Birthday Suit


Northern Chill

  Denise smiled as she gathered together materials she was bringing to school with her that day. Recently, she volunteered to help the new biology teacher Bob Smith with class lectures he wanted to do. Initially, Denise was a little reluctant as biology wasn’t in her field of expertise. However, over a cup of coffee and Bob using his phone to show Denise pictures of what he had mind, Denise’s unease dissipated and was replaced by acceptance and a sense of eagerness to help Bob.

   “Bob assured me that everything would be ok and given the spring break begins in two days, it seems pretty easy. It helps that I think Bob has a bit of a crush on me...and maybe me for him...hehe…” Denise thought as she adjusted the top button on her white blouse before putting on her jacket and setting off to start her day.

    A short time later….

      “...have to say, Billy, that you make a fantastic cup of coffee. You sure you don’t want to pour yourself a cup of coffee now?” Denise said as she sipped on the cup given to her by Bob.

      “Nahhh, I hold off on drinking anything until after my classes for the day. Besides, I’m so enthusiastic about today that I doubt I can keep anything down,” Bob said as he paced to the center of the room before turning and flashing a broad smile.

       “Mmmm, sounds like you have the plan set in your mind. I’ve never seen you so focused,” Denise replied as she drank down the last of the coffee and sat down on the nearby desk. For some reason, she felt a little different now. It was almost like her desire to help Bob out with his work had intensified just in the last few minutes.

        “You can say that again. OK, let’s take some pictures for the lecture as we talked before. Stand at the front of the class, look directly into the camera and do sexy pose one,” Bob said as he pulled out his cell phone and quickly took a picture of Denise.

        “I, I, yes, of course,” Denise said with some hesitation as the phone light flowed over her face and body. A moment or so later, the teacher moved to the front of the class and turned to face Bob.  Reaching up with her left hand, she undid the top button of her blouse before putting the hand behind her hand. At the same time, Denise’s right hand unzipped her skirt before coming to rest on her hip.

        “Beautiful! Now, unbutton your blouse completely, remove it and set it on the floor. Once you’re done that, do sexy pose two,” Bob said as he snapped another cell phone picture.

        The irises in Denise’s eyes dimmed slightly as Bob’s words soaked into her mind. “I, of course,” Denise replied as she reached up with both of her hands and started to unbutton her blouse. When the last button was unfastened, Denise slowly slipped it off and set it on the floor to her right. After that, she reached behind her head with both of her hands and winked at Bob with her right eye.

         “Perfect! Next, I want you to wiggle out of your skirt, step out of it and do sexy pose three,” Bob intoned as the cell clicked once again and text seen only to Bob appeared on the screen above the image.

         “Yes, sir,” Denise said in a flat montone. Moments later, Denise wiggled her hips back and forth until the skirt eventually slipped to the floor. Denise deftly slipped out of the skirt, turned to her right and bent over at the waist. Looking at Bob, Denise raised her left arm, bent it at the elbow and gestured with her hand for Bob to come forward.

          “Superb! Now, stand up, unfasten your bra, slip it off your shoulders and toss it on the floor to your left. After that, do sexy pose four,” Bob said solemnly as he clicked his cell again.

          “Yes, master,” Denise said quietly as she stood up and turned to face Billy again. Reaching for her bra, Denise deftly undid the garment. With slightly stiff motions, the dark haired woman slipped the bra off her lithe body and dropped it as she was directed.

           “This, this feels wrong...but so I’m a puppet...a willing puppet wanting to do whatever Bob...Bob...master...mmm….owner...wants… “Denise thought as she leaned forward at the waist and cupped her breasts with her hands. She looked at Bob with need and desire visible on her face.

            Bob paused briefly to adjust his pants as he gazed upon the erotic vision Denise presented. “Fantastic!! Now, stand up, and slowly remove your panties with both of your hands, Step out of the garment and place it with your bra. Pick up the bottle I’m putting in front of you and take two deep drinks. Set the bottle down and do the final pose. Stand by when in that pose until you are instructed otherwise,”he said quietly with a hint of excitement evident in his voice.

            “I hear and I obey,” Denise intoned with a voice dripping in servitude. Standing up, Denise hooked her thumbs under her panties and slowly slid them to the floor. Stepping out of her panties, Denise picked the garment up and placed it on the floor next to her bra. Without saying a word, Denise reached for the water bottle Billy placed on a desk in front of her and picked it up. After drinking deeply from it, the dark haired teacher briefly looked at Billy and flashed a bright smile that conveyed a number of emotions, both normal and carnal in nature.

