by Sandrah Leary

WARNING: This story contains somewhat brutal human-to-robot transformation scenes.  If this is not your type of story, you may not want to read on.


Heidi and Rose had been friends their whole lives.  They met in pre-school, and formed an instant bond that would last through many good times and equally as many bad times.  Today was simply the next step in the evolution of their young lives.  When the bell rang at three o’clock, on this, their last day of high school, so began their first hour of true adult-hood.  As the two friends wandered home from Bishop Stewart Secondary School, they laughed as they recounted their shared lives.  First kisses, first boyfriends, first periods.

Heidi was tall and thin.  A very pretty Dutch girl, and yet, highly under-rated.  She rarely let her golden, flowing blonde hair out of a ponytail.  She hid her soft blue eyes, behind dark rimmed glasses.  She had a very nice figure, with ample bosom (though nothing compared with Rose), but wore her school uniform very loosely, always buying one size larger than she required.  She was very shy, and didn’t have the confidence to be flashy.  Through high school, she had a few boyfriends, but nothing very serious.  Deep down inside, she built up her sexual energy, fantasizing and dreaming of different kinky scenarios, but never acting on them.

Rose on the other hand, wore her sexuality on her sleeve.  She was much shorter than her lanky friend, and much fuller in her figure.  Her dark hair, eyes and skin tone, betrayed her Italian heritage.  She had tits to spare, often joking that she would donate some of her bust to Heidi, to help fill her out.  If Heidi ordered her uniforms one size too big, than the opposite could be said of Rose.  Heidi had helped her friend raise the hemline of her skirts, making them barely cover her well-formed ass.  She always wore her shirt with several buttons missing (she told the principal repeatedly that they must have come off in the wash), exposing her cleavage to her sex-starved classmates.  Sometimes, she even neglected to wear a bra.  It was no secret that Rose “put-out”.  She had slept, at one point or another, with almost the whole soccer team, and even some of the cheerleaders.  But on this warm summer day their past meant less and less, as they walked into their future.

Rose was recounting her fling with the head cheerleader, when her boyfriend, the captain of the football team, walked in.  Heidi, in her typical form, was pretending not to be interested, all the while soaking her friend’s story up, like a dry sponge soaks up water.  “So she says, want to join us, and I’m like, this is so, not what I expected her to say,” Rose spoke as the passed a darkened alley, ”So he’s like totally into it, but she doesn’t know that he and I had been screwing around on her the week before, isn’t that weird?”

Heidi nodded her head in agreement, but then stopped dead in her tracks.  “Did you hear that?” she asked.

“Hear what?” her friend paused, straining to listen.

“I thought I heard someone calling for help”.

Rose concentrated on her ears, and suddenly a muffled cry filled the air.  It was coming from the alley.

Without even thinking, Rose entered the alley, trying to locate the source of the noise.  Heidi followed.

The two girls froze when they heard the cry again, this time louder.  “Helllllp me!”, it called.

“Its coming from that door, I think”, Heidi pointed to the rusted loading bay at the end of the alley.

The two girls cautiously crept ahead, and paused when they reached the bottom stair, of the entrance to, what appeared to be, a receiving dock.

The cry came once more, “Helllp me”, it sounded almost un-natural.

“This isn’t right” Heidi grabbed Rose’s shoulder.  “Its okay”, her friend replied, as they ascended the concrete staircase, “We’ll just be……”

With that, the stairs beneath the girl’s feet gave way, and they fell into the darkness below.

Under the stairs was a large tube, like a waterslide, with no water.  Its shiny metal surface was very slippery and the two friends quickly built up speed as they slid further underground.

Heidi screamed, Rose cheered, and then the ride was over, as they landed, each in a different chamber.

Rose brushed herself off and looked around the dimly lit space, Heidi was nowhere to be seen.  She cried out, “Heidi!”

“I’m here Rose!”, the answer came from behind one of the steel walls, “Are you okay?  Where are we?”

“I don’t know”, Rose replied.

Suddenly the floor began to move, in both girl’s compartments, and a section of the wall in front of them opened, filling the room with steam and flashing light.  The floor was trying to move them towards the opening, like a conveyer belt, and the girls were naturally trying to move the other way.  The floor compensated, with two ankle clamps appearing out of no-where, fastening the two friends feet to the ground, which was pulling them towards the breach in the wall.

“Rose!”, Heidi called, “What’s happening?!”

Rose pulled at the ankle braces, to no avail, “I don’t know Heidi, just stay calm, we’ll be okay”.

