Batgirl & Friends

by RPH based on parts 1 & 2 by DMC

Part 3: Bat Trap, part 1

Her name is Zatana. Certainly not a mainstream superheroine, but well respected within the superhero community and greatly despised by her enemies. Hers is the power of magic. Enchanments are spoken backwards. Hers is the power over all the elements and forces of life. Tonite she has dicovered some time for herself. She decides to 'surf the internet', something she has heard about but never experienced. She is not computer illiterate, she knows just enough to get her into trouble.

A few hours later she has finally signed on and reaches one of the search engines. On a whim she keys in 'super villians' to see what the results would be. Curiously enough, one site is located... Lair of the Catwoman. "I must check this out.", she thinks to herself. Seconds later, she has connected to the Lair and begins to download the first webpage. She watches as various shapes of various colors appear on her screen. As she continues to watch, she finds herself intrigued by the experience. "I must download as much of this as I can." A few more minutes pass. The shapes and colors on the screen continue to change. Zatana can't take her eyes off of the screen. The shapes and colors are slowly replaced by a strange pattern... a stereogram. Within the stereogram she perceives a message... "contact Batman". She repeats this to herself as the screen changes again... another stereogram. Another message... "Sserdnu dna evresbo eht neercs". A strange message. She repeats the message out loud. Suddenly Zatana is sitting naked in front of her computer staring at the screen. A new stereogram appears... "Leef flesruoy dna evresbo eht neercs". Zatana begins to stroke her breasts. A gasp escapes her lips. As she continues to stroke he breasts, her nipples become erect. Slowly, her hands make their way down her body as she stares intently at her screen. Her hands reach her pussy. A new message appears on her screen, again in the form of a stereogram... "Pots. Esu ruoy sregnif." Her body freezes. Zatana does not move except for her fingers, which are now massaging her pussy. She is getting wet. Another message appears, this time it is not disguised as a stereogram. It says, "Uoy tnaw Namtab. Llac mih." Her now moist fingers reach for her communicator to contact Batman. He does not respond. Zatana sets the communicator to continuously transmit until he does.

A new series of messages appear on Zatana's screen, except they're not messages, they're instructions.

I lliw yebo Namowtac. I lliw raeh ylno Namowtac. I tiawa S'namowtac dnammoc. Taeper siht tuo duol.

Zatanna, oblivious to everything around her, repeats the instructions. Everything goes silent. The computer screen does not change. She continues to repeat the instructions on the screen. Suddenly, the voice of Catwoman crackles over the computer's speakers, "Zatana, you will transport yourself to my hideout. The destination is now on your screen." Zatana continues to stare at the screen and utters, "Ekat em ot Namowtac." A second later, Zatana finds herself standing in front of Catwoman. "Welcome to my lair, Zatana. Feel free to walk around this room, but do not attempt to speak or leave." Zatana's body relaxes. She looks around the room and sees Batgirl standing next to her. Batgirl doesn't move or acknowledge Zatana's presence. She looks strange, Zatana thinks to herself. She looks like she's a ... mannequin???!!! Catwoman lets out an evil laugh. "I see you've met Batgirl! There's another friend of your's here as well." Catwoman points to a wall of the room. It is white, but in the middle of the wall is a life size portrait of Wonder Woman. Catwoman laughs again, "that's right Zatana, Wonder Woman has been made part of the wall. She can see and hear us, but she can't feel anything!" Zatana steps in front of Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman sees her and thinks, "At last, a possible chance to escape. If only I could communicate with her!"

