Paulís Bikini Beach

by Paul G. Jutras

Paul, Charlie, and Barry were on their summer vacation in Florida when they turned on some music on the radio. The group passed many billboard signs for water parks, amusement parks and resort areas. The group couldn't figure out where to hit first.

Then a sign got their attention: BIKINI BEACH NEXT EXIT.

"That's for me." Charlie said as he turned off the road and followed the signs down to a parking lot. There were many cars in the parking lot making them believe it was the perfect place to score some points with women who have nothing to lose but their virginity.

The three guys got out of their wagon and pulled their surfboards from the back. The three bathing suited guys ran up to a stone wall and looked far down at the beach to see nothing but gorgeous women for as far as the eye could see. The foxy chicks caught their hungry looks.

"All right let's go!" They shouted as they raced down to the entrance of the beach. A muscular female in a security guard uniform blocked their way.

"Hey, what's the deal here?" Charlie asked.

"This is a private beach." The blonde said as she lowered her glasses down her nose. "You have to buy a pass and shower before entering."

The three guys looked at one another with only the beach full of girls on their minds. "WE'LL DO IT!!" The three shouted together as the guard gave each of them a pass in exchange for their money. She stepped back and pointed the way to the showers.

As they showered they were unaware of the changes happening to them. Charlie's blue with black dots bathing suit turned into a bikini bottom on a pair of wider hips as the liquid from the shower removed all their body hair. "Huh?" he thought as long hair brushed against a breast that went erect and startled him."What's happening to us?" Charlie looked at his older friend who still had his snow white color hair, but it was now a page boy style and his sexy body in a golden bikini bottom.

Finally Paul ran to the others with his large breasts jiggling free with each bouncing step. "This is insane! We've been all turned into women as beautiful was those we spied upon."

"Of course." A second security guard said as she walked in and gave each of them a matching bikini top to their bottoms. "This is Bikini Beach. A special resort where women can come and feel free not to be hit upon by men. Until your passes are up you can't change back."

As the three new girls walked off onto the beach they noticed some male bike riders passing the stone wall high above. They stopped to scope out the babes that now included Charlie and his friends. Charlie automatically covered his breasts with his nails as red as his hair. He had never been so embarrassed.

"Just be glad they can't touch you with their manhood if they decide to come down here." The security guard said as she went back to guard the shower area in case more men were changed.

The three guys got more suntan than they had expected and did enjoy the surf.

When it came time to leave the security guard gave them a knowing smile. "Not to worry. When you were changed we made arrangements with the hotel to change your reservations. They're expecting three girls, not guys."

"Thanks a lot." Barry said as he wasn't looking forward to spending his time in Florida as a woman. Even if he was younger than he used to be.

They all had some drinks at the hotel bar and Charlie had a man buy her an extra drink. As Barry sat by the pool and tried to hide himself behind his book he soon heard the new Charlie giggling. She and the man walked pass the poolside and stopped in front of his first floor room where they kissed. "I wonder if Charlie will ever want to change back when our pass expires?" Barry wondered as he turned his head so not to be spotted.

Inside another room a pair of bikers had picked up Paul. "She's mine!" Casper shouted as he gave Steve a shove. The two started fighting one another as they turned furniture over and smashed holes in the wall. "No she's mine!"

"If you two don't stop fighting over me, I won't go to the hotel dance with either of you." Paul knelt on the rug and couldn't stop his body from crying. As the guys realized they had hurt her, they apologized to one another. Casper decided to bow out of the picture as Steve and Paul went to the dance. He found the touch of the bikini he still wore stimulating.

"When we changed into girls it was suppose to be for a week not life." A tear ran down Barry's check as he heard the sounds of both of his friends getting it on in some man's room. He couldn't help wonder if he felt sad that his friends were enjoying their new bodies so much or because he felt left out.

As the three returned to the beach the next day, they entered the men's shower again. This time the showers removed some of the hair from around their sex. They also noticed that their tan skin glittered and felt smoother than before. It was a whirlwind of merry fun as even Barry began to enjoy being a girl. The three took their dates to a night club wearing short skirts to show off their nylon coated legs and push up bras.

At the end of the week Barry enjoyed being a girl so much he decided to renew his pass. As he turned around he was surprise to see Charlie and Paul behind him.

"What are you doing here, Charlie?" Barry said as he sounded a bit cattish.

"I decided to go for a lifetime pass too." Charlie said in a withery tone.

"I decided that I wasn't tired of being a girl after all. By the way, what do you think of my blonde dye job?"

"Goes right along with the empty head inside." Barry shouted back as Paul renewed his pass and began to argue with the others all the way off the beach where they ran into a young man who used mousse in his hair to grease it back.

"Hey ladies." The man said with a charming voice. "Name's Joe. I run the bikini store and the owner of the property that the ladies lease for their resort."

"We could use some new bikini's." Paul said as he crossed his arms beneath her breasts while Barry put her arms on her hips. Barry couldn't help but think: I wonder if he'll take me out for pizza after I get a new wardrobe."

The three followed Joe back to their shop and started to go through the racks. Paul couldn't help but admire the purple bikini and tong sandals on the mannequin in the window while Charlie thought the red one on the torso mannequin looked hot. "So many to choose from." Barry said as they went through the racks of swim outfits.

"Found what I want." Paul said as she heading into one of the changing rooms. The other girls followed Paul to similar room while giggling. None of them noticed the wide smile that spread across his face as he reached over and pulled the fire alarm. The sprinklers above the dressing room quickly went off. The water washed away the rest of the hair about their sex and that atop their heads.

What'" They each said the water caused their breasts to go erect. When any of them tried to say another word, they found their voices were gone and their toes were fused together. They stared blanky as the doors opened.

"Guess you should of stuck with the week pass." Joe smiled at his three plastic beauties. "Men who get a life time pass, end up as mannequins in my little shop here."

"Noooooo!" The three former guys screamed mentally. "I don't want to be a mannequin."One at a time, Joe took a laser to the three new mannequins. He removed their arms, legs and bisected their waists. He soon had them fitted with pegs and pivot points. He then dressed them in his finest bikinis and found a spot for each of them. Charlie was balanced with a rod up her ass, Paul with a rod where her sex use to be, and Barry was made into a free standing mannequin.

Each of the former guys found that the slightest touch aroused them to orgasm. Joe stepped back and looked at the three frozen girls. Inside the window that was their new home, Charlie, Paul and Barry watched each other being ogled by the natural born girls who passed by from Bikini Beach. They were dressed in kinky swim outfits. Charlie had a base with rod attached up his ass, Paul with the rod into where his sex use to be, and Barry made into a free standing mannequin kept erect with invisible wire.

Joe brushed the lint off the three and placed cards on the floor in front of them. By the time the day finished they were as used to their new forms as they had become used to being women. They soon fell asleep with their eyes open, and awoke with the bright sun shining into the store.

One day Paul saw one of her old school buddies passing the shop and considering checking out the girls up close. Paul tried to speak and warm him not to go down to the gate, but then remember he no longer had a voice. He could only hope that the buddy didn't end up like him and his friends.



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