With that, the two girls entered the opening.

Rose scanned the dimly lit corridor as the floor continued to transport her.  Their was a rustling sound from the darkness around her as snake-like tentacles appeared out of the walls.  There must have been a dozen or so.  As they got closer to her, Rose could see that there were sharp blades on the ends, ruling out any possibility of her swatting them away.  She remained still as the appendages began to shred through her uniform, reducing it, her underclothes, hose and shoes, to a pile of torn material, which was quickly whisked away by the moving floor.

Rose stood motionless and naked.  She  was temporarily blinded by several quick flashes of bright light, then the mechanical tendrils returned.  Two of them, wrapped around her wrists, pulling them away from her body.  Another two grabbed her waist, and two more yet, attached themselves to her head, keeping it face forward.  A third, attached itself into the base of the young woman’s skull, and began to interface with her brain.

Normally, Rose would have been panicking by now, but for some reason, she remained calm.  She didn’t know why, but she wasn’t frightened.

It barely even registered, when two bright red laser beams, cut through her waist.  Miraculously, there was no blood, and barely even a flinch, when Rose’s legs were carried off from her suspended torso.

The tendrils began to work faster now, as if on a rushed schedule.  The underside of her torso was sprayed with a metallic, mercury-like liquid substance.  The laser beams returned, this time removing her arms, at the shoulders, which were also sprayed with the mercury fluid, which dried to a smooth, chromed surface.

The interface in her spine was scanning and downloading her brain, compressing her memories and saving them in the back of her now, nearly empty mind.

Incisions were made through her back, and her organs were removed or replaced with mechanical equivalents, plus many new components, who’s use was not yet known to the host body.  Soon that fact would be irrelevant.

Several of the bladed, motorized vines, began to cut away Rose’s thick brown hair, until her head was totally devoid of cover.  A laser made a tiny opening in the top of her skull, and a tapered antenna, about three inches long, was inserted.  If she could have seen herself, she would have thought she looked like a cheesy, 1960’s style sci-fi creation, or at least the beginnings of one.

The tendrils continued their work, reaching into Rose’s mouth and removing her teeth and tongue.  A long, tapered device was then inserted into her oral cavity, the tip sliding deep into her throat, until it came to rest in her vocal cords.  The base of the appliance, filled her jaw, and formed her lips into a perfect, permanent smile.  Now, instead of teeth, she grinned with a mesh grill, about half the size of her maw.  The slits in her meshed, mouth-plate would flash red, when she tried to speak.

Her eye’s would be removed next.  To be replaced with a visor, molded on the outside to blend with her face.  As the piece of equipment was attached, two long appendages burrowed through her empty sockets to connect with her brain.  A long thin slit, that began to glow yellow, had replaced her two brown eyes.

The lasers made easy work of the young woman’s nose.  Quickly reducing it to a small, flush slit, between her former eyes, and former mouth.  They would continue their work, by removing her lips, creating a seamless, smooth face, from her forehead to her chin.

Her torso would next be lowered onto its new base, a one-wheeled stand, again circa 1960’s sci-fi.  New mechanical arms, with multi-positional claws at the end were affixed to her shoulders, before form-fitting plates were attached over her back, chest and midriff.

The tentacles, save the one that was still reprogramming her brain, dis-attached themselves, and withdrew into the walls.  Rose was barely aware of what was transpiring around her.  She felt her humanity being erased, and her new self being creating.  She was no longer Rose D’Amico, high school graduate, college freshman, human being.  She was Service Unit RD010, utility droid, machine, object.

As tiny spray heads erupted around her, drenching her body with a liquid metallic coating, Rose ceased to exist.

Within a few minutes, the spray had hardened to a shiny, silver metal.  The conveyer stopped and another door opened.  Service Unit RD010 rolled off the assembly line to await final inspection.  The master computer scanned its latest acquisition.  There were 0% defects,  a perfect conversion.

New orders were sent to the unit through its antenna, and the newly created machine motored through the corridors to the storage area, where it powered down to “standby” mode.

Heidi’s transformation was considerably less dramatic.  She entered the chamber, where she was quickly stripped of her clothing and scanned.  The master computer had originally decided to make two Service Units today, however, upon establishing an uplink with Heidi’s brain, it reconsidered.

The years of pent-up sexual frustration and energy made Heidi an ideal candidate to become a Pleasure Unit.