Catwoman steps in front of Wonder Woman and intervenes, "I know what you must be thinking, my dear Wonder Woman. Zatana is in no condition to help you, I can assure you of that. Wait a minute, there is something Zatana CAN do for you... or should I say TO you??!!!" Catwoman turns to Zatana and says, "Zatana, I want you to help Wonder Woman feel again. I want you to bring her partially out of the wall, like a relief sculpture. I want her to be able to feel her breasts and pussy." With that, Zatana turns to face Wonder Woman and casts the proper spell. Wonder Woman begins to feel a tingling sensation in her breasts and pussy. Catwoman places a mirror in front of Wonder Woman. She sees the difference immediately. Her breasts are three dimensional again. Her body now protrudes partially out of the wall. Her body is shiny, like Batgirl's, except for her breasts and pussy. She can still see and hear, but can now feel as well, although in limitted areas. "Zatana", Catwoman says, "you've done well. Let's test you work, shall we? Stand breast to breast with Wonder Woman and press against her. Remain in that position until I give you further instructions."Blank faced, Zatana presses her breasts against Wonder Woman's. The sensations explode in Wonder Woman's mind. "This is humiliating!", Wonder Woman thinks. In another instant her attention is drawn to the heat emanating from Zatana's breasts. The sensations explode again and again in her mind. "Dear me! What has happened to my Wonder Wall?", Catwoman suddenly exclaims with an evil laugh. Wonder Woman was so intensly turned on that her juices were trickling down the surfaces which were once her thighs.

"Zatana, we've had enough fun. We must now get to work. You will help me capture Batman. I expect him to arrive shortly and you must be in position at the proper moment. You will now become a part of my trophy collection here. You will turn yourself into a life sized statue of gold, raised on a pedestal to look like an award, which, of course, to me you are. When Batman arrives, you will cast a spell to rob him of his will. I will then seduce him and fuck his brains out. When Batman climaxes, you will cast another spell to make him a part of my trophy collection here You will then await my next instructions while maintaining your statue form. That is all."

Zatana casts here spell, "Nrut ym ydob otni dlog!" Instantly, Zatana is turned into a golden statue, unable to move. Her smooth, golden surface glitters from the shafts of moonlight that penetrate the room. She is a perfectly poised image, her arms raised overhead, her body raised on a pedestal. Part 4: Bat Trap, part 2

After several failed attempts to reach Zatana, Batman races to her apartment. Once there, he finds Zatana's computer and scrolls back through the screens stored by Netscape. He quickly pieces together the story: Catwoman hypnotized Zatana and had her transport herself to Catwoman's new hideout. "What a clumsy bitch to leave such a trail behind.", he thought. Batman quickly departs for Catwoman's new hideout.

A couple of hours later, Batman arrives at the hideout. No one was guarding the place. No alarms appeared to be active. "This is too easy.", he told himself. After locating the back entrance, Batman quickly let himself in. All was dark, save for a shaft of light from a closed door up ahead. Batman quickly and quietly stole towards the door and slowly opened it. No one was inside the room. Then he spotted the familiar form of Batgirl. Her back was turned to him. She was gazing upon a golden statue. "Hmmm... she looks familiar", he thought. He continued to survey the room from the opened doorway. "Why hasn't she moved?" Batman entered the room and quickly approached Batgirl from behind. He tapped her on the shoulder. His touch was greated by a cold, hard response. He spun Batgirl around. She did not respond. Her appearance was strange... she was shiny and her skin was a smooth surface. "This isn't Batgirl!", he thought. He studied the statue before him more closely and on a whim ripped the costume off of it. "What has Catwoman done to you?" Batman suddenly heard a strange sound from in front of him. It appeared to come from the golden statue in front of him. "Ruoy lliw si s'namowtac!"

