Birthday Gift, the Return

By Rotwang

It had been a hard day for Mike who was now busy zapping away before the TV. He noticed a familiar face and turned to an episode of the X-files.

He wondered if there really were aliens out there and what they might look like. The episode was about murdering cockroaches. Mulder had discovered that some of the cockroaches were made from metal and might come from outer space. Not a brilliant episode, but not lousy either, just average for an X-files episode, Mike thought. Sleep began to overtake him and he decided to go to bed.

He looked at Sabrina's empty pillow and rubbed his eyes while stretching himself. She'd be back tomorrow for his birthday.

Just as he was about to take off his pants he saw a strange light coming from the garden. He thought he'd left some lights on but it became brighter and brighter until it seemed as if a projector had been aimed at the window.

It looks like a UFO has landed, Mike thought and went to the window only to stare at a huge disc of light in the garden.

There was a moment of surprise, then realization, fear and curiosity. He grabbed his shirt and hastily put it on, while charging down the stairs. He opened a door in the credenza and took out his video-camera.

The UFO outside was big. About ten meters in diameter. The light was so bright it hurt the eyes. He checked the camera, but there was no tape inside. Just as Mike considered getting back to get one, he heard a strange noise. A door opened in the UFO before him and he did not dare to move. The lights of the UFO dimmed slightly, but the light from the open door was still as bright.

And then he saw a silhouette. It became more real as it stepped away from the light towards him.

Mike took a step back and stared.

The door closed behind it and Mike stared at the alien.

The skin was like bright chrome and it had an undeniable female shape, with a cinched waist and broad hips. The limbs looked longer than human ones as she was quite tall. Squinting, he could make out three breasts. She raised a hand with four long fingers in the air and snaked her oblong head to get a better look. She had a slightly protruding mouth and no nose to speak of. Her eyes were hidden behind a visor framed by the long black tentacle-like hairs which reached down to her calves. As Mike watched, he could only deduct that the alien was either wearing a space-suit or was a robot. She coiled her head again and watched Mike, her head slanted to the left. Mike watched her and felt an incredible fascination coming up. The alien calmly walked towards him until she was close enough for him to reach out and touch her. The chrome had a faint bluish tinge to it which highlighted the alien body's curves. She reached out with her right hand, almost uncoiling it. Twisting it around and seemingly waiting. The hand had only four fingers, which looked longer than human ones with the last one slightly thicker than the others. He then looked up at the alien's face and watched as the tentacles slowly pumped up and down as if they breathed. Pushing her hand forward, she reached out towards Mike who could not resist the temptation to touch her. The metal felt warm under his fingertips. She stared for a moment at his hand, examined it and looked up again, coiling her body in this strange way.

Mike now noticed the two long fins on her back, like neatly folded metal wings. She slipped from his grasp and reached for the sides of her head. The mask hissed open and revealed a strange blue-skinned woman. She had large silver eyes and a protruding mouth without a nose. Her face was sleek and sharp with strong jawbones and a oblong skull from which erupted blue tentacles which slowly pumped up and down. She blinked a few times and watched Mike, always slanting her head to the left or right. And then Mike noticed she had a third eye in the middle of her forehead. It opened and Mike found himself unable to look away from the triple gaze. She took a step forward and put her hands on his shoulders. Enthralled by the alien, he reached for her thin waist, encased in steel. Rubbing his cheek with her left hand, she purred. The sound made Mike' hairs stand up on end and he did not resist when she slipped the shirt from his shoulders. And then she popped the button from his trousers and ...

Mike suddenly woke up in bed. It was all a dream. He stared at the bedroom window and sighed. It was such a fantastic dream. He rolled over to catch some more Z's when he suddenly stared at the alien besides him.

He fell out of bed and dragged the metal suit with him to the floor in a massive clanging. The blue-skinned alien woman woke up and stared at Mike sitting in a pile of metal parts.

A stunned Mike heard a familiar silvery laughter come from the alien; He could not place it until he realized something. He got up, tossing some more pieces of metal to the floor and saw the mock-up of a flying saucer standing in the garden.

He turned around and noticed the alien was laughing and waiting for him.

"Sabrina ?"

She nodded.

"Happy birthday." Her muffled voice said from under the mask. And she got up on the bed on her knees, holding her long fingers to her slim waist draped in black rubber.