Bing's Department Store

by Niki

[This was one of the very last stories submitted to James_ML before he transferred his story archive, so it has waited too long to be posted.   Ed]

"Niki, don't you think ten o'clock on a Saturday night is a weird time for a job interview?"  Jessica said to me as we walked briskly from the car to the store.  It was an old, imposing building; looking at night more like a castle than a retail establishment.

"Yeah, a little weird," I replied, "but this is a modeling job that pays $35 an hour.  Hell, I'd go at 2am if they wanted.  What other weekend job can a college student find that pays $35?"

We entered Bing's department store just before it closed. We quickly found the lingerie section and were greeted by James, the manager.

"I'm glad you made it, ladies. Please come into my office," he said.  The three of us followed him into the room and sat down.

"Well", he said, "you've both passed the first employment test."

"What's that?"  I asked.

"Appearance.  You are both very beautiful and will do well as models here."

"Yes, James, about that…" Jessica started. "What exactly would you have us be modeling?  I mean, I've shopped at this store all four years of school and I've never seen a model in this place, just mannequins."

"Yes, well," James said in a ruffled voice. "We do have models, and if you'll come with me, I'll show you where they are."  The three of us got up and followed James onto the sales floor. He stopped in front of one of the lingerie mannequins and did something with what looked like a remote control.  He told us to wait here for a few minutes and he'd be right back.

Jessica and I just looked at each other.  We weren't very impressed so far; this was a strange way to interview for work.  As the moments passed, I started to notice that the mannequin before us was quickly losing its glossy shine. As each second passed it looked more and more like a real woman.

Just then James came back.  "Ladies, this is Rachel."  He was talking about the mannequin which was now slowing starting to move.  Rachel was a beautiful woman, about 5 foot 5, what looked to me like a perfect body, wearing navy blue silk panties and matching push up bra.  She looked like she was waking up from a nap.  Clearly, there was more here than met the eye.

Jessica and I were stunned at what we had just seen.  Once Rachel had regained full mobility and stretched, she smiled at us and said 'hello' then turned to him. "James, I've got a date tonight, would you mind if I get cleaned up now?"

"No, go right ahead," he said.  "Please just stop in the office before you go though."

"Sure thing", with that she stepped right off the display pedestal and walked away from us.

Even more amazing was a mannequin that was just across the aisle.  She had been fully encased in a glass display booth.  She too, was frozen just moments earlier, but now regained mobility, stretched, then opened the display case door and stepped out.

James motioned for us to follow him back to his office, which we did.  I paid a lot more attention to the mannequins on the way there.  They looked like any other display figures did but I was beginning to suspect otherwise.

After the three of us were seated he started the conversation.  "Ok, so this isn't exactly your normal everyday modeling job, but we will pay you $35 an hour to quite literally stand around all day.  Like Rachel and Lisa were doing."

As mannequins!  "How is this possible?" I asked in amazement.

"We have a chemical process that can put you in a sort of suspended animation.  All of your body's functions slow down and we can even create a layer of plastic on the outside of your skin to give you that true mannequin look. You won't eat, sleep, go to the bathroom, or even breathe, but you are still awake, alert, and fully aware of everything going on around you.  You just can't move."

"What exactly do you mean you have a chemical process?" I asked again.

"Please don't be scared, this is perfectly safe, but each of our girls receives an injection once a month.  The chemical we inject into them is capable of putting them in the suspended state when it reaches the right levels in the blood stream and returns them to normal when the levels recede.  We control the chemical levels with the remote control that you probably saw me use. The remote triggers a very small computer chip that is embedded in each girl's neck to start secreting the chemical." James explained.

"And the plastic skin?" Jessica asked.

"That too is a result of the chemical.  I know this sounds strange ladies, but this is it.  What you witnessed is the whole thing.  Nothing up my sleeve.  It is a perfectly safe process.  Actually it was developed for deep space travel years ago, but the government never bought into the idea and the project was left unfinished.  I found the formula while doing research when I was a chemical engineering student in college and I perfected it.  The only people in this world who even know that it exists are the two of you, my twelve models, and me."

"So James, what happens when - if - we want to quit?"

"Well, you simply stop receiving the injections and after your last posing, you leave.  Simple as that." He explained.

