Beneath, Part 2: Cat’s Cradle

by Theodoric of York
(edited by Sandrah Leary)

Detective Catherine Suzuki’s mind was not exactly on her work.  Her normally keen eyes kept noticing the shiny new engagement ring that adorned her finger.  It was a gold band with a very large diamond that nicely accented her olive complexion.  Ron had popped the question only the night before.  Though the wedding was months away she was already picturing herself marching down the aisle in a lacy white wedding dress.  Ever since she had been a little girl she had dreamed of being a bride.  Even though she was twenty-six and a police detective, she had never given up that fantasy.  Now it was about to come true.

Her partner, Detective Sharon Pearson, was engaged on a different sort of mental exercise; namely how to get “Cat”, as her friends called her, into the sack while there was still time.  Those mouth watering, pert breasts of Cat’s were almost too much for Sharon to handle.  She wished that she had told her partner about her sexual preference earlier, but the moment never arose.  At this point the only plan she could come up with was to play for time.  She warned Catherine that she should not rush things. 

“Ron might seem like a good man Cat, but you are young yet and you should consider your options.” 

It was a lame pitch.  She knew it.  But personal interaction had never been her strong point.  Though not unattractive, Sharon’s gruff and butch attitude did not endear her to many people on the police force.  Unlike many lesbians, she had never developed a long lasting relationship with anyone. 

Sharon, an ex-marine, was a bear of a woman.  Every square inch of her was toned.  She worked out regularly and the bulging muscles that crisscrossed her strong frame attested to that.  Yet she was fast and deadly.  She had a black belt in more than one martial art and carried a cannon of a side arm; she had the bulk and muscle to handle it expertly.  Cat’s piece, a more traditional Beretta, seemed dainty compared to it.  Sharon frightened many people, even fellow officers.  But Catherine felt reassured by her presence.  She could think of no one else she would rather have in a dark alley besides her partner.


This day they were following up on a rather routine missing-persons report.  Two teen-age girls seemed to have disappeared off the face of the earth the day of their high-school graduation and no hide nor hair had been found of them yet.  The possibility of foul play was real in that at least one of the friends of the missing girls had a shady reputation.  They had even interviewed her in regards to a school prank.  The principal had let her off with a warning, but it was becoming apparent that the warning did not take.  The pair was last seen in this area and the detectives were interviewing the last known witness to have seen them alive.

Sister Mary Delanie had to be approaching the half-century mark.  Her convent, “The Sisters of Mary Magdalene,” had but a handful of members yet and many were over seventy.  A nice young priest from the archdiocese had shown up recently to close down the place and find the sisters new homes for them to spend the rest of their lives.  Sister Mary knew that meant that many of her friends were destined to live in a  'Rest Home' and, with no family or friends to speak of, she contemplated joining them.  She realized that her chosen career was of an era long past, and she was very angry at her church for making her feel so obsolete.  It appeared however, that she might still be able to help these nice young detectives.  The larger of the two was a bit condescending, but the petite, oriental woman was a paragon of charm.

The three of them were standing at the top of the stairs, at the end of an alley, just above a receiving dock.

“Are you sure that this is where you last saw them headed?’ asked Sharon, looking for clues and attempting avoid the glares that Cat kept flashing.

Suddenly there was a rustling of cans.  There was the sound of movement underneath them.  Both detectives drew their side arms, but quickly returned them to their holsters as a cat ran across the alleyway.  “Woo!” said Cat, relieved, as she allowed herself to relax.

Then without warning, the stairway gave way and the three of them found themselves falling into a huge tube underneath them.  It turned very dark and bumpy, like a fun-house ride without the fun part. They may have blacked out.


Cat found herself alone, in her own compartment, isolated from the others.  For a moment she was disoriented, coming to on her hands and knees.  But then she heard the booming sound of Sharon’s revolver discharging round after round.  She heard Sharon’s voice cry out, “Cat, Where are you?”

Cat shouted, “Over here!” hoping that it would be of some use.  “Where is sister Mary?  Is she with you?”

Sharon answered, “No!  We’ll find her though. Just keep talking. Don’t worry, I’ll get you out.” 

With that Cat’s ears were assaulted by the discharge of Sharon’s cannon rounds in the distance. Was her partner under attack? Soon afterward, the young officer understood why.  The floor of her compartment began to move and a panel slid open in front of her.  She tried to back up, her own revolver at the ready.  Suddenly clamps appeared and shot around her ankles.  She stared down at them, wondering where they had come from.  This was weird!

