine. He literally reprogrammed her to be the way she is now."

"Can we undo it?" Sheila wanted to know. "Is Mandy still in there?"

John shook his head. "Nope, she's gone, wiped, erased. That's why Barbie doesn't know any basic facts that even a dumb five year old would. It's all gone, erased with who she originally was. All of the stuff Mandy knew is gone, wiped with her personality. All that Barbie knows is what the machine told her."

Sheila shivered at the thought. "This is insane, the man was a fucking monster. I can't believe anyone would do this to another human being."

"So what do we do now?" Rick asked.

"Well," John replied, "I've got to finish going through the archives, I suggest you two finish the inventory."

"What do we do with her?" Sheila asked.

They all looked at Barbie, who sat there primly, her hands folded in her lap, apparently she was still paying no attention to the conversation.

"I don't know," John said, "I guess we take care of her. We owe her that much at least."

Sheila glared at her brother. "Have her take care of you, you mean. I say we put her in an institution. She clearly can't take care of herself."

"She seems to be doing just fine to me," John retorted.

"Look," Rick said, "I don't think we need to make any decisions about that right now. Let's just get everything settled first and then we'll decide what to do with her."

Sheila reluctantly agreed.

That night it was Sheila who received a light knock on her door. She hadn't expected it, but she wasn't surprised either. Even Sheila had to admit that Barbie was a vision in her tight laced black corset, her ample boobs pushed together and thrust out, fishnet stockings, black patent leather spiked pumps, and heavy make-up.

"So you like girls too, eh?" Sheila asked her.

Barbie looked a little uncomfortable and shrugged. "I want to please everyone, ma'am."

"Yeah, I gathered. Maybe we should have a foursome."

Barbie brightened.

"It was a joke, Barbie. Sit down." Sheila motioned towards the chair in front of the vanity. Sheila marveled at the girl's sexy walk as she moved to obey. How anyone could be that graceful in those shoes was totally beyond Sheila's comprehension.

Barbie sat down and looked at Sheila expectantly. There was silence between the two women for several minutes.

"Look, Barbie, I know who you were and what was done to you. It's horrible and I feel sorry for you and I know none of this is your fault. But the fact is I don't like you, I don't like the kind of woman Uncle turned you into."

"Maybe if you got to know me..." Barbie suggested.

"Got to know you? Barbie, I know more about you than you do! You're an empty headed sex toy, a male fantasy created by my uncle. You're right, you're more of a doll than a person. I know that's not your fault, but I'm not going to have you around. As soon as we're done with things I'm going to send you to an institution."

"An institution?"

"Yes, a place where they'll take care of you and you'll be out of my hair!"

"You mean away from here? Away from my Masters?"

"You're Masters? Jesus! Yes, Barbie, away from here. Look, if you want to spend your nights playing with those two boys be my guest. But don't knock on my door again, okay?"

"But I can't leave here, I'm not supposed to ever leave here." Tears were flowing from the girl's eyes.

"Yes you can. You'll be taken care of, everything will be fine, I promise. Now go, okay? Go back to your room or go play with the boys or something."

Sheila felt guilty as the crying girl left, but she consoled herself by telling herself that she'd make sure the girl never had to worry. She'd set up a trust fund for her and make sure she was in a good institution.

Rick didn't have to guess at who might be knocking on his door. He was shocked, though, to see tears streaming down the gorgeous girl's face. Up to then he'd never seen her without a sexy smile.

"What's the matter, Barbie?" He asked her in a concerned tone.

"Ma'am..." The girl said, then broke down into sobs.

He helped her to the bed and held her close. "Sheila, you mean?" He asked her when she'd calmed down some.

Barbie nodded.

"What did she do this time?"

"She said that she was going to send me away. To an institut.... an instant..."

"An institution?"

Barbie nodded. "I can't leave here, Master! I can't, I'm not supposed to."