"James, what happens if you die or something happens while we're all on the floor turned into plastic mannequins and no one else is around to change us back?" I asked.

"Good question." He said.  "The are two fail safes.  If something should happen to me, we always have one model who is here, but not working as a mannequin on a given day.  She would change you back.  The other thing is, even if that failed, after a few days, the chemicals in your blood would weaken and you'd change back automatically."

Jessica and I looked at each other with visible relief.

"Well ladies, I already told you that you are good looking enough to become two of Bing's department store mannequins.  Would you like to try
it?" James summed up.

"I’ll do it." I said excitedly.

Jessica looked at me like I was nuts, but she agreed too after a few moments of hesitation.

"Wonderful!" James said.  He took out the employment papers and we were on our way.  It really seemed very easy; almost too much so.

 "Now, the initial injection takes about 24 hours to get into your system, so we'll do it today, but you won't officially start working until next weekend.  Who wants to go first?" he asked.

"I'll do it" I said again.

James opened a safe near his desk and took out two filled syringes. He laid one of them on his desk and then got up and came behind me with the other one.   He dabbed my arm with a cotton swab and then administered the injection. It didn't feel any different than a flu shot.  He did the same for Jessica.  "Now, the computer chip.  This hurts just a little, but it is so small, that no one will ever see it just below the surface of your skin."  He walked behind me and asked me to lift my hair up.  The device he held looked like a staple gun.  He pressed the cold metal against my skin and I heard a click and felt a sharp pain.

"Ouch!" I exclaimed.

He did the same to Jessica, who winced but did not cry out.  James sat back down behind the desk and looked over our employment forms.  "Looks good, ladies." He said.  "A couple things before you go; please be here by 8:30 am on Saturday.  We don't open until 10, but that should give you time to meet some of the other girls and get into position.  Also, can you please be sure to remove every hair off you body except the hair on your head. "

"You mean even our private parts?" I asked, amazed.

"Yes that too." He responded.  "Have you ever seen a mannequin with pubic hair?"

"No," I responded.

"And I'd like make sure that no one ever does." He said sarcastically.  With that we all shook hands and left.  On our way out, we saw Rachel going into James' office.  She was wearing jeans and a blouse and didn't look any different now than Jessica and I.  Quite a change from just a half hour ago when she was a stiff, plastic, motionless figure.

Driving home, Jessica and I were a bit stunned at what we had just seen and done.  We agreed that we would at least do it for one day and make a decision after that.  We didn't say much about our new job during the week until Friday night when we realized that we needed to become hairless for work the next day.

Saturday finally arrived.  I was very excited, but I think Jessica was a bit scared.  When we arrived at the store, James was there and he greeted us at the door.  He introduced us to the other ladies.  After a quick tour of the entire store, we were off to the dressing room.  James didn't go in, but he asked Rachel to show us what to wear and how to prepare ourselves.  When we got inside, Rachel handed Jessica a red satin bra with matching panties to wear.  I got a pink bustier with matching panties and white lace stockings that ran half way up my thigh.

She told us to apply our makeup extra heavy as well.  By now, I had butterflies going around in my stomach and I felt like a cover girl for Hustler magazine the way I was dressed.  It was approaching 9:30 so I knew we would be going out to the floor soon. The butterflies increased as I brushed out my hairdo.

Rachel approached Jessica and I, rather timidly.  "Jess, Niki… I hate to bring this up, but there is one additional piece to your outfit that you must wear each time you go out to the floor."  She reached into a plastic bag and pulled out two rubber dildos. Each had about a three or four inch long shaft on one end and a v-shaped curve on the other end.  I was starting to get the picture.  Rachel looked embarrassed, but explained the devices anyway.  "This is really for your own protection.  We call it a slip; it prevents anyone from touching you there or even knowing that you have a real sex.  And to be honest, it feels kind of good too," she said with a knowing smile.  "There is a little oil there on the counter if you need some extra lubrication."

Jessica and I looked at each other, like this couldn't be real.  Plastic everywhere.  We both oiled up our slips and then popped them in.  I went first, again.

"Oooo" I moaned.  The other girls turned around and chuckled at my new experience.  Jessica held a look of wonder as she swayed from side to side to 'seat' the slip within her sex.