As she was drawn into the dimly lit room she continued to hear the discharge of her partner’s revolver.  The echoing blasts seemed to comfort her.  Oddly, she was no longer scared.  She was not even bothered when the firing from the other compartment eventually stopped reverberating.  She saw a dozen tendrils approaching her, but she could do nothing as one of them wrapped itself around the barrel of her gun and pulled it out of her unresisting hands.  She felt the more tendrils cutting away her skirt and jacket.  Her blouse was soon shredded and finally her underwear.  Her necklace fell to the floor, spilling beads all over the place. 

She remained calm when she became disoriented and blinded by a series of strobing, bright flashes of light. The tendrils began to wrap themselves around her head, immobilizing it. She only registered the fact that she could hear something drilling into the back of her skull.  She felt strangely detached as her memories were deleted from her conscious mind.

In her peripheral vision she was dimly aware of two bright red beams of light, seeming to be slicing through her legs, at the hips. It was if she were watching this in a movie or something; it did not seem real. Soon her lower limbs were taken away, as she would no longer have any use for them.  She could feel no blood, or pain from the procedure.  She felt more sensations, when a metallic coating was sprayed onto her tapered lower torso, where her thighs used to be. 

Her arms were removed next.  As they were taken away, a laser quickly burned away the band of impure gold and clusters of compressed carbon crystals.  In moments the engagement ring ceased to exist, reduced to component parts, catalogued and sent to storage to be used later.


A few days ago Dr. Barbara Hunt, PHD in ergonomics and city planning, would have been amazed and delighted at seeing the efficiency and thoroughness of the process as all waste products were broken-down and recycled for later use.  But now the only concern of Cargo Transport Unit BH032 was to deliver its consignments to their appointed locations and head for its next pick up.

If Cat had been able to have looked at herself now, she would have been reminded of a Barbie Doll that some child had pulled apart.  In that assumption she would not have been entirely wrong.   Her hip and elbow sockets were converted to attachment points to allow artificial limbs to be added in the future, if need be. For some reason, her disfigurement did not trouble her mind at all.

She was dimly aware if incisions being made into her back as her internal organs were being replaced and upgraded for her future use. 

A vine-like tendril started to weave its way though her backbone as it wrapped around her spinal cord and inched its way up.  Soon it reached the base of her skull and began to interface with her brain.  Meanwhile, tine-like prongs began to emerge from the vine and impale themselves into her spinal cord and vertebrae.   She was becoming more and more of a machine every passing moment.

Suddenly Cat’s eyes bulged with a jerk and her back arched permanently.  Her vertebrae had been fused together as tiny filaments began to burrow through her nervous system, replacing it was it with an upgraded and more efficient system. 

Tendrils started to work on modifying her head.  Her black and blond streaked hear was being pulled out and discarded, strand by strand.  Her cute button nose was removed and a telescoping antenna began to bore itself into her skull.  Her lips were cut away, her teeth removed, and her tongue was shredded into a thousand hair-like strings. These were laced into another antenna that was being forced down her oral cavity, until they bonded with it, becoming a seamless sensory input device.  Her jaws were fused together and the maw that had been her mouth was sealed around the now protruding sensory device.  Her eyes were dissolved in their sockets and more antennas were inserted.  They bore down into her skull until they made direct connection with the brain. Flashes of light fireworked through what remained of her brain.

Meanwhile tendrils were altering her body accordingly.  Her nipples were broken down into a series of tiny strings and interwoven with long antennae that were being inserted through the center of each breast.  The antennae continued to press through her body until they bonded with the now synthetic spinal cord.

Another long antenna burrowed its way through her navel.  It, too, did not stop until it connected with the spinal cord.  Finally her clitoris was dissected and interwoven with yet another antenna that was inserted into her pelvic area.  All trace of hair was removed from her entire body and tiny, sensory input nodes replaced them.

Finally a bright silver metallic liquid was sprayed all over the torso as her brain continued to be replaced and reprogrammed with its new tasks.  Ron, her dreams of becoming a bride, and her past life; all memories were disappearing as a new paradigm was being created for her mind to obey.

 By the time the silver coating had hardened the last of Cat's thoughts and dreams had been digitized and filed away.  The new paradigm was in place.  Another door opened.  The conveyor stopped.  The computer scanned its latest acquisition, which just a few minutes ago had been Catherine Suzuki.  What once had been a human being, free, newly engaged to the man she loved with all her heart; who had everything going her way, was now just another sensory device, waiting to be installed.

 Scanner Display CS084 did not have to wait for long.  Scanning Display HC002 was beginning to malfunction.  It would have to be repaired or salvaged for its remaining usable parts. 

