Barbie and Ken

By Rotwang (

Linda watched the fuzzy image of Kelly behind the shower’s splashguard glass. She saw her reach between her legs, moaning in pleasure. A few moments later, when she had dried herself off, Kelly helped Linda into her corset. She began pulling it tightly until Linda winced in discomfort. After she tied it down, she gave her a pat on the back. "Feel okay ?" Linda nodded, probing her groin with her fingertips, parted her legs and adjusted something underneath her panties. She then slipped into a plastic woman’s chest, sizably larger than her real breasts and pulled it over her head and adjusting it over her own breasts. Linda handed her the bodysuit, a shiny flesh-colored Lycra costume, with extra padding to accentuate her physique. It took her some time to get in, but as Linda closed the zipper at the back, she looked like a female mannequin. Finally came the full rubber mask, a tight fit even though the zipper at the back was open. After she pulled it over her head, Linda secured it.

Linda took a step back and watched the life-size Barbie doll before her. Her smiling, girlish face topped her slender body, curved in all the right places. Barbie wore a short blue-jeans miniskirt, a pink T-shirt with a white hart on it and a jeans jacket over it. Linda propped her on the sofa where she sat, perfectly immobile. Linda watched Barbie waiting for her boyfriend. She walked away and began to undress. When she reached her room, she was completely naked. She opened the wardrobe and removed the flesh-colored suit from it. On top of a shelf was a mask which she also took out and put on her make-up table. She zippered the suit open and forced her legs into the full rubber suit. This one was also padded, but differently than Kelly’s suit, and when she zippered it up, she looked like a woman’s head with a man’s featureless body. Broad-shouldered and muscular. She popped a Ken mask over her head and began to dress herself with men’s clothes and stepped into shoes with hidden built-in platforms which added a few inches to her height. Barbie had been sitting motionless on the couch until she heard a sound. The door opened and there was Ken. She turned her head like an automaton and waved at him. Ken walked in and waved back. He sat down on the chair before her and smiled at her. He always smiled at her, and so did she. Barbie motioned at the plastic cups on the table and grabbed one with both open hands, clumsily bringing it to her face. Ken did the same and put the cup back down on the table and rubbed his tummy. Barbie got up and took the plastic cake on the table. She picked one of the six pieces, again with both open hands and put it on a plate, which she handed to Ken. Ken put the plate on his lap and mimed eating the cake. Barbie sat back down with a piece of cake for herself. Ken took the piece of cake and threw it away, just as Barbie wasn’t watching. And then rubbed his tummy again in a mechanical fashion. Barbie got up and took the plate from him, put it on the table and turned back to Ken. And began rubbing imaginary crumbles from his pants. She began to concentrate on his crotch and continued to dust the crumbs. Ken’s mechanical head bobbed up to look at Barbie’s and raised his hands. Both mannequins reached for each other and pressed their rubber lips against each other. They stood in an awkward position and made crude movements with their legs and arms. Ken tapped Barbie on the shoulder and looked down between his legs. And Barbie did the same. She watched the small mound in his pants and tried clumsily to undo his fly. After a few pulls with the tip of her stretched hand, she opened the zipper and released his plastic dildo which almost made a popping sound. Barbie turned around and spread her knees and bent down, her long blonde hair touching the ground. Barbie waited for Ken to enter her, but nothing happened. Barbie raised herself and looked smiling at Ken. He shook his head and banged his plastic cock back and forth. Barbie put her hand onto her smiling mouth and probed with the other between her legs. When she looked back up. She put her fingerless hands over her face and walked away in a pumping motion, without bending her legs at all.