Makes sense, Rick thought to himself, Uncle probably made sure she was programmed to always stay with him. "You can't or you don't want to?"

"Both," the girl responded. "I can't leave, I just can't. But she's going to send me away!" Barbie broke down in tears again.

"It's okay," Rick said quietly as he held the crying girl close, "you'll be okay, I'll take care of everything."

Eventually Barbie had cried herself nearly to sleep. Rick carried her back to her bedroom. Laying her on her bed, he briefly wondered if he should undress her then decided that he didn't know how to get her out of the corset and didn't need the temptation anyway. Barbie was fast asleep when he turned off the lights and left.


"Your sister nearly scared Barbie to death," A rather angry Rick told his cousin.

"What did she do?"

"She told her that she was going to send her to an institution."

"Oh, great. I take it Barbie didn't react to well to that?"

"She practically had a nervous breakdown in my arms. I think part of her programming is that she has to stay here, in this building."

"Makes sense," John mused, "Uncle couldn't have his prize possession wandering off."

"So what happens if Sheila sends her off?"

"I don't know, really, I haven't gotten through all of the files on what he was doing to her. I suspect it would either drive her insane or kill her."

"Your sister is starting to become a real bitch, Johnny."

"Hadn't you noticed, Cuz? She's always been a bitch. She's jealous of Barbie."

"Of course she is, what woman wouldn't be? But why does she have to send her away? I'm not giving her up, Johnny, and I'm not going to let your sister send her away."

"That might be a problem. You know how Sheila is, she always gets her way. Look, I don't want to give her up either, and I'm not so sure I like sharing her with you."

"She's not yours, Johnny!"

"She's not yours either, Cuz. Look, there's no sense in us fighting. We have to figure some way out of this."

"Well you're the brains, any bright ideas?"

"Nothing yet, I'm working on it."


"Didn't you see this coming, Rick?"

Rick shook his head. "Not before I had a crying woman sitting in my lap."

"Well, I've got an idea but I still need time to find out if it's possible."


"Trust me, you're not going to believe it. Come by tomorrow after Sheila's gone to bed. I should know by then if it can even be done."

The next morning breakfast was ready as usual and Barbie looked as beautiful and happy as ever.

"I had a little talk with her," John said, pulling his cousin aside, "told her that we were going to take care of things and to ignore what Sheila told her."

Rick nodded.

John spent the day at the computer going through the rest of the archives, Sheila and Rick continued cataloguing possessions.

That night, after Sheila had gone to her room, Rick quietly made his way to John's room. As John had predicted, Rick couldn't believe John's plan. Their heated argument was broken up by a quiet knock on the door and the arrival of a sexily clad Barbie. She pleasured them both, sometimes one at a time, sometimes together, for several hours. After she'd returned to her room, late into the night, Rick agreed to John's plan.

The next day they finished cataloguing everything of value in the mansion. Their uncle's many other assets had already been catalogued by the accounting firm. Everything was forwarded to the lawyers and the day after

that Sheila and John went to court. Rick stayed home to take care of Barbie. Everything went smoothly, without a word about the dolls or the now living Barbie, and when the day was done the three cousins were very, very rich.

That night Barbie cooked an elaborate dinner as a kind of celebration. She didn't really know what they were celebrating, but her Masters seemed very happy.

Unfortunately Sheila didn't get to enjoy it. She'd only gotten through half of the doctored drink Rick had given her before she passed out. Rick picked her up and carried her downstairs where she was strapped into the bed. It took John two tries to get the IV in right.

"You're sure this isn't going to kill her?" Rick worriedly asked.

"Positive! The old bastard figured out a way to make his serum work on anyone before he died." John replied as he injected the serum into the IV line.

Three days later a groggy and much changed Sheila woke up. "What have you bastards done?" She demanded, she could feel how much her body had changed, even bound as she was.