Scanning Display CS084 was lowered onto a cargo prong of Cargo Transport BH032 by the means of the scanning unit’s main interface and external interface port with a plop.  A few minutes before Cat would have been horrified by the prospect of her virgin asshole being violated.  But now the cold machine that had so recently been a living, breathing human being, merely tightened its rectal muscles to get a firmer grip as the cargo carrier sped to its destination.

Meanwhile, on the surface of the ship, Service Unit RD010 was disconnecting Scanning Display HC002 so that it could be given a full diagnostic.  With a maintenance laser, it broke the seal that so securely held the scanning display.  Then it was a simple maneuver to lift the defective display off its input-output prong.  Service Unit RD010 then applied a lubricant and a sealant onto the prong and waited.  In moments the Cargo transport BH032 arrived, and waited patiently for its cargo to be dislodged.   Moments later it was speeding back, with HC002. 

Rose D’Amico would have taken great delight in the humiliation she would have been causing Lieutenant Catherine Suzuki by such an act.  Now, neither cared.  All that mattered was that Scanning Device CS084 was now on line.   Its arched torso was leaned back and it was activated.  Information streamed through its antennae and sensors.  In a moment where the most advanced computers the human race possessed had the intelligence of a fly, CS084’s sole function was the collection, analysis and dissemination of such data.  During her short life Cat had always been inquisitive and had a knack for noticing things.  During her stint in the police academy those traits were refined and enhanced.  It was the main reason why she had become a detective so quickly.  It was also why she had been selected to be converted into a sensory display.  Building on that foundation in a few short minutes the remaining mind of Catherine Suzuki was converted to a device that put the combined intelligence gathering resources of CIA and the NSA to shame.

Among the data that the display was analyzing was the fact that two police detectives, Catherine Suzuki and Sharon Pearson, were not answering their calls. .  It cared not who or what Catherine Suzuki or Sharon Pearson were, or had been.  All it cared about was that the master computer wished it to monitor the situation and keep it appraised of any developments.

The former Detective Lieutenant powered down into stand by mode.  The master computer had recently scanned it and declared it had had been a perfect conversion with zero defects.

After the initial gunfire, things had proceeded smoothly.  The initial stages of the conversion resembled that of Cat’s.  Sharon had been quickly disarmed; no damage had been done.  Her jacket, shirt and slacks had been cut away, followed by her underwear.  Next to go were her muscular arms and legs.  Again, she would soon have no need of them.  On each leg socket was attached a frame.  On each frame was attached a dozen spider like, mechanical legs.  Each leg could be operated independently, giving an increased mobility when fully functional.  The unit would still be able to maneuver and evade, even if reduced to one or two functioning legs.   Though the legs looked thin and spindly, they were made of incredibly strong and tough polymers. Each leg was a weapon unto itself.  The programming to control the weapons was being downloaded into her rapidly synthesizing mind.  In place of her arms, frames were installed in which an amazing amounts of weapons arrays could be installed, from the non-lethal to the lethal in the extreme. Ironically, what remained of Sharon may have enjoyed becoming that firepower.

Meanwhile the organs in her body were being replaced with inorganic upgrades.  Much of her new synthetic brain was now devoted to internal repair.  At times a security droid had to be able sustain heavy damage and still be able to function.

Her eyes were removed and replaced with targeting devices that could identify and target an enemy in all sorts of conditions and environments.  Her short hair was removed and replaced by a helmet that vaguely gave Sharon the look of a pageboy cut.  Though the helmet was functional, it gave Sharon an almost feminine flair that she previously would have been uncomfortable with. 

Special consideration was given to her other body modifications.  The unit was shaped and curved in much the same way that a pleasure unit would be.  There was good, practical reasons for this.  Sharon was not being converted into a war bot, but a security droid.  When activated the vast majority of a Security droid's time was spent patrolling or on guard duty.  In that at time it would have to interface with the general public, some basic degree of protocol and decorum was also expected of the unit.   Also, it helped if the unit was pleasant eye candy to the remaining organic units.  Though such an attribute did not particularly aid it in its primary function, a certain physical attractiveness certainly added to the price the unit could be sold for.

Thus when form-fitting armor plating was molded and attached to Sharon’s torso, it was done to accent her beauty.  Her waist was squeezed into a slimmer shape.  Her buttocks and breasts were enhanced, accented, and molded.  The armor was grafted to her skin perfectly, mimicking every curve and angle.    Her now permanently erect nipples and aureoles could clearly be seen.  Face plating now gave her an elegantly sculpted nose and face.  The new, synthetic, muscles in her breasts and ass were programmed to discreetly bounce and wiggle when she moved.  The end effect was that Sharon ‘s new body shaping and programmed personality enhancements, allowed both a business like detachment and seductive danger, along with a true Femme Fatale look. 