Ken decided to remove his clothes, which he clumsily did. When he suddenly heard a loud buzzing sound, like drilling. Barbie returned with a smile on her face and a large drill clasped between her hands. The massive spade-like drill head still spinning to emphasize what she had done. Ken finished struggling with his tie and took two steps towards her. He saw the little dolly-hole she had made and inserted the plastic cock into the plastic sex. Ken pumped mechanically into Barbie and slowly wound down. Both remained interlocked and immobile for some time, then Barbie and Ken left each other. Barbie lost her puppet-like motions and collapsed back on the couch where she rubbed against the plastic vagina. While Ken held onto his penis and pushed it against his slithering body. The moans from behind the masks grew deeper and Linda popped the Barbie mask, breathing in the fresh air and felt the cool air against her sweating face. She sat upright and pressed her dolly hole against the couch and pumped, her head tossed back in ecstasy. She could hear Kelly heave and groan behind the Ken mask. She was about to pick up the Barbie mask when Ken suddenly reached for his head and fell down, like a ton of bricks.

There was a second of stunned silence, followed by an insecure "Kelly ?" But she didn’t move, sprawled over the floor, face down. Linda brushed her wet hair back and kneeled before Kelly. She prodded her, but there was no reaction. "Kelly ?!" She said, trying to turn her over. She looked at the smiling Ken face and tried to remove the mask, but the zipper got stuck in the shirt collar. The small zipper slipped a few times, and hurt her gloved fingers as she tried to undo it, but the gloves made it hard for her to have a good grip on it. Then, she tugged at the mask, but the chin and neck of the mask held it tightly to Kelly’s face. There was no movement from her foam-rubber chest and Linda began to panic even more. She slipped her fingers under the mask and tugged at it, but the head only lifted along limply. She gave it another desperate tug, but the hard rubbed would not tear. Then all of a sudden it dawned on her. She got up and ran towards the kitchen and took out a pair of large scissors. Cutting into the rim of the neck, she cut the mask open until the chin and then tore at the mask, which tore open easily now. Kelly’s face was blue and she didn’t breathe. Linda gasped in horror and at first she wanted to give her the kiss of life, but she didn’t know how. She prodded her and painfully called her name. Then she got up again and ran towards the phone.

A few minutes later the paramedics arrived. Linda had been breathing down Kelly’s mouth a few times, but she didn’t move. The two men looked at Kelly and one of them looked up at Linda who stood nearby cupping her arms in painful frustration. One of the men saw the erect plastic dildo and tugged at it and it popped loose. The other one was putting a respirator bag over her face and was pumping air into her lungs. The first one discarded the dildo and tried to cut the foam-rubber chest open. He tore open the carefully made costume and began cardiac massage. The team worked to revive the woman, but there was no response. Then one pulled out the defibrillator. And put the two discs onto her chest, while the other one held the rubber chest open. "CLEAR !" Kelly convulsed and under the shock here eyes opened, but were staring. They shocked her a second time, but the monitor showed no heartbeat. "Last try." The man said ominously as the machine charged up once more. Kelly convulsed once more and a raspy sound came from her throat. And then she began to breathe again.

Linda felt vulnerable in her Barbie-outfit covered with a quickly grabbed coat, while passing doctors and patients watching her. "Are you Linda Barstow ?" The doctor asked. She nodded. "Your roommate is in critical but stable condition." He said looking at his clipboard. "It’ll take some time to find out if she has suffered any permanent damage as a result of the accident." "Is she going to be OK ?" "Hard to tell at this time, but as I said, we must wait for more tests." He said and sat down besides her. "Tell me what happened." Linda’s face paled and she did not know what to say. "Let’s go to my office, it’ll stay between you and me." He comforted her.

"We were only having fun, that’s all. Few guys like Barbie like we do, so we take turns at ..." "I understand. There are probably doctors here, who dress up as nurses in their spare time, you know." He chuckled and Linda strained to smile. "Did you know she had heart problems ?" "No, I knew she took some pills, but I didn’t know what they were for." "Have you done this before ?" "Once, but it didn’t last as long, I mean, we didn’t have a Ken costume then." "She underestimated her condition." Dr. Baker sighed. "Dr. Baker, emergency in IC-four." A woman’s voice said over the intercom. "Oh my god that’s Kelly !" He said jumping from behind his desk. Linda followed him through the corridors until they came across a large window. Kelly was convulsing from the shocks she was being given. Baker ran in and began helping out with the injections of adrenaline and the electric shocks. But the heart rate monitor showed only a flat-line and a piercing beep. After a few hectic minutes Baker looked back at Linda’s tear-streaked face and shook his head shamefully.

