The Birthday Gift

By Rotwang

Mike pushed the front door open with his foot, holding the grocery bags in his arms. A tripwire activated the stereo's tapedeck.

"Hi Mike, Sabrina here. Happy birthday again ! Look, something came up and I had to leave for the day, but your gift is in the kitchen, I hope you'll enjoy it. Byee ! *smooch*"

Mike looked over the top of the grocery bags at the kitchen, but the door was closed. He put the bags down on the dinner-table and pushed the door of the kitchen open. A huge blue mound of gift wrapping paper was waiting for him. He grabbed the paper and began tearing it up until he saw that there was a robot inside. It was more than six and a half feet tall with a box-head and torso and round flexible tubes for arms and legs, with the arms ending in large pincers.

Mike noticed a card taped to it.

On it was an unknown company logo and a small text : "Congratulations on your purchase of the 9000 series Robbie, Gort & Hal robot. Just press the red button on the chest."

A bit stunned, disappointed and very curious Mike stabbed his forefinger at the large red button...

At first nothing happened, until the lights it had for eyes and mouth lit up and a whirring noise could be heard. The chest was a feast of blinking lights forming geometric patterns. The robot took one lumbering step forward and suddenly stopped and began to slouch. There was a loud bang, some smoke and a shower of sparks. Mike took a step back and held up his hand as a shield. The robot went limp, and the lights died, smoke pouring out of its back. One of its arms fell off and landed on the floor. Then the head and body popped open and fell to the ground. With it, the other arm fell off as did the legs. As the box-like body fell to the ground in two pieces, Mike could see a vision of pure delight. Inside the robot was another one, which just stood there, as if waiting to be activated.

This one looked much better, shaped like a woman. Mike felt a rush inside him and felt his stomach tighten and a lump form in his throat. Just as he was about to touch her, a soft pink light formed in the visor that was supposed to be her optical unit and she straightened herself in a most mechanical fashion. Her chrome body had the most alluring curves, with the tip of her breasts ending in small pink diodes, lighting up from under the electric blue lycra bathing suit she was wearing. After a second of motionlessness, her head cocked mechanically towards Mike and a deep and sensuous electronic voice asked him :

"Hello, Mike, I'm Eve, your personal robotic companion." The voice sounded very robotic and hollow, but melodious. She took a few steps and got out of the large robot-feet she was standing in.

Mike braced himself and put his legs together to contain the bursting erection inside his pants, as Eve walked past him, rubbing her metal fingers over his shoulders. There was a faint electronic buzz whenever she moved.

Mike swallowed his fifth lump and turned round. The robot stood there, holding one hand on her hip and the other under her chin, as if gauging him. Mike gave her one of his patented crooked smiles and examined her. She cocked her head sideways and stared back at him. He followed the line of her gorgeous figure with his eyes. And concentrated hard to speak up.

"Ca ... can you understand what I say ?" Mike said, pulling at the crotch of his pants as not to moisten them.

"Of course master." Eve answered, and an antenna on the side of her head lengthened as if to support the statement. Mike moaned and slammed his legs together again.

"What's your purpose ?" He asked while abandoning the idea of keeping his pants in unblemished condition.

"To please my owner, in any way."

"Any way ?" She nodded. "Kiss me."

She took a step forward and cocked her head forward, applying her metal lips to his face. Mike grabbed her and felt the cool metal against his arms and face. He pressed his lips and pushed his hips against hers.

Their embrace became passionate as she put her leg over his hip. Rubbing her hard chrome body against him. He started going down her face and kissed the cleavage of her breasts and grabbed the shoulder straps of the bathing suit, revealing her shining breasts with the tiny pink light on the tip of them and pulled the suit further down, until he revealed her pussy, which looked like a wall socket. Mike's chin dropped as he saw it, and looked up at this metal goddess. Towering above him. Her skin was so shiny, he could see his face reflected in it.

He opened his jeans and dropped his boxer shorts. While he masturbated before her, she put her arms behind her head and waved her body in a mix of mechanical and sensuous motion at him.

Just as he was about to ejaculate, she pressed one of the buttons on her upper chest and the socket popped off, revealing a perfectly formed human vagina.

Mike instantly let go of his dick and plunged it into her. She let out beeps and groans of pleasure, until he ejaculated. Suddenly sparks flew out of her back and smoke poured from her body. An electronic LCD marquee above her breasts displayed the continual message : Sexual overload ! ... Sexual overload ! ... Sexual overload !

Eve had gone all limp and Mike had to cradle her against him, to prevent her falling over. But she slipped and he put her down on the floor, gently. The pink light in her visor and breasts died.

"Hey, what's going on here ?" Mike asked out loud. "Hey, Eve !" Mike tapped her body and slapped her cheeks gently in the vain hope of reviving her. The, finally the marquee died too, fading away.

Then, just as he was about to despair, he heard a sharp beep and saw the marquee light up again, displaying : Reboot ... Reboot ... Reboot.

Eve's visor lit up again as did her breasts. She began to twitch in a mechanical fashion and sat up stiffly. Jerkily, she got up to her feet and began to walk across the kitchen, as if disoriented. Mike watched as she collided with the fridge and the sink. She stopped for a moment as electronic dance music came out of her, and then began to execute a robotic dance, popping and jerking her body in an impressive way. Mike grabbed his penis again and rubbed it hard. He followed her with his eyes as she danced into the living room and vanished from his view. Still holding his penis in his hands, Mike went into the living room and saw Eve spread over the couch, waiting for him. He climbed onto her and made love to her again. She did not go into overload this time, but was very roused since the lights in her visor lit up as never before.

Later that evening, Mike lay in bed besides his chrome Eve and watched her sharp, sensuous metallic face. His eyes met with a pink visor and he kissed her. She purred and rubbed against the sheets with her sleek body. He stretched his arms and yawned. He turned round to check the alarm clock and saw that it was quarter to six in the morning. Besides him, Eve had gotten up and pressed against her head, splitting it open. She dropped the rear end and revealed a cascade of blonde hair while revealing a smiling human face, Sabrina's face.

"Happy birthday !" She said, through the microphone on the side of her mouth, making her voice sound robotic.