             “I love...doing this...I good….posing like this...want to stand here...mmmmm… “Denise thought as she stood erect and slowly put her hands on her hips. The dark haired beauty turned her head to look left as her legs spread slightly apart. Billy watched as Denise remained motionless with only the slight rise and fall of her chest indicating she was alive.

            “Just as I planned, from the beginning. Now, to add one final step to make sure no one can possibly think you’re the teacher from the school,” Bob said as he went over to a locked cabinet and opened it. Slipping on a pair of rubber gloves, Bob withdrew a spray bottle full of a clear fluid.

            Grabbing a nearby cloth, Bob moved over to the immobile Denise and proceeded to carefully spray Denise from head to toe with the fluid. As he sprayed, Bob was careful not to apply too much fluid or get it on himself. After finishing the treatment, Bob took the cloth and gingerly up any excess fluid on the floor around Denise. Completing that, Bob stepped back to the cabinet, put away the bottle and cloth and pulled out a pair of earbuds in his right hand.

             “All right, Denise. While the nanites and formula combine to give you a new look going forwards, these little buds will let your mind know what you want to be thinking at the same time,” Bob said as he nestled in the buds before stepping back and taking a seat behind the desk.

            A few moments later, several things started to happen at the same time. Denise’s body around her midsection started to take on a glossy look that was spreading rapidly in all directions. Blemishes, freckles and other imperfections were disappearing rapidly as flesh and blood seemed to be changing to flawless plastic.

            At the same time, Denise started to hear a voice over the earbuds implanted...a voice that sounded like Bob.

            “You are a mannequin now. You want to do nothing but stand and look beautiful. Any thoughts of you as a woman are just dreams. You are an object to be dressed by your owner. You are looked upon as a figure of flawless beauty. You know you are not Denise Miller. You are Denisequin. You are a mannequin. Every time you are touched or polished, it brings you incredible pleasure. You love to display clothes. It is your purpose. It is your existence,” Bob’s voice intoned with soothing music playing in the background.

              “I am a mannequin. I want to stand and look beautiful. I exist to display my owner’s clothes. I was never Denise Miller. I have always been Denisequin. I desire to be dressed, polished and displayed. It is my purpose. It is my existence. I am a flawless, perfect mannequin, “Denise thought as the words droned on in her head. A part of Denise’s thinking clung to the idea that Denise was really a woman trapped in a scenario but it was something that was receding a bit with every passing minute.

              As Denise’s mind absorbed the words repeating in her mind, her body was showing more signs of its transformation in a steady manner. Denise’s vagina clenched tightly for the briefest of moments before the area smoothed over and became flawless plastic like the rest of her body. Joint lines started to appear around Denise’s neck, shoulders and waist that indicated she could be disassembled and assembled on the whim of an owner or other person. Denise’s breasts stopped moving up and down as they formed into twin mounds of molded plastic. Denise’s areolas faded away and her nipples shrunk until they formed small nubs that adorned her plastic bosoms in an enticing manner.

              With her eyes changing into two glass beads that had a look of eternal pleasure and desire etched in them and her locks of hair changed into a synthetic wig, Denise’s transformation into an inanimate, flawless mannequin made of hollow plastic. There was a hole and metal plate where Denise’s anus was that was suitable for the mannequin to be impaled on a stand for display.

               “Lovely!! Magnificent!! Now, to add one final touch before the start of the day and my classes. You’re going to make a fine display figure, Denisequin,” Bob intoned as he pulled out a fairly large tarp from a side cabinet. Placing a small ladder next to the mannequin, Bob unfolded the tarp and ascended the ladder with it in his right hand.’’

                “Don’t worry, my perfect plastified beauty. This won’t be for long,” Bob said as he gently placed the tarp atop the mannequin.

                “ me...I’m not….not ...a...a...mannequin...mann...eq...uin...n….o… “Denise thought as her plastic body reacted to the tarp draping over it before her mindset slipped into darkness.


                Some time afterwards…..

                OOOHHHH!!...I...the tarp is gone..I feel so..mmmmm...owner is touching me...polishing... feel good, “Denise thought as she experienced the sensation of the tarp being removed from her body followed by her plastic body being buffed and polished. Although her existence as an inanimate mannequin was relatively new to her, Denise reveled in the sensations flowing through her.