Linda wiped her eyes with the last Kleenex in the box and looked up at dr. Baker who leaned against his desk, signing off the board the nurse was holding up to him. "How could this happen ?" Linda said, trying to contain her sobbing. Baker remained silent. "I’ll have somebody take you back home. You can fill out the forms later."

When she came back home, she saw the sprawled masks and wrapping paper for some of the medical equipment all strewn over the floor. She held her hand to her mouth as she saw the ripped open Ken mask, and her own mask. She slipped out of her clothes and crawled out of the bodysuit. Then she took a shower and dried herself off. After that, she passed Kelly’s door and paused. She reached for the doorknob, but she stopped and took a step back. She walked back to the living room where she stopped again turned around and returned to the door. She popped it open and looked inside. Her clothes lay on the chair and she picked them up and put them to her face. She breathed in her smell, her perfume and sighed. And then her face contorted in pain and the tears she had been holding back streamed out like a dam bursting.

The next morning was painful, and so was the next and the one after that; But slowly, after a few days it become more bearable. About three weeks after Kelly’s death, Linda got a phone call from a friend, Dayna "Sure, I’ve got some time off. I’ll see you at two, at the mall, in the restaurant. Okay, byeee."

Dayna was a bit older than Linda and had always been good friends with her mother before she died. "I heard about your roommate, Kelly was her name, no ?" Dayna said cupping Linda’s hands between hers. "Yeah, that was her name." She smiled painfully. "I thought this might take your mind off this terrible tragedy." "Thanks, I needed to get out." "It’s okay." "Thanks for being here for me, like when my mother died." "No problem."

They did some window shopping. Linda somewhat absent-mindedly tagged along with Dayna, until she saw something in a window. Dayna wanted to walk along when she noticed that Linda stood like transfixed. Staring at the mannequin in the window. "Is there something you like ?" She asked. Linda shook her head and stared at the dark haired mannequin. She looked at the eyes, the color of the skin and the shape of her body. It was Kelly, she was absolutely sure of it. "I’ve got to ask something inside." She said nervously to Dayna. "Excuse me." She said the assistant behind the counter. "Yes ?" "I wanted to know where you got the mannequin ?" "What do you mean ?" "The mannequin, the ... third on the left, with the short dark hair." "Yes, what about it ?" "Where did you get it ?" "Well, it’s a custom made one, by an artist." "Could I take a look at it ?" "Certainly, but we don’t sell them, we actually rent them from the artist." "Do you have the artists address ?" The woman slid the glass panel open and showed the back of the Kelly mannequin. "I can’t take it out." She said, while Linda reached for the mannequin’s leg. She squeezed it and it felt firm, not unlike flesh. "What’s it made from ?" "Some kind of rubber I suppose. Why are you interested ?" "No, I just found out it looked like somebody I know." "Well I think most are modeled from real people, perhaps this person posed for it ?" "Not that I know of." "Could you give me the address then ?" "Sure." She dug through papers underneath the counter. "I’ve only got a phone number." "That’s okay. Thanks a lot."

Dayna looked at Linda. "Is there something the matter ?" "Yeah, the mannequin looked like two drops of water like Kelly." She answered folding the phone number she had just received. "It’s like the woman said, perhaps she posed ?" "She never did anything like that. I would’ve known..."

