Marlene at the Beach

By Rotwang (



Marlene was really enjoying her new job.

Gone was the conservative office employee the direction like so much … She was free to be herself and had gone into a hard, but very rewarding business : Showbusiness.

Between her heart-stopping performances as the steel-skinned Artificia 219,

Scaring people as the hauntingly beautiful, but alien Sil,

Val’Qara, the Klingon,

And half a dozen other strange characters, she had become very adept at acting and performing.

A call from a friend and Marlene was hired for a new job.

"I’ve never met somebody who has her own bodycast." He said.

She smiled and posed herself like her own resin statue, but she didn’t tell him she had prosthetic appliances that she could glue over her body and changer her into a dead-ringer for the cast.

"We’re going to make a soft-sex version of the "Creature from the Black Lagoon." Jeff, the special effects man explained.

Marlene listened to him and leaned forward on her chair.

"We’ll make some really gory wounds all over your body as the creature …"

"Hold it ! I thought I was going to play …" She stopped.

"Play what ?"

"The monster … ?"

"No, the monster will be played by some guy in a suit."

"No sexy monster ?"

"How can a monster be sexy ?"

"You guys always see it in stereotypes ! Beauty and the beast ! Why not the beautiful beast and the hunk ?"

"You’re kidding !"

Marlene gave him a fiendish little smile and raised her eyebrows a few times.


"If you ask me, it’s going to work !" Jeff said.

The director sat behind his desk and looked at the drawing. "Can you make it that way ?"

"Sure, I see no problem." Jeff shrugged.

"I do have a kind of gut feeling about this." The director said and noticed Marlene.

Marlene looked at the pictures she had drawn, a smug smile on her face.

"I’ll re-write the scripts, gender bend some characters and switch lines ! Just start working on her !"


"I must say you have some weird ideas !" Jeff said as he finished painting the last piece.

Marlene was almost completely naked, except for a tiny little latex panty and a glue-on bra.

"Let’s say I like weird stuff." She said.

"I’ve never seen somebody so eager to get into make-up !" Jeff said and picked up the bodysuit.

Marlene’s eyes sparkled as she looked at it.

Jeff stopped for a moment as he noticed the look in her eyes.

"You REALLY enjoy this !" He said.

Marlene let go of a guilty eager smile.

"Now I understand why you have your own cast ! You do this for your pleasure !" He went.

"Ever since I was a little girl." She started. "I loved to dress up."

Jeff put the suit down and listened to Marlene.

"Disguises have always been very erotic to me. To change your body, alter your shape or assume a new persona is something I yearn for every moment of my life." Marlene began …

"You can’t imagine the satisfaction when you pull your body tight into another form, restrain it under layers of plastic, rubber or metal. The sensation of having every square inch of your body covered by a completely different person. And the kick, when you show a completely different face to the world, safe behind it. Safe from guilt and shame, safe from the judgement of others, safe from your own identity.

Whenever I see a mask I like, I want to put it over my face. At night, I dream of masks, wigs and lenses to change my eyes. But I don’t want to become somebody else, no ! I want to become SOMETHING else. My first great disguise was a Klingon ! I got the wig, the costume and I felt great. Then there was this movie … Species. I’m not a lesbian, but if there are female aliens like her, by God, I’ll become one ! I remember one time when I wore the suit I had made … I blew most of my savings on her !

I remember I could run harder, jump higher and move my body in ways I couldn’t normally do. I even spent entire nights haunting the nearby woods and I scared a camper or two … Even made headlines in the papers. There are Mulders and Scullies still looking for me out there.

And when I’m in the suit ! The sensation on my skin, the corset that pulls my body tight, just a tad beyond what you’d call "normal human range". I just get wet when I thing about a mask that touches every part of your face and lenses that cover your entire eye so that when you look in a mirror, you seen an alien staring back. There is no recognition then !

I had my suit made from latex and clear plastic. It’s a pain to get it, but once the clawed gloves are in place !!! Just stay out of my way or I’ll do something to you that will make you wake-up screaming at night for more.

