by DMC

PART 3...

Mike could not believe what he was looking at. He had been a cop for seventeen years and Kris had been his partner for the last six. He knew he could recognize her anywhere and here she was,in this dress shop as a mannequin. It looked exactly like her but it couldn't be her, could it? Hadn't she just brought him to the shop? But still the resemblance was amazing. Mike reached up and touched the mannequin's face and then let his hand slip down to her breasts, they were hard. Mike looked back and saw Kris walking over. She was with her roommate, some tall redhead with some name Mike just couldn't remember. He always wondered if they were more than just roommates. Kris approached, "looks real familiar, doesn't it". "It's unbelievable" Mike replied. The redhead seeing Mike's confusion offered, "the owner of the store has all of the mannequin's custom made, they all are modeled after real people. Here look at this one," she lead Mike to the other side of the display. Mike looked at that mannequin and saw a perfect replica of the redhead herself. "Once Kris saw this I was able to convince her to pose herself," said the redhead as she looked back as Kris. Kris winked at the redhead, she knew the real truth. That she had been replicated first and had taken her roommate on a lingerie shopping spree that she would never return from. Kris thought it was fun teasing Mike like this. There was no way he could see the real picture, that he was looking at his mannequinized partner. She felt something inside of her and wished she could take her new redhead friend home right now and fuck her brains out, but they both had a job to do. Kris her mannequin double a kiss on the cheek and said, "lets go we have to get back to work". "Right behind you" replied Mike and they left the store. The redhead decided to change the clothes on the two mannequins before her. She dragged them both to the back room and stripped them both. She dressed her own double in a pair of black pantyhose, black leather mini-skirt and white top. She then dug through the costume closet until she came up with a police uniform for Kris. She dressed Kris in the uniform and then adjusted the arms on her mannequin double until they were behind it's back. She looked as it's wrists were in a pair of handcuffs. "My such kinky games you lovers play, and I have just the place for you to play them." She moved the two mannequins to the front window. She liked the thought of all of their friends walking by each day and seeing these two, passing with scarcely a second look. Not knowing who was real and who was the fake. She really wished the day was over, she had a need that only Kris could scratch.

Meanwhile at the library Barbara Gordon was pushing a cart full of books when she saw the woman again. She had noticed her several times before and was looking for the proper excuse to introduce herself. The woman was very tall and ordinary looking at first glance but as Barbara looked closer she could see something else. Her skin was perfect and the bone structure of her face was flawless, if only she took better care of herself Barbara thought. The woman looked up and was embarrassed to see Barbara staring at her. "Don't be shy" Barbara said "my name is Barbara Gordon and I've seen you here before." "Hi, my name is Mary Scott, and yes I do come here often, I'm new to this town and I don't have any friends so I spend a lot of time reading" the woman said. "Looking it's almost lunch time, would you like to join me?" Barbara asked. "Sure, that sounds good, I don't really have anywhere else to go this afternoon" the woman replied. "Great, just let me make a quick phone call and I'll meet you downstairs, maybe we can do some shopping afterward, I know some great places within walking distance." "OK" Mary replied and walked towards the exit.

"I have a business proposition for you," explained Catwoman. "This should be interesting," replied Miss Francine, "let's hear it." Catwoman passed a sheet of paper over to Miss Francine, "it's very simple, I've compiled a list of the most powerful people in the city that we can duplicate with you machine there" Catwoman said while gesturing towards the transformer ray. "I see a problem already" replied Miss Francine, "the transformer ray only works on women." Catowoman thought about this for a moment "well then we will just have to replace all of the women on the list, they really run things anyway" "How do you propose to capture all of these woman?" asked Miss Francine. "That's the good part," replied Catwoman "you control Batgirl and everyone trusts her, they will never suspect they are being led into a trap" "I see" said Miss Francine, "and as we replicate more women in positions of trust and authority the job will actually get easier" "Exactly" explained Catwoman, "so your in then?" "I'll do it on one condition" replied Miss Francine. "And what would that be" asked Catwoman? "I hear you have done something particularly nasty with Wonder Woman but I want her back. "I want to mannequinize her so I will have a copy that is under my control. Once I have duplicated her you can have the original back, in mannequized form of course." "Hmm" thought Catwoman "I kind of like her the way she is but I guess she would look nice next to Batgirl, sort of like a pair of bookends. All right, you can have Wonder Woman but there is something I want to do with her first, it shouldn't take long you should have her by tomorrow morning." "Good" replied Miss Francine "I'll look forward to it." "Now who is first on the list" asked Catwoman? "I think Batgirl's, I mean Barbara Gordon's father's secretary, I think her name is Bonnie should be our first target" suggested Miss Francine. "An excellent choice" replied Catwoman as she got up to leave "until tomorrow then" And Catwoman left the room.