Later when she got back home, Linda dialed the number. The phone rang for some time until somebody picked up, seconds before she wanted to hang up. "Hello ?" Said a man’s voice. "Hello, do you make mannequins ?" "Uh, yes, why ?" "I’m the representative of a chain of stores and I saw one of your models in a shop and I was wondering how you got to make it so impressive." "Oh, I make bodycasts in silicone from real men and women, but it’s a bit artisanal, and I don’t think I can make many more at this time." "A few would be enough." "I’ll send you a brochure." The man answered. "Can I come and visit you ?" "Uh, ... I never let people in my workshop, but I’ll definitely send you a brochure." "Well, I really want to have myself cast." She was running out of excuses. "Oh, but, uh, I’m quite ... difficult with subjects, and I have a good supply right now." "It’s for me personally, you see ?" Linda quickly said, trying to steer the conversation back on track. "No, I don’t make requests. Could you give me your address ?" Linda hung up. She looked at the phone number and dialed the operator. "Excuse me, but I want to find out the address of somebody." "Yes, what is the number ?" Linda read the number on the card, but the operator answered. "I’m sorry, but this is a classified number, I’m not at license to give the address." Linda hung up again. She cursed and sighed deeply. "Mike !" She suddenly cried out and began digging through the phonebooks she and Kelly had amassed.

"Hi there, Mike, it’s me Linda." "Hey, Linda, Long time no see ! how’s Kelly ?" "... She’s dead." "Oh my god ! How ?" "Heart failure, she died three weeks ago in hospital." "Oh god ! I’m so sorry." "Thanks ! Listen, you can perhaps help me with something else ..." "Anything you want !" "Do you still break into other people’s computers ?" "Uh, once in a while." "Could you track down an address from an unlisted phone number ?" "Yeah, I guess so." "Great, here’s the number..."

A few hours later, Mike called back with an address. "Thanks a lot Mike." 451, Cunningham Street. She looked it up on the city map. "For an artist, he sure lives in a nice neighborhood." She said to herself.

Linda had been staking out the house for most of morning and felt the urge to abandon and go home when she saw a man leave the house and get into his car. With binoculars, or even without them, she recognized the face. Dr. Baker.

She turned the key in the ignition and just as Baker was about to leave, she blocked him and got out. "What are you ..." He recognized her. "I want some answers. Now !" She said, holding the lipstick in her pocket like a gun. "What is there to say ? Your friend died, without regaining consciousness. And if you think I’m to blame, go ahead and shoot me." He was playing it very cool. "I was at the mall and I saw something there." Baker paled. He thought for a second. "Oh my god." "What ?" She said poking the lipstick. "You found out. Come with me." He got out of the car, but she held her makeshift gun at the ready. "Don’t worry, I won’t harm you, I’m just going to show you something."

She followed him into the house and then to the basement. He put on the lights and as the neon lights flickered to life he began his story. "A few years ago, a medical team I was working with was looking for a substitute for human skin to treat burn victims. They came up with a complicated polymer which had organic qualities. It mutated and began producing a series of proteins which would lock into the genetic code of the test subjects. But instead of becoming an artificial skin, the polymer would become invasive and would absorb the genetic code of the individual." Linda, nodded, not really understanding. "Once the genetic code was copied, it began replacing the cells with a polymorphic organic plastic. It affected the entire body, muscle tissue, the circulatory system ..." "I don’t quite understand." "Basically it turned the guinea pigs into plastic, living plastic." Linda looked up at Baker and expected him to burst into demonic laughter and lightning to illuminate his face in an eerie fashion. She barely nodded her head in disbelief. "I’ll show you." He popped open one of the doors on the wall behind him and showed a tray full of what looked like stuffed guinea pigs. "I injected them with the formula. They are alive, but paralyzed." "Your friend was almost dead, so I injected her. I’ve done this to a few other women !" He suddenly realized how he came across. "I injected them the polymer moments before their deaths, so technically they are in suspended animation." Linda didn’t know what to think. "I’m trying to find a way to revive them. Once I get a solution, I could save people’s lives. Believe me, nobody more than me wants to see them alive again. I’m busy working on an antidote and I’m close to a breakthrough." Linda shook her head in disbelief. "Believe me, I have x-rays to prove it !" He said running towards his desk. Linda held the lipstick aimed at him. "Please, don’t shoot !" He said, ducking and grabbing the dark plastic sheets. He held them out to her. "Look, I’ll show you." He walked up to her and held up the x-rays and Linda looked up, lowering her guard. Before she knew what happened, he stabbed her with a needle. She tried to dodge it, but he slammed it into her arm and pressed the plunger. She reached for her arm which felt warm and dull. Her eyes showed panic as she sensed the polymer spread through her body with astonishing speed. Before she let go of her arm, it was entirely changed and it was spreading up her shoulder. "Help !" She blurted out as the polymer spread into her limbs. She wanted to run away, but her limbs were stiff and didn’t respond. She felt her heart suddenly stop and the flesh in her face transform until she was completely immobile, trapped in her own body.