And then the sexiest costume of them all … Artificia 219.

It’s a gift from a mysterious admirer called Dr. Capek. I just feel giddy when I thing about the sensation of cold metal on my skin. The little shivers as the metal heats over my warm, sweaty skin.

One final clasp and my mind goes binary … I’m digital technology inside. And a new persona takes over. My body stiffens. I no longer have muscles, but motors. My voice becomes monotone and clipped. Every movement becomes precise and sharp. It’s a whole new way of being when you’re a robot…."

The first thing Jeff became aware off was his bursting erection. Nobody had ever managed to tell him into sexual pleasure, but the way she described it, Jeff was impressed. And Marlene was covered in sweat with a very aroused expression on her face.

"This is going to be a great movie !" Was the only thing he could think of …


Marlene slipped into the wetsuit-backed rubber suit. It was made from several parts to allow her to get in more easily.

With extreme care, she eased her good-looking body into the suit that was staring to alter her shape.

Tightly corseted, she pulled the "pants" over her legs and slipped into the rest of the suit.

Marlene didn’t have extremely large breasts. At best a very decent and balanced large C. Not that that was a loss, because her new alter-ego had luscious D’s.

It took a while to pull the suit against her body so that it felt as comfortable as possible. There were actual weights lining the breasts, because her suit was so buoyant, it would just float, rather than enable her to go into the water.

Jeff fixed all the zippers. Again they were a tight fit, but they ensured that water would not easily seep into the suit, while at the same time giving Marlene a pleasant sensation of snugness.

She ran her hands over her new body and held her tight waist and checked it in the mirror. Two delightful breasts poked out of her chest and poked out aggressively.

Because of her tight waist, her hips were now very much accentuated into her now powerful-looking legs.

The creature she was becoming was a mix of beauty and strength and such a creature deserved a matching physique…

Boots made like short webbed feet, to avoid making her look like a penguin were fitted to her by Jeff, who was becoming more and more excited.

Next came the mask and teeth… Made from several layers, it altered her face into a striking angry-looking creature with a mouth filled with jagged teeth. She had no nose to speak of and under the mask they hid a nose-respirator with a tiny air reserve so she could stay underwater for a short while.

Fixed to her body with the help of poppers and tight zippers, the head was attached firmly to the suit.

Next came the hair. Dark strands of coarse hair cleverly styled as to look rough but also fashionable, if such a thing could be said about the hair of an underwater creature.

Webbed gloves fitted over her hands, topped with sharp talons and again fasted to the rest of suit.

Marlene had a snug, secure feel as Jeff aroused her by the way he dressed her up.

"Just look up." He asked her as he slipped in the yellow lenses into her eyes…

"All done !"

Marlene looked into the mirror and suddenly made a strange wailing sound.

Her breathing became a rasping sound as she seemed to force air into her gills.

She had a scaled blue-green skin with a large fin over her back.

Within moments, Marlene became the creature. Strange, alien, but feminine and strangely beautiful to watch.

Even Jeff felt apprehensive to talk to her and just watched her in awe.

Her movements had changed, but she cleverly stayed away from the usual "monster gait", replacing it with quick dashing movements, ever alert to the faintest movement or sound.

She turned and although she could not explain it, her sense of touch seemed to expand and began to include the suit itself. Perhaps somebody could’ve made a Kirillian aura photograph of her and see the new aura, in the shape of the creature itself.

Jeff pulled his hand back as she snapped at him for touching her dorsal fin …


The creature, as Jeff no longer dared to believe she was Marlene seemed eager to jump in the water. She lowered herself in the murky liquid and almost instantly went into the water.

Jeff was nervous because there was supposed to be a diver at hand in case something went wrong and they had sneaked outside without any supervision as they were only test-fitting the suit.

And after a minute, Jeff was becoming scared.

"Marlene ?" He called her name, not even sure if she would respond to it.

