by Nova

Just as the clouds have gone to sleep,

Angels can be seen in Heaven's Keep.

In lonely fear they question: Why?

Goddamn! Not an angel when I die! - Rammstein


Author's Note: Rumors of my demise were greatly exaggerated....

            Intense pain washed through Naiyumi's systems. Not the enjoyable pain that her users would sometimes inflict on her during their course of foreplay or sex, but this sensation was different. Naiyumi looked at the gaping hole in her chest. Her fluids and vitals hung partway outside the jagged wound. Her eyes glazed over as she sank to the floor in surprise. The last sight she beheld was the man whom she had been given to as an executive perk. A single tear rolled down her cheek and her lips formed the question "why?" as she slumped against the wall and breathed her last.

            As Genshin Takuma left his workout area, two attendants clad in Yukatas came in and knelt at the dead girls body. One reached behind her head, moved something there and then with a sharp tug, lifted away Naiyumi's beautiful visage, to reveal electronic components and miniaturized sensory equipment. Two large blueish lenses dominated the mechanical face, and a small chute for transmitting substances taken orally to the android's converter unit.

        The second attendant parted Naiyumi's robe and opened a panel in the robot's abdomen. With a few twists and flips of release valves and assembly connectors she pulled Naiyumi's entire torso from the waist up off of her lower body, while the other girl reached deep inside the hips and after moving a few panels and connections removed a cigar-box sized metal case with various tubes and wires protruding from it.

        Each attendant then lifted one half of Naiyumi and carried her out of the workout room. A few moments later, a small cleaning robot arrived and cleaned up the fluids that had come from the broken android, then left quietly leaving no trace of Naiyumi's final moments. 


        Nova walked the halls of Daikoku's new building. Located in cluttered and busy Dallas, Texas. She wore the silk kimono of a high-class Geisha, but somehow seemed out of place with her tall, athletically muscled physique, bright blue eyes and long, flame-colored hair.

        She arrived at her new master's office and sat down behind him on a soft pillow. Takuma's traditionalism was obvious in the spacious room. Tatami matting covered every square inch of floor, and the room was Spartan in appearance save for the desk of rich black oak, and a pair of beautiful daisho sitting near the wall on a tiered sword stand.

        Genshin himself seemed particularly grouchy over something, and Nova immediately moved up behind him and began to massage his shoulders.

        "Trouble my lord?", she asked, her British accent flawless and sweet.

        Genshin turned and regarded his new plaything. He chuckled as he looked her over. This was once a great assassin and warrior, now reduced to the role of comfort girl. What irony. Takuma thought about how good it would have been to test her skills against his. The reports he'd read mentioned Nova's prodigious fighting talents and the fact that she had somehow developed her own fighting style. "Remarkable", he thought,  that this creature could create a unique fighting style all for itself. These machines were becoming far too human, and now they were exceeding their creator's abilities.

        "It need not trouble you, Nova", remarked Genshin as he placed a hand under her robes and began to rub her highly realistic sex mechanism. Nova moaned softly and her eyes closed as her hips pushed insistently against his fingers. Her sex lubricated itself and was soon dripping it's juices on his fingers and hand.

Genshin smiled as he watched this beautiful creature unable to help itself. It had no choice but to obey it's programming. How could it develop it's own fighting method?

         Genshin's pleasure turned to irritation. Despite the fact that his team had recovered Nova's badly broken body, they still had not located the unit they were originally looking for. Genshin pinched Nova's clit bulb viciously causing her to gasp and her eyes to widen and tear up slightly. Robin...that was the unit's name. Where had it gotten off to? Genshin had dispatched several teams to tie up this loose end but none had ever reported back. Perhaps now that he had Nova he could lure Robin into coming to him.

        Genshin smiled again as he savagely twisted and pulled at the ultra sensitive clit head that was part of Nova's android sexual mechanism. The action caused tears to run fully down her face as the pain was excruciating and somehow she couldn't block it out. Takuma looked at her and with a single command, "Cum now" had the enslaved machine writihing and squirming with the throes of her own orgasm.