Baker dug in her pocket and pulled out the lipstick. He cursed and threw it on the floor. "Look what you made me do !" He shouted at her. I wasted half my remaining supply !" He slammed his fist on the table in the middle of the room. He looked at her and rubbed his thumb over her face examining the eye. "Can you hear me ?" She wanted to say yes, but couldn’t. "I should dump you in the river, you little snoop !" He looked angry and scratched the back of his head. He looked at her and took a step back, rubbing his mouth in thought. He picked her up and put her down on the bed. With a pair of scissors, he cut her clothes from her body and splayed her out on the table. She was rigid, but could still be posed. He pressed his hands together in a prayer gesture and held them to his mouth, thinking. He went under the table, out of her limited field of vision and returned with a large can. He shook it, rattling it and sprayed the foam onto her body. Slowly he would shave all the hair from her body. He took out an electric razor and cut off all her hair, finishing with the razor. When he was done, she was completely bald. Then he rubbed a kind of plastic over her smooth pussy and evened it out, making it smooth, like a mannequin’s. Surprisingly, she felt everything and although her body didn’t respond, she still felt very horny. He then sprayed her, removing all spots and blemishes. Finally, he did her make-up all over. When he was finished with her she looked like a mannequin. For all intent and purposes, she WAS a mannequin, except for the fact she was conscious She then noticed he was taking off his clothes. "Now that you’re here, I might enjoy you as well."

A few hours later she stood in the same shop in the mall and was placed besides Kelly. She could see her from the corner of her eyes and so desperately wanted to speak to her. *Linda ?* She heard a voice. *Linda ? Is that you ?* It sounded like Kelly ! *Can you hear me ? Think hard to talk to me !* She said. *What happened ?* Linda thought. *I don’t know, last thing I remember was being with you and then I woke up here.* *Hi, I’m Cathy.* Said another voice. *I’m in the other window.* *And I’m Jill.* Said yet another voice. *I’m with Cathy.* *I’m Linda.* *We know, we saw you, and Kelly told us about you.* Said Cathy. *How long have you been here ?* *I was here first, I’ve been here for nearly one year now* Cathy said. *Then Jill joined me two or three weeks later. Thank god, I would have gone mad if I hadn’t somebody to talk to.* *But the conversations grew to be pretty boring until Kelly joined us.* Cathy said. *How did you die ?* Kelly bluntly asked. Linda was a bit stunned. *I ... I was still alive, Baker gave me a shot of his polymer.* *And you’re one of us ?* Cathy said, surprised. *How do you mean ?* Linda said. *We’re all dead, no ?* *I was pretty much alive when he injected his stuff into me. But he told me you were alive too when he gave you a shot ?* *He told us we had died.* Cathy said. *Well, he hit me on the head ! I was going to accuse him of malpractice. I guess he got scared that he’d knocked a patient up and she didn’t want to abort !* *I was sort of homeless when he picked me up one night ...* Jill said. *And he likes to hit girls for fun !* Kelly said. *It’s his way of "relieving stress" !* *Bastard !* Cathy said. *Told me a woman couldn’t be a proper surgeon !* *So we’re all stuck here !* Kelly said. *There has to be a way out of this, I don’t want to spend the rest of eternity like this. Besides, the stuff between my legs is getting to me.* Linda desperately wanted to move. *What do you mean ?* Kelly asked. *The stuff he sprayed over my vagina.* *You can feel ?* Cathy said with great surprise. *Yeah, you can’t ?* Linda began wondering. *We’re as insensitive as plastic.* *That means I’m different !* Linda felt some kind of relief somehow. *But how does that help us ?* Kelly said.