As a result of these conversions it was realized that the Sharon-unit might be put to uses that had nothing to do with its prime function.  Her oral, anal and vaginal passages were altered accordingly.  Now, like a pleasure unit, she would be able to accommodate all sorts of genitalial shapes and foreign intrusions.  The truth was that many Security droids were called upon to be used in this fashion.  Depending upon their master’s taste, security drones could actually prove to be more adept in performing these functions than pleasure droids.  They could withstand far more punishment that a relatively fragile pleasure unit and its internal repair and diagnostic functions would prove useful in such situations.  Other owners would tell you that the ambiance of the fuck was the most important thing.  As much you could try to dress up a pleasure droid to look like a security droid it was not the same. Making love to a machine that could eradicate you from existence in a millisecond also held a certain dangerous attraction.

When the master computer scanned the gleaming, buffed, end product that minutes ago had been Lt. Sharon Pearson it was inevitiable that, probably sooner rather than later, the eventual owner would access Security Droid SP037's sexual subroutines.  The rarified elegance and subdued sensuality the unit now exuded when fully accessed, would prove mighty juicy indeed. Indeed this one would fetch a fine price.

Despite its rocky start, the conversion of Sharon Pearson to Security Droid SP037 went off seamlessly.  That was in part because she cooperated fully in her conversion.  When Sharon realized the futility of her resistance and the fact that the love her life, Catherine, would soon no longer exist as such she actively cooperated with the dismemberment of her human form.  Long before the final metallic liquid spray was applied that signalled the end of the conversion process, Sharon Pearson had ceased to exist.

The same could not be said about the conversion of Sister Mary Delanie.  When she landed in the holding area, she landed hard.  Her older bones were damaged, and many of her organs began to fail immediately.

At first the Master computer considered just letting her die.  On the face of it she did not seem like good candidate for conversion.  She was older and obviously damaged in transit.  Her organic structure would have to be extensively repaired. 

Still, the Master computer inserted a probe into her head.  Raw material was not to be wasted, unnecessarily. Interfacing with her brain, it started to download data.

The master computer was amazed by what it found.  Years of cloistered bliss, alongside sexual frustration, had created a Paradigm from which a truly awesome pleasure unit could be created.  The conversion units would have to work fast.  Mary’s brain was already beginning to die.  The woman was placed upon life support.  Inceptions were made in her body and new organs were implanted.  Still Mary’s brain continued to shut down.

A laser bisected her skull and her brain was removed. It was placed upon direct life support.  The rest of the dilapidated body was discarded.  Further deterioration of the brain was slowed, but not stopped.  If the break-down were not stopped, there would be nothing left worth building upon.  The Master Computer was desperate.  It could not let this golden opportunity slip away.  Attempts at immediate synthesis were actually making the situation worse.  The brain was too frail to for synthesis to occur.  The Master Computer needed something organic to merge with the brain to fortify it until things stabilized and full conversion could commence.

Then the Master Computer sensed another organism present in the area.  A cat.  The unfortunate creature must have fallen down into the tubes with the three women.  Self-absorbed, it sat in docile silence to one side of the processing machinery, idly washing itself..  Tendrils appeared. In moments its brain cavity would also be bisected as the machines started to merge it with the human brain.

Memories of Mary started to vanish.  Her life as a young girl began to fragment and disappears.  Her brief time as a hippie chick drifted out of her mind.  Of that buried, torrid love affair with a married man there was not even a memory now.  The nuns she had known and grown old with also started to disappear from her conscious mind.

At the same time a new matrix began to impose itself on her consciousness.  The fascination with moving objects, the drive to breed, and most importantly the skills and psyche evolved in the mind of a predator over the last million years and honed by a harsh life on the street.  Mary would have now been a superb ratter, if she had only the implements left to hunt with.

The Master Computer was satisfied.  The implant had worked.  The degradation that had once made up Mary's consciousness had been stopped.  At a new matrix had been imposed upon it.  Of course Mary was now more cat than human, but that now opened new possibilities of conversion to explore.

Sensing Mary's new thinking patterns were more catlike than human, computer was determined that her new synthetic body would function better if it was also.  Soon production units had created a long, sleek, metallic body and head to contain and protect her now synthetic brain. 