The time she had been underwater became uncomfortably long and he was really becoming anxious about her when he saw a ripple in the water.

Was she in trouble ?

He bowed over the water to get a better look and …

She leapt out of the water and grabbed him.

There was no time to think before he hit the water, except for "Shit !"

The water was chilly and Frank was disoriented, when he suddenly felt a tug.

She was holding his leg and almost pulled him into the water.

He jumped back to avoid being an easy target and saw the creature poke its head out of the water.

She stared at him with strange yellow eyes and crawled to land. Her moves were quick and almost reptilian, a sensation reinforced by her scaled body. And what a magnificent body it was !

Jeff could not stop to gape at her imposing bosom and narrow waist contrasting with her muscular, but thoroughly feminine body.

Once on land, she hissed and croaked, slowly advancing upon him and …


Jeff sat on a chair and waited, keeping an eye on his watch.

Still eighteen seconds to go before he was allowed to call her.

Six - five - four - three - two - one …

"Artificia ?"

He heard a faint buzzing sound and watched the door open.

Jeff had seen the airbrush pictures before, but this was not paint and paper !

She was a shiny chrome robot woman !

Marlene’s appearance was by all means fairly normal. She wasn’t especially fat or thin, nor did she have any stunning features. She was good-looking with proper make-up, and ordinary without, like a lot of other women.

But the metal woman seemed completely different. Her legs seemed to go on for miles, starting in a most sensuous hip curve and ending with a sharp six-inch integral heel.

Jeff felt excited as Artificia jerked up to him. He looked at her and noticed how well the details had been made, especially the articulations that were made of rubber covered with silverflex.

Masterfully crafted, it added to the illusion. But Jeff was quite willing to throw any thoughts about illusion and reality overboard as she seductively cocked her body in front of him.

He ran his hands over her metal skin and watched her jerk and cock her body like clockwork.

Inside, Marlene activated the self-satisfaction program, she had managed to recall with the help of some hypnosis. Her body began to glow and she became aroused. VERY aroused.

Jeff noticed and continued to rub her, as if it was him exciting her. She shifted and pushed her body against his, while she took off his clothes. By now, she behaved like a mix between a lap-dancer and a robot.

Jeff’s dick grew harder and it tugged at his briefs, which were quickly pulled from his body.

She kneeled in front of him and parted her glossy lips, engulfing the dick into a warm and hard cavity.

The head went up and down over his dick and Jeff held himself at arms length onto the arms of the chair, gasping and making excited grunts.

Her head bopped up and down ever more quickly, like a mechanical headbanger.

Jeff could not contain himself and erupted into her.

Seed dripped from her lips as she stopped cold.

Jeff held his still contracting dick and watched her immobile from. Her lips closed and her head went back to horizontal. He reached out and wiped the drips from her face.

She got up again and made motions to sit down on the chair.

Jeff did so and let her slip in his place. She reclined herself in the chair with legs wide open.

He noticed the little panel and almost wanted to pry a fingernail under the edge, but he heard a buzz and the panel recessed, before sliding away, letting a silver pussy pop up.

Jeff’s eyes grew to the size of saucers. It was a silver stylized woman’s sex, so inviting …

His dick was still hard and he slipped into her. The pussy was soft and slippery, like silicone-oiled rubber.

He began to rock her, while she remained immobile.

Inside, Marlene’s mind was on hold, with only her pleasure center working overtime. She felt Jeff enter her and activated the next level of the self-satisfaction program. Slowly, they came over and over a few times until …

Jeff suddenly had to make sure it was Marlene. He reached for the mask and opened it. A pair of silver eyes stared at him. But a fast smile came over her face. "Surprise." She said and blinked the chromed pupilless eyes.


Jeff found Marlene sitting behind her computer, hand between her legs and the other on the mouse.

She was looking at a picture and he stood besides her.

"Species ?" He asked.

"Species II." She said. "Look at these pictures …"

"That doesn’t look that hard to copy … " Jeff said. "It’ll be kinkier than the other suit you have …"



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