*That’s Glenn, he does the window dressing. He may look a bit gay, but he can’t help rubbing us in the more private parts.* Jill said as the young man entered the window display. *I like him, he’s nice to us. Talks to us.* Kelly said. "Good evening ladies. And who is this new one ?" He walked around Linda. "You ... Look like a ... Denise ? No, you’re not a Denise ... Linda ! That’s it, you’re a Linda !" *The guy is psychic, he guessed all our names !* Jill said. *Can you hear me ?* Linda concentrated on Glenn. Glenn suddenly looked around. "Who’s there ?" He said. *You can hear me !?* Linda said with incredible joy. "Who is it ?" Glenn said looking back into the shop. *It’s me Linda ! The mannequin !* Glenn froze and contemplated looking back at her. After some time staying immobile he turned his head and looked towards Linda. *That’s right, it’s me.* Glenn shook his head and looked away. *You can hear me !* Linda yelled in her mind. Glenn glanced at Linda and lowered his eyebrows a bit puzzled. *Glenn, I am Linda, and I’m not a mannequin, actually, I’m a real person who’s been transformed into a mannequin.* "I’m going crazy, I’m hearing voices." He said looking around him and up at the ceiling for hidden speakers. *You gotta listen to me !* She yelled mentally. Glenn began shaking his head and walked away. *Oh shit !* Linda felt completely powerless and desperately wanted to move, which she did. Her arm slowly moved up. *Linda ! Your arm !* Kelly exclaimed. Glenn saw the faint movement and took a step back. Linda managed to turn her head a fraction of an inch and stared at Glenn. *Help me !* She pleaded. Glenn simply ran away. *Damn !* Jill said. Linda willed herself to move and raised the other arm. But her legs refused service. *If only I could reach the door ...* Then she caught sight of Glenn peering back in. She shoved her leg forward and felt her balance shift. Then she realized she was falling. Glenn caught her in the nick of time. *Thanks.* Linda said. He poked her face and gave her a good look. "You do look real." He said. She turned her head towards him. *I am a real person.* "What do I do ?" He said, putting her back on her feet. *You’ve got to help us !* "How ?" Glenn asked. "What can I do ?" *Tell him to call the police !* Kelly shouted. *Hey, It’s doctor Baker !* Linda suddenly noticed the guy looking into the window. Baker looked nervously at Glenn who had turned around to get a look at him. *That’s him, you’ve got to stop him !* Linda thought hard. "But ... I can’t just grab this man !" He said to Linda. Baker, by now realized something was very wrong. *Stop him !* Linda screamed. "Okay ! I’ll see what I can do !" Glenn went back into the store.

He rushed outside, but Baker was nowhere to be seen. Just as he rounded the corner, he felt himself being grabbed. "What were you doing with those mannequins ?" Baker asked, pushing Glenn against the wall. Glenn just shook his head. "I don’t know, you looked like ... Like ..." "Don’t play with me !" Baker howled. "Don’t go near them again !" He said and walked away. Glenn watched him walk into the store.

"I want my mannequins back !" Baker said to the assistant director, "Right away ! This blundering idiot almost damaged them !" "I’m very sorry, sir, he is our main decorator." The director said. "I don’t give a damn about him being a janitor ! I want them back. I’ll be back in an hour to get them !"