        He finally released her and brushed her aside as he left his office to speak to his subordinates. Nova lay on the floor for a long time. The tears finally stopped flowing after an hour or so...



        The robotics labs of Daikoku's Japan Headquarters were filled with technicians assembling, testing and programming the androids that made Daikoku's spy network so accurate.

        On one table, a beautiful blonde was laying in pieces. Each seperate piece was hooked to a special control panel that was being run by a pair of technicians. At the touch of a button or control stick the blonde's limbs moved and flexed in perfect mimicry of a real womans. Her head and neck turned on the support stand it was mounted to. Her eyes looked back and forth, their playback seen on the tech's viewscreens.

        A tall, raven-haired woman lay on another table, with her abdominal panel removed to show where several lines were plugged in. Her eyes stared blankly at the ceiling as her lips moved and her sultry voice called out program instructions and codes in a frightening monotone. Nearby the technician who was programming her took notes of what she relayed and adjusted her programming accordingly.

        In a corner of the room a team was assembling a gynoid with long, well-muscled limbs and a long mane of silvery-white hair. The girl's eyes were open revealing eyes of light violet that shone against her pale complexion. A sweet face with a slightly upturned nose and a small rosebud mouth finished off the details on her faceplate as a technician secured it to her skull with a loud click. 



        A few hours later the finished girl was laying atop the table being programmed. A soft voice with an impeccably articulated Castellian accent monotoned the coding and systems routines for the programmers who paid attention to the databases she was given.

        Suddenly the girl turns her head to look at the programmers and sits up, her full C-cup breasts bobbing slightly and her hair cascading down her shoulders and arond her face in a bang-cut style. One of the programmers reached for an EMP gun and leveled it at the animate gynoid.

        Her eyes locked onto him and his weapon, and then in a swift motion she leapt from the table as he fired. She crashed into him and brought her full weight down on him crushing his fragile human frame beneath her weight and strength.

        Glowing violet eyes scanned the room and observed guards and other technicians arming themselves. Her hands dropped to her sides and small portals above each wrist opened and long, folded titanium steel blades unsheathed themselves. A scream of primordial fury sounded from her lips as her systems went into overdrive.

        The guards and technicians were cut to pieces in the onslaught of gore and rage as the girl's insane, spinning movements and leaping kicks alternately sliced or crushed all they came in contact with.

        At last the carnage ceased and the girl stopped and observed her blades, wet with blood and vital juices. She licked the edge as an image overwhelmed her memories. Genshin Takuma walking away from her. Ignoring her question. Why?

        She blinked and headed toward the exit, stepping or leaping lightly over the bodies strewn along the lab. On the solitary console where she was being programmed  a screen flashed it's successful upload. Program: Berserker...



        The gynoid moved through Daikoku's hallways and shadowed past guards and cameras. She arrived at a room her systems told her was a wardrobe area. Inside was a variety of outfits for all sizes of gynoid that needed to be outfitted. Anything from military uniforms of different countries, to outfits that included whips and shackles as part of their functionality.

        She decided on a black catsuit and put it on along with a pair of black leather thigh boots.  She finished the ensemble with a long, Australian cut Duster. Suitably clothed she proceeded to the operations room.

        At this time of night there was no one to bother her there, but the door was locked by computer key. Frowning, she simply kicked the door open. Her massive, android strength was more than a match for a door of steel and wood, and it collapsed partially.

        Alarms went off throughout the building and she hurried to one of many terminals located throughout the room. She pulled the neck of her catsuit down and opened a panel above her breasts. From the panel she unreeled a length of cable and plugged it into the back of the computer.

        Even with the threat of the building's security and the computer locked door, the mainframe still had an encryption to prevent unauthorized useage. The silver haired gynoid began methodically running through a series of passcodes and numeric strings to void the encryption.

        Tense moments passed and then suddenly she was granted access. Here in the dumb-terminal to Daikoku's mainframe, she found the information she needed and began downloading it. Her vision blanked out and she stared at the opposite wall with her mouth slightly agape and her chest panel exposing her circuitry and wiring, lights flashing within in faster sequences as the transferrance occured.