"Ok, time to go!" Jennifer called.

We all stopped what we were doing and headed for the display floor.  It was now twenty minutes until the store opened.  My moment of truth was approaching.

James met us just outside the dressing room and we walked through the lingerie section of the store as a group.  I could only imagine what we must all look like.  One by one, James would call a name and the girl would take her position on a pedestal, in the window, and or in the display case.  It was fascinating to watch.  When he called someone's name they would take their position, he would adjust it slightly and then tell them to hold it.  He then aimed the remote at them and pressed a button.  Many of the girls smiled briefly and then gained their composure while they waited patiently for their transformation.  I don't know at what point it started to happen, but you could see their eyes begin to gloss over and their skin begin to shine.  One by one, they each became stiff, motionless; mannequins.

James eventually called Jessica's name.  I was surprised.  I thought he would transform me first, but no such luck.  Jessica looked rather frightened as she stepped into the glass case he had chosen for her.  James was very gentle and instructed her carefully all the way.  She finally struck the proper pose and he told her to freeze.  She held it as best as she could.  James aimed the remote at her and pressed some buttons.  Her eyes darted back and forth quickly and she flashed me a nervous smile while waiting for something to happen.  Her arms wavered slightly like a human trying to hold a stiff pose, but eventually she seemed to become very calm and still.  Her body no longer wavered, her eyes glossed over and her skin took on the plastic shine I had seen on Rachel.  She was now a mannequin.

James called two other girls next and then it was my turn.  I couldn't contain myself.  I was nervous, excited, and even a little aroused all at the same time.  James asked me to step up on the pedestal and strike a particular pose.  I did as he said.  He manually moved my arms and even arched my back a little and then said, "Good -- Don't move."  He aimed his remote at me and pressed some buttons.  Nothing happened right away.  I did my best to hold the pose, wavering a little like a human trying to hold an unnatural position.  I waited patiently for something to happen.  Moments later, a tingle started at my feet and worked it's way up my body.   Suddenly it was no longer a challenge to hold the pose; I could relax my muscles.  But just then my breathing stopped and my eyes became fixed in place, so I couldn't look at him any longer..  I felt myself starting to panic.  'James!!' I called at the top of my lungs, but my body did not respond and no sound came out.

I wanted give up this crazy job, to jump off the pedestal, take the slip out and get into normal clothes, but my body was now frozen solid.  I couldn't move no matter how hard I tried.  I kept expecting James to come back into my field of vision and ask if I was OK, or give some encouragement, but he didn't.  He went on to pose the rest of the girls in their own dioramas.  Like it or not, I was stuck standing here on my pedestal.

Time passed.  I calmed down.  I realized that I was OK, even though I wasn't breathing and no control over my body.  I could hear the hum of the air conditioning system and pleasant scents from the perfume counter.  Eventually the store opened for business that day and people came in.  It was amazing to watch them.  They walked all around me, some touched me casually, some even stared at me for a while, but no one acknowledged me as a person.  I wasn't a fellow shopper, or even a living being; I was now an object, a thing displaying lingerie in the store… I was a mannequin.

At the end of the day, James came back and released me from my frozen moment in time.  Slowly I regained my mobility and felt the incredible need to stretch, just like the other girls we had seen before.  I walked back to the dressing room and found Jessica already inside.  She had a big smile on her face.

"What?" I said.  Jessica just sat there, grinning. "Did you enjoy today?" I asked.

"Yes, it wasn't bad," she responded.  "But…"

"But what?" I said.

"Talk to Jennifer," she said.

I walked over to Jennifer, catching her in the middle of getting her street clothes on.  Her breasts were exposed and she was wearing nothing else but panties.

"Jennifer, what is going on with Jessica?"  She's not telling me anything.

Jennifer smiled.  "Niki, today was your initiation into mannequinhood.  Did you enjoy today?" she asked.

"It wasn't too bad," I said.  "Kind of boring at times, you know."

"Well, since you made it through today straight, you've are now entitled to share in our little secret."

"What do you mean by straight?" I asked.

"You were transformed without any...  toys."

"Sorry Jennifer, but what in the hell are you talking about?"