Not long after Catwoman's exit Barbara Gordon rode the elevator from the Lingerie shop down to Miss Francine's workshop. Along with her in the elevator was the unconscious body of Mary Scott. The elevator door opened and Barbara dragged Mary's body into the workshop, placed it on one of the work tables and began stripping off Mary's clothes. Miss Francine entered and took at close look at Mary, "let's see what you have brought me"? "I found this one at the library" Barbara said. "We can take our time with this one, she has no friends or relatives the will miss her anytime soon" Barbara said as she pulled the last of Mary's outer garments off. "Good because this one will have to wait" replied Miss Francine "I have an assignment for you." Miss Francine went on to tell Barbara about her plans for Bonnie. "what will we do with her?" asked Barbara while gesturing towards Mary. "We will keep her on ice for now and deal with her when we have more time" replied Miss Francine. The two women lifted Mary's sleeping body off the table and carried it into a small room of the main workshop. The room looked like a large walk in freezer but with several individual booths instead of shelves or racks. Miss Francine opened one of the booths, inside was a post with several straps attached. Mary's body was strapped to the post she now stood inside the booth. Miss Francine and Barbara left the chamber and closed the door. Miss Francine pressed a button next to the chamber and Barbara noticed a faint mist entering the chamber. "What are you doing to her?" asked Barbara. "She is being frozen, until we can deal with her properly" replied Miss Francine as she left the room. Barbara lingered for a few moments and looked at Mary's now frozen body. Barbara had been able to strip Mary down to her bra, panties and stockings and wished that she had had more time to do more. She was looking forward to being with Mary, but that will have to wait. At least she will be there when Barbara finished her current assignment. Frost began to creep up the glass walls of the booth and Barbara left the room. Inside the booth the frozen body of Mary Scott slept peacefully, unaware of what was in store for her later.

Catwoman walked quickly into her trophy room, she didn't have much time left and wanted to humiliate Wonder Woman once more before she had to turn her over to Miss Francine. "About time you showed up," called a voice from the shadows "nice toys." Catwoman spun around in time to see Poison Ivy emerge from behind the door. "Oh I'm so glad you could make it" exclaimed Catwoman as she embraced Poison Ivy. "What's with these" Poison Ivy said while gesturing towards the Batgirl mannequin and Wonder Woman picture? Catwoman explained to her friend that she was not looking at a picture and statue but all that remained of Wonder Woman and Batgirl. "Oh my, aren't you the devious one," said Poison Ivy. Wonder Woman could sense the other people in the room but they were out of her field of vision and she couldn't see them. She could tell from the voice that one was Catwoman and the other voice sounded familiar but she could not place it. As Wonder Woman was trying to place the second voice Poison Ivy walked over to Batgirl and gave her a kiss on the lips. "Poison Ivy, that's the voice I heard" thought Wonder Woman, I wonder what she is doing here. Catwoman called to Poison Ivy "I needed you help with Wonder Woman here. You've heard about the new park opening downtown haven't you?" "Sure" replied Poison Ivy, "I thought Wonder Woman was supposed to be at the dedication, I guess she won't make that." "Oh but she will" Catwoman said "I just need your help moving her to the park." "Not that" thought Wonder Woman, wasn't standing in the store window enough public humiliation for them? Catwoman threw a sheet over Wonder Woman and Poison Ivy helped her take the helpless Amazon off the wall. In the darkness Wonder Woman could feel herself being moved, her only hope was that something would happen on the way to the park, but she didn't hold out much hope.