        In a few minutes she regained her composure and unplugged herself from the terminal. The cord reeled itself back into her chest and the panel closed by itself over the cord, creating the illusion of flawless skin. She pulled up her catsuit and headed for the door, quite aware that by now the building had been sealed off and teams were making their way through it, slowly but surely.

        After calculating the most likely escape route that she could use, she moved down the darkened hallways. A group of red laser dots appeared from around the corner and she dodged aside as a swarm of angry hornet-like bullets whizzed past her and tore large chunks from the building's masonry.

        She scuttled over to the team on all fours, then appeared in the leader's face. He raised his gun, she raised her hand. In a second his face and skull were cleft in twain as the blade sprang from it's housing in her arm and bi-sected his face.

        The rest of the team opened fire or started drawing close-in weapons to use. The Berserker almost felt pity on them as her other sword extended and her sudden spinning motion sliced into three more men like a giant fan blade.

        A burly guard swung his close combat weapon which resembled a giant tomahawk at the Berserker's midsection, but the girl nimbly bent backwards to a crab-walking position to avoid the swing. Her feet came up suddenly and both heels smashed his protective face mask against his face and through the back of his skull. He dropped backwards out of sight as another group of guards advanced.

        The violet-eyed girl snatched a pair of the guard's assault rifles and began holding down the triggers as she swept them over the men. Bodies alternately sagged or flew as they were shredded to pieces by the high-speed firing of two assault rifles at close range. In moments, the gynoid was clear of them, and running on to her escape route.

        She arrived in plain sight of all the assembled security teams at the front entrance. They howled at her to surrender and lay face down on the ground. She smiled and merely scraped the edges of her swords against each other sending sparks showering. A moment later the entire front half of the building was decimated under the withering fire of the teams cannons. A quick search of the rubble revealed no clues as to the intruders wherabouts.


        Hours later on a flight to Dallas from LAX, the gynoid girl sat quietly in the coach section, listening to the fumbling advances of a teenager who was sitting next to her. It took a great deal of her programmed restraint to keep her programs from enabling her to smash his face against the dual layered lexan of the airplane glass.

        Nova watched the dawn approaching as she lay next to Takuma. Her systems were slowly repairing the damage done to her skin and some internals. She wondered why she'd been created for this. What had she done wrong to deserve such cruelty from this man? She sighed as she thought of her duties and loyalties to Daikoku and it's employees. She was programmed to safe-guard and care for Genshin Takuma, and to respond to his every desire without question. She knew she had been performing this task to the best of her ability, but still he hurt her all the time. As though goading her to do something else. What did he want from her?

        She turned her face back to the pillow and buried her head in it. She would have to ask him someday.



        The fugitive gynoid made her way to a local club in Dallas. Strange people in attire better suited to a past century surrounded her. Pierced tongues, eyelids, nipples and all other manner of parts watched her go to a table and sit down. Sitting at the other end of the table was a massively built woman who must have stood well over six and a half feet tall.

        The woman wore round shades to conceal her eyes, but they couldn't hide her exotic looks. Blue-silver hair hung around her like a mane, framing a beautiful face that could have passed for either Norse or Easterner had her skin not been lightly tanned. The woman wore full leather attire, her top being constructed of riveted and buckled leather straps. It revealed so much of the huge woman, and yet was not tasteless or garish.

        Bethlehem looked at the newcomer and felt her beast rising to stare through her eyes at this interloper.

        "You're like me...", she said.

        The girl answered, "Only in the most basic sense. You and I share the same pedigree, but we are hardly alike."

        Beth leaned forward and took a sip of the red wine that was a specialty of the Coffin Club, before speaking, "You're starting to piss me off. Who are you and what do you want?"

        The newcomer smiled and bowed her head to Bethlehem, "My name is Naiyumi, and I want what you want. Answers to my questions".



End Part One


Can I make you an offer, you can't refuse?

I kept my eyes on you cos I tell ya that you'll lose.

 And you can come with me to a place you know so well.

I will take ya to the very gates of Hell.

See you in Hell my friend.

See you in Hell my friend.

See you in Hell my friend.

I'll see you in Hell. -Grim Reaper See You In Hell


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