Business Date

by Paul Jutras

     Julie's life was rolling along nicely until one fine day when she arrived at work to find her young male secretary, Jason, deeply engrossed in a dusty old book. A book that had looked like it belonged in an archeological museum.  Jason really fancied his boss in her short skirts and nylon covered legs, but she'd been trying to date the chairman of the board.

    "Good morning," Julie said to Jason, who didn't even look up from his book. As he sat at his desk, he could see his boss through the open office door. Her nylon legs hypnotized him more today than any other day.

     Finally Jason closed the book and also the office door behind him as he entered. "Good morning, sucker." He chuckled. Julie was a little stunned by these words. When she tried to rise; however, she found her body wouldn't do as her brain told her.

    "Excuse me?" Julie said as her legs began to stiffen and her breasts began to push out. She wondered now how he was transforming her, and why. As she looked at herself in disbelief, she could only listen to his giggle at her fast-changing body.

    "Julie, you're going to make a pretty mannequin," Jason said with a smile. "Not to mention making the company some money when sold. Everyone's memories will be rewritten to forget that a 'Julie' ever existed here; you'll be sold under the name Jasmine just to make sure."

    "Why?" Julie asked, her voice showing the strain.

    "Carl in shipping asked me to pick up a mannequin for the 5th street branch store for him." Jason smiled. "I was so busy doing your make-work that I haven't had time to drive to the factory and get one. Then I remembered the spell book I was reading."  

    "What about me!" Julie cried out, her throat tightening. "Why pick on... me?"

    "You're a pig who likes looking at men like they're meat." Jason glared. "You deserve this treatment more than any woman that I know. Now if you'll excuse me, I got some letters to type up. Including your sale papers."

     Julie said nothing, because she couldn't speak - or move - at all.

     That night Jason and Carl had a beer in a local bar while Julie was loaded aboard a truck, naked, and delivered to the 5th street store. The movement in the back of the truck made her frozen body feel horny.

    Slipping away into a dream, Julie thought of how she'd miss meeting up with men like Carl at his place. With his parents away for the weekend, they had the bedroom all to themselves. Even though Julie wasn't that good with giving blow jobs, it was a night of pleasure she'd soon come to miss. .

    The next day; however, Julie awoke to find it wasn't a dream. She was standing naked in the back room of the store, unable to move. She couldn't even blink. The more she thought of not being able to move and having some man dress her, she felt her crotch wanting to heat up. Though now that was impossible, she still felt plenty horny.

    Julie pondered her situation as she was wheeled out onto the floor after opening. She felt a bit embarrassed being naked in public, but was something she'd soon get used to as a pair of pantyhose was pulled up her smooth legs to her sexless crotch and a lacy bra placed on her firm breasts.

    As the man dressed her, she could image the one with the name tag Mike pumping Julie into pleasurable screams in a bedroom. She thought how the chairman planned to travel to Europe on a business trip and that she'd no longer be joining him. Before she could think of what was lost, she heard Mike whisper in her ear. "Honey, you'll never guess what a good time I had last night. So much so that I can't wait to try you tonight."

    Julie was stunned as she stood there, clad in only a bra and nylons. The idea of Mike making love to mannequins seemed sick, but she so wanted to be touched as a woman. "Please!" Julie begged with her thoughts. "I don't know how much more I can take!"

    Julie experienced a wonderful time as 'Jasmine' for the year that Mike worked for the store. She got to try on many sexy outfits including a skimpy French maid's costume on Halloween and a sexy lady Santa outfit at Christmas. She was even a Playboy Bunny for Easter. Each change of clothes made her motionless body tingle. 

    "I am never going to get my life back." Jasmine thought to herself as Julie resigned herself to her new life and new name. The only time she didn't like being a mannequin was when Mike didn't need a whole mannequin for a display. She recalled that when only a pantyhose form was needed and the rest of her ended up in storage. Worst was the time where her parts were scattered throughout the store to be used to display jewelry on her arms and head, hose on her lower half and a bra form on her upper half. The different textures were driving her horny and made her hot.

     She appreciated it more when she was put together and placed with several other mannequins into a summer extravaganza. Soon her joy turned to disappointment when she found herself being sold to another store. She was going to miss Mike's touch when he had sex with her. Seeing the female window dresser of the new store, she knew the only touching she'd be getting from now on was when she was being dressed and undressed.

     The new dresser mostly did beach displays and Jasmine found herself modeling in many types of one piece or two piece suits. She would be in volleyball displays, surf displays and holding a beach ball while kneeling by a sandcastle on the beach display. She was also in ski displays and other types during the winter months. Though she missed sex with Mike, it turned out that Kathy was a lesbian and so the female to female sex was almost as good.



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