Once inside the park Catwoman found what she was looking for rather quickly. It was a life size mural of Wonder Woman. Working quickly the removed the mural from it's frame and slid Wonder Woman's body into the frame in it's place. "Let's get out of here before people start to show up" Poison Ivy said to Catwoman. The two villains left the park with the mural, leaving Wonder Woman trapped in two dimension form in front of what will soon be a park full of her friends. Wonder Woman looked out at the scene before her, already people were starting to file into the park. She could see the podium, not fifty feet from her, where she was supposed to make the dedication speech. She wondered who would make it in her place and what the crowd would think when she doesn't show up. If only they knew that she was right here, right in front of them. But she couldn't call out and no one would think that this picture could actually be the missing Wonder Woman. Other thoughts came to Wonder Woman's mind, thoughts that made the ceremony unfolding before her seem trivial. She had not eaten in, she couldn't tell how long. Time no longer registered with her but she could tell that if something didn't happen soon it would be to late for her. Already it was becoming increasingly difficult to focus on anything for more than a few minutes. If she ever got out of this alive Wonder Woman thought she would need a few weeks on Paradise Island to recover. She could hear the speeches starting now and she focused back on the podium. It was the new mayor, Margaret Fields, Wonder Woman had never seen her up close and was amazed to see how young she looked, no more than her mid-thirties tops. The mayor was telling the crowd that it looked like Wonder Woman must have been detained somewhere on something important and regrettably they would have to start without her. "No" Wonder Woman wanted to scream out, "I'm right here," But no sound came from Wonder Woman's mouth. She was trapped, dying actually, right here in front of all these people and they could not help her. A strong feeling of dispair swept over Wonder Woman's mind and she could no longer focus on any of the activities going on around her. She could sense people coming close to her, some actually touching her, but she was to far gone to care anymore, all she wanted was some relief and if it meant she had to die then so be it.

Bonnie had been Commissioner Gordon's secretary for close to twenty years. Now in her mid forties she couldn't think of working for anyone else. She had taken great care of her body over the years and if it wasn't for a few gray hairs she could easily pass as a woman ten maybe fifteen years younger. The call from Barbara had been somewhat of a suprise to Bonnie, she had known Barbara for most of Barbara's life but they were never really that close. Barbara had suggested they meet for dinner, something about wanting to talk about her father. Bonnie agreed to meet Barbara at a small restaurant near the library right after she got off work. Later that afternoon, after finishing the last of the reports for the Commissioner, Bonnie got ready to leave. She straightened her conservative business suit and looked down at her legs, she noticed a run in her pantyhose, "Oh damn" she thought. Bonnie had always prided herself in her appearance and while it's possible that nobody would notice the run, just the thought that it was there would eat away at Bonnie all night. She tried to remember what stores were close to restaurant and she remembered a little Lingerie Shop practically next door. She would stop by the restaurant and explain her problem to Barbara and then dart over to the Lingerie Shop and make a quick change, it should only take a few minutes she thought. Barbara was waiting at the bar when Bonnie walked in. "Barbara" Bonnie said "I have a slight problem" and gestured towards her leg. "I wonder if you would mind if I walk next door and get a new pair, it should only take a few minutes" she asked. "Not at all" Barbara replied "in fact I'll go with you," this will be easier than I thought Barbara said to herself. Both women left the restaurant and walked down to the Lingerie Shop. Inside the Lingerie Shop Bonnie quickly found a new pair of pantyhose and asked the woman behind the counter if she could put them on. Bonnie entered the dressing area and took of her suit coat, she then kicked off her shoes and pulled down her skirt. She hung the skirt on the hook on the wall, she didn't notice the hook bending down slightly. The pressure on the hook caused a drug tipped dart to be fired into Bonnie's body, it struck her just above the left breast. The drug's effect was immediate and Bonnie collapsed on the floor. Unseen motors hummed, gears turned, the floor tilted and Bonnie's limp body was dumped into the darkness below. Barbara had already gone down to the basement and was there to help pull Bonnie out of the netting and carry her to one of the tables. Miss Francine was there as Barbara and several other women stripped Bonnie. Miss Francine began the inspection and was impressed with the condition of what was obviously an older woman. The other women had already begun shaving Bonnie when Miss Francine found the only imperfection, Bonnie's toes showed the effect of wearing high heels every day for the last twenty years and would have to be straightened. Miss Francine took a device off the wall and placed it on Bonnie's right foot and twisted a knob. The sound of joints cracking and popping was evident in the otherwise quiet basement. Next the left foot was likewise adjusted, Bonnie would have a tough time walking right now but Miss Francine had other plans for Bonnie and walking would not be necessary. The shaving and clean up was completed and Bonnie's body was carried to the frame and Miss Francine began the tedious process of locking Bonnie into place. Barbara looked on as Bonnie was posed with one hand on her hip and the other outstretched as if she was pointing at something. She could hardly wait for this to finish, Barbara had become very familiar with Bonnie's body as she was helping to prepare it and was looking forward to dinner and whatever happened next with her replacement. Miss Francine finished posing Bonnie and gave her an injection to wake her up. Bonnie's eye fluttered open just in time to be met by a blinding flash. She never had time to think about what was happened around her, the numbness began immediately and quickly worked it's way around her body. In just a few seconds it was over, a blank, empty stare was on Bonnie's face, now transformed into cold hard plastic. Miss Francine opened the chamber and the Bonnie's double emerged. Barbara helped her get dressed and they left for the restaurant.