She kicked and screamed and fought as the two men carried her upstairs but couldn't escape either their strength or her bonds. Cuffs around her ankles attached to a rigid bar that spread her legs. Cuffs around her wrists attached to a wide belt around her waist. She could twist and squirm and try and kick ineffectually, but do little else. "No!" She screamed as she felt the phallus invade her. Standing now, every movement seemed to push that thing deeper into her, and it hurt! Desperately she tried to find some way to escape, some way off of this pole, some way to get that thing out of her!

John ran to the control room and hurriedly keyed in a command.

Stasis mode engaged.

He smiled, calling up the status displays for the newest Barbie.

"Perfect!" He said to himself, keying in a new set of commands.

Reprogramming initiated. Time to stasis end: 730 days 0 hours 0 minutes.

The look of glee on John's face was obvious as he rejoined his cousin.

"It worked?" Rick asked.

"Damn straight! Everything worked perfectly, now all we have to do is wait."

"How'd you do it, Cuz? You said there was a problem with the others," Rick waved at the other nine Barbies on their display stands, "there brains were gone or something."

"Uncle was a genius," John replied, "but he had his blind spots. For stasis to work without causing brain damage they had to be conscious when it was engaged. To keep them still while he put them on their stands he gave them a paralyzing drug. After he did our little friend here," he pointed at the breasty Barbie Doll, who stood watching them, a vacuous smile on her lovely face as she awaited their command, "he changed the formulation slightly. She commented that it tasted 'sweet' and he was afraid that might make others suspicious before they'd drank enough. It was a minor change, really, but it had more of an effect than Uncle intended. It shut down too much of their CNS and so you end up with brain dead Barbies. Uncle never thought to go back to the original formula. With our Barbie I wasn't going to take any chances."

"That's why you didn't give her anything and we had to carry her up here kicking and screaming?"

John nodded.

"Well, Johnny, you're a real genius yourself, I gotta say. A bastard, too, doing this to your own sister."

"We've already been over this, Rick..."

"Yeah, I know, but we should be feeling guilty or something, don't ya' think?"

"Fuck that. Trust me, Cuz, she would have screwed us over if she could have." John turned to Barbie. "Could you make us some lunch, Barbie?"

"Certainly, Master," the gorgeous girl said, curtseying as she left for the kitchen.

"I can't get over it," Rick commented, watching Barbie's swaying bum as she walked out, "they look like identical twins."

"They are, Rick, identical in every way. I used the same formula to make her. That's what we wanted, isn't it?"

"Yeah," Rick replied with a sly grin, "exactly. Two years?"

"Two years."

The two cousins went to the kitchen for lunch.


Time to stasis end: 128 days 5 hours 14 minutes.

Rick smiled as he watched Barbie work, time had not diminished the lust he felt every time he looked at her. If anything his appetite had increased and he was glad that soon he could have her all to his own.

Her pink satin maid's uniform, with it's low cut neckline, flared out short skirt, and big pink bow in the back, had been his idea and she looked lusciously naughty in it with her black fishnet stockings, her hair up in a bun, and her usual impossibly high heels.

Of course she was perfectly happy, ecstatic actually, to wear anything either of the men got for her or asked her to wear. They had quickly discovered that getting her off the rack clothes was a waste of time. A body like hers required custom made clothing to be shown off the way they wanted. With the money they now had that was no problem, and both men had showered her with every type of clothing and outrageous outfit they could think of, indulging in every fantasy their minds could conceive. Barbie was delighted with every old thing and every new thing, easily slipping into whatever role either man might want.

They had come to an agreement on how to handle things until they could both have their own Barbie. During the day Barbie took care of household duties, cooking and cleaning and such. They had other help, of course, not even Barbie could take care of a place that size all by herself, but Barbie attended to all of the men's personal needs. In the evenings she alternated between serving the two men, one night Rick, the next John. While there was sometimes some tension between the two men, for the most part the arrangement worked.