Heidi relaxed as her thoughts and memories were analyzed and processed.  New commands and ideas began to flood her head.  Sexual images, like she had never imagined.  She instantly became aroused.  If machines could smile, the master computer would have.  This subject would make an excellent Pleasure Unit.

With that, the tendrils began their work, holding the blonde’s limbs, head and torso as the laser separated them.  Each component was carefully removed and modified individually.

Her legs were extended slightly, their build changed to become very shapely.  New biomechanical muscles replaced her inferior human ones.  Her toes were fused together and set on an inch thick padded platform.  Long, six-inch spikes were implanted into her heels, arching her feet permanently. The limbs were then coated in silver fluid, before being left to dry.

Heidi’s arms were smoothed, her skeletal structure improved and her muscles, like her legs, upgraded.  Her fingernails were extended into longer silver ovals, which could be retracted into her hands if needed.  The nerve endings in her fingertips were amplified, meaning that everything she touched would overwhelm her primitive brain with sensory information.  That is, of course, until her brain was modified to accept that information.  When the process was finished, her skin was again coated in thick silver.

The girl’s torso would be modified next.  Like her friend before her, Heidi’s organs would be replaced or removed.  But in addition, her curves would be accentuated and emphasized.  Her petit waist was reduced to near “Barbi-Doll” proportions.  Her bosom increased to an unimaginable DD size.  Her hips would flare out to create a stunning hourglass figure, and her rear would expand and round out into a nearly perfect ass.  Her sex, now smooth and hairless, was modified to accept a variety of different sizes, and shapes of genitalia, and extra sensory devices added.  The computer would increase her skin’s sensitivity ten fold, her nipples’ sensitivity twenty-fold, and her clitoris’ thirty-fold.  Now, a simple touch would create an orgasmic wave of pleasure in Heidi, and an overwhelming urge to return the favour.  Her torso was then sprayed with fluid as the tendrils went to Heidi’s final piece.  Her head.

Heidi had remained strangely conscious for the duration of her transformation.  Though her limbs were dis-attached, she could still feel them, and though she knew they were dis-attached, she was remarkably un-phased.  It could be the fact that the master computer had deleted fear from her mind, along with many other human traits.  As the computer continued to download new thoughts, feelings, and sexual data, its tendrils removed Heidi’s golden-blonde mane, in one piece.  The hair would be treated with a solution that would convert it into synthetic strands of gold, to be reattached later.

Her organic eyes would be replaced with artificial equivalents, which began to glow with a soft blue hue, when they connected with the girl’s increasingly artificial brain.  Her nose would be retained, as the computer wanted all of her senses to remain intact.  It was, however, modified and sculpted to be the perfect, cute, little nose.

Heidi’s lips were reshaped and inflated to a lovely pout.  The muscles that controlled her jaws were improved, as were the jaws themselves.  Now able to open much wider and accept almost any foreign object.  Her organic tongue was replaced with an inorganic substitute, which could extend much longer, and was much more powerful and nimble than its predecessor.  Her imperfect teeth were swapped with perfect replacements, and the inside of her maw, sprayed with silver.   The spray nozzles then drenched the outside of her smooth, bald head.

The tendrils began to return Heidi’s body parts to her torso.  First reattaching her legs, then arms, then head, and finally her now-glowing, golden hair.  The tentacles produced buffing clothes and polished the former girl’s metallic skin to a blinding shine.

The computer finished its download, and disconnected itself from her head.

Just minutes ago, Heidi VanDansk, the shy, unassuming 18 year old, had entered the portal at the beginning of the process, that had now come to an end.  Now, as the door opened, Pleasure Unit HV094 made its way to the centre of the room.  She took a sensual stance and waited for her final approval.

The computer was very pleased.  Though this unit had retained some knowledge of its previous existence (a 4.75% defect), it was well within specifications.  The subject had proven to be an excellent choice to become a Pleasure Unit, and would fetch a hefty price.

With that, P.U. HV094 sashayed through the corridors to the storage area, on its towering heels.  It took its place next to S.U. RD010, and went into standby mode.

Conversion Unit 1324, was very pleased with itself.  It had taken a millennium for it to repair itself, since crashing on this planet.  But in that time it had repaired, and improved its systems, as well as studying the planet, and building the network of tunnels, which would allow it to collect subjects, in virtual stealth until its quota was filled.  Then and only then could it return to its home base.  Until that time it would remain. . .   beneath.

Author’s note: If you made it all the way through, and like the concept of this story, than perhaps you would be interested in creating the next installment, of what might make a great series.  Please contact me if interested.

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