It didn't take Catwoman and Poison Ivy long to retrieve Wonder Woman from the park. The placed the original mural back in it's frame and carried Wonder Woman back to Miss Francine's basement. Miss Francine looked at what had become of Wonder Woman, "how can you extract her from that position" she asked. "There is only room for one body at a time so if we introduce another body from the backside, Wonder Woman will be released," replied Catwoman. "Do we have any extra bodies just lying around" asked Poison Ivy? "Actually I think I can help you there," Miss Francine said, "Barbara go thaw out your friend". Barbara was disappointed, she had wanted to see poor Mary Scott mannequinized but she had to admit that Wonder Woman was a bigger prize and Mary was exactly what they were looking for, someone who could disappear permanently and never be missed. She entered the freezer and began the defrost procedures. After several minutes Mary was thawed out and Barbara carried her into the workshop. Mary's unconscious body was laid out on one of the work tables, she was wearing only her pantyhose and a bra and her body was still wet from the frost. Barbara began to strip Mary but was interrupted by Miss Francine, "there is no need for that, just throw her in like she is." Barbara sighed, she would never get to see Mary the way she wanted to but orders were orders. Catwoman helped Barbara pick Mary up and they carried her over to the wall where Wonder Woman was waiting. They pressed her against the backside of the wall and stepped back, Barbara was suprised that Mary initially stuck to the wall and now seemed to be sucked into it. Wonder Woman was near her end, she could no longer focus on anything around her but suddenly felt something like a kick in the back. Before she could think much about the pain in her back she sensed things in the room moving closer to her, she seemed to be hanging out of the wall. Miss Francine watched as Wonder Woman appeared to grow out of the wall. After a short period Wonder Woman latterly fell out of the wall and crumbled to the floor, to weak to even stand up. Barbara inspected the wall, Mary's body was no nothing more than a two dimensional image. If Wonder Woman left this wall in the state she is in now Barbara felt that Mary wouldn't last more than a day or two, a pity but she could not dwell on it, she had work to do.

