Beach Toy

by Paul G. Jutras

Diane didn't know which she hated worst. Her bratty little sister or her genius brother. As she laid in her beach chair with a large brim hat and a yellow polka dotted bikini, she saw her sister splashing in a tide pool and her brother working on a mechanical surf board.

"This should win the Freshmen collage fair." Brad said as his remote caused the board to paddle itself out to the big waves. He sat and waited only a short time when he was taken forward. Soon he was standing on the top and riding it to the shore. 

"You should really watch out with those electrical devices in the water." Diane warned as he went out again.She turned and kicked a pop bottle on the beach with her bare toe. When the top popped off, smoke rose out and a dark hair woman in a harem outfit appeared before her. 

"You wish is my command, mistress." The genie said as Diane just stared and blinked in surprise. She couldn't believe her eyes that the type of thing that only happened in the movies was actually happing to her. 

"I wish I could entertain my brother and sister while still enjoy my time off at the beach." Diane said as Brad started to ride the waves toward shore again.

"Your wish is granted." The genie said as she nodded her head and a sharp rock appeared under the ocean water. As the rock sliced the bottom of Brad's board, the expose wires caused the electronics to short circuit and throw Brad off. Theboard flew through the air and impacted Diane straight in the face.

To her shock, her body was stretched in height with her hands and feet sticking out of a surf board shaped body. She found the only way she could walk was on her pink painted toes; which she'd never be able to reach down and remove. She couldn't even stretch her fingers across to touch one another enough to do her finger nails. She'd even need help applying her make up from now on. 

"Cool." Brad said as he and Diane's sister Ann helped Diane steady herself on her toes. She was helpless as Brad carried her out to the waters. As the waves hit her in the face,Brad pressed the remote and she could no longer control her feet as she kicked her way out to the deep water.

Diane wanted to scream as her brother rode on her back toward the shore, but couldn't The board had sealed up her throat enough to keep her from talking. Even though it let in enough air to stay alive. 

As Brad released Diane to head over to the snack hut and get some hot dogs,her sister grabbed her. When Melody touched, Diane magically changed in a rag doll with red yarn hair. Still unable to talk or move a muscle, Melody hugged her sister's plush body that caused the thin dress she suddenly raise up and reveal the panties sewed onto her crotch.Her fingers were fused like mittens and her toes into a solid foot. 

"Guess this is what the genie meant about being able to play with both kids. A doll for Melody and a surf board for Brad." Diane sighed to herself as she was taken to Melody's beach blanket and forced into a tea party. 

"Here's your hot dog, Melody." Brad said as she handed her one and took a bite out of his. "I'd of bought you one, but I figure you no longer have a need to eat." 

Brad was right. Even though Diane hadn't had a bite to eat all day, she wasn't the least bit hungry. She figured she'd never had to eat again. Or go to school or date. She'd just have to be the play thing of which ever one touched her. She also had a feeling that as they grow up and their tastes change, she'd change into whatever type of plaything they were currently into.A mixture of nightmare and a dream life come true.



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