Batman heard a familiar, evil laugh. Catwoman stepped into the room. "Good evening, Batman. At least, it is for me! I see that you've discovered the real Batgirl. She IS the real Batgirl, turned into a plastic statue by a friend of mine. Do you recognize your other friends in the room?" He studied the golden statue more closely. It was Zatana! On the wall behind her stood Wonder Woman. She appeared to be part of the wall! "What have you done to them, you fiend?", he exclaimed. "Nothing more than what I'm going to do to you.", came her reply. "Before you decide to take some action that might damage one of your friends, why don't you remove your costume and stay awhile?" "You must be kidd..", he started to reply, but the words never left his mouth. Instead, he found himself disrobing before one of his enemies! "My, if it isn't Bruce Wayne! Don't worry Bruce, in a short time, it won't matter who knows Batman's real identity! Please, lay down over there." Without blinking, Bruce/Batman did as he was instructed. He lie naked on the floor in front of the statue that was once Zatana. Catwoman then appeared over him. She started to remove her costume "You see, Bruce, before I seal your fate, I want feel just what kind of man you are from the inside. I'll bet you've always wanted to know what was beneath my costume." "True enough", he thought. He stared as she removed her hood and peeled her costume from her body, and what a body it was! He felt his penis begin to grow. She was completely naked now, standing over him, slowly lowering her body so that her pussy would slide onto his growing member. "My Bruce, what a big thing you have! Let me help you along!" She stopped, bent over and slowly slid his manliness into her mouth. Bruce let out a moan of excitement. "That's much better," Catwoman said, and quickly lowered herself over Bruce's penis. The heat and wetness was exciting him even more. She began slowly raising and lowering herself , hightening the excitement even more. "Now Bruce, I going to play with you for a while. I'm even going to show you some mercy in the process. Do you see Wonder Woman on the wall there? I want you to approach her and stroke her breasts." Bruce walked up to Wonder Woman. "Oh, no!", Wonder Woman groaned inwardly. Bruce began stroking her breasts. Instantly Wonder Woman's mind exploded with uncontrolled passion and desire. "That's enough, Bruce" Catwoman said, "Now you will insert your penis into her pussy and tease her for a few minutes." Bruce did as he was instructed. Wonder Woman's mind reeled again and again from the explosions of multiple orgasms. "If I ever get out of this..." she began to think to herself, and she was rocked again by another orgasm, then another. "That's enough, Bruce.", Catwoman said. "Return to your place on the floor. Zatana has a present for you." Catwoman walked up to her Wonder Wall and stared into the eyes of Wonder Woman, "What are we going to do about your manners? I'm afraid you've soiled the wall again." Once again, Wonder Woman's juices were flowing down the hardened protrusions that were once her legs. Bruce lay on the floor again. He watched the golden image of Zatana descend upon his penis. He was incredibly excited by the sheer imagery of her golden, smooth surface reacting against his hardened member... hot an wet, just like the other two. "Uoy lliw nrut ot enots sa namowtaC secrof uoy ot muc." Suddenly, Catwoman was on top again and Zatana returned to her golden perch, a statue once again. She was slowly raising and lowering herself onto Bruce. "I want this to be the last thing you feel, Bruce. I want this to last as long as possible. The slower I go, the longer the transformation will take. I can feel you swell within me. You can't resist for long. Do you feel your body becoming numb?" Indeed, Bruce could no longer feel his feet and legs. His hands were placed on Catwoman's hips, but it was difficult to move in time with her. A few moments later, he could not move at all. He could only feel her presence on his member. He watched as his arms and hands became numb and change color. They were almost pure white... like marble. He could see how smooth his arms and hands had become. He could perceive their coolness. His attention turned back to Catwoman. She had stopped for a moment. She was running her hands along Bruce's body, but he could not feel her touch. "Why Bruce, you are positively..." After that he could hear no more. A moment later his vision clouded and everything went black... but he could still feel the one part of him that was still flesh and it was turning him on imensely. Catwoman continued to run her hands along the smooth, cool surface that was Bruce Wayne, AKA Batman and began stroking his penis for the final time. A few minutes later Bruce exploded in her body, sending shockwaves through her. His transformation was now completed. He was a marble figure, forever fully erect . For a moment she regretted having petrified Batman, but there were still several so-called superheroes to be dealt with.

After a moment of thought, Catwoman said, "Zatana, you will remain in your golden form and lower yourself over Batman's penis. You will tease yourself slowly. When you are on the edge of an orgasm, you will completely transform your body. This time you will undergo a full transformation, unable to see, feel or hear." Zatana's pedastal vanished from beneath her and she lowered herself onto Batman. She slowly teased herself, although it only took seconds to become well lubricated. As she felt the orgasm build, she forced herself down on Batman's petrified form as far as she could go. She began to let out a gasp, "Nrut ym ydob otni dilos dlog!" Zatana was instantly frozen for all time, a solid gold statue. Her golden, slender legs straddling Batman's marble body. A look of intense anticipation on her golden face.