"Alright, don't think I'm gross or coming on to you, but I just want to show you this."  She pulled her panties to one side and spread her pussy lips with her fingers.   Just inside rested a small computer chip.  "See that?" she asked.

I nodded.

"If you want, James can implant one of these into you too.  It is a different kind of chip that activates whenever he freezes you.  This chip vibrates ever so slightly and therefore your long days as a mannequin will never be the same."  She smiled again.  "Certainly not boring anymore..."

"So by straight", I said, " you meant that you all were getting off while Jessica and I were posed with no pleasure chip?"

Jennifer nodded.  "We didn't want you becoming confused by all the stimulation."

By now Jessica had walked over to me and whispered in my ear, "I'm getting one of those as soon as I can."

I walked away from Jennifer and Jessica and pondered my options.  There weren't many.  "Ok, I'll do it too," I said after a short time.

All the girls clapped and cheered for us.  A short time later James reappeared with his staple gun looking tool and implanted the chip inside Jessica and I.  The brief instant of pain faded quickly away, leaving me curious about what it was going to feel like tomorrow.   I soon found out that I had nothing to worry about and everything to enjoy.  The next day posing in the store was pure bliss.

The days and weeks continued, and began to run together.  Jessica and I worked all day Saturday and Sunday and we took great pleasure in our unusual line of work.  Eventually, though, I started going through a tough time with school.  The world seem to turn against me.  It was then that I looked forward to my weekends as a plastic mannequin figure more and more and didn't really care about much else.  Soon, spring rolled around.  Jessica was going home and had taken a week off from Bing's.  I told her that I too was going home, too, but my flight wasn't until later in the evening.  I wasn't exactly telling her the truth.  Once I had dropped Jessica off at the airport I  headed directly for the store.

When I arrived on Friday evening, instead of my usual weekend time, James was surprised to see me.  "I thought you were going to be away for the next week?" he said, confused.

"Well, my plans changed," I responded, taking a deep breath.  "James, I have a request."

"Yes?" he said.

"I'd like you to pose me in the display tonight and let me stay frozen there for the whole week."

"No" he responded at once.  "Nobody has ever been suspended for a week before."

"Isn't it safe?" I questioned.  "Didn't you tell us back in the beginning that the process was designed to keep people suspended for weeks, perhaps months at a time?"

"Yes.  That's true" he admitted.  "But..."

"Then I'd like to try it for a week.  Can I?"

James held a disgruntled look on his face.  "Niki, you are so beautiful...  Don't you have a boyfriend, or some other hobby that you'd like to do with your time off?"

I shook my head 'no'.  "James, I'd like to spend my week here as a mannequin.  I want you to change my pose as often as you'd like and dress me however you choose, but I want to remain frozen continuously from now until next Sunday when we close."

Again he scowled at me, but then said,  "OK.  This time.  But this kind of behavior is not normal, Niki."

All I heard was the 'OK' part; I was incredibly happy he was going to let me do it; nothing else mattered to me.

The store was almost closing, so he told me to get dressed and made up quickly. I was so excited I almost came right there on the spot.  Since it was spring break week, he had me model a bikini and then he told me that I would be posed in the store's front window.  I was overjoyed; this was the best spot!  When we got to the window display we both stepped inside.  He pulled the curtain closed so that no one could see us.  There were several other mannequins in the window, but he told me that they were real mannequins and not human mannequins. I didn't really care, I just could wait to be frozen into my private pleasure world.

James posed me and adjusted a few details of my stance.  He then said those familiar welcomed words, "hold that pose, Niki."  He aimed the remote at me and pressed the buttons.  I smiled intensely because of my happiness at being able to do what I most desired.  James yelled at me, "Niki, stop smiling and take your pose!"  I turned and smirked at him quickly and then recomposed myself.  Soon I felt the familiar tingle come over my body.  I no longer trembled like a human trying to hold a pose.  I was now stiff as a board.  My eyes froze into a fixed gaze, my breathing stopped and the vibrating of the special chip started.

My transformation was complete and I was now a wonderful mannequin once again.  After checking my position, James opened the display curtains.  I could feel the coolness of the evening air on my plastic skin."Good night Niki," he said to me as he walked away.

'Good night, James,' I replied silently.  The next eight days were going to be like Heaven for me.

End of Part I

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