Besides pleasing her Masters, Barbie's favorite activity seemed to be taking care of the other Barbie dolls. A little girl with a lifesize collection, each day she changed the outfit, makeup, and jewelry on one of the other Barbies.

No one had been surprised to hear that Sheila had decided, now that she was rich, to spend time touring the world and enjoying herself.

Rick and John's first party, like their Uncle's had been before them, was a society event. The delighted guests were informed that the very alive and very mobile Barbie, wearing the pink satin fur trimmed gown that their

Uncle had first dressed her in, was actually the woman their uncle had modeled his doll collection after.

Barbie was Rick's for that night. Rick, on the spur of the moment, picked out a very pretty society bimbo and invited her to stay the night. She had been more than willing, but had been shocked when, after they'd gotten to Rick's large bedroom, a red teddy clad Barbie was already laying on his bed. Both girls had put on a show for Rick that had taken him days to recover from. It had definitely been a night to remember.

Rick had broached the subject of making more Barbies with John several times. They could make dozens of them, hundreds! John was adamant, though, that they had already pushed their luck more than far enough. He'd finally silenced Rick by asking him if one Barbie wouldn't be enough for any man.

Rick had to admit that John was right, but he couldn't wait for the day when she'd be his and his alone.

John continued to study their Uncle's serum, trying to figure out how it worked. Eventually he was able to create a lesser version of it that would regenerate damaged body parts. Selling that through one of the pharmaceutical companies owned by one of their holding companies had made them even richer. Rick wanted to know why they just didn't sell the Barbie serum itself, but John was adamant about that as well. Something like that was just too powerful, too dangerous.

One night John had gotten very drunk, he was obviously frustrated. Rick had asked him what the problem was and John had explained he was trying to find a way to make a serum that would be like the Barbie serum but less powerful. Something that would allow someone to change their gender but leave them looking the same way they would if they'd been born that way. Rick had asked him why, who on earth would want to do something like that? "To help people like Mandy," Rick had replied, spilling his drink. Rick still didn't really understand, but John refused to say anything more about it and the next day denied that he'd said anything like that.

Despite his cousin's sometimes cold demeanor, especially towards what they'd done to his sister, Rick knew John did have a conscience.

Of a sort.


Time to stasis end: 0 days 0 hours 5 minutes.

"So what do we do when she comes to?" Rick asked.

"You pick her up off of there and take her to the bedroom. I'll run a scan on her to make sure she's all right."

"You got it, Cuz."

Both men were so excited they were shaking.

"Barbie, go in the bedroom, pull the sheets back and wait for us, okay? Almost time, Johnny?"

John nodded, looking down at his watch. "Now!"

Barbie's eyes started to come to life. Rick picked her up off of the stand, a little 'pop' as the probe exited her innards, and carried her in his arms to the bedroom, laying her on the bed. John ran a scanner over her as her eyes and body came fully to life.

"Masters..." She said in a sweet girlish voice.

"Hi, Sis," Barbie said, waving at her twin on the bed.

"Hi, Sis," Barbie said, smiling at her twin.

"She's fine, Rick," John said to his cousin. Then, turning to the Barbie who was vertical, "Get her some clothes and then you two come down to see us, okay?"

"Yes, Master," the two girls said in one voice.

Twenty minutes later the two men were joined by the two Barbies wearing identical silk mini-dresses, one in red the other in pink.

"Geeze," Rick said, admiring the two luscious forms, "maybe we should tattoo something on their asses or something."

"Why?" John wanted to know.

"How are we going to tell them apart? They look the same, even sound the same."

"They are the same, Rick. They look the same, they sound the same, they move the same, they think the same, they feel the same. They are the same! They're identical, interchangeable, why would we need to tell them apart?"

"Yeah, I guess. Barbie, go make us some lunch."

"Yes, Master!" Both dolls said at the same time, curtseying simultaneously as they left for the kitchen.

"I could definitely get used to this..." John said, smiling as he thought about what the evening's pleasures might bring.

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