Glenn walked into the store-room where the four girls had been stripped and were waiting for Baker. *Did you get him ?* Linda asked. "He’s getting you back." Glenn said sadly. "I’m sorry. He found out somehow." *We’ve got to do something, there’s not knowing what’ll happen to us.* Jill said. *Get him to call the police !* Kelly continued to say. Linda was still trying to move, but any move was slow and painstakingly hard to execute. "Don’t even think about taking them with you !" Glenn turned and looked at Baker. "I’m not having a little creep like you endangering my plans. This stuff is worth millions !" "Worth enough to turn them into mannequins ?" Glenn asked. "How did you find out ?" "I noticed they were a bit too anatomically correct ..." Glenn said. "How would you know ? Unless ... You little pervert !" Baker gave him a sick grin. "I have to dress and undress them ... I didn’t play with them." Glenn parried. "Well, say good-bye to them and I’ll be off with them." Baker said.

*Just follow him.* Linda said. *For God’s sake call the cops !* Kelly screamed. *Oh, shut up, Kelly !* Cathy said. *All of you, shut up ! I can’t think straight with all of you in my mind !* Linda shouted. Glenn jerked back. Baker noticed and looked up. "Neck cramps !" Glenn rubbed his neck.

After he loaded the four girls into a rented van, he drove away, leaving Glenn to dash towards the employee parking lot and jump into his car, which just wouldn’t start...

Back home, Baker put the girls into his basement lab. "I’ll run a battery of tests on you tomorrow." He said and yawned, rubbing his neck. "And the good news is that I have something new to try out on you." And then left

Linda tried to move again. *Is it me or I moving becoming easier ?* She said a bit surprised.

The next morning Baker walked in and noticed Linda was missing. The other three were neatly lined up against the wall and ...

He felt a prick !

He looked round and stared at Linda. With her heavy made-up, shiny face and transfixed eyes, she really looked like plastic Baker thought for a second, before realizing he had been tricked. "What have you done !" He yelled and grabbed his arm. Linda shuffled over to him, the needle still in her hand. "Paaay Baaaack !" She moaned stiffly. "I’ll kill you !" he drew a gun. Too slow to dodge, Linda gasped. Feeling his arm quickly growing numb, he squeezed the trigger and sparks flew out of his revolver’s barrel. Three quick shots went into Linda.

*Linda !* Three minds screamed.

Baker fell and looked up at Linda. "You’re alive ?" His body was almost completely numb. *I’m plastic ! Remember ?* He heard her speak in his mind. "Get ... Safe ... antidote ..." His jaw was shutting down. *What is the combination ?* Linda asked. "Ffffffour ... glgrrr." He couldn’t speak any longer. *Just think about the combination !* *4785 !* He couldn’t keep it out of his head. *Be nice !* And Linda went off to get the antidote.

There was a loud bang and the front door crashed open. Glenn stared at Linda with a crowbar raised in his hand. "I’m here to save you !" He said. *Great !* Linda said a bit sarcastically. *The cavalry is a bit too late ...*

*How long before he gets up ?* Kelly asked. *About a whole day ! Like Linda.* Cathy said and tried to move her arm. Linda was almost completely mobile again. *Look at him sleep, you’d almost feel sorry for him !* Jill said. *Asshole !* Cathy looked at Linda’s bullet holes. *Does it hurt ?* "I don’t feel a thing." Linda managed to say. *If I didn’t know better, I’d think this was a bad episode of the Twilight Zone !* Cathy said. *This stuff is incredible !* "We’re alive, that’s the important thing." Linda walked up to Baker who still lay cramped on the floor, fingers still shaped as if he clutched his gun. *But we’re plastic ?* Jill said. *Judging by Linda’s condition it doesn’t look that bad !* Kelly said and also began to bend and stretch. *What do we do with him ?* Cathy asked. *Since he was such a SOB, he deserves what he got !* Jill said. "I think I have an idea. Cathy, have you ever done cosmetic surgery ?" And a fiendish smile came over Linda’s lips.

"Don’t worry Gertrude, I’ll take good care of you." Glenn said and adjusted the clothes on her. Inside the pretty girl mannequin, Baker screamed to get out ...