                 “Now, class, that ends the text part of the human biology lecture for today. I’m now going to demonstrate the different parts of the typical female anatomy,” Bob intoned as he picked up a long pointer and stood next to the mannequinized Denise.

                 “Bob, turn me back!!...I’m a woman, not a mannequin...turn me OOHHHHH!!! Owner touched my breasts...feels so good...I hope owner puts clothes on me soon he wishes to is my purpose..I am Denisequin...I...I….mmmmmm…. “Denise thought as her thinking as a flesh and blood woman briefly became dominant once again. However, this changed when Bob used his pointer to tap her plasticized bosoms as he spoke to the class.

                 “Now, class, when a man interacts with a woman during sex, there are areas that can bring heightened measures of pleasure when stimulate. For example, the woman’s breasts and nipples can be stimulated by a man using his hands, mouth and tongue during foreplay and the sex itself. The amount of arousal a woman can experience can vary a great deal depending on a number of factors that we will explore later,” Bob said as he moved the pointer from the left breast to the right breast and made small circles where her plasticized nipples were located for emphasis.

                 “Ok, class, those are examples of erogenous zones for women. If you’ll turn your attention to the front board, I’ll list some examples that are important for sexual interaction. If you have any questions, wait until the end of the lecture,” Bob said he put down his pointer and turned his attention to the white board at the front.

                 “No..wait...keep touching me...students will see that I’m their teacher, not a mannequin...I’m Denise...Denise...Denisequin...I...I… “Denise thought as the intense enjoyment of being touched faded and with it, her ability to think. As before, her thinking dissipated into darkness and Denise lost track of time from that point on.

                 “….think that about this mannequin?” Bob said as he rested a hand on Denise’s left shoulder.

                “Well, I can’t help but notice the figure looks an awful lot like Miss Miller, the history teacher. I know she went on sabbatical but, umm, it has the hair, the figure of her. Maybe she posed for the figure or, ummm, something?” the student said as he stared at the display figure with a look of puzzlement mixed with unabashed appreciation of the look.

                Bob chuckled as he patted Denise’s shoulder several times with his hand. “John, I think you’re watching too many scfi movies on those streaming services. This mannequin just looks like Miss Miller but it’s not her. There is nothing in this world that can change a woman into a plastic dummy, ok? It’s just a mannequin that looks like Miss Miller and nothing more, ok?”he said with a small shake of his head.

                John nodded slightly in agreement. “I agree, Mister Smith. Still, her eyes, her look, her looks, it seems exactly like her in so many ways,”he said wistfully.

                 Bob dropped his head and sighed. “Look, if this was really Miss Miller, would I be able to do this?” he said as he reached up and pulled the wig of hair off Denise’s head.

                  “MY HAIR!!...put my hair back...I...I hope owner puts my...h...a…. ” Denise started to think in shock at the action before Bob kept his hand away and her thinking faded into darkness once again.

                 The next time Denise snapped back to thinking, she experienced the sensation of Bob placing his hands around her tiny waist. Before she could react to this sensation, she felt the upper part of her body being lifted free from her lower half of her body and set atop the nearby counter.

                  “I know this must be extremely confusing to you, Denise, as well as any other feelings you may still have but I can’t put you into storage without disassembling you first. Oh, there is one other thing I need to say to you right now,” Bob said as he drew near with his right hand rising up to caress Denise’s face and torso.

                  “Ooooh, owner is touching me. What, what is he saying? “Denise thought as she struggled to focus her thinking.

                  “Happy birthday!! “Bob said.


                   “Huh? What? Oh. Oh, geez. I must have fallen asleep at my desk.  I was having the most wonderful dream, too. Huh. Feel kinda odd, though. I, what the??!! “Denise murmured as she straightened up in the chair behind her desk. She was going to start processing the images in her mind when she realized she was not wearing any underwear underneath her red blouse and black skirt.

                    “I better get to my car, grab some clothes and change before class begins. If the students see me.. Oh! Hi, Mister Smith,” Denise thought as she stood up and was about to head out when the biology teacher came into the room.

                     “Hello, Miss Miller. I have this wonderful new app I want to show that I know you’ll love,” Bob said as he drew near and held up a tablet close to Denise.

                     “I, ooooooh,” Denise started to ask a question but the lights washed away her thoughts….

                    As Denise’s mind and body descended into an abyss that seemed to be eerily familiar to her…