Wonder Woman's eyes began to focus on the room before her. There were mannequins lining all of the walls and as things became clearer to her they all seemed to look familiar. There were several tables in the middle of the room and each one had a woman lying on it. There were at least two other women attending to the people on the tables, they seemed to be preparing them for something. To her right she noticed a frame like she had seen so long ago when she had come to rescue Batgirl. She must be in the same basement now. There was a woman in the frame but Wonder Woman could not place her eventhough she was sure she had seen her before. There were two other frames next to the first and each on contained a different woman. Wonder Woman was not sure about the one in the middle but she instantly recognized the one on the end. She was the editor of the largest newspaper in town. What could they possible want with her. As Wonder Woman was pondering that thought a brilliant light flashed across the room and struck the first woman she saw. Wonder Woman could not believe her eyes as she watched the helpless woman be transformed into a mannequin. The transformation started around the woman's feet, Wonder Woman could actually see them change. Once the feet and lower legs were transformed the process seemed to speed up and in no time her whole body was transformed into a mannequin. No sooner had this woman been mannequinized that an exact replica of her emerged from the large chamber on top of a strange looking device. Another mannequin was loaded into the chamber and the ray was fired at the second woman. She to was transformed and finally the ray was trained on the third. Wonder Woman watched this woman's face as it was transformed into a mannequin. The look in her eyes was a mixture of shock, suprise and terror. This must be what they have in store for me Wonder Woman thought. If only she could get some feeling back in her arms she could contact help with the secret communicator in her belt. She struggled and finally got her hand on her belt. As she fumbled to grab the communicator the three mannequins were taken out of the frames and three women were taken from the tables and placed in the frames. She recognized all three, the first was a captain in the police force, the second was the manager of her bank and the was an assistant to the mayor. Wonder Woman continued to struggle with the communicator while she pondered what all of these women had in common. She was still trying to figure things out when two women grabbed her, pick her up and carried her towards one of the tables. The quick movement caused the communicator to slip out of her hand and fall to the floor. The communicator had scarcely hit the floor before Poison Ivy picked it up, "what is this" she said. "It's just what we are looking for" replied Catwoman as she took the device from Poison Ivy "it's a way we can summon SuperGirl into our trap!!" Catwoman pressed a button on the communicator and then turned her attention towards Wonder Woman. "It seems that you still have some fight left in you, well we will take care of that" Wonder Woman was placed on a table and stripped, her ankles and wrists were tied to long poles that stretched out from the corners of the tables. A wide metal band was placed around her ribs and attached to some sort of wheel. Finally Miss Francine secured Wonder Woman's feet into the same devices she had previous used on Bonnie. Miss Francine gave a quick turn on each device and the bones in Wonder Woman's feet cracked and popped. The pain exploded in Wonder Woman's head, momentarily taking her breath away. "Let me explain what we are doing here" Miss Francine said. "we are replacing all of the women that matter in this town with my mannequins, they are completely under my control. Your friend Barbara Gordon has been replaced but of course you knew that. Whenever SuperGirl gets here she will be replaced as well, and finally you will be replaced Wonder Woman." "But only after you watch what we do to SuperGirl!!" The pain in Wonder Woman's feet was still intense but she was beginning to regain her senses. Miss Francine continued, "since you still seem to have an independent streak in you we will have to take certain measures to insure that you don't interfere with our plans". Miss Francine nodded towards Catwoman who held the pole that was tied to Wonder Woman's left ankle, Catwoman pulled and twisted the pole and the tendons and ligaments in Wonder Woman's left knee snapped. Catwoman gave another quick tug and Wonder Woman's entire left leg was pulled from it's hip socket. Poison Ivy was positioned at Wonder Woman's right leg and repeated the process there. The pain shot to Wonder Woman's head and for a moment she lost consciousness. She was snapped back awake when Catwoman twisted the pole tied to Wonder Woman's left arm, her elbow was wrenched into an impossible angle and her arm was pulled out of it's socket. Poison Ivy quickly repeated this on Wonder Woman's right arm. "They are pulling me apart" Wonder Woman thought to herself, even if I could get up I can no longer use my arms and legs. Miss Francine looked down at the painfully contorted face of Wonder Woman and said "there that just about takes care of you, you won't put up anymore fights. There is just one more thing left to do "exclaimed Miss Francine as she turned the wheel connected to the metal band around Wonder Woman's ribs. After a couple of quick turns several of Wonder Woman's ribs snapped. "There, now you won't be moving around or doing any talking for some time" Miss Francine said. She was right Wonder Woman thought, just breathing was difficult now let alone talking. She felt herself being untied from the table and as she was being picked up her arms and legs shifted and an intense wave of pain rushed through her. Mercifully she passed into unconsciousness. Catwoman and Poison Ivy carried Wonder Woman's broken body over to a corner of the room and roughly tossed it to the floor. Wonder Woman came to rest with her legs bent to odd angles, still out cold from the shock inflicted on her body.