The torso resembled that of a shiny metallic panther, or tiger, while the head retained many human features.  The powerful, flexible, jaw was distinctly catlike while the rest of the unit's face had a humanlike appearance.  Since the conversion unit had used the last facial template to work from, Mary’s new facial features had a resemblance to the refined elegance that now graced the face of Security Droid SP037.  As mentioned before, the jaw was different.  Mary's ears were now pointed and rested on the top of her head.  Finally, there were a set of synthetic whiskers that extended from her face from just below her stub nose.  Outside of those modifications, it was an exact duplicate to the Security droid’s own facial structure.  Her new, soft, vertically-pupilled glowing eyes darted back and forth, fascinated by the darting Tendrils that were rebuilding her.

Sharon’s limbs were salvaged and modified to suit Mary’s new form.  The huge, bulky organic muscles were replaced, with new, slim, biochemical ones.  The legs were reshaped and molded until they looked very much like a cat’s hind legs. Sharon’s arms were modified to resemble that of a cat’s forelegs.   Of course the new shapes were designed to look graceful and alluring.  They were coated with a silver fluid that would make them look like liquid metal when they moved.  After they dried they were attached to their new torso.  When the forelimbs were online and operational, they began to playfully bat at the tendrils moving about her.

Sharon’s own augmented and remolded breasts proved to be the model of Mary’s new breast.  Of course Mary now had six of them, instead of two.  Of course the new muscles were programmed to sway with elegant grace and sensuous ease when she walked.  Sharon’s hands were reshaped to resemble paws, with pads on the bottom along with retractable claws.  The claws themselves were mad of nearly indestructible polymers that could rip though the toughest armor.

Mary’s new, hairless, sex was again identical to the prominent mons that graced the bottom of Security Unit SP037’s curvaceous torso.   Of course Mary’s slit was placed between her hind legs.  Again Mary’s vagina, rectum, and oral cavity were augmented to take any sort of genitalia or foreign objects.

When Mary’s new, fully synopsized mind had fully interfaced with her body, what would be permanently in what was left of Mary’s human paradigm was modified from sizzling desire to that of a slow, sensuous boil. A final coat of metallic liquid and the unit was ready.

When the new Feline-human symbolic prototype Pleasure Unit MD001 was released to active duty, with elegance it allowed its flanks to rub up against the side of the door with a restrained grace.  Slowly the unit ambled its way to the center of the inspection room.  The machine sat down in the center of the room and waited.  While waiting, it started to sinuously lick its body.  The conversion was noted as incomplete; a 4.9 % defect remained.  Still, most of that defect rating was because of cat-like brain patterns that remained to dominate the combined brain's new matrix.  It was no longer interested in hunting small rodents.  Larger game was now its quarry.  This unit would prove to be a superb, if unique, pleasure droid.

Instructions received from the Master Computer directed teh feline pleasure unit to the storage area.  As the droid strode to its storage niche beside Security Droid SP037, the security droid suddenly activated and came to attention.  It seemed to quiver in orgasmic delight.  But as the feline droid sat down and went into stand by mode, Security Droid SP037 did so as well.

Investigation showed that there appeared to be a second symbiotic relationship between the pair.  There were so many parts within FHSPD MD001 had been duplicated from Security Droid SD037, that when the two droids were in close proximity to each other, data was exchanged.   The result was that they tended to compliment each other in their actions.  For instance, when the pair walked beside each other, their movements were totally synchronized - from the swishing of their hips to the sway of their breasts.  When you stroked one’s sex, the other one would shiver in delight.

They were a matched set and it would be determined that they would be sold as one.  Early indications that the sale price for the pair could be phenomenal, much greater than would have been realized had the two had been sold separately.  So, soon after Sharon Pearson had lost a partner Security Unit SP037 she had gained a soul mate.  Lucky would be the owner of these two droids, though the master computer doubted that SP037 would ever be used much for security.

Within the recesses of FHDP DM001’s consciousness, random bits and pieces of Sister Mary’s personality would occasionally assert themselves.  When it was being used for the purpose in which it was designed, it would gentle and loving; its claws would remain retracted.  One memory she had been able to retain was the moment she realized that she had a calling. Eventually that calling had bought her here, by the strangest of all circumstances.  She was content.  She had found her place.  She was in heaven.

Meanwhile Sensory Display CS084 continued to scan and analyze data. New sensory arrays were attached the hip and elbow sockets.  Occasionally it would monitor a TV special or a cable documentary about the two police detectives who had so mysteriously disappeared without a trace.  Inevitably, it would regard this information as being unimportant chaff to be discarded and forgotten as it was to all but those humans who had originally cared about the pair and wondered what had actually happened to them. 


To Be Continued...?

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