She could not be sure how long she was out but when Wonder Woman finally came to she could see Miss Francine's whole operation from her place on the floor. Miss Francine's assistants were busy either at the work tables or the frames. A more frames were being built as it looked as if Miss Francine was ramming up for an awful lot of business. There were four frames now and the fifth and sixth were almost complete. The four finished frames each contained one woman, Wonder Woman recognized a couple of them as prominent female attorney's. As each woman was set in a frame she was quickly mannequinized and pulled out of the frame, her place immediately taken by one of the many women on the work tables. The whole thing was starting to look like a giant assembly line. A dozen tables, each one full and the frames. She could just make out the forms of several other women that were still in the net at the other end of the room. Wonder Woman watched as another woman was mannequinized and pulled from the frame. She figured the whole process, stipping, cleaning and everything else took less than fifteen minutes. The limiting factor was the transformer ray, there was only one and it was working over time. Wonder Woman's attention was drawn to her right, there was another room there but the door was closed. Every couple of minutes some women would come from that room and leave through the elevator in this chamber. Wonder Woman was becoming conscious of the pains coming from all over her body. But it was not the pain that caused her to suffer the most. It was the fact that she had been dominated in a way that she had never been dominated before. She could not help herself, let alone all of these poor women in front of her. That fact was almost more than her Amazon mind could endure. Wonder Woman began to drift off into unconsciousness again when Catwoman and Poison Ivy appeared before here. They were pushing a modified wheelchair. They pick Wonder Woman up and sat her in the chair, the pain from her broken limbs was incredible. There was no need to tie her arms and legs to the chair, she could not use them anyway but they did secure a tight metal strap across her forehead. "Let's go Wonder Bitch, we have something to show you" Catwoman said to the crippled crime fighter. And Wonder Woman was wheeled into the other room. She was amazed at what she saw. It was everything she had seen in the other room and then some. There had to be a hundred work tables and close to twenty frames. But what really grabbed Wonder Woman's attention were the transformer rays. There were six of them working in this room. She watched amazed and each ray did it's work on one woman after another. Miss Francine noticed Wonder Woman and walked over "how do you like my factory?" Wonder Woman tried to speak but they pain her chest prevented that. "I see" said Miss Francine "that you are still unable to talk, sorry about that but we need you to stay quiet while I work." Wonder Woman tried to figure in her head how many women were being transformed but the sheer scale boggled her mind. As she tried to think there was an enormous crash in the other room and then the door to this room burst open and there stood SuperGirl. "Catwoman and Poison Ivy" SuperGirl exclaimed, "I thought you two would have learned your lesson by now!" "Oh but we have" replied Catwoman "look closely at your friend here" gesturing towards Wonder Woman. Super Girl looked closer "Wonder Woman!!" she cried "what have you done with her you bitch!!" Catwoman with her hand firmly on a lever on the back of the chair replied "we just needed her to trap you, I wouldn't move any closer because I can snap her neck a lot sooner than you can free her! The choice is yours SuperGirl, do exactly as we say or capture us but see your friend die first?" "No" thought Wonder Woman, if only she could talk she would tell SuperGirl that she was finished already. SuperGirl was the only hope for the rest of these women, but Wonder Woman could not tell her that, she could only watch as her friend gave in to these evil villains. SuperGirl thought about her options, she could not let Wonder Woman die, "all right, what do you want?" Miss Francine stepped in front of Catwoman and said "strip and get on that table!" SuperGirl had no choice and slowly took off her costume. Once naked she lay on the table Miss Francine had indicated. "Good now just lay there, be a good girl and nothing will happen to Wonder Woman" Several Miss Francine's assistants began cleaning SuperGirl's body. SuperGirl wondered what was in store for her, especially when they began shaving her particularly her private parts. But there was nothing she could do Catwoman was a good twenty feet away with Wonder Woman now and there was no way she could get there in time. All SuperGirl could do was lie there and take whatever was dished out. The assistants finished cleaning and shaving SuperGirl and Miss Francine said "OK now you need to stand in that frame over there." Not that WOnder Woman thought, SuperGirl doesn't know the danger she is in, she should forget about me and save herself. SuperGirl stood in the frame and watched curiously as she was tied in. Once all of the straps were in place Miss Francine walked over and gave SuperGirl a kiss on the lips then took a step back. No sooner was Miss Francine out of the way then a light flashed across the room and SuperGirl was struck by the transformer ray. SuperGirl quickly realized what was happening to her but it was to late. She could not move her arms or legs. In seconds she had been completely transformed a look of shook and suprise on her frozen face. Wonder Woman could not bear to watch SuperGirl transform in front of her. When she looked up SuperGirl's replica was already dressing in her costume. Catwoman released the metal band from Wonder Woman's head and dumped her out of the chair. "Now it's your turn" Catwoman said. Wonder Woman look up from the floor and saw SuperGirl and Batgirl standing before her. For a brief moment she thought this was all a dream and her friends were here to help her. But she soon realized that these were the replicas of her friends, they pick her up off the floor and carried her to a frame. Miss Francine started strapping Wonder Woman in when she said "Soon I'll have the whole set under my control, SuperGirl, Batgirl and Wonder Woman, then I can finally get the mayor. She couldn't possibly refuse an invitation from all three of you!!" Miss Francine's maniacal laugh filled the room as she finished with Wonder Woman. She had posed Wonder Woman with her head down so she would have to endure one final humiliation, she would be able to see herself being transformed. Wonder Woman was beyond caring at this point, she welcomed the relief from the pain and mental anguish that the transformation would bring. The flash of light never registered in Wonder Woman's head, she noticed her feet changing, becoming shiny, the effect worked it's way up her legs. She was being transformedand she knew it, there was nothing she could do, the final darkness was welcome. Her face showed neither shock or suprise, as she was pulled from the frame there was nothing but a blank stare.

The End (part four to follow)